Egg Touching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

With an assistant weyrlingmaster going out to round up the candidates, it's not long before they're ushered into the hatching grounds entrance. Enka's waiting there, and once all the candidates have settled down and the shuffling and movement has stopped, she nods briefly in greeting them all. "You'll be allowed out onto the sands now," she says, in explanation. "Miraneith has agreed to let you out to meet the eggs. However, there are some rules to be followed. No runnin'. No runner play, and no shoutin' or yellin'. You don't have to bow when you get out there, in fact, keepin' her attention off you is for the best. But don't do anythin' stupid. Be gentle when touchin'." And with that, she gestures them out towards the sands.

Hooray for touchings! Actually Zsriston wasn't usually a fan. A lot of the unborn dragons minds were just… weird to him. But it was a good opportunity to see the eggs up close, so he'll play along like a good candidate. They might not get many more chances like this. A lot of times the clutchmomma wanted some recognition, but not the case with Miraneith. So he'll sneak out onto the sands and head up to the Blue Horizon's egg.

There's a few puffs of air let out as Lyrifah moves out onto the sands. Really, it's quite a different perspective from down below, rather than up in the galleries. He rubs his hands together though, quite silent for the time being as there really..isn't much that he can say. Besides, a jabbery mouth might draw far too much attention to him. Still, there's a breath finally taken, and the boy moves forward, tentatively reaching to touch along the Caught in a Crafted Dream egg.

Taking up the rear of the pack, Torian looks out onto the sands, two of his fellow recruits appear to have already found an egg that catches their attention. He stops at the edge of the sands, looking rather sheepishly, first at the eggs on the hot sands, then to the gold, and finally to the Weyrwoman.

Lyrifah just blinks for a moment. There's a vague tilting of his head, brows furrowing in a mild bit of confusion before his lips give a twitch upward. "Oh..that's /weird/." It comes out…a bit of a squeak however, in his effort to be the complete opposite of loud and conspicuous. He ducks in a bit closer though, nearly nose to shell with the egg as he starts to move around it in a circle.

Miraneith glowers. Oh how she glares! But by the time the candidates have reached the sands, Enka is at her side, settling onto the gold's forearm to prevent the big queen from well … trampling any of the candidates. It's always hard, given the queen's protective nature. "You aint gettin' to do anythin' to them," Enka scolds, parking herself down in such a way that well, probably something dire would happen to the rider, and that's the last thing Miraneith might want if she were to move. "Go ahead," Enka says, waving towards Torian. "Aint goin' to bite you." Hopefully not anyway.

Zsriston snickers a bit at Lyrifah. "They're -always- weird." Though this particular egg seems alright, though it has the Shipton teen smacking his lips a bit like he's tasted something strange. It's hard to read the candidate's face though, at least it's not wrinkled up.

Torian takes a step toward the sands but pauses briefly at the agigation of the great gold, he nods, and then looks up at Miraneith, "Would you mind if I touch them?" he speaks to the gold, trying to get her blessing.. even though rider has already given approval.

Lyrifah really can only seem to grin all the more, the longer that he touches the egg. Though when Zsriston calls over to him, he looks that way, tongue poking out a bit. "Always? Well it's a first for me…heh!" He keeps his head turned just a bit, ear closer to the shell as he..strains. Maybe there's something to be heard amidst his own fairly giddy laughter.

Edani arrives, looking a little windblown and a lot sunburned and though obviously late, he's not looking rattled or worried as he approaches the sands. He does give Enka a courteous nod and a respectful bow to the glowering Miraneith before attempting to edge out onto the sands and join the other Candidates wandering around by the eggs. He simply touches the first egg he comes to, placing a hand upon the shell as if uncertain what he's even doing out here.

"Shells," Enka swears softly, reaching over to smack Miraneith's muzzle as the queen lifts her lips into a faint snarl. "No, Mir. You aint doin' nothin'." she scolds the dragon. "Just … just go." the goldrider makes shooing motions at Torian. "Get to know 'em. Ah-ah." Enka thumps Miraneith's shoulder again. "She doesn't want you to, but she aint got a choice. Go."

Zsriston blinks a bit at Lyrifah's laughing. Yep. Weird. They were all weird! He's already decided. Zsriston looks relaxed though as his attention turns back to his own egg. It's enough for him to not jump at Mir's snarling at one of the other candidates, at least. He takes a deep breath. Yep, still can breath.

