Messy Business

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Laundry Room
The laundry rooms has for a long time been the primary source of weyr gossip and stories. Many aunties hustle and bustle about the place, taking care of the weyr's steady supply of laundry. The room itself is large and has been divided into two halves. The main half is for actual washing and drying of clothes. The other half is for mending, sewing, sorting and folding.

It's later in the afternoon and Aglaia's busy, of course. She's a fairly recent arrival to the Candidate ranks; recent enough that she's only just settled in the day previous with what few belongings she has. All the same, she seems to be doing well enough in terms of acclimation; she's elbow-deep in a bucket, scrubbing away on a heap of 'delicates' that need special care. Her expression is impassive, her mouth set in a flat line.

Daranyl is a bit… bloody. Well, ichor-y, perhaps, because it's green and sticky. He's already stripped off his vest and he's working on his tunic as he enters. Ichor has splattered across his face and sticking some of his hair out at an odd angle. He's not even really paying attention to who's in the room that's usually empty.

The laundry room might be full of clean and dirty clothes, but grimier, sweatier garments are on their way in. It just so happens that they're still attached to Keldan. The teenager is equally dirty and sweaty, with fingers having taken a blackened tone at tips. Not entirely surprising, given the candidate's gardening duties for the day. Thankfully, he's not carrying around /food/ in those filthy mitts of his. But he does groan a little, already tugging the stained and soiled tunic off over his head. There's a quick glance at Daranyl with a vague nod for the other candidate. Just two dudes, getting rid of some dirty clothes here! "You're green, you know." Observation! It is a good skill. There's a bit of a lean though, head tilting as he spots yet another candidate over there, actually doing some of that washing. "Oh. Um…alright I don't know you're name. But feel free to ignore this stuff over here. Leave it for someone who has no idea where it came from."

Aglaia isn't wholly oblivious, despite appearances that suggest otherwise. Her head tips to one side at the sound of footfalls, followed by a slight wrinkle of her nose at the sight that inadvertently greets her. "So," she wonders of Daranyl in a deadpan voice, "what exploded?" Of course, she's still working at the clothing, namely by shifting the suds-covered undergarments from the scrubbing bucket to the rinsing bucket that a proper laundress is handling. The arrival of another is met with a faint furrowing of her brow. The girl straightens up, arms dripping, with a slight pull to one side of her mouth. "Over here, if you would. Both of you." One wet hand is lifted, fingers crooked to beckon both Candidates over. "I'm Aglaia," is angled mostly toward Keldan, right along with, "Better done than not done. Besides, it's not as if I can get filthy with all of this." Soap. Water. More soap. Really, she's clean enough for the lot of them.

"Tunnelsnake." Daran finishes stripping off his shirt, hoping the stains cover up the scars on his chest, which, thankfully, they mostly do, though there are some points where there are obviously scars, no more than a couple of months old, and follows directions. For now. "Yeah, Keldan, I know 'M green." He runs a hand through his hair, which really only makes it worse, "'M Daranyl. 'Snot as bad as it looks. Dunno wha' Keldan did to himself, though."

"I'm…a little concerned about why tunnelsnakes are /exploding/ be honest." There's a wary look being given to Daranyl, oh yes. Man might have some sort of horrible..device that he's stuffing down the poor critters' throats! Boom boom. Keldan does look a bit curious though, also gravitating in that direction with the slight offering of his dirt-coated tunic. "It's dirt, not too much explanation needed there, huh? They've got me up in the gardens all day, and I'll tell you right now there's not a single weed left." Scars? If there are scars, the teen doesn't comment on them. He's using his tunic to rub at the dirt and sweat on his neck, after all. Like a towel. Might as well! "Like he said, I'm Keldan though."

