A Real Foxy Lady

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

It might be a trifle early for lunch, but all the better to beat the midday rush, which is what brings Enka down to the lagoon and the Tiki Longue in particular. And with such good weather to be had — a cloudless and brilliant blue sky, and fine sunny weather with a low tide to admire — well, the goldrider's in the mood for a luncheon in the open. Rank has it's privileges apparently, because there's a table available, and she settles down into the chair with a quick drink order for the waiter as she begins to peruse the menu.

Dolphincrafters have to grab breaks where they can find them. And with this place so close to the water, it's a natural place to visit and grab a bite. Naeda is still in her wetsuit, a clear sign that she's on duty today. Her eyes sweep over the patio as she steps onto it, looking for a place to sit.

And then there's Kiltara, who is probably the only one misplaced and looking very much the part. The teenager is drowning in a tunic that clearly belongs to a man of much larger stature, and the sleeves are rolled several times to simply give her access to her fingers. She doesn't have any real /express/ reason for coming down to the lounge, except that somebody may or may not have sent her to do their dirty work. This is why she skirts passed Naeda with a polite, albeit shy smile, and then beelines for Enka's table. She hesitates a moment, and then slips herself into a seat without looking at the woman. Her eyes are on her hands on the table, and she shifts about uncomfortably without so much as a /hello/.

Enka's only reaction to Kiltara's arrival and subsequent claiming of a chair at /her/ table (as if the table was reserved or something, oh my!) is just an upwards quirk of her eyebrows — the woman living her gaze from the menu in front of her and taking in the side of the awkwardly dressed teenager, and then flicking away to the wetsuit clad Naeda and there's a soft sigh given before Enka lifts a hand, flicking her fingers in the Dolphincrafter's direction and gesturing towards one of the remaining chairs. "No sense havin' you set down at a table all by yourself," she calls out, "you're welcome to join me for lunch." It's right about that time that her drink arrives, and the weyrwoman sips at it casually before addressing Kiltara. "Somethin' botherin' you?"

Naeda ponders joining the table, but then she spots the goldrider knot. Yep. Best to steer clear… only she's spotted. Too late to make a getaway. Now it'd just be socially awkward. So, she's left to smile sheepishly and salute. "Weyrwoman. Thank you very much." She moves towards the table, giving a cautionary salute to Kiltara as well before taking an empty seat for herself.

When addressed, Kiltara looks at Enka from what can only be accurately described as a cower, and then she's hesitating a moment before shaking her head. No. It would seem nothing is bothering her. When Enka's drink is delivered, the teenager is whispering a rather shy, "May I have a water please?" to the barmaid, and then dropping her eyes right back to her hands on the table. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four… and Kiltara finally caves with an uncomfortable shift and another shy glance towards the weyrwoman. She's just opening her mouth to speak when Naeda arrives and gives her a… salute? The look Kiltara gives Naeda could well be considered rude, but it's simply an overwhelming onslaught of confusion, and it serves well to have her snap her mouth shut again. There's another long lapse into silence, and then she's finally saying, "Only, you know, I think you are a real foxy lady." … Yep. That just happened. Kiltara is an unflattering shade of red, and looking as if she would give anything to be swallowed up by the ground. Maybe the raucous laughter from behind will hint that it wasn't her idea.

Enka wears a big shiny knot. But don't let the glitz or size fool ya, it's how one uses it that counts. In this particular goldrider's case, she's just as likely to want to forget it for now. "You're welcome," comes her reply to Naeda, "but you don't need to be standin' on ceremony on my account. If I'd a little more time, I'd have tossed this," there's a vague wave at her knot with the hand not holding a drink, "somewhere in my office. Only I didn't have the time. Too much work tryin' to clean up the messes left by that idiot junior of mine." Now there's a touchy subject indeed, and the weyrwoman's like as not willing to find some other means of diversion to avoid talking about it altogether. "I'm…" there's a long stare at Kiltara as the teen blurts out those words, and the fingers of her free hand creep towards her lips, hiding a smile. Good thing Enka wasn't actually trying to drink anything at the time or it might have ended up all over the table as she tried to holdback laughter. "I'm flattered, of course, but you aint my type, darlin'."

