A Tale of Twin Candidates (Ezrayl is Searched)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Daranyl is dressed much the same as always, right down to his usual selection of armament, but something is different: a white knot is pinned to his shoulder. In his arms is a pile of linens, none soiled, thankfully, all just used, as he makes his way from the infirmary towards the living caverns and the laundry room beyond. Chores are not his favorite activity

Perhaps Ezrayl has just eaten because she's emerging from the caverns in her usual affair, leather armor on top of clothes and a sword at her hip. It doesn't take her long to spot Daranyl and soon she's falling into step beside him. "Hm, what's that shiny little thing on your shoulder?" Speaking of shoulders, she'll sling an arm around his and lean in to take a good look at the white knot.

It's a good thing these linens are already on their way to the wash, because Daranyl drops them as soon as Ez' voice comes seemingly out of nowhere, "Shard it, Ez. Scare the shards out o' me why doncha?" His accent has lessened in their time in the Weyr. It's still there and it's still him, but he's making a concerted effort to speak more clearly, "'S jus' a knot, Ez." Just a knot. riiiiight.

"Right, that's just a not and Rukhbat is made of gold." Ezrayl smirks and glances down at the linens. She'll crouch down, but it doesn't seem like the guard is making any move to pick them up at the moment. Instead she'll glance up to rest green eyes on her brother, "So my little brother's all grown up and taking care of babies and possibly dragons too, hm? They grow up so fast." She might be a bit more mechanical around other people, but that clearly doesn't apply to when she's around her brother.

Daranyl snorts darkly, stooping to gather up the linens. "Yer only a few minutes older. Irk ask'd 'n' I said yes. Didn' realize it meant no drinkin' at the time. Haven' had any booze in more'n a sevenday." The poor boy. "You sayin' you wouldn' take th' opportunity if'n you were asked?"

"What's an Irk?" Ezrayl lifts her brow at this and shakes her head. She may be used to his accent, but that hardly seems like a name. "I don't worry about things that I don't need to, whether I would say yes or no doesn't exactly matter." The guard shrugs a bit and pokes at one of the linens but still doesn't move to help. "Besides, the booze ban is probably a good thing…it'll keep you from making a fool out of yourself in front of Kyra." Tough love from the big sis!

"Sunny's blue. Irkevelth or somethin' like tha'." Daranyl straightens with that armload of linens again, "Apparen'ly th' dragons ask, not th' riders. Don' claim ta really unnerstan'." His shoulders lift and fall in that fateful, habitual shrug, "Never know. If'n I go' asked, maybe you will, too, yeah? 'N' 'M still perfec'ly capable of makin' a fool of m'self. She got searched, too, 'n' now we're livin' in th' same room. Sharding awkward, that is."

"Where do they get these names? You gotta wonder if they mean something or if they're just a mix of letters. And how come they all have to end with the same two letters?" Ezrayl is clearly not brushed up on dragon history in any way shape or form. The guard straightens up as well then and stretches her arms upwards before interlocking fingers behind her head. "Damn…just try not to peek when she's changing or anything, eh? At least I don't have to worry about becoming an aunt at a tender young age." Ok, they're not /that/ young compared to some people that have kids.

"Be scorched if I know. I jus'… nod an' accep' it." Daranyl shifts his weight from one foot to the other awkwardly, letting his weight settle into the ground, "Well, Hotaru's migh' be… but we won' know." HAI AUNTIE EZRAYL! "'N' Kyra wouldn' min' if I peeked, jus' not worth th' temptation."

"Don't they teach you this stuff or something?" Ezrayl smirks before promptly looking disgusted at Daranyl's mention of potentially being a father. "Seriously?" Joking about it is one thing, actually knowing who her brother's slept with is another. Especially when it's some sort of unknown circumstance where they aren't sure if he's the father! "You know what, you keep peeking at Kyra and don't tell me about whenever you two get it on. Deal?"

"Shards, no. Seems all they really wan' candidates for is free labor." Daranyl hoists up the linens indicatively. The disgusted look earns an evil sort of smirk, though. Score a point for the brother, "Nothin' like tha' while we're cand'ates. There's a rule agains' jus' 'bout everythin' fun."

