Starlight Masquerade

Month 3 of Turn 2715
Yokohama - Cargo Bay

Since the gravity units were restored and now are maintained in working order, the cargo deck of the Yokohama is constantly buzzing with activity. With research needing to be done, equipment to be moved, or a plethora of other tasks taking place people are always coming and going, either from the planet 'below' by dragon back, or meandering in and out from other places aboard the ship.

This area is well lit, the floors themselves have had space set aside specifically for 'betweening'. Three large marked off areas remain clutter-free of people, dragons and equipment. With these 'landing pads' clear, dragons avoid the danger of teleporting into an area of space already occupied and causing a tragedy. Several massive sun lamps have been set up over off to the left, in an effort to make the stay of dragon-kind more comfortable.

The Recreational Deck of the Yokohama has been decked out in glow baskets with a full view of Pern below and the stars beyond. A section of masked harpers already hard at work playing something worth dancing too are lined up on a table against the opposing wall.

Almost on the verge of just pushing past Syd in her hurry to get downstairs, she's thrown for a loop entirely when her name is spoken and immediately all that embarrassment about her identity and the -dress- come flooding back. Even the mask doesn't conceal the blushing. How humiliating, to be caught wearing such a revealing outfit in front of your Weyrleader! "Uh.. Weyrleader." She attempts to address him formally at least, raising her hand in half a salute before realising that it's probably not necessary. Instead, with her arm half-lifted, she conveniently places it against her chest instead. Nothing to see here! "There was a.. malfunction of sorts, sir. I was on my way down to Kith."

Kelani remains by her hand hold on the wall as she scans the room for any injuries after the dumping of the party goers. When it looks like the gravity is going to remain on she finally releases it and heads out amoungst the fallen. She gives quick visual checks and holds out a hand to help up those that need it. The words from Citayla draw her attention, given she is also pregnant, "Everything ok over here?"

"Seriously, it's a beautiful face," Risali breathes out, doing her share of awkward hand placement and shifting in an attempt not to squish bellies, or be squished, or trip either Citayla or D'lei in their attempts to get up. That means she's definitely grabbing other things, but its one of those moments when nobody acknowledges it OKAY. "And I suspect it being on is the reason we're all here, on the floor, making everybody envious." A beat, more laughter, and then Risali is giving Cita a look with brows raised, laughter still clinging to the corners of lips. "Non-alcoholic?" Because she sure isn't going to tell a healer no, but Risali has to make sure that Citayla is not asking for something distinctly capable of making her forget about the fact that she has a (ver nice) face. "And see? Dash thinks it's a nice face too. We all want to make babies with you." But Risali hauls herself out of the heap, smoothing down her dress as she rights herself, corrects that mask on her face, and then holds out her hands for either or both to take, should they need a little extra leverage to regain their footing. "Dash, do you want a drink?" A moment, and then Risali is leaning forward, to press her lips to his ear and whisper something before drawing away again.

D'lei shifts his leg back so he can take the hand up from Risali without dragging her and Citayla down for another round of costumed adventures on the floor. He gives it a squeeze before he lets it go, with a shake of his head regarding the drink, "My head's already done enough spinning for today," before he slides the other one around Risali as she leans in to his lowered head to murmur something in his ear - which he answers with a squeeze of his arm around her and a crooked smile before glancing back to Citayla - who, yep, one person now, plus a fractional one who seems to be in no rush to diffract, that's fine.

S'dny will do his best to not add to Quinn's embarassment. Her greeting is a bit more formal than he would have thought considering that they did plan to be here and get a dance or two in but it seems that cruel fate has other plans. Plans that involve dropping people to the ground and turning off the lights, "Oh. By all means." he says as he slips out of the way to make room so that she can pass by easily to go check and see how Kith is doing. Perhaps this place isn't as stable as they had thought? Still everyone seems to be alright from the quick visual sweep he does over the room.

