A Rider's Answer To Everything?

Western Weyr - Weyrwoman's Office
Behind stout, ornately carved hardwood double doors decorated with fancy brass handles and a stout bolting lock, the Weyrwoman's office is a sanctum of paperwork, bureaucracy and lots of red tape. It is here that much of the running of the Weyr takes place — where the meetings of the domestic side of the Weyr are held and daily matters are handled between the Senior and her juniors as well as the Headwoman's staff. The walls, painted a cheerful soothing shade of sage green, are adorned with paintings and tapestries of life around the Weyr. To one side, a large desk of skybroom wood holds court, piled with paper, and file folders — the heavily padded chair behind it meant for the comfort of the working weyrwoman, along with chairs for visitors and guests set in front of it. Part of the desk is curving away, this holding a small computer that can be used for word processing and file entry. Along one wall, a row of short bookshelves hold scrolls, books and other means of record keeping; the oldest and most fragile of the relics being kept behind glass casings. Hand-woven carpets cover the floors, buffering the feel of hard stone and giving a softer feeling to the room. A sideboard on the wall opposite the entrance is kept stocked with drinks for refreshment, and a comfortable couch with a side table and an ornate reading lamp can be found in the middle of the room.

It's a little after lunch time at Western, and Zsriston is actually in the office! Actually since Enka's been in and out lately he's been working a full shift, getting all the paperwork set up so Enka could speed through it between time at home and on the sands. Right now he's eating a sandwich and separating out some of the paperwork. There's a pile for signatures, a pile for urgent, a pile for urgent signatures, and a pile for everything else. He's got little signature stickies for where Enka needs to sign. Likely most of the forms are the usual sort of thing, so she can just skim through them anyways.

With her gold on the sands, and kiddies at home, Enka's been a busy gal out of the office. Still, she stops by now and then to do necessary work. Like now. The goldrider doesn't exactly knock when she enters the office, after all, it's hers, but a brief little patter of fingers against the wooden doors signals her arrival before she strides in. "Mir's nappin'," she explains, catching sight of her assistant and giving him a wry grin. "What have you got for me to sign now?" He's a busy boy, it seems, and she appreciates that efficiency.

Zsriston was a good boy! Actually he didn't really mind the paper shuffling. It wasn't hard work really, and when he was done he got to go do whatever he wanted. Which of late has been being a beach bum. Zsriston looks up when Enka comes in. "Hey Enka!" It was her office, it'd be a little weird for her to knock. But at least the teen isn't startled, so there's no sammich spilling onto important documents. "Um, this pile first, then this pile if you don't get to that. I'm still going through this stuff, but hopefully nothing in here is too urgent I guess. How's things down on the sands?" He gets up to put the piles onto Enka's desk.

"Howdy," Enka comments, heading over to her desk to flop down onto the seat with casual ease. "Been workin' away, I see. Good job." she grins slightly, and nods, noting the piles of work. "Sand sittin' is awful dull at times," she remarks, "Mir's just the same as usual, hidin' away her clutch, and glowerin' at anyone who's watchin'." she shrugs. "Won't be much longer now anyway." She reaches for a pen. "You aint been workin' too hard, have you?"

"Thanks!" Zsriston beams to the goldrider, hovering a little by her desk. "Well, you can always take this stuff back with you, right? Not that there's anything really exciting here either." He pokes at the paperwork and nods. "Nah. We've been hanging out at the beach a lot. And I started working out! Sort of. We lift feed bags at the stables sometimes in the morning." It was easy to tell that Zsriston was at the beach, his dark complexion is even darker. As far as the working out part though… not so much.

Enka settles back into her chair, pen scratching away at paper as she signs on the dotted line, so to speak, the whisper of paper flipping back before the goldrider finishes one pile, and starts to move on to the next. Glancing up, she gives Zsriston a look. "You know, you might be right about that. Takin' this stuff back to the sands. But I'd worry about misplacin' it somehow. And it's easier to sit at a desk and write." she taps her pen against her chin. "Can tell," she remarks, "about spendin' time at the beach." The weights, well, definitely not so much.

