Magical Dreams and Seamonster Wishes (Raelii's Story Event)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It's a lovely evening, dusk has fallen and the sunset in the tropical skies have faded from peachy-gold to a deepening twilight of purple. Overhead stars are beginning to glitter while on the beach a fire has been lit and is burning cheerfully with a snap-crackle. Tonight a harper has been procured for a little leisure time to reward the hard-working candidates. There's a circle of people around that fire and the harper present announces, "Tonight we're going to tell a collaborative story. I'll begin, then spin and whoever gets pointed to, will add to it." He waits for a few moments for people to settle in. "When you are all ready then?" His eyes twinkle merrily as they sweep around the circle. "Once upon a time - because all good stories start so - there was a boy, who lived on an island. He had certain curiosities that led him one day to…" He spins.

The spinner points to Eyrzal

Ezrayl doesn't particularly enjoy this kind of thing. In fact, she doesn't much like it at all. Daranyl was /supposed/ to be here, which was why she came, and unfortunately it looks like she won't be able to back out now. Dressed in a sarong and bathing suit combination today, the guard turned candidate sits in the sand with two arms propping herself up and a frown on her face. And, of course, she just had to be picked as the first one! "He had certain curiosities that led him one day to venture into the woods long past sunset…" Because that sort of thing always makes for good storytelling.

The spinner points to Raelii

Raelii has scampered down to the beach joyfully. She's pretty much into anything that sounds fun (and hey, even chores can be made into a game, which might get her into hot water, but that's neither here nor there). She's slipped her sandals off at the edge of the sand, dressed in shorts and sleeveless top and found a seat, eager to hear what they're doing. "Ooh," she whispers to herself and then listens, smiling, to the beginning. Not expecting to be pointed at so soon, the teen squeaks. "And he… uh, um… walked deeper into the dark forest because he heard this sound like a…a… whiz-buzz-clank sort of sound that seemed to form a weird song. And he had to know what it was. So he crept past huge, mossy fallen trees, turned a corner and there was a clearing with…"

The spinner points to Briari

"As he continued to creep through the thick, dark foliage beneath the soft kiss of the moon's light, the young man's eyes widened at the sight of three travelers, settled down within the clearing with buckets tipped over and other make shift instruments. They played gloriously of their travels, singing a song of.." Briari, who has been listening near the back of the group with guitar in hand strewn across her lap, sings out the words with a silky voice and a few strumming chords of her long necked instrument.

The spinner points to Eryzan

Eryzan , gathered with the others, manages to bring a pitcher along. No questions needed to know what kind of beverage it contains. No. One has to simply look at the young Harper's face and the crimson of his cheeks to get a precise idea. Recognizing talent, he raises his glass at Briari's very nice voice and resumes his sipping until his name is chosen. Mischief glittering in his amber eyes, he chortles out. "They played gloriously of their travels, singing a song of joyful debauchery. A drinking song! The sounds of voices and instruments raise, filling the relative coldness of the dawn of the night. It raises so high that a bunch of…"

The spinner points to Firamar

Firamar nods as each person contributes to the building of the story, sitting crossed legged on the sand he considers his options in continuing the story. He unfolds his legs momentarily to stretch out his muscles before folding them under himself, "…of wild wherries come squawking out of the brush the discordant voices of the travelers scattering them and their feathers…"

The spinner points to Raelii

Raelii's hazel eyes twinkle as they follow each person in turn when they add to the story. She blinks a few times when Briari turns the story into a song, snickers quietly but listens all the same. When she's pointed to again, she simply goes with it, adding, "…but these weren't just any wherries. These were magical, talking wherries and they said, 'We don't like your song. You must be punished. And they swooped down and grabbed the travelers - and the boy and flew out over the sea…'"

The spinner points to Sundari

Sundari has been sitting off to the side listening in on the conversation looking utterly amused at what has been said so forth. Sarina is settled upon her lap, the little girl playing with a little shovel. There is a pause as Sunny is picked. "As they flew out to sea there was a great big storm that sweeped in, during that storm a large green and blue seamonster appeared and attempted to grab out at the talking wherries with sharp snapping fangs and claws."