R'sner is, really, not the party-type, though he does make a rather dashing figure in his formal black attire. He has done very little to conceal his appearance however, donning a black mask that sits over the bridge of his nose and around his cobalt blue eyes. But that is it. Anyone who knew him prior to the event, would certainly recognize him now. Where has he been, prior to the little floating-in-the-dark episode? Likely lurking on the periphery of the party, waiting for requests to go home. That's his job, after all. Transporting people (at least, that's his job tonight. His day job is weyrlingmaster, but whatever. Tonight he is a Designated Dragonrider). But he's not lurking anymore, nope. Somehow, he managed to make it through the gravity-mishap without taking a tumble (or, maybe he was just VERY quick to get back to his feet?). Blue eyes skim the crowd, but it's to the rail-gripping healer that he actually moves toward. That knot of gold-and-bronzeriders over there seem to be taking care of themselves, so it's Kelani that gets a quick murmur of "Are you alright?"

Kelani's sweep of the room has found her one patient with a sore wrist she is examining. She kneels down next to the young woman poking and prodding it until there is a nod, "It looks to be just sprained, rest it for a sevenday and come in sooner if any swelling or worsening pain." She says as she grabs a roll of bandage from her shoulder bag and starts to strap it up. She finally makes her way back to 'her wall' one hand on the rail once more less more 'party shenanigans' happen. When another 'on duty' member of the party joins her she looks up to R'sner and gives a quick nod. "Yeah, just..this is all…a little out of my comfort zone." She gives in response and no doubt an understatement given how she looked when the lights came back on.

Quinn does pause when Syd steps aside, caught briefly in a moment of guilt. She glances back to the lift leading down to the cargo bay then back to the Monaco weyrleader, taking a moment to free her face from the mask and ruffle her hair. After all, it was starting to get warm under there! "I'll.. Come back shortly. There might be some folk who want to go home after that scare we just had. Wait for me?" She asks, gesturing to the table where drinks are being had. Or were. The anti-gravity has caused a mess of things after all. "I'll be as quick as I can."

There's more laughter from Risali as the goldrider leans forward to grab D'lei's cheeks, murmuring an affectionate, "Shut up, D'lei," before she relinquishes her hold and focuses her attention on Citayla for a moment longer, concern creasing her brow. Still, she doesn't voice whatever's on her mind; Risali bites down on her bottom lip, forces a bright smile, and gives the junior queenrider a moment to gather herself (AND ALL THAT WOE-BEGOTTEN DIGNITY) by giving Dash her attention. "Anyway, we haven't danced yet. You have to tell your head to hold on for just a little longer." Because there might be more spinning involved. Still, Risali breaks away temporarily, first to gather drinks for herself and Cita, then to go speak to the harpers about putting on something they can dance to. Or… at least not have to think about a lack of gravity in space about. It's on her way back to the bronzerider and golderider that she's abandoned that Risali nods a hello to Kelani and to R'sner - strangers, to be sure, but it doesn't mean she can't acknowledge that they EXIST okay.

The black-masked greenrider's eyes tighten briefly, mouth pressed into a thin line as R'sner takes in Kelani from head to toe and back again. There is nothing presumptive in that look; it is an assessment of her person to see if it matches her words. Not that he's Healer trained; but maybe there is a certain knowledge in that black-haired head of his that lends him the ability to ascertain truth from lies. "Hm," is his response, a quick and firm acknowledgement of her words because he totally saw that white-knuckled rail-gripping and under breath counting, even if he's not saying as much. "Do you want to leave?" It's a question that's more offer; He'll take her home if she wants him to. In the meantime, he'll cross his arms and find something to lean his shoulder against, eyeing the crowd of party-goers with an unreadable expression. Risali's nod gets a returned gesture, and a quick "Ma'am" because HE DOESN'T KNOW, OKAY?! Be nice. He's trying to be polite.

There is a nod and salute to Risali as the goldrider passes them, "Good evening ma'am, Citalya ok?" Kelani asks of the Half Moon goldie and fellow healer. She looks back up to R'sner at his question and looks on the verge of saying yes before giving a sigh and shake of her head, "One more candlemark of duty. I will be fine…" She says trying to square up her shoulders and look a bit more confident. "Though I wouldn't mind a ride back down as soon as my time is up." There is a look out over the crowd to check for any other injuries revealing themselves.

