Gold Miraneith and Bronze Glyith's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Miraneith prowls the sands, scuttling in her sideways crabbing gait for a moment or two as she investigates the eggs, eyeing them closely a moment before she thrums out a deep bassy croon of greeting, moving back to her customary perch at the rear of the hatching grounds, her heavy tail thumping the ground as she hums loudly enough to well … make a lot of noise. It's only a moment or two before Enka arrives, toting a 'skin of juice and a couple of glasses with her. "Was goin' to eat," she scolds the dragon, hot-footing it out onto the sands towards her queen. "And this started happenin'. Not even dressed nice for it at all." Oh well, not like anyone's going to be watching her, it's all about the baby dragons.

Experimental Prototype Egg gives a tiny twitch that's barely noticeable. A shiver runs through it that sends sand skittering away from its base. It attempts a rock, though just ends up wobbling drunkenly to one side.

Western Weyr seems to have been caught a little off-guard by the hour, but these things have their own schedule. The dragons are already making the very air throb with their deafening hum. Weyrfolk and visitors, many still chewing food hastily grabbed on the way scurry to settle into their places.

There! Did it move? Just a wiggle? See, there it is again. There's only the slightest little bit of perceptive movement to be glimpsed from The Happiest Place on Pern Egg and it might easily be overlooked. It lies still again, suddenly quiescent and content to make the grand entrance at the right moment.

A'ven arrives, pulling on his boots. "Now? Right now? Oh shells and shards of all the bad timing…." He hurries to get his boots on before the sands get to his feet. "Should have known… where are they?" He looks around.

Enka busies herself with pouring a glassful of juice, pouting a moment at the galleries where many of the watchers are munching on some kind of food. "Oughta have grabbed some of them meatrolls," the goldrider remarks, taking a heathy swig of juice. "Least I got some of this stuff. Keep me from dryin' out waitin' out here." She's made it to Miraneith's side by now, and with some assistance from the queen, moves to perch atop the ungainly gold's curved forearm. "Here they come, A'ven." she smiles slightly at the Weyrleader, nodding towards the arriving candidates. "Want some juice?" She's got an extra glass.

The Only a Legend egg is quick to jump into action. Encouraged by the noise, it rocks, gently at first, but quickly picking up the pace. The movements cause it to tip over onto it's side, and rolls with the rocking motions.

Meo comes out onto the sands, leading the group of candidates. She moves to the side, waving them out onto the sands. "Go go, remember to be respectful, and no touching the hatchlings." She reminds them, and goees to make sure there's no stragglers.

Crack! Experimental Prototype Egg suddenly falls over, a thin crack winding its way through the shell. There's a slight movement from within as whatever is inside shifts positions. It shivers fitfully and sends a rain of tiny shards in its wake before going still once more.

Zsriston repeats Meo's warning. "Yeah, no running." "Miraneith eats rude candidates I heard." He snickers a bit, then makes his way out with the others towards the sands. At least he's keeping his mouth shut once his sandals hit sand. There's a bow to the clutchparents, but no move to get any closer. He files in with the rest of the group, fine with standing in front. He's done this a few times before. "Here they come…"

Lyrifah hurries out in the line, giving a bit of a glance back at Kyrerin as he does so. There's an immediate kick given to the sand, however, lodging a bit of it in the sandal. "Ngh..that's great." He shakes his foot just a little bit as he settles into place, though he does manage a bit of a bow. There's immediate movement towards his friend, however, edging right up next to Kyrerin. "They're /moving/."

A'ven takes the juice gratefully. "Thank you!" "The heat you know…", he says, glad that he doesn't have to explain more than that before he takes a long drink. He looks around with a bit of a critical eye just double checking that none of the now arriving Candidates have anything shiny or distracting on. "Looks like everything is in order.", he says with a sharp and satisfied nod. "Looks like some of them even managed to wash their robes." He winks.

Torian blinks briefly at the sharp contrast of light from the small cave to the larger room. After his eyes adjust he mades a nod toward the egg-parents and makes his way along the edge of teh chamber. Side stepping to ensure that he is not in the line of the now active eggs.

