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Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

A behemoth of a bronze backwings to a landing in the bowl and all three passengers are quick to dismount. The rider moves away at a healthy clip to tend to whatever business needs tending to, leaving the other two to sort matters out amongst themselves. Aglaia and her brother chat for a few minutes before separating; namely, Aglaia ventures onward to explore, while Malaakh remains behind, ostensibly to keep the beastly bronze company - or keep him out of trouble while his rider's away. Concern, of a sort, creases the young woman's brow while she moves along, her hands laced behind her and her straight posture unbent despite her chosen pace.

It's such a nice day at Half Moon, why not be out for a stroll? Hika is! And she's dragging Cassara along with her, so they can chat while they're off duty. It's a good chance for them to unwind, without being confined to their weyr. Hika's green is trotting behind her, looking around for signs of Golth's approach. She gives the bronze a bit of a warble in hello. They've already started the walk, Cass will have to join when she gets there.

The bronze's rust-rattle-rumble is sufficient for a greeting and even Malaakh lifts a hand to welcome the green, though his attention is plainly elsewhere. Well. Mostly. To be fair, it's following his sister with a notable cautiousness that only big brothers can manage. Aglaia, fortunately, is not entirely oblivious to the arrival of others. The sounds behind her are enough to pull her attention and the young woman lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers at the green and her rider - and the brownrider, too, should she be in sight! Her hand drops shortly thereafter, but only to work at rolling up her sleeves in deference to the pleasant weather.

Visiting Half Moon once more is Chrystyne who slides down the side of a small green. "Thanks! I'll find you later!" she says to the Istan colored rider who evidently has a task of his own. The Istan guard turns to look around in an attempt to pin point exactly where the hatching grounds may be. There are eggs to see! But actually first she spies residents of this weyr so she does the right thing and approaches. "Heyla! Ista's greetings to Half Moon and her queens."

Cass is.. still off working or something, much to Hika's dismay. She is alone for the time being! Which probably makes her much less scary than if Cass was trailing along with her. The greenrider has been on a bit of an exploration binge these past few sevendays as she gets her bearings. Hika gives Aglaia a wave. "Hello!" She also offers one to her brother. Ame alerts her to another approaching dragon, though Chrystyne gets first dibs on introductions. "Hello! Half Moon's duties." Since they seem to all be converging… "What brings you ladies to Half Moon on this beautiful day?"

As greetings seem to be happening further away, Malaakh is not satisfied to stand idly by. The tall, lanky, dark-haired youth practically devours the distance between himself and his sister, only to offer a mute nod to Hika. Aglaia cocks a sidelong look at him, wrinkles her nose, and regards the greenrider with a cheerful enough, "Hello to you and yours. Ierne's duties." An elbow to the side spurs the lad to echo, "Ierne's duties," and the girl surreptitiously rolls her eyes. It's she that speaks again, if with a strange affect - a little flattened, but amiable enough. "Dad's just here to see if there's anything he can do. Business. As usual." The line of her mouth tilts into a half-smile that doesn't quite curve. "I'm Aglaia. This is Malaakh." And from Malaakh: "Dad's M'gaal. That's Zaq." The beast, that is, indicated with a tip of his head.

Chrystyne smiles brightly. "St'lo told me that he heard the queen clutched. He agreed to give me a ride along with him since he was visiting also. I'm Chrystyne. Guard from Ista."

Hika nods to Aglaia and her brother. "Well met! I'm Hika. This is Amekasith." She motions to the green who is padding around behind her, easily distracted by the new people and other dragons. "Oh? Does your father have a particular talent? Other than riding bronze, I mean." She chuckles. "My weyrmate and I just moved from there. It's odd, to see riders having non-wing jobs. At least it was for me." She grins and nods to Chrystyne. "Well met as well! It's been exciting around here for certain!" She peers around. "I think my weyrmate skipped out on me. Come, let's take a loop around the bowl. Walk with me, talk with me. It'll make her jealous to see me with my own little entourage." No one is exempt! "Don't worry about your rider, Chrystyne. We can give you a ride back if you need one."

