Recreation and Weyrfolk (Daranyl is Searched)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It is late afternoon, a few hours after lunch and it is nice outside. Though there are even days where Sundari likes to sit inside and just relax without worry over sunburns, crazy attacking biting bugs and who knows what else. So right now she is sitting at one of the tables with Sarina sitting upon her lap. The little girl has indeed gotten bigger (still growing like a weed) and is playing with a little hand toy, by which means she is bopping her mother's arm with it while Sunny is trying to finish wrap something up in a bit of bronze colored paper. "You're not helping sweetie." Is murmured softly to the girl.

Daranyl has a mug of klah in one hand and a meatroll in the other and a little green firelizard fluttering about his head, making occasional dives for the meatroll until he swipes at her with it, "Shard off, Morsel! I jus' fed ya!" Clearly, it's not a match made in Heaven. Or wherever. Upside? He's oblivious to the presence of Sarina and Sundari just yet "If yer really still hungry, go hunt yer own sharding food."

Sundari peeks up slightly at the voice and looks a bit amused as she watches the pair, she chuckles a bit while leaning back in her chair. "She giving you problems?" This questioned while she grins a bit. Sarina giggles, her bright gaze settled on Daranyl as she sees her favorite person in the world over there.

Daranyl growls in his throat when Morsel dives again, "Fine! Fine!" He carefully breaks off a bit of meatroll and tosses towards the door, "Filthy addict!" Morsel takes the opportunity to snatch up the larger portion and disappear between. Daranyl grumbles darkly, cutting off his usual string of invectives for Sarina's sake, "She jus' won' listen. Am I doin' somethin' wrong?" Poor kid's never had a pet before.

Sundari can only grin and shakes her head once he gives in to Morsel. "I taught mine how to hunt.. Or well didn't give them the option and fed them all the time suppose. They caught on rather quickly. Though Irk does let them fed off his kills now so that helps a lot. She's young give her some time I bet shell be alright." Well she thinks so at least! Sarina giggles and waggles her toy at Daranyl, which is a little flower rattle. It is late afternoon, a few hours after lunch. There are a few found within the room, Sundari is sitting at a table with Sarina settled upon her lap.

"Reminds me of when Ez was a teenager. Only one she actually seems to like right now is Tidbit." He flops down into another chair at Sundari's table, setting his klah mug down on the surface, "I'm tryin' to teach her to hunt, but she's havin' none of it." He Grins a little at Sarina's rattling, "Looks very nice, Li'l Bit. Did yer momma make that fer ya?"

Cassara walks into the rec room, annoyance painted on her face. The Tiki Lounge burned down? What a pain. Still, she heard there were drinks in the Rec room and marched on in, looking around before grabbing a brew. Once she has that squared away, he gaze wanders about the room before she spots Daranyl and Sundari. She grins, beer in hand, and silently starts stroll over.

"I've made her a few things, but I'm not that creative." Sundari says with a soft murmur escaping her as she seems rather amused at the thought as she ponders how she would make it. She takes hold of that box she was wrapping up and slides it over to Daranyl. "Ah, well that's something for you." She says with a soft smile seen. Hearing more movement she looks over to Cassara and nods to her. "Hi there." Is said while Sarina wiggles that rattle at Daranyl a bit more before she goes about gumming it, nomnom.

Daranyl eyes the box curiously, "Ya didn' have ta do that, yanno." He looks up at Cassara and nods, "Found the booze, huh? I can' wait until they get th' Tiki open again." Sarina's display earns an unusually paternal smile (especially considering that she's not his), then looks back at the box, "What is it?" Maybe he doesn't know how presents work.

Cassara gives a slight chuckle to Daran. "Was sorta becoming fond of that place, too. What a pain." she shrugs and sits down, looking up Sunny and her kid. She gives an uncharacteristically warm smile. Well, warm by her standards. ".. Oh so you popped? Congrats, cute lookin' kid."