"Ack!" That's Edani's only verbal reaction as he jerks his palm away from the egg and rubs at his eyes with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. When he lowers it, he blinks a couple of times, peers at the shell with narrowed eyes and lowers his hand slowly to touch it again warily.

Lyrifah takes a slow breath as he finally pulls himself away from the egg again. An absent hand runs fingers into his own hair though, chewing lightly at his bottom lip. He looks toward Zsriston least that guy seems to know what he's doing. ..And then there's snarling, and he rather..quickly rushes over to the Ominous Darkness egg. And to the other side of it, making every attempt to be quite unseen with an egg wall between him and the gold.

Zsriston finally pulls away from the egg the look around. He runs his hands over his short hair a bit. Looks like everyone was still living. Since Lyri has moved away from the previous egg, that's where Zsriston is heading. What was he laughing about anyways?

Muttering to himself, Edani lifts his hand from the shell, taking a step back. "Nothing, really. I'm fine just the way I am," he tells it in an undertone before he recalls himself with a sheepish glance 'round the vicinity. Nobody… saw that, right? He's been told to touch them, so he seeks another, hands thrust in his pockets where they're safe. He wanders, giving the snarling gold a cautious berth and a wary glance before finally coming to stop by another egg, this time he eases his calf against it rather than using his hand.

Lyrifah jerks faintly after he comes in contact with the egg, eyes flying open a bit wide. He does pull back though, giving a vague shudder, although a swift look around the sands does seem to alleviate some of the concern that's rather suddenly etched on his face. "Okay, you were right. /Weird/." Still, after giving the shell a bit of a hard look, he reaches for it again, muttering. "Pull yourself together..geez.."

Torian's eyes close, looking at the images that are suddenly rushing into his mind. He kneels slightly, ever so gently touching that egg. "It feels like I am flying, like when I have been on Glyith.. " he comments with a slighly hushed voice.

Torian falls to his knees, "I am falling! he comments.. and opens his eyes looking through the visual images that are being rushed though his head

Lyrifah flinches? Alright, so he ducks just a little bit, too. And while a stubborn hand might stay on the egg in front of him, there's a definite bit of head-lowering. His shoulders lift as well, if only slightly, with eyes scrunched closed.

"Do?" Edani stares down at the shell where his leg is brushing it. His brows lower and after a moment or two of perplexed silence, "Not much, apparently." He eases his leg away, but slowly pulls one hand out of his pocket to brush the fingertips across the shell. Curious but cautious.

Now what candidate would arrive /late/ for an egg touching? Souvani would, it appears. She pelts up at a dead run outside the hatching grounds and comes up short enough that, at the edge of the sands, she drops to her knees. HOT! She pops back up and rubs her knees through the skirt. Ow ow ow. Throwing her braid back over her shoulder, she tries to force her lungs to breath 'normaly', even as she adjusts her shirt and skirt and goes for something close to 'decorum'. Hopefully no one saw…

Edani's face takes on a troubled look and he pulls his shoulders up, shakes his head just a little. "Sometimes things just… wash away," he tells the eggs softly, lifting his hand enough the brush at the corner of one eye. It's just windblown sand grit! Honest. He pats the egg gently, as if to comfort it and shifts in preparation to step away.

Torian allows his hand to drop from the egg, his face in awe.. a slow grin grows on his face. "Is this what the touch of the Dragons is like all the time?"

Lyrifah visibly grits his teeth for a few moments there, still quite tensed as he stands before the egg in front of him. Though finally, after a bit, he does open his eyes, looking just a little surprised. Thankfully, though..a lot calmer. He tugs back away from the egg though, rubbing at his hand just a little. "Well I hope they're not like it /all/ the time. That one was like…it felt like it was /throwing/ things at me." There's a slight huff given at it though, before he gives a slight grin as well..before moving on to the Ghost Miner's Misery egg, touching just one finger to it warily.

Edani scuffs through the sand, trying to look like everything's cool, but his smile at this point is a little forced. There's an egg that no one is touching, it's right in front of him and so, taking the path of least resistance, he places a palm on it. He'll just be casual-like and oh… study the ceiling while rocking on his feet and whistling softly. Nothing to it.

Souvani gets a frown for her entrance, a promise for a 'talking to' later, then shoo'd towards the eggs to touch. Reluctance. Ever see a candidate reluctant to touch the eggs? Today Souvani fills that role, too. But she does approach, dusting her hands off on her hips, then rubbing her palm on her stomach. She appraoches the first egg, well away from the others, reaches out and lightly touches with her fingertips.

