Rockin' Lizards

Emerald Isle - Sunset Beach
Soft pink sand lays along this stretch of seaside like a comfortable blanket. Its hue is a soft one and comforting to look upon, as is the smooth aquamarine of the ocean. Although the beach is beautiful at all times or day and night, it is the most profound at sunset when the sky is painted with the soft pastel colours of a setting sun. Dramatic reds, pinks and peachs stretch into one another, the seperate colours' boundaries left undefined, but as it gets darker you can notice a light purple continuely creeping into the others. Even the pink sand's shade changes, ranging from containing an almost fiery element to being a smooth pinkish purple.

Standing out in a niche of the beach, the pink sand easily reveals a colorful clutch of eggs. Lissi stands over them and looks around, then down at the eggs, then around again. "No momma flit.." she murmurs. She crouches and reaches to touch a delicate finger to one, it shakes. Her hand jerks back and she giggles, "Oh dear.." And now the whole shack, err, clutch shimmies. "Oh my!"

V'ine just happens to be in the area. He walks down onto the beach. Not noticing Lissi at the moment. He smiles to himself. "This would be a nice place. I will have to remember it." He turns to walk along the beach when he spots Lissi with a clutch of eggs. "Hey Lissi. Those yours?"

Lyana looks very out of place in her woolen garb, suited more for the colder climes of the Northern Continent than anything else. But, she's just enjoying herself, carrying a pen and some paper, and not much else. A bit of melody floats through the air as she moves along.

There's a gentle clunk-whiff, clunk-whiff as Pralius comes into view. Despite his healers knot and clean clothing, he's sporting a lovely tight-woven cast on his left leg and a pair of crutches, the source of the sound, Clunk-whifff clunk-whifff… Not even noticing the eggs at first, he settles on a bench, Vlad, his tiny brown who actually cares, settling on one shoulder, toothpick in hand. His head comes up and he waves to Lyana as she approaches.

Aoriya has been sunbathing with Omasuth between classes not far away, asleep in the sun. Then the eggs catch the brown's attention and he gently nuzzles his rider. "Not now Omasuth, I'm tanning." Nuzzle nuzzle, rumble. "Oh fine what? Oh! Firelizard eggs! Okay I'll watch, but I don't want another of the little buggers!" Her lizards, green Nemu, blue Shida and bronze Kujaku appear, humming happily.

Lyana says "Pralius!" She waves over to him, and smiles. "I didn't see you again at the Weyr, so I went on to the Hall on my own. How have you… oh no, what happened to you?"

Shorynia moves onto the beach, looking very confused. This wasn't the lagoon… her tiny bronze Roo sits on one shoulder, green Queen on the other.

Kyldar comes out to the beach with a blanket and a pic-a-nic basket. She spots Lissi sitting near a clutch of shaky eggs and crouches down alongside her. "Those look like they're ready to hatch at any moment, eh?" She sets down the basket and opens it, taking bits of wherry and mutton out of her sandwiches. "Shall we?"

Iawen is not apt to be a wanderer, Truly she's not cut out for such a thing, and there's something of a far too-determined stride to the stout brownrider as she huffs and puffs her way along the beach, her boots slipping in the sand and generating a muffled curse every now and then. She looks sweaty, rather cross, and none too cheerful — addressing by chance her lifemate who is likely nowhere to be seen. "He said the fifth tropical tree from the left," the woman gesticulates frantically. "One, two, three, four and … five." There, she's pointed them out. "Not here. I give /up/!" With that, she throws up her hands, turns away and catches sight of the crowd, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "Huh, a beach, and .. ack!" Yeah, she's figured it out, where there's beaches, there's usually firelizard eggs. Yet, curiosity seems to get the best of her, and right over she wanders, nodding a brisk "Xanadu's greetings to Western." at that.

M'nol is sitting… just… sitting. He'd given a friend a ride to Western and since then he's been… waiting. His fair abounding, he doesn't reallyl seem to notice the clutch. He's just… there.