Sundari shrugs a bit to Daranyl. "Yeah well, sorta a 'sorry' gift for dunking you in the water." She says with an amused tone. At the talk of booze she whistles a touch and peeks around, though really she can't do that with a certain little one still nursing. Yet she can dream! Sarina gums on her rattle and just looks like a happy little girl there in her mother's lap. At the question from Daranyl, Sunny blinks and chuckles softly. "Open it and find out?" A nod is sent to Cassara and she smiles warmly. "Yep! Thanks.. She is a little cutie that is for certain." This said while she gives the girl a soft hug to her.

"You really didn' hafta do that." Now Daranyl just looks more confused than anything, but he reaches for the package, slowly drawing it towards himself "I miss the Tiki, too. Jonteim had some good stuff." His gaze flicks over to Sarina again and instead of opening the package, he reaches over the beep the little one's nose, "Smile for Cassara, Li'l Bit."

Cassara takes a swig of her beer. She gives a nod to Daran. "Yeah, me and my weyrmate kept ending up there whenever we visited Half Moon. Shame we won't have a bar to hang out at right away now that we're here." she grins a bit and watches Sarina.

"Yeah well I did.. So if you don't want it I'll take it back?" This questioned with an amused tone while Sundari is eyeing Daranyl with a grin seen. "It would be nice if that place was up again.. An well that I could drink again." She eyes Sarina a touch and shakes her head before smling. Sarina is beeped and it makes her giggle and wiggles her rattle around before she does indeed smile! The girl offers that happy smile up to Cassara which makes Sunny laugh softly.

"Was my favorite place ta be 'fore it got broken, too." It's where Daranyl met Cassara and Hika, after all. Sarina's giggling earns a small but genuine smile from Daranyl as his fingers start working at the paper on the package. He has to see it before he'll let her return it, right?

Cassara chuckles at Sarina. Cute kids could sometimes be the gruff woman's weakness, even if she'd deny it. She leans back to and takes drink, idly watching Daran open his package.

Sundari smiles to Sarina and gives the girl's head a soft kiss. "Your just the cutest one out there." This said with clear warm mommy like tone. As for Daranyl's gift it is four new bolts, and she didn't make them as she has no clue how but being a rider she has her ways of getting things! Sarina giggles more and is soon back to gumming her rattle.

Daranyl looks down at the bolts, then reaches to run his fingers over the smooth surface, "I… thank ya." His voice is quiet and also a little stunned. He's made his own for so long that the thought of being gifted professionally crafted ones had never entered his mind. Other conversation kind of fades in his mind while he processes the unexpected generosity.

Cassara seems intent to watch Sunny. She'd be helping with kids before long. Thinking about it made her anxious, but Sunny playing with Sarina was comforting. It'd be tiring, but fun, for sure. She glances over to Daran's package. Boy certainly loves his crossbow. She grins and finishes her beer.

Sundari has only helped out with kids before, this is a whole new thing dealing with her own. So far so good right? The kid is still alive, all her fingers and toes! Must be from Daranyl helping in the watching part. Sunny peeks over at Daranyl and lifts her head looking a touch amused. "Your welcome.. So I hope there the right ones. They fit my crossbow so I figured that would work with yours as well." Why yes she did get some for herself as well.

Daranyl lifts one carefully, sighting down its length, "Shoul' be perfect. Weight's good, too. I really… thank ya." He sets it carefully down amidst its brothers, then indicates Sarina, "May I? She's been givin' me the canine eyes since I walked in."

Cassara seems a little surprised by Daran asking for the kid. Didn't seem the type. She leans toward Sundari with a curious smirk. "So is she your first?"

Sundari smiles as she hears Daranyl and nods. "Good, and your welcome. Glad you like them." As for Sarina the girl is giving Daranyl a look, and once he is pointed to her she wiggles her free hand at him. Sunny chuckles and offeres the girl on over to him. "Course. Couldn't dream of keeping you two apart." At the question Sunny glances to Cassara, a slight nod seen. "Yeah, she is."

