Cloudy With a Chance of Fences

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals

Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

It's just a little before dinner and Aglaia's still busy at work. The chore du jour? Hammering away on a section of wooden fence that was destroyed by a particularly clumsy or enthusiastic dragon. It's large enough that she's not the only one out there; a few Candidates are set up further down the fence line to work on their respective sections of it. As for the former bookkeeper? She's sweaty, dirty, and grim-faced while she tries to get her section finished in time for a meal and a bath.

Speaking of dragons that like to take out fences? That would be Irkevalath, the blue is drifting down from the skies and is soon landing with a heavy thud upon a wherry that couldn't escape his shadow. His jaws latch onto the animal and he takes it down like a smooth effective killer that he is. Sundari is wandering along at a lazy pace towards the Corral, she wanted to take Irk's straps off before he got to hunting, but seems that didn't work out in her favor.

Daranyl comes in alongside Sundari with a slight smile, "Yer aim's gettin' better, Sunny. A few more lessons an' you'll be huntin' ready." He watches Irk hunt a moment, then nods to Aglaia, "He's a beautiful beas', ain' he?"

The hunting blue is regarded with ambivalence for the act; if anything, Aglaia's expression is a curious one, inquisitive in the abstract. She's pulled out of it when Daranyl makes an appearance and her fellow Candidate earns a tilted smile. "They're all pretty magnificent - and he's definitely that," she concurs. "Beautiful or handsome or whatever you want to call it. Even the ug- augh!" Abruptly, the section of fence she's working on ends up pitching violently toward the sky courtesy of another Candidate down the line. She sputters a flat, "Double drat," and works on hauling her section -back- up while calling to the lad, "Move your bit up a little further! Up! Not -over-!"

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and is soon grinning. "All thanks to your lessons. Which I'm thankful for." She offers before peering over to Aglaia and offers her a wave. "Hey.. Ah need help there?" Irk is busy getting to that wherry he pulled down, gutteral growl escaping him while feathers go flying.. No one said dragons eat neat and tidy after all.

Daranyl moves automatically to try to help with the fence, "Sharding Cracks! What'd y'all do to th' fence ta have it floatin' abou' like a shardin' cloud?" He is, at least, trying to help steady it in the process, "Irk! Can we get a han'?"

Raelii has her chores finished for the day and while it was no picnic (at least one would REALLY hope not!) cleaning the latrines, playing toss with toilet paper refills with the other candidate along the way helped make things somewhat entertaining. She's bathed and changed clothes and finding those spare moments before dinner somewhat boring hanging around the barracks, ambles down to the corrals to see the- ERK! Feeding blue dragon! There's somewhat of a fascinated horror that draws her nearer to where that fence-mending goes on. What can she say to that but, "I'm glad I'm not a wherry," to those within earshot.

"Ye-eah, I think Korovian there is having some trouble," and the lad definitely is. Pulling his section up is proving difficult - and Aglaia's having only marginal luck in pulling her end of the horizontal section of fencing -down-. Getting it straightened up will be easy after that! "If you wouldn't mind helping here-" that's tilted toward Sundari, since Daranyl's on the move to help get things level. Raelii's also included in that quick sweep of her gaze, but without any sense of expectation. She does take a moment to watch the blue's feeding with a strange sort of fascination, but it doesn't take long for the groaning wood and threat of splinters through her work gloves to remind her that she's working. "I have no idea what happened," is all she can offer. "Maybe a dragon, maybe a crazed caprine, I don't know, but- ugh!"

Irkevalath is busy eatting! Why would he help you pesky hum…riders and people. That would be silly. A snort escapes the blue while he turns slightly so his back is towards the ones that are working. Sundari huffs softly while she moves on over to work on grabbing a bit of the fence and starts to put it back into place. "Don't expect his help right now. When his finished he'll help… Maybe…"

Cassara is taking her usual run across the bowls. As the large brownrider passes the corrals, she peers over and notices the Blue feeding… Also Daran and company toiling away. She jobs on over. "… Quite a view there." she grins and gives a wave as she watches them work away at the fence. "… The kids need a hand there?" she asks, glancing over to Daran.

