Egg Touchings

Western Weyr -Hatching Sands

A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

With the eggs getting harder, there has been a steady stream of candidates being gathered by the weyrlingmasters and taken to the Sands to introduce the hopefuls, at long as Celimoth is willing that is. Today it seems like the old is allowing visitors, and a group of candidates lead to the Sands, with the general reminders to respect the gold, bow to the clutch parents, keep their voices low, and move slowly. With that, they are let loose to explore - with weyrlingmasters remaining to keep an eye on them and remove any troublemakers before they can make trouble.

As she heads out on to the sands with the others, Briari is rubbing her hands nervously together. She takes a moment to bow properly to the dam and sire if any are present, then lets out a slow breath as she casts a look over towards Chrystyne. "So.. second chances, right? Maybe he or she is out there for us." She gives her friend a quick squeeze of the hand before being herded towards the eggs.

It's the klah from this morning that's helped Chrystyne get through the day and the activities that have occurred within the day thus far. Working on cleaning up her cot area is interrupted by someone gathering up candidates to see the eggs closer. Hastily she tosses the clothing on her cot and shoves on a pair of boots with the laces trailing behind as they enter the sands. Once she's done the proper bows towards the clutch parents she makes a fairly straight line to her first egg. Having been through this on a different set of Sands she seems a little more comfortable than some others. A certain egg had caught her eye from the first time her gaze rested it so that's the one she goes to first. An absent nod and reassuring word is cast to Briari. "Life is what we make it." she smiles faintly.

Firamar walks onto the sands with the rest of the candidates then pauses never having been this close to a dragon's egg. He looks around and tries to decide which egg he wishes to touch first. "Now what one shall be my first, which one draws me to it?" He moves towards Trifecta of Perfection Egg and slowly examines it before laying his hands on its shell.

« Elements of Opposition project a carpet of thick grass under your feet. Around you, a forest of tall, old trees grows. Thick of trunk and limb and sprawling branches creates a canopy of foliage above you. A presence stretches out before you, urging you to follow-no, to chase it. You push your way through the trees, losing yourself amongst them as you give chase. They whir by in a blur, your path looped and twisted and then suddenly you stop. Before you is the largest tree youve ever seen, larger than any in the forest, surrounded by a ring clearing. The trunk opens up for you, and the presence urges you into the darkness. »

Giving a visible shiver once Briari places her hand upon the World of Balance, she pauses at the feelings that rush through her, then slowly dips her head almost sadly. Her fingers draw along the shell, threatening to pull away for a moment before she summons her resolve. ".. No.. I get it.. you're right." She says as she chews on her bottom lip.

Chrystyne's eyes widen somewhat at the strong and quick feelings from the egg. "What? Wait…" she frowns as those two words burst from her. Lowering her voice she replaces the hand back upon the warming shell from when she snatched it away. "My fears….I can't…." murmurs and snippets of words can be heard but only faintly as she focuses solely upon the egg before her.

Firamar looks around himself then gives his head a shake as he searches for the forest he was just in, a little out of breath from the chase though what it was that he was chasing he couldn't say. "What are you, what awaits me if I follow you where you're going…" Lots of questions very few answers and his hand remains on the egg leaving him a little confused as to where exactly he is and why he might be in some forest.

« Elements of Opposition continue to urge you forward, and as you step through the threshold, the first thing you notice is the heat. From the cool forest air, to something hot and dry. Before you stretches brown stone and black rock. The smell of dirt and earth fills your nostrils. Gone is the lush green forest, even if you try to turn back. The presence urges you forward into the heat, and you enter a large caldera. Similar in shape and size to the bowl outside, but this volcano is not a remnant shell. It is still active, lava flowing, bubbling, bursting as it longs to escape its stone prison. The presence urges you around the rim and into the cool blackness of a cave. »

Chrystyne stays steadfast as eventually her murmurs quiet to nothing. Carefully she lets her fingers trace the swirls of colors across the surface of the egg. "I don't know.." her head shakes as she crouches down in the sands.
Nearly losing contact with the egg, Briari throws herself forward to plant her hands a bit more tighter against the shell. As her stomach drops, she swallows a taste of bile in her throat before she lets out loud throat clear. Gulping for a blast of fresh air, she steels her resolve, jaw clenching.