"It's a pleasure, Hika, Amekasith." Aglaia's lopsided smile remains in place, only to settle out after a moment or two. She rolls up on the balls of her feet to whisper something to Malaakh, who only reluctantly seems to agree. The taller teen moves away with a farewell of some sort, leaving the girl more or less free to follow without difficulty. "Dad is a cook and bartender," she explains with a shrug. "He runs a small restaurant off the beach - Burnt Offerings, it's called. It's still new, though. Not a lot of people go there." Yet, is the implication. She settles into step alongside the greenrider, hands laced behind her back. "What did you do at Ierne while you were there?" A sidelong look is given to the Istan after a moment, her gaze momentarily appraising before she adds, perhaps apologetically, "Oh. Well met, Chrystyne. Do you enjoy what you do?"

Chrystyne didn't notice either Aglaia or her brother right away so the pair get a quick nod and grin. "Well met." a brief and curious glance is cast to the green who pads behind. Agreeable to a loop around the bowl she falls into stride with a grateful look at the offer of a ride back when it becomes time. "Oh that would be helpful but I don't want to impose or keep you from any tasks." she says. Then towards Aglaia she nods. "I do like what I do quite a bit. I love the training every morning."

Heading into the western bowl is Briari having just been dropped off not too long ago. She is bundled in a dark brown jacket over a blue tunic and a pair of black pants. Spying Chrystyne and a few others gathered, she ambles over in the direction of her best friend, lifting up a hand to give a small wiggle of her fingers in the form of a wave. Her hair has been cut short since they've last seen each other, hanging a few inches just above her shoulders. "Hey." She breathes out, but does not look to interrupt or cut in as they appear to be talking.

Hika nods to Aglaia. "Ooh. A cook and a bartender. And a bronzer. He must be a busy man. Unfortunately the earthquake did a number on the real bar here. Now you have to either go to the hall or drink in the rec room." She nods. "Burnt Offerings… Can't say I heard about it. Wish I had before we moved. The bar in the market at Ierne sometimes fetches some sketchy folk. Me? I dabbled. Ame's wing was injured, so we were there to see a specialist healer." She grins to Chrysty. "My weyrmate is a big trainer. She likes to work out. I just run a little and stay up with my wing-work. Cass would have made a good guard, if she hadn't impressed." Hika waves to the newcomer. "Hello! Come join us. We're getting a walk in, enjoying the day." With the green taking up the rear.

"That's good to hear," Aglaia replies to Chrystyne, with a shallow, singular bob of her head. "It's great when you find something you actually enjoy doing." Her attention shifts back to Hika while she speaks and there's another of those singular, shallow nods. "That's what we heard. He's probably going to see about helping there, I guess - busy or not, he finds time for stuff like that. That's his big thing - give people good food and drink and they can do anything." Her nose wrinkles just a little. "Ah. Well. He's not good with advertising. I'm working on it, though." A glance is angled backward to the green, concern claiming her brow. "She's better now, at least. That's good. How long was she hurt for? I hope it wasn't too long." The latest arrival is noted and given a finger-wiggle greeting by the Iernian girl.

"I admit I do my training best in the evening. When i've gotten a chance to sleep in more." Chrystyne's expression is of amusement. "But my captain gets me out bright and early for running. Says I'll get used to it!" which is something Chrystyne isn't sure she will. Suddenly Briari's there and with short hair! Shorter hair, rather. "Hey!" she murmurs cheerfully to Briari. One hand runs through her own short, spikey hair. "I've only been a guard there at Ista for a few months actually but yeah, it is doing stuff I like doing so that is good." hearing Aglaia mention the green being hurt prompts another curios look to the waddling behind green.

Giving a quick smile to Chrystyne, Briari falls in line with her, sliding her hands into her jacket pockets. "Hey, Chrys. Heard you were out here so thought I'd catch up with you." She says as she perks a bit at the conversation, trying to catch up and follow along though. The comment about the dragon being hurt causes her brows to crease with a hint of concern.

Hika nods. "Ah. I guess that's good. Not sure where he'd set up shop though." She laughs. "Maybe a stand or something on the beach?" She ponders. "Ah, Ame is fine now. But she was laid up for a while. Would have been shorter, but we had a setback when she reinjured it during a flight. Ah well. She's not as spry as she was twenty turns ago!" Hika laughs a bit. "Cass likes to work out late at night. She has trouble sleeping and says it helps. I don't know. I'm used to her being up and down during the night now, though." Hika smiles to Briari. "Here to get a peek at the eggs, as well? I'm Hika, by the way. Behind us is Amekasith." The green trailing them.

