Aliens Among Us

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Evening's rolled around and it's… still noisy as all get out. Firelizards have been fluttering in and out of the area from time to time, humming intermittently. Sometimes, it means eggs hatched. Mostly, it seems to be designed to slowly drive Aglaia insane. At least, that's probably how she'd describe it. In either case, the humming's started again and Aggie's there, slouched forward in her chair with a wrinkle to her nose and an expression on her face that can only be described as 'willing this whole thing to be over with already'. Trays of meat have been set out specifically for people to pick through in preparation for more firelizardly hatchings, though it seems her small fair's already had a good go at the meat, as well as some of the Weyr's other 'lizards.

Just A Little Creepy Egg twitches a little, lurching closer to one of the other eggs before teetering back to its place.
Imprisoned In Ice Egg remains mostly still, moving only when it suspects no one is looking. Unfortunately, it's an egg, so it has no idea that it's being watched all the time.

Zula is definitely amongst the firelizards raiding the trays, taking advantage of her owner's utter distraction to wreak tiny havoc and hiss at folk that come too near to her bounty. Humming? Well. Yes. One supposes there's some of that, too, but it's gravelly and begrudgingly given, broken up around gulps of meat, sounding much more like an angry cat than a flit bidding anything welcome. Which. You know. Probably fitting. R'hyn, meanwhile, is doing his level best to ignore the fact that there is a weyr operating around him. Books have been stacked two and three high in at least two piles, pen flying furiously along sheafs of paper, copying something from one text to his page before SPLAT. "Oh for f—" Biting off the curse before it can fully form, R'hyn peels the half-eaten piece of meat off his page, sighing at the stain interrupting his work before he glares up at Zula, stomach bulging, but still quick enough to flee his angry pursuit, frustrated stalking that leads him right up into prime hatching space. A blink, a sigh, and then a flicked look at Aglaia along with a wry, "You look about how I feel." A beat, then. "Er, I mean… Hello." Don't mind him. He looks like he hasn't slept in a week, and chances are good that he hasn't, so. He'll just lean here, neither coming nor going, unwilling to make a decision just now.

Is that Citayzleat? It — might be. Hard to tell, with the wild-mess hair and the giant poofy eyes of no sleep. That and the way she's slumped over a plate, looking like she might be asleep. All the good food these days, and she's been picking at her plate for the longest time, only managing to eat half. Eventually the prodding of the older healer seated next to her is enough to drive the apprentice to finish the food; good fried wherry and delicate vegetables, downed like they might be sawdust. SHAME. It's even harder to ignore the prodding of the imperious green firelizard trying to drag her by her hair over across the cavern. Eventually managing to swat the firelizard away crankily, Cita stands, setting her mostly-finished plate in a bin and shuffling over towards the slumped Weyrwoman. Flopping inelegantly into a nearby seat, the healer makes a face at the firelizards, turning a slightly more rueful one Aggie-wards. "Would you like me to fetch you anything? This can't be enjoyable. The racket they keep making." She offers, flicking a vaguely amused look at R'hyn. Or possibly just she twitches. "Sit before you fall?" It's a question, see. She's definitely taking her own advice, at least.

"Yeah, no, I totally understand." Aggie offers a tilted smile to R'hyn when he comes into view, a smile that continues right along to Citayzleat before it eventually falls off due to Tiamat claw-kneading at her shoulder. As is to be expected. "It's been a long, ah… sevenday? Two? I don't even know any more. They've only just started hatching." And who knows how long she's been suffering before that. "I'm- no, I'm fine, I think. My head's just fit to burst, you know? In, like, all the worst ways possible. Are you two going to try for, uh, one of them? Or all of them?" There's a twinge of hope that the answer will be 'yes, we will take all of them', but that hope is futile and she knows it.

Just A Little Creepy Egg tips over again and, this time, it cracks. The cracks widen a bit as claws punch through, but the hatchling within remains contained - for now.

