A Friendly Wager (only, there is no wager)

Winter - Day 5 of Month 3 of Turn 2715

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It's not quite midday and the Winter weather, even though much warmer than the season at some other ares, has driven the waterbaby off her surfboard, at least for the day. She's barefoot as usual though, and standing a few paces away from the dartboard, her three shots already spent and grouped nicely in and around the bullseye. Her opponent, a lanky rider fellow who has had more drinks than a bettering man should is weaving to and fro as he aims a dart. It goes sailing through the air and bounces off the wall about a foot below the board. Dart's two and three don't fair much better "Aye!. Watch where you are aiming those things!" An angry man grumbles as the last bounced dart *fwaps* his arm and drops harmlssly to the floor "Oh bad luck that. Pay up K'en" A bit of grumbling as Akiva gives the drunken rider a goodnatured slap on the back "Oh don't give me that. You have enough to buy yourself more drinks so pay up." He slaps a half mark onto her palm before grabbing his drink and stumbling back to the bar. "Try your luck again tomorrow." Akiva taunts to a man who should know better than to bet againt her when he can barely stand.

S'van is very much wearing shoes. Or, rather, he's wearing boots. A well-loved, beat-up, seen-better-days pair of boots that probably ought to be replaced within the next Turn or so. But into the Rec cavern he walks, those lovely boots thump-thumping in a way that says he doesn't care to be quiet, though he's not intentionally being noisy. He could be quiet, if he wanted to. But this particular occasion does not call for such and, perhaps given the state of drunken darts-players, making a little noise to announce his presence is an intentional thing on Sev's side. He bypasses the bar for the pool tables, striding by the sober Akiva and the unfortunately sodden K'en, sliding his eyes over the dragonrider first before the settle on the woman claiming her prize. An assessment for the pair; a quick discernment of the state of things, and then a half-grin as he wonders, "Bit unfair, don't you think? Taking advantage of inebriation to win a game." To the pool table he goes, though he turns around and leans himself up against it rather than set about collecting the balls to rack up. "Ma'am," he tacks on as an afterthought, for the title she bares, even if she is not currently operating in such a capacity. Leisure time this might be, and S'van no longer under her purview now that he's a dragon attached to him, but polite all the same.

Akiva tucks her mark away somewhere in among her sundress, perhaps some hidden pocket and fishes about for someone else to toss against. "How about you, surely you can throw a straight dart aye? No?" She shrugs and looks about the nearby tables, but no one seems willing to give away good marks, yet. She can wait them out, a couple more drinks should loosen their pouch straps. Glancing around at the question, she grins unrependantly to the bronzer and shrugs as she steps closer, likewise leaning against the pooltable as she surveys the cavern, voice lowering to keep her words for just the S'van's ears, "Hardly, I didn't twist his arm. Besides, he was being annoying with his boasting and bragging." the woman shrugs "Sides, most of my winnings are used to better the Weyr anyway. So, it's clearly a community service I'm doing." Akiva grins brightly at her way of looking at things. Hey, sounds good at least. Peering about at the ma'am, she arches a brow back to the rider "Just Akiva please." She eyes him up and down in a calculating manner, knowin his face but trying to recall his name "S'vin, isn't it?"

"Is it, though?" counters the bronzerider, with only the most good natured of tones. There is amusement in those grey eyes, that follow after the unfortunate K'en and then dart around to see if Akiva has any takers. Nope. None. And so he is joined by the assistant headwoman on his pool table, to debate the merits of taking advantage of inebriation. "Is it really benefiting the Weyr, considering it is the Weyr that likely paid him those marks in the first place?" He doesn't appear at all concerned about it, though, but can't help to add, "And will likely turn right around and pay them back to him on his next payday?" Cue smart-ass grin, wide and with a quick flash of teeth to boot. "Akiva, then," he decides, eager enough to drop the formalities. "S'van," he corrects, adding quickly, "Or Sev, if you prefer. Either or, really." Shrug.

