In Desperate Need Of Klah

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Nyarra has recently walked in, a book under her arm, white candidate knot on her outfit. She seems to be testing a klah pot for heat.

The large brownrider seems like she's had more restful days. The usually confident, dignified woman drags her self into the living cavern, bags under eyes, hair a bit in disarray. She makes her way over to the klah pot, grabbing it and pouring her self a cup, seemingly in disregard of whatever Nyarra was doing.

Nyarra's hair is bright flame red and a wavy mass that hangs down to her butt. Her bangs fall into her blue eyes and she has lightly tanned skin from being out in the sun a lot. She is dressed in a light blue shirt that is tied at her wrists, and ruffled around her chest. She has on a bodice of brown leather, laced up the front to create some cleavage, despite having a small chest. Then she is a in her mid-teens and still growing into her body. She wears a brown over skirt with a green underskirt, the brown skirt hitched up into her brown leather belt. The belt has a couple of leather pouches and a belt knife attached. On her feet are short brown suede boots, that are scuffed from heavy use. Her height is 54, and weight around 110. She smiles a lot, and has round eyes and cupids bow lips that are rosy in color. High cheek bones to go with her slender figure, but having good muscle tone. She smells of Hazel wood smoke.

Nyarra seems a bit surprised by the klah pot being taken away from her by the brown rider, but she can tell the woman needs it. "Want something to eat?" she offers, willing to fetch something for the rider.

The exhausted looking rider quickly milks up her klah to cool it down so she can drink it faster. She looks down at the young candidate, almost as if she's surprised and hadn't noticed her. "… Uh… Just some bread would be nice." she mutters as she fills her cup again.

Ezrayl is /finally/ rid of the children. Seriously, she's had to deal with them for two whole days and it has been absolute misery. The candidate comes into the living caverns not looking at all like her usual self. In fact, she's covered in random paint smears (yay finger painting children) and her hair is sporting some bright colors that most definitely aren't part of her natural red. It's with a deep sigh that she starts looking for the klah, and finds it in Cassara's hand. So, with slow steps and as much dignity as she can manage, Ezrayl is making her way over to Nyarra and the brown rider.

Nyarra goes over to where some food has been set out and gets a plate with some bread, and brings over a jar of butter and another of jam over. She sets them infront of the rider, without saying anything. She nods to Ezrayl as she pours herself a glass of klah, hoping the bread distracts the rider away from the pot for a moment.

Fortunately the distraction works and Cassara rips a piece of bread off. She wasn't expecting any jam, but sure why not. The rider spreads some on before shoving a piece in her mouth and givng a muffled "Thanks". She gives a tired grin as Ezrayl heads over. "… How you hold up, kid?"

"Faranth, don't say that word." Kids, ARGH! "If I pull nanny duty again in the next couple of seven days…" Ezrayl shakes her head and manages to find a mug for the klah (let's pretend she grabbed one on her way over). "I kind of hope they'll ban me from the nursery. It seems that I make the children cry and my language isn't appropriate." That last bit earns a tiny smirk before green eyes are sliding from Cassara to Nyarra. "Hey, don't think I caught your name. I'm Ezrayl."

Nyarra sits down at a table. "I'm Nyarra." she offers to Ezrayl. "I suppose I'm lucky to not have Nursary duties, then being the youngest in my family it's not something I know anything about." She shrugs and sets her book down on the table, but quietly to not disturb the rider.

Oh, right, she should have introduced herself. Clearly her mind was other places. "Cassara." She say gruffly as she sits down too, taking a moment to peer at the book Nyarra is reading. "… Nanny duty?" She can't help but to laugh. "You don't seem the type. Bet that went over well."

"Believe me, you don't want to get anywhere near those brats." Ezrayl smirks a bit in Nyarra's direction before slipping to a seat as well. "Damn kids never listen…and whoever thought that painting was a good activity for children was sorely mistaken." The guard pours herself some klah but inhales it deeply instead of sipping from her mug immediately. "You're looking pretty tired yourself though."

Nyarra's book is something found in Avias's files, called 'little house on the prairie'. Similar to struggles on early Pern, just wooden homes instead of stone. "I enjoyed painting as a child, it's fun and messy. But then kids find messy to be the most fun." Then she isn't that old herself.

Cassara can't help but to keep laughing at Ez's frustation, especially knowing she'd have been exactly the same when she was a candidate… though at Ez's age, she also was already a parent. The large woman leans back and grinss proudly. "Imma grandma now… and none of us are getting much sleep."

"Fun for them, not fun for the person they decide is their canvas for the day." Ezrayl grumbles under her breathe and is about to take a sip of klah when Cassara's words have her freezing. "My condolences." That's the initial deadpan reaction, but a few seconds later she's cracking a smile. "Congratulations, I'll…appreciate the new addition to your family from afar." Because kids are cute when they're 10 feet away from you. "What's its name?"

