Butchering Fruits

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Kitchens

Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

It is early morning and Briari just shoved the early laundry into the wash, completed a workout, took a quick bath and is now ready for breakfast. As she heads into the kitchens, she is wearing a simple pair of pants and tunic without much design. Plucking up a plate of oatmeal and some juice to put on a tray, she peeks about to see which of her fellow candidates are on kitchen duty.

Early mornings are Chrystyne's worst enemy. Sure she likes to work out with Briari but only occasionally. This particular morning though she rose early but with just enough time to throw fresh clothing on and stumble into the kitchens for her assigned chore. It's kitchen duty! Unable to even switch someone like she's done in the past she's putting in her time in here for the first time since being Searched. Lucky for her it's breakfast so it's mostly easy work. For starters they've got her set up at a table chopping up fruit. That's where she's at when Briari peeks about.

"Hey." Briari calls over, almost in relief at the sight of Chrystyne as she heads over with a warm and natural smile. "I see you got kitchen duty. Lucky you. Almost made it through all of candidacy without getting in here." As she slips up next to her, she snags a piece of fruit and a knife off the cutting board and gives it a spin about her palm before she starts to dice into a pear. "Sleep okay last night?”

Lucky her…perhaps not so lucky to those who have to eat the mangled fruit. Currently she's massacuring a redfruit. "Meh…alright I guess. Closer we get to the eggs hatching the harder it is for me to sleep." admits the fellow candidate. "I keep thinking about what happens if my cute little green isn't out there yet." yup, she's convinced it's a green for her. Something nice and small….

"Yeah, I'm not sleeping good either. Was my turnday last night, spent it out on the beach just writing in my journal and trying not to be a baby about the fact my family didn't send me a letter or at least stop over." Briari says as she lifts her shoulders upwards. "Here, I'll cut the fruit for you. Geez, you're terrible at this. I thought guards were good with knives." She says with a teasing grin as she slips the poor fruit away and cuts it in half, then in quarters. "Just take your time with them, hold them down firmly with one hand, use the blade to go in the middle first. Makes it easier. Mother loved fruit and would make me prepare it for her in the mornings as a kid. That and she told me she wouldn't eat 'commonor' food or whatever that means." Her shoulder bumps into her best friend's. "I have faith that you will impress this time around. You and Kyra. You two are going to make great riders.”

If it's so easy then Chrystyne seems content to let Briari continue it. Surreptitiously she slides over a couple more red fruit in need of cutting without being butchered by herself. "I use my fists mostly when needed." is her reply along with a shrug of one slender shoulder. "It was your turn day? Happy birthing day!" or whatever pernese term fits here. "How old?" she quirks a brow as she peers at her friend to try to gauge her age. "17? 18?" leaning back she watches the slicing of the fruit. "You know more about this stuff. Any guesses on colors for us three?" which means she's including Briari in the impression process.

"Nineteen." Briari confirms as she gives a half-smile upon her face as her hands continue to move through each fruit, slicing and dicing and moving into the bowl next to them. It seems that she just can't ever stop doing 'something'. "Colors for you? I don't see you riding a green. Probably a sturdy blue or brown. A stalwart companion who will aid you in the protection of others." After a thought, she shrugs her shoulder for Kyra. "Gold." Her lips pull back into a grin. "Because it'd be the most surprising and she is so random in life.”

Chrystyne tilts her head to study her friend a moment. "You're a couple turns older than me." she notes. "Not green?" her icy blue eyes show interest in the colors. "Brown or blues are better stalwart companions?" she asks. Thought she does not in agreement. "Kyra on Gold. Perhaps! And you? What dragon do you want?”

"I don't see you on a green. A girly dragon." Briari says with a slight grin on her face. "And you know what I mean, you're a guard, you'd probably impress to a dragon who has the same commitment to protecting others as you would. Those types I would assume would appeal to a more masculine dragon. Sides', would you want a green? Having to deal with all those flights and hooking up with a random stranger? At least if you get on a blue you'd probably get beat out by all the bronzes and browns and wouldn't have to worry about .. you know.. random pregnancy." She rubs at her eyebrows a bit. "And.. I don't know. I guess I'd be happy with any dragon who found me worthy. I don't even care about the color. I just want a dragon that will love me."

