Trouble In The Tiki Lounge

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

As the saying goes, it's five o'clock somewhere, and that's as good an excuse for anyone to be at the bar. And well, at least it's sociably late enough that indulging is acceptable for anyone not continually in their cups. It's not that she's gotten smarter — no, Liora's forever doomed to be about as sharp as a dull crayon in a box of even duller crayons — so her being here, in the Tiki Lounge rather than someplace more private is not an attempt to fly under the radar, so speak, after her embarrassing antics or avoid coming into contact with her superiors but rather because there's a bar, some entertainment, booze to enjoy and maybe a few members of the opposite sex to admire. In fact, she's cozied up on a barstool, two sheets to the wind already, and loudly declaiming her imaginary exalted position to all who would (and truly don't care) listen. Namely, the bartender. "I could … hic … set ya up as Steward." she's somewhere between fits of empty headed giggles and outright crazy. "And you, and you, and you… ya'll can be wingleaders." Nevermind that the last person she pointed to on a nearby stool wasn't even a rider to begin with. Nor the fact that she has no right to assign wingleader spots to begin with, had there been vacancies anyway.

It's Naeda's rest day, so she has an excuse to be here. Granted, apprentices aren't supposed to be drinking. But she can at least enjoy the non-alcoholic offerings, and perhaps a little music and dancing once the evening grows later. Right? Right. For once she's not in her wetsuit, wearing a light tunic and blue skirt appropriate to the weather. She approaches the bar and looks for a place to sit. Only then does she notice the all too familiar goldrider who has already taken up residence there. She freezes, near-panic setting in almost immediately.

It seems like Naris doesn't know the meaning of a day off. She always seems to be working, doing something, trying to accomplish some sort of task. Sometimes she does show up in the Tiki Lounge but it almost always seems to be to clean or do some other sort of work. Work is the situation she finds herself in as she stalks toward the Lounge with anger on her face. However, this time the work doesn't come in the form of cleaning. No, she heard that a certain goldrider is out and about, probably getting drunk, and can't help but feel that she should check into it. As luck would have it Naris walks in just in time to hear the ditzy woman offer to make a bartender a Steward and a non-rider a wingleader. For a moment anger flashes across her face, red-hot and ready to attack. Just as fast as it appears she forces it away, her face turning into a cool mask. It is with a sort of forced dignity that Naris approaches Liora and says in a cold voice, "actually, Junior Weyrwoman, it is not within your rights to promote anyone to steward /or/ wingleader. Furthermore, I do not believe that it would be /wise/ for you to act like this after the… complications you caused." She has not yet noticed Naeda. Why would she? She has bigger, gold-riding fish to fry.

Liora could honestly care less whether anyone else had a day off or not. As far as she was concerned, /she/ had a day off — having self-appointed herself one because after all, in her own mind, she's the one in charge. So it's a perfect excuse for her to come down, relax and lord it over the peons as long as they show her the proper respect. Proper being the key word. "An' I'll make my sister Headwoman. The short one, because I'd never want a sister who was taller than me to be an underling," Liora lifts her glass, casually slinging the hand holding it about in the air in an airy bemused fashion, droplets of golden-colored liquid plopping onto the woodwork of the bar — much to the chagrin of the bartender. Hiccuping, Liora peers over her shoulder at the people seated around her —already, there's the sound of scraping stools and shuffled feet … everyone's trying their best to put distance between them and her. Spotting Naeda frozen there in her panic, the blonde goldrider perks up a little. "Ooooh, yooohoo." It's got to be the booze making her voice hit a few octaves higher, isn't it? "Ooooh, you, I knoooow you. My special friend!" Her hand flaps around limply in the air, "C'mon over here, and I'll …hic … buy you something on the house. Because the bartender's going to get a promotion after all." She'll flash him a winning sort of smile, empty promises and all. Just in time to see Naris approaching her. There's something rodenty in the way Liora peers at the assistant headwoman. Like a buck-toothed chipmunk with a vision problem. "Dooo I knoooow yoooou?" she slurs out the words. "Who are you to be telling me, ME, what I can or can't do in my own Weyr?"

