Odor Of Candidacy

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

Daranyl's boots are coated in manure, his chin and neck spattered with general, unidentifiable grime. He's leaned against the corral fence, scraping the sole against the wood to try to clear it. It's just after chore time and, well, he doesn't look like he much enjoyed this one.

A guitar slung across his back, a satchel over his left shoulder and Firamar is in his usual accoutrement. He walks towards the corrals not noticing Daranyl but definitely noticing an odor emanating from somewhere close by. "Oh my that's enough to make the little run for home, tunnel snakes move to another home and poor candidates run for nose plugs! Wonder where that is coming from…Oh." This last said as he spots Daranyl and his coating of droppings along with some unidentifiable goop.

Cassara is doing her morning… or whenever, run. Whenever she could fit it into her schedule. Black shorts, tank top, thick hair tied back in a big ponytail. The woman could certainly move, her long body and large stride making her pace seem almost effortless. She slows to a stop as she sees Daran though, leaning on the carral fence with a grin. "Hey! Shovelin' shit? Hows that goin?!"

"Thank ya, I do so love ta scare the littles." Sarcasm, thy name is Daranyl. He rolls his shoulders, shifting to scrape his other boot, "Done now. Yanno, runners'd be less mess if'n y'all let 'em move about instead of lockin' 'em in little boxes filled with hay."

Firamar grins "Probably but then what would they have us candidates do to make us wish for candidacy be over as quickly as possible? Though I must admit the odor coming from you is a little ripe shall we say, maybe you could bottle it and see it as tunnel snake repellent? You might make quite a few marks if people could get close enough to you to buy any." He moves closer to the corral and leans against a section of the railing making sure the breeze is blowing towards Daranyl and away from him. A salute is thrown Cassara as he gets comfortable.

Cassara gives Firamar a nod. "Not far from the truth." She laughs. "Hey, I don't control the runners. When we had runners out on the road we did fine without anywhere to put 'em."

"Same with us." Daranyl takes look at his boots, then sighs darkly, "Gonna hafta actually wash 'em, shard it all." Firamar just gets a look, "You talk too much. Need ta touch th' eggs at leas' a few more times 'fore they hatch, I hope. Missed a few."

Firamar doesn't say anything in return to Daranyl's statement just smiles. He removes the satchel from his shoulder and removes a notebook from it, he starts to write in it looking up from time to time. "I've not managed to touch any so far, from what everyone says it is quite the experience though different for everyone." He shrugs his shoulder certain that he'll have his turn touching the eggs and see what everyone else was talking about.

"It's… interesting, but no one really can say for sure if it affects impression, so it's a curiousity at most." Cassara shrugs "Might as well, though. Some find it… relaxing."

"Truth be tol'," Daran turns, moving sideways to lean against a cleaner piece of fence, "There's one 'M… spoke ta me, I guess? Hard ta d'scribe, really." He looks over at Cass, "'N' it's as good a way ta fill th' time until they hatch as any."

Firamar quirks an eyebrow as Daran talks about the eggs, wondering if any will 'talk' to him when he does a touching, "Cassara how long does it usually take the eggs to hatch? Is it weeks or months or?? I've heard different things depending on who I'm talking to."

"… Bout a month and change?" Cassara says after taking a moment to consider. "Yeah, I guess so… I found it a little strange my self." she shrugs.
Daranyl rolls his shoulders and actually sighs, "'N' all tha' time chores ta do 'n' such? Sharding evil that is." He leans back further, running a hand through his hair, "Cass? What was it like? I mean, when you touched yer dragon's egg?"

Firamar nods his head in agreement with Daranyl, "I think its supposed to help time go by and to see if we have what it takes to make a good rider? Or maybe they just like slave labor?"

"Gotta make sure you're not a wuss." She laughs. "You might have the mind to impress, but if you have that but not the will to handle some chores, you're just making things worse for everyone around you. Besides, you end up with a lotta kids from olds and other weyrs and you don't want them freeloading." she laughs. "… I dunno, it felt.. invasive. Not bad, but… I dunno. when I was a candidate I touched them all, but.. Eh."

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Yeah, they were all… but there were one or two what were… diff'ren'. Special. I dunno how ta 'splain it…." He glances at Firamar, then back to Cass, "'Snot th' chores I min', it's the waitin'. Like everythin's bunched up in my gut 'n' my whole future is jus' out o' sigh'."

"I know what you mean, I'd rather get it over with and not have all this waiting around. Either there's a dragon on the sands for me or not but just sitting around, doing chores and trying to fill in time in between…" Firamar shakes his head, "Not like we can make them hatch any faster they'll hatch when they're good and ready to I suppose, still…"

"… I feel you. I felt the same way. Didn't think I'd impress either." She laughs. "Probably wouldn't of impressed in any other clutch either." She grins. "Thought the whole thing felt like a big waste of time."