Chrystyne flushes a bit with a duck of her head as Briari mentions flights. "Greens do rise a bit." she mumbles towards the table. "Dunno..just thought a smaller dragon maybe." currently it's early morning. Chrystyne's drawn the short straw it seems with kitchen duty, her least favorite chore, but lucky for her it seems Briari's taken pity on her momentarily as the newly turned 19 turn old has taken over the preparations of fresh fruit. Chrystyne's first attempt sit before her in the mangled form of red fruit. "Well that's hardly an answer. You've been around riders your whole life. What color do you see yourself on?" she's asking of Briari as she finally raises her gaze up from the table after the brief embarrassment over flights has passed.

"I don't know." Briari's answer is honest as her shoulders lift upwards as she moves through each fruit, cutting, slicing and lobbing them into the bowl. Her shoulders slightly slump at her own answer, as if the confidence wasn't there. "Anyways, the fruit is done. What else we got?" She plucks up her now grown cold oatmeal and takes a bite regardless, chewing on it a few times before she forces it down with a swallow. "Are you prepping for lunch or still doing breakfast?”

Daranyl has a tubful of dishes in his arms as he makes his way into the kitchens, oblivious to the preceding embarrassing topic. The little green on his shoulder chitters, eyeing the leftovers with obvious desire, so he jerks his shoulder up, then back, then down, "Leave off, Morsel. You ate alrea'y, ya can wait. Hey Chrys. Bri." Someone pulled dish duty and he's trying to do a decent job as he makes his way to the wash basins and starts piling the breakfast dishes in, "They're wrappin' up breakfas' ou' there, at leas'. But fruit's fruit."

Kyra is here with a tub full of things everyone is undoubtedly excited to see: more fruit! She trucks it into the kitchens and meanders over to where fruit is being prepared, setting the tub down on the counter nearest to Chrystyne and Briari as she offers them a rueful grin, "Sorry. New load, fresh off… whatever various plants they came off." She looks over at Daranyl and offers him a quick grin, offering playfully, "Want to get in on helping me wash the fruit, at least? Since you're already over by the sink and all…" Bwaha. From her comfortably cool outfit and the fact that she has a handkerchief tying her hair off her forehead, it seems likely that she's one of the fruit pickers for the day.
"Aye…the fruit was to be put out for late comers." now her gaze flickers around the kitchens briefly to spot whomever set her to this particular task to see if another task is coming yet or not. Not seeing anyone just yet she relaxes in her chair more. "Lunch prep is next." soon enough. As Daranyl comes in she watches his progeress towards the wash basins with his dirty dishes. "Heya Daranyl….ack!" is her relaxation to be cut short so soon? She gives the new tub of fresh fruit a look and a sigh. Figuring she can't get Briari to cut all these for her too she reaches for one and tries to decipher how to get through the skin to cut it. "Fruit picking today hmm?" is said in greeting towards Kyra. Wash the fruit? Chrystyne clearly misses that part of the process.

It seems that Briari can be easily roped into more chores as she does not understand the definition of the word relax. "Gotta wash it first, Chrystyne." She calls over to her with a grin as she wipes her hands off on her pants, leaving a smear of red juice. "Hi Dara. Hi Kyra." She calls over in return, offering up a lopsided smile to each. "I got laundry duty but everything is in the wash so I have some time to kill before I have to dry them." Taking the bowl of freshly diced fruit out to the living caverns, she heads back as she starts to clean the blade she was using to cut them with. "Anyone have any big plans tonight?"

Daranyl looks over at Bri at that nickname, "Please don' call me tha'." He sets the now empty dishtub aside and nods to Kyra, "I can help with th' washin', jus' bring 'em on over here." Chrystyne just gets an oddly perplexed look, "You alrigh', Chrys? Seem a mite jumpy. Have ya no'… prepp'd fruit b'fore?" He starts working on washing fruit, trying to ignore Kyra's mode of dress as he murmurs, "How ya been, Kyra?" Before any conversation can really occur, though, he's looking up at Bri's re-entrance, "Like wha'?" Morsel chitters, earning a chiding TSST from her humanpet.

