Music In The Barracks

Western Weyr -Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

The sound of a guitar being strummed emanates from Firamar's cot, his empty guitar case sits on the foot of his cot and a notebook is lying open next to him. His voice can be barely heard as he sings the words to a song he is working on, "I stare across the room at you unbelieving yet enraptured, your beauty shines across The space as if the Sun had come and lit the room up with its presence.." he pauses a moment and scribbles in his notebook then continues to strum on his guitar.

Taking advantage of a mostly empty bathing area, Chrystyne's reemerges into the candidate barracks with a damp towel draped over her shoulders. She changed into her daily clothing as well and since she's unsure of her chores today she's kept it lose and casual. Baggy shorts and a short sleeved tunic are both in dark red with a yellow vest over it all. Silver laces are lose in her boots. Pausing at the doorway she leans against it to listen to Firamar work on the song.

Where there is music, there is Briari. The other Monaco Harper peeks over at the strumming of the guitar, then drags her own over as she looks to join him with a hopeful gaze. "Hey, can I play along with you? I'm dying to get some music out in the air and it's been awhile since I've had a chance to play with my band mates proper." She hooks her smile upwards, almost pleading until her attention is caught by her best friend coming back from a bath. She lifts up her free hand, waving to her.

Firamar continues his soft singing, "I am afraid To say a word less you get up and leave Not a Word is spoken, a whisper or a shout.." Fir grabs the pen and scribbles some more into the notebook nodding as he does so the pauses as Briari's words penetrate his mind, "If you wish feel free though this isn't any song that has been recorded yet, there is more work I need to do before it's performance ready." He turns and spots Chrystyne greeting her with a smile and a wave.

Chrystyne wiggles fingers towards Firamar in greeting. "Heya you two." Briari is included in the finger waggle too as she meanders over to plop down into her cot. The towel is dropped onto the floor beside it. She's not much else to say other than the initial greeting so that she doesn't break Firamar's train of thought on his song too much.

Settling down on her rump, Briari pulls the guitar into her lap and begins to play as her fingers dance along the strings. "I know there is another Harper candidate here also who sings and plays. The three of us should get together and work on some music, maybe put on a concert for the Weyr before the hatching. I hear dragons love music and can hear them through their shells. Could be a rumor. But, I'll never turn down a chance to play a song." She strums effortlessly as she lets out a soft hum to tune her voice.

Firamar puts down the notebook after searching through it then putting it down with a satisfied smile, he strums his guitar and slowly, softly starts to sing; "Alone upon the sands we stand , awaiting a choosing or no Awaiting the arrival of the one that will plumb our deepest heart And judge us worthy of their love or make us wait again The shattering of eggs, the cries of joy or sadness rebound Upon the walls of the grounds, for all to hear and share.." He continues playing his guitar, allowing Briari to follow along with this new song one that he'd written for a different hatching as an observer for those that had stood on the sands. "The little ones move amongst us now, looking, searching for What is lost till it is found again, the bond between strong…Then in your mind a voice is heard, declaring love for who You are, "I choose you! You are mine and I am yours forever!"

Chrystyne sprawls out on her stomach with her full attention upon Firamar now. A faint smile etches into her features in remembrance of being left upon the sands before. "A song for the hatching feast perhaps?" she asks in a quiet murmur.

Listening to him sing, Briari gains a goofy smile on her face as she can relate in some way after being left alone last time around on the sands. Her fingers pick up the chords and pace of his song easily. "You will never fade away - your love is here to stay! By my side, in my life, shining with me every day. Because, you wake within me, wake within me - You're in my heart forever!" The beat picks up, a rebellious melody, one born to match into war with. Her head bobs a few times as she closes her eyes to drink it in, then lets the strumming stop as she lets him answer her friend.

