Candidates Meet The Eggs

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It's a beautiful morning at Half Moon! And apparently Celimoth is feeling friendly enough to let the candidates finally come down and get a closer look at the eggs. One of the assistant weyrlingmasters comes down to round anyone up who might still be lingering around before chores, or heading in during breakfast. The senior queen seems to be begrudgingly letting them down onto the sands. She's curled protectively around the Here Thar Be Pirates and Big Green Blob Eggs looking grumpy. The candidates are urged to be respectful, and no running or horseplay while they're out for the touching.

Daranyl is actually a little pale as he moves onto the sands, pausing on the threshold, then actually bowing to Celimoth before he looks over the eggs, then moves straight to the one that first caught his attention when he snuck in to look all those days ago. He sucks in a deep breath, having no idea what to expect, then reaches out and lays his hand gently over SHADOWS OF NIGHTMARES EGG's smooth shell.

"Is that normal?" That's the question Aglaia poses to, well, anyone that's nearby. "I've heard of queens guarding gold eggs, but… two?" It's a curious thing indeed, but it doesn't stop her from venturing forth to lay her hands on the World of Balance Egg. There is no overt anxiety in her, just a touch of something troubled and deep. Her touch is cautious and reverent, her forehead furrowed just a little. She sucks her lower lip just a little in thought, eyes unfocused while she focuses everything else.

Ezrayl isn't too far behind Daranyl, though she looks quite a bit more relaxed than he does. She'll follow suit with a bow, mostly because her brother did one first, and then her eyes are roaming the eggs. It's after quite a bit of thought that the guard turned candidate begins to move her way to the Trifecta of Perfection Egg. She reaches out, gently brushing her fingers against the the shell while sucking in a breathe. Here goes nothing.

Keldan is a yawning, rumpled mess. Oh he's been up for a while, no doubt. But that doesn't mean the teenager is ready to move around in the world. Certainly not when there hasn't been any food in his stomach to give him fuel. There's a wary look towards Celimoth though when he does make it out on the sands. He shrugs though, throwing a glance at Aglaia. "Hey, so long as we're not getting eaten, she can cuddle up to whatever eggs she wants to." But the boy does continue on, finding himself a shell to lay his hands on.

Aglaia sucks in a breath and briefly pulls her hands away - only to press them at another point, eyes wide with a confused mixture of familiarity and equally familiar fear. "I've- that's…" She glances toward Keldan when he speaks, one eyebrow quirked skyward, but she can only manage, "I know, but still." Weird to her. Just like -this- egg, seems to be. She focuses again, breath held and trapped.

Kyra is less of a rumpled mess, but she's still yawning, wearing clothes that she likely didn't spend too much time picking out, seeing as they only barely match: olive green cargos, an oversized yellow tanktop that hangs on her, and her knit drab jacket. She's likely still hot, even in sandals, but she doesn't seem to much mind it. Rubbing a knuckle over her eye absentmindedly, she asks aside, "Is there an egg that's really gold? I know there's a couple that are pretty shiny…" She looks at the others, already feeling up their own ovoids, and takes a moment to decide on her own. She approaches it, studies it, then plants her palm on it. Ta da! I'm here. What's up?

Ezrayl's lips curl upwards in a tiny smirk as the images find her mind. One foot slides forward, as if she were taking a step closer to something but she doesn't lean on the egg too much. There is a slight shift in her features again now, curiosity. "I've been invited to stranger places….why not." The guard turned candidate's fingers reach out for that same egg again and she allows a bit more pressure this time.

Keldan might have even kept on talking, but he does suddenly look like he's having to concentrate…rather hard. His lips quirk upward ever so slightly though, and he moves around to the other side of the shell before replanting his hand on it. "Little of this..little of that.."

Kyra doesn't seem overly shocked by whatever the egg greets her with, her eyes twitching and her lips tilting into a very mild smile. She looks, well, a little rebellious, not that anyone's paying much mind. It's not an abnormal look for her to have, anyway. Rather than argue mentally with the egg, she relaxes and lets it probe around in her head, closing her eyes to block out the shimmering heat of the Sands in the process.

Aglaia is lost in that moment, eyes wide and growing wider. Somehow. She swallows hard and moves just slightly to a side, fingers skating across the surface until she finds a blotch of cobalt that seems particularly compelling. Time to listen again. Harder. Breathlessly, she waits to see just what remains to be told.

