Not All Attention Is Good (Incomplete)

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern

It's the middle of the evening, not quite early enough for the night to be considered incredibly young but also not old enough for it to be considered ridiculous for people to be out and about. As it is there are plenty of people roaming about the recreation cavern, taking part in activities ranging all the way from drinking to gambling. Among the crowd is one Naris, although she might look a bit odd tonight. She isn't wearing her normal working clothes and her hair is not pulled up like it normally is. Instead her long black hair has been leg down, although it is still well-combed and far from wild, and she wears a simple dress. Nothing fancy, just a light blue sundress, but still, Naris is in a /dress/. Not that she looks happy, excited, or at all like someone that is out to party. Instead she looks distinctly uncomfortable, standing near the bar and leaning against a wall, grinning and pretending to listen as a brown haired, handsome but distinctly unintelligent boy rambles on about one guarding venture or another. Every now and then her gaze wanders away from him, scanning the room and narrowing whenever she sees something that might be considered poor behavior. Yet she does not do anything about it and that fact that she isn't doing anything causes brief bursts of annoyance to cross her face.

Zi'on makes his way into the rec cavern, looking mostly like himself. His hair is still "long" for him, which means he's got more than just a buzz cut. He's scruffy, as he usually is. The bronzer heads to the bar first to get himself a glass of whiskey, then looks around for a game to possibly join up. And that's when he spots Naris, queen of annoyance. And just to make her life a little worse, he moves in and stands
You know, it isn't too often that Naris finds herself happy to see Zi'on. But there he is, Weyrleader extraordinaire, making his way in and rudely interrupting her date. She casts him a slightly annoyed look when he asks her the time. Yet at the moment she isn't sure if she's happy to see him or not. On one hand the man she's talking to isn't exactly compelling, but on the other it's her feeble attempt to get a social life and she isn't sure she wants it to be crushed. But before she can say anything the man she was talking to jumps in, telling the Weyrleader, "ay, man, Nara doesn't have time for you're… time. Can't you see she's talking to me?" Of course this only makes her bristle and a look of annoyance to cross her face for a moment. But she doesn't act on it, instead stating in a cool voice, "it's /Naris/, Jarinad, and I can make my own decisions." With that she looks to Zi'on, ignoring the blank and slightly peeved look from her date, and replied, "I believe it's a quarter candlemark past nine."

Zi'on really is just there to annoy Naris. The other man just happens to be in the way, date or not. The Weyrleader isn't subjected to such trivialities. Weyrfolk ought to be grateful to even speak with him. Especially weyrfolk for whose paycheck he is directly responsible. Like the guards, for instance. Of course, the man's dismissal sets the Weyrleader's teeth on edge, and his eyes narrow. An arm crosses in front of Naris to the wall as Zi'on turns towards the man. "That's -sir- to you. Perhaps you ought to spend some time in the jail to teach you some manners." Then he turns to Naris and smiles. "Thanks." Then he goes back to scouting for a table to join.

Suddenly there's a Zi'on arm in front of her face. Oh, the Weyrleader came to annoy Naris and he certainly succeeded. The annoyance on her face continues to grow as Jarinad eyes the Weyrleader and she comes to realize that he doesn't seem to realize who he is. At the bronzer's words her eyes widen, wondering if he's really about to throw him into the jail. However, before the ignoramus that she has been trying to socialize with can say anything he thanks her and goes back to looking for something. As he does that her date looks at her with an enraged expression and asks, "who does he think he is!? Calling himself a /sir/. He's not even that fancy!" And in that moment Naris finds herself with the incredible urge to ram her head into a wall. Her voice is a choked deadpan as she responds, "the /Weyrleader/, he's the Weyrleader." A confused look crosses Jarinad's face before he asks, "of what Weyr? Igen?" And that is it. That is all the stupid Naris can handle for the night. Oh, she had tried to ignore it before, she had tried /so hard/, but then Zi'on comes along and bring it out in him. With a comment of, "nope," she turns around, leaving her date gaping in confusion, and strides over to the Weyrleader. A small sigh leaves her as she asks, "why? Just… why?"