"I'll remind it what's good for it," D'lei agrees of his head to Risali, and then… well, she's off, and he might have planned to stay there to talk to Citayla and remind her that scary things in space while pregnant are definitely not actually correlated to birthing weird space alien monsters, but before he can do any such things, he's… got a Deluge wingrider, stealing up to D'lei because apparently his costume isn't good enough to keep him hidden, and asking him to please come by because something something satellites and something the jolt something. And there's a sigh, and a telling of Citayla to let Risali know that he'll be back, and then he's following the fellow out - a salute-in-passing to the not very secretive S'dny along the way - and along to see just what else is broken now, and what they're going to do about it.

MA'AM?! You're lucky you have that whole STRANGER-DANGER THING going on for you R'sner, because the look Risali fixes on the masked man with grey eyes behind her own mask very clearly says murder might otherwise be an option. Just kidding, she smiles, albeit forced, and breathes out, "Risali, please." FARANTH KNOWS she's got ONE dragonrider existing on Pern that calls her, 'Ma'am,' enough to account for the entire population. She certainly does not need a doppelganger of the man UP HERE IN SPACE. Kelani's voice draws Risali's attention, and the goldrider gives her less restrained smile, mirth dancing somewhere in those grey hues despite the very real worry that goes to war with that expression, starting at the downward pull of brows. "She's okay." A beat. "She's very much the person who would let you know if she wasn't." BY POSSIBLY VIOLENT MEANS. But there Risali goes, making her way on booted feet back to D'lei and Citayla in just enough time for D'lei to be snagged for BUSINESS. WELP. So there she stands, awkwardly, holding two glasses of drink that she… begins to drink. Because why not? WHO IS GOING TO STOP HER? NOBODY. Not even YOU, mister Ma'am-calling-greenrider, who is not yet Risali's focus, because her attention is on Monaco's Weyrleader. One, two, three, and now it's R'sner and Kelani as she sways to music that's finally starting back up.

The gravity may be stabilized, but apparently people were still dropping like flies. Cobalt blue eyes track those individuals who leave for personal or business related reasons, idle curiosity more than anything else. No one is asking R'sner for a ride home, so he's not currently motivated to do anything other than what he is already; leaning against the wall and hovering stalker-like around Kelani. And calling Risali ma'am. At least he is polite enough to give in to her request to be on first-name basis, unlike IGEN BRONZERIDERS THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, and so there's a quick and affirmative "Risali," repeated back at her, just so that she knows that he's got this and will respect her wishes. Kelani's words are met with a rough sort of sound in his throat; it's an acknowledgement even if there's no actual word associated with it. But his continued wall-leaning and lack of wandering away can probably be taken as agreement. He'll just attach himself to the healer, as an excuse to not do anything else. Even if Risali now seems to be giving them 'dance with me' eyes. Pft. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT WOMAN! Res is holding up the wall, see? He's working. And pointedly ignoring swaying goldriders as he slides his gaze to Kelani instead, settling on her shoulder before a soft 'heh' is exhaled as he notes, "new knot," in a way that means 'congratulations' even if he doesn't say it.

"I am glad she is ok…only a couple minor injuries it seems." And a panic attack, but we are not talking about that! Kelani gives a nod to the goldrider as she heads away and looks back to the greenrider next to her as he notes her new knot, "Yeah, a sevenday or so ago. Junior Journeyman..and this is my reward." She says dryly with a motion to the dance floor in front of her. Well not that she is against dancing, as the music starts up there is a little sway in her movements as she picks up the music, but her hand stays firmly sttached to the railing. As Risali looks their way again she nudges the greenrider with her elbow, "I think she wants to dance with you." At least she is settled enough to have a look of amusement on her face at the notion.