Imprisoned In Ice Egg shudders and splits, bits fracturing off and tumbling away into the basket. Nothing appears, though, and the contents remain a mystery for now.

Satisfied, Zula departs, if only to chase after Tansy and continue to make an utter nuisance of herself because Why Not. It's what she was born to do. R'hyn can only be grateful her attention on him was so brief. The man's chin lifts in greetings for Citayzleat, followed swiftly by a sharp snort for her advice. "I'm not gonna fall." Still, he sits, raking a glance over both women with a sympathetic sort of smile. "You've been keeping after the eggs that long? Shells," he huffs, one hand flicking through his hair. "That sounds like entirely too much work." He snorts and snorts hard for the request to take them all, head shaking even as he waffles, on the brink of decision before, "Maybe one. If one takes a liking to me." He shouldn't, but. "If only to make your life that much easier." There's a flick of what might be a wink, or might be an eyetwitch of his own as the eggs over there start making noises and fracturing, gaze lingering on them for a second before going back to Cita. "And you? Long day at the infirm?"

Cita definitely isn't making eye-contact with any of these firelizards, least of all Tiamat. "At least they're hatching now." The apprentice attempts at soothing, managing a smile that looks vaguely alarming, toothy and grim. Somebody make her quit that. Tansy doesn't: she's busy snapping at Zula, trying her darnedest to buzz her clear off the table. BEGONE. "They shouldn't continue with it for too long, should they?" She ventures, a little hopeful herself. For peace and quiet? For Aggie's peace of mind? Both? Both. Glancing Tansy-wards, Cita flinches, but dredges up a more natural smile for the rider next. "Sure. Anything to help, right?" Cue wide-eyed look for R'hyn. GO WITH IT. But look, she doesn't even need to, because there he goes. And he sits, too, and Cita relaxes marginally. She's not making eye-contact with that basket, either, but hey. It's making all sorts of ominous noises, and what could possibly go wrong? "Day?" The healer blinks, slow. Shrugs. "Sure, day." Put That Smile Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me. "It's going around, eh?"

There's a vague noise from the Weyrwoman. "If you're lucky, none of them will take an interest," Aglaia points out. "I'm not sure which ones are Tiamat's and which ones aren't… there were just a whole bunch of them all over the place on the sands." She eyes the gold askance, but there are no answers out of her. She chirp-hisses, flexes a wing, and settles right back into humming while the eggs do what eggs do. For her part, the human half of that odd equation winces and looks back to the basket. "Anyway, yeah. I've had to make sure they didn't miraculously end up on the sands again. She really, really, likes her eggs to be there. I'm really hoping they'll be done in the next day or two, but…" that sounds an awful lot like she might be jinxing herself and that's just not okay. She trails off there and settles back, rubbing at the bridge of her nose while she half-listens to the conversation, a quarter-listens to the constant hum of 'lizards, and the rest of her is forced to contend with a gold dragon that is always there, even when she isn't, physically. Because she's there. Mentally. Looming. Making demands.

Just A Little Creepy Egg finally ruptures. Finally. And the world will never be the same.

What's The Rush? Blue Hatchling
This particular blue firelizard is more than a little off-putting. He's small, certainly, but built with strength. In him, form follows function and that function is, clearly, to be a hunter among 'lizard-kind. His muzzle is short but powerful, his neck and tail and body in perfect proportion. His neckridges are short and slicked back, while his claws are anything but short. His hide is an unnatural shade of blue, a blue that's somewhere between midnight and purple - it looks greasy, with streaks and bands of lighter and darker purplish-blues sliding along to create a disconcertingly plated pattern on his limbs. His wings are efficient constructions, the dark blue of his hide continuing through his wingsails. The only patterning on his wings are the visible veins of ichor that feed them, creating an odd, weblike design.

Imprisoned In Ice Egg hatches quickly after, perhaps attempting to take advantage of the situation. Somehow.