"There's a lot to do after all this shit…no wonder they're working you guys." Ezrayl nods thoughtfully for a moment before glancing sideways at Daranyl. She catches that evil smirk and promptly responds by punching him in the arm. And, kind older sister that she is, Ezrayl doesn't hold back one bit. "For the record, don't even think about trying to make me babysit any of your future offspring. I refuse." Ok, she probably wouldn't, but whatever. Daran and Ez are currently making their way across the bowl, Daran with some dirty laundry from the infirmary and Ezrayl in her usual leather armor. It's around noon and there's a buzz coming from the caverns, though the bowl seems relatively busy as well.

Daranyl doesn't flinch at the hit, but he drops the linens again anyway, "Wouldn' dream of it, Ez. Not plannin' on havin' any official-like, anyway." Ez has probably heard this many times before. And he's not any more convincing this time, "B'sides, 'snot like you'll have any of yer own ta practice with, anyway."

Nyzieroth is in the bowl, sprawled across the ground. That's right, people can go /around/ the lump, he ain't movin' for no one! Except maybe a proddy green or ten. Unfortunately for the residents, there's none in the locale to draw him away. S'rorn is walking back from making rounds with the Headwoman, a fresh stack of paperwork in his hands and a frown on his face. He pauses, peering at Daranyl, and manages a little bit of a crooked smile at least. "Okay, I was upset about the paperwork at first," he begins to the candidate. "Now seeing your laundry, I don't feel bad one bit."

"If I wanted to take care of something, I'd get a canine instead. They don't have a rebellious stage." Ezrayl smirks over at Daran and shakes her head. "I just hope you don't drop babies as easily as you drop linen." Like she isn't the one that made him drop the laundry. Twice. And she's still not helping him pick it up. The guard's green gaze only shifts from her brother to S'rorn when she hears the rider speak. But, instead of addressing him, she'll hiss a question to her brother. "Am I supposed to know him?" Because she clearly does not. Like a good guard though, she'll throw him a quick salute and dip her head in greeting.

Daranyl stages-whispers back, "Srorn, wingleader o' Seamoun'." He bobs a nod to the brownrider and stoops for the linens, still utterly forgetful about saluting, "'S from th' 'firmary. Luckily, 'twas already dirty." He shoots Ez a look, "I ain' never dropped Li'l Bit 'n' I ain' gonna." SO THERE."

"If he did, I'd kill him." S'rorn just simply beams, he loves his precious daughter with her little fingers and little toes. His family is beyond excited and eager to meet her when she's old enough to get visitors from outside of the weyr. Nyzieroth stirs a little bit, flicking his tail for a moment, then drifting back off to sleep.

Clearly Ezrayl has no clue that Lil Bit's father is otherwise she probably wouldn't be saying this kind of stuff she does out loud. "That's what you say now, but you never dropped laundry all the time until just now either. You know this holder kid named Felix asked me if she was your kid." The guard smirks and shakes her head upon recalling that, but then attention shifts back to S'rorn. Aha, so he is an important person. Maybe his stack of paperwork should have clued her in on that.

Daranyl snorts darkly, "I wouldn'. 'N' you can tell him she's Sunny 'n' Srorn's, 'cause she is. I'm jus' helpin' ou'. 'M only droppin' th' linen's 'cause ya keep hittin' me 'n' they won' get hurt none." He folds the last into the haphazard pile, managing to stand again, "Srorn, this is my sister, Ez. Ez, this is Srorn."

Either that, or it's secretly a coloring book in disguise and Rorn is just making people think he does Wingleadery things around the weyr. Nyzieroth flutters his wings and pushes himself onto his feet. He wanders over and proceeds to put his nose in everyone's business. Literally. He completely ignores Darn and goes straight to Ezrayl, giving her the best draconic elevator eyes he can manage. Sister, eh? "Don't even start, Nyz… No. Nope. Nuh uh. NO. Not interested and no, Sundari isn't interested in tha-"The brownrider just puts his face in his hands and shakes his head at the long list of suggestions his lifemate is just spouting off into his head.