Daranyl takes Sarina carefully, but with an oddly natural knack, "Hey, there, Li'l Bit." He offers her a finger to grab. It's one of those moments where the walls fall away a bit and his softer side shows through, "You know you shouldn' hit yer momma with yer toys, yeah? She does a lot fer ya."

Hika slips into the Rec room. She figures Cass has wandered down here, since it is the only viable place to get booze at Half Moon without leaving the weyr proper these days. She looks around for the brownrider, and then heads her way, giving everyone a wave in the process. "Hello!"

Cassara lights up a bit and pulls Hika over next to her when she's in reach. "Well you and crossbow boy already know each other." She grins at Daran before turning to Sunny. "Hika, this is Sundari. She's in the wing with us. Just had a kid too." she jesters back over to Daran.

Sundari looks amused as she hears Daranyl speak with Sarina, a soft chuckle heard and she smiles while watching the pair while she leans back slightly in her chair so she can relax it seems. Her forgotten mug of klah picked up and she sips at it even though it is cold. Sarina giggles and takes hold of Daranyl's finger shaking it a bit while she cotninues to gum upon her rattle, which is good or she would be gumming on the hunter's hand instead. Sunny glances up at the new voice and with a smile nods to Hika. "Hello there."

Daranyl glances over at Hika and nods slightly, "H'lo Hika. I see you also foun' yer way to the best source of booze left in th' Weyr." He plays playful tug-o-war with Sarina, letting her win, as always, "You gonna say hi to Hika, Li'l Bit?" He wiggles her hand for her, asking more evenly, "How've you been?" of the greenrider.

Hika moves over next to Cassara, leaning against her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Sarina gets the greenriders attention first, and she wiggles her fingers at her. "Aw, hi there, sweetie! Aren't you a cute little thing?" She smiles and nods a bit at Cass. "Hello Sundari. Nice to meet you." She chuckles then. "I'm not sure we've met officially…" She says to Daran. "You're… Daranyl? Is that right? Heh… I don't actually drink very much." At least not as much as Cassara does. "I'm just here to check on Cassy. I'm good. It's good being back in a wing again. How have you been?"

Usually doesn't drink much at least. As opposed to that night where they met Daran. Cassara chuckles to her self thinking about it. She puts an arm around Hika. "Cute kid, right?" she gives a little laugh. "Making sure I'm not getting into trouble?"

Sundari smiles while looking to Sarina, beaming a bit as she hears the pair talk about her daughter. Well what mother /wouldn't/ think like that? Sarina giggles a bit as she wins once more! Her bright gaze looks to the new person at the table and there is a wigglewiggle of her rattle towrads her. Her way of saying 'hi' it seems. "You two settling into the Weyr alright I take it?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Nothin' wrong with a good drink now 'n' again." So long as you don't pick a fight with an armed man in the process. The rattle-wiggling makes him giggle, then he nods to Cassara's comment about the cute kid, wiggling Sarina's hand at her, too, for good measure.

Usually. Which is why when she does choose to indulge, she gets drunk very easily. Plus the fact that she's so small. Hika nods and smiles. "Very cute, yes." She laughs. "I dunno, should I be making sure you're not getting into trouble? I can't just come down to see you because I miss you?" Hika nods to Sunny. "Mm, we seem to be settling in alright, yes. Thanks for asking." She smiles to Daran. "That's more Hotaru and Cassara's departments."

Cassara gives a little laugh. "Yeah, I guess that's a good reason too." she grins and rubs the top of Hika's head affectionately. "Yeah, we're pretty much unpacked. Just getting used to everything. Move went about as good as we could hope." she smirks. "I gotta admit, I definitely proud of the line of work Hotaru ended up with."

Sundari smiles and nods to Cassara and Hika. "Well good to know." At the talk of what Hotaru is doing for work and grins a bit. "I still need to get ahold of some of things she had made." Drinks are good! She glances over to Daranyl, did he just giggle? That makes her grin and a soft chuckle is heard. "Cute.." Is murmured to Daranyl. Sarina wigglewiggles that hand towards both Cassara and Hika, though really she is just shaking that rattle, she is still working on waving to people!

