Hot Springs Interlude

Western Weyr - Hot Springs
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Halfway immersed in one of the pools Firamar is enjoying the heat seeping into his body, loosening muscles that had knotted up on him as well as just being relaxing. Happy to just soak and steam Fir has left his ever present guitar back in the candidate barracks leaving him feeling more naked than he is now.

It's a day off for Aglaia, which means a day spent doing things. Or, rather, doing things while not seeming to do things at all. At the moment, the young woman is in one of the lesser populated pools, with her back to the pool's wall and a book in her hands. She's reading and, periodically, half-turning to jot something or another down on another pad of paper behind her. She's extremely careful about all of it, of course; it'll do her no good to get either paper or book soaked, after all. Nearby, a green firelizard chirps and trills, anxiously awaiting -something-, though Faranth knows what.

Daranyl is in another pool, wearing nothing but a light, sleeveless tunic. He's leaned back with his elbows hooked up on the ledge and his eyes closed. Despite the break from chores the touching allowed him, he's still smeared with dirt and manure and right now he's glad to just let it soak out slowly.

Ezrayl's also in one of the pools, though she's wearing a two piece bathing suit. Her waist-length red hair fans out across the top of the water before she ducks down and comes back up. Eventually her gaze moves to rest on Daran and there's a slightly raised eyebrow, "Since when did you start wearing a shirt to bathe? Doesn't it defeat the purpose?" She has an inkling that it may have something to do with scars and his disappearance, but maybe not. There's a glance over to Firamar and Aglaia as well, both of whom get a polite dip of the head.

Firamar submerges himself and upon surfacing whips his head around sending droplets of water flying in every direction, if one were to examine the pool closely they could see a slick of dust the remnants of his cleaning chores, "Who'd have thought that there was so much dust in the weyr? I mean I knew there'd be some but it was like someone had saved it up just for me to clean!" Of course this last is an exaggeration but then again one is never quite sure what little enhancements there might be for the poor candidates! He returns Ezrayl's greeting with one of his own, before submerging himself again.

A few more things are jotted down, then the paper is stuck into the smallish book like a bookmark. Sort of. Aglaia turns again, this time to hold the book out to the green 'lizard, who seizes upon it with a warble of delight. "There. Be good, Asherah. Take it to Dad - in -one- piece this time, thankyouverymuch." The last is a breathless rush uttered in the moments before the wee beastling takes wing and practically hiccups *between*. That done, the girl is able to assess the state of the pools properly - and quirk an eyebrow at this or that or whatever. She catches just a scrap of conversation here and there, but it's the mention of Daranyl's shirt that ultimately draws her in. She heaves herself out of her pool and pads over to sink into the one where others are. For conversation, see. She's also gone native - or she's always kind of been - and has eschewed the idea of a bathing suit for the sake of going natural. "It is -really- weird," is all she'll add, with a tilt of her head toward Daranyl. "It's not as if I'll judge - nor will anyone else here, I imagine. I mean, everyone's busy with their own bodies." Even if she's -technically- not proving her point, it still stands. Then it's onto Ezrayl, with a polite nod of greeting. "I'm Aglaia, of Ierne Weyrhold. I saw you earlier, but I don't think we've actually met." And that seems to be extended partially to Firamar. She would say something, but he's under the water before she can manage it.

Daranyl looks at Ez, then shrugs slightly, "'Ve got my reasons." DISCOMFORT. Ez can feel it, at least. "I can wash under it." He glances at Aglaia, then shrugs, "'Ve got my reasons." Yes, that's his story and he's sticking to it. "They prob'ly did, Firamar. They love puttin' us ta work."

"Ezrayl, nice to meet you…both." The red-headed guard nods at both Aglaia and Firamar and offers them a faint hint of what might be a smile. Her attention shifts to Daranyl not long afterwards however and that expression is quite quickly changing into what is most certainly a slight frown. "You know I'm not going to let this go." Though she might save him the trouble of having to explain it in the middle of the hot springs to other people.