"I see," Aglaia intones to Chrystyne, her expression momentarily thoughtful before shifting to something naturally neutral. Her shoulders rise and fall in a bit of a stretch, then her attention shifts, once more, to Hika. "Something like that. He has a…" she hesitates before settling on "shack, I suppose. It's on the beach, so he can bury whole porcines in the ground and cook them that way." Her study of Amekasith resumes, but only until the reassurance is made. "That's the funny thing with dragons," she muses. "You can't really tell how old they are like you can with people." Her mouth teases to one side thoughtfully and she lapses briefly into silence.

Chrystyne gives an agreeable nod of her head towards Hika. "I like to be up late. Exercise /does/ help me sleep on restless nights. While I was staying at Xanadu I often would be up in the middle of the night running. The quiet is better then too as well." another glance is casted over to Aglaia with a simple nod. "Cook whole porcine in the ground? Really?" she asks.

A brown dragon glides in lazily overhead before back winging down for a heavy landing. Cassara gazes about from the top of her dragon before spotting her weyrmate among the group. Cassara dismounts and gives her dragon's side a rub before it paces off a bit. The large woman stuffs her hands in her pocket before she casually strolls silently toward Hika.

"Oh, yeah, I came to take a look at the eggs and catch up with a few friends of mine." Briari says as she motions towards Chrystyne. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Briari of Monaco Bay." She gives another quick smile, though without the usual unstoppable energy she tends to carry about with her. "I like to work out also."

Hika blinks at Aglaia. "A shack on the beach?" Then she goes into details about his cooking habits. "So… more like a cook out, then? Than a traditional grill, or oven set up. I guess you can sort of use sand to make a makeshift oven of sorts. As long as it doesn't get into the food." She chuckles. "I'm not sure how old you think I impressed at." Or how old Aglaia thought she might be. Speak of the devil! Ame spots Cass winging in on Golth. The brown is given an excited warble and Hika waves Cass over. "Speaking of which, here's Cassara. Cass come meet the girls. We were just talking about your work out habits." Briari is already introducing herself. "Well met, Briari."

"It comes out pretty good," Aglaia replies to Chrystyne. "You dig a big hole, fill it with wood and set it on fire. Then you put the porcine in, cover it up, and leave it alone for a few days. It sounds weird, but it's really good, especially with the sauce he makes. Put that on a big roll and it's…" she has no words, just a fluttering of fingers to suggest the dreaminess of the meal. "It's exactly like that," she confirms for Hika. As to the other question, though, she has no answer. Just a mild, "That's impossible to tell, too. I can try to guess your age, but I don't have as good an eye for it as my brother." Perhaps for the better. As the brownrider arrives, a finger-wiggle welcome is given to her. "Well met, Cassara-" and she didn't forget the other girl, either, as she adds, "and Briari. I'm Aglaia. It's a pleasure."

"Sounds good…" agrees Chrystyne. "Something I never had though." a situation that needs to be fixed clearly. As another joins the group on their stroll around the bowl she gives a nod and grin Cassara's way. "Ista's duties!" she says towards her. "Chrystyne." she adds her name.

Giving another quick smile over to the brown rider, Briari continues to trudge along next to Chrystyne and the others on their leisurely stroll. "It's nice to meet you guys as well. Always enjoy a new face or three."

Cassara smirks and gives each a nod, offering a much more informal "Hey". Since Hika says they were talking about her, she doesn't bother to introduce herself. "Mm, what's going on here..? Why are you talking about my workout habits?" she grins a bit. She looks to the rest of them. "Is my weyrmate just rambling about me?" Unlikely, but the thought gives her a faint chuckle.

Hika blinks. "A few days! Woo, that's a long time to cook something. How does he know when it's done? I'd be afraid I'd dry it all out." She chuckles a bit at Aglaia's hand motions. "I bet it's good." She chuckles. "Well, Hotaru is… what… twenty-two now? Our daughter. So that should give you an idea. Though I was pregnant pretty early." Hika hooks an arm around Cassara's as the brownrider strolls over. "Chrystyne is a guard. I was just saying you like to work out, as well. They're here to view the eggs. I think Ame missed the sands while we were away. She's been pestering me to take a look."