"She's tough," Risali concedes when it comes to conversation about certain Journeyman Healers turned Goldriders. "It'll take a lot more than a hiccup in gravity and a loss of lights in space to do her in." And back to all that awkward on-her-own Risali goes, sipping at her drink, sipping at Cita's drink, perfectly content to people-watch and sway whiles nodding her head and pointing a drink at R'sner around a smile like THIS IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE MANNERS. "That's the one!" RISALI. DON'T FORGET IT. Does Risali want to dance with R'sner? It's hard to say; the moment that Kelani looks her way, Risali's giving the woman another bright smile, and then giving the duo her back as she continues moving with subtle movement to that tempo.

R'sner will not forget. Or, maybe he will. But how likely is it he'll run into that particular goldrider again, anyways? A grunt for Kelani, and maybe, MAYBE, there is a flicker of a smile, just there at the corner of his mouth. "Could be worse," he offers, in a dry sort of way that says he knows things, though he doesn't elaborate on what that 'worse' might look like. As for whether or not Risali wants to dance with him? Cobalt blue eyes tighten as they narrow, dark brows drawn down in a furrow that is not quite a glare, but just about. "I highly doubt that." Again, in that dry way of knowing things. And whether he's right or wrong, it changes nothing. Those crossed arms and that resolute wall-leaning says it all, really. He does not dance. "You dance with her." Because this seems an acceptable alternative to him. "Go assess her mental health-condition by monitoring her coordination." See? Now it's work-related and not just pleasure. But there is a bit of a look for that double-drinking that's happening, and a moment later he's pushing away from the wall and striding purposefully towards Risali, moving to relieve her of one of those beverages (preferably the alcoholic one, if they aren't BOTH alcoholic.) Why? Because he's older. And he's wiser. And he WANTS ONE, that's why. "One is probably plenty for you, Risali." SO OLD! SO WISE! SO STEALING HER DRINK RIGHT NOW.

"Yeah, they could have left the lights off all night." Kelani mutters half under her breath. Then there is the goldrider speaking of Citayla and she nods to the woman, "Yes Ma'am, pregnant women are more resiliant than people think. The fetus is surrounded by a bed of fluid that is very protective…" And then Kelani stops and smiles a bit before she goes on to regail the party goers on the internal anatomy of pregnant gold riders. "Sorry." She gives as quick apologizes then starts to scan the crowd again as Risali sways away and she watches her. The comment about her dancing with the goldie has her looking up at R'sner with a curious look and then he heads after Risa instead. For a moment she looks surprised that he plans to take her up on the dance after all..then he steals the drink instead and she rolls her eyes and laughs.

If the lapse into healer-chatter bothers Risali at all, it doesn't show on her face; the tiny woman continues to smile, listening as if Kelani is telling her something she doesn't know and shaking her head with a breath of laughter when apologies are offered for the rambling. "Nothing to be sorry for," Risali tells her, smile still just as bright. Is it the alcohol? IS IT THE MUSIC? We just don't know. "A little education never hurt anybody." And then here comes R'sner, after Risali's turned her back because he's sneaky and stealing one of her drinks (that Risali currently has her mouth on the rim of and tries to go with amid sounds of protest before she gives up because he's probably bigger than she is. "You don't even know me, mystery man hiding behind a mask," Risali intones, like this ISN'T A MASQUERADE while grey eyes MOURN THE LOSS OF HER ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE. And then she punches the greenrider thief in his arm like they've been friends for turns because THE GATEKEEPER ALWAYS COLLECTS HIS TOLL or something like that. "There is seriously an entire -" a sweeping motion at booze with her hand, "— table of drink. You just wanted to kiss me." AN ACCUSATION, that… comes on SHOULDER BUMP (SPILL YOUR DRINK) and another smile as Risali starts off in that direction. "Your girlfriend looks lonely!" she calls over her shoulder. "Go kiss her!"

