Kitchen Duty

Half Moon Bay Weyr -Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The clanking and clamoring coming for the kitchen is shortly followed by Firamar stumbling out of the kitchen. He looks around the cavern to see if anyone had noticed his entrance to the main cavern then proceeds to go the the tubs where dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery await his gathering. "It was just an honest mistake, I didn't mean to do that really I didn't!" He starts to gather the tubs and stacks one atop the other as he gets ready to haul them back into the kitchen where he can start washing everything including the tubs.

Daranyl has a free day. ENVY HIM! He's freshly washed, at least, as he makes his way up from the barracks, a little calico kitty following behind him, which he seems determined to ignore, and a young green firelizard perched on his shoulder, her tail wrapped firmly about his neck. He finds an empty table and flops into a chair, settling his crossbow to the floor beside him (because Kadesh gets grumpy when he puts it on the tables). The little green creels plaintively and he just gives her a look, "Shard it, Morsel. Ya know how ta get yer own food." A doting bond he's not, it seems.

Firamar spots Daranyl as he takes his load into the kitchen, where he remains for a little while. When he comes out empty tubs are in his hands replacing the ones he'd taken away to empty and clean. He gives the hunter a wave as he puts the tubs on the tables then returns to the kitchen for a few moments before he returns with a load of clean dishes and cutlery, his next trip brings clean glasses. He turns towards the kitchen again then smiles as the cooks speak to him "Thank you ma'am, sir I'll be back after my break. Yes sir I'll remember that and I promise to be more careful…it won't happen again I promise."

Chrystyne has pulled cleaning duty today which means she's going to be doing something as fun as dusting! First though a bit of klah and perhaps some snacks as well. She finds herself trailing in not too far behind Daranyl. She spies the kitty following behind and it draws a quick 'oh' of cuteness from her. "Heyla Darnel, Firamar." she greets the pair.

Daranyl jerks a nod to Firamar. He may not know the man, but they both live in the barracks, so they're certainly acquainted. He glances briefly down at the feline, then up at Morsel as she creels again, and lets out a long-suffering sigh, "Fine. Fine!" Okay, so he's easily manipulated by the cute, "It's Daranyl, Chrys." He shoves himself to a stand and moves to get some food off the buffet, including two smaller plates of meat as well as some stew and rolls for himself. When he gets back to his chair, one of the plates is set down for the calico, who mewls softly before starting to enjoy her treat. Morsel examines hers, then imperiously informs Daranyl that she'll require uncooked meat later.

Firamar grabs some Klah and a couple slices of bread along with a variety of meats, definitely sandwich time! Gathering his bounty he searches for a vacant table then approaches the one that Daranyl is sitting at, "Mind if I join you, the cooks decided to have mercy on me and give me a break though I think they're giving themselves a break from me!" He looks around to see who else is in the cavern that he might recognize, "Hi Chrystyne.."

"Daranyl" repeats Chrys with a crooked grin. "Sorry!" With another glances towards the two critters she heads herself to acquire some food for herself. "Ya got kitchen duty, Firamar? I can't wait until my first day in there." she says dryly.

"I don' mind." Daranyl glances at Morsel, as if it's really her decision, but she's busy eating that roast wherry, so he nods towards a chair and shrugs at Chrystyne, "'Sokay." He takes some time, scooping up food for himself and being his usual talkative self. But his eyes never stop tracking the conversation, or occasionally flitting over to Morsel to see how she's doing.

Firamar puts his mug of Klah and the makings of the sandwich on the table then sits himself down, "Yes I got kitchen duty today, I've not had kitchen duty since I was training at the hall…I don't think the cooks are too impressed with me at the moment. I managed to ummm rearrange some dishes and glasses accidently and it didn't turn out too well." He pauses to construct his sandwich, first a slice of bread, then some roast wherry, followed by some herdbeast then some lettuce, followed by more herdbeast and topped off with some local cheese.