Akiva seems amused by the rider's counter argument and nods "If you consider that most times I spend my winnings on something for the littles and fosterlings in the lower caverns, then yea, it benefits the weyr." She smirks back to the bar "Besides, he's so drunk he'll probably assume he drunk the marks away when he sobers up and checks his pouch." An agreeably nod as she repeats his name correctly "S'van. Got it. Sorry, sometimes the names all jumble together in here." She lifts a couple of fingers and taps her head before spinning around to face the table. Akiva reaches over to grab one striped ball and rolls it back and forth between her hands over the felt. "Hmm, since you hardly seem drunk enough to hustle, how about a friendly game? I'm passable at the table, but hardly my best."

Dark eyebrows lift in a vague expression of surprise. "You spend your own marks on the 'brats in the crèche?" That's not really his question, judging by his tone of voice. What he is really asking is WHY does she do such a thing. "Surely the Weyr has enough to see to the needs and wants of the kids. Nevermind that most have their own parents or foster parents." Which more or less translates as 'why are you spoiling them?' But what he says next is, "Wouldn't it benefit the Weyr better to let him drink it away? Don't those marks go straight to the Weyr's treasury rather than lining your pockets first?" He is teasing, playful, cheerfully smart-ass and not at all meaning anything by it The grown-up equivalent of tugging on a pigtail in the playground. But he has her undivided interest when she turns around and starts rolling that ball back and forth. "Hmm, I could be persuaded," he replies in a way that clearly says he is interested and… maybe she ought to be wary when he continues with, "I've got a bit of skill." A LOT OF SKILL. HE MEANS A LOT OF SKILL. HE IS A BAD-ASS AT POOL. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Akiva says, "And why shouldn't I?" She lifts a challenging and amused brow right back, "They're my marks, once I win then that is." Akiva grins and places the ball back where it was so they can play a round. "Certainly the Weyr provides very well." She waves off concern for the drunken riders who throw their hard earned marks right in her pockets. "Pfft, their heads will thanks me. Every wager I win, saves them that much of a hangover the next morning." As they agree on a friendly game, she goes to grab a stick, eyes it briefly before selecting a different one instead. "Besides, while the Weyr does provides quite a bit, I always hear whispers of desired things the Weyr doesn't really think of." She shrugs and leaves it at that and gestures for the 'man with skill' to go first. "I can hit what I aim for most times. Getting them to go where I want, that's a differant story." Akiva chuckles a little on that "Much better at games like Darts. Even better at Go or Chess than Pool.""

A shrug; a quick lift and fall of his shoulders followed by a "Suite yourself," is all the reply Sev has for that. Her marks, her choice. As a game seems to be on the menu, he pushes away from the table and quickly stalks after her, selecting a cue with little thought; the first one that touches his fingers is the one he goes with. Or perhaps he just knew which one he liked, and where it could be found, with little effort. "Are you sure?" he questions her decision to allow him to go first. "You may want to break, or you may not get a chance to play." It is not an idle boast; he's actually being serious. "Unless you want me to throw the game for you. You don't seem like the kind of girl that likes that sort of thing, though," and his head bobs toward the dart board as if to use it as an example of her preferences. But he must assume that she won't change her mind, because he moves quickly to the head of the table, snagging the white cue ball on the way. The setup is minimal; ball gets placed appropriately, cue stick gets checked for grip (no chalk needed) and then he's leaning over the table with his eye on the prize. A quick flick of a glance towards Akiva, a half-grin, and then a muffled *thwump* as stick hits ball, followed very closely by a loud *CRACK* as the cue hits the solid-and-striped assortment, sending balls scattering in all directions. Including a solid red one that goes straight into the corner pocket. S'van doesn't go so far as to wink at Akiva, but he's certainly looking smug at the moment. "It's physics, really," he says, swinging around the table to line up another shot. At least Akiva will know he's now throwing the game for her, as he sinks another two balls before he decides to just offer up his next turn. "Why don't you go ahead and take a shot."