Hideous Metamorphosis Brown Hatchling
There's something upsettingly malleable about this brown firelizard, though it's hard to really define. He's shaped like any other firelizard, squarely in the middle as size goes - his proportions are neat, perfect, even, and the entirety of him could well be the template upon which all firelizards are made. And, yet, his coloration is peculiar, a shifting array of browns that appear to change constantly - even if that illusion is merely a trick of the light. It might be a base of klah brown or cinnamon - perhaps it's truly mahogany. Maybe it's actually closer to a burnt ochre, teasing at tones of sienna? It's hard to tell with any certainty, especially if he's oiled or slick. His wings are not much more helpful, paler than his body but just as elusive, with warped bands of color that run together and make it impossible to pin his true nature down.

R'hyn laughs, quiet and grating in an over-tired fashion, gaze flicking from the Weyrwoman to her gold and back. "I take it Tiamat's spawn have been… less than likeable?," he asks in a very 'what is it with you and angry golds' manner without. You know. Actually invoking the kind of trouble that comes with asking that question. Not like he can judge, anyways, as his own green tries to shove Tansy into a Mufasa-Scar situation on the table over there. Honestly. "Is she particular about you being here? Because I'm in here… a lot," he says with a glance back at his pile of papers and books, body swaying as though he might just give this all up and go back but— no. Right. Helping Aggie! They are helping her out, meeting Cita's wide eyes with a widening of his own in agreement, silly expression breaking with a brusque, fleeting laugh. "You need a vacation. Take a day off. Do something other than scour bedpans," says the Kettle. "And if you smile at me like that one more time, I'm going to-" But whatever it is the weyrling was about to threaten, it's cut off when not one but two eggs hatch, and, "Shells." SO IT BEGINS. R'hyn gestures towards the basket full of DANGE— I mean, flits, head rolling at Cita as though to say 'ladies first.' Ah yes. Let the woman wade into hell first. So magnanimous of you, R'hyn.

Cita's whole face scrunches up as she nods, shoving a wayward hank of hair out of her face. "True enough." She agrees solemnly, but here she is, reaching over to snag a bit of wherry liver. "I can't believe other firelizards would let her take their eggs. Or did they lay them alongside her?" The healer huffs, sounding pretty impressed as she still steadfastly refuses to even look at the gold. Oblivious to her pet's chagrin, Tansy scuttles over the edge, hissing loudly and reaching up with her wings wildly - a surprisingly smart move for the little airhead. If she's going down, she's taking you with her! Aster is entirely more reserved, humming dutifully for the new hatchlings. "It's not natural for them to want to lay on the sands?" Cita wonders, and glances double-take quick over a the weyrling. Both eyebrows raaiiiise, glance between her company. "Hmmmm. You don't say." She draws out judgementally for R'hyn, but it's more sympathetic for poor Aggie, stuck here with a bunch of crackle-y eggs and loud firelizards. The smile is even worse this time when she turns back 'round, toothy and wider-eyed now, because THERE THEY GO. There they go, and look at that. "They're…" The apprentice tries. She tries to come up with something nice. Instead, she twitches the liver at the little brown, smile even more grimace-y. "Wow." Sure. That's the word. "Hey, little guy. You're not unsettling at all, are you?" Cita murmurs, gamely.

"I'll hope that the ones that have hatched so far haven't been hers. I'll say that much," Aglaia replies to R'hyn. The wording is slow and deliberately diplomatic, but her tone is anything but - it's a deadpan, the kind of thing that offers no wiggle room or discussion. She is resigned to her fate and that resignation has cost her a piece of her soul. If R'hyn looks closely enough, he might see that missing piece. Maybe. Or that might just be a weird shadow or something. "I… have no idea, to be honest. There were just a bunch of eggs and every time firelizards lay eggs on the sands, Valigath loses her mind, so it was either remove them and suffer this way or leave them and suffer the other." Her eye twitches. The goldrider pets the smaller, but no less angry, gold's neck briefly, but settles into spectator mode - complete with her empty hands facing, palm up, toward the basket. See? She has nothing for you firelizards. Nothing. The rest of her motley fair is scattered around, humming like the monsters they probably are, deep down. That's nothing on the firelizards yet to hatch, though - or the odd pairing that have manifested, like nightmares. All of this? That's on R'hyn and Cita now. She has nothing more to do with this crazy mess.