Nyarra hides a smirk about the canvas Ezrayl had been. Sips her klah to hide that smirk. "Next time try…going to the beach. Mud is just as fun, but they can go into the water to clean off?" She turns to find out the child's name as well for Cassara doesn't look old enough.

Hey, Cassara was holding up well for pushing 40 turns. She gives a genuine chuckle at Ezrayl's jab. "That's what I needed when Hotaru was bore. This isn't anything by comparison." she smles a bit. "Ardent. Pretty good name, I think. They chose a good… And don't worry, I didn't like kids either until we had one." She grins. "… Little pains in the asses."

"True, maybe if it's in the shallows…take your eyes off of them for two seconds though and they'll disappear into the water." Ezrayl makes a face at the thought before sipping from her mug of klah again. "If you happen to have another kid, I'll replay the condolences then." A small smirk touches at her lips before nodding at the name, "It's a pretty nice name. Kids are all sorts of nice when you aren't the one always changing the diapers and stuff." At least, that's Ezrayl's opinion.

Nyarra says "That's what fostering is for. My mother was fostered, her parents were riders so didn't have time to raise her." She shrugs. "As for the kids…not sure then."

Cassara laughs and finishes her klah. "One was enough for us. Hotaru and Nae's kids will be plenty to keep us busy." She eyes over to Nyarra, actually looking a little annoyed for a moment. She fights the urge though. "I didn't want to foster our daughter… the fact we had to kiled me." She frowns and leans back in her chair. "Fostered her with my parents, so it kinda worked out but… Hotaru and Nae ain't fostering. That's the whole reason me and my weyrmate transferred here." she frowns a bit… "… Family is important to me…" atop other, biologic issues.

"I don't like taking care of kids, but I couldn't foster them if I had them. Daran and I lost ours when we were eight, it isn't fun to grow up without them." Ezrayl shakes her head before swirling the klah in her mug for a moment. "Of course, it isn't a choice sometimes but I'd avoid it if I could." The guard turned candidate leans back in her chair then, falling silent at Cassara's words. She'll offer the barest of nods, but then there is a quiet glance from Nyarra to Cassara. "So. You planning on spoiling him silly?"

Nyarra says "Not saying you have to foster but it's just an option. It's less common these days, but it's still done often enough." She shrugs. "But being a grand mother I hear is better, getting to spoil the kids."

Cass nods to Ez. "Yeah, Daran seems the same I'd guess." She shrugs. "It's also rougher when you're two women. Hika… is the biological mom. So the way I thought about it was… if we foster, what am I adding to this? What reason does that child have to give a damn about me? Though Hotaru and Nae's method seems a good solution but… two kids at once is gonna be a hassle. Nae's gonna pop any day now." she nods to Nyarra… "Yeah, it's nice to see rides find more time for family… I mean, fostered kids seem to turn out fine but… I think for a lot of us people who weren't from Weyrs, it's hard to let go of the idea of family."

Nyarra finishes her klah. "Well I have to get the laundry. Having six brothers means I'm very skilled in laundry." She smiles and gets up from the table, grabbing her book and leaving.

"He's smitten with Sundari's daughter…he'd make a good father though. At least, he will once life settles down." From Rennies, to the Weyr, to candidacy…things have been up in the air for quite a well. Of course, Ez doesn't know about Adrent's baby daddy secret! "Two at once?" Ezrayl actually looks horrified for a moment before shaking her head. "Good luck with that, I can't imagine that they'll be getting much sleep any time soon." It's the stuff of horror stories. Nyarra's departure to finish laundry earns a lifted hand and dip of the head. "Good luck."

"… Yeah he has been. Kinda seems unlike him." She chuckles. Cassara actually ended up recommendng Hotaru not make use of Daran's seemingly child loving ways… Not because he seemed bad at it, but because him getting attached would be the last thing they'd need. "Yeah… But they have two extra set of hands and if they need to, can use the nannies for a bit to regain their sanity. We'll make it work…It's important all of us." she nods and sighs. "I'm used to not sleeping much, but this is sorta pushing it for me…" She gives the young girl a wave as she leaves.

"He never really had the chance to be around kids…where we were before." Ezrayl says the last bit in a slightly awkward tone before quickly passing over it. "With all the help it's bound to turn out alright. If you do stick them with the nannies, just make sure you request that I'm specifically not on nursery duty that day." The candidate smirks slightly before leaning on the table and resting her head in the palm of her hand. "It's nice to see a family working so hdd to stay together though. You kind of forget how much people care about that kind of stuff when you're on your own." A pause. "Have you utilized the miracle known as naps yet? I hear they help." Cue yet another tiny smirk.