Firamar beads of sweat form on his head, slowly dripping down his face as the feeling of heat permeates his body, shivers run up and down his back at the sudden change in landscape, "Where are you leading me…where do you want me to go? I don't understand this at all, show yourself let me see who it is leading me on this chase!" Firamar is really confused now, from forest to desert and broiling lava…but his hand remains firmly on the surface of the egg.

« Elements of Opposition lead you into the cave. You hear the roar of rushing water and feel a cool misty breeze on your face. You look out in front of you and see a waterfall at least part of one. The water rushes past the opening in the cool grey stone around you. You are in a series of tunnels behind the expansive waterfall ahead. The presence leads you up a large staircase and into a room with water flowing through it, down and out the front opening. The top of the waterfall. It urges you forward, forward, toward the cliff and just as you are about to step off the brink you notice youre back on the sands. »

Once the warm, fiery feelings drift away, Briari steps back and slides her fingers away from the shell. She looks out of breath for a moment, conflicted. Chewing on her bottom lip, she rubs ather shoulder a bit with her fingers, then looks about until she finds a certain pink egg to touch.

Chrystyne takes a slow breath as she stands. Casting one last uncertain look to the Whale on the Moon egg she moves away with determination in her steps as she nears another one.
Firamar starts as he falls backwards onto the sands, the feeling of falling still gripping his consciousness as he looks up then slowly crawls back onto his feet. "What lies in those caverns and why throw me out..what are you?" He looks around as he catches his breath then searches for another egg to touch.

Orange, amber, copper, and gold - rich, warm hues of each blend together upon the shell of this large egg, seamlessly dancing upon the surface, forming an impenetrable shield, protecting the precious contents within. And yet, there is a splash, a hint of something different, though hardly a weakness. A patch of bright green is gathered upon one side.. distinct, rich lime, seeming to become brighter and more defined with each moment.

« Action and Adventure arrives with a sudden burst of fiery hues, oranges, reds, yellows, a rocket's tail bursting into your mind without preamble. The color slowly dies down, and there is a sense of someone - or something - lingering on the edge of your mind, staying just out of view, just out of contact, watching. Only watching. »

Chrystyne goes for the green egg with one hand touching lightly at first.

As she listens to this particular soul within her head, Briari seems a bit more relaxed. A smile appears on her face and she says, "What am I good at? I can sing.. I guess I'm good at making people mad at me." She says with a soft, nervous laugh. ".. if we're being honest with each other."

Firamar starts as his hand touches the orange colored egg then his mind is filled with unending action, and an uneasy feeling of being watched though by what exactly he's not sure.."I know you're there, you can hide all you want but you're not fooling me!" His body twitches as if he is moving around even though he is kneeling motionless in front of the egg.

As she listens more intently, Briari feels tears start to tease the corners of her eyes as she chews on her bottom lip even harder. "… It's like you really know me. Please be my lifemate." She breathes out softly to the pink shell as she takes in a quick snuffle. "I really hope you are. I could use someone like you in my life." She gathers herself after a few moments of listening, trying to find the courage that it desires.

« Action and Adventure :lingers on the edge of your mind, the afterglow of its arrival fading, leaving you both in darkness, the presence beginning to creep closer, infringing on your thoughts, hints of loneliness seeping in.

Where are you from? The thought seems to enter your mind suddenly, effortlessly, followed in short order, who is your family? And so it lingers, curious, but not yet exposing itself. »
Chrystyne lays her other hand upon the green egg as if holding on for balance lest she fall straight to the sands. Whoa…"Hey…I. Wait." she murmurs. Her eyes cast upwards but it is clear that they aren't seeing her surroundings but another place entirely.

Firamar stops twitching as light is extinguished in his mind to be replaced by questions, "I'm from an Istan cothold its me, my mom and dad. They're my only family…who are you? Where are you from and what else do you want to know from me? I'll answer any questions you have just ask and I'll do my best to answer." He is calm now that he has a purpose other than ducking and dodging flares that appeared as soon as he touched this egg.