Souvani comes out near the end. She bows respectfully to the clutch parents, then moves to the spot between two other candidates. She steps lively just a bit. The sand is HOT!

The Happiest Place on Pern Egg twitches again, a teeny tiny little wiggle that once again might be overlooked were it not accompanied by a sudden loud cracking, and a bit of the stone-gray patterning along the bottom portion of the shell popping out, and spidery cracks beginning to appear along the rest of it.

Kyrerin makes his way out onto the sand with the sea of white and the second his foot sinks into the sand he trips, catching himself before he ends up a sprawled out mess on the hot sands. The teen looks around sheepishly before falling into his respectful bow. He quickly follows Lyri to wherever his friend has decided to stand. "I wonder how long they take from moving to hatching time." His eyes flicker to different eggs and their twitches. Oooh.

Miraneith hums. See, she's loud! She's also eyeing the arriving candidates closely, but with her rider perched atop her shoulder, there's nothing the mustard-and-ivory queen can do that might hint so much as 'eating' Candidates the way Zsriston seems to have suggested. "No problem," Enka nods again at A'ven as the juice is offered. "It's shardin' hot out here, makes me glad Mir wasn't insistin' I spend too much time with her. Least watchin' from the galleries seems to be all right accordin' to her." The dragon ignores her, concentrating on humming.

Cracks continue to form on the Only a Legend egg, as it rocks, and rolls, the speed picking up as it goes, with the creature inside anxious to get out and see it's new world. The cracks get larger as it bumps into one of it's siblings.

Lyrifah does give Kyrerin a slightly wary look. Maybe he /should/ keep some good distance in there..just in case the other teen does fall in some tangled heap. He shifts nervously though, gripping at the slightly over-large robe on him. "Hope not long.."

Zsriston wiggles a finger at the latest egg to give a little movement. "That one there." He says to no one in particular. "That's a green. I'll bet you half a mark." Of course it's a fair guess that most of them are green since that usually seems to be the way of things. Zsriston stretches out a bit and blinks as one egg goes tumbling. "Whoa there."

There's a sudden POP from the Experimental Prototype Egg as it nearly explodes outwards, the entire thing collapsing in a heap on the sands. Egg goo and shards spill out along with a distinctly purple-hued hatchling. Purple? It could be the light playing tricks, but Figment of the Imagination Blue Hatchling has a distinctly purple cast to his blue hide that can't be denied as he wobbles to his feet.

Figment of the Imagination Blue Hatchling
Tiny and squat, this hatchling is covered in a rich royal blue pigment that borders nearly into purple. Pale tones of grape wind their way around his long curving headknobs and mix in with the blue of his rather stout muzzle. Periwinkle, touched throughout with accents of lilac, spread over the delicate membranes of his undersized wings. A hint of pale lavender-blue coats the tip of his short tail, as well as every one of his surprisingly sharp talons. Despite his awkward and small proportions, he maintains a spark of delight and mischief in every fiber of his being.

Torian finds his position in the soft arc that is the candidates standing position, watching intently as the eggs move and crack, and then as the one bursts open he takes a involuntary step back.

Souvani gasps softly as the egg explodes out and the hatchling tumbles a bit, her hands reaching out as if to catchit..then she shoves her hands behind her back. Didn't touch it!

Meo leans against the wall by the tunnel, now all she can do is wait.

A'ven's eyes swivel to the newly arrived Hatchling. "There we go… this is going to be a good Hatching. Blue first… always a lucky sign."

Nothing set in stone can ever last forever for after all, stones can be shattered and broken, torn down into rubble and reduce to tumbled piles of moss-covered ruins. So too must this bower fall for The Happiest Place on Pern Egg gives one final shudder, and seems to collapse in upon itself, leaving its occupant to slither her way free onto the sands.

Queen of the Bayou Green Hatchling
Slender, lithe and possessed of an elegant sinuousness, the smooth hue of absinthe-green coats her from nose to tail tip, abruptly divided from the herb-toned curve of her paler underbelly. The play of shadows and highlights across her hide adds depth and roundness to her while across her back, glistening bronze-green gleams with a metallic shimmer — rounded ovals in irregular shapes that meander While gracefulness easily lies in the lean, coiled movement of her slim shoulders and haunches, the awkward gawkiness of spindled limbs seems less of a distraction than her wide-cheeked blunt muzzled head. Genetic inheritance seems to left her with a short head, slightly upturned muzzle, and a slightly protrudent eyes. Her wings, rather wide and broad of sail are a mottled mosaic of shamrock chartreuse — most densely patterned along the leading edge before fading off along the trailing edge at the end of her 'sails.