Firamar turns toward Chrystyne and slowly nods his head, "Yes exactly, was a song that fit the occasion and was well appreciated…" He continues the song "We start as two but now till time ends the two shall become the One!" For others there is no choosing, only despair and loneliness As upon the sands they are left to wonder if There is a One for them or are they doomed to be alone?" He slowly fades the volume of the guitar and then lays it down in the case, closing it to prevent any accident from damaging it should it fall off his cot, "I've not stood before but from talking to those who had it gave me the inspiration I needed to write the song and play it at the feast. Seems it hit a chord with many present there."

"You've played it before?" Chrystyne asks once Firamar finishes the song. Her ice blue eyes watch the harper carefully putting the instrument away. "Where you from before you became a harper?"

Shifting her guitar upon her lap, Briari turns her attention to Firamar as well as she cants her head. "I know I've seen you around Monaco Bay a few times, and I think Harper hall once or twice before I left to go back home."

Firamar nods his head, "Yes just the one time, I was raised on a cothold beholden to Ista Hold then went to Ista Weyr where I worked as a Gardener till I was convinced to apply to the Harper Hall. Seems that some thought that I had an ability to tell stories though where they got that idea from I don't know." He nods to Briari, "Yes I was posted to Monaco from the Hall, along with my wife…" The pain is still visible in his eyes when he mentions his wife or his daughter but he has promised himself to move on with his life and do the best he can do with what he is given. "Then I was searched and here I am a Candidate, reminds me of a story…"

Chrystyne does a startled double look at Firamar at the mention of a wife. An inaudible 'oh' escapes her. Clearly she didn't realize he was old enough to have wed. "Guess the story will finish out after the eggs hatch. Ending to be determined." she remarks with an odd expression. To express her sorrow for the loss of his wife just doesn't seem to be enough so she doesn't outwardly express her sympathy for the past.

Cooling her own expression, the joy of music seems to have ended once Firamar mentions his wife. Briari puts her guitar to the side and leans back, planting her hands behind her. "Yeah, when the eggs hatch." She says in a soft sigh under her breath. "Did you guys get food yet today?"

Firamar nods his head, "I've already eaten so I'm good…oh shards that reminds me I need to arrange for another harper to do a handfasting I was scheduled to do in a few seven days!" A sign escapes his lips as he recalls other things he was scheduled to do and needs to make arrangements for other harpers to cover while he's a candidate. "I've been so caught up in becoming a candidate that I'd forgotten that I had other duties that needed attending to, they don't stop just because I've been searched."

"Well, let me know if you need any help." Briari says with a quick smile, shoulders shrugging upwards. "I'm good with history, which is my area of study. Not sure how helpful that will be for you though." Placing her hand on her stomach, she feels it growl lightly, then rises up to fish out a piece of jerky from her backpack.

"Thanks for the offer but all I really need to do is let the Hall know what needs doing and they can arrange to have someone take over from where I left off, or at least I hope it's that easy!" Firamar places the guitar case on the floor under his cot, then places the notebook in the satchel that hangs from the frame of his cot. "There's been too much drama with me as it is, so am going to do my best to get back to some semblance of normalcy if that's possible as a Candidate?"

"I don't know what can be considered normal anymore these days. I just wing it as best as I can and try not to get too far under water." Briari says as she puts her own guitar away to the side. "But, we'll see.. usually it's chores, chores, chores, and then lessons, then.. touching the eggs, then more chores. It's pretty routine. I guess the only drama that can come of it is the kind that you make your own. I'm a good example of drama, I guess. Everything out of my mouth tends to be the wrong thing." She dosen't seem very pleased with that statement, in fact, downright morose. "Either way, just keep your head up and try and be confident. It'll go by quick."

Firamar smiles at Briari's words, "Well now I don't know all that much about what it will be like to be a candidate but I suppose for someone whose been through this all before it wouldn't have the same impact that it has for those of us who've not experienced it. As for keeping my head up I try to do that as much as possible not sure about things going fast as so far it seems that things have been crawling along quite slowly." He swings his legs up on his cot stretching out momentarily, "All I do know for sure is that it will be a unique experience that some will handle well and others not so much."