What's The Rush? Blue Hatchling stretches a little, then clicks his little teeth together rapidly a few times to create something that sounds like 'kekekekekeke'. He chitters, flexes his wings, and then he's off! Sprinting directly off the basket and toward the ground, with no care given to the toes of those below. HE WILL FIND FOOD HERE.

Hideous Metamorphosis Brown Hatchling is, on the other hand, far more interested in easy prey. Like the kind of prey that's dangling mea- er. Being dangled directly in front of him. Or nearly so. It's liver, which is probably his favorite. Or, maybe, it's just food, which is also his favorite. In either case, he makes his way right on over to Citayzleat - if only to snatch a treat.

"Well, if you need an egg-sitter, just let me know." As for the already-hatched eggs, R'hyn is somehow uncomforted. Imagine that. "Oh. Good," he says, just as deadpan, smile on his lips bordering on plastic as he shifts his gaze slowly, jumpingly, back towards the flits now pouring their way out of the basket, as though wondering just what he's gotten himself into. Then again, he's asked that of himself quite a lot in the last two turns, and throwing himself headlong into a thing hasn't done him completely wrong just yet, and so— Missing pieces of soul it is, the expression observed with a tick of his jaw but no further comment, his own shadows chasing over R'hyn's features before shoulders stiffen and he returns to the task at hand - which is to say, grabbing up chunks of meat that he doesn't even want to try to name thank you and sliding after Cita even as Zula and Tansy go falling off the table in a tangled heap. Watch him step over them. Just watch him. "And don't you think this is over, either. I'm going to give Telj a piece of mind if he doesn't give you downtime soon." And by that he means, he's going to tattle on her because he knows damn well that it isn't Telj making her work all those shifts. There might be more, but then he's settling to one knee, attention distracted by clicky-toothed noises coming from the blue sprinting into their midsts, mildly alarmed but probably in way too deep right now. "Shells, but you're an interesting one," gets observed drily as meaty bits are dangled, hopefully distracting the creature from said toes. Toes are friends, not food!

"Sure thing, R'hyn." But the odds of Aglaia being released from egg-sitting duty are slim to none at this point. She looks to Cita with a thin smile that definitely doesn't reach her eyes, though. "I love Valigath with every fiber of my being, but she is… not a dragon you want to anger. At all." A shiver works through her at some memory or another and the Weyrwoman's attention slides far, far away from the horrid beasts- er. Hatchlings. Firelizard hatchlings. Either way, her attention is shifting inward, where another nightmare is making itself known. Pay her no mind. Focus on the monsters. Yes. Because she isn't. And, thankfully, they aren't interested in her anyway, for all that Tiamat seems to be insisting on calling them to her. Fortunately, none of the other eggs are in danger of hatching at the moment.

What's The Rush? Blue Hatchling keeps up that 'kekekekekeke' clatter-click of teeth and claws while he sprints over toes and around things and- oh. Hi. Hello. Is that a delicious meats? The blue tips his head this way and that before deciding that, yes, that //is a delicious meats and he will take it, thankyouverymuch. He bounces up, jaws wide, to latch onto it - and the fingers that hold it, if he can. Because he totally wants to get a nice, long look at R'hyn. The kind of look that's life-changing.//

