Dolphin Demonstration

Month 6 of Turn 2715

DolphinCraft Hall - Training Beach

The training beach has been set into a secluded ocean cove well away from the shipping lanes running to and from Rubicon River Hold. The beachfront is long with shaggy softwoods and waving palms scattered over the outskirts, gradually giving way to a pristine expanse of white sands. Several small wooden open air classrooms are built on the inland side of the beach. A single long pier reaches into the depths with a large dolphin bell set prominently at the end. Most of the cove has been dredged deep to allow plenty of room for the pods coming in and out, but a section has been left shallow for swimming and teaching. A well-worn path of beach sand leads to the courtyard in the southeast.

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon here at the Training Beach of the DolphinCraft Hall. Chairs and tables have been temporarily set up along with umbrellas to keep the sun off those that are going to be watching the demonstration. Dressed in his best formal riding gear R'az stands at the front in between the surf and tables trying not to pace as he waits for those that are going to show up to show up.

Kaitlyn's found a way to make R'az's demonstration, even with her being a candidate: convince an assistant weyrlingmaster that this demo is just the 'bees knees' that they should all really know, since they're riders and potential riders! Add in a dash of charm and Harper wits, and Kait plus a few other candidates, plus the one assistant WLM are here, settled on chairs and benches, talking softly among themselves while awaiting the commencement of the 'class.' The flamehead is dressed in a semi-diaphanous dress of graduated colors in pastel hues, the thing reaching to just above her knees in front, to mid-calf behind. R'az is noticed, but the Monacoan candidate remains mostly quiet, awaiting his words.

It's a bit of a miss-match, maybe; riding leathers and bare-feet. But the beach just screams for toes-in-the-sand, and S'van is going to heed that call. So his boots have been left behind with his dragon (a dubious decision to be sure) and his pants have been rolled up to mid-calf, and sand is clinging to the exposed skin. His jacket is open, but his Half Moon knot is visible enough; as is the Archipelago patch (which denotes him as a Search and Rescue rider). There's a very calm, cool, collected sort of vibe rolling from him, made all the more so when he decides to slump into a seat, all long limbs and draping arms, taking up more than his fair share of the place to be sure. Or maybe he's saving a seat? That pacing figure is followed with curious grey eyes, and he'll lift a hand in a quick, two-fingered sort of 'hey' gesture. Lazy, but at least it's a greeting. A glance is spared for that candidate-and-weyrlingmaster group nearby, an eyebrow lifted in curiosity. "Field trip?" he asks, the corner of his mouth curling up in a bit of a smile. "Never got to go anywhere half as interesting when I was a candidate."

R'az sees the last of the people start to filter in and take their seat. He gives S'van a polite nod. He takes a deep breath as he stops pacing not realizing he was doing it. He clears his throat loudly to get everyone attention. "Thank you all for coming here to the DolphinCraft Hall for today's demonstration. As some of you know months ago a dolphineer and his dolphin were struck by lightning."

R'az gives a moment for the crowd to finish settling before he continues. "Fortunately the dolphineer and his dolphin survived and are on their way to recovery, but there was an unintended consequence from this. In the effort to save the dolphineer and his dolphin, the dolphin, Atlas, had to be lifted up by a dragon. Atlas woke up half way during the flight and in his injured state for lack of a better term freaked out. This gave him a deep fear of dragons. One that I'm happy to report after months of therapy he was able to over come."

R'az clears his throat, "I had the opportunity to be part of Atlas' recovery as my dragon Dolth worked with Dolphineer Laria to help get Atlas over his fear of dragons. As Dolth worked with Atlas and Laria I started to think of a way to prevent something like this from happening again. No dolphin, no person should ever be afraid of dragons." He pauses there to take a drink and to let his story sink into the crowd.

