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Winter - Month 6 of Turn 2715
Monaco Bay Weyr - Common Caverns
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Monaco Bay Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

It is Mid morning at Monaco Bay Weyr which probably makes it about dinner time at Halfmoon bay. One of the newest arrived candidates is spending her first full day as a candidate with her day off. That day off being spent as oft she spent her days at Half moon, studying. A healer manual is set beside her notebook as she studies over a late breakfast. Her wild curly hair is contained in a poof of a runner's tail and she is dressed in casual tunic and long shorts, the main addition being a candidates knot on one shoulder. She has been a bit shy since her arrival, still getting used to the change of scenary and timezone.

And yet again, S'van finds himself in Monaco Bay rather than Half Moon. And skipping dinner to do it, it seems! But perhaps there is a method to this meal-missing-madness, as he is moving with some amount of purpose from the clearing into the cavern. He's ditched his jacket (with knot and wing patch) and there are no identifyers on his navy blue shirt to suggest that he is anything other than a local dragonrider. He even moves as if he own the place; long, ground-eating strides across stone caverns, between tables and around people, as if he knew exactly where he was going. And he does, to some degree, know where he's headed. Grey eyes skim the crowd, but he's only half expecting to find Kelani there if his mildly surprised expression is anything to judge by. Not that it remains surprised for long, as very quickly he's grinning in delight and altering his path to take him toward that studious Healer-lass. And *fwump*, right into the chair as if he owns that, too; sprawling limbs and relaxed demeanor, easy grin and dancing eyes. "Hey," and he reaches out to poke at her manual. "Shouldn't you be doing something else with your time, candidate?" and hello to you, too.

Kelani occasionally picks at her food as she makes notes, no doubt its all cold by now. The breakfast rush long past. The approach of the rider is unnoticed until he is suddenly there in the chair next to her and she jumps in surprise, dropping her pencil on the ground. She turns to look who interupted her study and the alarm is replaced with a smile, "You came!" She says with relief in her voice and shifts in her seat to face him. "Oh I have a day off on the roster…I don't want to get too far behind in my studies." She explains of her current activity. No doubt the day off meant as much for getting used to the weyr and its people this first day, but of course Kelani would take it for this purpose. "How are you doing Rider? Sir." She says adding the last with a little quirk of a smile.

"I said I would," teases S'van, grinning wide at the surprise his appearance has generated. The sprawling bronzerider straightens briefly, enough to bend at the waist and lean over to snag that fallen pencil. Pinched between index finger and thumb, it's placed carefully back on the table beside the manual. The release of the writing implement is used to snag something off of her plate, drawn back to be munched on despite being cold and ignored. It's still food, so he'll eat it. "You've got free time in the evenings," he notes. "That's not enough time to study?" It's half question and half playful teasing, comment tossed out just before he takes another bite of whatever he's stolen from her. Those mischievous eyes wrinkle at the corners, and he grimaces at the 'rider' and 'sir'. "Ugh, that makes me feel old," he declares, as though surprised to feel this way. "Wow. OK, new rule; no titles and no 'sir'-ing me." But in answer to her question, "I'm good. Though I'm starting to feel like I spend more time here than I do at home. You know this is my third trip in a sevenday?" and he wags that stolen bit of food in her direction for emphasis. "And then you go and get stolen away in the blink of an eye. How'd that happen?"

"Yes you did, thank you coming." Kelani responds with a smile and does not even fuss as he steals from her plate. "Well yeah, but well…I want to make use of every opportunity." She says with a shrug of shoulders. His response to her sir'ing gets a grin, "Well I have to make sure I be all proper with riders now apparently and they all have much the same response..Its an odd rule." She says with a laugh as she closes her notebook and study guide. "Well I was outside the infirmary with the other junior healers and apprentices working on bottling up numbweed and other noxious ointments and this dragon came down and nearly ruined a whole batch sticking her muzzle in one." Yep, she looks a bit horrified by that! "So I ran up to her with some yarrow ointment to distract her from the numbweed and she decided I needed to move here to make stinky things for her and my fellow healers wouldn't let me say no."

