Life of The Table

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Early morning sees the living cavern crowd growing by the minute as more and more weyrfolk find their way down for breakfast or snacks before heading out for the days duties. It seems R'sner is no exception, dressed for work (i.e. leathers) but having secure himself a spot at an otherwise empty table, a plate of breakfast foods and a mug of Klah set before him. His attention alternates, cobalt blue eyes drifting between the scrape and clink of cutlery as he works through his meal and the growing crowd; people watching with mild interest that denies participation by the shift of his glance away from any who might try and meet his gaze. But he is not unduly hostile; certainly there is no sour look or snarling warnings for those that dare to approach him. He is simply not trying to draw attention to himself, as though preferring to be a silent observer rather than an active contributor.

Akiva is one of those early morning risers as she joins the crowds heading into the caverns for breakfast. Her squatty looking brown flitter Mario is balancing on her shoulder, paw caught up in her hair to sorta anchor himself in place as the tall woman moves about. Her hair is still quite damp from her swim, as is her sundress from the wet bathing suit beneath it. Grabbing a mixed fruit bowl and a flitter bowl, she balances one on the other before grabbing a mug of klah. With so many people coming and going, well, mostly coming at this early candlemark, there are few places that are easily spotted. Except for the mostly empty table that stands out among the sea of people. Her bare feet step lightly across the stone floor and she doesn't hesitate using the man's standoffish demeanor to claim an open seat "Morning Weyrlingmaster." She greats with a pleasant enough smile as she settles her and Mario's bowls on the table.

The addition of a slightly damp, firelizard-perch is worthy of attention. R'sner's gaze shifts from Akiva to the crowd, and back again as she continues to make her way towards his table. But no amount of gaze-avoidance seems to be dissuading her, and soon enough the greenrider has a table companion. A wet one, at that. The bite of food in his mouth is chewed thoroughly and slowly swallowed before he decides to answer her greeting with a semblance of his own. "Ma'am," because if she's wearing a knot, it's either hidden behind all that hair or maybe that brown, clinging firelizard on her shoulder. Or maybe he just didn't care to seek it out and try to name her title in response. A glance toward the bowl of meat gets a narrowing of his gaze, a press of his mouth into a thin line, but no verbal commentary. Instead, there is a stab of his fork into his breakfast, and something vaguely vegetable-like is picked up and immediately consumed.

Akiva has a hint of a frown as she peers around to see who's he's talking to before she realizes the rider is calling /her/ ma'am. Nudging the bowl of flitter meat to away from her a little, Mario chitters a soft greeting as well before climbing down to examine his breakfast while Akiva mutters "Why does everyone keep calling me that." Shaking her wet head and stirring the fruit bits around her bowl some "Please, just Akiva." spearing a chunk of fruit, she chews thoughtfully while her gaze drifts around the caverns. Hand lifts a bit and fingers waggle to a few people she knows, but she doesn't call out to them. After a few seconds, she peers back to her table companion, but Mario's messy table manners has her reaching over and giving him a two fingered smack on his back. "You know better than that." She scolds the young brown, who's already covered in meaty redness from the tip of his muzzle to his neck.

"Because you are the assistant headwoman," answers R'sner blandly, not even bothering to lift his gaze from his plate, "And that is a title that is worthy of respect, even if the person is not." He's not trying to be insulting, simply explaining why people call her 'ma'am'. And hey, look. He knew who she was! Didn't need that pesky shoulder-knot after all. There's a brief pause in chewing, a landing of cobalt blue eyes on dampened headwoman-types that settles there and just… stares. Pointedly. "You are who you are," he says needlessly. "Why be offended about it?" And back to his plate go those eyes, ignoring finger-waggles and greetings, only glancing up when she once more speaks. "Hm?" only it's clearly not meant for him, but the firelizard. A dismissive sort of snort, and he goes back to eating. Cheerful, isn't he?