Kaitlyn shifts a Harper's trained eye upon R'az, her own group, and then finally S'van when he enters, seats himself not far away at all. The assistant weyrlingmaster answers him with an easy, "Aye. Got enough dolphineers at Monaco Bay, and the dragons work with 'em sometimes. Could be important." Sagenod. Kaitlyn, once the older woman supervising them is done speaking, chimes in in her somewhat throaty alto, "This might be a new technique in dolphin rescue, or so I'e heard." A curl of her tinted lips finds a slightly impish smile, and the tall woman notes in slightly amused, though quieter tones, "One must take the opportunity when it presents itself." Nope, not gonna' let the AWLM overhear *that*. Her own, astute grey eyes flick over S'van from head to toe…and notice his lack of boots…the sight given a slightly smirky little half-smile. And then R'az is speaking, ans she's all attention for what he has to say. A quirk of her braided head leads into a knowing look, and a few nods that are shared by the other candidates, the AWLM.

There's a mischievous glint to those grey eyes of S'van's, but his voice is all business when he responds with, "Same at Half Moon. For the dolphins." A quirk of his lips for Kaitlyn, and that mischief just grows, though he turns his attention toward R'az as he begins his presentation. Throat clears, body shifts, and suddenly the bronzer looks a whole lot more focused and a whole lot less casual. A somber expression follows the nod for Kalen and Atlas; he'd heard. A curious look for the therapy, and an expectant glance toward the water.

R'az sets down his water glass as he continues to speak, "With the help of the Weavers, Smiths and Tanners as well as knowledge from Landing. I designed and had made an apparatus that will help dragons affect water rescues for dolphins. It is a sling that is made from the same material that the dolphineers use for wetsuits that's been designed into a cradle that will go under the dolphin and attach to a dragon's straps. This allows a dragon to safely pick up a dolphin and transport them without a dragon having to use his or her claws to pick up a dolphin. If you'd kindly turn your attention to the water. We have a volunteer dolphin, Atlas, who is going to be loaded into dolphin cradle and carried around by my dolphin Dolth. We have a dolphineer riding Dolth right now, but I can assure you that riders can be easily trained how to us this."

From above a bronze dragon with a very short tail comes flying overhead towards the water. He's going slow so that everyone can see what he's doing. The bronze dragon does have a rider in a wetsuit holding onto his straps as the dragon comes in towards the water. R'az lets everyone take this in before he continues to speak, "Now the dolphin cradle can be easily rolled up and stored in the straps. You unroll it and slide it under the dolphin. It has slots for the dolphins fins to go in and is weighed enough so that it will sink into the water, but not enough that it will sink to the bottom. Once the dolphin is in the cradle you attack the straps on the cradle onto your riding straps or if your dragon doesn't have riding straps on at the moment you'd attack the straps around the dragon's neck where the straps would normally go. The dragon will lift up the dolphin safely and carry him around to where he needs to go."

R'az moves out of the way. "We'll now see Dolth and Journeyman Dolphineer Vectan as they will rescue Atlas."

The bronze dragon executes a perfect water landing and swims over towards Atlas. Dolphineer Vectan leaps from the back of Dolth into the water, he then undoes the dolphin cradle and unrolls it. He's able to calmly speak to Atlas as he moves the dolphin cradle under the dolphin and get the fins right where they should be. Once Atlas is in position Vectan swims over to Dolth to start to attach the straps.

"Well then, we're both apparently in good company…" Kaitlyn murmurs softly, smirks a tetch to S'van before they're both paying attention to R'az's words. The AWLM gently shushes one of the boys who's asking questions already, muttering to him, "*After* the presentation…" as she seeks to take in all the speaking man has to say. Indeed, she *can* keep one eye on her charges, another on the presentation. And *up* her gaze - along with the others - is drawn to see Dolth of the short tail and dancing feet flying overhead, though she's surprised to see someone else clinging to his straps. She's caught between watching the bronze and his passenger and listening to R'az speak, grey eyes flicking between the two sights, ears all for the speaking man, however. "Ohh…" is murmured appreciatively, in rapt fascination as Vectan dives off Dolth, gets the rigging secured upon Atlas. Kait is focusing on the sight just out to sea, everyone else in her group watching with focused or wide eyes, as well. An incline of her torso slightly forward shows Kait's deep interest in the process of 'rescue,' her height allowing the woman a bit more perspective than some of the others. "I see…" is murmured very softly, thoughtfully to herself as R'az explains how the rescue will take place.