"In the end, it's up to the dragons to decide." Briari says with a small, forced smile on her face. "I took it real personal last time, and went home feeling miserable. But, in the end, I had to realize I couldn't blame myself. My lifemate just wasn't there and that's alright. He or she is out there, somewhere, and I hope that one day we can find each other sooner than later." Her shoulders lift. "Until then, I can only work hard and focus on the day in front of me, and not what's over my shoulder, or what's in front of me."

"The Dragon's always make the choice, some are left on the sands but that's not necessarily a reason to be unhappy. As you said it just means that your dragon wasn't in this clutch, but will be in some other." Firamar stands and stretches again, "Well I have to go assist the riders, not quite sure what I'll be assisting them with but I have a feeling it won't be boring at least I don't think so." With that he turns with a wave and slight bow to head out of the barracks to see what adventures await him.

"Have a nice day." Briari replies back as she takes a bite off her jerky, tearing a chunk away with her teeth. Plucking up the guitar again, she goes back to strumming it slowly as her fingers wander along each chord. She tilts her head over to Chrystyne for a moment, offering a weak smile. "Nanny duty isn't that bad to be honest. I actually enjoy it. What are you stuck with?"

Chrystyne is still sprawls on her stomach on her cot though she's fallen silent as she simply listens to Firamar and Briari chatting. "It sucked at first being left but there /is/ more than being a rider." she comments quietly. "Finding your life mate may never happen but I certainly am not convinced there is a dragon out there for me for sure. It's just…well a gamble I guess.' the chatty Istan guard offers a small shrug. "Assisting the riders?" she says with some interest to the departing harpr. "Sounds fun!" briar's question draws a puzzled look. "Dunno. I've not looked yet. Look for me?"

"Lazy." Briari teases as she puts her guitar down and heads to the chore board. Looking over it, she blinks. "Oh, I'm assisting with the Elderly today, huh, must have changed. And you…" She trails off. "You have a free day. Well, lucky you." She drawls out with a laugh. "I'm actually excited to work with the older people. I bet they have some great stories to tell."

Daranyl pushes his hair out of his face as he moves into the barracks, looking fresh-washed and well and truly awake, the little calico following after him looking miffed at the dampness as he settles onto his cot, leaning down to pull out the whetstone from his press and start honing his knife. The calico jumps up beside him and curls up against his hip and starts purring, far more talkative than he is.

"Hey." Chrystyne greets Daranyl as he passes. One hand reaches out idly to the calico as the kitty passes and she does a quiet clicking sounds in greeting to it but she lets the kitty keeping going without stopping it. To Briari she gives an odd look. "I'd imagine they have stories to share. If they can be remembered." amusement flashes. "Ask if candidates have always done chores while waiting for the eggs to hatch."

"I don't mind being used as free labor. It's a real honor to be accepted as a candidate and it keeps me busy." Briari grins as she gives a wiggle of her fingers to the kitten. "Hi Daranyl." She says softly with a quick smile to him before she turns her attention back to Chrystyne. "So, later tonight, you want to get dinner and maybe see about dragging Kyra along if she is free? I haven't really caught up with her since I arrived." She taps her fingers together lightly. ".. well, last time I was here it didn't go so well, so, I guess maybe I'm.. a bit skittish."

The calico lingers momentarily to Chrystyne's scritches. Daranyl just shrugs, "'Tis wha' 'tis. 'M only here 'cause I couldn' say no ta Sunny 'n' figgered it was worth a try. Pretty sure th' chores're jus' 'cause the teachers had ta do 'em when they were cand'dates." He looks up at Briari, though, blinks once, then deadpans, "'M sure th' fac' tha' you were fishin' fer gossip when we'd spen' th' las' two sevendays diggin' folks out of the wreckage of their homes had nothin' ta do with it."