Akiva laughs easily enough with a quick shake of her head "Last time I broke, balls went flying and one poor guy had to be escoted to the infirmary." She admits with more than a little humor and shrugs "If ya ask me, he looks better with the scar anyway." Her gaze slips around as she sidles over to whispers to the bronzer "He was just too damn pretty before I fixed his face for him." Due to her own skill in breaking the ballset, Akiva ambles around to stand behind the bronzer, just in case balls go flying off table. Nodding at the scatter "Nice." she murmurs at the chaotic redistribution of the stripes and solids on the table. The dark haired woman cants her gaze up to the bronzer when he passes his turn, her look clearly saying, /what you playing at?/. She shrugs though and edges around to line up a stripe shot. She goes for the easiest one on the table, a foot away from the hole right in front of a side pocket. Lining up, she frowns at the placement and taps the ball with very little umph. "Bah!" she calls out, already seeing a scratch about to happen. "Well, least I got one ball in during the game." And plop, follows the cueball right behind her striped one.

"Ya know, I'm starting to wonder if that ain't a girl thing," remarks S'van. "Last time I played with a pair of 'em, one nearly took out the light above the table, and the other practically tore a hole in the felt with a misplaced shot and sent the balls bouncing across the room. And that was with me helping them." A snort, and he goes to lean against the neighboring table, crossing his arms with his cue in the crook of his elbow as he lets Akiva have the table. A 'tsk' for the scratch, and a briefly sympathetic look (though he can't help the gleam in those grey eyes that speaks to mischief and wicked delight at her misfortune). "Do you want pointers? It really is about physics more than anything else; and how you hold your body." He'll give a practical demonstration, in that he slides right back over to that table with purposeful strides, takes a quick assessment of the spread, and selects his victim. "Keeping your stick steady is a big part of it. Keep it level and straight, hit the cue in the center, and it'll go where you want it." He makes it sound and look so damned easy, the bastard. Another *clack* and he sends the ball flying, already moving to a new spot even before the solid yellow vanishes into a pocket. *Clack*. *Thwap* *Klunk* And now just that lone black eight ball, which he calls with little effort. "Eight ball, side pocket." It's barely out of his mouth before the cue strikes home and sends that ball exactly where he wanted it to go. And yeah, he's grinning ear to ear like the smart-ass that he is.

Akiva laughs and darts a glance around the cavern "I'd be careful with your general insults, you don't really wanna piss off half the weyr with a careless comment do ya?" Of course he does. Never one to turn down advice or pointers, she gestures for the bronzer to proceed, and does actually try to learn from his advice and actions. After the second ball drops again, she simply leans her pool cue against the table as he runs the rest of the balls. Her eyes roll with amusement as he drops the eightball and that smug expression makes her really wanna scrub it off his face. She gestures vaguely to S'van, fingers flickering about "Don't gloat, it's…..rude." She's smiling though and gestures to the table "Set'm back up while I go grab us some drinks? What do you want?"

S'van is not worried about insulting the female half of the Weyr, and says as much in his explanation of, "Just making an observation. So far, I'm Oh for Three on women who can play this game." But he really is just teasing; there's no weight behind his words. "And it wouldn't be the first time I found myself in trouble because I couldn't bite my tongue." Grin. Just as irritating as the first one, problem. And Akiva is definitely not the first person to want to punch him for that smart-ass expression. "Hey," he counters, moving to lean his cue against the wall and start setting up as directed. "This is probably the only thing I can actually gloat about. Well. That's socially acceptable, that is." As for the drink, there's a quick shake of his head. "Just a water, please." No alcohol here. "But if you've a mind to grab a snack, I wouldn't say no."