Naeda blinks, confused. She has no idea what she just walked in on. She's about to say something in response to the goldrider, when she is distracted by the awkwardness and laughter. She just blinks, confused, scratching her head. "Uhm… uh…" Yeah, she's got nothing. "… Is this some sort of bet, or…?"

"T-That's a pity," Kiltara manages, tripping over every single word. "Because I… would really like to…you know… do that…" But she can't seem to bring herself to say the words, and Naeda's input is much welcome. Kiltara's attention turns to the slightly younger teenager, and then she's knitting her brows together and turning halfway in her seat. "Ila'den, this is stupid!" Which… yes… just earns more laughter. The aforementioned bronzerider appears from MYSTERY AIR (what? He's good like that) and makes his way over to the table, ruffling Kiltara's hair and leaning in over Enka to press a kiss against her temple - if she will let him, of course. If she won't, then he will miss, and look devious, and that will be the end of that. "Hello, foxy lady," he murmurs to the Weyrwoman, and then straightens up, turning that smile onto Naeda as he waggles fingers at her. "Clever girl, aren't you? Get around to that dinner with our highly esteemed weyrleader yet?"

Ohhhhh awkwardness! And Enka's having a terribly hard time trying to keep a straight face, which wouldn't be fair to poor Kiltara if she went and laughed at her, now would it? "Oh dear oh dear," comes her comment, "it definitely sounds like someone is puttin' you up to it." And she'll agree with Naeda right there about it being a bet — a thought quickly answered when there's Ila'den appearing like magic — how do those bronzeriders do it? — and the weyrwoman regards him levelly for a moment or two. Why indeed she'll let him kiss her, it's /just/ a kiss after all. "Hello yourself, you makin' your poor sister do horrible things or somethin'?" she greets him cheerily enough, sipping at her drink before asking a question of Naeda. "So is Zi'on tryin' his luck with you, hmmm?"

The appearance of the bronzerider appears to clear a lot of this up for Naeda, some of her confusion fading for the moment. "Oh. You." She says with a tone of recognition and uncertainty. "… So, you bet her she wouldn't hit on the weyrwoman, or…? She did a pretty good job. Sort of." She looks back to the Weyrwoman, frowning a little at the question. "I… don't know? I don't think so, really. I think maybe he was just joking about most of that? I only met him the once."

Kiltara looks sheepish, to both ladies at the table, and then retrieves her drink when it's finally delivered to her. She drowns herself in it - or tries to, anyway. Who wouldn't want to drown when they have to claim Ila'den as family? Ila'den scrunches his nose at Enka, and then gives her shoulders a gentle squeeze before moving away from her. "Horrible? I wouldn't dream of it." And then his eyes are on Naeda as he laughs, softly, and shakes his head. "I told her that she could get out of chores for a day if she delivered my secret confessions of love to Enka. She only got halfway through it though, so she only gets half points." Which earns an indignant, "Hey!" Ila'den ignores it, and settles into a seat with a bit of a haughty flourish. "I doubt he was joking. He seemed pretty excited."

"I'm sure you dream of a lot of things though," Enka points out to Ila'den with candid humor, setting her drink down and running her fingers down the menu list again. So many choices! "And some of them might just be horrible. Shall I ask Iris? She told me some /very/ interestin' things the other day." Tucking the menu away under the crook of her elbow, Enka glances again at Naeda. "I'm not sure if he was jokin'," she admits, "He does like to pay attention to pretty girls and take them to dinner. He's got all sorts of spots. Did it with Kiena, didn't he?" And Enka's certainly speaking from experience, no doubt.

Naeda turns just a little bit pink. "Yeah, well…" She rubs at the back of her head. "… I haven't seen him since. And I haven't been hard to find. He was probably just… y'know. Flirting. Bronzeriders do that." And Ila'den would know, right? The comments from Enka just have her turning redder. Escape is now necessary. "I… I need to return to my duties. Thank you for letting me sit with you." She stands, salutes, and flees before things get worse.