And now there's an assistant headwoman trying to start an argument with the drunken goldrider. No. This is not going to go well at all. Clearly, the very best thing for Naeda to do would be to back out swiftly before she's spotted. Of course, she's too late for that. She gives Liora an uncertain, nervous sort of lopsided smile. She hesitates for a moment before approaching, trying to conjure up an excuse which will allow her not to be the subject of the goldrider's 'generosity'. Alas, nothing comes to mind. And so, she ends up edging over to the bar. "… Yes ma'am." Neris is given a silently pleading look. Can she save the apprentice?

The mention of making her sister headwoman gets another spark of anger from Naris, this one more noticeable than the last. Her lips actually peel back in distaste, but it gives way to surprise when Liora calls to her 'special friend'. Naris glances in the direction she called and sees the unfortunate Naeda not only being called to the drunk goldrider but going along with it. Her lips purse slightly at the sight of this, although she does give her a small nod at her pleading look. Don't worry, she won't let the idiotic goldrider get you. Liora's questions cause her to grit her teeth briefly before answering, "yes, you do. I'm Naris, assistant headwoman. The headwoman being /Cosima/, not your sister. And I'm afraid that you are not the Senior Weyrwoman as you claim and so you do not have the ability to be making the promotions you offer. Furthermore I dare say that while you are in this condition I am well within my rights to correct you."

"Is there anything you want in particular?" Liora hiccups a few more times, covering her lips with the tips of her fingers and emitting a little giddy giggle every time she does so. "The bartender can get you anything…/anything/,because you're my very special friend." It's just as well that the goldrider is perched on that barstool or she might go and sling an arm around Naeda's shoulder and carry on in that maudlin drunken sort of way — but being perched precariously enough as it is, she makes no real move to drape herself over the apprentice in a gross display of personal space ignorance. "Just tell him what you want,and he'll get it." Naris gets another bleary look, Liora's lips curling up away from her teeth, which make her look more like a squirrel as she tries to sort out what the assistant headwoman said. "That's b'cause I haven't fired her yet." There's a another hiccup escaping from the errant junior and her eyes narrow. "S'where your wrong." Liora might say more, but the sound that erupts from her is no mere hiccup but a rather unladylike belch as she signals the bartender for another round, and picks up the conversation where she left off with Naris. "Orraeloth flew. Before all those other golds. And this knot says I can make promotions as I see fit," she taps her shoulder — her /empty/ shoulder where a senior knot is very much not in evidence. There's a heartbeat pause, and Liora begins to stutter. "Well, I uh… left it at my weyr. But g'away." She swishes her hand at the other woman. The hand that just happens to be holding her drink,a none too steady hand that splashes booze in her direction "'Fore I fire you too."

Naeda wrings her hands as she lingers near the bar, nervous to the point of near incapacity. She doesn't take a seat. That would interfere with her ability to be generally nervous and uncomfortable. "Oh, uhm… I… I don't know. What's good to… to have here?" It's a very poor attempt at casual small talk. Another pleading look is sent in the direction of Neris. Rescue, please!

Kadesh is sitting there going to town on some rather saucy wherry wings while watching the exchange through predatory eyes. Several mugs hang around her, completely drained and empty. A server comes and drops off a pair of frosty mugs before the visitor, then departs. "Ya know that one's right. She can correct you *hic* and… and your face while yer too far into yer drink. Actually. Need more drink to correct your face, it's looking all…" The woman pauses, waving both hands over her head before going back to her wings. "All over." *hic* She takes up a mug and quickly drains half of it before wiping her mouth on both of her ivory billowing sleeves. Who sharding cares? These aren't available back home, this is her designated 'messy food' shirt. "Oy, get the wings and the malt brew! They go down nice and uh, nice. And YOU!" Kadesh points to the woman who was spawned by a rodent or something. "I don't see no knot! Yer supposed to wear it all over. I got mine right here!" She's pointing to her own bare shoulder, but then after a moment, she points to the coat on her chair where her own rider's knot is perched. "There."