Kyra puts her hands together and looks apologetically at Chrystyne, "Yeah, sorry to dump it on you. This is the last of what we could find, so they told me to go ahead and bring it in." She'll join Daranyl in washing off the fruit and shrugs at the question easily enough, "I've been alright. Chores are kind of boring, but other than that it's been alright. How've things been for you?" She looks back over at Briari only to blink at the question, looking momentarily amused, "Probably sleep. Why? You throwing us a party?" The slight young woman grins at the idea, then goes back to scrubbing the dust off a bit of fruit before plonking it into a fresh basket.

Ignoring the nickname issue Chrystyne's still staring at her fruit when it is pointed out that it really should be washed first. "Huh? Oh right." a simple thing really. "Not jumpy." she'll clarify towards Daranyl. "Just thought I was done is all." though with another furtive glance around the kitchen perhaps it is best she stick to fruit duty and not anything harder. "You always counter a question with a question?" that question is asked along with a slashing smile towards Darayl before she nods in agreement with Kyra's plans. "Sleep sounds good." especially since she's been shorted her sleep by being up to early for this chore!

Spinning the blade about her hand, Briari's fingers dance along with the tool before her palm sweeps around the handle to grasp it. Thunk. She slips it back into the chopping block. "Well, it was my turnday last night and I spent most of it moping because my brother and family didn't show up for it, or send me a letter…which I'm sure they had good reasons for. So, yes, I was thinking of just throwing a party for the heck of it and spending time with you guys. Dosen't have to be about me, I just figured we could have a night of celebration before the eggs crack. I can play some songs, maybe try our hand at dancing, have some food. I don't know. I just don't want to stare at the wall anymore in the barracks or the eggs on the sand. I just want to take my mind off candidacy for a bit."

"Bored. 'N' bein' trapped here seems ta have made me think too much." Daranyl's hands are quick over the rinds, rubbing out excess dirt and setting them to dry. It's clear this is a task he's done many times before, "'M sure if'n ya asked, someone'd take ya ta see 'em, if it's tha' importan' to ya. S'long as yer escorted." Daranyl goes quiet a moment, scrubbing an especially stubborn bit of dirt from an orangefruit rind before he adds, "Doncha know, we're never done until th' eggs hatch…" He pauses, though at Bri's words, "Take yer mind off it? Why?"

Kyra takes whatever Daranyl finishes up with so it can get popped into the 'clean' basket without him having to dance around her to get to it. She nods her agreement with his comment regarding someone taking Briari to visit her family, however, looking in her direction, "Happy turnday. Maybe they forgot in the midst of all the Hatchings and stuff. You should see if a rider will take you to see them or something." She bites back the urge to laugh at the way Chrystyne puts that inquiry to Daranyl, answering questions with questions, only to flick some water over at her friend, "Hostile!" With another amiable shrug, she turns her attention to the sink while still speaking easily, "A party sounds like it could be fun. We could throw it on the beach. I don't get to swim as much since I keep getting chores nowhere near the water. We could get some stuff together to cook, sort of like a pot luck, yeah?"

Chrystyne seems content to let those two do the washing though she does pop off her seat to plunk her fruit into their tub to join the others in the washing process. "Not!" she protests at the flicks of water towards her from Kyra. She's grinning though. "He didn't answer the question is all. maybe he's got some big secret plans." returning to her seat she plops down. "My families gonna come up for the hatching I'm sure. You're will surely be here too." she says reassuringly towards Briari. "Though a party sounds good. And swimming!" Chrystyne's in complete agreement on that one. "Isn't um..oh yeah." she finger snaps. "Ism't someone and their brother doing that bar-b-que thing with a porcine or something?" she thinks that's tonight! Returning to Daranyl's question towards Briari she simply remarks towards Briari. "Don't worry so Bri." her words are meant as reassuring. "Whatever happens will happen. Fretting and not thinking about it well…it's like avoiding it. Ya know?”