Chrystyne casts a sympathetic glance over towards Firamar. "Well…they do say practice makes perfect." which means he'll be back in there at some point. Her own plate is filled up with tidbits of rolls, some slices of wherry and a couple rolls. Blah mug is filled and she moves to find a seat near the others. "What chores do you have today, Daranyl?"
[Monaco Bay Weyr] Vanessa: But did your mother have you tested, Firamar?

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall and he takes his time to chew through some stew-soaked roll before he murmurs, "'M free t'day." He shoots a glance towards the kitchens, then shrugs again, "They jus' gave me a heart to myself when I was set ta cookin' duty." Siiiip goes his klah, then he glances down to where the calico has finished her meal and is looking up at him. He sucks in a breath, then grumbles softly and leans down to drop a few chunks from his stew on her plate. Spoiled feline is spoiled.

Firamar watches as Daranyl feeds the kitten then returns his attention to his sandwich creation, "That your kitten Daranyl, or just one of the many that wander around the place? It is a cute one I must admit, Calico if I'm not mistaken." He turns to Chrystyne with a smile "Its ok I suppose, there are worse chores thats certain and everyone has some that they're rather not do. If you don't want to do kitchen duty I'm more than happy to trade if you're interested I don't really mind working there and as you said practice makes perfect."

Chrystyne takes him up on that offer with a cheerful. "Sure! I'll trade ya anything you want when I get kitchen duty for the first time. I was so bad at it back home my ma even gave up on me." its said with pride in her tone. "I always wanted a kitten but dad and mom told me they were impractical."

Daranyl shrugs, "She keeps followin' me." So attached, he is. More klah is sipped, then more stew is taken in before he nods towards the little calico, "Yer welcome ta tha' one if'n you can get her ta stop followin' me about."

Firamar smiles and shakes his head, "Thanks for the offer but I have enough firelizards to keep me occupied and with the four I have I'm not sure how they'd take to having a kitten around." He takes another sip of his Klah "Not a problem Chrystyne, that way it works out for both of us and you get to avoid a chore you don't like to do. Who knows I might become a baker or something as well as being a Harper." The remainder of his sandwich is finished in record time as he leans back slightly in his chair.

Chrystyne smirks faintly. "You keeping meatrolls in your pocket to keep it following you?" she asks towards Daranyl. "A baking harper…" she tests out the ring of that and nods. "Sounds tasty. You can bake us all treats after dinner."

Heading into the living caverns is Briari, having got a quick workout and bath in, and is now on the prowl for something to snack on. She is dressed in a boring pair of green pants and a simple blue top that is a bit too baggy for her frame. As she spies the trio, she angles over towards them, hands in her pockets as she turns her eyes down towards the kitten with a soft 'aww' in her throat.

Daranyl gives his head a shake "Naw. Don' know why she's doin' it, but she is." He glances at the kitchens, then shrugs, "Or maybe you'll be a dragonrider instea', yeah?" He dips his roll in his stew, letting it sop up extra liquid. When Bri arrives, he glances up at her, then back to the other two with a shrug, "Never know, righ'?"

"True enough I suppose, after all that's why we're here to see if there's a dragon for us in those eggs. Though I must admit the thought of being a baker/harper is intriguing, mind you there's nothing stopping one from pursuing a craft/hobby if they do impress." Firamar nods towards Briari in way of greeting, "I don't think its quite sunk in yet that I've been asked to stand for this clutch, I mean I'd pretty much settled into being a Harper without any thought to impressing a dragon."

"Well perhaps after rider training you could do odd jobs as a Baking harper." Chrystyne says thoughtfully. "Oh I know! You can tell the history of baking while presenting your treats." she pauses a moment to take a large bite of food from her plate. That's when she notices Briari's entrance and her friend is waved too. "Howaya 'oin' ariai!" which translates to how you doing Briari when not spoken with a mouthful of food. Swallowing quickly she offers a remark towards Firamar. "I know I never really expected to be asked again. I hope I can keep doing Guard stuff if I do impress though."