With the adventure over, Briari pulls her hand back for a moment, then leans in and places a soft kiss to the shell. "I'll come back and visit you again, I'm sure. Sleep well lazy butt." Finally a true smile appears upon her face as she looks at the other eggs crowded about. "Geez, after all that, I'd feel like I was cheating on you if I touched another." With that, she starts for a sibling, slowly.

« Action and Adventure remains there, contemplating, seemingly caught up in your thoughts and its own, before there is a loud noise, a flash of metallic orange, and you are alone. Completely alone. »

Firamar removes his hand from the surface of the egg, a look of disappointment showing clearly on his face, "Farewell who ever you were…maybe we'll meet again?" With that he steps back from the egg and looks to see what other he wishes to explore.

Perfectly plump and perfectly pink nestles comfortably in the heat of the hatching sands, not a rhyme or reason where this spherical form begins and ends. Softest hues completely engulf the shell, free of shimmers, shine or sparkle to adorn the unchanging flat tones of this imposing rotund figure. Rosy blushes erupt against the pure soft pink on either side of this egg, giving the illusion of vibrant heat rising from the warmth deep within while it slumbers in auspicious silence.

« Star Devourer stirs from it's slumber, refreshed and new it shares vibrant turbulent energy with… you? You're new! All of you new and shiny in the world and shiny it does like! The life within wields you like a weapon, a force to be reckoned with! Use you it wants and use you it will. What can you do?! It is hungry and demands an answer! »

Chrystyne's body sways slightly. "I'm here…" she whispers to something unseen. The presence in her mind brings her eyes closed tight briefly before opening up with a snap. "No! Wait…no!" urgency colors her tone.
"Hello, where're you going?" Briari asks in a soft whisper as she touches the egg in a gentle swirl of her fingers along the shell. As she hears Chrystyne's voice call out, she jerks her head back, eyes unfocusing for a moment before she finds herself drawn back in by the egg.

Firamar places his hand on the pink egg, kneeling down so if he's thrown back again he'll have less of a distance to fall than if he were standing up. "I've never experienced anything like this before…" His words are cut off as words flood his mind causing him to shake his head as if to clear it so he can answer the strident questions, "What can I do, were you mine I'd care for you and make sure you'd never hunger. But you are in your shell and I'm out here as much as I will it I can not feed you till you come forth."

« Star Devourer fills the skies overhead with vibrant stars. Longing and excitement fill the warmth of the air, anticipation for things to come. Are you ready to go? Ready to reach out and take what's ours? You're filled with courage as though it comes as easy as the air you breathe. Strength breaking through the uncertanties and doubts within your mind. There's no time for that, there's demons deep within and the fighting force within is ready to face your monsters head on. »

Chrystyne steps back once more uncertain as she draws away. Brief she lets her gaze sweep the Sands towards the other candidates out here. Swallowing tightly she seems determined to continue on no matter the journey through her own mind she just took.

Firamar seems to grow in stature as the egg's dweller fills him with a courage he'd not known he'd had before, "You are my protector? My partner? Are you something else, something I've never seen or met before?" His hand is still firmly pressed against the pink shell, almost as if it were glued to its surface "Help me face them, as I've not managed to do so on my own!"

Chrystyne seems to forget everything around her as she lays both hands on the Boo-tiful egg and loses herself within it quickly. Her ice blue eyes widen with unexpressed emotions but she stays steadfast with her head tilted to the side to listen.
« Star Devourer is snoozing happily and content with the days adventures. The darkness is kept at bay for now until it rears it's ugly head, damaging your will and armored resolve. Dreaming it will be, of the new experiences and knowledge of the world within you, refreshed within the core of this energetic force. Let it sleep, let it sleep… »

As she listens, Briari tries to open herself up to the presence inside as she sways side to side on her feet. At times, she glances upwards to the sky, before looking back to the shell, she smiles slightly.

Chrystyne turns her head now in every direction but sees nothing but sand and eggs. Outwardly she tries to display no reaction but there is a flicker of fear in her gaze before she lowers it to stare at the egg. After a moment she once more puts her fingertips only onto the egg as if less contact the less she feels.

Firamar slowly removes his hand from the surface of the egg, "Sleep well, sleep well little one may we meet again at another time or place." with that he steps back and just looks over the other eggs deciding which one he will touch next.

Chrystyne gasps loudly as she pulls away. "Such darkness…" murmurs the former Istan Guard. Uncertain if she liked that egg she draws away and finds a brighter egg to be near.