"You should. If you're ever at Ierne, just take a stroll down the beach. Although-" here, Aglaia considers for a long moment. "I think he might be willing to do that here. To lift morale and fill bellies." Which, to her, seems to be pretty serious business. "I don't know how he knows, to be honest. I think he just has it up here," she taps at her temple briefly. "Just like everything else. But, it comes out really moist and smoky, not at all dry." There's a tilt of her head at the offered information and her lips purse thoughtfully. "You must have Impressed young," she decides, but the calculations are clearly ongoing in her head. Silent again, but this time to listen - and briefly check over her shoulder to make sure her brother and their father's bronze are where they're supposed to be.

Chrystyne seems impressed as well at the cooking skills most likely needed to cook something for days and keep it moist. "I don't do any cooking. Least any good cooking." she remarks in amusement. "I think weyrmates are supposed to ramble about each other, yes?" she grins. "How many eggs were laid?"

Is Hika talking about how old they are? Ugh. She smiles though as Hika hooks onto her arm before it turns into a grin. "A guard… If only that was a job for a rider." she chuckles at her comment about the rambling. "So is that a 'yes'?"

Hika grins. "Ooh, beach porcine! That sounds yummy. He should totally come here! You want some beach porcine, too, right Cass? It'll be fun. Have a little beach party. I'll have to ask him how he does it." Hika chuckles and nods. "I did. We did." Though Hika doesn't offer up the fact that Cass is older than she is. "I can cook a little." She chuckles. "Cass doesn't like me talking her up. Or at least she pretends not to. See? I told you she'd make a good guard. Search and rescue is close enough. No swords involved there, generally. I like my weyrmate whole, thank you."

Aglaia rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "Cooking isn't hard," she confides. "Baking is. With cooking, you can kind of… fix things. When in doubt, pepper and salt." This is probably a joke. Maybe. But her expression is serious enough. There's a singular nod for Hika's words as if to affirmatively commit them to memory. "I'll talk with him," she replies. "He'll need a few porcines to do a Weyr's worth of feeding but…" she trails off for a moment before resuming with, "it should be easy enough. Getting the secrets out of him, that'll be harder." The talk of searching, rescuing, and guarding is peripherally noted and readily listened to with glances to the speakers in turn.

"There's a difference between baking and cooking? Thought it was all the same really." comments Chrystyne. "Ooh, hunting the porcines to get enough for a whole weyr should be fun!" she could care less of getting the secrets out of him. not when there is possible hunting to be had. "I bet Kyra would join in the hunt too."

"I always saw baking as what you do with pastries and cooking kinda what you do with meat. At least it's how it was explained to me." Briari says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I can do a bit of cooking, at least enough to make it taste .. uh.. passable. Sorta."

Cassara smirks. "What? She seems whole. I'm sure I would have been fine… Safer than trading at any rate." she gives a nod. "Mmm, that sounds like it could be a good time. I'm glad I have Hika to take care of things the few times we need to make our own meals, because I can't cook worth a damn."

Hika chuckles. "Baking tends to be in an oven. It takes longer. Cooking is generally in a pot or a pan. Or over open flame. I guess it's a bit more hands on than baking." Hika chuckles. "I'll have to talk with the headwoman. I don't have porcines stuffed away in the weyr! Cass would notice them. I'll have to see if I can work the recipe out of him." She ponders. "They sometimes have some domesticated ones in the pens. Maybe they wouldn't have to hunt for them?" The greenrider is distracted for a moment. "Well, since Ame keeps bothering me…" Hika digs through her pocket and pulls out three white knots. "How about it, ladies? Wanna stick around for a beach party, and to get up close to the eggs?"

"It's something like that," Aglaia concedes to Briari. "But not quite. Baking means having a careful balance between, say, the flour and butter and eggs and sugar and everything else. If something isn't right, you can't really fix it once it's in the oven. Cooking is more forgiving." It's only now that she seems to take a proper measure of the other women, her brow knitting just a little. Something seems to be clicking along, but it's hard to tell just what it might be. She snaps back into the moment after Hika speaks again and she sucks her teeth. A sidelong look toward her brother means she misses the knots initially - but then it all clicks and all she can do is stare. Stare at the knots. Stare at Hika. So much staring. A flurry of emotions plays across her face, but it's as if a feline's caught her tongue.