Lyrifah groans just a little bit, brows furrowing together. A look around him doesn't really seem to help alleviate things, this time around. He huffs, puffing out a breath or two as he stands there, expression oddly twisted in a faint frown. "Okay..get it.. Egg's dark, right? Bet it's dark in there. ..Well maybe not. Wonder if the light gets through? Anyway..guess for now it's probably dark, dark, dark.."

Torian shifts uncomfortably as he touches the next egg.. obviously by his actions not as thrilled with the images as the previous egg.

Edani yanks his hand back, his eyes wide open scan the area with a bit of a wild look to them that fades aver just a few beats. "Okay, that's odd. for a moment…" He glares down at the shell and murmurs, "I might be grouchy if I was stuck in there too, but no need to growl, hey mate?" He attempts nonchalance once more as he dares to touch it again.

Souvani jerks a little at..something, her eyes flying wide. She looks around, blinking and then.. stills and tilts her head. A beautiful smile spreads on her lips, showing teeth as she ..listens? Then a shiver races down her spine and she blinks again, looks down and goes, "Aw.." definately the sound of someone who's sad over the loss of something.

Lyrifah jerks in place again, eyes going from open again. They're winced closed yet again, however, and he flinches away from the egg just enough without taking his hand off it. He does look a little dazed though, once he eyes the sands again. "Do eggs normally make you..smell..stuff? offense or anything to anyone, but this one stinks."

Souvani suddenly yelps! The sound is sharp and clear, letting any who hear it know she was startled. She even jumps in place.. then she widens her eyes and ducks her head, her other hand coming down to touch the egg. Fingers splayed wide and palms pressed as firmly as she can to the shell.. she laughs. The next moment, she's moving to a rythm, her skirt swaying around her feet. She starts to tap her toes and then gasps. A whooop of joy from her and she laughs, then sucks in another startled breath. This time she pouts and leans down to the egg to whisper, "Again, please."

Torian shifts his feet, and wrinkles his nose.. this egg certainly has not struck him as one he would care to meet. He keeps his opinions to himself, not willing to show his discomfort to those around him.

Souvani bounces on her toes after she whispers that quiet little plea, laughing with joy and closing her eyes. Her small body vibrates with the pleasure of the moment, moving to a rythm and a beat that makes her all but glow happily. It takes many moments, but then she's sighing with dissapointment one last time. Only now, she's got a grin. "Th…" she starts to whisper something, yelps in surprise, then laughs as she looks at the egg. "Scamp." She says, reluctantly pulling her hands back. Now that wasn't so bad..

Lyrifah does look suddenly rather..pleased. It's quite a change from a moment prior, but the boy seems quite renewed. He leans into the egg just a little bit, fingers even moving to pet the shell ever so slightly. "Hey..oh I like that. You don't really have there.. do you? I mean..I guess that'd be weird and all.." He jumps slightly though at the sudden /yelping/ across the sands, only to frown at the lack of presence once his attention returns. "Ah well.." Pulling away, he heads off through the sands again to set his fingers against the Blue Horizons egg.

Edani flinches and ducks, his face a mixture of emotions, his hand breaks contact with the egg and lifts as it to ward off something. He doesn't utter a sound, but the color has drained from his face. In spite of this, the muscles of his jaw twitch as he dares to touch the egg the third time. So. Not. Going. To. Run! The final time, he wobbles, nearly falling before he murmurs, "Don't… go." With a wistful sigh, he trails his fingers from the egg and steps away.

Souvani moves to the egg Edani just left, still shifting her lithe little self to the beat in her head. She happily grins at the dark little egg and reaches out to touch it.

Torian steps away from the egg, rubbing his arms.. he takes a sigh, then a deep breath, looking at the eggs he heads for another one.

Lyrifah does look at least somewhat first, when he touches the egg. But after a moment, there's a bit of a grin there, and he moves around it just a little as he touches. "Oh, well you're not so bad, are ya?"

A shiver races down Souvani's spine the second her fingers touch the egg, her smile leaving. She blinks a few times and jerks her hand back to look around. O..kay. She crinkles her brow a touch, squats next to the egg and reaches out to touch it with the palms of both hands now.

Souvani starts to say ..something.. but then she yelps and ducks. No shame there.. and brothers. They teach you to duck or bleed. Then she's breathing faster, holding onto the egg with her palms. Okay.. when it seems like she might let go, she whispers, "When you can't see, it gi-gives you a chance to he-hear."