"Oh." When Daranyl explains about Lil Bit's parentage there's a moment where Ezrayl just looks a little blank. A second later she's smirking a little bit though and dipping her head, "Sorry hadn't realized that…am I going to get fired for making jokes about dropping your daugh—" She doesn't manage to finish the sentence because there is a big brown head giving her a stare now. "Interested in what?" Clearly Ez isn't picking up on whatever these suggestions may be about but the dragon's elevator eyes has her glancing down at herself. "Do I have blood on me or something, Daran?" Dragons, blood, food, it makes sense!

Daranyl arches his brows at that diatribe from S'rorn to Nyz, then looks over at Ez and shrugs, "Scorched if I know. Maybe he's talkin' 'bout adoptin' ya as a babysitter." He shifts, lashing out playfully with one foot at her shin, "Would serve ya righ'."

S'rorn has his arms crossed now, eyes cast to the side and if there was a limit to how big a frown can be, the brownrider has exceeded it. "He's merely speaking about how lovely and conservative you are." All lies. He just sighs heavily and shakes his head before glancing over to Daranyl and Ezrayl. Then, his posture relaxes into defeat for a moment and the brownrider rubs the side of his face. He stops, then proceeds to dig into his leather pouch hanging from his belt. "I should," he mutters to no one in particular, then a quick evil stare darts over to the brown. "Really? Do you think the Tiki will have glasses your size to offer her? For Faranth's sake, Nyz." GROAN.

"If that's the case, I humbly decline babysitter duties." Ezrayl smirks at Daranyl and though one knee bends at the kick she soon follows by elbowing his side. "Conservative?" The guard thinks on this for a few minutes before smirking and letting her shoulders move upwards in a quick shrug, "I guess I am, aren't I?" The words are said right before an amused laugh escapes the guard's lips. "Does he drink? I'd say we should try a drinking contest but I don't think I'd stand a chance." Also, she apparently hasn't heard of a dragon that drinks.

Daranyl gives his head another shake, "Dunno, Ez. No' sure you can say no. 'N' sides, the shardin' Tiki burned down." Grumble grumble no booze grumble grumble no drinkin' grumble grumble, "Wha' is he on abou', anyway?"

"I can guarantee you that all of it doesn't need to be repeated." Finally the brownrider finishes digging through that bag and he pulls a small square of tissue paper out. He slowly upwraps it and holds it out to Ezrayl. "I'm sure, if I don't ask you now, he'll find less than professional ways to do so til one of us gives in," S'rorn quickly mentions while giving his lifemate the best stare he can conjure up. "Better now before he gets more ideas. Would you be interested in joining Daranyl as an official candidate for Celimoth's clutch?"

"Why couldn't I say no to babysitting? Actually…I could just shove it off on you." Ezrayl grins over at Daranyl before her eyes turn to that little square of tissue paper that S'rorn is unwrapping. The question about whether she'd like to be a candidate is met with a few moments of silence but it isn't long before she's cracking a grin. "Now I'm kinda curious about the other ways he'd ask, but…yeah I'd be interested. I can't leave my little brother all by himself, who knows how that'd end up." Sure he can take care of himself, at least…according to everyone except her!

"You jus' wanna steal my dragon. I know how it is." He's clearly teasing. Yes, when comfortable and with his twin, Daranyl can tease. You may now die of shock. "Good on ya, though, Ez."

"Excellent, I better get going. I have to pick up Sarina from the aunties to get some baby girl time while I can. I'll inform the Weyrlingmasters. Daranyl? Your job is to help her carry her belongings to the Candidate barracks. Don't let me down." S'rorn grins and gives Darn a rough pat on the shoulders and a polite nod to Ezrayl before shifting his belongings and getting on his way. Nyz rumbles contently, doing a little bit of a dragon strut before flopping lazily back on the ground. He needs his beauty sleep to keep looking this handsome for the ladies. His charm attracts candidates, afterall.

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