Daranyl sinks to his knees by the egg, his eyes closing almost drowsily. His fingers trace lazily over the patters on the surface and his breathing evens, "Don' be afrai'. 'M no' gonna hurt ya. 'M Daranyl. Don' go inta th' dark. Where're ya goin'?" The last question is almost plaintive as he presses his hand more firmly against the shell, "Come back."

Beads of sweat begin to form on Ezrayl's forehead and she reaches up to wipe them away with the back of her hand. She even begins to pull at her sleeves a bit, sweat forcing them to stick to her arms in a slightly uncomfortable fashion. But whatever is causing all this seems to fade slowly as she's shown one thing after another and though her fingers remain on the egg, the flush gradually leaves her cheeks.

Aglaia steps away only after it seems all is said and done. Breath returns slowly and only after she stands, eyes shut, for a few long moments. "I'll have to…" is a thought that escapes before she catches it with a clenching of her jaw and a shake of her head. The position of the other candidates is noted - and she moves on, fingers twitching just a little with the memory. Another egg is found and stroked, her head tilted, just so, with curiosity.

Keldan takes a slow breath, tilting his head up to look above. There's a bit of a blink given, mildly confused about what is possibly../up/ there. But he shakes his head again after a moment. That vague smile remains though, and he doesn't move from the position he's taken. Instead he flattens his palm against the shell, nodding to himself now and again.

Kyra remains standing next to the first egg she's chosen, her eyes mostly closed still, but her shoulders firm up a bit and she adjusts her stance to make sure she won't slip on the sand. Whatever's going on over there, it's happening internally, or at least as much as possible.

Daranyl takes a slow breath, relaxing back on his heels, "Tha's it. Don' be afrai'." He continues his gentle caress of the shell, revelling in whatever feeling it's eliciting in him, calm, happy… content. "Who're ya? Tell me more."

Aglaia seems to regain her equilibrium again. Balance is secure once more and she leans in just a little, hands spreading apart on the egg. No words for this one; nor is there a need, really. She's just listening, eyes shut and heart open, curiosity shared in some way.

Keldan gives a soft laugh after a short time, but backs off again, patting the egg lightly. He gives a soft puff of breath, shoulders rolling as he breaks away entirely to look around. There's even a quick glance upward…just in case. Then he moves on, reaching for the next closest egg to brush his fingers over.

Now there is a full blown smile on Ezrayl's face as the heat she previously faced is quite quickly disappearing. She lifts her head upwards and takes in a deep breathe, as if she were facing the wind itself. The guard's expression slowly begins to change into something a bit more wicked, a bit more daring, as if adrenaline were pumping through her veins. In the blink of an eye however, all of that disappears and she's standing there blinking at the egg in front of her. "Interesting, aren't you?" After taking a deep breathe, Ezrayl steps away and finds her fingers on another egg.

Kyra drops her hand away from the egg when its mind voice disappears so abruptly, rubbing her fingers together and taking a moment to roll her shoulders and neck, letting her brain settle back into its normal pattern. She rubs her hands together once more, then looks over to see Keldan nearby, turning to touch the egg between him and Daranyl.

Aglaia sucks in a breath, only to murmur, "So many colors. How…" But something about it seems just a bit dizzying and she has to shut her eyes again, while her mouth pulls thoughtfully to a side. Of course, the mistake is that her hands are still on the egg, so her efforts at centering herself will probably be futile.

Ezrayl sucks in a deep breathe, or perhaps she's gasping. The candidate keeps on hand on the egg shell but her other is suddenly being used to thump her chest, as if something was caught in it. Even her eyes are squeezed shut in a wince, but there's a twitch of her lips. "Is that all you've got?" It's a challenge, plain and simple. As uncomfortable as this may be, the young woman may seem like she's keen on making things worse. "You haven't even seen the rest."

Aglaia withdraws abruptly, only to blink her eyes quickly a few times in a desperate attempt to… do something. She huffs out a breath, shakes her fingers out again, and cants a sidelong look to the egg again before she moves right on to the next in a move that's methodical. Calculated, even.

Kyra looks momentarily startled this time, her fingers bending slightly against the shell as if tempted to withdraw and abandon the egg for something else. Her other hand flexes at her side for a moment before she frowns and plants it on the egg as well. Here. Fine then. She's holding on extra now, as if to make a point.

