Harper Hall stalks a Weyrleader

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's early morning in Western Weyr, the sunlight just making it's way over the rim of the bowl as residents rise to get about their business. The air is a slight chill to it, even as spring sets on the Western continent. The Living Cavern's themselves have not gotten to full swing, yet, but kitchen workers bustle about to prepare the morning meal as riders and residents arrive. Amoung them is Rea, carrying her typical folder of papers as she makes her way in from the bowl, eyeing the stack as she trys to make sense of it… Before heading for the nearest hearth for a cup of fresh klah while she wait for the new pot of cornmeal to finish being prepared. A subtle hesitance, and she picks a seat close to the hearth, spreading her random documents about to take a look at them, taking a sip of her klah as she does so.

Bounce, bounce, bounce! In comes the bouncing F'inn, humming happily to himself. A bluldging bag is swung over his shoulder and swings hard against his back, but he doesn't seem to notice, nope! The bluerider makes his way towards the serving tables, snagging up a plate and plopping some food onto it, yay, foodstuffs.

T'burk is already sitting down at his customary table near the hearth where the freshly brewed and spiced klah pot it ready. He is eating the customary bowl of oat cereal with berries while he works to open a stack of dispatches.

Rea brings her eyes up from her work at the sounds of pack hitting back, and when her eyes catch on F'inn and his bouncing, she's forced to cover her grinning lips with her hands, as to not appear disrespectful. "Someone is in a good mood, today…" She mumbles, coaxing herself into a more acceptable look before she lifts said hand to F'inn, "Hey F'inn, what's got you in such a good mood?" She's the curious sort… And as protocol calls, when she sees T'burk sitting at his seat, she sobers and gives him a salute, "Weyrhealer… How're we fairing with," Her voice gets low, since he's close, and she doesn't want too many to hear, "With the pox outbreak?" Her look is a little sad, and she seems to check Burk's emotional stance on her mentioning it.

T'burk looks up and nods in return. "Much better, thank you! I am glad to say that at last. We had quite a few children fall sick all over the planet but no fatalities." He looks over to see F'inn's happy countenance. "What have you got there, F'inn?"

F'inn tilts his head slightly to the side, abruptly halting in his bouncing and almost tipping over with the combined weight of the bag and the speed of his sudden halt. "Hrm? Oh, nothing really, I'm always in a good mood." And, most people who would know F'inn well, would know that the bluerider is always rather silly. "T'burk!" If it weren't for the fact that F'inn is laden with his bag, he'd pounce the greenrider, but he has his bag, so he'll settle for a wild wave in greeting. "Oh, my carvings."

T'burk pushes his chair back a little and clears some of the dispatches onto an empty chair. "Really! Bring them here so we can take a look, eh? If you've not yet seen nis work, Rea, F'inn is excellent with a piece of wood and a knife."

Rea sighs a little and nods, smiling at Burk as she does so, "That's good to hear… I was worried it was going to develop into far worse then it initially started as… This Weyr has enough to worry about without adding deaths to it…" Mumbling off as F'inn joins them, she tries to shake the fear out of her look, grinning a moment later at the bouncing. "Well, I'll never protest a good mood." Perking up a little, she looks at F'inn's bag. "What carvings are you working on, now? I think I still have the carving you did for me…"
Rea nods at T'burk, "Aye, I've seen his work before… He does a fantastic job, I think."

F'inn tilts his head and flashes a grin at the two, quickly bounding over and setting his bag onto the floor, all too happily taking up a seat as he dives into the bag. He half dissapears as the mouth of the bag consumes the bluerider. There's sounds of shuffling around before a loud "Ah-hah!" And out comes the blonde bluerider thrusting out a carving at Rea and T'burk, "I just made this one not too long ago, what do you think. Do you like, I can't interest you in buying it, can I? Pretty please?" The bluerider dramatically fans his eyelids before snickering quietly. "You're too serious, weyrwoman, there's a lot to be happy about. I've always said it's more fun to have…well, fun." He grins. "And of course I'm still carving it /is/ my business, after all."