V'ine spots Kyldar. "Hey Kyldar, Ohh you brought a picnic basket. Looks like you were planning the same thing I was. Just your more propaired." He walks over to Kyldar to giver her a hug.

Pralius nods to Lyana, then chuckles, "The mountain took a dislike to me. What about you. What brings you to Western?"

Girls Girls Girls Egg tremors once and then goes still, though in its commotion bumps another egg, it too shakes. Hey! Who's there? Me! Me who? Your sister, dork! Ewww, girl cooties! The rocking catches Lissi's eye then she looks up at V'ine and smiles, "Not mine really.. I jes found 'em.. how you doin?" she asks. Kyldar arrives and with her basket of goodies in tow the greenrider nods, "Oh aye, they be hungry I'll bet..mebbe you'd share it around see who the flits wanna go home with tanight?"

Kyldar hugs V'ine and gives him a quick smooch on the cheek. "Yeah," she says. "But more fortuitous are these eggs, I think. They're on the verge of hatching, by all appearances." She unfurls the blanket and upends the basket over it, spilling sandwiches of wherry and mutton (along with other food items, including some fresh fruit and a bottle of juice) onto the blanket. "Everyone grab some bait, eh? Let's see if we can impress some flittercritters."

Talk Dirty To Me Egg rocks side to side then sort of topples a moment and rolllllls. Rock and roll. Huh.

Lyana says "Well, I ran into the Craftsecond at the Hall, and he thinks I've got a good shot at getting in. But he wants me to see the Masterharper sometime soon. I showed him what I had of that song I was writing about Dalasith and A'di, and he seemed to think it had potential." She shrugs, and looks around her, trying not to look too uncomfortable in wool in the heat. "Figured it couldn't hurt to look for inspiration for another song."

V'ine returns the kiss. He gives a small sigh as the food get's upended. Afterall the easy way to a man's heart is through his stomach. He quickly turns his frown upside down to be ready for the flits to hatch.

Cherry Pie Egg spins, yes, spins. Whirrrrrrrr. Thunk. It bumps a sibling egg.

Shorynia stops looking confused. Kyldar she recognizes. Waving she moves towards the young greenrider, "Kyldar. How's your green doing?" okay, so she's not that great with names. Her eyes go wide and she happily grabs some scraps, rocking eggs for the win, "Whose are these?"

A strange face is lurking around Western today, and it's that of Fortian candidate Joseph, on an adventure from the weyr. Really, he was just accompanying bluerider Z'vari on some routine tasks, but when those tasks got boring, well. He got to wandering. At this point, he'd shaken off his escort and had wandered onto a beach. A gaggle of people catches his eye, and he approaches them, hands in his pockets. "What's goin' on?" he asks, to no one in particular- and then catches sight of eggs! Firelizard eggs, to be exact. A wide grin, and he adds, "Now this is something I haven't seen since moving up north- Firelizard clutch!" A grateful smile is sent in Kyldar's direction, and Joseph grabs a sandwich with a quick Thank You! Thankfully one of them came prepared.

Faint crackling can be heard but from which egg is anyone's guess, a bit of kreeling and scratching too, seems all the flits want out out out. Lissi giggles and forgoes taking any bait herself, she is crouched near the clutch and peers over them like a watchful momma, "OHhhh…it's close I think!"

Kyldar gives a wave and a smile to Shory and says, "Sinasapelth and I are doing quite well, thank you." Then: "They're wild, but all appearances, but they're good, apparently." She grabs a bit of wherry and some mutton and gets ready to watch someone come out of an egg.

Raucus Ribbons Hatchling

Shimmering silvery-blue hide defines the body of the flit from his longish snout to his longish toes. Overall he seems rather -longish-. His coloring is iridescent in nature though the hues trapped therein are a mix of all the facets of blue from the more purply twilight colors to those of the sea, the darkness and light whirling about in the glistening surface, giving him a slippery appearance. His claws are pale silvery blue as well and even his wingsails are in keeping with the all-over patternless pattern.

Aoriya grins as she watches the eggs rock and crackle. "Looks like the lizards are enjoying themselves. Omasuth croons to Sinasapelth in greeting and the lizards land on the ground and squeeze around Joseph's legs for a better look at the blue that emerges.

