Surfs Up

Winter - Month 3 of Turn 2715

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Early afternoon on a lovely Winter day at Monaco. The breeze blowing in from the ocean is a bit cooler than normal, but the water is still plenty warm. Akiva is out in deeper waters, sitting on her board with feet dangling either side. Several wild dolphins cavort around her, squeeing happily and even jumping and doing excitable flips. Akiva seems to be waiting for something as her board bobs with the dips and swells of the surf. As if she was given a sig, she leans forward and paddles to pick up speed before jumping to her feet and balancing as her board starts cutting a line into a forming wave. A few dolphins can probably be seen inside that flowing wall of water like a finned escort for the islander girl.

Kelani has come down to the beach with her little pooch in tow. A blanket is laid down as well as a toy for Sava, the fluffy ball of floof, to keep busy with. She pulls off her sundress to reveal a one piece bathing suit. Her curly hair is tied up in a pony tail to keep out of her face. There is a look out towards the deeper water as she notes the surfer catching waves with the dolphins and can't help but smile. "I don't think I will ever be brave enough for that Sava." She says before heading to the much calmer water in the lagoon.

Akiva crouches a bit, sliding a foot further back on the board to get better control. She cuts the board up as if she's trying to climb the spilling wall of water. Spotting a couple of dolphins a bit deeper in the moving wall, Akiva grins as her slippery friends and start zigzagging a crooked line. When she starts losing momentum, she digs her back fin lower and turns into a complete spin before bailing with a dive into the water. Surfacing a few seconds later, there are already some dolphins circling her with high pitched squees and clicks. Taking a moment to spot her board she starts swimming for it, but one of the old dolphins is already nudging it closer to help her get it quicker. "Thanks." Draping an arm over the floating wood, she scan she shore and spots someone in the calmer waters. After a moment, she scrambles onto the board with little trouble and paddles towards the shore lazily.

For her part, Kelani is new to the joys of swimming having only lived near water for a turn or so now. No natural swimmer she is but at least she is much more confident then she used to be as she starts to swim laps along the shallows. Sava 'encourages' her on as she barks along the shore keeping pace. Either that or she is trying to rescue her, or call her out to play, or whatever else goes through dog's minds when their owners are out swimming.

Akiva's board cuts across the water as she paddles, smiling as a couple of dolphins leaps ahead of her path, mainly the bigger ones. A couple of babies are simply pacing her slow progress and eyeing the contraption she is on with interest. When she's closer enough, Akiva changes her position to sit up with her feet back to dangling in the water. She'll drift along, bobbing with the waves as she waters the woman swimming. After a moment, she recognizes the young healer with a smile. When it seems Kelani is peer her way, or may be, the islander will send a lazy wave, but won't send her board into the woman's swimming path. Akiva does send a curious look towards the excitable canine bounding this way and that like it's trying to get the Healer's attention for something.

Kelani waves out to Akiva as she finishes a lap and looks back to Sava, "You can come in you know." She calls out to her and gets a yip in response before going back to the blanket with her bone, a disdainful look at the water. The healer shakes her head and looks back to the surfer, "She hates the water." She explains with a hapless shrug and looks over to the dolphins and back to Akiva, "You all looked like you were having a great time."

Akiva reaches into the water and propels herself forward once Kenali stops her laps. Her half hearted paddles stop a she drifts the rest of the way over as the water moves "Must make bath time difficult. Or is that why she hates the water?" A soft chuckle slips out and her gaze goes back towards the dolphins who have stopped a little ways back so they don't beach themselves. "I think they find it very interesting. Surfing I mean. Sometimes the craft ones hang around, but mostly it's the wild ones that gather and act as escort.

"Very." Kelani says with a laugh, "She does not like bath time, or walking on wet ground or wet grass.." Yep a real priss unless she is 'hunting'. "Yeah the dolphins are fun to watch. I have swam a couple times with the hall dolphins, though I am not sure I am good enough for the wild dolphins yet." She says with a look to the cavorting creatures and looks back to Akiva, "Where did you learn to do that?"

Akiva grins, leaning forward to rest her elbows on the board while propping her feet up on the back of the board. She assumes a sorta stretched out pose as she floats there on her board. "The wild ones wouldn't let anything happen to you no more than the Hall ones would. They are perfectly safe to be around." As to where she learned to surf, she simply gestures to the water behind and all around her "Right here. Was born here. Mom says I learned to swim before I took first steps." She laughs at that, even if it might not be completely true. "I think I was perhaps eight turns old before she consented to let me try getting on a board though. I fell off immediately. But I got right back on." She gestures towards the line in the water Kelani was swimming "How about yourself? I notice you're sticking to the shallows."