"I'm not fretting about it. I just want to get my mind off it and have a good time with my friends instead of thinking about colors or chores or my mother's eventual screams of rage from the stands." Briari says as she heads for the door. "I'm going to swap out the laundry and then pop back over for lunch. "But, I'm thinking a beach party sounds great. I'll bring some instruments and send a letter to a few of my bandmates to see if they wish to join us. Take care, guys!" She calls over her shoulder as she strides out of the kitchen with a smile.

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "I don' really make plans much 's all. Take care o' Morsel, talk to Sunny, spen' time with Ez. Watch th' eggs. Sleep." He's a simple person. He nods as Bri exits, then leans towards Kyra as he plops down a cleaned fruit and murmurs, "Wha' th' scorch is a 'bandmate'?" He straightens, nodding to Chrystyne, "I think tha's 'Glaia's plan, yeah. But it'll be a day or two for those porcines ta cook up nice.”

Kyra bites back the urge to laugh all over again at that question from Daranyl, looking at him with amusement for a second before she answers, "A bandmate's somebody you play music with in a band, I think. I'm not sure we really need a /band/, but hey, whatever makes it fun for people." She nods her head over to Chrystyne as well, looking mildly thoughtful, "Not sure about that. I think it was yesterday that they started it? We'll have to ask her. It'll be good if we don't need to worry about food." She seems to find something about Briari's exit worthy of contemplation, however, as she quiets up for a little while, scrubbing through the last pieces of fruit so she can bring the tub over to the cutting table, "No point in avoiding it, really, or worrying about what other people will think of what happens. I guess not everybody can swing that kind of relaxed attitude, though, yeah?" She's not sure her mom cares what she Impresses. At least she knows for sure she'll be at the Hatching, if only for the obvious reasons.

Chrystyne obtains the washed fruit and sets about slowly cutting them into edible slices and bites. She's gotta be slow or otherwise they come out mangled looking. "My parents aren't too keen on the whole thing to be honest but at least they realize they can't stop what happens." a bit of fruit is popped into her mouth. Gotta enjoy her own labors. "Days to cook. Hope that meats good!"

Daranyl blinks slowly, then coughs, "Ah… wha's a band?" Is this something he's just missed in his messed up life, "or does she mean it th' way I'm used ta hearin' it? B'cause I don' see th' bands I've known playin' music." He rolls his shoulders again, ignoring Morsel's quiet protests, "I've got my worries, but I can' change it none. I'm pretty zen on th' whole thing. See wha' happens, figger life out from there. Not like my family will be there other'n Ez, anyway." Or at least he hopes not. That would be bad. "Why doesn' yer family want ya ta impress?”

Kyra helps herself to a small bit of redfruit, taking a cue from Chrystyne and scooting herself up onto an empty bit of counter. She's not helping cut just yet, if only because finishing in here would mean going to find a new chore to do. She licks juice off her thumb and looks between the pair of them only to look vaguely amused again, "Jeez, I can feel the good cheer piling up in here. It looks like I got pretty lucky on the whole… familial turnout business." There comes a sudden sharp call from the other room, however, and she stiffens up and hops off the counter, "Crap. I forgot we were supposed to do vegetables next. Bleh." She tosses what's left of her redfruit over to Daranyl with a grin for him to finish, clapping him lightly on the arm on her way by, "A band's a bunch of people who play music together. You really need to meet a harper, Dar. Bye, Chrys! Good luck! Dar, put them knifing hands to good use, eh?" A wink and she's gone to pull more stuff off other stuff - for the sake of the WEYR!