Shorynia oooohs softly, "Isn't he a beauty." She grins at Kyldar, "Seems like wilds are the best, no offense, Queen." She holds her meet out towards the little blue, here lizard lizard lizard.

Lyana plods a little closer to the group huddled around the eggs, clapping her hands together as the first of the hatchlings emerges. "Little Harper firelizard, for sure. Shimmering in the sands, like a little blue pearl."

V'ine grins at the flits starting to hatch. He grabs some of the food and get's ready to feed a hatching if it looks like a good one. Rauxith gives a small bugle to Omasuth in greeting.

Lissi blinks as the egg nearest her feet bursts from egg to hatchling, revealing the pretty blue. "Oh wow! Look at him.."

"Ah!" Iawen's tone sound appreciative, the woman's gaze going towards Kyldar's offered largesse with something of a twitch to the brownrider's lips. "Ah splendid." she remarks dryly, dropping to her knees in the sand to reach for a sandwich. However, upon unwrapping it, she takes a bite herself. "What?" comes the mumbled mouthful around the mutton and bread, "anybody thought I'd actually feed one of 'em?" There is a glimmer of amusement in olive-green eyes, the brownrider chewing and swallowing thoughtfully. "Sandwich is great by the way," There's a toothy grin from the brownrider. "Missed lunch at Xanadu, in a hurry to get here to meet someone who needed help with his laptop. Only he isn't here." Her gaze moves towards the blue firelizard, but instead, the woman takes another bite of her sandwich. Hers! And she's not sharing!

The egg rocks forward and back, tremoring, then rocking again and then it stills. A long moment passes then the shivering starts, akin to the aftrshocks of a rock hitting water making the egg tremble after each tap from the inside. Cracks snake out from a central point and just when it seems there isn't room for one more, a brown, flat head emerges and soon after, a flit, shaking shell goo from his wings.

Rebel Without A Cause Hatchling
Fleet of foot and flat of head. At least it would seem that way with the brown's big paws and broad forehead. His hide is solid from head to toe to tips of wings a dark, sable color, only showing brown in the dark depths when the light hits it just right. His tail is long and his neck slender, limbs well muscled and overall shape seemingly built for speed, except for his flattish head.

Kyldar raises an eyebrow as the first lizard emerges. "Hey," she says. "Welcome to the world." She extends a hand, and proffers the scraps. "He's a pretty one." Then, her attention is drawn to the brown. "Ah, here they all come now."

Lyana plunks down on the sand near the eggs, reaching for a sandwich. A bite for the girl, and a bit of meat for a firelizard, held outstretched in her hand. She hums a light bit of melody, just watching the hatchlings.

Rebel Without A Cause Hatchling screeches and wobbles then…want food!

After wobbling side to side then foward and back the egg finally rocks far enough to lay mostly on its side. The inhabitant of the egg must not really like it for with a screech she bursts through the side, stuck in the muck and she shell for a moment then hops free of it she shaaaake and finally settle.

Sanctioned Sass Hatchling
In a word, round. It's not that she's fat, she's just rounded, curvy, soft and very, very dark green. Solid all over in color the only variation lies around her eyes where slightly darker rims give her a masked appearance. The green villainess stalks on short, muscular legs and solid paws tipped with dark claws, her shortish tail swaying behind her with the very feminine sway of her hips.

The blue croooons and wanders, wobbbble to the left, wobbbble to the right. His path is meandering but he sees his goal, food, or perhaps the fingers holding it, either way…gnawwww. Oh yes, you may have me, if I may have. That. Sammich!

Lyana says "Hey there, little guys." She watches the hatchlings intently, imprinting each on her memory to write a song about later. "You look as hungry as I feel. How about I feed us both?"

Raucus Ribbons Hatchling looks into Lyana's eyes. Impression!

Girls Girls Girls Egg hatches, revealing a egg-wet hatchling.

Kaleidescopic Karma Hatchling
A newhatched Bronze firelizard hatchling.

