Beachsides (This Log is a Stub)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

"Suppose that's true. Mind if I take a seat…? I was thinking about taking a seat and eating, or reading or something…" she gives a little chuckle. "Otherwise I'm just going to basically stew in my room for the rest of the night." She starts looking around for a place to sit. ".. So… hows candidacy been for you so far?"

Aglaia motions for Makoto to sit and finds a spot for herself that's reasonably dry and flat and safe from any lapping waters that might want to steal her dinner sandwiches away. She puts the parcel in her lap, opens it, and pulls one of the sandwiches out to start picking the edges off and put them down as if to save them for later. Once settled, she says, "That sounds dull. Why don't you go visit the records room? Or talk to the Harpers, maybe? They usually have a lot of interesting stories to tell. More fun than just… sitting in a room," so sayeth the bookkeeper. It's just a thought, though, and she continues to answer the question with, "Well enough, I suppose. They seem to like me on laundry duty, but Faranth knows why." One shoulder lifts and drops. "Do you want a sandwich? They're roast wherry. I think."

"… Well I have books to keep me company. And my bed is pretty cozy." She takes a seat. "I'm… generally not a very social person anyways. Been getting better at talking to people, but I still like to spend a lot of time alone." her smile widens and she gives a nod. "Mm… I would love a sandwich, if that's okay with you!"

Daranyl has had a pleasant free day, but now there's work to be done. The rough-and-tumble hunter is not covered in gore today, lucky Aglaia, but he has his crossbow resting on his right shoulder as he makes his way down towards the lagoon beside Sundari, "Well, though' we'd try a smaller target t'day, then work on distance, if tha's alrigh'?"

Sundari is making her way on down to the Lagoon, a crossbow rests upon a strap at her shoulder while she is busy checking out a few new bolts that she bought some days back. "Thanks for giving me lessons still while your all busy with chores." This said to Daranyl while they walk along, for honestly who else would be get lessons from? The rider has on a simple tanktop, and cutoff shorts. Irkevalath is following after the pair, the blue is carrying something, which might be a basket with a sleeping baby in it, who wouldn't trust a dragon to watch over a kid after all? Sunny glances back to Irk and then looks to Daranyl, a smile seen as she hears Daranyl. "Sure, sounds like a plan."

"I don't really want two; that's just what the cooks gave me," Aglaia admits as she offers the other one over. She nibbles just a little at the edges of her sandwich, gaze angled toward the waters. "I understand," she replies after a moment. "I'm sure I'd be the same way, too, if it weren't for Dad and my brother. Mother," is not a topic she'll delve into at all and, fortunately, she's saved from that awkward conversational hiccup by teh arrival of a blue dragon, Sundari, and a crossbow-bearing Daranyl. She pauses in mid-chew, one eyebrow quirking skyward, and all words simply cease to have a meaning for a moment. Eventually: "… well, it seems the tunnelsnakes haven't exploded today." And, clearly, if they haven't gone asplodey by dinner-time - which it is now - they're probably safe. Or something.

Makoto gladly takes the sandwich then! She gives a bit of a sigh… Seems her gut was right on the mother topic and that might not be a bandaid either of them wanted to pull off. She peers back to see Sunny and Daranyl. She offers a smile. "Oh look who got to become a candidate…"

Settling in very well in this tropical environment, Chrystyne has switched from her favored baggy pants and tunic to a more comfortable shorts and tank top, her colors of choice tonight being white and silver. With her shores done for the day her explorations of her new weyr bring her out to the sandy beach at the lagoon.

Daranyl nods to Aglaia, "Nope. 'Tis an unusual occurrence, really." He shrugs at Makoto's comment, "Irk took revenge on me 'n' now 'M Weyrbound. 'S no problem, Sunny. I had a free day t'day 'n' everythin', but I promised I would. An' it keeps me sharp ta keep practicin'." He moves past the picnicking pair, looking for a suitable target, but not out of earshot, and calls back a soft greeting to Chrystyne as well.

Sundari chuckles a bit and grins over to Makoto and Aglaia. "Hey guys." She offers over to the two while she continues on towards where Daranyl has picked the spot for the practice it seems. "True.. Still. Everything going well with the chores and whatnot?" Irk rumbles out to Daranyl, the blue settling down there on the beach and the basket is settled down between his frontpaws, a soft croon of a noise escaping him at times.

"There are a lot of Candidates already." Aglaia's nose wrinkles just a little. "Seems the dragons are in a terrible hurry to snatch us up, even if the eggs don't seem to be in much of a hurry at all. Have you seen them yet?" This is angled to Makoto, mostly, but there is a sidelong look to Daranyl and Sundari as well. "Things are going well enough," is her answer to Sundari. "How has your day been?" And, while she awaits an answer, she settles into nibbling on her sandwich again, not unlike some strange avian or rodent of some sort. Teeny bites - fortunately without crumbs. Chrystyne's arrival is belatedly noted and she raises a hand briefly to the other Candidate.

"Mmm, and it's interesting to see so many new people start showing up. She gives Chrystyne a glance and a nervous smile before looking back to Aglaia and taking a bite of her sandwich. "Never was brave enough to accept a knot. Hope it goes well for you all."

Lisbei is out for a run, yep a run, exercise- she actually does that. Hair is pulled high in to a runner tail and she's wearing a sleek wicking tank top, purple in color, as well as snug and supportive, with short, black jogging shorts and grey tennies. Long strides gallop down the sand, she's been at it quite awhile now, pinked in the face, breathing deeply, sweat beads on her brow and upper lip are promptly wiped away with the back of her hand. Spotting a crowd off in the distance she jogs their way, stopping short to walk a few paces and catch her breath before calling out a greeting of "Hi guys!" to everyone present.

Chrystyne spies plenty of familiar faces and perhaps a few unfamiliar ones as well. She waves towards Daranyl, Aglaia, Sundari for those she knows and adds a quick grin to the others she's not sure if she remembers meeting or not. "Good day to enjoy out on the beach." she remarks idly to anyone as she draws closer though doesn't join any particular group of people. "Heya." is said towards Lisbei as she runs up.

Daranyl's little green pops out of between, chittering at him rapidly. He frowns, then it turns slowly to a scowl, "Fine. FINE! I'm sorry, Sunny, 'sall goin' fine but 'pparen'ly I'm needed fer somethin'. Shardin' lizard's doin' more harm than good. I'll catch ya t'morrow, though!" And he takes off up the beach after hte little green.

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