Edani passes Souvani, a half-smile flickering across his mouth at her dancing as she goes by, then he's standing beside the egg she just left. "Suppose I have to touch you too," he tells it reluctantly and then does so. His shudder is brief, suppressed, but there's a more relaxed and pleased expression to follow. "Pretty, but you're a mite busy, aren't you?" He lifts his hand, wriggles his fingers and replaces it.

Lyrifah lowers his lashes slowly. There's a bit of a contented sigh though, palm pressed flag against the warm shell. His free hand moves to the egg as well after a bit, both hands settled right in front of him as he leans closer.

Souvani gives a short sharp scream and then lands on her butt, just her fingertips still on the egg. She blinks dazedly as she looks before her and finally.. grins crookedly. She pulls her hands away, only to yelp again as she jumps up, brushing at her bottom. Ow ow ow ow! She flaps her skirt to try to cool her sit-upon part! Is she mouthing the word ow over and over? She ducks her head and wanders away from that egg towards the next, still flapping her skirt with one hand.

Lyrifah seems almost in a trance, really, wavering slowly back and forth in a vaguely rocking motion. There's a small sniff given, and a grin as he finally starts to look more aware…and then he's rather abruptly jarred by screeching. Pulling away from the egg, there's a quick frown and a worried look cast toward Miraneith. "Geez…calm down already.." He edges on over then to the Only a Legend egg, trailing fingers against the surface.

"How can you-" Edani's hand is once again reclaimed as he sticks a finger in his ear and twists it as if to soothe it. He jumps slightly at Souvani's scream, peering at her and shaking his head as she leaps up and hastens away with her hot buns. "There's not much peace to be had in this corner of the sands, hmm?" Whether it's to her or the egg in front of him it's unclear as he gives it a final pat before stepping away.

Souvani is still flapping her skirt even as she stops and touches the next unoccupied egg. She goes utterly still and pales, looking like a herd beast caught in the sights of a hungry dragon. She blinks, mouth agape and.. just.. stands there looking a little lost.

Lyrifah is quiet for a bit, brows faintly moving inward as he adopts a look of pure concentration. He does laugh faintly though, tongue briefly peeking out to wet his lips as he tilts his head back and forth. Looking at, though without possibly seeing, the sand at his feet, he just gives another, almost heady laugh. "Hehe..this is…wow."

Souvani looks a little confused for a moment, then brightens. "Oh!" she thinks about this and looks down, scuffing the toe of her boot in the hot sand for a moment, flapping her skirt absently to help finish cooling off her backside, then suddenly brightens again. She leans in close to the egg and says distinctly: "If you visit the snowy parts of our world.. don't eat the yellow snow!" She stands up, looking proud of herself.

"OwwwW!" Edani clamps both hands over his ears. Like that will help! He just gapes down at the egg, shakes his head and mutters, "Farenth help the person who has to make room in their head for you. Ay." He back off looking a little shell shocked… an reluctant to touch another. Yet there's this one over here… and he reaches one finger out slowly, grimacing as he forces himself to do it.

Lyrifah twitches. There's a rather suddenly..shocked look on the boy's face, eyes bulging in his skull. His body goes rigid though, hands gripping and hanging onto the egg in front of him. Is he pale? Probably.

Souvani pulls her hand free of the egg and dusts her palms together in a 'job well done' kind of way. Yeah, she looks satisfied. She looks for an empty egg, no longer reluctant.

Lyrifah slowly..ever so slowly takes his hands off the egg. Then there's the stepping back. However, he keeps on going backward for a moment, still looking faintly pale. Or is that green? Either way, the candidate doesn't waste any time in turning himself around and hurrying - but not running - off the sands.

Torian shudders, actually removing his hand from the next egg. feeling slightly uneasy.

Alright not so little egg. What shall we do today? Souvani absently flaps her skirt once more, reaches out and touches it's shell..and then ducks and looks around warily. Oh wait. Eggs. Got it. She grins a little sheepishly and pats the egg. "Hi, to you, too." She whispers.

Souvani squirms a little and flaps her skirt again, as if to shoo something off, then blinks and straightens her back. Confidence radiates from her for.. a moment. Then she blinks and slumps her shoulders a touch once more. "Hm.."

Edani's eyes open, and he winces. "No so loud!" Though his grimace morphs into a grin as laughs, then claps a hand over his mouth. Totally not expecting that after the others he's touched, he opens his fingers and rests his palm more confidently against the shell.