S'van definitely makes a face for that. Clearly, he is not a free-time-study-person. But there are no more arguments for it; just the crunching of stolen food and a nod for the oddity of candidate rules. "Suppose it's because you're representing the Weyr and they don't want any sort of political blow-back?" maybe? "Most of the riders I met as a candidate didn't care either," he remembers, though there's a wicked grin when he adds, "Except Jae. Though I think that was just an excuse to dish out undesirable chores to smart-ass candidates." Himself included, no doubt. He polishes off his first stolen morsel and, since there was no negative consequences the first time, will just help himself to another bite. Crunch-crunch, chew-chew. He listens curiously to the explanation of her Search, snorting in amusement. "That would've been interesting; green with her nose numbed up." And then laughter for the conclusion, a wide grin and true amusement. "Nice. Dragons are weird," says the dragonrider. "Healers too, for that matter. But you know… if you really don't wanna be a candidate you can change your mind," he notes. "And I'd take you home, no questions asked. If you wanted to go." That's definitely a question, and not-so-subtle inquiry into how she really feels about that white-knot on her shoulder.

"Yeah. I mean we have much the same rules when dealing with superiors in the crafts or if representing the craft. So its nothing overly new." Kelani responds with a shrug and grabs a bite from her plate before it all disapears into the bronzerider. She smirks at the comment of Jae, "That I can believe." There is a smile to soften the comment. "Yeah, I don't know what would have happened if she had gotten all numbed up…I suppose I should ask a dragonhealer. It was just a lot of work we would have had to throw away for contamination more than anything." The last words though draw a note of quiet from the young woman and she takes a breath to look around at her surroundings. No quick denial or acceptance of the offer. Finally there is a shake of her head, "I will give it a try. I won't touch the eggs until I am settled for sure though. I mean…I have watched your group through candidacy and weyrlinghood and saw the relationships change and grow between each other and your dragons. There were times I was envious to be sure..I suppose part of it is the strange weyr and strangers here." She extends a hand to him, "But knowing I can call on you if its too much helps a lot."

"Ah yeah," agrees S'van after a moment, grimacing. "Dragon snot in a tub of numbweed. I'd definitely call that contaminated." He crunches away on stolen snacks, affecting an air of casual relaxation as he drapes his free arm back over the chair he's lounging in. But his eyes are sharply focused, head tilted just enough to indicate he's paying attention to the healer at his table and how she might be answering that inquiry. His chewing slows and, after he swallows the bite in his mouth, he doesn't immediately take another. "Alright," is the answer to her verdict, and he nods his head in a show of acceptance. Of his own candidacy he just grins, though there's an undercurrent of seriousness that defies the natural ease with which he smiles. "You did," he acknowledges. "And you can," he agrees. "And I'd take you home without another question. I wouldn't change a thing about my candidacy, and of course I'd never give up Aede. But you ought to know what you're getting into before you commit to it. And I think you do…" shrug. "And if you don't, I'm happy to tell ya. I know Baylee… I think she was a bit shocked and disgruntled to discover the things they don't tell you in candidacy — like about Flights — once it was too late to go back. She'd already Impressed."

Kelani laughs at the snot comment, "Indeed. It was worth sacrificing a jar of yarrowroot tincture to save everything else." She looks at him thoughtfully as he considers her response and lets out a breath when he speaks again. "Yeah, I think being a party to some of those conversations at least means I will have less surprises then most hall and hold bred candidates. I suppose there is are things that are harder to explain until you impress and have a dragon in your mind. I only have the barest hint of it no doubt impressing the firelizard." She can't help but smile at the mention of Baylee, "Yep…I suppose I will need to think about how I want to deal with that…its just biology really." She says with a shrug before straightening up. "I should get on to the infirmary. I wanted to see if I can spend my off days working here. Thank you so much for coming S'van. It means a lot and I don't expect you to write too much." She says with a grin as she leans over to give him a quick hug before she starts to collect her books.

"Mm," follows her comment on 'biology', and there's definitely a light to those grey eyes. Dangerous, that look. Mischief and amusement and all sorts of sordid things. But S'van just nods, and offers a cheerful, "I'm happy to share what I know, of Impression at least. Everyone's is different, though." That she's going to spend her free time working has him giving her a look of disgruntled amusement, a quick, "You would," murmured affectionately as she begins gathering her things. "I'll try to visit again, but it may be difficult," he notes with a touch of apology. "And you can write me all you want. Just… don't expect much in the way of a reply." But that hug at least, is returned with warmth. "Bye Kelani," he murmurs. He'll follow her with his gaze as she leaves, hand reaching for her abandoned plate once she's slipped out of view.

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