Giving a quick, guarded smile to the others, Briari shrugs her shoulders upwards slightly. "I'm doing alright. Just finished with a workout, going to grab something to eat before I head off to chores at the nursery. I got picked for nanny duties." Her boot scuffs along the ground for a moment before she leans over and gives the kitten a light stroke of the ears with her fingers."Does it have a name yet?"

"'M a hunter. I'll probably ride Rescue if I impress, but I'll never really be nothin' but a hunter." Daranyl takes a moment to nibble his roll, then shrugs, "Don' see why ya couldn'. Seems like tha's half of wha' Archipelago does, anyway, yeah?" He glances at Briari again, then down at the kitten, "Tidbit. Ya good with kids?"

"I think you and that kitten make a good team Daranyl, you'll have those kids behaving so they can play with that kitten. It will make the chore a lot easier with that little one with you." Firamar smiles as he pictures the hunter and kitten taking care of the littles. "I have to remember to get some scraps when I'm done with my chores, those four of mine will be hungry when I get back and will be wanting to be fed."

Chrystyne lets the chatter go around her for a bit as she simply listens and eats with little to add to the subjects for the moment.

"That's a cute name. I like cats." Briari says as she works her boot into the ground with a firm scuffing. "I don't know if I'm okay with kids. I guess I do okay. I was the youngest in my immediate family, though dad had plenty of flight babies so I got to babysit once in awhile, but nothing full time. Kids are cute though so I don't mind." She shrugs her shoulders upwards as she looks over to Chrystyne with a half-smile. "How are you doing?"

Daranyl shrugs yet again, it's what he does, it's a safe gesture, non-committal and inoffensive, "Like kids well 'nuff as they are." Morsel gives a small burp, then flits up to Daranyl's shoulder, intent, it seems, upon napping there, as she curls up and begins to snooze lightly. Daranyl reaches down to run a couple of fingers along Tidbit's spine, but is content to let the others speak while he enjoys his stew.

Firamar stands up and gathers his plate and mug, "Well I'd best get back in the kitchen those dishes aren't going to wash themselves you know. Sides will give me a chance to get those scraps for my foursome." With that he turns and heads back into the kitchen and the awaiting dishes.

Stifling a small yawn Chrystyne flashes a look of amusement to Briari. "A little tired. Someone on our side of the room snores." she teases her friend lightly. As Firamar stands and mentions returning to chores that prompts her to also stand with her now emptied plate. "I should too actually. I need to find the Headwoman and see where all the dusting supplies are at." she wrinkles her nose. "As well as find out where exactly I need to be doing dusting! See you guys later." she gives a general farewell to the other candidates.

"Hey, are you saying that I snore?" Briari asks with a laugh as she gives her friend a grin on her face. "I think it's one of the boys." She has an innocent look on her face, cheeks flushed slightly. She gives a wiggle of her fingers to Firamar as he heads off, then nods to Chrystyne. "Well, I'll catch you for dinner tonight then. Take care." With that, she glances back to the hunter with the kitten.

Daranyl nods to each Firamar and Chrystyne as they leave, grunting something that sounds maybe like an admission of existence, then scritches the feline again before looking to Briari. His brows arch up and he shrugs, then turns back to his stew. He's not the type to start a conversation.

As it goes awkwardly silent between the two, Briari lifts up her hand and rubs the back of her neck. Tapping her toe against the ground, she looks about before she gives the kitten another light scratch beneath the chin. "So.. I guess I will grab something to eat. Nice seeing you again."

Tidbit purrs at the scritching, tilting her head back a bit. Daranyl shrugs again, "Food's good 'nuff t'day." He glances towards the buffet, then shrugs yet again, "Don' eat too well, though. Babies can stink."

"They don't smell as bad as some adults after a long day of work." Briari says with a smirk on her face as she slides a finger between the cat's ears for a gentle rub along the forehead, then starts off to grab a tray of food. "Take care, D."

Daranyl shrugs again, watching Tidbit purr, then murmurs, "Always do." He's a simple man, after all.

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