Rea giggles a little at F'inn and nods her head, highly amused at his antics, especially the bag diving, and just how large the bag actually is to go hiding that much of the rider's form. Blinking a little as he brings out the carving, she tilts her head and admires it, then frowns. "What is it? Maybe I'm just a little tired, that I can't make out what it is…" She looks apologetic at F'inn, before leaning forward and running a hand over the smooth carving. "It's well done, to be certain… And if you didn't do well, I doubt you'd have that shop of your's out in the market place, mm?" She bounces a little suddenly, and smiles at F'inn. "Have yo uever done a carving of two dragons in flight? Was watching a flight the other day, and thought a picture right before catch might be cute… But a carving might be much better!" Her youth shows, now ,as she gets excited.

T'burk takes out one of the beastie figures from the bag, turning it this way and that to take a liesurely look at it.

F'inn smiles as he starts to pull a few more things out of his bag, settling them on the table, how many carvins F'inn has in his bag of goodies, it's really hard to know. But after a few moments there's another "Ah-hah! I knew it was in here." Before F'inn magically produces yet another carving. "I made it a while ago, but it is dragons in a mating flight, course, it was hard to do it at the time." He wrinkles his nose at the though, "With how Taruth is about his flights. I had to draw it from a distance and keep him from going up."

T'burk soflty comments, "That's frustrating."

A'ven arrives with a young man in tow, of about 15 Turns, who is furiously taking notes. The Weyrleader looks busy tonight, carrying a thick folder full of papers. Still, when he sees those assembled he sets his work aside on a bench nearby. "Well, well!… what's the occasion?" He motions for the lad with him to stop taking notes. "Please… it's not necessary to catalog my every step.", he says gently.

T'burk says "F'inn is displaying his marvelous carving's for us, A'ven."

Rea oos softly under her breath as F'inn brings out the flight one, tilting her head to admire the carving of it as she leans back again. "I think it's well, done… How many marks did you want for it?" At T'burk's remark, she suddenly winces and nods, "That would be difficult, as a bluerider, mm? I guess it's only of the small benefits of being a gold or green rider… Don't have to worry about the pull of other flights… Well, other then golds. I have to leave, for those." At A'ven's entrance, the duty-consious goldrider shoots from her chair and salutes him, giving a bit of a smirk at him as she does so, "Weyrleader A'ven! … Not too much occasion, really… Well, unless you caunt F'inn here trying to sell off his carvings." Sitting herself down again, she takes another sip of her klah, enjoying the kick it gives to her system before setting it down and pointing to her folder. "Just getting some things done that Jolie has asked me to. Wing checks 'n the such…"

F'inn sighs quietly, running a hand through his hair as he leans back in his chair as he fixes a thoughtful look on his face, "Hrm, two and a half marks? That seem like a good price for you? I could color it for you, if you'd like? I haven't gotten to that just yet, I'm a little overloaded with carvings at the moment." As they can probably see from the sheer size of the carvings littered in his bag. "Taruth chases all the females, he even goes after golds sometimes, he's silly." F'inn grins slightly to himself. "Course he doesn't win."

A'ven smiles broadly as F'inn shows his work. "Oh yes, I'm very familiar with F'inn's skill.", he says, commenting back to Rea. He returns her salute casually, "Please, save the salutes for formal occasions.", he notes with an easy smile. "I think I'm among friends here. The lad with A'ven seem to think the man's comment is horribly interesting and the speed of his writing increases accordingly. A'ven rolls his eyes and then says to F'inn, "Your talent is a wonderful addition, we're so spoiled to have you." He nods earnestly. "Going to buy something for a gift T'burk?", he asks "I was thinking I'd commission a carving of Glyith… not life size of course."

T'burk grins at F'inn. "See? Your famous!"

Rea eyes F'inn's sighing, sitting herself a little more comfortably as he mentions the price. Lifting a hand and rubbing her cheek in thought, she looks at the carving, "Well, it is nicely designed… Two marks, if colored?" She grins, having a bit of fun with dickering the price. At A'ven's remark, she shrugs her shoulders at him and keeps the lightened grin on her face, "Well, never a bad thing to show respect to one's leaders, eh?" The lad next to A'ven is suddenly given the goldrider's attention, then, and she blinks at the lad before looking up at A'ven with furrowed brows…. The look is a bit obvious, asking 'Who is that?'. She sputters at the comment of a Glyith carving though, and laughs outright, "Life size might take F'inn forever… And possibly deprive this continent of it's supply of wood. WOuld keep Ivan busy, though, come to think of it…" She smirks, trying to look innocent and failing miserably.