Well, R'hyn tried, anyways, or so his half-scrunched, half-understanding expression seems to read, gaze pointed back over at Aglaia with a shrug of his shoulders. "Regardless, I'll be here. Misery can enjoy company, if nothing else." There's a snort given for Citayzleat's sarcasm, but R'hyn isn't even going to go there, won't even try to bring down whatever karma or demented form of justice the world would inflict by his agreeing. They're already wading into enough trouble as it is, or so his hindbrain tries to tell him regarding this particular firelizard currently clattering around on the ground but… well… since when has R'hyn had an ounce of self-preservation? Better not start today. Flick-flick go the meats, even as he huffs loudly for Cita's shin-kicking. "You know, for a Healer, you sure do try to injure me a lot," he says because The Weyrwoman Is Right There, lips slanting to one side in a smirk. It's not at all bitter. "And go ahead. Talk to Pieta." He dares you! One brow lifts, but then he points his attention back down at the little 'kekekekeke'ing flit below, watching its head tilt this way and that in consideration. "Hey there. Yes, it looks delicious, doesn't it." Hrk. "Delicious, delicious… whatever-it-is." Finger. The answer is finger. Entirely too much finger. "Shards," R'hyn utters, some kind of hideous mix of squeak and shriek for the unexpected needle-teeth sinking into his finger, eyes meeting eyes for that entirely-too-meaningful look. "Get off me you little shit." Ah. A match made in heaven. To be fair, Aggie had tried. She tried so hard. But now R'hyn is trying to pry the little blue menace off his finger, and he just isn't giving up, and there's blood dripping to the floor and, "Faranth." This is just not how R'hyn saw this going. Bless his misguided heart. "Don't let anyone mess with my stuff." Because he needs a Healer - a Healer not immediately occupied with her own Special Hell. Bye, R'hyn! It's been real!

Niki makes her way itnt he weyr living cavern, having just finshed a delivery here at the weyr. She glances about curiously. Niki blinks as s he spots the eggs, "Oh….I guess my timing is good today huh." she smiles as she approaches the table.

Cita looks like she might like to protest — drag Aggie away, make her take a day in the infirmary somewhere nice and quiet and full of healing draughts and pillows. She doesn't push, though, nodding slowly. "Best to not, then." The healer winces, and. Ah. Look at that. The little brown accepts the second tidbit, and the apprentice cringes, looking like she'd very much like to scuttle away from the little darling. Instead, she twitches just a little and gathers him up, observing the unsettling shifts in his hide as he observes her steadily. "Well. Okay." Deep breath. Reaching for another organy bit, Cita carefully feeds the little guy, wincing when she glances over at R'hyn. "Tattle-tale." She accuses, like obviously she's right. SNITCHES GET STITCHES, R'HYN. Completely at odds, however: "Shells. Are you okay?" The healer glares at the firelizard like he can help his hatchling-y ire, and for a moment it looks like she might just abandon the little brown in favor of tending the bleeding wound in front of her. The weyrling is off, though, and Cita settles, glancing down at the firelizard to see it watching R'hyn — then looking back at her, enigmatic. Not screeching hungrily. Or doing much of anything else, but tilting its head in time with her twitching. ABORT MISSION. Too late. Save yourself, Niki!

So far, it's a pretty okay evening. Aside from the constant humming of firelizards and the intermittent popping of eggs. Aglaia's still kind of… zoned out, so she misses R'hyn's departure or the arrival of a visitor to the Weyr. Or, rather, she's aware of it, but only after it's happened and she waves farewell to the weyrling in a way that's probably also a greeting for the latest arrival to the caverns. She remains seated in her chair, though, the basket of eggs just sitting there and being full of eggs, if less full than it was hours ago. She wrinkles her nose at something and her eyes clear up, her attention sliding to Citayzleat. "Do what now?" She blinks a few times and it all falls to the wayside, her features screwing up once more as Tiamat starts humming directly in her ear again. "What -now-? Stop. I'm right here, Tiamat. Seriously."

Among The Ruins Egg seems to sense the arrival of another and it twitches, just a little, before fine cracks form on the surface of it. Nearby, people are collecting bits of meat and seem to be simultaneously hoping - and fearing - what might emerge from the egg.

Niki tilts her head as she approaches gathering alittle bit of meat herself. The young brown rider says,'Irene's duties" as she gets near her expression becoming somewhat hesitant at the looks on the others faces, "Um…" the meat held delicately in her hand.