There's maybe a hint of nostalgia for the candidates-and-weyrlingmaster business. But just a touch. And it's there and gone as S'van turns his attention completely to R'az and the presentation. He shifts forward, knees drawn up so his elbows can rest atop them, fingers threaded and steepled as his chin drops, fingers pressed over his mouth; everything about him says 'engaged and studious'. Even those mischief-dancing grey eyes, fixed with focused intent upon Dolth as he comes into view; following the landing into the water and the attachment of that apparatus. He is silent, keeping comments and questions to himself, though now and again his eyes go distant as he discusses something with his beast.

Vectan finishes attaching the straps of the dolphin cradle to the riding straps the Dolth is wearing. He checks on Atlas one last time before he climbs back up onto Dolth's straps and after buckling himself in he holds on tightly as Dolth starts to execute a water take off. Not the easiest to, but without fouling his wings on the straps which seem well out of the way Dolth take off. The straps have a little slack to them, but it's quickly tightened and as Dolth rises up the cradle lifts up with Atlas in the straps. They are soon five, then ten then twenty feet above the water.

R'az starts to speak again. "Now as you can see the cradle is positioned in a way to keep it free from the dragon's wings, the straps are long enough to not get in the way of the dragon's legs, but short enough to provide stability for the dolphin in the cradle and to let the rider, or a dolphineer riding on the dragon, monitor the dolphin if needed. Dolth is going to do a couple passes back and forth so you can see the dolphin cradle in action."

That's when Dolth stops rising and starts moving toward the beach. There is a little swinging, but as Dolth's wing strokes even out the swinging stops. The bronze takes the dolphin around the water so that those on the beach can see. He dips a little lower as he gets closer to the beach, but rises up as he gracefully curves past. The cradle is always above the water as the bronze does a couple of passes back and forth before he goes back down for a water landing.

Vectan jumps off again to help Atlas out of the cradle and leans in to speak to Atlas. The dolphineer then gives a big thumbs up and R'az smiles for the first time as he gives a thumbs up back. All three start to swim back towards the beach as R'az turns back to the crowd. "As you can see the dolphin cradle is safe for both dolphins and dragons, it will allow riders to help not only those dolphins that are in pods that are at weyrs, but also wild dolphins. I hope that with this that what Atlas had to go through won't have to happen to any other dolphin."

As Vectan and Dolth come onto the beach Atlas comes up to as far as the dolphin can safely go, R'az turns to them, "Thank you, Vectan, Dolth and especially Altas for participating in this demonstration." He turns back towards the crowd, "Does anyone have any questions?" He asks as he goes to take the dolphin cradle off of Dolth.

At least *this* particular candidacy is lacking in a jackal, of sorts, nipping at her heels, goading her, and for that, Kaitlyn is silently grateful for a moment before the dolphin/dragon/human scene before her steals her full concentration away once again. With Vectan's and Dolth's (and hopefully Atlas') readiness comes the 'scene'-stealing takeoff the bronze executes, Kaitlyn on the edge of her seat rather matter-of-factly as the dragon works harder than he normally would to keep the dolphin and himself moving smoothly. Those grey eyes of the candidate-Harper's move back and forth between rescuing triad and R'az when the man speaks, a grin flashed for the scene as the bronze swoops lower just beyond them, though still over the water. Better safe than sorry. And once everybody's back safe in the water again, the woman gives some subdued clapping for the promising, and quite interesting display's success. As soon as the man speaking to them asks for questions, the tween boy candidate who was shussed before shoves up his hand into the air and calls out, "Can the smaller dragons do this, too?!" Cue a wince from the AWLM, and a tug to his belt loops to get the boy seated, again. Kaitlyn only disguises her chuckle behind a hand.