You don't want to see Naris angry. But really it's too late for the poor folk in the Tiki Lounge with her, because if she was angry before Liora has just plunged her into a mode of pure rage. That wherry-head wants to /fire/ the headwoman? Oh no, that just will not do! Naris looks the drunken goldrider in the eyes, not at all intimidated by her threat to fire her as well. When she speaks again her voice is still cool and collected, although there is a nearly undetectable note of danger to her voice. "Actually, Liora, that's not how it works. Both Miraneth and Shadhavarth rose long before your dragon and both are still clutching. Also, you should not be trying to force innocent crafters into drinking. If you want to be Senior one day how would you gain respect from the Weyr in general with that behavior, should the day come?" Enter Kadesh, or, as far as Naris knows, another drunk goldrider that she doesn't know. But at least she agrees with her, which is something. Naris gives the woman a small smile of thanks before muttering, "I'll be right back." Even if this new one is on her side a second drunk rider is still risky. Too risky for just her. Without another word she rushes to the bar, asks for a writing instrument and a piece of paper, and upon receiving it writes out a note. 'In Tiki Lounge, Liora drunk and attempting to fire and promote. Trying to make Naeda drink, another drunk goldrider just came. -Naris.' She then mentally calls to her blue firelizard, Crawly, who proceeds to pop out of /between/. With a small smile of relief she hands to note to her pet along with a mental image of Enka. As soon as he flies off to deliver the message she heads back to the group of chaos, not saying anything as she approaches.

Wait! There's /two/ goldriders who are too far gone into their cups? For the other patrons of the Tiki Lounge, this is better than Taco Tuesday or Fiesta Friday because of this great entertainment to be had. There's the sound of a number of chairs scraping around on wood as rubberneckers crane their heads — and other parts of them — around to catch the action. It's even better than that boring dude playing the sissy stringy thing on the stage. Who needs a boring dude and a sissy stringy thing when there's booze-inebriated goldriders to watch. Liora leans forwards on her stool, the furniture wobbling ominously as the junior nearly face plants herself onto the floor. "Here," she offers her mug to Naeda. "Y'can taste thish, ish a classic." You know that annoying cousin you might have had, Naeda — if you had an annoying cousin that is — one that just won't take no for an answer, well…. Liora's kind of acting like that right now. And that's doubly because of the booze, just think how she might be if she wasn't chugging a couple back and deluding herself into thinking that she's the big bosslady of the place. Tipping her nose back really makes her look more rodent-like, poor creature, as she regards Naris. It's unfortunate that she's far enough wasted that she can't detect that note of danger in the assistant headwoman's voice. "Ish /Weyrwoman/ Liora to the likes of you," she huffs, oblivious to anything the younger woman might be saying. "I know how this all works. I have the dragon, thank you very mush." Drunken goldriders, oh dear! "And I am not forshing anyone to drink." There's a hiccup. "I'm offering. There's a difference." So there. Kadesh's yelling gets a look, and Liora wiggles her way off her stool. "I don't have to wear my knot if I wanna!" she protests loudly, shaking a fist towards the other goldrider. "What're ya doin in my Weyr anyway. Who invited you?"

Oh, this is just getting worse and worse. First there's one drunk goldrider, now there's a second one. And now, her only ally has disappeared to write messages, however briefly. Is Naeda having some sort of nightmare? She checks to make sure she isn't naked and doesn't have some terrible crafting test she hasn't studied for. Nope. All signs point to this being reality, however terrible. "Th… thank you." She replies to Liora with a smile that /tries/ to seem grateful, but really just seems terrified. She accepts the mug with shaking hands and takes the teeniest, tiniest possible sip, while slurping as much as possible to try to fool the goldriders into thinking she's consumed a significant quantity. Hopefully they are drunk enough to fall for this.

