Tunnelsnakes And Tubers For Dinner

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Cassara comes down for an early dinner. Honestly still strange to get used to eating in living caverns again after spending a year in Ierne. Especially annoying to do it without her weyrmate, but she was busy attenting to their daughter. She gives a grumpy huff as she gets her plate of food and finds spot to sit.

Just don't ask what's in the stew. But there's a hint: Daranyl pulled Tunnelsnake duty again today. He looks a little dusty about the edges and there're green stains around his cuticles as he ladles out a large bowl of the stew for himself, offering the little green on his shoulder a tidbit of meat as he turns, seeking out a table for his eating pleasure.

You know what else is in that dinner? Tubers. Lots and lots of tubers. Who got to spend his day peeling the ever-loving /skin/ off of them? Keldan did. The same Keldan that is in fact coming out of the kitchen area with a cloth wrapped around his head. It's served quite well in keeping the hair out of his face, but now is the time for /freedom/, and it's tugged off with a snap given to the small bit of fabric. It's flapped around somewhat, the teen's free hand giving a quick rake through his hair. Freedom /is/ so good. "Finally."

Kyra had tunnelsnake duty as well, but looks no worse the wear for it. She's a small thing, so it's not as big a deal for her to have to flush out the nests and exerminate the vermin as needed. She didn't even need to whip out her own bow for it. She is a bit dustier than usual, but it looks like she's taken the time to wash her hands and face, as the dust doesn't appear to be smeared on either. She yawns a bit as she meanders in, more from boredom than anything else, but perks up when she sees epople she knows about. She trots along behind Keldan and hooks an arm around his shoulders, grinning a bit, "I hope you plan on bathing. That /can't/ smell good." She ruffles his hair again for him, albeit less than helpfully, then heads off to get food from the tables, offering Daranyl and easygoing wave in the process.

Cassara talks a glance at the two candidates and grins a bit. Always fun to see candidates running around and getting their asses worked off. Cassara takes a seat a less crowded table and dips her bread into her stew as she idly watches the siblings.

"Hey Kyra. Keldan." Daran is friendly enough when he wants to be. Another small tidbit is offered to the green on his shoulder as he finds his way to the table next to Cassara's and flops into a chair, shifting almost immediately to start sopping up his stew with his roll. Finest kind. His gaze flicks between Kyra and Keldan a moment, then he shrugs.

Keldan is jostled just a little bit when his sister latches onto him, swatting away at the ruffling hands good-naturedly. "What do you mean, smell? What smell? That's /man/ smell, Kyra." Or the smell of many, many potatoes and other cooking foods, all clinging to every bit of him. Inhale the mixture! "I washed my hands, you know." Those are clean enough for him to swipe a roll as he passes by the table. The greeting from Daranyl gets a look from the teen though, and he raises that roll in salute. "Hey."

"I meant the smell of you sweating for hours in a windowless room," Kyra drawls in response, waving her hand at his hair as if she would ruffle it again. She fills her plate with some extra tubers just to be a butt, then makes her way over to sit down near Daranyl, folding her legs under her and taking a slurp from the mug of klah she acquired, "I don't know why you like /eating/ those stupid things so much. They're gross." She wrinkles her nose, poking her tongue out a bit. The meat might not be terrible, but still, they're sort of gross as a rule.

Cassara works away at her stew. Tunnelsnake was plenty good eating. So watches the Candidates bicker between themselves, occasionally chuckling at them. Perhaps it would be a good time to head over and mess with them? Nah, not quite -yet-…

Daranyl plucks a bit of tunnelsnake out to waggle at Kyra, "Better'n no food at all, innit? B'sides, 's good fer ya." He pops the nibblet in, then thumps his chest, "Keeps ya strong. 'N' why waste good food?" He scoops up a big spoonful and savors it with a long "mmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" once he's swallowed. Om nom nom.

Sundari is wandering on into the caverns after a rather long day of sweeps and the like. A faint glance is sent around to take in who all may or may not be around. The rider moves on over to grab a mug of klah along with a plate with a few bits of food and the like on it. With plate and mug in hand she is off to find a place to sit, a curious look sent towards the table that is full of candidates which she smirks a touch as she ponders on over to sit with them or just leaving them to there selfs.

