Needling in the Barracks

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks

Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Nyarra is waking up on her cot, and sees some other candidates. She smiles and waves. She's been busy helping in the laundry, and adjusting to the significantly different time zone, so hasn't had a chance to really meet the other candidates much yet.

Having been awake for some time now, Briari is currently sprawled out in her cot, gently strumming her fingers along the strings of her guitar. The Harper lets out a soft yawn, then scribbles down a few lines on to a piece of paper, then goes back to strumming. Pushing herself up into a sitting position, she lightly hums in her throat to find a tune, working out a chord here and there.

Nyarra yawns and smiles, "We haven't meet, I'm Nyarra, from a small farming cot hold formerly. I would guess you were a harper?" She shrugs her shoulders.

There is a look of amusement upon Briari's face. "No, I -am- a Harper." She drawls out with a lopsided smile. "I am Briari of Monaco Bay Weyr. Journeyman Harper and.. candidate for a second round." Her fingers nimbly dance along the strings once more before she puts the instrument away. "It's really nice to meet you Nyarra."

Raelii enters the barracks with a small sack over one shoulder. The teen looks a bit sweaty, strands of her hair sticking to her face and neck and she's a touch rumpled with wet spots across her tunic. Her spirit seems undampened though! She bounces along an isle, but quietly so, in case anyone's napping, settles to sit upon her cot, allowing the sack to slide off her shoulder and onto the mattress. A bright-eyed glance goes to first Nyarra, then Briari and before she can stop the words, she quips, "Either that or she's hungry? But uh, there's no hat to toss marks in."

Nyarra grins at Raelii's comment, but turns to address Briari. "I thought when one becomes a candidate, one is a candidate, and one's other profession is set aside for the time being?" She gets out of her cot, and proceeds to start making it up. "But then this is my first time in a weyr."

"I don't know about that, I just know that music is in my heart and it will always be there. This guitar is my lover." Briari says fondly as she strokes her fingers along the neck of her instrument. "So, what is your plans for tonight, guys?"

Nyarra says "I'm Nyarra," she offers to Raelii. "You a candidate as well?" she asks. She wants to say something else to briari, but decides better then to do so. She starts to pull out fresh clothes from her small supply of items that her family sent for her."

Raelii waits for it… braces for it - a lecture on the intricacies of how crafts work. In fact, she flicks Nyarra a sympathetic glance as she scoots to the back of her cot, leans against the wall and sits cross-legged while reaching for and opening that sack. She's in the process of pulling out a small sewing kit and a tattered garment when Briari speaks. It's… not a lecture. The teen can't help it; she blinks at both the harper-candidate and the guitar. A small giggle escapes her. "Kinky," is all she says, then lifts the shirt and answers, "Mending." A smile with dimples flashed to both of them, "Yes, I'm a candidate," she answers Nyarra. Her white knot is on her shoulder and she is in the barracks, but she doesn't point that out. "I'm Raelii by the way. Hello."

"Very kinky. This guitar has gave me quite a few wild nights in my life. Better than any dumb boy." Briari says with a giggle as her fingers run along the strings again. "I don't have any plans myself personally. I think I may just get some late dinner, get a work out in, then maybe hit the sack and sleep if possible. I've had a long day of chores."

Nyarra switches into a new shirt, doesn't seem to worry about her brief nudity in changing. "But if you love your music so much, how do you find room to love a dragon?" she asks. So she couldn't help but speak her mind. She is young so the concept being spoken of, of a 'wild night' is not something she understands.

Thread is poked into the eye of a needle while the other two talk. Raelii has one eye closed, the other squinting and the tip of her tongue poked out. It helps - really! Success! Needle threaded, she flicks Briari another look - one of merriment. "So you say. But the guitar can't verify your story, now can it?" A faint wink flutters in the wake of that and then she's busily finding just the right spot in the rend to begin sewing. She doesn't see Nyarra's…anything because her eyes are affixed upon her task. "I hear there's tunnelsnake head stew in the caverns," she says conversationally.

