Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Taeski is quickly becoming addicted to all things of the arts at the Weyr. When he's not drawing, he's finding other mediums to work with, likely why he can be found in this instance with flecks of color splashed into the monochrome of his regular attire. More specifically, there's paint on his face. Not a lot of course, but enough that a few bright colors have gotten streaks in across a cheek and even his shoulder. And is that a pawprint in blue on his tunic? There's a slight frown on his face as he peels off the loose garment, tossing it aside in the steaming bathing cavern without a care to where it lands. Maybe if it drops in the water some of that paint will come out. Finding a place to look at his reflection, he works a cloth into a smear of yellow on his skin, trying to rub it out while standing there in just his pants, feet bare on the stone floor.

With only heavy footfalls and the creak of leather heralding his entrance, J’en appears with a towel tossed over one shoulder, sans riding jacket. He pauses just within the doorway and lashes lower as he takes in the half naked form of a young man. He may or may not recognize that back of that particular head or the shape of that particular bottom even if he’d only had the pleasure just the once and briefly at that. A chin thrust upwards and he turns to a bench opposite, dropping his towel upon it before he pulls his tanktop off. Next the pants, which he has to wriggle himself out of after removal of his boots and socks. There are no underpants to speak of, which really shouldn’t be surprising. He strides right past Taeski wearing nothing more than his birthday suit and jewelry. There are tattoos of course, the half sleeve on his left arm and the dragonscape along his right side, and the piercings. The one on his bottom lip, one each in his earlobes and another that he doesn’t bother to be the least bit embarrassed by, elsewhere. Ahem. Wordlessly he slips into a small pool towards the back, suited for two or perhaps three if you were into being very intimate with the company. He sinks down beneath the surface, golden eyes disappearing behind their lids as the water level covers him completely up just above his lips.

Taeski isn't having a lot of luck with the paint removal process. The cloth alone just isn't doing much for him. There's a sigh then, and a moment of stillness as he hears another person nearby. He turns his head only slightly, watching as J'en moves by with a wary sort of curiosity, although he turns after a moment to openly take in the number of piercings and the artwork across his skin. His head cants sideways, hair falling across a paint-smeared cheek a moment before he unclasps his own belt, tugging off his pants easily. He's slenderly built, but there are a number of scars that a regular teenager probably shouldn't have managed to get in life. Ones that seem jagged, or knife-like in different places on his torso. He doesn't seem to mind though, simply walking over to drop into the water that J'en occupies, settling there with a rather open and interested stare. "How does it feel to be drawn on in needles?"

Admittedly, Jae doesn’t notice the scars or the unveiling of them either because as soon as he had gotten a good long look and figured out who the late night cavern dweller was, he apparently had lost all interest. Though it was rather impossible to miss the fact that the small bathing pool was suddenly doubly occupied with the addition of a second body which forces the water level upward by displacement. That, and he probably heard it. By the time his eyes open, he looks over at the boy who was yet again, invading his private spaces. A sort of half-suffering look appears on the portion of the weyrling’s face not covered before he disappears completely below. He does reappear of course, but only after saturating the hair atop his head. He’s standing soon thereafter, but the water just manages to keep things on the PG-13 side of decent. “Uncomfortable.” he replies shortly, that growling note to his tenor still there, but perhaps it just the way he speaks. He reaches over to grab a handful of soapsand, and begins to work it into his hair with strong fingers.

If he's not wanted there, Taeski doesn't seem to care. It would appear the teen is far too interested to care about a silly thing like personal space. In fact there's a bit of closer inspection going on, taking a look at what he can see of the sleeve work on J'en's arm. "Interesting. Only uncomfortable?" His lips curve upward just slightly at that. There might be artwork peppering his own body eventually if that is the case. Fingers briefly reach, then pause, just like they had with the axe. Touching people without their permission is likely frowned upon, after all. Thus he retreats again, this time to get soapsand to work at scrubbing the paint from his cheek. At least that seems to be working, despite rubbing the area a bit red and raw with the effort.