There's quite a bit of immediate enthrallment, with Keldan's brows furrowing. Spacing out, the teen simply closes his eyes to roll with it, air sifting quickly between his lips. And then? There's an abrupt gasp and a slight jerk as he pulls away from the egg for a moment. "/Ow!/ Geez, what the heck..?" When he puts his hand back again, his other is coming up to rub at his forehead a bit.

Daranyl yelps suddenly, falling back on his butt onto the warm sands and shaking his hand as if it was stung or shocked, "Well then…" He takes a slow breath, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants slightly, as ne looks around, then settles on the egg of glowing triangles, daring to reach and press his palm more confidently against the warm surface of the egg.

It's quite unexpected when Ezrayl begins to feel her body shake, as if all of her life force was seeping out into the sands. Again she breaks out in sweat, this time from effort rather than heat. It seems to take all she has to keep standing, and now her thick red locks fall to either side to mask her face. But she stares at the egg from beneath that dark mask, grim determination in her features as she pushes back to welling emotions much the same as she always has. "I-I'm not done yet." There's a slight stutter from an effort to speak, but her voice carries an edge nonetheless.

Kyra firms her stance once more. She doesn't seem to be touching the eggs as much as squaring off against them, something that is seemingly shared with her fellow candidates. Tough egg crowd, I guess. She continues to frown thoughtfully as she keeps both hands planted on the egg, closing her eyes again while her own short, dark curls flicker about over her forehead.

Aglaia jerks back just a little, eyes wide this time. One eyebrow wings upward and she opens her mouth, a question perched on her tongue, only to close it again and swallow it back. She shakes her head a little, perhaps in defiance - or denial - before she presses in just a touch. Consider it a challenge - taken or given.

Daranyl startles, his visage suddenly intense. He doesn't actually run, but there's the sense of speed and pursuit and of the hunter's stalk, then, quite suddenly, stops. He blinks, eyes glazed over, looking at something that's not actually there, "Yanno… this is a real stupid thing ta do…" He sucks in a breath, setting his jaw, then closes his eyes, "Show me."

Ezrayl steps back from the egg and sucks in a breathe of air and she straightens to her full height. It takes some effort, more than she would like and for several moments the young woman can't quite bring herself to move. Beneath that stoic expression there is a hint, just the slightest hint, of satisfaction and perhaps even amusement. With some effort she begins to search the other eggs and eventually finds herself drawn to another.

Are they only supposed to touch with their hands? Because after a bit, Keldan simply leans forward until his forehead presses against the warm shell. That lingering pain in his skull drifting away as quickly as it came. "Heh.." And if there's more, quiet, and slightly weird laughter coming from the teen..well..try and ignore him.

Aglaia holds her breath again, though her eyes remain open - if narrowed. Cautious? Worried? Thoughtful? Hard to tell from any angle, really. Her fingers slide along the shell again, as if seeking a more secure point for them to rest. And, finding it, she stops again, braced for whatever will come next.

Kyra is very, very deliberate as she removes her hands from the egg, rubbing them on her butt as if to chase off the weird sensation that has been shared. She studies the egg for a little while, then shakes her head and looks around, trying to figure out where to go next. The eggs are eyed almost suspiciously for a second before she rubs her hands on her backside again before she goes to find another egg to meet up for. Maybe it won't bite her this time.

"Sharding demanding, aren't you?" Ezrayl's words are a hiss muttered beneath her breathe, but the young guard doesn't seem to be backing off. Her features twist into a grimace of some sort as her fingers begin to tremble and breathes take a turn towards something more shallow. Now her hands seem to be using the egg to support herself, but she doesn't take a knee. Not yet. For now she pushes forward with a flushed face.

Aglaia exhales slowly and finds herself swaying forward just a little. She shakes her head sharply as if to clear it, only to peel her hands away and look at them. It's a curious look, one full of distant wonder - a wonder that's extended to the other eggs. If her gaze lingers longest on the first she touched, so be it. And then she's moving again, gaze locked on the next egg to be touched.

Kyra relaxes upon touching this new egg, rubbing the surface gently with her palms as she adds another hand to it. There's nothing aggressive in her stance now, just a calm, quiet, curious expression on her face. She glances at some of the others as she hears them speak, but pays not too much attention to it, focusing on the egg under her hands to see what it will say next.

Keldan does finally come back to himself, jerking his head upright again with a quick look around. The egg itself is given a confused look, and somewhat wary when he peels his hand away from it. He rubs his fingertips together a few times as he backs off, brows furrowing just a little before he shuffles himself right away from it, coming around a few others before finding another egg.