Kyldar looks around at the emerging lizards and raises her eyebrow at the eager little blue. "Hey, little fellow," she encourages. "Come on. But start here," she adds, proffering her handful of meat scraps.

V'ine gives a small grin to Kyldar. "So how are you today dear? I thought I was searching for a nice place to have a picnic and looks like I stumble apon you doing the same."

The little blue gone, Shory, like most, can't help but turn her attention to the little bronze. No one can resist a bronze.

Pralius sits nearby, watching the hatching for now. He doesn't trust crutches plus hatchling and none had really caught his eye yet. Oh, and the little impaler with his toothpick is threatening each new hatchling in turn.

Lyana lets out a surprised little squeal as the little blue reaches for her lunch. "Whoah. Take it easy, there's enough for us both!" So much for that sandwich. It's bound for a firelizard belly now.

Rebel Without A Cause Hatchling huffs. Feed. Me. Hello. Humans. I'm flit goodness. He quite literally stomps around, searching, flinging sand with his little paws, if he could get his paws on they /have/ hips? There you are…miiiine.

M'nol continues to watch, chuckling some as his own 9 sport in the ocean, only Tourmaline and Bloodstone staying nearby to hum.

Aoriya eyes the bronze. "oh how wonderful." Kujaku humms a concieted greeting to the watermarked bronze. He's no where near as beautiful as he is. Aoriya chuckles at the Rebel without a cause hatchling. "oh thats so cute!"

Iawen nibbles further on her sandwich, the brownrider crouching backwards onto her heels before she wiggles around in some sort of position so that she's now seated quite firmly on her bum, crossing her short legs in front of her. Unfortunately, the sandwich doesn't quite survive such manauvers, and down on the pink sand it plops. "Awwh, flame it all!" Iawen's voice sounds rather grumpy, the woman scooping up the mutton and bread, and brushing at it with her fingers, the mess of sand, bread and meat plunked onto her knee. "Well, guess something'll get it," she mutters, glancing towards the hatchlings. But she's not quite ready to give up her ruined meal just yet.

Rebel Without A Cause Hatchling looks into Aoriya's eyes. Impression!

Kyldar holds out her scraps and looks around at the hatchlings. "Hey, everyone, come and get it. Anyone?" She shifts her posture and resettles herself, sitting cross-legged in the sand. "Well, that's one," she says.

Black tipped claws poke through the shell and with a /huff/ the shell is split asunder to produce a wild-eyed flit. She dips her head to flip it backwards, slinging muck from her face then holds her jaw just so, that's right, I'm here.

Toxic Treasure Hatchling
Tall and lean the flit's wingspan is as wide as she is long and the gossamer membraned appendages glimmer with sparkling veins through the pale golden flesh of each wing. Her entire body is cast in varying tones of gold, deep and liquid in appearance, whirling in small spirals at her belly. Her tail is long and slender, ringed to the pale golden tip, flexible enough to undulate when she's of a mind to do so. Sturdy paws are tipped with onxy claws, digits long and slender like the flit herself.

Lyana grins a silly grin to Pralius as she continues to feed the little blue. "Well, I was looking for inspiration. Seems like it found me!"

Pralius' eyes widen. For a tiny gold even a healer would risk mangling his left leg, right? Grabbing one crutch, he hobbles towards the tiny queen, holding out his meaty offering. He's still standing. He's not stupid enough to try to crouch, but still. "Here little one, I've got some lovely meat for you." Even Vlad seems enthused, /that/ he wouldn't want to stick with a toothpick.

V'ine grins at the little gold. "Oh your worth missing a small sandwich." He goes to tempt the gold hatching with his food. "You would make a lovely friend for Aqualis."

Kyldar raises both eyebrows. "Oooo, a gold!" she says. "Aren't you pretty, too," she adds, and smiles at the little critter. "Hey there, I know you're hungry. Come on, trust someone. I'm harmless. Mostly."

The flash of gold catches Morl's eyes, then he shrugs, egged on by his brooding bronze, and leans in towards teh gold, meatroll in hand to try yet again. He clicks his tounge gently like one would to attract a runner, "here girl. Nice meat for you."