There is certainly no protests from the soon-to-be thieving greenrider, just a pass of blue eyes over Kelani as she goes into 'healer' mode, that little twitch to the corner of his mouth more prominent because maybe R'sner finds this amusing. Maybe. Either way, he's very quickly over there stealing drinks from protesting goldriders who try to go WITH the glass even tho, yeah, R'sner is TOTALLY taller than she is (He's 6'0" because WHY NOT is why!). Also older and wiser (see previous pose) and so he is an expert at drink-thievery. Does an eyebrow lift at her accusation? Hard to tell, as he is currently DRINKING HER DRINK with absolutely no apologies. "If I wanted to kiss you, I'd kiss you." Dun dun DUUUUUN. But he does no such thing. Arm punches get NO RESPONSE because he's not about to hit a goldrider in the middle of a masquerade ball. Also, he has a drink in his punching-hand, so there. He also does not spill his drink because HE IS WISE TO THE WORLD or maybe he just drank down enough of it in that initial gulp that it's in no danger of sloshing over. A grunt for the girlfriend comment, and a look at Risali because clearly, she is blind or crazy or both. SEE THE PREVIOUS OLDER AND WISER COMMENT, EMPHASIS ON THE OLDER! But he does retreat, shrugging like he doesn't give a damn. He does make a quick detour to that table o' glasses over there, managing to find one that miraculously made it through the anti-gravity episode without toppling over (or maybe someone refilled them?), just because he's a dick like that (no, really it is so he can give it to Kelani when he returns to that wall-leaning he left). "Here," and he thrusts whatever-it-is that he grabbed toward the healer. "Candlemark left, you can drink at least one." Cause he's OLDER AND WISER AND SAYS SO! There's another slide of blue eyes to Risali before he very pointedly lifts her glass in a toast her direction and then DRINKS IT. The dick.

Kelani just watches in surprise at the whole scene before her, shocked enough to even release the railing that has been her safety net. Little punches given and no real harm done she leans back against the wall and just shakes her head, hand covering her eyes. Can't take him anywhere! Not that she took him here. um. Then there is the comment of 'girlfriend' and the hand falls away and Kelani's cheek's turn pink, "He…no, a friend…just a friend." She flusters and so when the drink is handed to her she takes it and sips it and splutters as she tastes the alchohol unexpectantly. "Oh…" A look up at him, then to the goldrider and she just takes another drink of the beverage because it looks like she will need it to get through this last half candlemark of her shift.

But see, Risali already apparently has enough alcohol (or mischief) in her to bite down on her bottom lip as the greenrider denies his desire to kiss her by pointing out that he'd have just done it like he took her drink if that's what he wanted. So what does Risali do? She wiggles her shoulders a little as she moves away to collect more booze, sipping on Cita's drink every step or so before she turns to walk backwards and watches the greenrider as she goes. "You want to hoooold me." WHAT. "You want to kissssss me. You want to looooove me. You want to weeyyyyyrmate me." And it's just for the sole purpose of being ridiculous; she doesn't believe any of those words. She's ducking down to laugh into her drink, aiming to grab more ALCOHOLIC DELICIOUSNESS as R'sner goes to do the same, and — OI! WELL THEN. This is a minor setback, but Risali doesn't mind a little hunt (and possibly flagging people down) to get what she wants. And then she's standing by the drink table, eyes on R'sner as he makes his way back to Kelani. Those brows lift for that toast, and Risali lifts her own before making a kissy face at the older (taller, WISER) man. And into her drink she goes, possibly to hide her own laughter at Kelani's flustered protests about the state of their… acquaintance.

There's a rough inhale, something sort of growly and irritable sounding for the serenade that he's being given, though R'sner knows she doesn't mean any of those things she's cooing at him. So he does not give her the pleasure of a reply, just IGNORES HER in that 'active' ignoring that says I AM IGNORING YOU, LALALALALA without the whole fingers-in-ears bit. "You don't have to do that," R'sner points out, for Kelani defending their lack-of-relationship. "She's just drunk." She, being Risali. He? Not offended at relationships or lack of them. Because he knows better (WISER. SO WISE!). He also knows better than to be giving Seventeen-turn-old Healers who are currently ON DUTY alcoholic drinks to sip on. But he does it anyways. Cause he just doesn't give a shit. "Do you not like it?" for that quick 'oh' and look, the greenrider assuming it is because he gave her something she does not LIKE, even if a moment later she's drinking it like whoa. "Just don't do that," and a finger lifts, points at Risali as if she can't HEAR OR SEE him, to demonstrate what not to do. OH BUT LOOK! Is that a corner of his mouth twitching up as if he might actually smirk at her kissy-faces?! Why yes. YES IT IS! Because Risali is either hilarious, or embarrassing, and either way it is amusing to him.