Daranyl's nostrils flare, his brow furrowing as if smelling something both acrid and familiar, his fingers tensing against the shell. All of him is intent and focused, "What're you tryin' ta show me?" At least the heat isn't phasing him, but he much preferred his first venue, "This is gettin' even more of a stupid thing ta do… but I'm gonna trus' ya." Probably the stupidest thing he's done yet. His grip stays firm on the egg, "Jus' show me, this is gettin' old."

"Heh, if you thought I'd give up just like that…." Ezrayl murmurs something to the egg, eventually allowing her words to fade into something inaudible. There's that fierce grin appearing on her face once more and her hand curls into a fist as if to show her determination. Or perhaps it's simply a reflex at being challenged. "It can't be much worse than what I've already seen."

Aglaia sucks her teeth and frowns deeply, while her hands start to pull away. A shiver trips down her spine and goosebumps claim her arms despite the heat of the sands. "I'm not- no. Stop." But she doesn't. Her hands move, feeling out the striations and landing on one of the black spots that decorate the egg. She braces for the next, but if she's a bit paler… so be it.

Kyra seems to enjoy this egg quite a bit. She cocks her head to the side while looking to wait rather patiently for something to happen, fingers absentmindedly feeling along the little bits of texture over the egg's shell. It's a good thing Kyra's pretty open in general. It probably makes it easier for her to deal with these eggs being so brain-pokey.

Ezrayl straightens as she steps away from this egg, her eyes flashing to meet whatever challenge she thinks has been placed before her. Instinctively her hand reaches down to where her sword usually rests at her hip, only to come up with empty air. This seems to be slightly disconcerting, but that's quickly pushed aside as she makes her way towards yet another egg.

Keldan tilts his head just a little bit, taking a slow walk around the egg. He doesn't lose contact though, tracing the surface carefully as it feeling around for..something. Anything.Though there are little imperfections to be found on the smooth shell. Still, he does wander, not keeping his hand in one place for too long.

Aglaia clenches her jaw and keeps her hands in one place, this time. Her eyes narrow to slits and she hisses something under her breath at the egg. It's just for her and it to know, of course, and the tone implies denial or mild irritation at the particular prodding she's receiving. Her expression holds, tension threaded through her, while she stays with it despite the discomfort.

Ezrayl can't help the smirk that comes to her face at the new set of images in her mind. "You need a bit of polishing up with your weapons work." As for the question she's asked, "Quite a bit more than what I can show you at the moment." She doesn't have the proper equipment at the moment, but that doesn't mean she will be stepping away. The guard shares what she can with her mind while her hands continue to linger.

Kyra remains standing by the Falling Bricks egg for a little while, her eyes open and examining its colors, her head tilted a little still. Eventually, she draws her hands back and rubs the palms together, fingers lacing and lips pursed a bit. She looks over in Keldan's direction to see how he's doing and ultimately decides to infringe upon the egg he just left, ruffling her fingers through her hair to loosen the curls and let in some air before that hand comes down on the surface of her new egg friend. Howdy.

Daranyl blinka-blinks, shivering suddenly as if cold and damp, "Wha're ya tryin' ta tell me?" He actually sounds a little frustrated, even as the journey pulls him forward. He sucks in a slow breath and lets it out, tensing as if preparing to jump, then, suddenly straightens back, "Wha' th'…." He rubs at his eyes, as if trying to fathom what he's seeing, then turns to the next nearest egg, World of Balance.

Ezrayl lifts her face to the ceiling, looking at something in her mind behind those closed eyes. The thick locks of red hair tumble down her back as she does so and as the guard breathes in she seems to fill with life and energy. The corners of her mouth curl upwards and Ezrayl's head bobs in an almost imperceptible nod, but she remains with the egg.

Aglaia jerks away from the egg with a sharp intake of breath and a bone-deep shudder that claws down her spine. She hugs herself in the aftermath, a baleful look cast at that terrible egg. At the same time, her expression is a conflicted one and she shakes it off while moving along to yet another egg. Caution colors her motions now, with one hand dubiously extended.

Keldan pauses in his slow trek, lips curving upward yet again. He keeps his hand steady this time, simply holding it in place while pressing close to the warmth of the egg. "There.." A soft word, trickling out quietly from between his lips. Maybe he's least something there, lurking within.

