Strangers in Strange Places

Month 6 of Turn 2715
Monaco Bay Weyr - Common Caverns
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Monaco Bay Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

It can't possibly be R'sner's first time in Monaco Bay Weyr's common cavern, but the look on his face may suggest that he doesn't make a habit of visiting. His mouth is pressed into a thin line, his jaw tight, and his cobalt blue eyes are squinted, peering around in a fleeting, flashing manner may suggest he's both lost, and frustrated that he's lost. A clipboard is clutched tightly, and peered at often as he moves progressively inward even as his long stride slows, pace easing back as hesitation finally brings him to a stand-still somewhere that isn't quite in the way, but not really out of it either. A scowl, a quick glance, and then a hissed, "I know what it says," that might be for his dragon. Or it might be for the voices in his head. Who knows?!

Despite the late noon hour, the comman caverns aren't terribly busy. From east side of the cavern, a slender blonde in an airy blue dress leaves the small barracks set up for candidates, her candidacy knot visible added to the sleeve of the dress. She walks at a slow, leisurely pace across the cavern towards R'sner through she doesn't seem to have noticed him or anyone really as she walks.

When the clipboard proves useless, R'sner drops his hand to his side and looks around the cavern once again. Narrowed eyes dart about, finally settling upon that pale-haired figure, following her movement. He sucks briefly on his teeth before there's a sharp snort and he moves forward with purpose. "Excuse me," and he even goes so far as to reach his hand out in a gesture that appears as though he means to touch her, though his fingers fall short of actually doing so. A glance for hair, face, then the knot on her shoulder. A frown. "Candidate." Flat, without much emotion. "Been here long?"

Jiasle stops at the 'excuse', a polite smile on her face as she comes to a stop clasping her hands together in front of her to face the, a quick glance, rider addressing her. She then shakes her head, curls bouncing slightly around her shoulders as she says "No, not very long sir." in a polite, if somewhat quiet but firm voice.

If he narrows his eyes any further, R'sner would probably lose the ability to see at all. But her answer makes the wrinkles at their corners all the more prominent; the line of his jaw all the more tense. "Great. Of course." Frustrated, now. The hand not preoccupied with a clipboard is lifted; rough fingers through dark hair. "Don't suppose you know a…" and he lifts the clipboard now, to scowl down at it angrily, "Labanauskas?" he asks, moving through the name slowly and precariously as he sounds it out. "I don't even know if that's a woman or a man," he grumbles.

Jiasle's polite expression doesn't waver, through her head does tilt slightly as she listens to R'sner sound out the name. Likely making things worse, she says lightly without pause in sounding it out "Labanauskas?" pondering it a moment, then shaking her head no lightly setting her curles bouncing slightly again as she says "I apologize sir, but I do not. It is not anyone I've met since arriving here.".

"Of course not." It's more of a mutter to himself than a comment for Jiasle. R'sner's gaze goes to darting around the cavern again, never settling anywhere for longer than a moment. A roll of his shoulders has him briefly hunching forward, and his eyes go distant in a tell-tale discussion with his lifemate. "Suppose you know where the Headwoman or Steward might be found?" he tries next, not soundly terribly hopeful even if his blue eyes are once more fixed on Jiasle with some amount of expectation. "Or maybe a bar?" This, at least, is a bit sarcastic.

"Steward." Jiasle says in the polite tone, unwavering when asked. "And I believe he's currently left the weyr to attend something, you would need to wait for him to return and I do not know his schedule for that I am afraid." her tone somewhat apologetic, but still polite. "Nor could I help you with a bar as I do not drink, and have been informed by other candidates they are discouraged from the practice regardless for the time." her eyes steady on R'sner's without any sign of fear or upsetness. "I would assume through the first place the Steward will turn back up is the kitchen, and they would be able to likely supply you with anything to drink."

The tilt of his head suggests that R'sner is listening, and while his gaze remains more or less on the blond candidate, there are periodic glances up and around; darting looks to anything that moves. Which is a lot, considering it was midafternoon in a public space. "Steward," he repeats at her confirmation, as though to commit this information to memory. "Of course he is." Away. Gone. A much more pointed look, along with a lifted eyebrow, follows her admission of not drinking. "At all?" But perhaps it is more of a rhetorical question; he does not wait for her answer before he asks, "Well. Can you point me to the kitchens, then? I've got twenty-five crates of crap strapped to Toith and I'm not hauling it back to Half Moon."

"Not at all, I understand." Jiasle says politely, with a slight nod. She turns partially, indicating an entry near the hearth and says "The kitchen is through there, the way next to the hearth." with a graceful movement of her hand that makes it hard not to follow and see where she's indicating. Looking back to R'sner she asks "Shall I lead you there sir?".

Indeed, his gaze follows that graceful gesture and immediately latches to the doorway indicated by such. R'sner is silent for a moment, but he gives a quick, curt little nod of his head at her offer. "Sure. Might as well." A brief tension along his jaw, a clench of muscles, and then he offers a somewhat begrudging, "Thank you."

Jiasle nods her head in a polite accept and courtsey even as she says "Certainly sir, you're welcome." as she turns elegantly and begins to lead the way across the cavern. It doesn't take long to reach the entry, much less down the short corridor into the kitchen area which is mostly empty. A few riders eat meals prepped for them as they came in, while other people clean or prep things from lunch and for dinner. Jiasle stops near where they enter into the area, stepping aside so R'sner can continue a slightly wary tense to her for a change as she glances over the kitchen, probably making sure she isn't about to put herself into a position to get drafted, before saying "This should be the best place to wait sir." as she turns to face R'sner politely.

Strong, steady strides follow Jiasle across the cavern and through the doorway, down the cavern and into the kitchen. R'sner's gaze immediately goes to the occupants of the kitchen, flashing to and fro before they come back to his pale-hair guide. It's quick enough to catch the wary tension, though he says nothing of it. There is certainly nothing relaxed about the foreign greenrider, though he perhaps projects frustration rather than fear. "Thanks," he offers again, a quick murmur that is more habit than conscious decision. "R'sner," he offers finally. "I'm R'sner."

Jiasle nods her head in greetings, replying "I am Jiasle, and again you are welcome." in that polite voice she's been using all along. "I'm sure the steward will show up in time, through may I ask what you brought from Half Moon?"

"Jiasle." Repeated, as though to remember it. A bit of wall, with a view of the kitchens, is selected by R'sner as an acceptable location to lean his shoulder. The clipboard is carefully set aside before he crosses his arms. One ankle hooks over the other, and he appears to be settling in for the long haul when Jiasle wonders after the nature of his cargo. "Boring, really," and he briefly untwists his arms to snatch up the clipboard, giving it a brief glance for confirmation. "Grain. Cotton balls. Oil. Parts for a…" squint. "…something I can't pronounce." A long exhale is given, and he tosses the clipboard back to the shelf, arms once more folded over themselves. "You don't have to stay," he states flatly. "You've done your part, Jiasle," and he sounds out her name carefully, to ensure proper pronunciation, "So don't feel you've got to babysit me."

Jiasle dips her head politely, and says "Thank you, sir, take care." in a polite voice to R'sner, "I should likely attend my lessons for the afternoon then." as she turns and heads back out of the kitchen.

A lift of a hand; a quick gesture of 'bye'. But no words follow Jiasle as she leaves. R'sner has said 'thank you' enough, it seems. Settled against his wall, he'll just wait there until someone deigns to inquire as to his needs.

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