F'inn wrinkles his nose ever so slightly, crossing his arms over his waist, "Hrm, well, I suppose that would be good a good price, I could part with it for that." He grins happily at the weyrleader, offering a playful salute to the bronzerider. "Heya, A'ven! It's been a while since we've bumped into each other." However, a little blush will taint the bluerider's cheeks, "C'mon, you guys are embarassing me. This is just business, that's all. I've been doing it ever since I left my mum and dad." He can't help but snicker at Rea, "I don't think I could do life size, I don't think there's enough marks to pay for it."

A'ven answers Rea's curiosity about his energetic young friend with, "I'm sorry, I should have made introductions This is Dalton — a Harper from Alisar's new 'diplomatic section' He's supposed to follow an area leader around for two sevendays and learn… deplomacy I guess. If you ask me I think Alisar is probably training him as some sort of spy." The man frowns a little. "Dalton is very… enthusiastic." "You're very enthusiastic!", he repeats to the busybody. Finn's remark gets a chuckle, as does T'burk's. He agrees with the latter, "You're famous all right, at least around here.", he confirms. "I was thinking something fairly large.. a nice conversation piece for my desk. I'd pay very well if it was detailed enough to show that it was Glyith, and not just 'a bronze'"

Dalton doesn't reply to A'ven's comment about being enthusiastic. He simply writes more enthusiastically!

T'burk raises a hand in a wave to Dalton. "Welcome to Western Weyr, Dalton! Do you happen to know Kadan at Harper Hall?"

"Does it have a lot of meaning to you, F'inn? If it does, then I won't take it off of you, but I do really enjoy the design of it…" Rea asks, picking up the carving from T'burk's table and admiring it. "Well, if two marks is okay… I'll come by your shop later and give it to you? Don't carry my marks on me, typically." Reverently placing the carving down, she snickers at F'inn and nods. "At that rate, would there be any wood left for marks?" She giggles, before flicking her eyes to Dalton and nodding, quirking a brow a bit at the spy part, "Well, if he is… I fear your backside will be well known by the time he gets back to the Harper Hall!" She teases a little before flicking a finger in the lad's direction and repeating T'burk's greeting, before flicking her eyes at the comment of Kadan, slightly interested in who *that* lad is…

F'inn turns to give A'ven most of his attention, at least for now. "It would require me to borrow Gylith for maybe a day or so for a few hours at a time. It'd take me a couple of weeks, and it would depend on how big you want it. But I could do it, A'ven, and you would be able to tell it was your dragon, I've done it maybe once or twice, but only when people specifically request it." He grins a little, peering over at Dalton, "Welcome to Western, you'll like it here!" And now his attention settles on Rea, "Well, if it's too much, I'd be willing to lower it a bit, to maybe a mark and a half?"

A'ven replies to the person who spoke last, first, "We can certainly try it F'inn, if you're willing. I suppose it's vain of me to want him with me all the time, even when I'm stuck at my desk but I have to admit…it would be nice." He chuckles a little at Rea's comment about his backside. "That's just what I need, some sort of essay on 'Leadership and the backside/brain connection' He laughs a little at that.

Dalton smiles, and now begins to pull of an amazing feat. At once, he begins to answer T'burk's question, and the welcomes he received in the somewhat grainy baritone of a boy who's voice is just changing, but his pacing is smooth, and practiced, "Thank you all very much for your kind greetings.", he says gracefully. "I'm very pleased to be here at Western." "Yes, I know Kadan only by reputation, it's said that he spends many a night chatting with the MasterHarper herself." "He is well liked by many… and quite talented with a brush I'm told." … strangely his writing does not pause, nor does it seem to follow his speech, as if he's litterly doing two things at once. How very odd! Not a single break in his writing except for a slight pause just as he started to speak. Dalton tilts his head to look pointedly at A'ven's backside. He does pause in his writing then, as if considering… and after a moment that subject is simply discarded as uninteresting.

T'burk nods."Master Moyrel is his Aunt. She's married to my older son, K'urk. And Kadan's father is my younger son, S'dan, posted over at Eastern Weyr."