Akiva smirks at his comment about not being the first time his mouth got him in trouble "Now that I believe." She's already fumbling about her pocket for makrs as she starts to the bar, steps slowing as she spins ina cicle to reply about his only thing he's good at comment. "Now that's just sad. For you." She sticks her tongue out and laughs. Yea, very mature and proper this one. NOOOT. Water and snack. "I'm on it." Finishing her little circle, she's at the bar a few minutes before returning with a tray. Water, juice and a roasted herdbeast sandwich plate with seasoned fried tubor crisps. The sandwich is cut in half already. Seeing the balls are reset, she'll grab up half the sandwich and start nibbling. She's probably got time to finish it before she even needs to touch her poolcue. "So what else do you do, besides gloating over a pooltable that is."

"Not really," retorts the cocky bronzerider, grin wide and eyes dancing with mischief. "I said it was the only thing I could brag about that is socially acceptable. I've plenty of other talents." Not that he's going to go into detail about them, thank Faranth. S'van will just work at getting the table ready and look smug as heck, once more sporting that look that usually gets him gritted teeth and death-glares in return. When Akiva returns, the table is indeed ready for another game, and the bronzerider himself is leaning against its neighbor, the picture of calm, cool and collected confidence. That sandwich tho… that's got his eyes right quick, and he doesn't hesitate to push away from his perch and make the distance between them vanish, having already decided the other half was his to claim. And so there is no hesitation in the reach of his hand, in the snagging of that sandwich, or in the giant bite he takes from it. He is, however, polite enough to thoroughly chew and swallow before he speaks once more. "You sure you don't wanna go first?" Because now she knows he can back up his claim with action, at least at pool. As for what he does? "Search and rescue, but day. Lazy sod by night." Lies. He's really not that lazy. "You? What do you do when you're not scamming poor drunken dragonriders of their hard earned marks, just to turn around and spoil the weyrbrats with 'em?"

Akiva doesn't bat an eye when the bronzer starts devouring the other half of the tasty sandwich. That's what she got it for. When he is actually polite enough to question whether she wants to go first or not, she simply shrugs. "Alright, but most of the balls probably won't budge." Another bite taken abefore she returns her half eaten portion to plate and grabs a tubor crisp. Shoving it in her mouth she'll chew it all up and work it down before speaking up again. "I suppose there's nothing wrong with being lazy in your down time if ya want." Her gaze drifts over and scans the bronzer up and down a couple of times "You carry the lazy well though." Akiva laughs, at her way of saying he doesn't look like a couch tubor type. "Me? I do what Cosima tells me to do, and try to anticipate what she hasn't told me she needs yet." Grabbing her stick, she'll place the cueball and eyes the racked balls warily, then nudges the ball a couple inches to the right before lining up where she wants to aim the cueball "When that's done, I'm off swimming, surfing or paddling between the islands." She rears her stick back and *thwack* the ball hits the side of the triangle of balls. One lone ball on the opposite side goes moseying away from the rest at a slow pace, bumping to a stop on the side bumper. She stands again and shrugs with a laugh towards S'van. "At least no one got hurt that time."

S'van is busy devouring that sandwich as if he hasn't eaten a decent meal in weeks (lies. He ate very well just that morning). But at least it's polite devouring; mouth closed while chewing, making sure to swallow before speaking. His mama taught him manners, at least. He just grins with another one of those half-smirk sorta grins, as if enjoying a private joke for her comment on his not-lazy physique. "Suppose I do." He's going to help himself to some of her crisps if she doesn't stop him, willing to risk bodily harm for another bite. Her miss gets a sympathetic sort of look, though he's not terribly upset for her, pushing off from his slouch to head for the table once more. "Ah, one of those," for the swimming and the surfing. "Part fish. You ever do any diving?" But before he can get an answer, there's a tell-tale distant look to his gaze, followed by a somewhat disgruntled sigh and the replacing of his pool cue. "Duty calls," is the only explanation he gives as he takes on a much more upright posture, going from lax to business in about two seconds. "Thanks for the game, and the sandwich," he offers, moving for the exit, a hand raised in a farewell gesture as he tosses back a final, "See ya around," just before he vanishes out the door.

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