Daranyl snorts darkly at Irk, "Shardin' lazy blue." He strains to help fight the swaying of the fence, "Usually, ya drive th' posts firs' so this don' happen. He glances over his shoulder at Cass, then nods, "Fence is fit to take fligh', any help ya can give'd be appreciated, Cass."

Raelii should help, but she's sorta oblivious to the struggle going on with the fence. Something about the crunching of bones and the rending of flesh. Or maybe the feathers floating and scattered about remind her of a certain mishap… The blue turns his back and there's really not much gore visible anymore. That's when her attention wanders, diverted by Daranyl's sharp comment about clouds. She has no gloves, no fence-mending experience, but scoots over and grabs a section like the others at Aglaia's behest. Hopfully it'll help, not hinder. She winds up near where Daranyl is. "Hi Crusty," she says, a tiny giggle escaping right afterwards.

"To be fair," Aglaia says while she wrangles with her end, "I wasn't in charge of -this- project." She's just another hammer in this particular mix. Sundari's help is definitely, well, helping; the fence starts to stabilize a bit once she joins into the fray, but it's still a ways from being where it ought to be. Daranyl will find he's mostly alone in his end of the venture; Korovian's got plenty of heart, but not a shred of brawn on him. So, Raelii's assistance can only help at this point! Meanwhile, Aggie's pulling on her end with all the weight she can muster, with a backwards glance canted to Cass once the other rider makes herself known. There's a vague noise of agreement for Daranyl's words, but she's all gritted teeth and straining muscle while the wood slowly, oh-so-slowly, starts to move back into place. "Al… most…"

Sundari smirks as she ehars Cassara and peeks at her a moment. "Kids..?" There is amusement across her face. "Want me to start calling you Auntie?" Yeah she went there! Though she is grinning while she battles to hold onto her end of the fence. Irk is not lazy, just hungrey there is a difference! When the fence is pulled on though Sunny almost lets go of it thanks to splinters, yes splinters they are evil! Though that is enough to get Irk's attention and the blue is up and moving towards them with a deep rumble escaping his bloody maw as he moves to grab hold of the fence and keeps it put so the hammering will be easier. See, he cares.. Somewhat.

"Well, be sure to holler at whoever decided to string it together firs', yeah?" Daran sets his feet and shoulders, holding strong as things shift until Irk adds his weight. Raelii gets a look, then Daran just shakes his head, "Some day, you'll call me tha' when my han's aren' full." And then what? He'll pout at her?

Cassara grins at Sundari before running to position whatever seems to be the weakest section of fence. The muscly brown rider can at least offer quite a deal of support. "Not you, Sunny!" she grunts. "The rest of em!" She grins at Daran while she tries to force things in position. "H-Haven't I? Or was that — erk — your sister?"

Raelii's wrapped her hands rather inexpertly around a pole, heaving hard to keep the thing from falling over but heck, she's not giving the task her full attention. No, rather she's laughing all the harder at Daranyl's response. "And then what will-" Brilliant minds, eh? Or something. Only then there's a bloody dragon muzzle helping, the fence moves forward. "Ack!" Raelii should have been pulling or pushing not lifting. She staggers off balance, lets go of the fence (because hey, with a dragon holding it, who needs her?)

Between the extra hands and some draconic assistance, the fence is set to rights so the hammering can once again commence. Korovian flicks an apologetic look up to Daranyl and is quick to set to work pounding away on his part. Aglaia, meanwhile, takes just a moment to catch her breath and rub sweat from her brow with a forearm. "Trust me," she half-laughs to Daranyl, "I plan on it. Thank you," and, on that, she half-turns to look at Sundari, Cassara, Raelii and - yes - even the blue. "And thank you all, too! Just need to hold it for a moment longer, I think…" And she's quick to lay into the hammering as well - the faster that's done, the faster everyone else can let go. It won't take -much- longer, at least! Further down, the rest of the fence seems to be coming together rather nicely, so at least the would-be disaster is localized!