The clarification of the differences between baking and cooking nearly glaze over Chrystyne's eyes but she manages to at least look like she's observing the explanation. However whatever it is she would say next in the conversation is scattered to all four winds with Hika's next words posing the question to all three of them. "Oh.." is her breathless squeak before she clears her throat. "I…accept. Yes." her smile lights up those bright blue eyes as she spares a glance and grin towards the green. "I'd love a beach party and a closer look at the eggs." where Aglaia is speechless, Chrystyne is not.

"OH, yes, of course. Beaches and parties are two of my faovrite words. I'd love to see the eggs." Briari says with excitement rising up in her voice as she gives Chrystyne a nudge with her shoulder. She takes a moment to let it all process, then blinks. "Woah, wait.. are you asking if you are wanting us to stand as well?" Her eyes widen, then she looks to her best friend. "A second chance for us." She breathes out.

Cassara raises an eyebrow as Hika digs through her pocket and grins as she pulls out the knots. "Mmm…" she gives a big grin at Aglaia, snapping her finger to get her attention "… Well? You gonna accept?" She teases. Of course Aglaia's stare was pretty telling already…

Hika nods. "Baking tends to be more like a science… cooking is more like art. In baking if you make a mistake you often have to start over. With cooking there are tricks to salvage what you've done. To a point, obviously." Hika grins to the girls. She's also ruined the conversation, but alas. It happens! The knots are handed out, unless one of the girls outright refuses it. Even to Agalia. "Correct, I am asking you to stand. That's what these knots mean, right? And that will get you closer to the eggs. Maybe. If the queen is kind enough to allow it."

A deep conflict plays itself out within Aglaia, but it resolves itself swiftly at the sound of snapping fingers, courtesy of Cassara. The girl intones, "Malaakh will have to learn how to keep the books, if only for a little while." She worries at her lower lip, her forehead deeply furrowed. A deep breath is taken, released, and terminates in a singular, up-down-center nod. "Thank you, Hika, Cassara. It will be an honor to Stand." Somber acceptance is still acceptance, with a flicked look from greenrider to brownrider and back again. The knot is taken and turned in her hands, but not yet donned. Not yet.

Chrystyne holds the knot tightly in her own hands a few moments before she fastens it over her shoulder. Grinning at Aglaia's acceptance she nods. "Oh good!" now she knows two other candidates. "Guess i'll need that ride back home if only to grab my stuff. Oy, what will my captain say about me being searched again!" it's a question mostly posed to herself. "Thank you Hika and Amekasith."

"Yes, thank you very much Hika and Amekasith. It is a real honor to be able to stand for Half Moon." Briari says with a proud look on her face as she attaches the knot to her jacket, then reaches out to hook an arm about Chrystyne's shoulders for a half hug.

Cassara gives a smile and rests an arm on her weyrmates shoulder. "Mm, look how excited you all are." Cassara wishs she was that excited when she stood. "Good luck to the lot of you."

Hika grins and claps her hands together when all three girls accept. "Great! We'll have to get you all sorted, since all three of you are going to need to pack up back home. Generally they give a day give or take for that. Cass and I can give you rides back and forth if you need." She chuckles. "While we're here though… why don't we wander down to check out the barracks, yeah?"

"I'll need to go talk to my dad," Aglaia says after a moment. "To get my things and a few other things." She dips her head to Hika, Cassara, and her fellow Candidates - such a -strange- thing to think about now! - and turns her attention briefly to Cassara. "Thank you," is offered, but something else touches her brow and the corners of her mouth. Then Hika speaks and the girl turns her gaze to her. "Of course. Lead the way."

Chrystyne slips an arm around Briari's waist in a brief hug. "Awesome." she murmurs to her friend. "I'll need to pen a note to my parents too." so much to do! As Hika suggests the checking of the barracks out she is agreeable to that. IT's a great place to start as any. "We're right behind you!" she's totally excited about joining the ranks of another candidacy.

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