Wait, whut? This rodent looking thing wants to interrupt her rare consumption of delicious delectable wings so she can slur her barely sensical nonsense in her general direction? Fortunately for Kadesh, she finished the last wing on her plate and the waiter just left with her order for another. The visiting goldrider pushes herself from her chair, saucy hands and all, sending her own irritated glare in the /things/ direction. "Yer stall? I kin call a Beastcrafter to come in here and send ye back to whatever pasture this weyr has for you. Maybe they can give you something to do with those runners-teeth ya got jutting from yer furry mug." Mug. Right, her's are neglected. Kadesh turns and gathers up her last cool mug, draining the contents quickly. A decent amount is now on the front of her shirt but she can care less at the moment. Once again, she wipes her face with the back of her sleeve before letting out a rather manly belch. Her sauce covered thick braid is tossed over her shoulder before she crosses her arms under her own sizable chest. "Last I checked, ye gotta wear it. Maybe a bridle is more to your liking," she bellows with a pause as she places a handful of marks on the table. "I've got marks for a Beastcrafter to make that one some tack!"

Oh sweet Faranth, this is horrible and is only getting worse. First there's the drunken and delusional Liora, then there's Naeda, who seems to be too frightened to stand up for herself, and now the visiting goldrider seems to be intent on making things worse. Naris has always prided herself in being able to deal with hard situations but for one glimmering moment she wanted to curl up and cry. Yes, Kadesh's comment about getting Liora a brindle /was/ rather funny, but it would probably make things worse. She'd just have to suck it up and deal with it, one step at a time. Faranth knows she's the only sane one in the room until Enka shows up, if she shows up. First Liora with her drunken delusional antics. "No," Naris begins in a voice that is showing how much she is struggling to stay calm, "you are a /Junior/ Weyrwoman, although I question if you'll be able to keep that rank after your recent antics. Just because you have a dragon does /not/ mean you know how to lead a Weyr, and that girl is /clearly/ uncomfortable. I'd bet that she's only drinking because you /do/ ride a gold and she fears what you might do to her if she doesn't." Naris takes in a deep breath of life and sanity saving oxygen before continuing to ask Kadesh, "and maybe you could wait until morning to make orders for the beastcrafters? I imagine they're all exhausted by now, you'll probably get far better quality in the morning." Trying to trick one of the drunken goldriders? Maybe. She really doesn't wait to see Kadesh try to pin Liora down for a fitting right now.

"There ya go!" Liora claps her hands together, one open palm over the other fisted one, and tucks them under her chin to smile absolutely vapidly at Naeda as the apprentice takes that eensy teensy sip. She's apparently bought into the ruse because she reaches out to snatch the mug away with greedy little fingers. "Said a /taste/ not drinking it all up, save some fer me! But if you like it, barkeep'll give ya one of your own." And with the mug safely back into her possession, Liora will take a nice healthy swig of it, draining off the mug and thumping it onto the bar as she whirls around — or would whirl, as it looks more like a drunken stagger — to confront Kadesh. She'll even forget Naris right now, so much is she huffing and puffing and frothing and seething at the other goldrider's words, hands propped onto her hips in angry little fists. Do you see the steam coming out of her ears? Do you? No? Well, there's not enough in that skull of hers to heat up to a boil anyway, but Liora can try to act enraged enough give it a good go. "You frigid stick of /ice/!" Liora's voice goes up a couple of octaves, and that's caused by the drink no doubt. "Ought to ban you from my Weyr. Everyone at High Reaches! I don't need your damn furs. You can all go *between* for all I care." Diplomatic diaster, thy name is Liora.

Naeda tries not to look /too/ relieved when the mug is snatched away. She manages to be at least partially successful. Her eyes dart between the two goldriders and the assistant headwoman as she maneuvers behind a barstool, trying to look as small as possible. "Oh, uhm, thank you, but, uhm… I, I shouldn't…" That's the boldest she can be when declining Liora's offer of another. The growing confrontation and threats of firing and banishment have her even more at edge, and she sets about wringing her hands again. A saddened look is sent to Naris when she hits the nail on the head about why she even sipped her tiny sip.