Rea listens to the talk between F'inn and A'ven quietly, taking a sip of her klah again as she does so, "It probably wouldn't be too hard to get a dragon to sit stationary… Especially if it's a good sunning spot." She adds into the talk of getting Glyith to pose. "For that, to you carve out the initial design of a dragon, and then take ques from Glyith's features to complete it, to make it unique?" Shaking her head at F'inn's question, she sets her mug down as she replies, "No, no… two marks is perfectly fine for it. I'm not entirely broke, I assure you, I just don't carry them with me." And with A'ven's reply, coupled with Dalton's reaction, it's probably a good thing she's sat her mug down, because he laughter is so lively she surely would've spit her klah right out. "Is-" She gasps, trying to catch her breath, "Is it a good view, there? And from what I've heard, it isn't the backside that people are worried about brain connection!" She drops into a fit of giggles again, trying to nod to T'burk as he explains relation, "Oh," Gasp, "Lots or relations to you, then."

T'burk replies to Rea. "I'm proud of my boys," with a grin on his face.

F'inn waves a hand indifferently in the air, offering a warm smile to A'ven as F'inn leans closer in his seat with a mischevious glint in his eyes. "Oh, well, it's a commision, so I'm gonna do it. If you want it, and you're willing to pay for it, then I'll do it. Just if you want the carving to look like your bronze, I'm going to need to steal him for a good portion of time to make sure it's completely the same, and it's going to cost you a pretty mark as well. And, depending on how much time into it, I'll say anywhere between 3 and 5 marks right now." Rea gets a look, "Ah, but it would depend on how A'ven here wants Gylith to pose, that would be the difference."

Dalton runs out of paper on his pad. Without so much as a 'excuse me' he simply departs without fuss, offering no explanation.

A'ven shudders, "He's gone to get another pad." "I just know it. Very creepy." He turns his attention to F'inn, "I'm sure once the pox is over he can sit for a sculpture." "I'm afraid we've been a little bit busy with that." Rea gets a smile for her energetic laughter, "You know, you should laugh more often.", he comments offhandedly.

Rea calms herself down enough to nod at T'burk, taking a bit of a gasp to catch her breathing up with her giggles. "It's always good to be proud of your children… They really do take their parent's opinions to heart…" As the Weyrhealer departs, she gives a bit of a wave before turning back to the other two. Nodding to F'inn's explination, she hrm's softly, "True enough… So, it's much like drawing, then? Easiest when you have something to look at directly? That would make the most sense, I think, though I've seen some claim to sketch and carve with no reference… You do that, as well?" Catching Dalton's departure, she blinks as she watches, "Well, he's a brisk little fellow, to be certain…" She mutters off at A'ven's comment, a blush creeping up her cheeks even as she shrugs the compliment off, "Well, it certainly improves the atmosphere, to be certain. I'll blame it on F'inn and his over all perkiness." She grins lightly, looking almost frustrated with her blushing.

F'inn turns towards A'ven, sticking out his tongue playfully at the bronzerider. "All right! Whenever you two get free just leave me and Taruth and we'll be sure to get back to you when our own schedule clears up a bit. Hopefully I'll finish these and sell them by then." F'inn pouts slightly, stuffing his carvings back into his bag. "I draw and I carve, drawing helps me carve. It makes it so that I don't have to sit there for hours and the object of my current interest doesn't sit there either. But yeah, I carve and draw from memory as well. I've been doing for turns, after all. After you do a few hundered dragons, you kinda get the general idea of how they should look." A little blush taints the bluerider's face, "Well, I just think it's better to be happy, that's all. It's no fun being serious all the time."

A'ven startles a moment, sparked by something F'inn just said, "Draw from memory…" Hmm. "I'd better go check on Dalton.", he says apologetically to the two. "If he doesn't find a pad he may just start writing on whatever he /can/ find." "I'll talk to you both again, I'm sure.", he nods, smiling pleasantly. "Thanks for the fine company." With that, he departs almost as briskly as Dalton did.

Rea nods her head lightly at F'inn, considering that, "That's true enough… drawings could make good reference for carvings… Keyn was telling me the other day you were interested in his drawing for carvings, it makes a good deal for both of you." As A'ven's exit, she gasps and turns back to her files, "Oh shells, Jolie is going to skin me if I don't get these out!" Shuffling them back together, piling them into the folder, she smiles at F'inn, "I'll be by your shop, later, to pay the marks for that carving of yours… And possibly get it colored to be put on my shelves in my weyr." Giving a bit of a bow as she finally gets the files in her arms, she rushes out the living caverns to get her files out to the individual Wingleaders…

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