S'van knows nothing of heel-nipping-jackals, though perhaps his fair-haired sister would be able to enlighten him. Though at the moment, he is much more interested in the dragon-dolphin situation happening over the water. Those steely-eyes of his fasten to straps and harness; to the way wings move and limbs curl, taking in the truth of the explanation offered by R'az. A soft, "Hm," and a briefly amused curl to the corner of his mouth (though this likely for Aedeluth, as Sev's eyes dart down the beach to where the bronze is waiting.) As the demonstration comes to a close, and the trio approach, S'van sits back and stretches out, slouching once more now that intent visual focus is not necessary. He opens his mouth as though to speak, only to be beaten to the chase by the candidate. Eyebrows lift, and he flashes a half-smirk his direction. "Considering the size of those 'smaller' dragons…" he murmurs, letting his sentence trail off into nothingness. But he does have a question, and even goes so far as to lift his hand again (slung across the back of a chair, elbow planted as he curls his forearm up and does that two-fingered thing again). "What sort of maintenance does this thing require?"

R'az comes back and he lays out the dolphin cradle to where everyone can see it. He nods, "Yes smaller dragons can do this too. Dragons are immensely strong, even the smallest green could easily lift up Atlas in this. Now it's not made for long flights with smaller dragons in mind, just emergency situations. There are plans to make a cradle that two dragons could carry a single dolphin in case of longs flights, but right now I'd like to focus on just the single dragon single dolphin design. Also these have not been tested for between nor do they plan to be in the near future. Between would just be too cold for the material that the dolphin cradle is made up from. It might cause structural damage not to mention that dolphins are not designed for between the way that dragons are. A trip between for a dolphin especially one fresh from the water could be fatal. Thank you though that was a good question."

R'az turns to S'van, "The straps would require the same maintenance that riding straps would have." He uses this question as an opportunity to start to point out the design of the dragon cradle. "The straps are thick heavy duty leather the same kind that Dolth would use if he were transporting heavy cargo." He says as he holds them up. The straps connect to a sturdy but hollow metal bar that on on the outside of the dolphin cradle. It's strong enough that only a dragon's strength could bend it, but hollow to make it light enough to fly. The wetsuit material wraps around the bar, except for where the leather straps are anchored and are sewn in with thick thread." He holds up the main part of the dolphin cradle with help from Dolphineer Vectan, "As you can see here the slit where the fins go are also sewn up with the thick thread so that there won't be any ripping or tearing. Another good question. Thank you."

R'az looks around, "Any other question. Please if you have one for Dolth or Atlas please ask away."

"Well, *I* want to Impress a blue, and I'm sort-of an apprentice dolphineer before I was a Candidate, so…" the 12 turn old boy starts to answer S'van back…and suddenly makes a low 'eep' sound and sits down again in sudden silence as the AWLM twists one of his ears a little. "*Enough*, Sadrand…" is grumbled to him by the woman. "Others have dreams…and more importantly, right now, *questions*. You asked yours, so remain silent, for now." Glare. It takes quite a bit of her Harpering 'skill' for Kaitlyn not to snicker-giggle aloud, right now. The boy reminds her of one of her younger cousins. And then all of the Monacoan cadre are listening to R'az speak again as the bronzerider answers the youth's question…said answer making Sadrand grins brightly. Vindicated! Kaitlyn and the AWLM are more interested in the structural integrity of the cradle, both looking to one another and nodding, murmuring something softly bewteen the two of them before they focus on R'az once again. The looks the group gives to those hollow metal, light but strong straps are intent and studious, with Kaitlyn looking inquiringly to the AWLM, and getting her nod of okay. "I have one…" Kait notes clearly, but not loudly to R'az. "For both Dolth and Atlas, if I might." Breath. "How does this rigging feel to both of them? Is is uncomfortable in any way? Does the process make them feel secure and confident?" Yep, a Harper question.
the 12 year old boy…

"Even a small blue… Faranth even a small /green/ is bigger than a small cottage," notes S'van, eyebrow arched, a very 'challenge accepted' look for the kid. KID. This fact seems to register somewhere, as Sev's eyes roll, his face splits into a grin, and he promptly ignores the candidate. Kids. Pft. He shifts a bit, though there's really no need for him to get up in order to see; simply straightening in his seat provides the necessary head-in-front clearance to be able to discern the design adequately enough. And while he's got another question; as evidenced by the expression of expectation that typically pre-empts speech, he falls silent as Kaitlyn poses her own. It is only once hers has been answered that he wonders, "Would we be expected to craft it ourselves, or would these be purchased fully assembled?"