"Ye know what?" Kadesh replies to Naris with a crooked smile, "Yer right, even I'm happier after sleeping lots. Maybe they'll even cut me a deal since they might have to shave her to get a proper fittin'." BEAM. "Ye don't need our furs anyway! You grow a manly set of yer own anyway! I feel sorry for the crafters that get lost in there and the rescue riders gotta brave that danger to find 'em! E'ry mating flight, no man comes back from the beast alive!" Kadesh cackles as she points below Liora's belt, cue ominous thunder and lightning here. "Hey! Bartender, I'll pay you double for another round! Get that one something to get the taste of fur out of her mouth! Maybe not booze, no, maybe soup. Something people-food." That one being Naeda. The foreign goldrider hooks the chair with one foot and swings it infront of her so she can take a seat with a boot crossed over her knee. She glances over her shoulder to make sure there's no cold frosty's hidden behind her. No good drunk would leave a drink behind.

Did it get worse? It honestly hadn't seemed possibly but it did, it got worse. Naris' eyes widen in an expression that could only be considered horror when Liora begins to rage at Kadesh, threatening to cut ties with High Reaches. No, no, oh dear Faranth /no/. This is /not/ something she should have to deal with. But she can't /not/ deal with it, can she? If she doesn't Western might find all of it's ties with High Reaches severed and herself with a lot of explaining to do. Stepping in between the two Naris cries, "no! No, I /don't/ think that would be a good idea." For a moment she is silent, trying to figure out how to explain why this wouldn't be a good idea in a way the drunks would understand. Kadesh went along with her saying that it would be better to get Liora tack in the morning, right? Maybe she could trick them again. An air of urgency appears on her face as she exclaims, "we'll need to work together! Haven't you heard, the rumors flying about the lower caverns? Someone is getting ready to rise up and attack our Weyrs, seize control of Western and High Reaches for themselves. We'll need the cold-born strength of High Reaches and the," she pauses at this point, forcing herself to say the next words, "fine leadership skills of Liora if we are to make it out. Together I'm sure the two of you could save the Weyrs." Did Naris just string together a desperate lie about rumors of war in an attempt to salvage political relations and get two drunken goldriders to work together? Yes, yes she did. She panicked, okay! Hopefully they won't remember any of this come morning.

Let's face it. Things are going to someplace very hot right now, and a handbasket isn't even involved. Liora's complexion is fast turning a very very scarlet color as she stamps her feet like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum, a very ugly scowl twisting her features. "You … you ….you … " Sputter sputter sputter. She's so enraged, articulation — always lacking in the first place — is all but gone, as she advances as far as she can with Naris in her way, glaring at Kadesh. "At least," the Western goldrider sneers, "I get flights." Yeah, /two/. "Better than being a dried up old stick of wherry jerky like you." Sneer sneer. Naeda gets a sudden look. "Ignore anything she says dear," there's no trace of that angry goldrider in /those/ words. "She doesn't know what she's talking about." But case in point, /neither/ does Liora. Naris's words don't seem to have much effect. "I wouldn't work with High Reaches if they were the last Weyr on Pern!" Liora declares, hands lifting from her hips as she pushes past the assistant headwoman and advances further on Kadesh. "I'll even go to their weyrwoman, and tell her, senior to senior that I'm done with them. Forever!" Drama llama much? And when Liora does try to reach out to smack Kadesh, there's really no force behind it. It's more like a hand bat than an actual swat.

Naeda really feels like she should be doing /something/ to defuse this whole situation. It really is getting quite ugly. For a moment she seems to have a flicker of hope that the goldriders might fall for Naris' ruse, but that hope is quickly dashed by the latest tirade from Liora. The dolphincrafter is crestfallen. She tries to think of something to say, even opens her mouth to try to conjure up something, anything to cool the situation down. All she manages is a wordless sort of shy squeaking noise.

Remember any of it in the morning? Kadesh will be lucky if she remembers if the pants she's wearin are even hers in the morning so there's no threat there. Maybe. The next round of drinks are brought to the drunk and Kade takes up a fresh frothy mug before taking a long gulp after another. All she got from Naris was 'Lower Caverns', 'control' and 'Reaches'. Nevermind it was worded rather clearly. "If those lower caverns folk don't control themselves, then ya need to make 'em drink that tea on the regular 'fore they start spawning some of them things. Since when did any beast other than a wherry stand on it's hind legs?" Kadesh holds her mug on in Liora's direction, spilling a little in the process. "Let me tell you something, and I'd stand, but yer not worth the effort Li-er, woof. Li-woof. Ye couldn't find a serviceable pair of shears, what makes ye think you could find High Reaches? I ain't got a thing to worry about, Celi hasn't a thing to worry about cause ye ain't got the parts to make that jump right now." The High Reaches junior doesn't either, that's why she has a room for the night. No room, no drunkiness. "Yer no match for the cold-born strength of Reaches like that one said!"