"Oh, hey. Half Moon Bay's duties to you." It's a mouthful. Aggie manages to get it out without sounding like she's too far gone - but she is. The woman's exhausted. She has a bunch of noisy firelizards. There's a whole lot that's just pure craziness, frankly, and it's clear that, while she's hanging on, it's by a thread. "If you- ah. Well, if you want to give it a go, you're welcome to. They've been kind of hatching as they see fit, so- oh, hey. That one looks like it's going to do something, doesn't it?" That twitching egg, that is. And it does look like it's doing something, because it is doing something.

Among The Ruins Egg continues to twitch vigorously, until some cracks form. It doesn't take long at all, in fact, for the cracks to widen enough to allow the beast within to emerge with a triumphant squawk!

Savagely Barbarian Green Hatchling
This green firelizard is a primal thing, with skin that's naturally doomed to be a bit rough no matter how well she's oiled. She's a middling hue of green, skewed a bit toward yellow at her paws, the tip of her muzzle, and ends of her tail. Her neckridges are dramatically curved and tinged at the very edges with splatters of red. Faint markings lend the appearance of scales on smooth hide, her form otherwise solid and strong for all that she's a bit on the smaller side. There's something barbaric about her features, her heavy eyeridges and thick jaw - something absolutely savage about her oversized claws and the way she stalks rather than walks. Her wings are just as often used as weapons as for flight, the yellowed sails banded with eye-catching - and alarming - chartreuse.

Cita slants a sympathetic look for Aggie, picking absently at the little brown's goopy hide. It doesn't seem to do much good, actually, but she tries to smooth it out anyways. For his part, the hatchling makes odd little noses and eyes Tiamat curiously, head following her every movement where Cita is pointedly not. "Not angering Valigath." The healer murmurs, grabbing another smooshy bit of liver and mangling it to feed to her little monster. He tucks in fiercely, but Cita's fingers manage to not be mangled as she smiles vaguely for Niki. "Hi, there!" She's edging away, though, eyes settling briefly on Aglaia. Warn the visitor off? Nope. Try and attract the little green, when she's already got her deeply unsettling little brown on-wrist? Shells, no. "I'll try and wrangle some willow tea." The healer promises, in spite of being waved off of fetching-duty — whether for the sheer relief of escaping, or sincere worry over the poor Weyrwoman, one. She'll be back. She just might take a slightly curcuitous route to avoid any chance of attracting any more tiny 'lizards.

Niki blinks and smiles, "Oh." as she looks down at teh little green she very hesitantly offers her meat forward to the fierce looking little green

The Weyrwoman nods at Citayzleat - or, rather, where she was a little while ago, as if she's on the worst possible kind of delay. She rubs at the side of her head with a grimace and a bit of side-eyeing at Tiamat, who remains perched on her shoulder and insists on being as noisy as firelizardly possible. "See? There. I think… no, she's the second green. But she's not quite as, uh. Weird as the other one was." Still, she holds her hands out to prove that she has nothing to eat, even if Tiamat is crooning to the little green as if to summon her.

Savagely Barbarian Green Hatchling is, fortunately, oblivious to the calls of the gold firelizard. Her interest is purely on the offerings of meat - or, rather, the very specific offering of meat that the visitor has acquired. She chitters and huffs and hop-flaps her way to Niki with a feral tilt of her head. Then she leaps again and tries to latch onto the meat with her teeth and claws. Rrrr.

Niki blinks trying not to pull her hand back but wincing slightly as the little one jumps oner her hand and grabing the meat froom her fingers, "Careful little one. Tehre will be more if you leave my fingers.

It was a tense moment, arriving over Half Moon and immediately being challenged and nearly chased off, Firith was allowed to land and E'vyl questioned about his presence. He must have given the proper answers though, since he strolls right into the caverns a little while later. Stopping to give a moment so he can scan the crowd, he frowns not seeing who he's searching for. Wandering among the tables the brownrider hitches the satchel strap higher on his shouilder when it gets bumped and nearly knocked off. Soon he finds himself near the gathering and notices newly hatched flitters demanding food. "Those are some…interesting hatchlings." Wow, seems he 'has' learned a bit of diplomacy from all those weyrling lessons. He suddenly remembers his manners "Evening Half Moon, greetings from Monaco." He sends nods around the group, an extra smile or head dip towards fces he knows.