Zsriston watches her sign things. Oh well for reading! Not that there was much to read anyways. At least not a lot worthwhile. He nods to her. "I guess I could run the really important things down to the sands if I had to. Clip it to a bored or something first…" He grins at the can tell remark. "This weaver girl, Vella, she said that girls like boys that tan and work out, so…" Hint hint. "What do you think? You like guys better that tan and work out?"

Enka is a speed reader! Either that, or she's just skimming. If it looks good, she'll sign. "Mmm, you could," she nods slightly, moving on to the second pile of paperwork. "If there was somethin' really important that needed my attention that exact second…" a shrug. "If that's the case, I know I can count on you, Zsriston." There's a pause, the goldrider looking to the paperwork for a moment before she looks up again, quirking a brow at her assistant. "Well, I haven't met this Vella, so …" her lips twitch into an amused smile. "Well, she might be right. Maybe girls do like tans and workout muscles." His question to her has her regarding him. "And if I said yes?" She likes /a/ guy that works out. Is that enough of an answer?

Zsriston nods to her. "Or I guess they could take it down to you themselves. I mean, that would make more sense anyways, if it's that important. It's not like people don't know where you are and all." Zsriston catches her look for a second and then heads over to grab up his sandwich again. "Vella? I dunno. She said I was too young for her anyways. Maybe she was just trying to pick on me. Hm." He blinks at her last question, then shrugs and tries to play it off. "I uh… I dunno. I'm just trying to see about some girls, I guess." Whatever that means.

"They could," the goldrider agrees. "Aint like I'm hard to find or anythin'. Just listen for the sound of cranky gold dragon." she chuckles a bit, and sets to work on the papers, taking a little more time to scan what's in front of her. "Well," Enka comments, glancing up at the teen. "There's too young and young, I suppose. Gals do like some experience and age after all." She regards him a moment. "So then go ask some girls or somethin'," she says, teasing just a little. "Doesn't hurt to ask." It's just the rejection that does it.

Zsriston grins a bit. "Heh…" He focuses on his sandwich for a moment. Then he peers at Enka. "What's the difference?" Now he wracks his brain trying to think of the exact terminology Vella used for him. There's a pout at the experience and age comment though. How can one get this… experience? "I am askin' some girls. I asked you, you're a girl, right? It sometimes does. Some girls can be all mean about things like that. They go all 'ew you're gross' and whatever."

She looks amused again for a moment, the goldrider finishing off the last of the paperwork before folding her arms across the desk in front of her, and propping herself against it. "Well," she comments, "I'm not sure what the difference is either, but it takes some growin' up." Hence the age and the experience. It's just … there. "All right, all right," Enka laughs slightly. "So you are askin' a girl." Her. "I do like someone who works out." A lot. "Although I can't be too sure about tans." She'll take it or leave it. But a certain bronzer working out? Mmm, yeah.

Zsriston grunts a bit at her explanation of the difference. "I see." Unhelpful! It wasn't likely that Zsriston ever grew big huge muscles. It wasn't in his genes. But he would likely grow some. If he ever impressed, of course he would. If not… then who could tell? "Ah… Well I guess working out is a good idea then… I'm always tan, I guess." He looks at his arm. "Ma has dark skin." Then he peers at Enka. "So how much workin' out would I have to do to get a kiss from you?"

Enka is unhelpful! She's the most unhelpful help that ever unhelped. Or something like that. "Mmm," she nods. "Workin' out might help you to impress the girls sometime. They'd look at you more then." Not that most girls probably would look at him and get all giggly or something, but well, maybe Zsriston could find a gal someday. "So there you have it, some girls want muscles and tans for their boys." she regards him then, levering herself up away from the desk to drop her hands along the side of the chair and reach for the desk drawer in front of her. "A lot of workin' out," she says. "Hours and hours. And that's just goin' to get you a nice little friendly kiss." On the cheek. With a pat on the head to boot.

It sure was! Enka was picking on him now. Like one of those mean girls that thought he was gross. "Hm. I guess I can try to do that, then." Obviously he's not looking to get married or anything, but he's had bad luck with crushes on girls that were much too old for him. "A lot? Aw… I can't even get one of those right now? I must be gross, then…" Sigh. He goes over to the couch to finish his lunch and sulk. Rejected again!