"Yeah I guess…just well need a bit more practice." Kelani responds as she looks out to the dolphins and back again. There is a smile as Akiva speaks of her history with the water, "I was raised around Harper hall, inland and cold. Until a turn ago I didn't set foot in water that wasn't to bathe in." She explains and motions to the area at least waist deep she was swimming. "I am better than I used to be at least. I have been getting lessons when I can."

Akiva shivers at the thought of being in one of those cold inland locations. She waves off such talk "Keep that up and I'll need to go light a bonfire to warm myself up." She's being a smartass, she does that on occasion. "Well, if you make time to swim most every day, you'll get better and better. Who knows, in a turn, you may wanna brave climbing on a board yourself. Sooner even."

Kelani laughs, "Its not so bad, we have snow and there is so much fun you can have in the snow." She responds as she trails her fingers over the water. "I just..well one day I saw this guy out here struggling to swim and thought how much of a healer I would be if I wouldn't be able to get him out of the water and he drowned because of it. I mean he was fine…but he might not have been." She says with a shrug as to her motivation to learn to swim. Of course its more academic then for fun.

Akiva shakes her head at mention of snow "I've seen it a few times. Can't say I care for it very much. And ice goes best in fruity and alcohol laced drinks." She nods sagely with all of her nearly nineteen turns. Her smile fades when Kelani talks about a man drowning on her watch, then she gets unconfused and gives a snort, letting out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Sorry, thought you meant..never mind what I thought. Glad the man is alright." Canting her head a bit she smiles and rolls off the board, head never sinking below the water though. "Climb on, just sit on it. I'll hold it steady for you."

"Well I admit that is not a bad use for ice either. Had my first one the other day. They are nice." Kelani says with a nod to the woman then notes the look on her face, "He was just drunk and flailing about in the shallows, it just made me think that if something HAD go wrong I would have been helpless." She reassures her then the board is offered and she blinks, "Oh um…really?" She asks awkwardly before taking a breath and squaring her shoulders and nods. There is some mega awkwardness in her attempting to get on the board but finally she is sitting on it with her legs dangling over the sides.

Akiva nods and seems somewhat relived at the explanation of the drunk man simply goofing around "Even drunk, he should have known better than to be acting a fool." Shaking her head "I can down my fair share of drinks just like anyone else, but some things you just don't do." Her good humor is quick to return though and she nods quickly with a smile "Sure, hop on up." She secures the board so it doesn't tip or flip about as the newbie soon to be surfer baby climbs on for the first time. When Kelani is sitting up, she smiles and moves to the front of the board, facing the board rider "Now just relax and get a feel for how the board moves with the water. Let your weight shift as needed if the water gets choppy. But with your feet dangling down, you should notice that you sorta constantly 'right' yourself as the little waves surge under the board."

Kelani's hands clamp around the edge of the board as she sits there getting used to the feel of things. Looking entirely too tense and rigid about the whole thing. She closes her eyes and takes a few steadying breaths before she opens her eyes and looks down at Akiva. She slowly starts to sit up and gets her feel for the balance of the board. "Ok…" She says and wobbles a bit which makes her grab the board again. She gives a little laugh, "Sorry…I am not very good at this."

Akiva smiles as she watches the hands clench the edge of the board, eyes scrunching shut and calming breaths from Kelani. "It's perfectly alright. You take you time getting used to it." Akiva anchors herself to the front of the board loosely with her own hands "Don't watch me, look out there, and all around. Enjoy the view." She gestures towards the pod who can be seen cavorting further out, smaller babies as well. "Relax and feel the board rising with the swells and dipping with the little valleys." Right now they are quite close to the shoreline as the little waves seek the beach. "You notice behind me that the water seems much smoother?"

Kelani's hands clamp around the edge of the board as she sits there getting used to the feel of things. Looking entirely too tense and rigid about the whole thing. She closes her eyes and takes a few steadying breaths before she opens her eyes and looks down at Akiva. She slowly starts to sit up and gets her feel for the balance of the board. "Ok…" She says and wobbles a bit which makes her grab the board again. She gives a little laugh, "Sorry…I am not very good at this."

Akiva smiles as she watches the hands clench the edge of the board, eyes scrunching shut and calming breaths from Kelani. "It's perfectly alright. You take you time getting used to it." Akiva anchors herself to the front of the board loosely with her own hands "Don't watch me, look out there, and all around. Enjoy the view." She gestures towards the pod who can be seen cavorting further out, smaller babies as well. "Relax and feel the board rising with the swells and dipping with the little valleys." Right now they are quite close to the shoreline as the little waves seek the beach. "You notice behind me that the water seems much smoother?"