Sundari chuckles softly and grins up to Irk glad he finally came to help, she'll hold on for a bit more until more nails and whatnot are put in place and then lets go of her end. Irk warbles out once ore and lwoers his bloody maw to even poke out at Raelii.. Well hello there.. he seems to say, the blue is amsued seeing how the girl got all worried when he wandered up!

Daranyl stays strong until the fence is repaired, then steps back, running a hand through his hair, "Now I need ta.. take a run or somethin'." He reaches to nudge Raelii, "how ya been?" It's a simple enough question as he dares to climb up onto the fence to settle himself, "Ez'll have her 'venge. She always does, yeah? Thanks, Irk." Daran leans, trying to rub the blue's eyeridges.

Cassara holds her section in place until everything seems to be stable. If she was having a hard time, she did her best not to show it, holding her section calmly until Irk started taking off pressure.. "… So what the hell happened here, anyways?" She grins as she watches a bloody Irk poke at Raelii. This might be entertaining.

Well, Irkevalath's muzzle is dripping…gross stuff. Surely there's blood and maybe (even worse) drool? And Raelii's just bathed. She yips and jumps back further as the blue pokes at her. She wants to go to dinner without polka-dotted clothes, thanks! Er, not without the clothes, but blood-spatters absent would be nice. She brushes her hands off together, then turns the palms up and frowns at them. "Think I got a splinter, is how I been," she asides to Daranyl and then adds with a grimace, "I'm gonna go to the infirmary and have them dig it out." Won't that be fun? She ambles back in the direction from whence she came.

The fence stabilizes quickly and the hammering continues to -keep- it that way. It might groan a little in protest when Daranyl perches on it, but it holds and that's good enough until one or another of the Candidates-turned-handymen can get over there to get things properly situated. Aglaia, for her part, is pretty occupied with making sure her part is done before she straightens and blows out a breath. An eyebrow lifts just a little at Raelii but the other girl's gone before she can get a panted word out. Instead, she blows out a breath, paws at her brow, and cuts a look toward the others. "Thanks again," she says with a tilted smile. "It's- oh. Gosh, I don't know what did it," is ultimately turned toward Cassara. "Dragon, probably, or some crazy caprine, I don't know. It was pretty bad, though. A couple sections were completely downed, but this was the worst of them." She doesn't dare lean up against the fence, though; not just yet. Instead, her attention turns toward the blue and his bloodied muzzle; she, at least, has no qualms about peeling off a glove and offering a hand to him in thanks.

Irkevalath warbles out, which sounds a lot like a dragon laugh as the one he was pokeing goes running off. His attention then turns to Aglaia and he noses back at that hand, which gets a bit of blood on for her efforts of making friends with him it. The eyedridge scratch from Daranyl does make Irk croon out and close his eyes, the right spot was found it seems. Sundari shakes her head slightly. "I remember when Irk burned down half the fence when I was a Weyrling.. That wasn't amusing until a few turns later." She pulls out a knife she has with her using the tip to work out a splinter from her hand that she managed to get herself.

Daranyl shrugs slightly at Raelii, "Whatcha complainin' 'bou'-" He cuts off as she leaves, then shrugs again, turning to Cass, "Someone decided ta try ta fix th' fence in a horizontal manner instead o' poundin' th' stakes firs'. Hilarity ensued."

She nods to Aglaia before chuckling at Daran. "… Bright move there, dare I ask who made that mistake?" She grins and looks around and those remaining. "At least if it was burned down, no dumbass would be able to put it up wrong." she looks over the fence. "Atleast y'all managed, eh…?"

The blood? No bother to Aglaia, who has no trouble at all with rubbing at Irkevalath's bloodied maw. "Seriously?" The girl blinks at Sundari, then utters a disbelieving laugh. "Did he mean to do it?" Mind, she's not at all stopping in her ministrations, minor as they may be. "Oh! Oh, drat. Are you okay?" That's angled toward Sundari, though it seems the bluerider has things under control. All the same. More questions and answers are picked up on, but her answer is a singularly unhelpful, "I came into it halfway through to relieve someone else. I have no clue who started us down this path of… hilarity." Her nose wrinkles a little. "Anyway. It's up now, though goodness knows how long it will be."