"I'm not so sure about 'keeps ya strong' rather than just..'prevents hunger like all other food'." Keldan grins a bit as he too comes to sit down, enjoying the heck out of simply eating bread. Chomp. Chomp. He sinks a bit further into his chair though, eventually resting his head against the back of it. Slouch city. "I'll eat just about anything, but I'll take herdbeast over tunnelsnake any day." That hand /not/ holding a roll is lifted when Sundari makes her way around. Oh yes, he /sees/ her. "If you're looking to sit, there's plenty of room!"

Kyra pulls a face at Daranyl amusedly when he goes out of his way to enjoy the tunnelsnake, laughing a little afterwards before she responds, "I'm not saying as a food it's gross. Just as an animal, you know? So many legs." She holds her fingers up and wiggles them, nose scrunched, then huffs, "Maybe I'm just tired of dealing with them for the day, though." She lifts a hand at the sight of Sundari, waving her over in addition to Keldan's call, "Hey, Sunni. We're debating the deliciousness of tunnelsnakes versus the grossness of living ones."

Cassara gives the fellow rider a wave. She finishes her meal and stretches out in her seat for a bit. She gets up to get rid of her her plates before grabbing a beer and starting to head over to the table with all the candidates.

Daranyl raises his stewy roll at Sundari and gives it a wave, "Dunno, Kyra. 'Sjus' somethin' I'm used ta eatin', I guess. Didn' have much herdbeas' back home 'n' all." He dunks more roll in the stew, going through his food with his usual gusto. Omnomnom tasty tunnelsnake, "If you coul' have anythin' ta eat, wha' woul' it be?"

Sundari takes over a seat at the table where Keldan, Kyra and Daranyl are to be found. "Thanks guys." As for tunnelsnakes. "There a bit gross I suppose, but they do taste rather good I have to admit. Especially how ever Daranyl cooks them." This said with a faint grin over to the hunter. "Cheese buns." She answers with a nod to Daranyl's question ebfore she is taking a bit from a meatroll that was on her plate.

"This. This roll right here." Keldan is just..not that picky about his food. And right now, he's in glorious bread heaven. Sadly though, the last crumbly bits of it are swept away, leaving him lacking in that department. "Just so long as it's not tubers. I don't think I can do tubers tonight. Not after all the /peeling/."

Kyra just winds up rolling her eyes a bit as tunnelsnakes continue to be a decent source of meat, seeing as her stance on the issue is rather impassive, "Alright, alright, fine." The question has her considering for a moment before she shrugs a little bit, "Probably steak from… whatever those big animals are that live in the colder regions. They have hooves like herdbeasts, but…" She shrugs. She can't remember the name. As Keldan speaks, she makes a bit of a show of taking a large chunk of tuber and popping it into her mouth, "Mmmmmm~"

"Any good piece of steak is fine by me." Cassara interjects and pulls over a chair. "Thanks for the tubars, by the way." She grins at Keldon as she gets cozy and sips her beer. She gives a nod to Sunny. "… How all you brats doin' tonight?"

"I s'ppose they migh' be a bit gross when they're still movin' if'n yer no' used to it," Daranyl concedes before sucking down another spoonful of stew a bit too noisily before scooping up a bit of sliced tuber and waggling it towards Keldan before snarfing it down, "Never hunted up north, but… my momma made this… thick soup, more biscuit than broth with veggies 'n' meats. Wish I knew how ta make tha'." His more relaxed pose stiffens at Cassara's question, "'M no brat." He's 21, dangit!

Sundari waves a hand slightly. "I've eatten raw fish before, so honestly things that are wiggling don't bother me all that much." She says while grinning a bit at the thought. "I''ve been North, never stayed there that long in all honesty. Gets gold and all after all." This said with an amused tone. She looks to Cassara and chuckles softly. "Just the one, and she's good. Sleeping with S'rorn." Which means S'rorn is sleeping as well.

Keldan tilts his head a bit when Cassara does finally approach, and lifts his hand in a half-hearted salute. "You're..welcome?" There's a quick glance given to the others, as well as a quizzical brow lifting before that arm flops down again to hang along the side of his chair. "All in all I'm pretty sure that the brats are all in the nursery, though. But we appreciate the kind and loving thought behind the question. I'm peachy."

Kyra blinks at Daranyl when he talks about his mother making soup so thick it was a biscuit. That sounds like something worth investigating. She pops another bite of food into her mouth, glancing up at Cassara curiously only to look to Sundari when she answers regarding the baby, nodding a bit, "Yeah, Sun's only got the one baby. How is she doing, anyway, Sunni?" Kyra turns her attention to the other woman inquisitively, eyebrows cocked while she works on popping more food into her mouth.