Kyra does not exactly feel immediately as if she wants to be friends with this egg. Indeed, she frowns with suspicion and curves her fingers so that her palm is pulled away from the shell, even if she never quite stops touching it. She is not disappointed, ultimately, and she winces hard and shudders after a moment, her fingers pressing into the egg's surface enough to pale the tips. She grits her teeth, frowns, and looks down at the egg with a sort of, well, sharpness is the best word for it.

Daranyl's jaw clenches, his back straightening with obvious pride, but the challenging kind, "Anythin' you can do, I can do better. You don' know me." He pulls his hand back, his eyes suddenly coming back into focus, then curses softly, "Oh, no you shardin' don'." His palm is pressed hard against the egg's shell again, "Bring it."

Aglaia grimaces and withdraws her hand, upper lip twisting a bit. "Another? No. Why? Why are you…" She trails off, grits her teeth, and dares to put her hand on the egg again. Perhaps putting her fingers on a lighter part will help. Perhaps. She can only hope.

Ezrayl's expression suddenly takes a turn towards something more neutral and her mouth purses slightly. After a moment she shakes her head and finds herself moving away from that egg over towards another. There's some consideration before she finally finds herself drawn to another.

Kyra doesn't give in to what the egg is selling, basically, and stands in a tense, fairly drawn fashion beside it even when it starts trying to fill her head with all kind of sparkly things. She breathes slowly through her nose, she narrows her eyes, and she just watches it, as if being able to see it will somehow influence the egg's behavior.

Keldan blinks rather suddenly, brows raised. "Huh." He keeps his hand there for a little while longer though. Waiting? Hoping? Alas, after a while there's little that the teen can do about the silence that meets him. The egg is given a little bit of a pat before he puts some distance between himself and it, shuffling off to the side.

Aglaia seems prepared for whatever happens next, though she's still tight with tension. Her mouth flattens into a thin line, some muttered word or another for the egg's occupant being shared, and then there's nothing. She places her other hand on the egg and waits - tense and ready.

Daranyl's lips peel back into a dark, dark grimmace, "Wha' good's power to ya? Yer jus' an egg." Them's fighting words. No fear shakes Daranyl's knees, just stubborn pride. He's even bold enough to try to force control back on the fledgling mind within, "Power's not wha' matters."

Kyra pulls her hand away from the egg quite suddenly, looking down at it now with confusion on her face while she rubs her fingers together, then against the leg of her pants. She look around yet again, trying to see where everyone is, but she gives the egg a passing pat this time before she pulls away, grateful for the last bit of help. Unsurprisingly, or perhaps in a way of hoping to avoid tripping all over herself, she finds an egg that other people seem to have already finished with and nudges it gently with her palm before pressing it to the shell properly.

Kyra resists the urge to withdraw her hand from the egg just to mess with it, her lips twisting into an almost wry grin as she toys with the idea and pulls her hand up to the point where it just nearly loses contact. She doesn't, however, relenting with a sigh and, still smiling, flattening her hand to the shell once more.

Daranyl slumps, letting his breath rush out in relief, "Good. Good." He takes a deep breath, giving the shell one last pat before he straightens and rolls his shoulders. This time he takes a step back, considering his choices more carefully before he touches the egg whose shell seems ever changing.

Aglaia seems satisfied, in some strange way. She withdraws slowly, contemplation creasing her features. Once again, she shakes her hands out - perhaps to cleanse them for the next or to make sure the psychic residue is nullified, somehow. No matter. A final look is angled to that egg - and then she moves to touch another.

Ezrayl's breathe leaves her body all at once as her body begins to shake. It's in front of this egg that she finally crumbles and she takes a knee. Beads of sweat begin to break out on her forehead and for a moment it looks as if the candidate might actually throw up but she holds it all back. Her eyes are squeezed shut as if to fight off whatever nightmares are assaulting her mind over and over again. Still, her hand doesn't leave that shell. There's a grim determination in her features as she remains in front of this egg.

Daranyl's brow furrows in obvious confusion, "Wha' the…" He pulls his hand back and rubs at his eyes, giving his head a shake before pressing his palm to the shell again. He has no idea what it's up to, but he's not going to give up that easily.

Kyra is now resisting the completely opposite urge to give the egg a big old hug, resting her free hand on its shell now in a relaxed fashion. Her expression verges closer towards happy than the intensity she, and many others, have shown to a few of the other eggs so far. She even goes as far as to bop her forehead lightly on the egg's surface, as if forehead bumping a buddy.

