Favorite Eggs and Plottery

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Gallery
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Chrystyne ambles along after Aglaia as they enter into the galleries. "I can't wait to be on the sands." she murmurs as her gaze sweeps the sands to find the sandy lumps.

Aglaia hunts down a spot that's closest to the sands, with an absent nod to the former guard's words. She puts the stack of ledgers in her lap and folds her hands on it, while she leans forward to properly study the eggs in turn. "The sooner," says she, "the better. All this waiting will drive me crazy." The word is said with just a bit of a wince, one that's quickly covered up. "Which one do you like best?" Which probably just proves Kyra right, but the other Candidate's not here!

Chrystyne won't tell if anything is actually proving Kyra right. She's off playing with animals after all. Leaning forward Chrystyne studies the eggs a moment even though honestly she's got to have them memorized by now. "I've a couple eggs I like best. That one." she points to the one with tendrils of whispy smoke creeping along. World of balance. "And…" she gestures to one several eggs away from her first choice. "The one with all the colors. Purple, yellow and blue." Whale on the moon.

"Yeah, that one," Aglaia nods toward the World of Balance egg, "is a good one. I like that one a lot." Her smile tilts a little at some thought or another. "But… I'm not as keen on some of them. They're a little- I don't know. Scary." That word comes out in a breathless little rush. "Like that one." The Boo-tiful one, as it turns out, is on her 'eerie' list. No surprise there, probably! "The pink one's nice, though."

"I do think I like the pink one too." surprise may color Chrystyne's tone at that admission. "And that one…it's a bit creepy." she agrees.

There's a slight nod from Aglaia as she lapses into silence, gaze drifting across this egg or that. Her expression grows thoughtful and distant, a slight furrow forming between her brows. "I wonder what'll hatch out of each of them," she finally says, settling back a little. "Do you think the colors give it away?" It's more idle speculation, really, while she avoids her self-appointed tasks.

There's avoidance of tasks on Chrystyne's part as well as she leans back to let her gaze wander the sands. "Well…the colors of the egg is the only changing thing but I don't think it determines the inside. " she finally decides. "When I stood at Xanadu I don't think I managed to guess one color right. The waiting though…it's just the worst. No matter how they fill our time with chores…there's still the waiting and wondering what happens next."

"You stood before?" Curiosity registers in Aglaia's voice and she glances back at the other Candidate. "What was that like? I mean, besides the chores and the like. I imagine that's… pretty much the same everywhere." Her hands pull apart, only to knot up again in a different configuration. "This is all pretty new. And weird. And… I really don't think I like all the waiting so much, you know? I'd rather it were just… done and over so we didn't have to agonize for sevendays about what might happen."

"Chores were pretty much the same really. I Stood at Xanadu with..un, Kyra until she broke her leg. Briari And Jonteim. It was…well no different. Waiting. Chores. Lessons on what it's like to be a rider. "We should plan something." she says brightly. "To keep our mind /off/ the waiting. Like…a project." she taps a finger against her chin. "Something we can all contribute to but at different times though it remains a secret." she lapses into thoughtful silence.

"Weird." That's a word that will, unfortunately, find much use in Aglaia's hands. "Well, at least some of us know what to do, eh?" She shifts the ledgers in her lap and starts to rise, fingers curled around the books. "I was thinking about asking Dad if he'd do a barbecue up here for everyone, but-" she cants a look to Chrystyne. "Maybe that's something all of us Candidates can do, eh?" It's a thought, at least, though she wonders, "What were you thinking about doing?"

"A barbecue? Like that one creature being in the sand for days?" Chrys asks. "I didn't have anything in speficic in mind yet. Something we could all contribute our strengths too. Like Daranyl could hunt tunnel snakes or something."

"Something like that." Aglaia hums a bit and stretches a little, her features skewed with thoughtfulness. "I don't really know what everyone else is really -good- at, though." A moment later and she shakes her head as if to clear it. "We probably should plan something," she ultimately agrees. "We can talk about it later, maybe? In the barracks?" She lifts the ledgers briefly, then tucks them under her arm. "I should probably finish these soon, before I forget them somewhere. Take care, yeah?"

Chrystyne stands. "I should do gardening. Later then. We'll continue to work on this plan." agrees Chrystyne with a friendly smile. "We'll think of something."

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