She made it worse. Oh yes, she made it worse. Not only is Liora screaming and raging now but she actually tries to /hit/ Kadesh. That is the absolute limit as far as Naris is concerned. It doesn't matter if the blow didn't hit, it doesn't matter that the High Reaches junior doesn't seem very upset by it, she tried and that's what matters. Naris moves to block Liora once again after the swat-like blow is thrown, this time allowing her anger to show on her face. She /cannot/ let Western's relations with High Reaches suffer because of this little brat. Kadesh's ramblings are ignored for the most part as she grits her teeth and growls, "listen. To. Me. You may ride gold but you are /not/ the Senior, you /cannot/ demote and promote Stewards, Wingleaders, and Headwomen, and you certainly cannot sever our ties with High Reaches. That is when you are sober, and right now you are certainly not sober. Due to your current inebriation I, as an Assistant Headwoman, am ordering you to return to your weyr. Someone can be sent to help you with necessary, but you /cannot/ continue with this behavior." Why yes, Naris is attempting to pull rank on the goldrider. Her voice is strong, commanding, and firm, although the anger is still very much there. Goldriders in general outrank her greatly and she normally would not try such a thing. However, this is Liora, and a drunken Liora threatening the Weyr at that. The time for ruses has come to an end, time to be blunt and stand strong.

And the moral of the story is, kids … don't drink and pretend to be a person you're not. Or don't /drink/ anyway. Or something like that. If there was something that Naeda or could do, it would be to stay out of the way, which the dolphincrafter appears to be doing admirably. Because things are about to get a lot nastier. "I'm going to ban the lot of you!" Liora shrieks, her voice reaching the level where any higher, it's probably going to shatter all the beer mugs. And it's loud enough that a number of patrons clap their hands over their ears. "No more Reaches in my Weyr ever again, GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" Anger seems to have fueled the drunkenness to a new level and she leaps the rest of the way at Kadesh, batting the mug held in her direction out of the way and grabbing for the other goldrider's head. "I'll show you hair, I'll show you!" Naris's words cut across her tirade and she glares at the assistant headwoman. "NO!" Liora's shrieking again, this time at Naris. "Everyone's against me, everyone. You're fired. Fired fired fired fired." And with her hands trying to snag at Kadesh, well, she's all but shaking with inarticulate rage here and attempting to shake the older goldrider in the process. From outside, there's a loud roar of an angered dragon, followed by a squeal from Orraeloth soon after. Fear not, help is on the way!

Naeda is like the kid in one of those cautionary stories about the dangers of peer pressure. Granted, she consumed only the tiniest sips of alcohol, probably note enough to even make a mouse drunk. But she's feeling disproportionate guilt and remorse all the same. She continues to stick to her strategy of sad frowns and cowering behind a barstool.

There's one thing you don't do to a former bartender turned goldrider, and that's mess with her drinks. When the precious, precious liquid gold is spilled upon the ground, it might as well gone in slow motion. Kadesh ignores all the words spewing from the furry rider's mouth as she seethes, her own fury rising. Perhaps it was a lapse in judgement, perhaps it was completely intentional. No one knows what was going on in the Reaches goldrider's mind when she decides to fight dirty in the only way she knows how. One quick motion and a long ripping sound later, Liora's goods are exposed for all to see in their jiggling glory. "See! Ye don't need anything from Reaches, ye got a decent hairy chest there of yer own! Looks like ye wouldn't have missed a spot shaving had your groomer lifted that sagging thing up. Her own tiny gold is too busy sprawing out on the beach somewhere unseen. She isn't /completely/ responsible for the antics her rider does. Only the sober ones.