Smirking, Briari gives Nyarra a look. "The same way I make room to love my parents and my big brother. Besides, if I was to impress, my dragon will become my entire world, so I may as well get all of my musical adventures out of the way now while I can." She gives the guitar another look, then grins again over to Raelii. "So, you going to want a jogging buddy?"

Nyarra makes a face at the mention of the stew, "Tunnelsnake stew? That sounds disgusting." Then she did say she was from a farming cot hold, not likely one that ate such things. "If they just have some rolls and Klah, I'll join you two I suppose." as for the comment about having enough love for so many, she just shrugs it off. Easily distracted by the other conversation as well it would seem.

"It sure does," agrees Raelii of the tunnelsnake head stew. "I never said I was going to dinner," she points out cheerfully to Nyarra. Furthermore, "I'd rather die." She, who hasn't been here long, is aghast at Briari's question. That's clear in the way she lowers her sewing and gives Briari a long, blank look. "Jogging…buddy?" She blinks a few times. "They make us do that here?" Her hazel eyes are round and wide as they bounce between the other two girls. Say it isn't so!

"They don't make you do it, but I work out every morning and every night before bed." Briari says with a chuckle. "Just figured if you wanted a jogging buddy, I'm offering it up. I go with Chrystyne in the mornings, she's my best friend."

Nyarra says "I've never had a best friend…much less friends…well other then my brothers. We never did jogging, was always busy working." She's in good shape so that's been enough of a work out obviouslly. "But I'm still up for some breakfast…even if it's lunch." She grins. "Just no tunnelsnake.""

"Good!" Raelii smirks with obvious and emphatic relief. "Then no. I don't want a jogging buddy because I'm not doing that. Not once a day, not twice a day. I'm not crazy." She's smiling as she says it, though her expression is now semi-concerned for the girl who makes whoopie with instruments and punishes herself in the sweltering tropical heat. She doesn't look the least bit plump though and this is explained by, "Walked all day with my da's caravan; I'd rather swim anyway." She nods to what Nyarra says and cautions with a light giggle, "The caverns reek." Isn't she just the bearer of good news today?

"Well, let me know if you need a swimming buddy. I grew up next to the beach at Monaco and I love to surf and swim." Briari offers as well before she shrugs her shoulders upwards and puts her instrument under her cot. "You'll make tons of friends here, Nyarra. That's what candidacy is all about of course. Meeting new people from all over and bonding with them until the very end."

Nyarra says "I want to learn to swim. We didn't have much water around the farm. I don't think the caverns stink really, it's just…cave smell?" She's finished changing and putting her stuff in order. "So breakfast, then swimming?"

In out, in out. The needle flashes along the tear. A peek up at Briari, a very tiny wicked grin forms on the mouth of Raelii. "I heard that you can do everything: sing, jog, surf, climb mountains, make instruments cry in ecstasy…" she says sweetly. Back to her sewing, lalala. She's innocent! She chuckles at Nyarra. "Okaaaay, but don't say I didn't warn you. That tunnelsnake head stew stinks." It's why she's not going to lunch? Or is she just pulling their leg?

Shrugging her shoulders upwards, Briari says, "I'm not good at everything. I'm not even a good surfer. My brother is better at that. I fall off way too easily, but it's fun and it's good exercise. I just like the water." Her jaw slightly shifts, worry crossing over her face as her posture droops a bit. "But.. so.. yeah. Anyways, I'll just catch you two later." She says as she rolls off her cot and heads for the entrance.

Nyarra watches as Briari, heads for the entrance. She then looks over at Raelii, "Breakfast?" Seeing if she wants to join her, and also questioning if that's where Briari is heading, and should they join.

"I didn't say you were good," giggles Raelii, the imp. She tilts her head to one side, considering Briari's sudden droop. "I like fun," she assures the other girl brightly. But then she's following Briari's abrupt departure with puzzlement and a shrug. "Seeya later," she calls after her then flicks Nyarra a look, shakes her head and smiles. "I'm not hungry. You go on." Raelii is just gonna sit here… and needle… clothing.

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