Laria has been sticking to the outskirts of the group sitting on the edge of the pier, keeping a watch on the dolphins participating in the display. Her own dolphin, Riki, was out in the water as Atlas took centre stage this time. The questions about the comfort of the harness gets a squeal from the little Riki and fin flaps. < Very Comfortable! Much fun! > Is his answer even before Atlas can answer. < Better than dragon claws > comes the answer from the larger older dolphin that still bears the scars from his own dragon ride that prompted this invention. Laria can't help but grin and nods to Atlas, "Yes, much more comfortable than dragon claws." The dolphineer looks to be fairly advanced with pregnancy, well into second trimester and nearly into her third, but still in her bathing suit and looking to be on duty.

R'az gets that far away look as he's communicating with his dragon and he lets Atlas answer before he does. "Dolth says that the dolphin cradle feels good, it doesn't hurt at all. He's happy that he's going to be able to help as many dolphins as he can. He doesn't want any dolphin or anyone to be scared of him when he's trying to help them. He feels very confident that this will help dolphins and perhaps others in water rescues." He looks to Atlas and Riki, "Yes the younger dolphins enjoy the ride that they get from the dragons and Atlas is right it will prevent unintentional injury from dragon rescues. Thank you Kaitlyn it was a good question. Dragon and dolphin comfort was the foremost thought in my mind when I was designing this. That and safety."

R'az turns to S'van, "I'm hope that they will come fully assembled to the weyrs. The weaver hall was very generous to help put it all together, they do the majority of the work with all the sewing. An exact price hasn't been worked out, but that is the point of this demonstration to inform the Weyrs that this tool exists and to raise support for it. Dolth and I are independent now, we were formally on transport duty at Irene. We are both excited to be able to help both the dolphins and dragons with this."

R'az looks around to see if there are any more questions he could answer.

It's the AWLM's turn to focus upon S'van as he speaks to the boy, the middle-aged woman lifting one brow at him for a few moments…and then shrugging it off. Apparently she's also a bit protective of her charges, as well as taking no crap…a combination which is usually good in a weyrlingmaster. Kaitlyn turns her head to capture S'van's next question as he intones it, her head bobbing twice at the practicality of what he inquires, her focus then returning to R'az to see how he answers them both. With the answers from Laria's partnered dolphin comes a wide, bright grin on Kait's features, which doubles as Atlas speaks up…though she's already trying to look the latter over for his scars from dragon claws. Laria's next words have the caniddate-Harper grinning at her, but she can't wave or say 'hello' right now, as it wouldn't be kosher. R'az's further answer of her else-directed inquiries has the flamehead nodding brightly at him, exclaiming, "Excellent! I thought the combination would be paramount." Damned Harpers and their highbrow language. She then quiest to listen to R'az's answer for S'van…the latter now studied.

Laria looks over to R'az and can't help but smile at his response, "Yes, the young ones have enjoyed it and have been passing on the information to the pods. We hope more and more dolphins will learn of it through their passing of stories and be more confident with it as well. There have been dolphin deaths because they could not be seen too quick enough or were too weak to swim to a dolphineer." She adds, no doubt doubling up on the knowledge to reiterate it. She leans down to stroke Riki's melon as he comes up to the peir.

R'az points out a hand that he sees raised, "Yes?" A well dressed man stands up and cleans his throat, "It's perfectly calm water here, but how does the cradle hold up in severe weather." He asks of R'az. The bronzerider clears his throat after taking another drink of water. "It will hold up to severe weather. Dolth and I have rigorously tested this dolphin cradle with a wooden facsimile of a dolphin that is the same shape and weight of one. Even if it's pouring buckets and the waves at high the dolphin cradle can hold up to it. If it can hold up to some of the maneuvers that Dolth put it through." He chuckles, "Sorry no Dolth isn't going to give a demonstration of that, but please rest assure that it can hold up to extreme weather."

R'az looks around for any other questions that the crowd might have for him or Dolth or Atlas.