Cassara rolls her eyes at Daranyl. "PFft…" 21 was still young enough to be a brat. "North is nice. Never stayed there, but I kinda like the cold. Makes the leathers more bearable." she takes another swig of her beer.

Daranyl shoots Cassara a death-glare and offers his little green another tidbit, though her eyes have started whirling more towards red-orange. Food. Sullen stuffing of roll remains into stew, shove around with spoon. GRUMP.

"She's good.. Other then waking up at all hours and keeping me or S'rorn up for most of 'em." Sundari offers with a slight amused tone at that idea. A curious look is sent over to Daranyl an she looks rather amused at the interaction between him and Cassara.

Keldan shakes his head after a moment, then pushes himself out of his seat. He has no food to be eating, after all, there's little point in staying put! "/Speaking/ of those little things, one of our /esteemed/ fellows pulled that duty as well today. I'm gonna go make sure he lived through it." There's a faint wave backward as the teen treks off toward the lower caverns again. "See you guys."

Kyra has managed to scarf through most of her food, so she's pushing herself up out of her seat not long after Keldan does, "Yeah, I'll come along and see. I want to see if his hair is full of finger paints." That's oddly specific. Maybe she had some words with kids first. Ahem. She offers a wave to the others, giving Daranyl a like punch in the shoulder before she lets Sundari know, "If you ever want somebody to watch her, I'll do it. I don't have a TON of experience with babies, but I've got some." Another small wave and she heads off after Keldan, hands stuffed in her pockets.

The tall woman was unimpressed, simply grinningat Daranyl's death stare as she drank her beer. "Well, hope I didn't scare all your friends off." she chuckles and gives them a wave.

Daranyl blinks once at Cassara. Sloooowly. He pointedly slurps up some stew, then turns his attention to Sundari, raising his stewy spoon to Kyra and Keldan as they start to leave, "Make sure th' answer is yes." Did he just condone pouring paint in a fellow candidates hair? SHOCK. "Do th' nannies have any advice fer gettin' her ta sleep through, Sunny? I'm still up early if'n you need help b'fore my chores."

Sundari peeks over at Cassara and just grins looking rather amused there. "Nope. I'm gona stay for now." This said with a soft chuckle escaping her. She peeks over to Kyra and smiles with a nod seen. "Sure I'll let you and Daranyl know." Cause she wouldn't leave Daranyl out of Sarina watching! "Naw.. Not at the moment. They say it is stages that kids go through and so forth." Just harder with parents that happen to be riders.

"Well if I scared you off I'd be a bit more worried.." she stretches out a bit. "Yeah, that bit is a huge pain. Been… preppin' Hotaru about it. I never really slept a lot ot begin with though so that kinda helped.

"'Ppreciate that, Sunny." Daranyl finally fishes his roll out of his stew with his spoon and sucks it down slowly. Schluuuuurp. "Don' scare easy. Grew up with scarier people'n you, no 'ffense."

Sundari chuckles and grins to Cassara and nods before smiling to Daranyl and brushes her hands off across once another a few times. "Good to know you don't scare easily.. Wait until the lessons start." This said with an amused tone.

"Whatever, I know you know. Don't think I'm gonna scare you just by showing up." She rolls her eyes. Though maybe if Daranyl was from Igen he'd think a little differently… "Mmm, lessons are going to be fun. Gonna have to ask Nae what she plans on putting you all through…"

"Lessons?" Daranyl snarfs down more stewyroll, "Wha' kinna lessons?" He casts a quick look at Cassara, then shrugs, saying nothing verbally, but his body language still says he doesn't think she's all that scary.

"Lessons dealing with being a rider, everything and anything that you might need to know about dealing with a dragon." Sundari says with a slight nod seen. She peeks over to Cassara and looks a touch amused.

Cassara isn't cracking either. She maintains smugness during Daranyl's dimissive glance. Still lucky he walked away back at the tiki bar… "Yeah, it's… not too bad. Think I'm gonna ask Nae to see if I can help a little. Maybe handle calisthenics or whatever for her a few times. Probably a real pain for her, consideirng how big she's getting."

"Poss'bly." Daranyl shrugs again, "Like wha'. 'M sure it soun's dense, bu' I don' really know abou' none o' tha'."

Sundari ohs at the thought and grins at Cassara. "Maybe I could help you?" She has no problem helping with lessons! Fun times and that sort of thing yes..