Souvani jumps a tiny bit, then looks down at the egg upon which her hand rests. She pats it gently, blink blinking before lifting her hands to rub at her eyes. "That's okay." She tells it. "Anything worth having is worth working for." A sigh and she backs away, ready for another egg.

"Why sad?" The question is out of Edani's mouth before he realizes he's asked it, his hand lifts to stroke the egg comfortingly. His face is relaxed, a slight smile affixed on his lips as he nods at something unspoken.

Souvani blinks a little as her fingers come in contact with the egg and, at first, nothing. She frowns a little and presses her palm flat and jerks a tiny, tiny bit. she tilts her head and …listens? Maybe not. There's a pause in her breathing and she manages to get out the word, "..what?.."

Torian looks at his hands, the other candidates, and then egg he just touched. He gingerly places a few fingers on the egg, cautious, uncertaion of what to expect on the next visage.

Souvani goes wide eyed and clutches at the egg with.. her arms! As if holding on for dear life!! She's breathing as if she's been running. Again.

Torian shakes his head, pulling away from the darkness which is this egg. He shudders, and looks at the others. They really didnt see him show a dislike did they?

Edani lingers, head down for a few moments, before pulling his hand away from the shell and stuffing it back into his pocket. He gives the egg a long, thoughtful look before stepping away. He heads to the edges of the sands. Perhaps it's to cool his feet, for he certainly is perspiring - perhaps it is because the other eggs are all taken. Whatever the reason, he stays but for a few moments longer before easing away and on out, looking quite sober. But then… doesn't he always?

Torian stands in front of the egg, cautiously, he reaches out and lays first his fingers, then shortly his entire hand on the egg. Shaking his head he tries to remove the images of the previous egg from his mind..

Souvani actually holds her breath, turning a bit red in the face. And then she gasps and lets go the egg fast! She stands up straight, trembling as she rubs her palms on her hips, looking at that egg with wide, wide eyes.

Torian's breath is taken in, his eyes grow wide..he closes his eyes and leans his head toward the egg.. as if being closer to the egg he could hear, or maybe even feel what the egg is showing him more.

Souvani sucks in a breath as her hand comes in contact with the last egg. Still shaken from the one before, she jerks her hand back and shakes her head, thrusting her hands behind her. "No.. no no.." she looks around, "Do I have to finish?" Dismay.

The edge of his mouth curls up as he now lays his head against the egg. Torian has been taken by the vision and sounds that course though his head. At the sudden silence he pushes away, looking at the egg, he whispers softly toward the egg, "Show me more… "

Torian gently removes his fingers and remains by the egg for a moment. His eyes are closed, and that curious smile is on his face.. enthralled.

Souvani yelps and then sneezes off to one side, only to yelp again and jerk, ducking so low she lands on her butt again on the sand. /Another/ yelp and she's jumping up, hand on the egg for balance.. uh oh.

Torian approaches another egg, still looking back at the last one. Just before he would trip over the next, he stops and is able to draw his attention away from the last.. he lifts his hand to his eyes.. takes a deep breath, and then touches the new one.

Torian tilts his head, uncertain as to the game that is emerging from his head, he once again whispers barely audible, "What do you want to see… " he asks gingerly.. his eyes are once again closed and this time he touches the egg with both hands.

There's a sudden low and quite threatening growl from the back of the cavern, the heavy thump of a plump and awkward tail against the ground as Miraneith lifts her head and looms loftily towards the candidates despite her rider seated atop her shoulder. "Oi, Mir," comes Enka's exasperated sigh. "You done this how many times now, and you're still gettin' worked up." She slides off the queen's shoulder, planting herself in the dragon's path, hands on her hips. "All right, candidates. Time to get goin'. You'll have more chances to get up close and personal with the eggs again soon." She eyes the dragon closely, shaking her head. "I swear, goin' to take you away the next time if that's the way you're behavin'."

Souvani jerks her hands back from the egg willingly. No touchy! She swallows a few times, scrubs her hands on her hips, then minces away from the eggs. Gone!

Torian startles as if shaken from a dream as the gold shows her dislike of their actions, sliding back falling on his backside. He doesn't stay there very long, the sand is certainly warmer than what he had expected.. he blinks a bit, and then looks at the gold, a soft smile on his face he bows his head in her direction a silent thank you.. and then walks from the grounds.

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