High above, sunlight glints off of a well oiled bronze hide as Aedeluth soars on the currents to be found over the lagoon. He dips and dives, soars and spins, an aerial display to rival the smallest of greens as he flies for the sheer joy of it. A few times, he dives low, wings snapping out at the last second, sending a whoosh of a breeze across the water. He is not so close as to be a danger in any way, to the pair with the surfboard, but he is close enough to be seen, and certainly for HIM to see THEM, though he does nothing more than spin and swoop.

It took her many months to swim with any confidence and even still she sticks to smoother waters. This? This is quite foriegn to her. Kelani continues to hold the edges of the board so she doesn't fall off. The direction to look about herself gets a slow nod and she starts to do just that if stiffly which causes for more wobbles in the board, which increases her grip. Another deep breath and she is looking back at Akiva, "Yeah, nice and smooth yes. You are blocking the waves." The cavorting bronze overhead gets her attention and she looks up at Aedeluth.

Akiva has her hands on either of the board's pointed front, and smiles with a headshake. "How about we ignore that you just basically called me as wide as a dragon hmm." The darkhaired woman laughs and peers back towards the deeper waters, "But no, it's not me blocking the wavelets. See out there, look towards the horizen. It's not til you get closer to the beach that the level starts rising and falling. The closer to the shore, then the more choppy the little waves become." A shadow crossing her face briefly has her peering skyward as a large bronze passes overhead. She doesn't recognize him from underneath, nor can she really see his rider yet. But a quick wave is sent to the pair before she focuses back on the young healer. "The point I was trying to make is that the water is much smoother the further away from shore you get. "You can let go with your hands, your legs on either side of hte board won't let you fall off." You're just gonna have to trust Akiva with your life on this one Kelani. "

Have no fear, Kelani, for that is a Search and Rescue dragon swooping around up there. And he does have a rider on his neck, from the looks of it. At least for the moment. More aerial acrobatics, and while the bronze appears disinterested in the pair on the board, he spins a bit closer (perhaps at the behest of that rider there) for a better look. And then off again, only now his antics seem to have calmed down some, as he drifts lazily in a slow swooping circle around them. Vulture-like. A lifted hand from Sev (cause yup, that's him up there) in response to Akiva's, though he probably looks more of a flesh-colored blob from that distance.

"I didn't mean that.." Kelani says with a shake of her head sighing and then looks past Akiva out to the horizon. "Yeah I see that…but the water is also much deeper out there." There is a hesitant release of the board and Kelani sits up a bit straighter, wobbling a bit when another wave rocks the board. Instead of grabbing the board she rests hands on her thighs instead. The low pass of the dragon has her lifting one hand up to give a quick wave before lowering it again less she lose her balance.

Akiva smiles as the young Healers starts to relax bit by bit, even beginning to 'forget' to keep a deathgrip on the board as she waves. Kelani can waves her arms all about if she wants. Akiva is holding ontot he board, plus Kelani's legs on either side offer good stability. She's not going anywhere that Akiva doesn't lead her. And right now, the islander is oh so slowly drawing them further away from shore. As the bronze makes a couple more passes aboce, she notices the return wave, but just can't make out who is up there. Could be anyone as far as she can tell from down here. "Yes, it is deeper. But, I am a very good swimmer. And you know dolphins won't let anything happen to you. If for some reason you do end up in the water, they will make sure you stay above the water. I've seen them literally swim by people and put their fins right in people's hands to drag them to shore." Akiva smiles and then gestures upwards "And we also have a watchful eye in the sky. You are completely safe Kelani. Just try and enjoy the new experiance.

It is on the return of the elliptical path around the pair in the water that Aedeluth comes further down. Down, down, down, until he's tucking his back legs and dropping neatly into the water. There is a wave to be sure, for how can a creature of his size land in the water and not create one? Though his landing is gentle, and he is away from the surfing pair. A little bobble, that is all his landing should cause for them. He's being polite, though that is likely due to the demands of his rider and not of the dragon's own volition. A swim ensues, as bronze and -rider ignore the fact that leather straps are getting soaked (eh, that's what oil is for, right?) as they approach. Not to interfere, no. He stays far enough away that he is not a hindrance. Too far for the exchange of words, unless they all want to scream themselves hoarse, but close enough for S'van to perhaps be recognizable, and to allow him to recognize them. At least he is dressed for these sorts of antics in a cotton shirt and swim trunks, having left his riding leathers behind.

