From One Goldrider to Another (Incomplete)

Western Weyr - Weyrwoman's Office
Behind stout, ornately carved hardwood double doors decorated with fancy brass handles and a stout bolting lock, the Weyrwoman's office is a sanctum of paperwork, bureaucracy and lots of red tape. It is here that much of the running of the Weyr takes place — where the meetings of the domestic side of the Weyr are held and daily matters are handled between the Senior and her juniors as well as the Headwoman's staff. The walls, painted a cheerful soothing shade of sage green, are adorned with paintings and tapestries of life around the Weyr. To one side, a large desk of skybroom wood holds court, piled with paper, and file folders — the heavily padded chair behind it meant for the comfort of the working weyrwoman, along with chairs for visitors and guests set in front of it. Part of the desk is curving away, this holding a small computer that can be used for word processing and file entry. Along one wall, a row of short bookshelves hold scrolls, books and other means of record keeping; the oldest and most fragile of the relics being kept behind glass casings. Hand-woven carpets cover the floors, buffering the feel of hard stone and giving a softer feeling to the room. A sideboard on the wall opposite the entrance is kept stocked with drinks for refreshment, and a comfortable couch with a side table and an ornate reading lamp can be found in the middle of the room.

It's just another average day in the office — or is it? Enka's hard at work at her desk, or she /would/ have been hard at work if it wasn't for the rather large bowl of sand that occupies the majority of the wooden surface, and she's poking her fingers into the sand, as if testing the temperature, brow furrowed in thought. "Goin' to start movin' any second, I'd think." she mutters to herself, glancing around the office to see if a particular junior just happened to be in. If she wasn't, of course, there'd be a call from Miraneith to her golden daughter, Shadhavarth, one full of soft dreamy tones of bliss and contentment. « We have a surprise for Iris! »

Just another average day… ha! Not when everyone's least favorite junior is always about being her usual incompetent self. No, Iris is, this day, picking up pieces as usual- as every junior has to do to make up the slack. So she's plenty relieved when the summons comes from Miraneith to Shadhavarth and onward to Iris. « Surprises are wonderful! » Shadhavarth's answer is awash with curiousity, and shortly there is a knock on Enka's door and Iris poking her head in, eyebrows raised. "Good surprise or bad surprise?"

Pity the poor leadership having to put up with said least favorite junior, particularly since Orraeloth seems to be looking more like a glow-in-the-dark nightlight by the day and her rider gets more and more flustered and out of sorts. And alas for poor Iris, since every junior has to make up the slack, it's a hard knock life being the /only/ other junior around. But at least she'll get a bit of a break time. « You will like this surprise too. » Miraneith's response to Shadhavarth is dreamy and dulcet sweet, the senior goldrather in a dozing frame of mind. "Oh, good surprise," Enka responds to Iris when the junior pokes her head around the door, beckoning the younger goldrider in. "You'll like it a lot, I'm sure. Shadhavarth probably will too, Mir hasn't ever really seemed to mind." There's a sudden flutter of movement from the bowl,and Enka starts scooping sand away to reveal something half buried in the sand — the rounded curve of a firelizard egg.

Ugh, glowing Orraeloth. More like glowing Orraesloth. The only expectation Iris has for when that wonderful day happens is that following it, there will be Even More Work to do! Oh boy! At least modern Pern has no Threadfall to worry about? Iris comes in the rest of the way, brown eyes focusing on the bowl of sand and at first she's about to ask why on Pern Enka's got a bowl of sand- but the egg is revealed as the junior gets close to the desk. "Oh hey! Eggs! Where did this batch come from?"

Fear, thy name is Orraesloth. One only knows what kind of messed up offspring she'd be able to produce. "Sunshine," Enka explains it all with a deft little flip of her hand in the direction of her weyr. "Went and glowed, got herself caught, by Barq of all things. Shells, I have to tell you, I'm shardin' glad that firelizard's don't project as much as dragons do, because it was uncomfortable enough for me as it was. Felt like I should have gone and chased the nearest man down and jumped his bones or somethin'." Well, that might be a little too much information for Enka to be sharing. "Anyway, the rest of the clutch is back with their dam, but I snuck this one away." The egg in question gives another little jolt and shiver. "Mir swears on her own eggshell that it is what it is,and bein' as it's almost your Turnday, I thought it'd be a nice present." The egg shudders again, and starts to crack, making Enka glance down at it. "Mir aint wrong about it, I don't think, even if it don't look like what it's supposed to look like."