Kaitlyn listens to Laria speak of the younger dolphins being more receptive to 'rescuing' than the elders, the redhead still quietly unhappy at word of dolphin deaths. It's usually the young of any species that are more willing to take chances, try the 'impossible.' One of her fellow candidates raises a hand, inquires of R'az, "Is this going to be…implemented soon?"

S'van has another question; apparently he's inquisitive today. A lift of his hand, a flick of his fingers, and he asks, "Prior to Atlas, has there been a need to rescue dolphins, by dragons?"

R'az smiles at the question from the young candidate, "I certainly hope so. Right now this one is the only one that we have. It's a prototype and I hope that we can make more of them so that every Weyr has one." He looks over towards the dolphineers, "The dolphineers would be better able to answer that. They know the history better that I do." He looks over to the dolphineers to see if they want to talk about it before he looks back for more questions.

"I have witnessed the practices and demonstrations at Monaco Bay many times and am confident in its use." Laria replies and looks over to Atlas, "It took many months to get Atlas used to dragons again after the incident. Work that involved the entire Monaco Pod and several very patient dragons from Monaco and Dolth here. I will not fault the dragon that air lifted him on the day as it was our only option at the time, but now we might have another option."

Kaitlyn settles in to listen fully, at this point, the woman intent on getting information, on enjoying this presentation…and simply enjoying the whole 'learning outdoors' thing. Most of her training took place inside, after all. She looks between R'az and Laria, then over to S'van, finally back to her own little group. No more questions from her, it seems.

"No, I meant… yeah. Is there a history of needing to rescue dolphins?" S'van asks again, frowning in brief confusion. "I don't doubt that the experience was traumatic for Atlas; what animal wants to wake up in the claws of a dragon? And clearly thought went into how to prevent this from happening again," and he motions towards the device on the beach. "Practically speaking, how often are dolphins in need of rescue? Though it can probably be adapted for other uses; human rescue, for one."

R'az listens to S'van, "Ah yes I see what you mean. Thankfully not often and yes it can be adapted for use for human rescue as well." He gives a wistful smile, "It's also been pointed out to me by some humans that have volunteered to ride in the dolphin cradle that it is a very fun time and they'd like to do it more often." He chuckles a bit. "No we aren't going to be riders today either." He says as he looks over towards the young candidates.

"Multi-use…" the AWLM mumurs to herself when R'az answers S'van's questions, the woman appearing to like that thought. When R'az speaks of a good time being flown by a dragon in one of those cradles, she gives a lilting laugh, comments, "I'll try that out." A *look* from the AWLM finds her patting the air gently at the other woman, addending, "Once I'm done with being a candidate."

"They way I figure, even if each coastal zone had one and the area knows about it and all the riders know where to acquire it it you may not need many to be made. More important is that the dragons know how to use it and the local dolphins are familiar with it too." Laria offers to the concerns and she looks over the pod in the water and back again. "Maybe it is used once a turn, but still that is one less dolphin death we have on our roles. Or one less dolphin needing intensive therapy after such an incident." Laria offers.

A tip of his head follows R'az's words as S'van acknowledges them. One hand lifts, fingers rubbing thoughtfully over mouth and chin before grey eyes slide to Laria as she speaks. A one-shoulder shrug is offered. He declines further comment or inquiry, eventually settling back in his chair in that lazy-way once again. Of good times sailing around in dolphin-slings, he has no addition; though there's a quirk to the corner of his mouth and a brief light to those grey eyes. Devious.

R'az doesn't see any more questions, "Thank you for coming to the demonstrations if you'd like one at your Weyr please come let me know and we'll try to schedule a demonstration. I hope you all found this informative. I will be around for a while to explain any questions you might have. Please there are refreshments coming out now in the back. Thank you again for coming."