Iawen's morunful look is centered on her sandwich for a long and silent moment. "It was a good sandwich," the brownrider grouses, her expression rather stubborn and grim. "I liked the mutton and the bread, but Faranth, I'm just gonna have to give it up." So saying, the woman breaks up the sandy remains of her meal, and glances towards the firelizards. "Oi, gold, hi." There's no tempting croon or anything to the woman's voice, just something blunt and normal. "Y'want the rest of it?" She leans forwards, wafting the meal and bread towards the little queen. "Hope ya don't mind a little sand too. It took a spill."

Aoriya blinks as the Rebel hatchling ambushes her. "Woah, hey I was just here to sunbathe I don't have anything for you!" She sighs. "Nemu darling, can you grab me something for this fellow to eat. I didn't even bring any snacks!" She exclaims, sighing as she tries to keep the creature from diving into Omasuth's saddle bag in search of a meal.

Sanctioned Sass Hatchling looks up and around then right at the gold. Oh sure. She's gold, so what?! She unfurls her wings and flaps a bit, chirrring.

Sanctioned Sass Hatchling looks into Iawen's eyes. Impression!

As if unsure exactly which way out is best, the egg bursts at the sides and rounded bottom as four paws eject from within. Finally a nose pokes through, framed by a pair of black stripes as if peering out from behind bars. He stands then flumps down and the rest of the shell falls away, leaving him a free ma..err..flit.

Mus Maximus Hatchling
On the large side for a blue this snappy guy holds his head just so, cocked jauntily to the side most of the time as if caught in a perpetual state of 'How you doin?'. His chest is barrelesque and his legs stout, paws spread into a firm foundation for the muscular hatchling with equally wide-spread wings to balance him. His tail is long and ringed with black to the tip where the dark color takes over completely matching his darkened muzzle, as if each end was accidentally dipped in a jar of ebon paint.

Shorynia fairly squees at the little blue, "Oh, now maybe /you/ could keep Queen in line." The green hisses stoutly at that comment, but still the meat goes out, "Here little blue."

Kyldar smiles at the Maximus hatchling. "Well, hello," she says to the little blue. "Care to come and get your first meal here?"

Kaleidescopic Karma Hatchling looks into Kyldar's eyes. Impression!

Kyldar smiles and pets the little bronze as the critter takes the scraps. "Hey there," she says. "Welcome to the world."

V'ine is still there wiggling the wherry to the gold. "Come on little one. It's tasty and good for you. Just come here please."

Lyana shrugs as Harper takes flight from her shoulder.

While the gold preens and surveys her kingdom, the blue waggles an eyeride at her? Boys. He also nudges her back as he goes for ze foods. Ahhhhh…feed meeee.

Mus Maximus Hatchling looks into V'ine's eyes. Impression!

And she's left alone. Shells and good litter the little bit of beach and everyone's eating but HER? You really have got to be kidding me. She starts to pad around, regally, inspecting with a sniff here, touch there, then she pauses, looking one of the humans over with whirling eyes. You're different, let us hope that is a good thing.

Toxic Treasure Hatchling looks into Pralius's eyes. Impression!

V'ine grins as a blue comes along and takes the food he was offering to the cold. "Well at least your a match for Aqualis."

Lyana cheers for Pralius as the queen makes her choice. "Congratulations!"

V'ine shrugs as Mus Maximus Hatchling takes flight from his shoulder.

Pralius blinks, then falls over as the gold starts eating from his hand. Laying on the ground, brown Vlad brandishing his little toothpick for all to see in triumph while Pralius chuckles, continuing to feed the tiny gold, "Aren't you a beauty. Now Wyn's got two golds to look after her." He nods ot Lyana, congrats to you as well."

Nemu flies off, then grabs a small crustacean and brings it back to Aoriya. Aoriya uses the butt end of her beltknife to crack open its shell. The brown comes streaking back over, squinting up at her. "Hmmm… name… name… name… Reb sounds a little too… I dunno… I don't like it that much."

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