Daranyl is just as confused as before, "I don' unnerstan'… I don'…" He presses his palm more firmly against the shell, "Wha's goin' on, shard it all?"

Ezrayl breathes in deeply, gasping for air as if she were drawing in the questions being put forth. There's a hint of trepidation, but she pushes past it. The candidate can't find the energy to bring any audible words from her mouth, but there is just the slightest hint of a nod in reply to the egg. Now the candidate seems to slowly building up her resolve, trying to calm herself as she remains leaned against the egg. There's no attempt to push herself up to her feet, she knows that she couldn't even if she tried. But whatever is coming towards her, it seems she will face.

Aglaia looks deeply confused for a moment, her hands threatening to pull back as her body is briefly rocked with a spark of sensation. A faint tremor claims her hands and she lingers, unable to decide whether to move or stay. That indecision is its own choice, her fingertips resting on the shell despite her best judgment.

Kyra gives the Dreaming Knight egg a light, amiable pat as she straightens up, smiling down at it for a few seconds, then stepping away. At least that egg has gotten her in a better mood so that touching the rest might be less of a slog. She looks around and realizes there aren't many left to actually touch, at least so far as her tally goes. She wringes her hands together contemplatively for a moment, then strides forward with sudden determination to plant her hand on a new egg - the Trifecta egg, of all things.

"No! No, come back." Daranyl caresses the egg again, but there's nothing left to touch, "Ya didn' answer my question." He stays there a long moment, then sucks in a breath and forces himself to stand, turning in place until he sets his sight on another egg, anything to wash away the disappointment of the last one.

Kyra remains fairly relaxed as she deals with this new egg, letting her eyes close to better see what it wants to show her. She twitches a little bit as it does so, less as if she were in pain and more as if she were dreaming of doing something, like running. She looks thoughtful, rubbing the surface of the egg now to save her mildly burning palm from getting even hotter.

Aglaia utters a breathy sigh and shuts her eyes, fingers spreading out again on the egg. Something happens, something shifts, and her expression of contentment shifts to one of lesser dismay. She shakes her head, just a little, opens her mouth as if to speak - only to go silent again and, instead, let the movement of her palms speak for her.

Oh ho! Daranyl presses a second hand alongside the first, "I can do anythin', but you can' make me do nothin' I don' wan' ta." Stubborn is as stubborn does, pressing his own sense of power back against the presence within and not retreating.

Ezrayl doubles over, taking both knees to the sands now and bringing her head down to meet them. One hand leaves the egg to clutch at her chest and her eyes stare at the fine grains of sand as she sucks in breathe after breathe. But despite the fear in her expression, there's also something else, a flicker of defiance as if she can't simply let things go. Perhaps this was a defeat, or at least this is how the former guard takes it, but it isn't over. She'll have to grow stronger, but for now the candidate is slowly pushing to her feet. It's almost more than Ezrayl can handle, but after a small nod to the weyrlingmaster she finds herself slowly moving back to the barracks.

Kyra doesn't have any strong outward reaction to this particular egg, not yet, her head remaining tilted as she tries to figure it out. So far, it has yet to be overtly amiable or overtly hostile and she's sincerely hoping it remains that way, if the touch of pensiveness on her features is to be believed.

Aglaia draws a breath. Holds it. And then releases it at the last, though her hands remain on the shell long after it's mentally gone away. Eventually, though, her hands drop and she rubs them against one another, her expression clouded with something or another. "I will draw you," she decides of that one - or, perhaps, all of them. Hard to say, really, as she's starting to move further away from all the eggs. Sensory overload: achieved.

Daranyl jerks back as if struck, but it's a stunned, almost free look that's plastered on his face, "I don'… how do I know?" He gives his head a shake, "If'n you'll show me… Jus' show me…" He leans forward, almost hugging the egg, but in a totally manly manner.

The assistant weyrlingmaster starts collecting up all the candidates. Some of whom are already heading towards the exit. It was hot, and they've been out here a while. And touching so many eggs was tough!

Kyra is more than happy to be done with all the touching, rubbing her hands on her thighs again as she goes to fall in with the others.

Daranyl sucks in a breath, running his hands over that shell once more. "Don' worry. I'll be back." That has the ring of a promise worth making. He takes another breath, loathe to separate from this particular egg, but then he's been corralled and he nods, pulling away slowly and starting to move off slowly, lost in thought.

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