YOU SAW NOTHING! YOU HEARD NOTHING! Daran coughs, then offers Sarina back to Sundari, "I should go check my snares, but I'll see you three around."

Missing Chunk

Sundari is quiet for a few moments as she listens to Cassara, well she does have a point there now doesn't she? She smiles while looking to her. "Naw, I don't think your talking out your ass." This said with a soft chuckle heard. "Weyrbred people are alright, just different then ones not raised in a weyr I think."

Cassara grins widely. "Usually when I talk about this with Hika, she gets a little peeved because she's weyrbred. But yeah, it's… different. Was kinda why I thought it odd Daranyl was around. Not used to seeing people like him around the weyrs. Kinda gives people a little bit more… flavor, I guess."

Sundari ahs softly at this and nods a moment in thought. "I suppose I never thought of it like that. My family was in the seacraft, we saw all manner of people all over." Yes Renegads as well. "I never even stayed at a Weyr before coming here, and then I never left once a dragon found me." It is later in the afternoon and Sarina is sleeping tucked close to Sunny.

Speak of the devil… "What about seein' me aroun'?" Daranyl walks in with a few tunnelsnakes (dead, of course) dangling from a bit of rope slung over one shoulder, "Take was a little small t'day, but enough fer some food."

"Yeah it was weird for me too… Never stayed at a hold for more than a week at a time and then all the sudden, I'm living in a weyr." she chuckles as Daran approaches. "Just sayin' how you don't act like normal weyrfolk." she rubs the back of her head. "Non-weyrbred people are a more interesting lot I think." she grins a bit at Daranyl. "Or would you disagree?"

Sundari glances up to Daranyl and smiles once he comes back. "Hey.." She eyes the tunnelsnake and makes a slight face at it. Glad it is dead! To the question from Cass to Daranyl there is a slight amused look as she waits to hear his naswer it seems.

"Tha's 'cause I'm not Weyrbred, yeah?" Daranyl drops himself into a chair, letting the tunnelsnake carcasses hit the ground (because he's not going to process them in front of Sarina), "Think most everyone's interestin', though, in their own way. I mean, I know a lot of diff'ren' kin's of Weyrfolk now, too."

"Hah, Sundari and I aren't even holdbred." she chuckles a bit. "Yeah, you're right. But there is still usually something quite different. Subtle but different."

Sundari smiles and shrugs a bit. "Only one in this wroom is Weyrbred is Sarina right now." This said as she is clearly amused. "Heck I was born on a boat in the middle of the sea." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "What is that then.. boatbred?"

"Craf'bred, I guess? 'M not anythin' bred, really." Daranyl leans forward enough to boop Sarina's nose again, "Hold 'n' craftbred tend ta be more prudish, weyrbred mroe out there. But there all people, good 'n' bad 'n' everythin' in between."

"… Parents were trader. I guess you can consider that a craft?" she chuckles. "Yeah, that's definately true. Interesting or not, both have plenty of great and rotten people." she shrugs.

Sundari was more amused with what she came up with though. "Well my family wasn't prudish that's for sure." She says while she peeks at Sarina whom woke up before that nose boop and looks crosseyed for a moment after the booping. A soft giggle escapes her.

Daranyl grins at Sarina, then straightens, leaning back in the chair, "It was weird when I firs' got here, took a bit of time ta get used ta it. Still not… wholly used ta it."

"Yeah, I wouldn't say my parents were… particularly prude either. Though maybe more than the average weyrfolk. Hard to tell." She chuckles at Daran. "… Pfft, I'm still not totally used to it. You'll probably never be." She shrugs. "But you'll get comfortable with it, probably."

Sundari smiles a bit and ponders while looking to Sarina before offering her over to Daranyl. "Do you mind holding her for a moment? Irk is poking me to come see him outside about something it seems." She doesn't even give the hunter the choice and fully expects him to take the girl. When she is taken Sunny is off heading towards where her dragon is waiting at the mouth of the cavern.