"My skills're goin' ta waste 'n' I kinda jus' wanna know." Daranyl pushes himself up so he's sitting on the rail, "I jus' can' imagine wha' it was like back when there was thread. I mean, clutches o' 40? 'N' 70 cand'ates? I can' 'magine."

"Take it as adding to your skills Daranyl, learning things that you'd not have a chance to otherwise?" Firamar nods his head at Cass, "I guess being a harper everything to me is a new learning experience that I can put to use in my duties, and if I do impress that will be another thing that adds to who I am and what I can do, I never think that learning something new is a waste cause you never know when it might come in handy."

"Going to waste? But all those tunnelsnakes you've killed…" She chuckles. "Yeah it's hard to imagine what that was like…" She shrugs. "… But these are better times now, so just count your self lucky."

Daranyl snorts, "Anyone can kill tunnelsnakes." He sucks in a breath and lets it out, "I know how to clean up after runners 'n' 'M good with Li'l Bit 'n' 'M no' much fer gardenin'. More like ta kill th' plants than get 'em ta grow." There's manure on his boots and a scowl on his lips and it's just after chore time.

Firamar doesn't say anything in response just starts to write in his notebook pausing every so often to gather his thoughts before he continues to write. What it is that he's writing is a mystery since it doesn't appear to be any music or song…

"… Eh, but if you impress, your skills will be put to greater use. Takin' a little gamble." She stretches out a bit as her body continues cooling down from the run. "Besides, whether you think its worth it or not, you're doing the Weyr a service by being a candidate. You might think it's a waste, but it's not, even if you don't impress."

Ezrayl has also been assigned to stable duty (yes, the roster says so!), though she's been mucking out the stalls on the other side. Apparently she's just finished because she's making her way over to the small group now in clothes that reek. She doesn't seem to mind too much however and even manages a hint of a smile when she spots the group. "What? You guys decided to save Daranyl from the depths of horse manure, or are we laughing at him collectively?" Because this last part would of course be much more entertaining.

"'Snot a waste." Daranyl gets those words out quickly enough, "'S jus' borin'." His gaze flicks to Firamar's activities, then to Cass, then over to Ez, "I think I'm bein' watched."

Daranyl snorts darkly at Ezrayl, "You jus' wanna make me more miserable. But jus' you wait." Them's fightin' words. Someone may get a tunnelsnake in her cot later. "'N' I don' know whatcher talkin' 'bout, Ez." He does not like the mens. DOES NOT. RAWR. He turns his gaze to Cassara, "Yer a lot like me, yeah? How'd you survive candidacy?"

Firamar resists the temptation to take out his notebook again and just contents himself with listening the the conversations around him. Remembering his instructions he tries his best to not be too obvious about what he's doing often covering it up with his music and writing song lyrics. He is very interested in what Cassara has to say about her experiences with candidacy and impression.

"Maybe the clutch has a little green waiting for him…" Cassara gives a snicker at Daran's reaction to Ez's jab and rolls with it. ".. Ah hell, I was an awful candidate. They coulda thrown me out." she gives a big grin. "But in the way, same way I deal with everything. By not taking peoples shit. The chores weren't anything more than what I was already used to." Cassara has always been a big ol' mean bitch. "The hard parts came after impressing."

"I'm just showing you how much I adore you, baby brother." Ezrayl grins at Daranyl again, though there's a raised eyebrow when Firamar suddenly goes silent. After a moment she shakes her head and tunes in on a bit of what Cassara and Daranyl are talking about. "He does have a little green flit, just needs a bigger one to round it out." Yeah, she definitely getting a tunnel snake in her cot for this. "The work isn't too bad, though not being allowed to have an occasional drink is a bit unpleasant." As for after impressing. "What was hard?"

Daranyl's expression turns hard, jerking between the other three, then pushes off the fence, "'M gonna go get washed up." One can almost feel the 'go scorch yourself' radiating off him as he storms off towards the bowl and the springs.

Firamar watches Daranyl storm off with a shake of his head, "Well I should see about getting something to eat and then see if I can find something to do till its time to go to bed." with that he turns and heads out.

"Well, if you wanna a drink, you just gotta be sneaky." She grins. "… Not thatI recommend that to you all. -I- was an idiot who thought I was already wasting my time so I didn't care too much." She folds her arms and thinks thoughtfully. "After impression…. Following rules for a month isn't a big deal but… switching to the rider life style and… like, abiding by those rules for a turn? That's something else. I mean their are reasons not ot drink or fight with people then… and I dunno, I didn't feel like I fit in." she sighs thinking about it. "… So I was just kinda a rotten person to people so they would leave me alone — yeah. I guess I should get a little bit more of my run on…"

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