Once the calico is past Chrystyne she brings her hands up to rest her chin on her upturned palm. Stifling a yawn she's clearly contemplating spending more time sleeping on her free day. "Lessons start soon? Wanna see how things run differently here." she remarks before falling silent to look back and forth between Daranyl and Briari. "Fishing for gossip??" the words come out startled. "Briar woulddn't do that!" her icy blue eyes rivot to Briari to wait for her to deny that.

Frowning as Daranyl interjects into their conversation, Briari says, "It was taken completely out of context. I visited so that I can make sure Kyra was alright, and to maybe get her out for a bit and take her mind off of everything because I could tell she was upset. When I asked her if she wanted to get dinner and catch up on the gossip, it was meant more in the lines of, Hey, let's get out of here for a bit and just catch up. It wasn't my intent to insult anyone or make light of the situation. I just wanted to try and comfort my friend without throwing her a pity party." There is a visible twitch in her cheek as she pushes herself up and heads to the chore board.

Daranyl snorts, shifting the knife in his hand to catch the edge before setting it back to the stone again, "Don' really know nothin' abou' th' lessons other'n tha' they're comin'. Only been here a few months m'self."

Chrystyne casts another curious look towards those two again before simply sliding right out of that conversation. She wasn't there so she's offering no more comments. "Yup, know that lessons are coming. We're pretty full up here now I think." one hand casually gestures at the barracks around them. "Should be starting soon." as Briari goes to the board she calls over to her friend. "What does Kyra have for a chore today?"

Looking visibly shaken, Briari stares at the board for a moment before she grates out, "Laundry duty." Her eyes blink a few times before she takes in a quick, sucking breath through her nose. "Well, I should head out and get to my own duties. Thanks for the salt in the old wounds there. Have a good day, guys." Pushing off her weight, she heads for the entrance after snagging her shoulder bag off her cot.

"No problem. Helps stop th' bleedin'." Daranyl sounds entirely in earnest there, too. He tests the edge of his blade again and, finding it satisfactory, tucks it back away in its sheath, "'M stuck on laundry, too. Shoul' be… laundry."

Chrystyne rolls her eyes at Daranyl. "Not nice." she points out to the hunter. In case he didn't realize. Which he most likely did. A quick look is given to Briari. "I'll see you around Bri." back to Daranyl she remarks. "Maybe I'll give you guys a hand later." she offers.

Daranyl shrugs non-committally, leaning to tuck his whetstone back in its place, "'M no' a nice guy." He glances out the window, judging the time, then reaches to run his fingers over Tidbit's fur thoughtfully, "'N' 'M no' th' one who yelled at her th' firs' time." Keldan beat him to it.

Chrystyne gives a non commental grunt in response. A couple minutes pass as she clearly is considering a comeback for that. Finally she states. "Perhaps your dragon then will be nice enough for the two of you." once more propping her chin onto her upturned palms she yawns again. "Well she's here to stay now and I think she's good."

Daranyl shrugs again, "Presumin' I even have a dragon ou' there." He doesn't seem to think it all that likely, but he's in this whole hog for now. "Yer welcome ta yer opinions." He says it flatly, without stating his own. He just twists enough to lay back on his cot, oofing softly when Tidbit bounces up onto his chest.

Chrystyne shrugs faintly but doesn't seem disturbed her. "Everyone's got the same chance to Impress." she falls silent though for now to stare thoughtfully across the room.

"Tha's a lie." Daranyl turns to look at Chrystyne, "If'n everybody had the same chance, they wouldn' bother with search, jus' put everyone who wants ta out there 'n' see what's what. 'N' there're plenty what the dragons search who never impress. Potential doesn' mean they'll impress, affer all."

"Everyone in these barracks." Chrys clarifies with an exasperated eye roll as she pushes up off the cot. "Whatever then." she says blandly. "Everyone's got their own opinion." with that she starts to head out of the barracks.

"Fair 'nuff. Won' know if'n our dragon's out there until th' day comes. 'Til then, it's jus' make-work 'n' lessons." Daranyl sucks in a breath and lets it out in a long yawn, "Got another candlemark or so b'fore we hafta work. No reason ta start earlier'n necessary."

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