Kyra has her own laundry duties to deal with, which currently seems to be lugging soiled laundry from one of the other caverns. Whoever lives there, they definitely wear a lot of color. She pauses at the sight of Daranyl, nods a bit at Keldan, then comments lightly and with a slight grin, "Do you EVER hunt anything /except/ tunnelsnakes, Daranyl? I really do need to get you out and about, don't I?" She's back in form to be hunting, after all, and with the becalmed fish problem dealt with by a handy earthquake, well, wandering around should be fairly safe. She drops off her laundry at one of the big tanks, dumping it in and throwing in some soap before she starts turning the handle mechanically. Getting the laundry stuff working off electricity again probably isn't all that high on Weyr Recovery lists. Looking to Aglaia mostly because her brother is introducing himself, she smiles cheerfully at the other girl, "Hallo. I'm Kyra. I'm Keldan's older, faster, smarter sister." She pokes her tongue at Keldan before grinning slightly once more. Poor Kel.

If there are scars to be seen, Aglaia seems uncaring. Glances are given to both young men in turn, but her only real interest seems to be in collecting their be-ichored and -dirted clothing. "What have they been feeding them here?" That seems to be her only real question, with one eyebrow lifting incrementally higher than the other. A glance is given to Keldan along with a slight nod to acknowledge. "A pleasure to meet you both, Daranyl, Keldan." A smile manifests slowly, if lopsidedly. "Weeding sounds infinitely better than doing battle with explosive tunnelsnakes. Hopefully, you've done a good enough job that none of us will have that duty for a sevenday at the least." Of course, she's completely repurposing the 'hand wash for delicates' bucket for 'extremely filthy' purposes, but that suits her just fine. Kyra's arrival and introduction is noted and she issues a singular nod to the other girl. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kyra. I'm Aglaia."

"Didn' 'splode, jus'… fough' back a bit more'n usual." Daranyl (perhaps suspiciously) doesn't make an attempt to wipe the green schmear off his chest. Kyra's arrival elicits a slight smile and he shrugs, "'Course I do, but I got tunnelsnake duty t'day, wouldn' min' gettin' a proper huntin' trip in, though." Even if they couldn't do quite as much as they might like. He adds tunic and vest to the vat, then bends to start stripping off his trousers, too. "Shardin' firelizard's no help, neither. Started playin' with it an' spinnin' it aroun' until I was covered."

Keldan sighs faintly, glancing over at his sister once she arrives. "Yeah, yeah. So awesome. Woooo." There's a bit of an eyeroll, though he does grin somewhat. "You know weeds. They pop up, and…well.. That's what they do." He shrugs a bit before he wanders toward the cleaner clothes. Thankfully…he doesn't touch with his icky, blackened hands. "You should..wipe that off or something, Daranyl. All that green makes me want to fingerpaint." Black digits wiggle just slightly at the hunter, before he makes a face at them. "I need a bath."

"Yeah, firelizards don't rank too high on reliability in some cases," Kyra commiserates with Daranyl sympathetically as she churns the wash, then goes to let in some more hot water and drain out the dirtier stuff. She nods a bit in agreement with Keldan, however, noting to Daranyl, "You probably should've stopped off at the baths and just brought your dirty stuff here, Dar. You do look kind of a mess." She is given a minor break from turning the handle after that, realizing, stupidly, that the tub is receiving electricity and no one thought to tell her. She frowns at it a moment, throws up her hands, and moves over to grab a damp hand towel off the wall, chucking it towards Keldan with no specific aim, "Here, wipe off a bit. It looks like you both need a scrub, frankly." Dirty guys aside, she looks curiously at Aglaia again, "Nice to meet you, too, Aglaia. Where are you from? When did you get here?"

Now that's troubling. Aglaia dips into her bucket of clothing and fishes out an undershirt that's thoroughly sopping wet. "Fix that." Of course, her words come roughly at the same time Keldan and Kyra suggest he clean up, which elicits a wry twist at the corner of her mouth. "If you don't," she continues, "I will - and you might not like that terribly much." Threat? Promise? Both? Hard to tell. "And you should wash those off," is tossed toward Keldan. "Before you get fresh clothes, that is." She sees where he's going. Fortunately, Kyra intervenes and she offers a nod to the other Candidate, along with a slight smile. "Ierne Weyrhold. That's where Dad and my brother are now. I got here just the other day. So much for 'just going on a business trip'." Air quotes implied. "How about you? Are you from around here?"