Savagely Barbarian Green Hatchling snaps a little more at the meaty offering and flares her wings, but as soon as her eyes catch on Niki's own, she calms down. A little, anyway. It looks like she'll take that offer of meat if she leaves fingers alone!

Bureaucratic Red Tape Egg twitches a bit, though it's hard to say just what caused that bit of movement, really. Maybe nothing at all. Who knows?

Valigath, at least, seems to be the most ardent defender of the Weyr - and that might well explain why Aglaia's been so fuzzy and distant. The gold's done nothing but challenge the arrivals to the Weyr in her own way, forcing some kind of diplomacy into the mix. Only after the visiting Firith lands does the gold finally ease up and Aggie's able to breathe again - figuratively speaking, that is. She's been literally breathing just fine this whole time. Mostly. She pinches at the bridge of her nose, blows out a breath, and glances up when E'vyl speaks. She offers a thin smile that's tilted a little and motions at the basket of eggs that's nearby. "Half Moon Bay's duties to you! Ah- do you want one of them? There are plenty to spare and Faranth knows I have my hands full with my lot." There's a sympathetic look to Niki, too, for the fierce green that's found her, but the goldrider's suffering with an equally insufferable gold at the moment. It's been a long, long day.

Niki shiver and swallows reaching for a little more meat,"My you are a fiesty one." offering the little green moreand more meat, trying to stay ahead fo the little critters hunger.

E'vyl dips his head bit lower to the Weyrwoman with a hint of a smirk "Thought for a moment there Firith was gonna bug off without me when we were challenged." Watching one woman get her fingers nipped by a starving green, he cracks a grin to the WW. "Hmm, should I track down a set of those kitchen tongs to offer meat with?" He wiggles his fingers a bit "Might be able to avoid an infirmary trip to have fingers sewn back on that way." Another grin for Niki before he wedges his way into the circle. dropping his satchel behind his chair. Eyeing the eggs, he reaches for some meat to have ready when something cracks. "Okay little eggies. Who's hungry? I can promise lots of bacon meals at E'vyl's table." Grasping a dripping tidbit, he is ready when a goo covered head makes an appearance.

"Ye-eah. Well. She's… worried. We all are, though things seem to be calming a little," though Aglaia still sounds a little stressed. She rubs at the back of her neck a little, careful not to disrupt Tiamat from her humming or her perch or any of that. "Ah- and, hey, if you want? But I have a feeling some of them might try to eat the tongs while they're at it. At least they're hatching at a good clip, you know?" Which is a small reassurance for her, to be sure. She settles back into her seat for the time being, lapsing into silent observer mode, while reminding the eggs that, no, she has no food, so please, don't hatch and look to her at all.

Bureaucratic Red Tape Egg jerks again, perhaps in protest of something or another? It's clearly a harder motion than the inhabitant seems to have intended, for the egg splits abruptly and the firelizard within goes a-tumbling out unceremoniously. The green shrieks her protest, the violation in protocol clearly tantamount to a crime.

Resistance is Useless Green Hatchling
For all that this green firelizard is small, she also seems, well, large. Mostly, she's just short, though it seems her shortness just feels even shorter somehow. She's chubby by nature, her wings broad and stubby. She's a positively boring kind of green, naturally dull and a bit bumpy in places. It's a dusty kind of forest green, really, lightening only at her stumpy neckridges and blotchy all over the rest of her. Her features are blunt, her nose a little too large and oddly upturned. The rest of her is an unfortunate creation, short-limbed and lumpy, with nasty hooks for claws. Her wings might be a saving grace in terms of appearance, despite their blobbishness - they're almost pretty, with dark markings scrawled over the translucent sails that might appear to be writing - if utterly nonsensical.

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