Without realizing it, Kelani starts to self correct the longer she is on the board, not even realizing at first that Akiva has released some of her grip. Though it is a good thing Kelani is facing away from shore or she might panic. The reasurance from the woman gets a nod from Kelani finally, "Alright, I trust you." She says and glances up to that 'watchful eye in the sky' that is becoming a presence in the water. Kelani bites her lip against the incoming wave, though it indeed proves to be little more than a wobble to her board. Her gaze directing towards the landing and the rider gives her that indication of just how far she is out and looks down at the board for a moment and catches her breath. "Ok..I am safe.." She murmurs half to herself.

Akiva notices as Kelani begins to get comfortable enough on the board to start shifting her weight as needed to keep herself balanced without keeping hold of the board. "Very safe. With the pod, the bronze pair, and myself, you'd barely get your hair wet again." She laughs at that. The bronze water-landing does have the older woman holding the board steady against the gently waves that give them little nudges though. "We should go say hello to our visitors." Not that the pair are visitors. Akiva grins and starts guiding them closer to S'van and Aedeluth. At least close enough to be able to speak without being mute tomorrow. "Hi there S'van. That was a nice landing you both made."

Certainly, they are not visitors. Though perhaps Aedeluth and S'van are intruders, poking their collective noses in where they ought not to be, disrupting lessons and creating waves (literally) as they approach. Aedeluth does not spare much attention for the swimming surfer or the board-bobbing healer; he's got better things to do, and stares off towards the shore. S'van unclips himself from the leathers (at least he had the good sense to be strapped down for that aerial display), swings a leg over and begins a gradual descent until he's more or less standing on a bulge of muscle and leaning off the side of his dragon; firm grasp on the straps keeping him from just toppling over backwards into the water. "Hey!" comes the cheerful call, a wide and somewhat self-satisfied smile in place as Akiva and Kelani come closer. "Thanks," to Akiva for the landing compliment. "Kelani… I didn't know you could surf!"

Kelani plays passenger on the board as it is tugged around in the water. The comment S'van offers to her gets a laugh from Kelani, "I cannot surf, but I seem to have adequate 'sitting on surf board' skill." Kelani tilts her head to Akiva, "It is her surf board…she /can/ surf. You should have seen it and with some dolphins riding the wave with her it was quite a sight to see." She says with a grin to Akiva, "She talked me into getting on it…though I think sitting is as far as I plan to get any time soon." Yep, she is still working on the wobbles and trying not to overcorrect which causes more wobbles, but at leasts there is enough surface area to not just dump her.

Akiva grins at the boardrider "She's being modest. Doing very well so far. I'll have her riding the waves with me in a turn or so. You just wait and see." She boast with a confident nod. Once they drift close enough, Akiva treads water that keeps the pair stationary without drifting closer to the bronze. Glancing to the bronzer, she grins "Don't tell me you flew out here and made such a smooth landing just to make me look bad at another round of pool." The older woman looks to Kelani in amusement "He totally wiped the table with me the other day. I did manage to hit a couple of the balls, but only cause I got first break the second game."

"Gotta start somewhere, right?" offers the bronzerider, grinning at Kelani. He is in far too good of a mood, clearly. Hanging off the side of Aedeluth, he adjusts himself just enough to loop an elbow through the straps to free up at least one hand, letting it hang at his side. "So far, so good. Not fallen off, right?" The bronze? Still ignoring them, head and neck toward the shore as though there might be something incredibly interesting over there. A snort for Akiva, followed by a half-smirk that just oozes smart-ass smugness. "Nah, you're safe for now. Just be glad I didn't ask you to put money on that game." A grin for Kelani and a quick, "Oh, she knows. Ask her who messed up the lamp over the pool table…" Cue cheeky grin because he JUST CANNOT STOP HIMSELF.

"He is very good at pool, that I can attest to. I got a couple of lucky shots last time I played, but mostly put the light and others in danger." Kelani replies with bemusement in her voice. Akiva's comments about her ability at least get a laugh from Kelani, "That soon, eh?" She comments with a shake of her head, "Good thing I have another job to fall back on?" Barking from the beach reminds her of her pupper and now that they are close enough to the shore, Kelani carefully tries to dismount and mostly dunks herself in the process. When she surfaces she gives her hair a shake and looks to the others, "I need to get dried off and ready to work. You two have fun in the water."