"Ooooh," Iris murmurs at the explanation. "I've never had to deal with that, mine both being boys and all. And they're barely home as is, silly things. Only when Ila's green is proddy, really. Or when the dragons need a good scrub." Tennant and Smith, those disloyal little buggers, always off on their own adventures, leaving Iris home alone… with the kids. and the kittens. and the hubby. and the dragons. and the kitchen. and the mounds of work left by fear aka Orraeloth. Iris wrinkles her face at Enka's TMI share, but the egg jolts, and then Iris is peering at it curiously. "Mir ain't wrong about what?" Except that she doesn't have to wait long, because the egg splits neatly and then something dainty is peering out at them. "Oh. Well. Well then. That /is/ a turnday present and a half." Her voice is full of wonder- though perhaps not nearly so much as when she and Shadhavarth met. But to the hatchling, at the saem time as Shadhavarth is mentally poking with gentle vibes, Iris is murmuring, "Don't you look like a princess. And I suppose you're hungry." Iris rummages through her purse at the same moment she glances round the room and Enka's desk to check for some sort of meat to offer.

"It's awwwwwwwwkwaaaaaard," Enka draws the word out in a long long sigh, laughing a little at the other goldrider's wrinkled face, before she winks cheerfully. "But Mir took one look at it, and said it was gold even if I didn't look like it, and she was right." Because there's that dainty little gold right there, chirruping up at them with plaintive hungry cries. "Here," Enka tosses a packet over at her junior — a plastic pouch of dried wherry jerky. "I keep it in my desk to snack on from time to time, won't think she'd like the rest of the stash I got buried in there, but she's probably got a cravin' for some of that." The weyrwoman smiles. "Happy early Turnday, Iris. Hopin' it makes up for any extra work I'm loadin' on you because our resident dimglow can't handle it. Sometimes I wish … " the sernior pauses, and glances around furtively, "wish she weren't even here at all. But it's not like we'd have any luck tradin' her away. No Weyr'd take an idiot of a goldrider."

"It's awkward enough having Ila for a mate… oh no," Iris makes a moue when it hits her that Ila has a bronze fire lizard… and now she has a gold. Oh, makes it even more awesomely awkward! "But at least we do have each other as an outlet." Iris catches the thrown pack of wherry jerky, rips it open quickly, and offers a piece to the tiny gold." After the fire lizard hatchling eats it up, Iris looks up at Enka thoughtfully and smiles just a bit. "Thank you, Enka." There's a pause. "Really, don't worry about it. I mean, maybe we'll have another junior next time 'round and she'll be brilliant. That's what Shadhavarth tells me, anyway. That she'll be brilliant."

"At least you don't have a bronze /and/a gold firelizard," Enka puts in with some humor, sliding sideways onto her desk, "although I'm sure you could just find a reason then to find some quality time with Ila then. Helps havin' a weyrmate, I'd bet, could be worse." The senior quirks an eye brow at that moue from her junior, but refrains from commenting. "outlets, heh." Well, that's it, the weyrwoman's mind is in the gutter now. Outlets indeed. "You're welcome." another pause as she watches Iris feed the newly hatched gold some jerky. "I'm crossin' my fingers," she admits at last, "that /some/ gold will rise, and that we'll have a brilliant junior. Trustin' Shadhavarth on this one. And Mir. Though Mir aint sayin' either way." Enka makes a face, glancing at Iris. "I'd just like knowin' what the deal with Orraeloth is, I've got my doubts, but I've been proven wrong in the past."

"You just need to get one of your own again!" Iris grins mischeviously, "though it does make a good reason… not that Ila /ever/ needs a reason to get, ah, horny." Faranth knows, he's horny essentially all the time. Enka-gutter, you've met your match. "You never know, really. I mean, as much as we all rag on Orraeloth, maybe she'll have a fantastic, amazing daughter that we'll all envy and be happy to meet." Iris will be happy to meet just about anybody half-again as competent as their other junior gold.

Enka chuckles. "You think I ought to set my cap for Zi'on again?" she squirms a little further up the desk, bracing a hand as not to bump into the bowl of hot sand and send it crashing down onto the floor. What a mess that would be! "Except I don't think he's too interested in shackin' up with anyone at the moment. We just have our fun together when Mir goes proddy. Hasn't happened for a /while/ now though." Not that the goldrider's worried or anything, of course. There's a soft laugh of amusement. "Ila's always turn on, huh? Sometimes that can have it's disadvantages. You do sleep, don't you?" Enka tilts her head, watching the firelizard and Iris for a moment. "Seems fittin',"she observes, "that you've got Mir's daughter, and Sunshine's." It's like a two-fer special or something. "I aint holdin' my breath, but if Orraeloth managed to clutch a gold with a smartand brilliant rider, we could definitely have her around, and .." did Enka just make a throat slashy gesture there? "… see to it that Liora and Orraeloth went somewhere far away. Like an island. Far far away." She shrugs. "As it is, I'm more hopin' it's Shadhavarth or Mir who clutches the next gold."

To be continued….

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