Chrystyne casts an amused glance towards Kyra at her comment before she replies to Daranyl. "Why so I can return home and be proper. Of course." her eyes twinkle brightly though as clearly this child isn't quite the image of proper. "No matter though. I'm really not all upset at them for their thinking. Just the way they was brought up." says the rebellious teen. "Vegetables!" which means more cutting for Chrystyne. Her wail of dispair at the impending veggies distracts her enough that the knife slips right into her thumb instead of the fruit she was supposed to be cutting. Extra juice with that fruit?! "Shards." exclaims the former guard as she stands. "Right to the infirmary to get that washed and bandaged!" calls out the head cook who has since returned to the kitchen from other duties. "See ya…" Chrys tosses over her shoulder as she hurries out soon after Kyra's departure.

"I though' harpers jus' played in sets 'n' changed up 'n' such?" Poor Daranyl, he doesn't speak society well still. Chrystyne's explanation earns a snort, "They shoul' be happy ya have th' opportunity. Never know when dragons migh' be needed again. Fruits cleaned and ladies working, Daran turns his attention back to the dishes, shooting a quick, "Always do!" after Kyra.

After finishing another round of laundry, Briari makes her way back into the kitchen, then furrows her brows as it appears both Kyra and Chrystyne have left. "Huh." She rubs the back of her neck as she looks over to Daranyl. "Well, is there anything I can help you out with?”

"If'n ya wanna dry, it'll speed the process up nicely." Daranyl nods towards the rinse basin where the already-washed dishes are awaiting their next step, "Is th' hatchin' really makin' ya all tha' nervous?”

"No, I'm not nervous. I don't know what I feel. I'm just trying not to get too anxious or excited. I don't want to beat myself up again." Briari gives a swing of her arms upwards in a shrug before she heads over to start drying the dishes. "Last time around at Xanadu I was overconfident, stars in my eyes, strutting around like a puffed up bird, then when reality hit, it took all the air out of me. So, this time, I'm just trying to not get worked up over it.”

Daranyl shrugs, moving another plate to the rinse bin, "I can unnerstan' not wantin' ta getcher hopes up, bu'… ya can' let it getcha down, either, or you'll be stuck 'n' miserable. Ya can'…" He pauses. Words are hard. "Ya can' let it ruin yer life. Ya've got stuff ta live fer either way.”

There is a bit of a snort from the Harper. "Hardly. My mother raised me since birth to be the perfect little gold rider, just like her. To be a Harper, just like her. She ran my brother and I into the ground from day one. Up every day early, work out, do chores, scrub the dragons, learn how to make and repair straps, learn how to cook, learn how to fight, learn how to fight thread. At first it was fun, when you're a kid. I saw it as a game and I wanted to make my parents proud. Then after my brother ran away and told me that mom was crazy that it started to sink in. Her mood swings, her demands, her screaming." Briari lifts up a hand and rubs it across her eyes. "Then when my brother impressed, I thought it'd get better, but then there was even more pressure. She doubled my workload. Demanding that I be /better/, to be /perfect/." Her voice cracks. "Then, I thought the stars aligned. I got searched for my own brother's clutch. My mother said it was destiny. My father got sloshed with all his friends. There was a huge party. I was going to be the next Gold rider in the family!" She calls out triumphantly, holding up a dish rag. "Instead.. I got left on the sands. My mother went nuts. I never seen her so angry. She said it was my fault, that I did something wrong, that I didn't connect with the eggs or something. I don't know. It was crazy. Haven't spoken to her since and I'm sure it's for the best. So, I just.. I don't know why I got searched again and I feel even more alone now.. except for Kyra and Chrystyne. I'm so glad they're here. I hope they impress because they deserve it. They should be happy." Her rag works harder at the plate in her hands and she looks to be struggling with her emotions. Lifting a hand up, she rubs at her eyes. "So, I'm just trying to get through each day, get this over with."
r hands and she looks to be struggling with her emotions. Lifting a hand up, she rubs at her eyes. "So, I'm just trying to get through each day, get this over with."

"Leas' you've got a mum." Daran shifts another dish to the rinse basin as if he didn't just say something pretty revealing about himself, "So yer mum sucks. Ya wouldn've gotten search if'n ya didn' have potential, doesn' mean tha' yer dragon's there, yeah? Maybe it it's not in this clutch, or th' nex', but ya weren' searched on a whim. Once ye've got a white knot on, everyone's got an equal chance." At least that's what they keep telling him. "Either way, though, stop trying ta be yer mum. 'S stupid. Yer not her, crazy or no, yer you, yeah?”