What J’en wanted perhaps even his closest friend didn’t know, and he’d know him far longer than most around him these days. “Depends on your pain tolerance.” Considering the location of one of those body decorations, his must be fairly high. He pauses though in mid-scrub as he’s apparently closely inspected, a brow arching upwards when those delicate little fingers begin to reach out and then relaxes back into place when the touch retreats instead of makes contact. “Once the outline is done, the worst is over. That’s when it goes from pain to uncomfortable.” Might as well give the kid the whole story, lest he be hunted down and stabbed later or something for lying, “Turpentine for oil paint.” he suggests, leaving his scalp to tingle and be foamy while he moves on to scrubbing at his arms and then his chest with another handful of soapsand.

"Pain doesn't mean much." He's rather matter of fact about that point, as if pain were simply another tunic that might be thrown on the floor. Taeski does pause though at the mention of something to get the paint off with, although the fact that it isn't water, or soapsand, or some other concoction there in the bathing cavern has the teen huffing out a bit of frustration. "Stupid feline.." That's what happens when animals get into the paint, apparently. He sighs though, giving up on tearing his face off by scrubbing in order to sink down in the water a little. There is, after all, something to be enjoyed about the hot water and steam. "Thank you, I suppose. For the information." One bare hand rubs at his cheek a moment, letting the heat soothe the offended skin.

J’en pauses in his cleansing routine when Taeski replies, chn lifting upwards just a bit as he silently appraises the younger boy. That particular statement did indeed sound awfully familiar, “Pain dun hurt, huh?” he tacts on words that had fallen from his lips he couldn’t even remember how many times, as his lashes lower again. He has no comment for mention of felines though, giving the pool’s other occupant a simple nod for the thanks. Still, now he was having a hard time looking anywhere but at Taeski for some reason, and the way he was observing was different than it ever had been before. It was almost, calculating, as if the wheels in his head were turning at a brisk pace in order to come to some sort of conclusion or decision. He does slowly go back to scrubbing, but he was clearly now very distracted.

"Oh, pain hurts.." Taeski's head tilts, steely grey eyes landing on J'en again with a faint smile twisting his lips upward. "It just doesn't mean much. A prick of a needle will cut far less than a knife sliding through flesh, but in the end a needle can be just as deadly." That smile remains, even if the teenager himself looks a tad distant. "So it's all the same." Is it a surprise that the boy who draws some relatively morbid things talks about blades and death? Probably not. But he blinks a moment later and seems to refocus on the present, drooping down into the water again, this time to wet his own hair. Fingers scrub through it a bit once he surfaces again, pushing the longer bits away from his face.

Whatever spell was woven to keep Jae’s attention on Taeski is broken, but only when the boy disappears beneath the water to rinse off. It gives the weyrling enough time to softly swear under his breath as he rolls his eyes towards the ceiling if only to resolve himself to turn around so that his back is to him when he resurfaces. The water level cuts off just below the cleft of his backside, the scars he bears thin and old by turns. The only reason they are at all visible is because they stand out much paler against the light tan his turns at Half Moon Bay bestowed. There are, dozens of them, everywhere but only someone as close as the other is to him now would ever hope to spot them clearly. Some are thicker some thinner, but others still are uneven and deep. Certainly not knife wounds, but perhaps something with more precision, like a whip or riding crop. J’en has gone back to washing himself, working up a lather down his front and take care of those all important bits while he’s at it.

Alas, Taeski is interested again as his gaze picks up on the thin marks upon J'en's back. Where fingers managed to be kept to himself before, one hand reaches out, this time letting a finger trail one thin line before pulling back again. "Beaten." It's not a question about what happened. It's a simple statement, one that causes a slight twist of irritated malice to wash over his expression. "But not cowed. Good." Whatever conflict might be there in his head, the teenager manages to smooth it away again, calmness settling in as he reaches to gather up a little more soapsand for himself, this time being gentle on his skin with it as he cleans up. "Your skin is an entire map of interesting."