Akiva pulls a square of cloth from a pocket and scoops Mario towards her, the brown scrambling to get back to his bowl and complaining about being denied. "Oh stop your fussing." She works to get his head mostly clean before letting him resume eating, reaching over and tapping his back when he starts trying to make a mess again. Which seems to be frequently. Akiva simply arches a brow at the greenrider, his words being weighed and measured for insult. Either way she shrugs it off and shakes her head "I'm not offended by it. Just don't think I will be getting used to everyone ma'amming me left and right." Akiva chuckles at that and reaches over to tap Mario's chubby back once more before taking a couple more bites from her fruit bowl. It's early morning, and Akiva plopped down uninvited at R'sner's table. With the cavern being soo full with everyone swarming for breakfast, it seemed like th emost logical place to sit. Afterall, R'sner's soooo warm and snuggly there is a long line of people waiting to join him at the table. NoooooT.

The antics of Akiva's brown firelizard seem annoying at worst, and are totally ignored at best, cobalt gaze fixed on the tiny mess-making creature in an unreadable expression before he is scooped up and wiped clean by his human. R'sner goes back to his meal, content to leave his table companion to her work if only she would leave him to his. "Well, then you can just be awkward and uncomfortable for the rest of your life," decides the greenrider, for Akiva 'not getting used to' being ma'amed. "Or ditch the knot and go back to being normal." So warm. So friendly. Yes. Doesn't he just scream 'sit with me?' At least he is not intentionally antagonistic. He's just not exactly… personable. "Please tell me you're not using the same fingers to eat your fruit that you did to clean your pet," because ew. Cross contamination.

The cavern is buzzing with activity as the swarm descends upon the food to fill their tummies with goodies before they stream out of the cavern and go about their work days. Baylee has her plate loaded with a variety of breakfasty sorts of odds and ends. Then she must find a spot to sit. It's an easy choice. She moves to sit with Akiva and Res because there aren't alot of other seats and because greens should stick together. It's the green plus one table, "Morning." Baylee says to the other two occupants of the most important and fun table in the whole place. "How is everyone doing?" If Res gets too out of hand Myra will have to tell Toith to sit on him. A flat Res will surely be in a better mood.

Akiva just smiles with an amused shake of her still damp head to the Wlm. "Well aren't you just the life of the party." Some may pick up on the hint of sarcasm. More than a hint really. "I happen to be good at my job. But I don't recall part of the job being 'comfortable' with everyone calling me ma'am every time I turn around." A chuckle slips out "Normal hmm. What's normal for you if you didn't have you're big knots?" She eyes the man briefly before flipping her fork up from her bowl to show it off some "I've not touched the food with my fingers. Nor did I touch the mess Mario made. I used a clean bit of cloth." She gestures to the mentioned cloth on the table with her fork before spearing another bit of fruit. Finishing her bite of food, she waves her fork at Baylee. "Morning Baylee." Smiling to her table companions "R'sner's being quite a chatty guy this morning. Practically begged me to join his table." And there we go, right back to sarcasm.

Baylee is a young woman of medium height, somewhere right around 5'6''. She may even gain a few inches in the coming turns. Her brown hair falls down to her shoulders and has some natural curl to it. She has brown eyes, flecked with just a touch of green in the right light. Her nose, mouth, and ears are well proportioned to the rest of her face. Natural curves accentuate her frame, leaning to the athletic side, but her body has a softness too it that lacks defined muscle tone.

Another flat, pointed look at Akiva for that one. Life of the party? Hmph. Not even worthy of a comment, apparently. R'sner doesn't even shrug, just turns back to his plate to scrape up some missed morsels. A lift of his gaze for the approaching Baylee, a quick narrowing of his eyes as he determines whether or not he's met her. "Fine," is his response to her greeting, which isn't terrible really. He at least answered it. "Then be miserable," he decides, shrugging. "No skin off my teeth. It comes with the job, so either get over it, or don't. But don't complain about something so trivial." A pause as he reaches for his Klah, a long swallow taken. A narrowing of his gaze for Akiva's use of his name, perhaps unaware that she even knew it to begin with, though he doesn't follow it with a comment. "You're the one who started talking to me," he points out. WELCOME TO THE FUN TABLE, BAYLEE!

Baylee has not met Res even if their dragons have met. Baylee brings the fun with her wherever she goes. There seems to be some sort of discussion going on about knots. That's ok she's just a normal wingrider and is of little importance. It's nice being low on the totem pole of things sometimes. Akiva's greeting is responded too politely, "Morning." she says with a smile as she lowers her head to begin eating though she glances to Res when Akiva says he's being chatty, "That's good right?" she asks. "You two a thing?" She'd guess not from R'sner's interaction style but a person never knows until they ask. Then she goes right back to eating her breakfast. No sense in wasting time when she has so little of it before she has to get out of here and go to work.