Daranyl glances down at his chest, then shrugs. He kind of… prefers the cover up. "Shoul' grab a clean tunic 'fore I wash up. Don' wanna be showin' my ches' off too much." The scary part is that he doesn't sound like a cocky jerk when he says it. When the girls start in on him, he crosses his arms and sets his jaw, "I'll wash off in my own time, thanks." He shoots Kyra a pleading look and jerks his head down. The scars are mostly obscured right now. That will change if he washes up. "'M from BlueFire originally."

"Kyra and I are from here, sure. We know how to get around so if you get lost or anything.." Keldan promptly points in his sister's direction. "She'll help." He catches the towel being thrown toward him though, laughing. "I know, I know. I figured I'd at least get rid of /some/ of it so I didn't have to touch it all after, It's probably better to just run in here with a towel or something once I'm clean." He can't very well pick up clean clothes with his hands all mucky. He tips his head toward Daranyl though, offering a sigh. "You know they'll just keep poking at you until you go, right?"

Kyra rolls her eyes a bit at Daranyl as she points out simply, "You could've bathed, put on clean clothes, and saved yourself all this trouble." So there. She leaves off of him, though, and grins at Aglaia, offering up her own air quotes, "Yeah, a speedy 'business trip' it was. Are you a trader? And yeah, me and Kel live here, actually. Our mom and brother live here, but we've got a brother in Harper Hall and the other one… doing something fun, I'm sure." She shrugs, clearly not as concerned about it as she probably should be. She finds herself a place to sit while she's putting off getting back to chores, propping her elbows on her knees and eyeing Keldan sidelong, "Maybe you should go with him, Kel. Make sure he gets behind the ears and all." Another vaguely teasing grin. Bwaha.

To which Aglaia can only snort. "You're worse than my Dad about his chest," she observes, though what -that- means is anyone's guess. Her shoulders roll in an indifferent shrug and she continues with her hand-washing, passing this or that along to be rinsed off. Her mouth draws to a side slightly, only to settle out at Kyra's examination and quasi-interrogation. "No, I just do the paperwork and bookkeeping for Dad's business. He's been teaching us to cook, too, but-" she trails off at that, a glance spared for the knot at her shoulder. "I guess that'll have to wait a while longer. "That's a lot of siblings," she says after a moment, thinking it over. "And-" clearly catching up to Keldan's words, she adds, "-thank you. It's still… confusing here. Just a little."

"Didn' 'spect anyone ta be in here this time of day. Still gettin' used to this whole… candidate thing." Daranyl gives Kyra a look, "Fine. Gimme th' shardin' towel, then." He takes a step back and leans sullenly against the wall, "'N' I don' expect ta be needing Keldan's help jus' ta get clean. Been doin' it fer more'n a decade on my lonesome." He reaches up, smoothing his hair back down, and frowns just slightly in thought, "Weyr takes some gettin' used ta, but it's not so bad. Not like some. Took me half a candlemark to find that one," he nods towards Kyra, "At Xanadu."

Sundari is wandering on into the laundry room humming a bit to herself, clothing to be washed and the like, and she had some already dropped off that she was going to pick it up. There is a pause as she peeks aroun at the ones here, her gaze flicking from one to another as she holds onto a bag of said clothing for a moment before letting is lower to the ground, a soft whistle escaping her and she soon grins. "So.. You lot having fun?"

Keldan shrugs somewhat, glancing from his sister to Daranyl. "Not that I mind or anything but…yeah, see? There you go." Daranyl has defended his lack of needing a bathing supervisor! "I'm sure he'd much rather /other/ hands be used to scrub his…" Oh, it's Sundari! "Ears." He waves dirt-blackened hands at her, chuckling. "Ever so much. Been a long…long day. Full of /work/. You know how it is…" He gets moving though, whapping Kyra lightly with the towel as he moves past her. "But I'm going to get cleaned up, I think. Aglaia, good to meet you and all." It's very likely he'll be seeing her around! They share the barracks, after all. But for now, the teen scuttles for the door. He needs clean hands for eating food later!

