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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's dinner time and, clearly, a certain candidate has pulled kitchen duty because the spread is… somewhat unusual. Roast wherry with tunnelsnake and redfruit stuffing with accents of local herbs and spices. Alongside is mashed tubers and the usual spread of staples. It's possible the cooks won't let him back in the kitchen, but for now he emerges unscatched and freshly washed, the white knot pinned to his shoulder seeming horribly out of place amidst the darker tones he prefers to wear, and he looks so pleased to be free. It's possible he didn't realize he'd be stuck away after Search.

Keldan might just be a little pinker than usual. Maybe just a tad red. After spending most of the day out on the docks, though, it's to be expected that the teenager has gotten his fair share of sun. He doesn't even have a book with him when he wanders into the caverns, fingers taking a few test pokes at his face to check on tenderness of the mild burn he's received. At least it doesn't seem /bad/, though he looks a bit drowsy overall. There's a pause to inhale the scents of dinner, languidly blinking before his gaze slides onto Daranyl. A white-knotted Daranyl, much like himself. "I didn't see a fire outside.. Did you actually work in the kitchen?"

Kyra is joining this small crew of white-knotted figures, it seems, bounding into the living caverns wearing a pair of shorts and a bright tangerine-colored tanktop, looking like she's been up to some kind of hot work as she's foregone with her usual over-sized knit jacket and boots for the time being. Her knot is pinned loosely to the strap of her tanktop, bouncing a bit with her energetic steps until she comes up right next to Keldan with a grin. She lifts her hand sharply in a wave for Daranyl and it's quite clear she's had too much klah, "Hi, Dar! Kitchen duty, huh? That's not so bad. Sometimes the bakers will make sweets and let you have some." A glance to Keldan, "Looking perfectly in the pink, Kel." She beams at him in a false, teasing way before she flits off again, her aim the food and drink tables. Tra la.

Sundari is wandering on into the cavern, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck and dust off a bit of dirt that is clinging to her. No comment from anyone thank you very much! She is moving to find something to eat and drink it seems. Her gaze drifts at the voices that she catches and she smiles at the few here. "Hey guys." She offers happly.

Daranyl inclines a nod to Keldan, "They kinda… gave me a hearth to get rid of me." He nods towards the unusual wherry dish, "Lemme know if'n you like it." He nods to Kyra as well, then pauses, his brain processing information, "Wait… you two were searched, too?" Pause again, "I'm… s'pposed ta say congratulations, righ'?" This is all new for him, at least he's sheepish and not malicious, right? "Hey, Sunny."

"If you think it's something to congratulate? Some don't, so it's not like it'd be /that/ weird." Keldan tilts his head, looking over when Kyra moves past him. "At least it's not like my face was painted with berry juice or anything." There's a slow smile though, waving a hand after his sister. "Grab me a drink, will you? I think I about dried up out there!" As for the food..well..it's eyed, but he doesn't seem all that hungry. Yet. He instead finds a seat to sink down on, resting his chin in his hand. "But if you're keen on it, congratulations to you, too. Hey there, Sunny." He echoes when the woman appears as well, nodding faintly.

Kyra isn't in the mood for too much food, so she mostly loads up on fruits, nuts, and some bread, as well as catching a couple mugs in a free hand, one full of tea and the other juice, which she carts on over towards Keldan and Daranyl again, laying it out on the nearest table, "Yeah, congrats and all, yadda yadda. I say it's a good time to appreciate being given chores that're half as easy as the workload we usually have to do." Bwaha. She pauses when she sees Sundari, offering her a light wave and a grin as well, "Hey, Sunni. What's with that?" She points at her neck where she saw Sundari scratch off some dirt, then points at Sundari to make that point a little more clear. She plops herself into a seat after that, tossing a couple of shelled nuts in her mouth and chasing them with tea.