Kelani watches the gold rider curiously before something seems to dawn on her features and she looks up at R'sner, "I think that is what my friend S'van was warning me about.." A vague motion to the very drunk goldrider and a look down at her drink and back again. Though she can't help but being a little amused by the woman's antics, both amused and mortified at the same time. Its an odd feeling really. The kissy faced at least gets a smile on her lips finally especially as she sees that it has made R'sner achieve something close to a smile. "She is sorta cute." She offers as she takes another sip of her drink and leans back against the wall. "Yeah, I will try not to ever get /that/ drunk." She murmurs. At least her earlier panic attack is now well forgotten.

Let's be realistic here: Risali is probably both, with emphasis on the embarrassing. The thing about this goldrider is that she's a touch reckless, a dash wild, and a whole-lot-of lacking propriety and the little part of her brain that whispers maybe this isn't a good idea. She just does it, abandoning thought, unafraid of the consequences she just might face later (be it in the form of six-and-a-quarter feet tall bronzeriders becoming bubbly trebuchets, or greenriders who're smirking at her displays of maybe drunk shenanigans) and she lets go. Life, you see, is too short to be huddled away in a corner, sipping on drinks, worrying about what people are going to think about you when you drink too much. "I am not drunk!" Risali calls, because she clearly has SUPERHUMAN HEARING (or maybe she just knows because they keep looking at her) before she takes another sip of her drink and then takes off in long strides towards the duo assessing her levels of sobriety (and making pacts not to be her). Risali's stopping in front of R'sner, going up on the tips of her toes so that she can dump the contents of her drink into his glass. "Yours looked empty," she says around a smile, and then her attention is on Kelani again, as the goldrider leans sideways to gently shoulder bump the younger woman. "I like you too," she whispers in a not-whisper, and then off she goes again, to get another glass of alcohol. BECAUSE WHY STOP THERE?

R'sner does not know this friend of whom Kelani speaks, but he is quick enough to agree with a stout, "Yup. Absolutely," in regards to the warnings bestowed by him. Because R'sner can clearly discern that Kelani shouldn't act as Risali acts. Even if Risali is not drunk (SO DRUNK). "Eh. Just have a sober friend around that you trust." Is he an enabler of drunken shenanigans? Maybe. "She," and again, there is shameless finger-pointing at Risali, "Is clearly without a friend to rein her in." As if Risali could be reined in. Pft. Silly R'sner. But cute? CUTE? "Drunk is not cute." Even if Risali is NOT drunk (and telling them so) because maybe she does have superhuman hearing. Or MAYBE Res is not being quiet. Or both. Either way, there is soon a goldrider coming to dump her drink into his drink and… his only response to this is to raise that glass, murmur a quick and rather sincere sounding "Thank you," before he puts it back into his mouth and chugs it because he can. The empty glass WOULD be thunked down in a satisfying way upon a table, if there was one at hand. Alas, there is none, and so now the greenie is a holder of empty glasses. "The party is that way," he helpfully points out to Risali, bobbing his head toward the masqueraded individuals lingering still. Cobalt blue eyes follow Risali's progress, a shake of his head produced when he deduces that she is getting ANOTHER drink. "Hope they trained you on alcohol poisoning," he murmurs dryly to Kelani.