When Laria speaks of the harnesses/riggings and their proper use so as to avoid mindhealing therapy, Kait bobs her head enthusiastically, looking out to the two dolphins hanging out around the dolphineer, as if to check their own responses to her words. When R'az finishes his presentation, Kaitlyn slowly stands, stretches her tall frame, then murmurs a few words to the AWLM. A few words are returned from the older woman, Kait nodding, then moving off to grab a mug of lemonade from the refreshment table…then turning back towards the 'older' people, here. Once she's back near R'az, the redheadd comments, "Excellent presentation, R'az, er, sir…just like I thought it would be." Twinkle. Over to Laria she then waves, calls, "Hello, ma'am!" Smirk. Ahh, the life of a candidate. S'van's form is soon picked out in the small crowd, the bronzerider given a courteous nod.

Laria pushes herself up to her feet as the presentation finishes to mingle with the group. "I'm no rider, Laria is fine for me but congratulations on getting searched." She offers to the woman with a grin and looks over to R'az, "Well have done yourself and dolphincraft proud today." She offers and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before giving a look over to S'van, "If you ever want to try it on yours feel free to stop by Monaco and you and yours can practice with the dummy."

As the presentation ends, there's a quick and perhaps surprisingly agile leap to his feet for S'van. Bare feet into warm sand, a little wiggle of toes, and then he's off. He'll hit that refreshment table too; snagging something cool to drink and finishing it in four or five hasty gulps. Kaitlyn's nod is given a half-smirk and a little salute in response. A fleeting glance down the beach to where Aedeluth is waiting (im)patiently before he turns to R'az and Laria. "Thanks for the invite, and the demonstration," he offers politely. "And yeah, thanks," for the offer of a demonstration. "It'd be interesting to see how it works first-hand."

R'az gets a long drink of water and he whews as the presentation is over. He smiles as Laria heads over to him and he gives her a quick kiss back. "Thank you, both of you. I really did my best. The real stars of the demonstration were Vectan, Atlas and Dolth. They did all the hard work I just stood up here and talked about what they did." He nods in agreement with Laria, "Yes please I'm most often at Monaco Bay and am more than happy to train you and others how the dolphin cradle work. You are welcome, thank you for coming."

Leaping S'van? Well then, that's a bit interesting, and Kait's grey eyes watch the very tall bronzerider for a moment, then returning to present company. "You know how it is…" Kaitlyn murmurs to Laria when they're closer. "Formalities first, then premission to be casual after…" Eyeroll, smirk. "Thank you." A faint curtsey is given, the redhead then turning to look at R'az as Laria talks to him. Another twinkle of eyes and little smile is given when the woman gives R'az a peck on the cheek, her next words for S'van gauged, observed between the two of them. The man's smirky little salute meets with her cocky little half-bow half-curtsey, his next words inspiring a low, "I'm *still* in for a self-demo… as long as nobody else sees me or rats on me." Smirk. "Your talking made what the others were doing understandable to us, R'az. Do not demote the spoken word's power, especially in the mouth of a knowledgeable person." To show she's no remonstrating him, Kaitlyn gives R'az's forearm a light squeeze, if he allows.

R'az shakes his head, "If there is one thing that I learned it's not to mess with weyrlingmasters or their charges. After candidacy we'll see about giving out rides. I'd rather this be a rescue device primarily, maybe if we can make ones for more recreational uses." He doesn't pull back from having his forearm squeezed, "Thank you, I've been practicing all month on this presentation. Public speaking is not my strong suit. I'm just glad everything went well."

"Well Permission granted." Laria says with a grin for Kaitlyn. "I know you are a dancer but perhaps you can write something up for the Harper's times? You seem to have the gift of the spoken word at least. It was good to have a harper witness this all the same." She smiles over to S'van and nods, "Drop by anytime." She offers to him and runs a hand over her swollen stomach casually in the way pregnant women do. There is a look up to R'az thoughtfully and back to Kaitlyn, "Maybe we can have a morning of it. Offering sling rides to those that want to." She gives a shrug, "And dolphin swims for those that don't."