"How you all doing?" Sundari questions as she goes about getting a drink and looks about to see what foodbits are tehre for the taking. There is a pause as she hears Kyra and Keldan. "Congrads you two on getting searched. Always good to have a few friends with you I think." At the question from Kyra there is a pause. "Irk though he could clear a bunch of rubble on his own, sent stuff flying instead." No one ever said her blue was well.. all smarts..

"Don' think the cooks much appreciated my particular… style." Daranyl snags a mug of klah for himself and a heaping plate of his offering and settles down to a sit as well, "What'd they have you doin' what turned you into a redfruit, Keldan?" Siiiiiip. He nods to Sundari's comment about friends along, not commenting on the awkward of living in the same room as Kyra. "Wouldn' have said yes if'n I wasn' keen on it, jus' don' expec' much. But at leas' I'll be able ta say I tried."

Keldan /is/ brought a drink. Best sister ever. He pulls the mug over quite happily at least, practically drowning himself in it for a moment or two. "I was watching ships come in. That's a /thing/." A relatively boring thing, but a duty none the less, it seems. There's a slight eyeroll, however, before the teen simply puts his head down on a folded arm. Ignore him, he's just resting his eyes! Really.

Kyra takes another drink of her tea before she sets it aside, grinning a bit when Keldan tries to explain why he's so pink. She helpfully comments, after he's responded and while tearing a sweetroll apart, "I put berry juice on his face when he was sleeping." Bwehe. She pops the sweetroll into her mouth and nods her head in agreement regarding Sundari's comment about friends, "Yeah, it'll be interesting, at least, and it'll be nice to stay the entire length of candidacy this time. She reaches over after Keldan puts his head down to neatly move that mug away from him so he doesn't knock it over while he's 'resting' his eyes. Once it's a safe distance, she goes back to her grazing, "I don't usually expect much when it comes to Search. It's fun, though, and it's nice to look at the eggs and try to figure out which one you might want to be friends with." A mild shrug.

Sundari is quiet for a moment as she listens to the three, well not two for a few moments as she glances to her drink. "The eggs are funny like that. Hopfully no falling outa trees this time hum?" She questions with an amused tone and grins to her. "Anyway.. Who knows maybe your both find a lifemate out on the sands?" There is a faint glance sent to Daranyl though and then back to Kyra. She didn't have to worry about such things when she was in there shoes and she is thankful for it.

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "Not hones'ly sure if it'd be better or worse if I impress, but I gotta try." He sips more klah, watching Keldan collapse to sleep. Is that snoring he hears? "No breakin' yerself again, yeah? But… how many times have ya stood b'fore, Kyra? 'Ve never actually asked." He glances at Sundari and shrugs before finally starting to eat the food before him. Of course, to him, his rough, backwoods cooking is like ambrosia. Mmmmmm, tunnelsnake…

Kyra pokes her tongue out at Sundari at that teasing comment regarding her not falling out of a tree, "Well, I'm glad our island isn't famous for its foliage, is all. And yeah, I mean, it's perfectly possible, I just don't much worry about it. If it happens, there we go, and if it doesn't, no big deal." Casual attitude, go. For Daranyl, she shrugs and finishes off her sweetroll idly, "Just the once, at Xanadu, but I've seen it lots of times. That didn't end too well, of course." She grins a little before she takes another swallow from her mug of tea, inhaling deeply when it clears her throat a bit. Mmm. Tea and sugar.

"I only stood once, though I know plenty of people that have stood many times before fidning their lifemate actually." Sundari offers at the thought, no need to give up hope after once or twice! She peeks at Daranyl and his tunnelsnake stew. "You don't happen to have more of theat hum?"

"Wha's it like… touchin' th' eggs, I mean." Daranyl jerks a nod, bringing Sundari some of the tasty food he's prepared as well, "I'm not really sure what I've gotten myself into."