Daranyl doesn't fight the baby delivery, rocking the half-asleep infant gently in his arms, "My paren's were. Leas' so as I remember. Always gettin' mad if Ez 'n' I were out withou' tunics or shoes." He shrugs just slightly, "But everyone's differen', too."

Cassara eyes Sunny as she heads off. "Mmm. I swear my parents are the only people I rarely made mad." she chuckles. "They weren't prude, but they were kinda stern I guess."

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "Wasn' all that old when they died, so who knows what they woulda been like when we got older. We had what we had, yeah?" His accent is somewhat lessened, mostly through active attempt to speak more clearly, but it's still there.

Sundari is gone for a short bit, seems that she and Irk had a rather long conversation about something. She is pondering as she makes her way back to the table and peeks at Daranyl. "Hey.. Step outside a moment? Irk found a tunnelsnake he wants you to have and won't let me take it from him." Do not ask, her blue is strange point end. She holds her hands out to take hold of Sarina even.

"Mmm.." Cassara sighs a bit and counts her self lucky for two healthy parents. "Yeah that's a good way to think about it. No point in getting hung up on soemthing that'll never change, eh?" she eyes Daran and then Sunny. "… Mm."

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Won' say my childhood was fantastic, but I made it, yeah?" Sundari's question causes him to arch his brows slightly, "Ah, yeah, sure. Is there somethin' weird about it?" Irk's special, even Daran's figured that out. He doesn't stop Sundari from liberating her own child from him as he stands, "Give us a sec, then, Cassara?" Yeah, he'll come look at Irk's special snake.

Sundari shrugs slightly at the question as she holds Sarina to her. "Heck if I know, he has it in his mouth holding it where I can't reach." Irk is for certain on the short bus at times for dragons. Other times he is right on the money, this is one of his off moment. She smirks to Cassara before turning to follow after Daranyl to the bowl where the blue is settled. Irkevalath warbles out a greeting to Daranyl and is indeed holding a nice sized tunnelsnake in his jaws from its tail, his head lowers to let it 'dangle' there.

Cassara gives Daran a nod as if to say 'go ahead'. She smirks back to Sundari and leans back in her chair lazily.

"Hey, Irk. You givin' her a hard time again?" Daranyl reaches up, clearly intending to give the blue a scritch on the chin, "What've you got there, then, that ya want me ta see?" He reaches to touch the tunnelsnake, tilting his head slightly to the side, "Where'd ya find it?"

Irkevalath warbles and his eyes half close at that scritch while his head tilts and that tunnelsnake is still hanging from his mouth. Good luck getting it from him! Sundari chuckles softly and smiles while looking to her dragon, there is a touch of a amusement seen. "He won't tell you. But he has a question for you now." The snake is dangling a bit lower and there is something tied around one of its frontpaws. "He wants to know if you would like to stand for the clutch out on the sands." Seems that item is a white knot tied to the tunnelsnake.

Daranyl hmms softly, "Never seen a tunnensnake get caugh' in a shoulder knot b'fore." He frowns, not really processing the question at first, then, ever so slowly, his brow furrows and he takes a step back from the blue, his head tilting slightly to the side, "Are ya kiddin'?" He at least sounds more incredulous than hurt, "Doesn' seem likely tha' I'd impress…"

Sundari smirks a bit and rolls her eyes at the idea before there is a shake of her head seen. "Naw, he caught it. Found it in some wood over near the hunting pens." At the rest she lifts her head and watches Daranyl. "Honestly… You are likely to impress." She points at herself while Sarina is settled in her othat arm, cuddled to her chest. "I shouldn't have impressed, I never spent a moment in a weyr until a few months before the eggs. You have just as much reason to be here and impressing a dragon as anyone else does Daranyl."

Daranyl scratches his head up under his hair and looks back at the lizard, then over at Sundari again, "I don' see how." He's not even a good person! His gaze settles on Sarina, though, and after a moment he murmurs, "I'll make ya a deal. I'll say yes, fer Irk's sake, but if I don' impress… you…" It's hard to make deals when you don't know what you want, "Take me to one of the huntin' groun's up north."