Naris already knew that Liora was a terrible Weyrwoman but this night has made her come to believe that the goldrider is more than that, she is a monster. Any small thread of sanity that she may have been clinging to shatters as Liora screams that she's going to ban all of High Reaches and demands that everyone get out. She grabs for the other goldrider's head only for Naris' words to seem to cut through enough for the inept goldrider to scream at her for a moment, yelling that she's fired. Another wave of red hot rage bubbles up within Naris at this. No, she does not honestly believe that she is fired when /Liora/ says it, but the words still anger her. What happens next seems to come in a flash. A dragon's angry roar is heard, which she sorely prays means that Enka is arriving, Liora attempts to grab at Kadesh again, a mug of beer is knocked over, and Kadesh /rips Liora's shirt off/. Naris leaps into action, although she comes to partly regret that action. As she attempts to block Liora's grabs at Kadesh she manages to get hit herself, a hiss of pain leaving her at the drunken hit to her arm and the tearing of skin she feels thanks to Liora's nails, which managed to get a decent grip among the drunken flapping. But it is cast aside for the most part as she tries to block the goldrider's assets from view with her body. The first thing she does is exclaim, "look, public nudity is /not okay/, even when they try and attack you first." By now Naris herself is shaking with rage and her face has begun to turn bright red. Then to Liora she growls, "you /cannot/ attack other goldriders, no matter how /hairy/ they claim you are. Do you want to be the reason Western cuts off contact with High Reaches? Do /you/, Liora, want it to be on your head if the Weyr is throw into an all-out crisis?" As she speaks she turns to look the goldrider in the eye, just about ready to drag her out with her own two hands if needed. Dear Faranth, help is certainly needed.

Enka isn't wearing a skimpy little negligee or a frilly robe or anything like that, nor is she rumpled or anything that might suggest the senior weyrwoman was doing anything but sleeping. Or even if she was sleeping at all. In fact, there's ink stains on Enka's hands, the goldrider looking tired and withdrawn — someone's been working late — and there's a scrap of paper clutched in one white knuckled hand. Another roar can be heard outside, near enough to shake the windows as Orraeloth squeals again, put neatly into her place by her larger more commanding dam. The real senior might be here, but the junior who claimed to have taken her place has other worries at the moment. The sound of ripping cloth gives leave to a rather cool breeze across Liora's chest and everything on display there. Children, /avert/ thy eyes! Everyone else, feel free to oogle if you want, because clearly, Liora isn't capable of trying to cover her charms up decently at the moment. "You ….you … cheating piece of —" Liora's words are cut off by a shrill whistle, Enka stomping into the brawl with a furious scowl. "Shut it!" she hisses at her junior. "And for Faranth's sake, put something on. Bad enough that Western's folk talk, but there's visitors from all over Pern." Casting a steely glare at Kadesh, Enka continues, "Sit. Both of you." Of course, if Kadesh happens to be sitting already, so be it. "Naris, I got your note. Came as fast as I could." Which wasn't really fast enough, but that's not exactly her own fault. "What happened?"

Naeda goes very, very wide-eyed at the sight laid before her when Kadesh resorts to shirt-ripping. A powerful red blush on her cheeks follows shortly thereafter. She would look away, but finds herself strangely unable to do so. Which immediately brings another wave of awful guilt sweeping over her. Getting any 'funny feelings' from ogling someone with Liora's personality is questionable under the best of circumstances, but Naeda especially knows that it's shameful under the present circumstances. Thankfully, a saner goldrider has finally made it to the seen. Relief appears in her eyes, even if the blush lingers. She's certainly not going to offer her own take on the situation. She'll just wring her hands more.

While everyone is trying to figure out what just happened in the Tiki lounge, Kadesh just salutes the Senior and picks up her frosty mug. Precious, precious frosty mug. Much love. Such bubbly. Wow. The Reaches goldrider doesn't say a word, she just leans back and enjoys her drink while those sleepy honey-hued eyes watches what happens. Even in her clearly drunken state, she knows better than to mouth off to a particular knot-wielding rider.