Akiva laughs and peers between the the two riders, one dragon, the other surfboard. "And here I thought I was the dangerous one with a poolcue. At least no one needed stitches the other day." So at least she has that going for her. When Kelani is ready to head back, she does offer a hand to keep her above the water til she getsher feet under her. "I'll have another board around next time, you'll pick it up quick enough if you wanna actually give surfing a try." And not just flaoting around a bit. "See you around Kelani." She gives the young healer a wave as she heads to show to dry off. Peering back to S'van, she gestures to the board "How about you bronzerider, care to try your skill at surfing?"

"I keep telling you," and this 'you' may be Kelani, or Akiva, or both of them, "It just takes practice." This in regards to their collective agreement that they are no good at pool, most likely. S'van's smart-assery tones it down just a bit as Kelani rolls into the water and proceeds to head back, free hand lifted in a farewell gesture. "Have fun," he offers with a grin, much friendlier this time. "No, thank you," for Akiva's offer of surfing, followed by a quick shake of his head. "I can't imagine I would be any good at that," he decides with a grimace. "Way too tall." Maybe? Is being too-tall a thing that happens in surfing? He doesn't know, but he's gonna use it as an excuse. "But I'll give you a wave, if you wanna ride in on it." Meaning, of course, that Aedeluth will create a wave, not Sev.

Akiva laughs at S'van's refusal to even wanna try. "I suppose you are a few inches taller than me. But I've seen men just as tall as you shooting down the barrel." Kicking her feet a bit, she slides onto the board easily "Just gotta know how best to crouch and use your weight to make the board move as you want it to." She considers the offer to making a wave and grins "I think that would be a first for me. Dragon assisted surfing." She flashes an eager grin and leans down on the board as she starts paddling to deeper water "You two give me a good crazy ride now."

A snort and a half-smirk follows Akiva's words, S'van contributing a quick, "Sure, but I'll bet they've been surfing since they could walk," for the notion that there are lads as tall as he that claim the hobby as their own. It is not at all argumentative however, simply a good-natured counter to her argument, even if she wasn't arguing. "Ah yeah…" for that balance thing. "Maybe another time," which is still a 'no', even if it's polite in tone. But making waves? That is something he can do. A wider grin splits his face and he tosses a quick, "Get ready then. Aede and I will go up and come down in a rush behind you. Ought to create a nice little wave to ride." A second later, he's hauling himself up the side of his lifemate with practiced ease, Aedeluth already preparing to take off before his rider is even strapped in. A bit of an effort is needed to get out of the water, but up they go nonetheless, winging away to get enough space between so that when the bronze turns to dive, he's got some momentum behind him. WHOOSH, down he comes, tucking his legs at the last minute to CRASH into the water a good distance behind Akiva, sending out massive, rippling waves in all direction. Including, straight for her. Giant, house-sized dragon + crash landing = WAVES.

Akiva nods and considers a moment "Now that ya mention it, I suppose he has. At least since around his tenth turnday." Much like Akiva herself. "Alright, let me get out there." She starts paddling towards the deeper water. When she gets far enough out, she gets herself swung around and then peers up and around, looking for the large dragon. She blinds herself a moment with the sun but does spot Aedeluth way up there. Looking about the water, she slaps the surface a few times, as if trying to get dolphin attention, or perhaps warning of incoming dragons. Glacning back to the sky, she gauges the distance before leanign forward and starting to paddle enthusiastically to pick up speed. When she feels the wave, Akiva jumps quickly to her feet and laughs as she water starts cresting higher and higher. She can be heard laughing for joy over the ride. And she's not alone, S'van may or may not be able to see some finned companions parallel to Akiva. She crouches, using her arms and legs to twist her body so that the board will zig and zag, and even cut a curvey line as the curl swoops and closes over her head. She's in the tunnel now, vanishing from sight above for a few seconds til she comes hooting out like a bolt.

The dive of Aedeluth results in a thorough drenching for both dragon and rider, the pair briefly beneath the lagoon as the bronze beast allows himself to sink. And then up, like a small top, rising from the water with a bugle of… triumph? Joy? Outrage? Hard to say. But it is a cry to be heard, that is for sure. Sev, at least, catches the laughter and the sight of dolphin-fins before the wave hides them from view. A moment later, Aedeluth is headed for the shore, moving swiftly until his feet touch ground and he can get enough purchase to launch himself back into the air. He swings around Akiva, and Sev calls out loud to the surfer below. "Gotta go! Need to oil this before my straps are ruined," but there's a grin splitting his face, and it's clear that he enjoyed providing the wave just as much as she enjoyed riding it. Aedeluth rises once again, this time moving back to the Weyr proper, likely to a stone ledge and dragonweyr, for oiling of hide and straps.

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