Yup; S'van packs a surprising amount of balance and agility in that six-feet-five-inch frame of sprawling limbs. Indeed, when he walks there's a manner of stride that suggests he's a lot more self-aware than his previously loung-y behavior may have suggested. But he's not lounging now; just standing. Chatting. Setting his glass aside on a convenient surface as he flashes his gaze once more to Aedeluth; this time with a bit of a scowl. "Will do," he decides, answering Laria's words with affirmation. "But right now, I'm being called back." Back. To Half Moon, presumably. "Thanks again," and there's a polite smile and nod of his head for bronzerider and dolphineer, a much more mischievous look for Kaitlyn-and-co (co being fellow candidates and assistant weyrlingmaster, though the latter thankfully misses it). If he's got sage advice to offer about covert-candidate things, he keeps it to himself (though there's definitely a suspicious look about him. One that tends to make the powers-that-be narrow their eyes and peer at him in disapproval). But alas, he is turning to leave, striding bare-footed down the beach to his waiting bronze, grumbling a 'Yeah yeah, I heard you,' as he goes.

R'az hmms, 'Well if the Weyrlingmasters are okay with it. Dolth certainly wouldn't mind giving out rides and he does like the company of dolphins." He put his arm around Laria, "If it's okay with the Weyrlingmaster go ahead and direct Dolth. You know he'll listen to you. I'm gonna go get out of these formal leathers and into some shorts so I can enjoy the water too."

"Exactly…" Kaitlyn murmurs to R'az, the woman slipping her gaze over to the AWLM, who's way too busy herding cats/younger candidates, right now, one of them trying to flirt with some dolphineer, while the 12 turn old is trying to steal more cookies than he's allowed. Snert! Back to Ra'z, "You're welcome. I'd not give the compliment if I didn't mean it." Smile. "Thank goodness for small favors, then!" the flamehead grins to Laria's gift of permission to 'stand down,' the candidate-Harper then pursing her lips a tad, nodding slowly. "If I'm allowed, certainly…" of the Harper's times posting. "I'll worked with R'az on it, of course." Since this project is *his* baby. Of sling rides and mornings, well… how can Kaitlyn turn it down? A wicked little grin finds her face, is in those astute grey eyes. "Count me *in*." And how! With S'van's leavetaking comes a tiny little pout on Kait's features, and then another impish smile-smirk back to the Half Moon rider, a hand lifted to him in farewell as he departs. Sigh. Back to R'az she turns her attention, nods…and crosses her empty hand's fingers for a moment. "I would be *so* into that." Grin.

"Yeah, we can go for a swim. I want to get some time with the local pod before I go back and get grounded." Laria informs R'az before he heads off and looks back to Kaitlyn, "So how is candidate life treating you? I seemed to have managed to avoid it thus far." She says with a grin, "But my family has plenty of riders in it." She says and shifts in place a bit to make herself comfortable as she rubs the belly. "You allowed to stay long enough for a swim or you lot got to get back?"

R'az comes back in with just a pair of shorts on and he comes back over, "So is Dolth going to be setting up for some dolphin cradle rides or we will do it next time at Monaco Bay?" He asks as he looks at the Assistant Weyrlingmasters trying to get the candidates to go in one direction. He shakes his head a bit, "Well I'm ready to go swimming."

"Oh, it's… well, candidate life," Kaitlyn murmurs softly enough not to be overheard by the AWLM, the redhead shrugging to Laria. "I'm used to a much different life, honestly. But even *II can't say 'no' to a chance at Impressing. Honestly, though, I'm a crafter at heart…and will always be a dancer. It's my…soul, I guess one might say." Sip, peer. "I thought dolphineers weren't eligible for candidacy, given their pairing to a dolphin." Head-quirk. She's curious about this. And just as Kait is about to answer R'az, here comes that assistant Weyrlingmaster, the woman looking rather aggravated, but keeping her temper in check as she herds the once-flirting young teen girl before her (said girl looking surly, and holding tears back) while she prods forward that cookie-stealing boy at her side. To R'az the shorter woman notes patiently, "We all thank you for the gracious opportunity to learn about this new invention, bronzerider. But now, we must take our leave. The candidates still have chores to perform." Kaitlyn, standing a little to the woman's side, gives a brief, but venomous pair of *looks* to the two twerps who messed up 'her' potential afternoon, but quickly wipes her face clean before downing the rest of her drink, and then bowing a bit to Laria and R'az. "Thank you both. I'm sure we'll talk again soon about all this." You can damned well bet your butt they will!

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