Sundari seems amused as she thinks back. "naw he didnt mean to, we was just learning to chew firestone, he didnt use it all like we thought and when he came to hunt he came out in a gust. Took out the fench, and some beasts in his wake." The blue warbles out, even gives Aglaia a lick acorss the cheek before he is off to finish his food. Though dont be surprized if Irk sends the herds running, maybe to test out that fixed fence? Sundari glance to Aglaia and smiles. "nothing but a few splinters, no worries. done this plenty of times." Though she soon is moving. "I need to go grab Sarina, S'rorn has to get to sweeps. Tell Irk to leave if he doesnt behave himself." For that always works.

"Scorched if I know, jus' showed up ta th' chaos." A frown flits across Daranyl's features as Sundari retreats, then he shrugs at Aglaia, "'Slong as it's mean' ta be 'n' not a momen' longer. 'Specially with baby dragons on th' way."

Cassara gives Sunny a wave and watches most everyone clear out. "… Guess that's what happened to the lot of us, eh?" She chuckles and bounces in place restlessly a bit. "… Any other exciting adventures as a candidate happen lately?"

There's a giggle for the lick - bloody and meat-scented as it is - and Aglaia's waving at the blue as he moves off. Both of her gloves are soon tucked into her belt and the girl nods to Sundari. A wave is likewise given to the bluerider as she departs. There's a slight shake of her head for something and she's soon answering Daranyl with, "Fortunately, I don't think the babies will be messing with the fence for a few months, at least. At least, I hope they won't." But, then, they won't be the ones fixing it, in that case! A sidelong look is angled toward Cassara as if gauging whether it's a joke or not before: "Not really. It's just mostly been a blur of chores and ledgers and sometimes getting sleep. And then, well, stuff like this. Or mucking incidents."

"Never know." Daranyl shrugs along with his statement, "Never seen a hatchling b'fore. Have you? Seems ta me tha' as destructive as th' grown ones are, th' little ones'll be pretty destructive, too."

"Sounds boring." Cass grins at Ag with little surprise in her voice. "… Weyrlings are… unpredictable. They can even be violent when they're born if you aren't careful… They're more… foolish and make mistakes. Definitely more likely to cause a little chaos."

"I haven't, no, but Dad told me a lot about what it was like when he went through weyrlinghood. The first months were a lot of sleeping and eating, but after that…" she trails off while the brownrider speaks. Aglaia cants a look at Cassara, then offers a slight nod. "I imagine it gets even worse once the firestone training starts." That's a thought worth a shudder. Her attention turns to Daranyl after that, if obliquely. "Of course, the worst - from what I understand - is the mucking."

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "See wha' we see. They still train with firestone? Bu'… there's no more threa'. Isn' it dangerous?" There's an excited sort of gleam in his eyes, though, at the thought. "I hope they let us touch th' eggs again 'fore it's all done."

Cassara shrugs. "Old ways die slowly and I guess you can never be too sure when you might need to breath fire. Dunno why they still do it so young but eh, it is how it is I guess. For better or worse." She grins at Aglaia. "Oh yeah, that'll be a lot of fun too…"

"Mm." It's a mild, thoughtful sound from Aglaia and she nods. Though, something about Daranyl's excitement elicits a further, "It's pretty amazing to see. Dangerous, sure, but- better that they learn how to use the weapon when they don't need it so they know how to use it when they do, right?" Her nose wrinkles and she's suddenly aware of the grossness drying on her cheek. "I hope they let us touch them again, too, but- ugh. I need to get washed up. Thanks again, both of you. Take care."

Daranyl shrugs again, then arches his brows at the ladies, "Not too worried abou' dung. I've got 'xperience." He glances up at the sun, then sighs, "I shoul' prob'ly wash up b'fore dinner, too."

"It can be a bit much…" she grins at Daran. "Alright, no problem." she gives Aglaia a smile. "… Guess I should get back to my run. You kids take care." she gives a little wave before sprinting off.

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