Sundari watches Daranyl waiting for an answer, she thinks his a good person, Sarina things his a good person. "I'll take you anywhere you want to go. If you do or /don't/ impress how's that?" Irk lowers the tunnelsnake and offers it to Daranyl, the knot is there after all, he'll have to take it. "But if you don't impress and I take you there your not staying. Your home is here now, yes?"

Daranyl looks up to meet Sundari's eyes for a moment, then nods, "'Course it is." He reaches for the snake'n'knot combo, then pauses, "What goes into bein' a candidate."

Sundari smiles and lets her gaze linger on Daranyl, a nod seen as she is glad at that answer. "Good." Is offered happly. "Well there are some rules.. No drinking, no having fun under the sheets or any other manner, and chores to do, lessons too of things to expect when you impress." She goes on explaining the rest of the rules to but those are the main ones really. Irk warbles and lets the snake go and even give Daranyl's chest a faint nosing to show that he is glad he said yes.

Daranyl catches the knot-snake and pats the blue's nose when he gets nosed, "No drinking?" That might be a dealbreaker right there. He's not a drunkard, but he does enjoy his alcohol. Unfortunately, he already promised. Shard it! "Okay, okay. I'm in. Jus' until the eggs hatch, though."

Sundari smirks now and soon rolls her eyes, oh she knows what he is thinking at the moment! She thought the same after all. Once he agrees she just grins and nods. "Good.." Is offered happly and she even makes a move to give him a one armed hug. "Come on then.. I need to show you the barracks and al that good stuffs."

Daranyl accepts the hug with a sheepish look, muttering softly, "Dunno wha' I'd do with a dragon, anyway. Can' even get a fire lizard ta listen to me." He still hasn't liberated the knot from the tunnelsnake carcass, either. Just walking around with a candidate's knot tied to a snake. It's really a very him thing to do.

Sundari chuckles softly and grins. "Well look at how well Irk listens to me." There is a pause. "Well… Maybe not." That could stop anyone, right? As for Cassara she hasn't forgotten about her. "Hey Cassara! be back in a moment." Is called out towards the rec room where she figures the brown rider still can be found. "Come on, we can grab your stuff later. Got to find you a good bunk in the barracks."

Cassara lets out a loud laugh. "Go take care of the kid!" she says with a grin, having assumed what went down. She was half tempted to walk down there with a beer in hand just as a taunt.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Daranyl actually flushes slightly at Cassara's shout, "Well, true. If you 'n' Irk are okay, I suppose maybe I coul' be, too." Just as he reaches the barracks, he finally disentangles the knot from the snake, "This is… organized."

Sundari chuckles softly while glancing to Daranyl, a soft smile seen while she nods. "Yeah it is a bit of a big deal." She points to the chore list, the rule board and the like. "Stuff to read over.. Go on and grab a bunk, can get a few firelizard to perch on it for you if you like even."

Cassara struts into the room with a grin. She decided she can't miss this. She comes in, a fresh open beer in her hand. "… Looks a bit different from Igen, but I'm still gettin' some memories…"

Daranyl coughs in his throat when she mentions reading and looks down the line of cots just as Morsel bursts from between and chooses for him one of the ones near the door. He's doomed. He looks at that beer in Cassara's hands, then back towards the notices that taunt him so, "I don'… read so good."

Sundari grins as she hears Cassara. "I bet they all sorta look a like to some degree." She glances back to Daranyl, catching that look from him. "You get to have the rest of the night before the rules start tomorrow how's that?" Hey it's what she was told them turns back! "Get stuff all set up and the like." When he says that he doesn't read so good she ponders. "Read so well.. How about this, you still give me lessons with the crossbow and I'll give you reading lessons?" Riders sorta need to know how to read and write after all.

"You gave in too easily." Cassara laughs and offers her beer to Daran. She just wanted to rub it in anyways. "Good reason to learn to read. No reason you can't learn. You just gotta put the effort in."