Firamar surfaces again, running his hands through his hair to remove a bit of the excess water then smiles at Daranyl's response to his words, "I guess they would think of it as testing us to make sure that we had what it takes to be riders though in the end it isn't anyone but the dragon's choice as to who is picked." Grabbing some soap he lathers his body making sure to not miss anywhere as the dust seemed to have permeated every pore and wrinkle that existed on his body. "I don't think I really needed the rag to clean, the dust seemed to be attracted to me!" He sighs and submerges himself again to rinse off the soap.

"My Dad's the same way about his scars," Aglaia observes blandly. "It's silly." One shoulder rises and falls. Her gaze tilts to Ezrayl and she nods, though her nods are little more than a lift and drop and re centering of her head. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ezrayl." Her smile manifests, thin and lopsided as it is. "Did you touch the red and charred looking egg?" It's a conversational hook, the Candidate equivalent of 'how's the weather', but it's -something-. "That one's… that one's -something-." Firamar's words are caught and she cranes her neck to look at him. "Well, they have to make us earn our keep. It's not like it's cheap to maintain a gaggle of Candidates on top of everything else. If they didn't put us to work, that… that wouldn't make sense."

Daranyl's dark eyes flit between the three, then he sighs, "Fine. FINE." He reaches under the water, finding the bottom of his shirt, and pulls it up, tossing it to the side. In the flesh of his chest are newer scars, probably three or four months old now, the word TRAITOR carved across the top and a swirling renegade symbol carved into his flesh beneath it. Thanks to the healers, they're not as bad as they could be, but they'll never fully heal away, either. He crosses his arms and arches a brow, daring any of them to say anything. "I touched tha' one, yeah. It was a bit cocky, bu' coul' be good.

It's that time again for Hika! Not the time of the month, but the time that happens once every few months. Her dragon is proddy, and that means she's on the prowl. And is not to be trusted. Which is likely why Cass has been stalking her around more than usual. Also making sure her dragon was around Hika's green. Today though, Hika has decided their small weyr bath isn't good enough, and so she's migrated down to the hot springs. Whether Cass wants her to or not. And she heads to the pool with the most people in it. And then starts stripping down. "Helllooo!" She blinks then as Daran shows off his torso. "Ooh, Daranyl, what happened to you?"

"I think I did…it was…interesting to say the least." Ezrayl's nods to Aglaia and is about to say something more to Firamar when Daranyl pulls off his shirt. It isn't hard to see the anger that sparks in Ezrayl's eyes and soon the young guard is rising from the water with a look of pure murder in her eyes. "You didn't tell me about this." The candidate hisses these words between her teeth while both hands curl into fists. Not that there's much she can do with them. Not now. Eventually she settles for falling back into the water and tapping her fingers angrily against the side. There's a glance over towards Cassara then, mostly because she seems to be an acquaintance of Daranyl's!

Cassara follows behind her weyrmate, rolling her eyes the whole way. Proddy Hika was both a lot of fun and a huge headache at the same time. She follows up behind Hika. She watches her weyrmate strip for a moment before her comments make her look toward Daran. Her brow furrows as she looks down at Daranyl, examining the scar. "Well… That certainly explains a lot."

Firamar looks at the scars on Daranyl and seethes…he'd heard of this happening before from reports that were made by other harpers and passed on. He slowly breaths in calming himself and commits what was done to Daranyl to memory to be passed onto the hall as soon as possible as it seems this might be a pattern of what the renegades were doing. "I don't know, I missed the touchings as I'd been out with a rider helping with some deliveries. I'd imagine I'll get a chance to touch at some point or another."

It might, then, come as a surprise when Aglaia – well, says nothing. Nothing about the content of those scars, rather. Instead, she intones, "The… impression from it is a familiar one. I wrote Dad about it, because… well." She trails off lamely at that, then glances again at Daranyl's chest. She extends a hand briefly, purely in an attempt to touch one of the lines - if he'll let her, of course. At any sign of his discomfort, she'll pull away. "It is what it is, Daranyl. It's only as bad as you think it is - and, apparently, you think it's really bad." If she can catch his gaze, all the better. "I don't think it's that bad." She's probably in the minority with that, but it's hard to tell just -what- part isn't so bad to her. Her head tips at the sound of semi-familiar voices. "Good to see you and, ah- Cassara, right? Glad to see you again."