Awwh, she isn't /that/ mean, is she? After all, well, he's younger than her, and she's sort of his boss. Awkward. "Mmmhmm," she nods. "Just give it a try or somethin'." Yep, that's probably what it is, crushing on girls too old for him — whereas they're probably crushing (or already getting involved) with older guys. Unfortunately, that's a notch against the teen. He'd better start eying the kids in the caverns now, and just wait for them to grow up. "A lot," she nods. "But you aint gross, kiddo. Just tryin' to bark up the wrong tree if you know what I mean." She closes her hand around something in the desk drawer and withdraws it, keeping both hands out of sight for the moment. "Could help with that though. Maybe."

Yep. It was a little awkward. But hey! Zsriston was a teenager. He's in an awkward stage right now anyways. It was hard finding girls his age that were interested in boys at all, really. Or at least enough so he could maybe take one out. Don't tell him to start eying up the girls in the caverns though, because he might and that would be pervy. "Yeah yeah.." Then he blinks and looks up at her. "Hm? How you gonna do that? Give me a make over or somethin'?"

Yes, it would be really pervy. Robbing the cradle or something. Poor kid. Being a teenager must be hard. "Well," Enka drawls, leaning against her desk again, "I wasn't thinkin' about a makeover, but it would probably get girls to look at you." And point and laugh, so that wouldn't be nice at all. "Rather, was thinkin' that you could do with this." Lifting her hands, she flicks a white cord across her desk towards him. "You'll be able to work out a lot wearin' that. And you just might make some connections with girls."

Yep. Almost literally. Nah, Zsriston was just going to have to grow into his fancy, really. Eventually he'll be tall and dark and handsome. Maybe. For now he got to be scrawny and awkward. Zsriston lifts his head to see what she's offering him. There's an audible grunt, then a sigh from the Shipton teen. "Gah… alright fine." He gets up to take the knot. "Is this a rider's answer to everything?" His father seemed to think so. "I won't impress anyways…"

Someday, no doubt, the girls would be falling allll over themselves to get to the teen. But give it a couple more turns anyway. Right now, he's still in the process of getting to that point. Enka purses her lips. "I suppose it /is/ a rider's solution to all of life's problems," she points out, "but I can't say it's done me too badly. And you never know." She regards Zsriston for a moment. "Choice is yours."

Until then Zsriston needed to learn how to be a little less awkward about asking girls out. And learn to know which girls were his type. The teen shrugs a bit and gets up to take the knot. "I guess it's better coming from you than my father. I can still come here to work, right? I won't have to do all the crappy chores like washing dished forever? I mean, I know there's some stuff different I have to do, but I'm needed here, right?" Because that's what he intends to claim when people start asking him to go do things.

"Mmhmm," Enka nods. "You won't have to do all of the chores, and I certainly can use your help here in the office until the Hatching," the goldrider watches Zsriston pick up the knot, and then smiles in satisfaction. "I'll discuss your chores with the headwoman. Havin' you do dishes and whatnot is pointless. But I'm sure you'd appreciate the chores that'd allow you to work out." She pauses, tilts her head and then starts to stand. "Go ahead and move your stuff to the barracks when you're done here, I'm goin' back to have a talk with the headwoman, and then go back to the sands."

Zsriston grins. "It's not so bad then. I can help them move the feed and the kitchen stuff though in the morning. Then come here." He nods a bit about it being pointless. Let some of the other candidates who didn't have regular chores do that sort of thing. "Okay. I think some of these papers need delivery now anyways. I guess I'll do that before I move all my stuff over. Uh.. thanks, Enka. For looking out for me and all."

Enka chuckles. "Exactly," she points out with some wry humor, heading for the doorway where she pauses, turns, and stops. "You're welcome," the look she gives him is certainly fond enough — but more, sisterly than he'd like. "I'm just doin' what I gotta do as a weyrwoman. Look out for everyone, especially my friends." And she's gone. Off off and away.

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