"Oh, Enka, Enka, Enka. Dreams are only the half of it; I like to make reality interesting." Yes, Ila'den's giving her a roguish smile, and Kiltara is scrunching up her face and saying, "Ewww," right before she smacks him in the arm. "Knock it off, Ila'den, and Faranth, Enka. Keep what Iris said to yourself. I have to /hear/ it." CRINGE. Ila'den gives Kil a playful glare, and then smacks the bottom of her glass so that she spills water all over herself when she goes to drink it. More indignation! He likes it! But Naeda is turning red, and Ila'den looks so terribly intrigued byt the turn of events as she gets to her feet. "Leaving so soon?" But seems that that he's not fast enough to catch the runaway. He watches her go with a low huff of laughter, and then he's turning all that amusement right back onto Enka. "Are you telling her about his past romances on purpose? We're not getting jealous, are we?"

Enka laughs. Oh how the goldrider laughs when Ila'den gets his arm smacked by his sister. Plus there's that terribly roguish smile to boot. Oh, so delightfully enjoyable! "Is it really /that/ terrible, Kiltara? You could always get a room of your own if you really wanted one. And then there's the poor girl getting drenched with water — life at Western is nothing if not eventful indeed. Except there goes Naeda, and Enka is left staring after the fleeing girl, and with a question from the Weyrsecond that simply /must/ be answered. "Do I look jealous, Ila'den dear?" she inquires, leaning forward a little in her seat. "It's not like I told her about that greenrider from Xanadu, right? Or me? Or … or … was there anyone else?" See,even she doesn't know!

LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE, Enka. The face that Kiltara gives the Weyrwoman speaks levels about just how /terrible/ it really is, and despite the uncomfortable wet making her clothes cling to her like a second skin, she's sputtering out, "Enka! You… I hear all types of horrible, horrible things! My favorite is when Ila'den tells Iris that her -" Yes, Ila did just force his hand over Kiltara's mouth, laughing himself at her furious tirade. He doesn't even let go when she struggles, instead turning his attention back onto Enka with brows high and mischievous intent clearly recognizable in those grey eyes. "You look nothing short of amazing, like you always do, Enka, but one just has to be sure." A pause, and then, a bit more seriously. "Doesn't she seem a little young to you?"

Best. Look. EVAR. At the sight of Kiltara's expression, Enka just can't help but sputter with laughter. "Oh my oh my!" there's a a whooping sound as Enka tries to catch her breath, fails and sets off into another peal of amusement as the teenager tries to explain just what Ila'den was telling Iris — the answer might not have been given entirely, but Enka's creative and imaginative and can imagine /just/ what might have been going on betwixt goldrider and bronzerider. "And you stay," she finally manages to wheeze out, "when all you need to do is come to me, or to the headwoman and ask for a room. I think you're having secret dreams and hopes yourself," she teases the girl. "Not like /that/ of course, but for some handsome young fellow not related to you." Why yes, Enka does look /amazing/ like she always does. Because she's the bee's knees. "If I /was/ jealous of course," she states, "which I'm not, and Teimyrth can ask Mir, I'd have told her all sorts of terrible things about Zi'on. Which I didn't." There's a long pause and she nods. "She looks like she practically crawled out of the cradle." Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still.

Oh, Kiltara turns quite the shade of scarlet, sputters, and upon finding she doesn't have the adequate arsenal of words in her vocabulary to respond, gives up on even bothering to try. Now /Ila'den/ is the one wheezing on his own laughter, until Kiltara fixes him with a /look/ that forces him into pained awkwardness that results in him choking down his own amusement. "Yes, right… not funny." One, two, three… and he's gone again. Kiltara gives a roll of her eyes, and then pushes back from her seat. "Yes, very /funny/, Ila'den." And then she's smacking his arm again before turning a look onto Enka. She hesitates a moment, as if she isn't sure what to say, and then decides on, "Don't inflate his ego anymore, Enka. Then you'll have to find a new Weyrsecond." And she's gone! Ila'den is standing after her, and reaching across the table to tap Enka very lightly on the nose. "Aye, gorgeous. Good on ya, but I don't think Teimyrth needs to play detective. I'm going to hunt her down. See you later?" But he doesn't wait for a response. Vamoosh! INTO THE… afternoon…

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