Akiva seems sorta amused by R'sner's oh so friendly manner and grins down to her bowl as she stabs a couple pieces of fruit. "Seems to me that you're the one who's miserable. I simply stated that I don't think I'll get used to be called ma'am." She chews her food a moment before shrugging "Would you have taken it as a personal insult if I had said '/Good/ morning' to you rather than just 'Morning' like I did?" Baylee is flashed a big grin before Akiva reaches for her klah mug. "Too bad you can't share your sense of humor with this one." She gestures to R'sner with her fork as Mario starts trying to nudge his empty bowl across the table.

Oh, Baylee, Baylee, Baylee. The fun definitely needs to be brought to this particular table, though R'sner is a squasher of fun. You have been warned. There is an exasperated exhale from the greenrider, and an actual narrowing of his eyes (a glare, perhaps) in his fellow greenrider's direction. "No," they are very much NOT a thing. As for being miserable? A shrug of his leather-clad shoulders and he says simply, "never said I wasn't," because maybe he is. And maybe he knows it. "Why would I be insulted by that?" Confusion is briefly evident, before he sweeps it away with a low exhale and the gathering of his dishes. He's done; that is what his posture says. Done discussing knots and titles? Done with breakfast? Both, probably. There's a pause as he stands, a settling of cobalt blue eyes that rest briefly on Akiva before they skip to Baylee. He looks as though he is going to say something, but the muscles of his jaw tightening briefly when he changes his mind, forgoing words and simply offering a curt nod to the pair to serve as a farewell before he pointedly walks away.

R'sner does seem less than friendly. Baylee looks up from hear eating when Akiva speaks up, "Sometimes you can't share a sense of humor with someone." She worked really hard on doing that all throughout candidacy and weyrlinghood and it didn't always work. Not having met the other greenrider before this moment there isn't much that Baylee can do when he decides to get up and move away from the table acting all crabby. She just watches him go before turning back toward Akiva, "Is he proddy?" she says. That's the best guess she can come up with for his cranky pants behavior.

Akiva shrugs to Baylee and glances off in the direction the life of the party went before turning her attention back to Baylee "Who knows. All I said was that I didn't think I would ever get used to be called ma'am. That seemed to irritate him." She shrugs in an 'oh well too bad for him' way and reaches to grab Mario's now empty food bowl "Oh cut it out. You had plenty." She does take up the square of clothes again and swipes his head mostly clean. Leaving him to groom the rest of the mess as stabs the last couple of fruit chunks in her bowl "So, what's on your to-do list today?" Mario chorles sadly at the empty bowl and turns his attention to Baylee and croons hopefully. Akiva rolls her eyes at the chubby brown and reaches to give him a two-fingered smack on his back "Stop begging."

"That seems like a really silly thing to get all upset about." Baylee says shrugging her shoulders. Doesn't make any sense at all. Though if you are going to wait for people to start making sense you are going to be waiting for a very long time. Some people are just like that, "Maybe he isn't very much fun." she says stating the obvious. Baylee is to busy working on her own plate to notice much what Mario is doing though she isn't so involved that she can't answer the question, "I'm going to be a part of drills with the search and rescue wing. After that I'm not too sure. I'll have to figure it out as I go."

Akiva pushes her bowl aside and wrap hands around her mug to enjoy the klah "I'm not sure that's what upset him though. Could have been the fact that my hair is still wet from my swim for all I know." A hint of a shrug lifts her shoulders briefly before she's nodding to the friendliest greenrider she's spoken too all morning. She nods with a sorta grin at the figure it out as you go bit. "That sounds like how my days normally go. Start out with a basic to-do list from Cosima, then figure out how to accomplish the more difficult tasks as I go."

Baylee does tend to be friendly as far as things go. Much better than being some kind of grump. "I think that is how to do it really. Just do the best that you can with things and figure things out as you go." Training is like that pretty much. You just do what your boss tells you to do and figure the rest out as you go. She makes quick work of the rest of her breakfast and stands with her empty plate, "Sorry to eat and run but I have to get out there so I'm not late." She gives the woman a warm smile and is off.

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