Eryzan obviously seems to deeply enjoy the evening and game tho he doesn't leave his glass empty. Not selfish either, he alternatively looks at Firamar, Briari, Raelii, Sundari and even at the grumpy-face-with-blazing-hair this is Ezrayl, and nods at the pitcher, silently inviting them to help themselves. Let's pray the first Egg that he won't be chosen again. Only Faranth knows what may burst out his odd mind…

The spinner points to Ezrayl

"And grab them they did. The green and blue sea monster swallowed all the wherries and the little boy and the performers whole. Down past the large sharp teeth they went and straight into the monster's belly where it was very dark. Too dark. In fact, they couldn't see a thing." This is Ezrayl's addition to the story before she's making a pained expression and standing up. Storytelling? Not really her thing, and it's all starting to get a bit ridiculous for her. So with a slightly annoyed expression, the guard is heading off. Maybe she'll go practice some sword work.

Chrystyne is a bit late sneaking into the lagoon with the fire and all the candidates circled around. But she's here and ready to enjoy an evening of relaxation with the others. Finding an open spot to sit she plops down cross legged with attention shifting to whomever is proceeding with the story which ends up being Ezrayl as she stands and departs.

The spinner points to Sundari

"Down in that belly no one could see a thing. Then one of the peroformers remembered they had a glow basket and pulled it out so they could see lost tresures that laid waiting within the monsters belly." Sundari says with an amused tone at the idea.

The spinner points to Chrystyne

Chrystyne tilts her head in thought before she continues the story. "Within the light of the flickering glow basket could be seen in the very back one lone boy about 10 turns. Upon seeing you he opened his mouth to say…." she lets the sentence trail off there with a crooked grin.

The spinner points to Briari

"With tear stained eyes and a weepy, strained voice, the young boy cries out to the group of freshly swallowed. 'Are you here to help me!? I have been here for over a hundred years! Please, tell me that you are here to save me!' There was a long, moment of silence, before the young boy who started this adventure replied with …" Briari speaks once again as her fingers lightly tink along the strings of the guitar, giving a wry grin over to her best friend as she picks up after her.

The spinner points to Raelii

Raelii sorta gulps as the spinner points to her again. Seems she got caught up in the story and hadn't pre-thought adding to it. She thinks, squinting her eyes at the fire and blurts out, "'Nowai! Over one hundred years?!! You're either lying or we're inside a magical stay-young-forever place?" He's totally upset. "I don't want to be in a slimy boring place forever! We need to get out. Let's make this monster…"

The spinner points to Chyrstyne

Her turn again? With her attention shifting towards each person as they add their line Chrystyne blinks a few times as the spinner points to her once more. "…Let's make this monster regret eating us. Quick, everyone jump up and down and…."

The spinner points to Sundari

Sundari giggles a bit as she listens in on the others, Sarina sways a bit in her mothers grasp and even bops her a few times with that shovel. Sunny ouches softly and peeks at the girl which gets her to stop. "The sea monster was getting sick, the jumping, itching, and everything else so makes his way back up to the surface and quickly goes about barfing up everyone that he had swallowed onto the water's surface."

The spinner points to Briari

"Despite how terribly sticky each poor, swallowed captive was once they were wretched back out into the water, there was a sense of relief, followed by a loud, defeaning cheer. None louder than the young captive who was caught within a hundred year belly. The young boy's eyes turn towards the the other, allowing them to connect for a brief moment before he fades away with only a last, final whisper…" Briari calls out, her voice increasing in excitement before dropping down into a hush, eyes wide as her fingers give a cliff hanging play upon the notes of her guitar.

The spinner points to Chrystyne

"Remember to feed the dolphins or else they turn into sea monsters." is the final whisper that Chrystyne provides.

The harper rises, "And that, my dear ones is the perfect ending to our fanciful tale of the curious boy who found magical wherries and sea monsters. Or was it all a dream?" He chuckles, then motions to Briari and her guitar. "Enjoy the night, sing, or tell more tales if you wish." And he concedes the floor to the others, re-seating himself, but remaining quiet.

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