As Risali responds to their comments on her state of drunkenness Kelani blushes again and looks apologetically to the goldrider, "Sorry Ma'am…you just look like you are having a REALLy good time." Her good time ended when the world went black and floaty. She might have been enjoying herself a little before then even if she was on duty. Kelani takes a marginal step away as it looks like R'sner is going to get dunked by a drink only to have it go into his glass. The compliment from the goldrider darkens her cheeks a bit, "Um..Thank you Ma'am." She responds a bit flustered and then looks up to R'sner, "Yeah, I live at a weyr, of course they did."

Wait, wait, wait. Risali stills in those steps that are carrying her away from Kelani and R'sner, and turns back to face them. Hands go on her hips, grey eyes peer out from behind a green-feathered mask, and Risali says, "It's Risali," with the kind of exasperation that is not unkind (it can't be, not when she's smiling) that says maybe she corrects people on what to call her more often than not. "And I am having a good time. It's a party." And that smile grows, until Risali is turning and ducking back out into the crowd again. "I HEARD THAT!" called to R'sner, because she totally heard that, and then yep. She's back at that table to get two drinks again, one for each fist, which she turns long enough to raise to R'sner in some kind of challenge before ducking further in to mingle with people, all while DOUBLE FISTING DRINKS and ENJOYING THE HECK OUTTA IT. WHO NEEDS RULES? NOT THIS WOMAN.

Even R'sner is giving Kelani the side-eye for all that 'ma'am'ing she's doing. "Her name is Risali," he murmurs not unkindly, right before Risali is doing a very similar sort of correction, prompting a "See?" from the greenrider. Good times are being had by all, clearly, says the look on R'sner's face. The hand not occupied with holding empty glasses lifts, index finger and thumb used to pinch and rub at the bridge of his nose, only to be reminded that there is a black mask currently hiding it from view. An audible exhale for this, though his response is to push away from the wall rather than rip the offending thing from his face. "You done?" he asks, eyes dropping to her drink. He means to collect her glass, if she is. Otherwise, she can keep it and he will go to deposit his empty one wherever empty glasses are supposed to be deposited. He very much avoids the drink table, and returns to Kelani's wall with empty hands. "Good," he intones, loud enough that he means for Risali to hear it, "Take it to heart. If you're dead in the morning, ain't my fault." Big words, from someone who's watching Risali with narrowed eyes that MIGHT have a touch of concern in them. Shift-shift, and he exhales again in a way that says he's frustrated and SO DONE WITH THIS. "Your candlemark almost done?" cause he's ready to bail, but has already promised to take her along with him.

"Yes Ma…Risali!" Kelani responds with a curtsey to the goldrider, "If I wasn't on duty I would be out dancing as well." And if it wasn't in this ball of death that randomly goes dark. She passes her empty glass to R'sner and nods, "Thank you." She says politely and she glances up to the clock and watches it change the hour and she nods, "Yes, can you take me home?" She says as she finally steps at the wall, another healer taking up the duty for the rest of the night. There is a thoughtful look at the dance floor before a little shake of her head, "Definitly home…" Yes.

And Risali would say goodbye to her newfound friends, but… there's nothing to be had for it. She's found the music (or maybe the music's found her), and the goldrider's lost to the beat and the rhythm as it beckons and commands her body to twist, and spin, and move. And she does it with her drinks, until there's no liquid left in them and she's finding some place to put them before losing herself again. But don't worry! She's not alone. Somewhere in the crowd (or, at least aboard this particular dawn sister) is her father, and her step-father, and Cita, and D'lei, and probably even a K'vir too. REST EASY, R'SNER. TAKE SWEET KELANI HOME!

"Good, let's go," says R'sner, shoving himself off the wall and turning towards the waiting Toith (who is somewhere.. over THERE or something), fully expecting Kelani to follow him because he's not looking back or stopping. Whatever concern he may have had for Risali, he's decidedly shoved it away from expression and mind; maybe he's determined she's A-OK. Or maybe he's decided it's not his problem. Or maybe there's an altogether different reason he's decided abandoning the goldrider to the music is an acceptable thing to do. Either way, he's going now; and Kelani can come along for the ride.

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