It would certainly be his prerogative to throw him into the jail overnight. Of course being thrown into the jail would likely end his career as a guard. Or whatever he was trying to be. Zi'on though isn't that cruel. Just because he was oblivious doesn't mean he necessarily deserves to be canned. Just that he wouldn't be entrusting his life to someone like that. Someone who was able to miss the giant knot on his shoulder. He stands close enough to overhear, but far enough away that Naris can escape the man by walking off. He looks down at Naris when she questions him. "Hm? Something the matter?"

At the Weyrleader's question Naris sends him an exasperated look, one that says she thinks he knows /exactly/ what's the matter. Really, walk in, interrupt, annoy her, and then pretend that you don''t know what's the matter. Some part of her can't help but feel like he's doing this to annoy her further, and this shows through how she taps her foot slightly. "Oh," she begins, "you know. Just that you interrupted my date with a question that you could have asked /literally anyone/ in this room for no apparent reason whatsoever." Back near the wall Jarinad seems to have realized that this man is, indeed, the Weyrleader of Western Weyr and looks torn between staying right where he is and walking over to them. Not that Naris notices, she's too busy giving Zi'on her patented glare of annoyance to do that.
Zi'on blinks at Naris. "You? A date?" He laughs. "With -him-?" He laughs harder. "Sorry. But you can do better than him. Anyways, I'm done. So feel free to go back to your date." He shoos her along. Or at least makes the motion of doing so. Then he takes a long sip of his drink. "Was this place his idea, or yours?" He peers at her then. "I always thought you weren't interested in men, honestly. I figured you were more interested in other women."

He laughs. He /laughs/ at the idea of her on a date and in that moment Naris can't help but feel rather offended. Sure, she doesn't really seem like the dating type but… she can do it! Or at the very least she can /try/. The part about her being able to do better than him might be a compliment though, but she isn't completely sure. After all, this /is/ Zi'on that she's talking to. However, it's the comment about her sexuality that really gets her. Naris' jaw drops open, but before she can say anything Jarinad, who had apparently been listening in, pipes up, "woah… you do it with others chicks? Man, I'd dig watching that. Are you with that Liora girl? That'd be fun to see, she'd certainly make up for how pale and scrawny you are." At his words Naris narrows her eyes and finds herself clenching a fish, a look of anger flashing across her fact. For a moment she looks like she might turn around and sock him on the jaw, but in the end she sucks a breath in through clenched teeth and ignores him. She speaks like that comment was never made as she states, "honestly, the idea that I might be interested isn't /that/ outlandish. And yes, Zi'on, I am interested in /men/, not women. Where did you even get that idea, anyway?" There's a pause before she adds in a lower voice, "his idea." She can't completely hide the note of distaste in her voice at this. /Naris/ had wanted to see if they could look at old records.

Yep, he laughs. Zi'on is rude. Doubly so to Naris, since she's so easy to get a rise out of. He doesn't doubt that she -can-. He's more shocked that she -would-. The part about her being able to do better is a compliment. Zi'on frowns at the interjection of Naris' date. "No? Well, that's just the impression I got. Sorry. Are you sure you're not interested in the ladies? There are plenty of girls around who you could give it a try with." He winks at her. Then nods. Looking at old records sounds horribly boring for a date. "So are you done with what's his face then? Wanna play a game? We might could get a new game going."

By now Naris really should understand just how rude Zi'on is, she just happens to forget every now and then. But then something like /this/ happens and it all comes bouncing back. Naris is actually surprised that she would as well, but hey. Peer pressure, it gets to you. At his comment on there being plenty of girls for her to try with she gives a dry chuckle before commenting in a sarcastic voice(for yes, believe it or not Naris /can/ use sarcasm at times), "well, I seem to have a special sort of bond with Sundari and Liora." She then shakes she head before saying in a non-sarcastic voice, "yeah, Zi'on, I'm pretty sure." Then there's a shrug before she replies, "and yeah, guess I'm done with what's-his-face, now that you oh so brutally tore the mask of someone that might not be a /complete/ idiot I have carefully given him off. So yeah, I'm game." Oh dear, /I'm game/. Naris is using something slightly resembling slang and manages to sound a tad awkward doing it. Or maybe completely awkward. She likes to think that it's only a tad.

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