In what thoughts J’en had lost himself in long and deep enough to allow someone he knew was closeby to touch him, his lifemate may only know. The second that an unfamiliar and alien sensation of having one of his scars traced by a stranger’s finger tip at first makes his entire frame stiffen as if he’d been transformed into some oddly warm statue and there is a second’s worth of shiver for the subtly before he whips around and at the same time moves away. Not cowed, no. But there was a fury there and it was leaping up from the smoldering embers to which he usually kept stashed away. Hands are clenched into fists at his sides, their knuckles turning white, but for once in his life he does not lashes out like he has in the past. Golden eyes are burnished and much more resemble the molten metal their description suggests, glaring down at the almost delicate boy before him. His jaw clenches so tight, that the muscles on their strong sides rapidly twitches, and it's probably taking every ounce of his strength not to move from the spot, because that would mean hurting him. Badly. If V’nyk were here, he’d undoubtedly be beaming with pride for this uncharacteristic show of self-control.

The sudden and near violent reaction has Taeski's eyes lighting right up. Perhaps not entirely what was expected, but certainly more interesting than the dull reactions of most people. His own lashes lower over the cold grey of his eyes, and for all his smaller stature he doesn't look one bit afraid of the molten look of J'en. It's not the same oblivious way that V'nyk tends to be though. No, he's looking right at a dangerous animal as if he might just be one himself. "I see why you swing at the trees." An outlet, any outlet, is better than /exploding/, right? Though Taeski's mouth turns into a slow smile, though he tilts his head to the side and down after a moment, a silent concession rather than an outright apology. "I touch without thinking. Hard not to.."

It was a small pool and there wasn’t a whole lot of room for two people as it was and so there was not a whole lot of distance to cross if J’en wanted to make Taeski a permanent resident of the bathing cavern’s decor. Of course, he didn’t know this relatively harmless looking boy from any other stranger he might meet while out and about in the world, but that certainly hadn’t stopped him from analyzing every single movement and gesture that Tae had made from the second that they crossed paths for the first time. Some things, even when hidden, can be gleaned if one knew where to look. Jae might not know the whole story or the depth of the tale, but he’d seen enough to warrant a degree of caution. He doesn’t reply to the implication of his wood chopping being an outlet, at least not verbally. His body betrays him in a single second with the shift of expression from barely contained rage to a flicker of surprise. It’s there and gone, and then the space between them is reduced to nearly zero as he propels himself forward and slaps his palms onto the lip of the pool on either side of Taeski’s head, the water sloshing some with his effort. He leans himself down until he’s practically nose to nose with the younger teen, golden eyes leveling with pale grey. There are subtle sapphire flecks only visible at this distance within. “I dun’t.” he growls low and deep, brows sinking down slowly into a gentle furrow.

There isn't a flinch, not even when water sloshes around him and the sound of hands smacking against stone batters his nearby ears. Taeski barely blinks for it, instead pushing himself to stand a little straighter in the water. There's no way to get closer to J'en's height of course, but practically being nose to nose with the weyrling doesn't seem to serve as any sort of intimidation, either. "But you are thinking about it. Aren't you?" The teen's voice nearly purrs, kept low with the proximity to the older boy. His hands leave the water, one lifting as if to touch Jae's face, although his fingertips stay just beyond actual contact, still moving as if actually stroking his jaw, however.

When Taeski shifts to rise to his feet, J’en adjusts to ensure that they remain nose to nose, fingers curling in against the stone to allow the movement without toppling over and ruining the effect. If it was intimidation that the weyrling was going for, obviously that had failed but there is no indication of it on his face. He remains painstakingly still as the younger boy speaks, not answering the purred question or flinching when those violating hands lift and threaten to once more breach into his precious personal space. In fact, he doesn’t break from the intensity of their eye contact, his own gaze searching, penetrating. Then, he growls again, building up into a single phrase of concession. “I really dun need this shit right now.” A second later he launching himself forward again, but this time with clear intent as he brings his mouth down over Tae’s hard.

For someone who doesn't need this 'shit' right now, J'en is certainly delving further into it. Taeski doesn't complain about it though, instead allowing ghosting hands to latch right onto the weyrling. /Jae/ starting the touching this time, after all, therefore his hands have every right to grip, fingers latching onto the juncture of the taller boy's head and neck. His mouth opens underneath the pressure of J'en's lips, a muffled groan immediately there with a tongue to follow, seeking further entry. There's little doubt that the odd teen isn't a stranger to such actions, not when he uses his proximity to the weyrling to press flush against him.