Kyra pulls a slight face at both Daranyl and Keldan only to rake her fingers through her short curls, smiling easily afterwards, "I'm willing to offer tours as needed, sure. The good thing about living on an island is that, ultimately, whatever direction you go in, eventually you'll hit ocean, so it's hard to ever get really, truly lost, you know?" That's probably meant to be more comforting that it really is. Ahem. She turns her attention to the familiar humming by the door, lifting a hand to grin and wave in Sundari's direction, "Hey, Sunni. I just dropped off some laundry before I get to go collect some more." She does take a second to find a clean towel meant for the hot springs so she can hand it over to Daranyl, still giving him a teasing grin when she does and biting back the urge to laugh a little. She's in a good mood, if a somewhat mischief-laden one. Ahem. Flicking her hand towards Aglaia, she proceeds to speak to Sundari again, voice cheerful and vaguely formal, "Sunni, this is Aglaia; Aglaia, Sundari. Aglaia was visiting and got stuck here by sudden dragony demands." A look sideways at the other girl, "She does bookkeeping for her dad, I guess, which is pretty impressive. I'd probably fall asleep and the Weyr'd go bankrupt." Keldan's departure will get a light wave as well, almost dismissively so. She'll see him at the barracks, too, and at their other house, and all over the place because they are related. So. Yes.

The girl finishes up the last of her bucket and settles back for a moment to dry her arms off and study the water-logged state of her fingertips. Aglaia's nose wrinkles just a little at the sight and she rubs her thumbs against her fingers to explore the texture with a measure of fascinated distaste. That passes quickly with another arrival. Before the matter of fun can be addressed, however, a departing Candidate is marked and nodded to. "Take care," is offered up to Keldan before her attention shifts to Sundari. Deadpan: "I'm not sure if I'm having fun right, if that's the case." Introductions are confirmed with a singular nod, if a bit stiffly executed. "It's a pleasure to meet you." As to Kyra's assertions of impressiveness: "It's not too terrible. There's some fun in finding out just how many pounds of porcine and tomatoes he goes through in a month." Daranyl's concession is belatedly noted - once the towel's handed over, she averts her gaze to leave him somewhat alone with it, shifting her attention to a new heap of delicates to be tended to.

Daranyl nods to Keldan as he departs, but Sunny's arrival gets an actual smile as he starts wiping the ichor off his chest with the damp towel, slowly revealing the scars beneath. If Algaia looks back, she'll see that the word 'Traitor' is carved there, though it's healed miraculously since its original application, the word can still be seen clearly enough along with the twisting Renegade sigil beneath it. "Aren' we always, Sunny? I pulled tunnelsnake duty t'day 'n' Morsel decided one of 'em made a good toy." Hence being covered in ichor. Keldan's near-slip slides right off the oblivious hunter, "I can't really see th' fun in that. Jus' go out 'n' get more if'n ya need." Of course, this is the man who considers tunnel snake a food group.

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to Daranyl while she sets the bag of clothing down off to the side, a note pinned to it showing who it belongs to and what not. "True." She offers with a grin. "Kelpie did that before, I think I know where Morsel got the idea." Her green firelizard is not the norm, she is smart and cunning and a problem maker for certain. The scars are seen across Daranyl's chest which makes her frown just a touch. "You gona make any stew from 'em thta you caught?" She looks over to Algaia and she smiles. "Nice to meet you, welcome to HalfMoon."

Kyra pushes herself up to her feet and stretches a moment before she flashes a smile at Algaia, "I guess that WOULD be interesting. You'll have to tell me more about it. Every time I try to keep track of things, I always find the outcome sort of surprising, or at least curious, you know?" She props her hands on her hips and looks over at Sundari and Daranyl afterwards, "I'm going to head back to seeking out dirty clothes everywhere. I'll see you guys later, alright? Make sure he cleans behind his ears, eh, Sunni?" Hey, she can keep poking if she wants. She brushes her hands off on the back of her cargo-style workpants and looks back to Algaia, smiling easily enough, "It was nice meeting you. I'll catch you back at the barracks later and you can tell me how much pork a man can eat. I'll show you how much jerky I can make. It'll be a thrilling experience!" This last comes with a slight laugh and then she's off, searching for the next bundle of dirty laundry the Weyr decides to give her.