"Mmm…" Yeah, Daran wouldn't… but her too? Hm. "Yeah, I'm very close to my parents. Hard for me to imagine not having a family…" she chuckles and nods. "Yeah. This is old hat for me. Being tired nothing." She laughs before grinning a bit. "… So you were a renegade too? Was never quite sure on that.." she leans n curiously.

"Don't know where I'd be without Daran…probably in a ditch somewhere." Ezrayl smirks a little bit before blinking at the question on renegades. "It's pretty much common knowledge know, huh?" There's a faint grin that doesn't really have any humor in it before she nods. "I guess it was a family for Daran." She hated every second of it. "Guess we survived which is the important part…it's all wrapped up and behind us." Or so Ez will keep trying to tell herself.

"Yeah, I guess it is… Haven't really pressed Daran for details though with… him being, well… him." She gives a sigh, pitying the two. "… Did they pick you up, or was it a decision you two made to join? Not that it matters… you two are who you are now but… can't help but to be a little nosy sometimes."

"Half and half I guess. We were in the woods when they found us and they took us in. We didn't have anywhere else to go so we stuck with them." Ezrayl swirls her klah before glancing over to Cassara with a smirk. "Nosy's fine, it's better to ask me than Daran anyways. He got along with them better than I did, but things could always have been worse. If nothing else, they taught me how to fight."

Cass nods a bit. "… How old were you two?" She asked Daran and he claimed not to remember, but maybe he was blowing her off. "Yeah, I figured. I think he thinks I'm usually trying to just needle him anyways." In his defense, she often was. She gives another nod. "… Yeah, I bet. The two of you look tough as nails. I'm the way I am now because I grew up worrying about people like you two." she gives a bit grin for a moment and then gives a heavy sigh. "as much grief as I've seen caused by renegades, I know a lot of em were like you two… buncha poor fools with nowhere to go."

"Around eight…we had a handful of good turns with our parents though, which is more than some people can say." Ezrayl drains the rest of her klah before pouring another mug and grinning over at Cassara. "Who would have thought that your demise by our hands almost came by your stomach and not vicious sword hacking." Oh that stew, the stew that will never be forgotten. "You grow up like that and sometimes you end up caught up in everything. Heh, I think half the reason Daran had us leave was because I was going crazy in there…I don't think I could count the number of fights I got in every day on one hand."

"Eight…" Cassara sighs and shakes her head. Didn't last long without their parents. "You poor things…." Ez's jab gets a rise out of her and she gives a big laugh. "… You're worse than I was. I though I was a brawler back in the caravans… Though, rennies are a nastier lot. Well, guard work seems perfect for you. I'll be honest, I'm a bit jealous none of the Weyrs I was at ever used riders for guards. Though maybe it's better that being a rider kept me out of troule."

"They were asking for it, and to be honest…I kind of enjoyed beating the shit out of them." Ezrayl's mouth turns upwards in a smile that's more than a little unkind. Perhaps it's slightly disturbing, but they'd deserved every punch. "Is that how it is here? If I ended up Impressing would I be able to go back to the guards, or…well, whatever else there is. Search and Rescue or something like that?" She doesn't have her sword with her know, but Ez's fingers twitch at her hip instinctively looking for it. Daran has his bow and she has her own comforts, armor and swords being two of them. And clothes, not that she's told anyone about that.

Disturbing, but not to Cassara. She grins back, very knowingly. "They're always asking for it… Gotta teach em respect." Even as a rider, Cassara was a monster in Igen in her youth. Age and a sensible weyrmate has helped keep her temper in check. "I know Fort has riders do actual patrols and security stuff." It was tempting for her, at one point. "… Search and Rescue is good work though I told Daran and the same goes for you… If either of you impress, I want you. Or both. In my experience, though with a bit of survival skills and… experience out in the road do the best at it."

"Maybe you aren't the only sadist in the living caverns." Ezrayl snickers quietly before draining her second mug of klah and considering Cassara's words. "Sounds like Search and Rescue is the closest thing to being a guard. But if we do Impress…just remember that you made the offer. Even if you regret it, you might get stuck with us." There's a wicked sort of grin from the candidate then, but her attention is caught by someone waving from the entrance of the caverns. "Looks like I'm getting called for something or another, see you later yeah?" With a bit of a wave, Ez is pushing back her chair and heading off!

Cassara gives a big laugh and gets up her self. It was time to get back to things anyways. "I had a feeling." She grins at Ez. "Alright, I gotta get back to help with the baby anyways…" she gives a tired sigh and waves the candidate off before returning to her own life issues

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