Coal and crimson glow at the round base of this rough textured egg, sending tendrils of smoke to whisp and rise across the surface. Those tendrils reach out hungrily, tiny flecks of metallic ore dancing against the dark silhouette as they reach higher and higher to the top. The darkness in battle with the sky; illuminating amaranthine holds strong at the apex, sending reaching tendrils of it's own intertwined with strong cobalt tones down to combat the force rising below. The final touch giving watch to the battle upon this egg is a small oval of jet back, a flying vessel floating across the raging shell.

Feeling the danger quickly approaching, Briari gives courage and resolve back to the small soul, then smiles as it fades away. Removing her hand, she looks over to the other two candidates for a moment, before moving to another egg.

« Metal and Magic fills your mind with ash and smoke, the scent of burning filling your lungs and stinging your blinded eyes. Your ears sing, the metallic sounds of grinding and clinking erupting all around you. Then silence, and the impenetrable attack of your being begins. What's this? Not worthy, not worth a thing. Bits and pieces you surrounded yourself are simply discarded, refuse cast away with impatience and vitriol until all abruptly fades, nothing remains but the bitter cold permeating down to your bones. »

Firamar kneels in front of the crimson shelled egg then slowly places his hand on its rough surface not sure what to expect from it but then a tear starts to fall from your eyes, as if a breeze had blown smoke into them, followed by an uncontrollable shivering as if you were standing in the snow on the peaks of high reaches wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. Not exactly winter weather…the harsh voice filling Fir's mind leaves him wondering if he was wise to touch this egg or not…

Chrystyne lays both hands on the egg, touching the surface. "Hey.." she murmurs to something. A wince escapes her but she stays right where she is, waiting.

« Metal and Magic brings your very world to a violent halt. Wait. What's this? In the darkest depths of your being is a flicker of light. Warmth. Fire. Power. A challenger! The smoke clears as you're thrown into the weightless air, the very ground beneath you falling away from your feet. Will you be able to stand against the raging of the storm coursing through your veins, the fear bringing your knees to tremble? Strength it wants and strength it will draw from you until the world itself trembles in your wake. »

Chrystyne stays with determination in her expression. It's a look that soon turns to blissfulness and comfort. "Oooh." she murmurs, gleeful. "I….fly…" she murmurs then opens her eyes with some surprise to see herself still upon the sands and not up in the air.

Firamar starts to feel weightless, as if he were floating in the vastness of space alone yet not alone as his mind is touched again filling his mind with a challenge one that he answers without hesitation, "Just ask and I will do what ever is needed, give the order and together we will overcome anything that stands in our way." a shiver runs down his spine and along his legs though what might have caused it is uncertain.

« Metal and Magic steps aside and lets the power of your true being shine true. Yours is a will it is willing to stand beside, humility wrought it into something ameable and agreeable. The chill subsides, giving away to the scent of fresh grass and the salt of the seas. Cool breezes against the warmth surrounding you. Now is a time of peace, the sacrifices have ended for now. Rest and slumber for the time being, the world around you fades into peaceful silence. »

Chrystyne takes in a deep breath. Then another and another. Then finally a smile appears and stays there as she backs away. "Soon." she murmurs. With one last look to this egg she seeks out another one.
Breathing in deep, Briari's eyes close and she mumbles out, "This is really nice. How'd you know I love the trees?" She asks as she presses her palm closer against the shell. Stepping closer, she brings herself into the darkness.
Firamar doesn't move for a moment or two, just kneels in the sand looking at the surface of the egg wondering what resides in these shells and what will emerge when the hatching arrives leaving young dragons upon the sands who search for the one that was meant to be their partner for life. He looks around at the other Candidates watching their reactions as they touch the eggs wondering if he looked anything like they do when he touched their shells?

Chrystyne's hands fly up to clamp over her ears as if that action would help. " no no..I am worthy. Don't.." with some trepidation she touches lightly the egg once more.
Feeling the safety of the forest disappear, only to have the heat of a volcano appear before her, Briari continues on through her mind, trudging and searching. ".. Starting to think you're taking me on an adventure." She rumbles to the spirit inside the shells. "I like adventures."

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