If Taeski sticks around to get to know J’en, it won’t take long to realize that he wasn’t easy to know. He did and said things almost completely opposite day to day and even second to second. Very few bothered to get beneath it all and down into the turbulent center where the waters got choppy. There is sharp intake of breath for the sensation of touch, his own hands remain on the ledge of the pool behind the younger boy, his head tilting to the side in order for lips to part, and his own tongue to snake within and take his first taste of Tae. There may not be a returned sound of pleasure, but when that pale slender body pressing against his of dragonrider honed muscle it should become very obvious he appreciated the contact. He delves deeply into Taeski’s mouth, taking it, claiming it as his own, at least for now. It’s a long, hard kiss with all the passion and will behind it enough to certainly take someone’s breath away. He does however, pull back after a time and that molten gaze is back but now for an entirely different reason. “Not here.” he murmurs against kiss plumped lips, drawing his teeth across Tae’s lower one just on the cusp of uncomfortable to to being painful.

If Taeski can manage to stay roughly on J'en's good side, maybe he will come to know the bronzeling better. He's a curious creature, after all. There's a long moment however of enjoying what contact there is before there's a sudden gap between them. A breath is taken in that space, the teen's own mind clear enough to know that the baths..well..probably isnt the /best/ place for this sort of behavior. There's a faint laugh however, the sting of teeth pulling him in to seek out another kiss. It's shorter, with the fingertips at the back of J'en's neck digging in ever so slightly when he finally draws back just a little again. "Where?" The idea though of having to put his clothes back /on/ just to take them off again? Not appealing! But running around the Weyr naked was probably frowned upon.

That was certainly a point, now wasn’t it? J’en was volatile and unpredictable at best, and uncontrollable at his worst. This was probably why the weyrling could count his only friends on one hand. “Mah weyr.” he replies without even a pause to consider if this was a very good idea either. He returns that last little kiss before he pulls away completely, dipping himself to rinse the soap out of his hair and then climbs out of the pool entirely. Wet feet slap against the stone and wood that marks the walking places and applies towel to skin before he dresses only so much as necessary to be considered decent. Tank, pants, shoes. His socks are abandoned, and he doesn’t wait for Taeski longer than a few moments of lingering again within the doorway before his booted feet carry him off towards the bowl. Waiting there, would be either a very small gold dragon, or one very large pale colored bronze. Considering that J’en was very much male, that there would be a bronze. The dragon lowers his enormous wedge-shaped head to very gently nuzzle a greeting for his rider, the straps he wears jet black with blood red accents. “No.” he says simply to his lifemate, lovingly caressing over one of the prominent eyeridges up and over a headknob.

“Of course.” While not entirely happy about the distance to a weyr, Taeski isn't about to turn down the offer, either. He lets go when J’en pulls back, getting out of the water himself with a brief and cursory drying. Pants are put back on, feet sliding into his shoes before he heads out after the bronzeling’s, tugging his tunic back on again as he goes. The dragon? He’s given a somewhat wary bit of staring, but at least he's not actually afraid of Leketh. Once he finishes pulling down the tunic though he approaches, giving a tiny nod for the dragon despite averting his eyes again. Things that can poke about in the brain are a bit..unnerving!

There admittedly were guest weyrs and those were far closer and quicker to get to, but this wasn’t a mating flight and just maybe J’en had principles. Heh. Okay, so maybe he just hadn’t thought of it. “Leketh, Taeski…Taeski…Leketh.” he introduces briefly, before slapping the bronze right upside his neck. Not too hard, but much like how one might discipline a child’s rear end. “Stay outta his head.” Leketh was snuffling at the dark hair atop Tae’s head, but the slap and warning make him appear almost affronted as he draws his head back and curls his long neck to peer backwards with rapidly whirling eyes. “Dun care. Ya heard meh.” There is a much more gentle pat given to the right forelimb though and Leketh shifts so that he can turn his paw over to form a sort of platform for them to stand on. Other than climbing, this was the only way up. Jae moves onto it without hesitation, offering a hand out to the rather reluctant looking would-be passenger. Once taken it’s a very short trip up and once they are strapped in, they are airborne.

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