"Yeah sure, I'll mention you when I ask Nae. Seems like they found a good lot of candidates, which is nice." Cassara shrugs. "Well that's the point. You don't know, so you get taught. It'll make sense when the time comes."

"Like tha' tells me anythin'. I assume there're some similarities 'tween dragons 'n' this lot," Daranyl jerks his head slightly towards Morsel, "But bigger'n more dangerous. Still workin' on gettin' this one ta hun' tunnelsnakes withou' usin' 'em as toys after."

Sundari nods to the bit while peering at Morsel looking a touch amused. "They are a lot alike honestly." This said with a soft tone. "Then at the same time nothing close to one another." A hand lifts to scratch at her neck a bit.

"Never had a firelizard, but from what I know, it's not even close. Not where it counts at least. Obviously they're similar creatures, but the relationship is… way different." Cassara finishes her beer and looks up thoughtfully. "Ones a pet… one's a lifetime companion. It's really night and day in practice."

Morsel hisses at Cassara as if the rider is responsible for the fact that she'll never be a dragon, then takes wing, disappearing between with a final imperious scold. Daranyl just shrugs, absently scraping up the last of his stew, "S'ppose if'n I impress, I'll find out an' if'n I don', I don', yeah?"

"They are alike to some degree only. A firelizard can pass along images and the like, can't talk to us like a dragon does though." Sundari offers with a slight shrug isee. A glance is sent after Morsel and she smiles before nodding to Daranyl. "Yep.. That is the idea."

Cassara chuckles as Morsel betweens. "Yeah, and besides, explaining what you need to know is Nae's job. But the short of it, it's like working really closely with someone. You don't really 'train' your dragon like you would a pet. You work with it, even compromising with it. A totally different experience."

Daranyl snorts softly and shrugs again, "See wha' we see. 'M no' gonna stress it overmuch. Jus' hope th' lessons aren' too borin'. 'M bored 'nuff as it is."

"She has a point.. We just get to hang back and watch.. While Nae does all the teaching." Sundari says with a grin. "So basicly if we mess up she gets to pick up the peices.."

"Yeah, no worries. It's not the type of thing you're gonna fuck up because you 'don't understand'. If you fuck up it's gonna be because you were a dumbass who didn't respect the things you were taught." Cassara shrugs. "Outside of that it… sorta comes naturally. You get bonded to your dragon so a lot of it is… almost natural."

Daranyl snorts again, starting to pile empty dishes together, "Already plannin' on how ta make things harder on Nae when she'll have a newborn at th' time. Tha's cruel." He stands, dishes and all, and shrugs, "Gotta go check on Ez 'n' catch a wash. See ya, Sunny." It's likely he'll see Cassara, too, but he's less likely to enjoy it.

Sundari psh softly at the fact and eyes Daranyl a touch. "Really..?" Is questioned with a faint tone. "I also have a kid too." Hello! She would know all to well what Nae might be going through! As Daranyl goes to leave she watches him for a few moments, a soft smile seen and she nods. "See you later."

Cassara watches Daran walk away, looking at Sunny when he says by to her and not Cass. When he's out of earshot (or maybe right when he's leaving it) she gives a small laugh. "Hmph, rude." she grins, obviously not taking it too seriously. Cassara didn't know exactly what Nae would be going through her self, but she had her ideas…

Sundari chuckles a touch and smiles. "Yeah.. He is at times an't he?" This questioned with a glance over to Cassara. "His a good sort though in all honesty."

Cassara nods to Sundari. "Nah don't worry… I like him. It's just fun to bust his balls… and I appreciate he doesn't just let me roll him over." she gives a wicked grin. "It's more fun that way. If it ever seems to really get to him, I'll lay off."

Sundari nods at that. "He has thick skin so I think your be alright. Anyway anyone that Sarina is crazy about is ok in my book." Though she knew that already! "So.. EVerything going good with the wing?"

"Yeah, that's what I figured… and yeah, he seems to really dig your kid. It's kinda cute." and a little strange. Cassara smiles. "Yeah, transition went better than I thought. Spent a lot of my time in Ierne just… researching Search and Rescue over here. I feel pretty comfortable around here already… Just catching Hika up. She's… not a studier like I am, though she's doing fine."

Sundari ahs at that and nods while she lets her arms fold upon the table. "Yeah.. I got into a lot lessons there to start with. Just kept at it. Was nice to get back out to sea as often as I could though honestly." She smiles at the thought. "We should all do sweeps together sometime."