She might catch the scarring from the corner of her eye, but Aglaia makes no indication of it. She's busy, see? And she's also not the nosy type, ostensibly. She sucks her teeth a little while she listens to the conversations shifting around her, but she's silent for a time before replying to Sundari with a polite, "Thank you. It's a fine place," chaos not withstanding, but that's not a road she's about to go down. With Kyra making to depart, she nods to her with another of those faint smiles that tilt a little to one side. "I look forward to it. And, maybe, I can convince you that bookkeeping isn't such terrible work after all." Or they'll trade cooking notes. Either way!

Daranyl raises the towel to scrub off his face, but his hair is going to require actual attention, likely, the way it's all stuck together like that. He nods to Kyra as she takes her exit, smiling slightly as he leans to dip the towel in the wash water so he can scrub off the last of the ichor, "See ya there, Kyra." He shoots a glance at Algaia, then shrugs slightly, "Bookkeepin' is pretty borin', I'd think. Sunny, can ya grab me a clean tunic?"

Sundari is perhaps just peering at Daranyl a touch there. Tunic.. what? "Yeah sure." She is soon off to find such things. "Glad you like the place so far. I'd have to agree with Daranyl on that thought of keeping the books. Though.. Whatever floats your boat." Tunic.. tunic.. where, ah yes there! She finds one and gives it a shake before carrying it on back over and offers it to Daranyl. "There you go."

"Not so much. It's like a story told through numbers," Aglaia replies while she continues washing those delicates that keep showing up. One shoulder lifts and drops. "Granted, it gets dull when the characters don't change much, but sometimes something shows up that's unexpected." But it's not a point the girl will press and she leaves it after that, while Sundari gathers up a tunic for Daranyl. She lapses into a comfortable silence while she works, at least until her pile is dealt with and another Candidate steps in to take over her duties. "Anyway. I need to get something to eat. Take care, both of you."

Daranyl shrugs, tugging the tunic on and oblivious to the length of Sundari's look, "Well, 'twas nice meetin' ya proper like. Hope ya like it here." He'll just hope that if she did notice the scars, she doesn't spread it around. "Thank ya, Sunny."

Sundari was not staring, nope.. "Have a good afternoon Aglaia." She offers with a smile after the other girl while she glances to her and then looks back to Daranyl. "Welcome." She is just going to hope that the other didn't see the scars either.

Daranyl watches Sundari for a moment, still leaning against the wall, then asks softly, "How's Li'l Bit?"

Sundari is still hanging around for a reason, she needs them clothes she dropped over the day before as a certain little one is being rather messy as of late. She smiles to Daranyl while hoping up to sit upon a free table. "She is good, sleeping with S'rorn at the moment." Seems that is about the most she sees of her weyrmate, when his asleep, though given everything he has been really busy as of late. "How goes the chores?"

"Borin' 'n' feelin' kinda trapped, hones'ly." Sunny is one of the few people Daranyl feels he can actually be honest with, "I'm… how are things, you know, with you 'n' S'rorn?"

"Sorry.." Sundari offers at that and shakes her head a bit. "It was hard when I ha to stick around. I was use to heading off and the like too. Then staying in one spot well, it got better at least." The question on S'rorn makes her pause a touch. "We're alright. Busy mostly.. He spends a lot of time with Sarina." She isn't one to complain honestly, she wants to spend more time with him but it just hasn't worked out tht way for a very long time.

Daranyl nods slowly, "'snot… not all bad, jus' differen' 'n' hard, yeah." He pushes off the wall and takes a step towards her, "Ye've both got a lot ta do, bu' if'n there's anything I can do fer ya, jus' lemme know. I've got some snakes ta process fer dinner." The corner of his mouth tugs up a little bit and he reaches to touch her shoulder, "Take care of yerself."

Sundari smiles and nods. "No worries.. The Weyrling staff will take you guys out on trips from time to time." She won't give anything anyway though! Her smiles stays as she hears him and a pat is given back to his arm. "Thanks Daranyl.. I'll let you know, I'll see you later."

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