"What'd ya expect Ez? They've always dealt with traitors th' same way. 'N' they've moved camp by now, so there's no point in tryin' ta go an' defend my honor." Daranyl looks up as Hika and Cassara enter, his jaw tensing, "Jus' pissed off th' wrong folks." He doesn't stop Algaia from touch it, they're just scars and they're healed closed and then some by now, "Ez, these are Cassara 'n' Hika. Ladies, this is my sister, Ez."

"Those traitors weren't you." Ezrayl runs a hand through her hair, only serving to tangle it and earn another angry hiss from the guard. This /probably/ isn't the best first impression, but when she's introduced to Cassara and Hika the closest thing she manages to a smile is some sort of half scowl that doesn't really come off as friendly. "Hello." There's a dip of the head towards them, but it's about then that all politeness goes out the window so to speak. "I need to go cut something." For the record, she means a training dummy. That's the only announcement that heralds her departure, and soon the red-haired guard candidate is gone.

Hika waves to everyone before she slides down into the water. "Ah.. Come on, Cassy! I'll let you wash my back if you're nice." It's unclear whether she means nice to herself or to everyone. There's a wave to the departing Ez. "Nice to meet you!" She smiles to Aglaia. "Hello! How's candidacy treating you, Aggy?" Then she turns her attention back to Daran. "Clearly. I bet you could get a tattoo, to help cover the scars. You could get something pretty! Like some flowers! Or something manly… I guess. Like… a crossbow?"

Cassara gives a nod to Aglaia bt the situation was of course a little bit distracting. She watches Ez storm away with a grin. That woman seemed to have a lot of piss in her and she liked that. A good first impression in here book. "… You were a renegade…" she steps closer to the water, her grin widening. "… Shoulda figured. Guess the breakup didn't go so well." She chuckles to her. Cassara peals her tank top off and strips down before joining her weyrmate. The woman was a lanky pillar of lean, tight muscle. "A crossbow?" Cassara laughs. "… Yeah that would bit him."

Firamar stands up and reaches for a towel then proceeds to dry himself off, the thought of what Daranyl still has him angered though not surprised as others who'd left the renegades had reported the same. They apparently wanted to make an example of anyone who dared leave them instilling a fear/reluctance in anyone else who might have a thought to leaving as well. "Well I'm clean for now, though how long that will last is up for debate. Depends on what chore I'll have next. Well I'm off I have to write a few reports to the hall then I think I'll write a letter to my folks and let them know how I'm doing."

Fingers expand across the words on Daranyl's chest and, for a moment, Aglaia looks about as intense as she looked about the eggs. She snaps out of it a moment later, aided by the appearance of a luridly peacock-blue firelizard who manifests just above her head. He descends with a shrill cry and accosts her just long enough to get her out of the pool, then offers up a small note of some sort as compensation. Her features screw up a little after she reads it, then further at Ezrayl's proclamation and departure. "I- it's good, Hika. I like it well enough. Really. But- oh, jays, I need to go," and it's clear that the reason for leaving is more the note and less the blue firelizard that's presently trying to make a nest out of her hair. Though: "Seriously Enlil, stop. -Stop-." She's fairly quick to dry off and, somehow, get dressed despite her new accessory - but she's soon gone, muttering something or another under her breath.

Daranyl rolls his eyes at Ez, "I betrayed 'em and I don' regret it." Stubborn hunter is stubborn. "I'm not gettin' flowers on my ches'. Or anythin' else." He nods to Cassara's words, "'M not hidin' who I am." He nods to Firamar and Aglaia as they exit, then reaches for the soapsand, starting to wash up.

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