"Fortunately for both of us, sweeping the sea isn't that much different from sweeping the desert. The differences are very important but… there is a skill to being able to spot things in what feels like a whole lot of endless nothing. Still a big adjustment, but… coulda been a lot worse, I think." Cassara's smile warms up more. She lounges back in her seat, slouching a bit. "That'd definitely be nice… Definitely still trying to find the riders I get alone best with."

Sundari chuckles at that and smiles before a slight nod is seen. "Well that is very true." She offers with a cuirous tone at the idea of a desert like open water. "I lived my life on the water so I dono if I could get over the thought of not being near it." She nods to the rest. "Sure.. I can understand that, could take a bit being new and all."

"Didn't grow up by the desert but spent more than half my life around it. Honestly, water is nicer. I mean… we had a lake there, but that's not the same. I like the water, but brown gets old." She chuckles. ".. Hika was worried I was gonna have a harder time with it, but the wings here seem pretty relaxed. It helps."

Sundari yawns a touch, seems sleep is finally going to work on claiming her soon. "Why would she think you'd have a hard with with such things?" Well now the rider is just curious.

Cassara chuckles. She figured the answer was obvious. Maybe getting older was mellowing her out. "… I'm kinda a bitch?" She grins. "I was worse when I was younger. I think Hika worried I'd just… revert, basically. But.. eh. I'm older and I haven't met anyone here who's… really pissed me off yet."

Sundari blinks and chuckles a bit. "You?" She questions with a soft laugh. "I mean.. everyone has there moments.." There is a pause and she peeks at the other. "Are you that bad?"
Cassara grins and gives an 'are you serious?' type look. "… I guess not anymore? But I dunno, almost got in a fight with Daranyl when we first met… and when I was younger I'd get into fights all the time. Over… dumb things. Shitty things…" she sighs and rolls her eyes in memory of her past self. "I remember this poor kid… Won one of Hika's flights and I was listening to him brag about it in the bar… Not even maliciously, like…" She laughs. "It was his first win! But me being young, angry and… not used to weyrs I just… couldn't take it and beat the snot out of the poor kid." she laughs and shakes her head. "Wasn't my proudest moment."

Sundari just looks at the other as if she has missed something. She chuckles a bit and soon smiles. "Well, glad you didn't get into a fight with him." She would have not been happy! "That happens.. Not that I've gotten into a fight over someone because of that.." She ponders that htought wondering if S'rorn gets upset when Irk chases now.
"Was over him and that damn crossbow. Kid was smart and walked away though. For the better, I guess, but the competitive side of me still wants to tangle with him." she grins a bit. "But better that it never happens." she shrugs her shoulders and sighs. "… That stuff -always- gets to it. I think the part that gets me the most is that like… I could win them all? Like if I wasn't a rider, or she wasn't a green, like… what could I do? But the fact that Golth and I don't win them all, well… ugh. I don't really lash out at people over it anymore, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't get to me…"

Sundari shrugs a touch at the talk of flights. "S'rorn has a brown, and I have a blue. Which.. Irk does enjoy the flights even though he is blue." There is a faint roll of her eyes at the thought. "Though honestly I have no idea how S'rorn feels about it.." They enver really talked on the matter, for being weyrmates they in all honesty haven't talked about a lot.

"Yeah, fortunately Golth isn't particularly big on random flights. Not that it doesn't happen…" Sometimes with… extremely awkward results. Thanks, Golth. Really. "Not really much you can do anyways… Glad you two seem to have it handled though. Hika always looks at me like I'm a little crazy when I get bothered by this stuff."

Sundari shrugs at that and lifts a hand to rub at her eyes a few times. "I.. We haven't talked about a lot honestly." Which works for the moment, but for how long? Even she isn't sure. A soft smile is soon seen though. "I should get back though. Knowing Sarina she'll be up soon and hungrey." She stands up and nods a touch. "Nice talking to you."

Cassara frowns a litte and gets up as well. "Yeah, Hika will probably be home soon too… It was nice talking and…" she thinks for a moment. "… Talk when you can? Not a lot of old couples like me and Hika around but… I think it's because we're able to talk openly with each other."

Sundari is quiet for a touch on that, a hand rubbing across her arm a bit. "Yeah.. His just busy a lot of the time." Which bothers her more then she'll admit, there is a bot of worry there too. "See you around Cassara." A faint smile seen and she is off heading homewards.

Cass gives a wave and heads off in her own direction!

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