Enka, Enka, /Enka/ has arrived! For a moment Naris gazes at the Senior Weyrwoman as if she is Faranth herself risen from the grave and come to save her from this mess. Which, in some strange, metaphorical way, she is. Thankfully Liora doesn't seem like she's going to attack again, Naeda remains quiet, and Kadesh doesn't say anything. Silence from their part, no matter how temporary it may be, will certainly help her explain. Naris gives a respectful nod to Enka before explaining, "I came down here when I heard talk about Liora drinking and making a bit of a disturbance. When I arrived I found her offering to make a bartender the Steward, promote a man that I don't even think was a rider to Wingleader, and claiming that she was planning on making her sister the Headwoman. When I pointed out that she does not have the ability to do those things and that we already have a Headwoman she claimed that she was going to fire Cosima and that she can because it's 'her' Weyr. From there she proceeded to pressure Naeda into drinking, threatened to fire me, and once the High Reaches junior arrived and agreed with me that she should not be claiming these things began to argue with her. This lead to fighting, Liora claiming that she was going to sever all ties to High Reaches after our visitor said that she was going to get her fitted for a brindle. I tried to stop the fight to the best of my ability but it still got physical, although I don't think our visitor suffered any hits, nor Liora aside from the indecent exposure." She doesn't comment that she /did/ get hit, seeings as it probably isn't very important and if it is would probably be apparent by how she was standing between the two when Enka arrived and the way she has begun to hold one arm closer to her torso. "I tried to tell Liora to return to her weyr somewhere between the fighting, in response she screamed quite a bit, fired me, and then proceeded to say that we're 'all against her'." Naris shakes her head slightly before nodding to show that the summary is finished.

Yes, Enka, Enka, /Enka/ is here, here to save the day … err, night rather since only a complete lush would be drinking at an unreasonably socially acceptable hour. But then again, nothing Liora has done lately has been reasonably socially acceptable, and her antics tonight just take the cake, and it's left to a tired and rather cranky weyrwoman to settle the scores in the long run. Hooking a stool with her foot, Enka slides sideways onto the seat, leaning back slightly against the bar for support as she draws both arms across her chest, listening to Naris as she gives a run down of the events as they unfolded. As Kadesh seems to have withdrawn into her mug, and done little to argue, it's her own errant junior that Enka's steely gray gaze fixes on. And alas for Liora, she hasn't even got the grace to look chagrined. Maybe it's the alcohol or maybe she's just extra stupid and doesn't care, or Faranth knows what's going on (or not) in that brain of hers. "She didn't cause too much trouble for you, did she?" Naeda gets a quick query, and Enka's gaze flicks back towards Naris, noting how the assistant headwoman is standing. "Not hurt, are you?" Of course, something like this just had to happen in a public place, and Enka's well aware of the watching eyes of the other patrons of the Tiki. "Faranth, I'm startin' to get a headache. I take that back, I /had/ a headache and it's gettin' worse. You," she moves her arm to stab a finger in Liora's direction, "left your work half finished for the day. I had to fix it. And then I get here and find you tryin' to start a diplomatic disaster with another Weyr. Maybe I ought to step down and let you run the place, you'd be a gibberin' wreck in a day." But no, that idea's only voiced, because Enka shakes her head. "Go," her finger points towards the door, where the dragons can be seen crouched outside, Miraneith looming over Orraeloth. "You're confined to your weyr." Kadesh gets another look. "And you can go to the guest weyr to sleep it off. As for you two," both Naeda and Naris get reassuring looks. "You can go rest and relax, I'll talk with the both of you tomorrow er the next day. Everyone else, back to your regular lives." Well, the Senior Weyrwoman has spoken.

Naeda seems to have gotten over her momentary blushing, though not her terrible awkwardness and nerves. She answers Enka's question with a quick shake of her head. "N… no ma'am! No trouble." She stammers while backing away. When she's given leave to 'relax', she nods quickly. "Th… thank you! I think I'll just… I'll… I'll go for a swim. Thank you, Weyrwoman. Er, Weyrwomen." A quick salute and she scampers out.

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