"Kyra's been teachin' me some. 'M better'n I was." Daranyl can read some now, just not well. "But I wouldn' min' more help. Can't be dumb forever." He considers the beer, a flash of stubbornness there, but it fades and he reaches for it, taking a quick swig before offering it back, "Thank ya."

Sundari grins as she looks to Cassara. "What.. you put up a fight when you was asked?" This questioned with a soft laugh heard before she looks back to Daranyl and smiles to him. "You not dumb." She points out and pokes at his side as he takes that drink.

She takes her beer back and laughs at Sunny. "If I was here longer maybe I woulda, but it's not my place." She nods in agreement about Daran's intelligent. "Big difference between being dumb and being ignorant or uneducated. You can't fix stupid, but you can fix the other two."

"I can live withou' alcohol, jus'… never had ta." Daranyl looks at the cot that Morsel is already settling down on, right in the center of the pillow. Someone may be sleeping on the floor tonight. "I'm book dumb." At least he knows the difference? "I do 'ppreciate th' offer, though. Really."

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and nods a touch. "Your welcome, and no worries your be book smart soon enough. Start your lessons tomorrow when I'm back from sweeps how's that?" She wants to make sure he gets started on the right foot with reading after all.

Cassara laughs at 'book dumb'. "You'll be fine. It'll at least give you something interesting to do." Cassara found her candidacy to be frustrating dull. "And even if you don't impress, you'll get osmething outta this."

"Gotta learn more, anyway, yeah?" Morsel trills at Daranyl and flicks her tail before settling in more on the pillow. Yeah, Daran's definitely sleeping on the floor tonight if she has her way. "'N' tha' soun's good, Sunny." He glances at the board again and frowns slightly. He can do this… right?

Sundari looks to Morsel and is quiet for a touch, a green firelizard appears and then a bronze which lands upon the cot and trill out at Morsel. Kelpie eyes the younger green and there is a flick of her tail while she is trying to inch and push dear Morsel out of the center of the bed. "We're start with the board tomorrow, how's that?" Sunny offers with a smile to Daranyl, her hand moving to give his arm a squeeze.

Cassara looks about the barracks nostalgicly. They weren't great memories but they were memories that seemed so far off. "… So Daran, if you impress, what do you think you'd wanna do as a rider? Bit early to ask, but… just curious."

Morsel hisses at the older firelizards. This is her humanpet's bed, shard it! Her THRONE! Daranyl just tries to ignore the lizard-based drama and nods, "Tha' soun's good." Cassara's question gives him pause, though, considering, "'M no' sure. I mean, I migh' like ta do wha' Sunny 'n' you 'n' Hika do 'n' help people, but I migh' like to teach, too. I dunno. S'ppose whatever they want me ta do."

Kelpie hisses right back while Jethro perches on the edge of the bed with a soft warble escaping him. Sunny sends a glance towards the lizards and she shakes her head a touch before looking to Daranyl, what he says makes her smiles. "I'd want you on my wing honestly.. You have skills that could be taught to other search and rescue riders that could help." At least she thinks that.

Cassara nods in agreement. "… Mmmn. Those are hard skills for a lot of people to learn that would be wasted in another wing. Definitely strike me as the Search and Rescue sort."

"I coul' enjoy tha'. I liked how I felt helpin' after th' earthquake." Daranyl looks between the two ladies, "But tha's if I impress. Don' wanna get ahead of myself." Morsel rises up, wings flaring in challenge at the interlopers.

Sundari nods at that and chuckles. "True.. But just keep it as a thought at least." Sarina whines a bit, someone is geting really tired it seems, to the point she baps her mother upon the chest a few times. "I should go get her to bed, or no telling what might happen." Sunny smiles once more. "Thanks for saying yes Daranyl." As for the firelizard Kelpie attempts to tacke Morsel right off that bed and onto the floor, if that happens she'll then zip between, and Jethro will attempt to take the middle of the bed. THOUGH he'll move when Daranyl wants to take it over.

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