"I'm -not- trying to be like my mother. Not anymore. Reality has set in. She's crazy and I get it." Briari says as she puts the dry dishes into a cupboard, then heads back for more. "So, at this point, I'm just going to do my best to get through each day and if the dragons find me worthy then one will pick me. Until then, I'm not going to have unrealistic expectations. If I do get picked, it will be the happiest day of my life. Despite my mother, I do want to be a rider, if anything so I can be useful to society and to find my best friend and to know that no matter what, I will always have someone that loves me for me and I can give them that love in return.”

Sundari is wander on into the kitchen, carrying Sarina with her, the girl is setled upon the riders hip and is shaking a toy around in her hand and looking rather happy, compard to her being six about a week ago mommy won't complain. "We're see about finding you a cookie.." For cookies are great! Sunny's gaze drifts over the room, catching sight of Daranyl, and Briari and is slipping on thata way. "Hey guys." She offers with a smile seen, Sarina offering a babble of a greeting as well.

"You… know you can have tha' withou' a dragon, righ'?" Daranyl's shocked enough that he steps back from his work to turn to face Bri properly, so he can really see her, "Soun's ta me like yer idolizin' somethin' ya wan' based on wha' others've said 'n' it'll only make ya more'n'more miserable if'n ya don' impress 'n' risk let down if'n ya do." He pauses when Sundari enters, turning back to his chore, then looking back when Sarina babbles her hello, "Hey, Li'l bit. Workin' yer mom too hard again?”

"Hi." Briari says over to Sundari as she enters, continuing to dry the dishes and put them away rather mechanically. The child she recognizes from nanny duties and she gives a wiggle of her fingers towards her before she heads back to the basin. It seems that the current topic just got dropped like a stone in the ocean.

Sundari glances to Briari as she conversation seems to have stopped, though she did hear the part from Daranyl which makes her wonder what is going on. Sarina giggles a bit and waggles her little rattle of a toy, which is in the shape of a blue dragon at Darina. "Course she is. Wouldn't have it any other way. What you all doing for chores?"

Daranyl blinks at Bri's sudden silence, "Hidin' won' change it, Bri. 'N' it's in ya ta decide whatcha wan' outta yer life." He raises a dish, giving it a decisive scrub, "Dish duty. 'Sgood ta see Li'l Bit terrorizin' ya again. She excited fer her firs' hatching?”

Thunking her dish down on the counter, Briari shoots Daranyl a heated glare. "I have laundry duty. I was just trying to help out between loads." She replies to Sundari. Plucking up antoher dish, she wipes it off, stacks it on the other, then continues to repeat her motions one after the other in a methodical manner. "You have a really behaved baby, she's always a pleasure when I'm on sitting duties.”

Sundari glances over to Briari, catching the hunking and the glare sent to Daranyl, which makes her pause a moment pondering before she is left smirking. "His right by the way.. Hiding won't help, neither getting mad at people when they are trying to help you." She points out with a slight shake of her head. "Thanks.. That's all from Daranyl watching her I think." This said while she grins back to Daranyl, Sarina giggles a bit, when she isn't sick she honestly is a good baby. "I think so, she keeps pointing at the eggs when we go to see them, I think cause of there colors that catch her attention.”

Daranyl rolls his eyes at Bri's outburst, shaking his head as he turns to scrub at the next dish in the seemingly interminable pile, "Now yer jus' being too sweet ta me, Sunny. You 'n' 'Rorn see her more'n I do. Which eggs does she like th' bes’?"

"Well, the dishes are dry. I'll go back to my laundry. I'm sure there is another load waiting for me." Briari calls over with a big, broad smile on her face as she lifts a hand up, then starts for the door. "Have a good day!" She calls over her shoulder as she hums a bit in her throat, tucking her dish rag in her back pocket as she goes.

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