Kyra has finished her food, from the looks of things, and she brushes her hands off lightly before she pushes herself to her feet, "I… can't really answer. Sunni should be able to, though. I didn't get a chance to touch them." She pokes at Keldan a little before she uses his shirt to haul him back, hefts him up while he remains half-asleep, and tucks her arm around him so she can toddle him back to the barracks, "I'll see you two later. I'm going to go plop him on a cot and then go get washed up." With that, she sort of wobbles off with Keldan in tow; it's a good thing she's pretty strong and he's pretty thin, because he's a good four inches taller than her.

Sundari glances after Kyra and Keldan as they are making an escape it seems. "Night you too." She smiles to Daranyl and nods thanking him for the bowl of foodstuffs. "Its sort of like being in a dream. Just about anything can happen when you touch one of them. They have their own likes, dislikes, personalities and the like."

Daranyl looks after Kyra a long moment, taking an even longer sip of klah, "Not sure if I can handle that." He scratches his cheek gently, "Not really sure I coul' handle impressin', to be hones'. I mean… tha's a lot of responsiblity."

Sundari is quiet for a touch as she ponders the answer to give it seems while munching on that food. "It isn't that bad honestly.. Sure there is a lot of responsibility, but a lot of good comes from it as well." She thinks so at least.

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Never really be responsible fer anyone but myself 'n' Ez b'fore. I guess now we'll jus' see wha' happens. 'Snot like I could return th' dragon if'n I impressed." Har har, Dar.

Sundari peers at him looking a touch amused for a moment. "You know you can't do that right?" This questioned softly. "Once a dragon and rider link its for life. The dragon will not survive without the rider, and if the dragon was to die the rider may very well die as well. The link is that strong between them."

Daranyl inclines a nod, "I know. Dunno if I'd want ta, anyway, jus'…" He drops his voice so it won't carry, "Afrai', I guess." For the first time in a decade, he's facing something totally unknown and unknowable.

Sundari nods at that, glad that he understands that. "It is a lot of work no lie.. But I wouldn't change any of it honestly." There is s light pause at that, her fingers lightly taap against her mug while she leans back a bit. "Suppose save for losing my family."

Daranyl pauses, looking up at her, "Tha's not yer fault. Nor Irk's. You know tha', right?" Now it's his turn to look concerned and cautious, almost afraid of the answer she might give.

Sundari is quiet for a few moments, her gaze lingering against her mug now. "I'm not to sure about that Daranyl. I should have been able to help them.. I'm a rider." She points out not wanting to look up to him at the moment. It is a linger thought in her mind, everything with her family and she couldn't stop it from happening.

"Doesn' mean ya can stop what ya don' see comin'. Ya can' be ev'rywhere at once. 'N'…" Daranyl sips his klah again, "'N' if'n you'd been with 'em then instead of with Irk, migh' maybe be tha' you'd jus' be gone with 'em 'n' I never woulda metcha."

"Maybe.." Sundari offers softly, still feeling there should have been something that she could have done. She glances to him slightly as he says that. "Well that is true."

Daranyl sets his fork down and leans slightly towards Sundari, "Look at me."

Sundari pauses now that he is leaning closer and lifts her head up to just peer over at him. "Yeah..?"

"It's not yer fault. Whatever happen'd, ya couldn'a stopped it." Daranyl sets his klah aside and jabs a finger towards her, "'N' if'n you'd never impressed Irk, ya wouldn' have him or S'rorn or Li'l Bit. Count yer blessin's. It's more pleasan' than tot'lin' th' losses."

Sundari pauses a touch while she watches Daranyl and nods a touch while letting her gaze lower back to her mug. "Your right.." Doesn't mean she feels that different. "I'm thankful for that. Having Irk, S'rorn in my life.. Sarina and you too." She treats friends like family afer all.

Daranyl nods, then stands, reaching to squeeze her shoulder, "I've got early chores t'morrow, so I've gotta get some sleep, but don' let yerself get caugh' up in all tha', alrigh'? Li'l Bit needs ya here 'n' now."

Sundari smiles a touch at his hand to her shoulder. "I know.. I'll always be there for her." She gives his arm a soft pat. "Go get some rest. Your need it for the chores." More then he thinks!

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