Enka tilts her head, watching the newly hatched blue for a moment. "Thought it was bronze first that was the lucky one," the weyrwoman remarks teasingly. "Not that it really matters," she pauses to take another healthy swig from her glass of juice. "Mir, you've got a fine clutch here, you and Glyith oughta be right proud." Another egg's hatching is noticed. "Oh, that happy one, wasn't it? Lovely green."

Zsriston chuckles a bit and nudges Kyrerin, the unfortunate lad who happens to be beside him. "See? I knew that was a green. I should start betting, I could make a fortune on this sort of thing!" He wrinkles his nose a bit. "She's cute. I guess."

Figment of the Imagination Blue Hatchling gives a tiny squeaking noise and starts to wobble forward from the wreckage of his former home. It doesn't take him long to get the hang of walking - he's soon bouncing with every other step and rustling his tiny wings with excitement. Rapidly he peruses the line of white-robed candidates, giving each one a brief look before moving on with a whuff. But before long he's reached someone who catches his interest - an older mousy-haired boy from the Computer craft named Nigel known for his bookish and shy behavior. Giving another squeak of excitement, the purpley-tinted hatchling noses happily with that squat muzzle of his. There's a soft 'oof!' from the boy as he lands on his rump. "Channith?" he asks, bewildered, as he struggles to his feet, "Of c-course. I'm your N'gel now! We can do anything!" Smiling through his happy tears, Nigel, now N'gel, leads the bouncy Channith away.

Kyrerin gets his answer to his curious question when a blue is the first to hatch. "Blue are lucky? I thought it was bronze?" Not that Kyrer has any idea which color is luck and what is not. His pale eyes flicker between the blue and newly hatched green. "Look at that. She's um.. interesting." Although a little gangly perhaps. He's nudged by Zsriston and he just offers a half-grin. "I have no idea about guessing colors. You seem good at it though!" And then the bue has off and impressed and Kyrerin gives a cheer. N'gel and Channith. Righto.

The Only a Legend egg keeps rocking, keeps moving in an endless motion. It suddenly explodes apart as the hatchling inside bursts his way out of the shell. He gives him self a quick shake to get rid of the sticky egg goo that remained on him, before he lifts his head to look around at his new surroundings.

Fast And Furious Brown Hatchling
Like the hull of a ship that's weathered it's fair share of storms, this sleek brown seems built to weather the storm of whatever might come his way. Long and sleek, this dragon's curves and edges seem built for speed, from the tip of his thin, streamlined snout to the marching line of mahogany-hued ridges down his neck and back. Light but compact, his frame is is covered in deep browns, of slightly greying hues that swirl over his body, with mahgony streaks that spread upward from his dark-taloned feet. Over his shoulder there's a marking that almost looks like the knot of a tree. The mahogany color continues down to the tip of his tail, while in contrast, it slowly fades to a grayer brown as it goes across his broad wingsails.

Queen of the Bayou Green Hatchling steps easily out of the remains of her shell. He offers a sideways glace toward the blue that hatched with her. Interesting. If only she had time to dally. She does not. She turns her head to look at the Candidates coyly.

Lyrifah just shakes his head. Two already? "Oh /is/ fast, huh?" There's certainly more fidgeting though from the boy, before the crying of names is given a rather startled look. "Wow.. Already?" A breath is let out then, steadying himself as he peers over in Zris' direction. "He's right, you're good at that.. Hope you made some bets!"

Relaxing River Egg gives a little quiver; eddies of sand stirred up like ripples across a pond as it shivers and wakes. And then, suddenly, the egg ceases its movement, suddenly silent — as utterly still and calm as an ocean without the wind. It is not ready yet, and shall bide its time.

Souvani looks a little green around her gills, her moving around to her front to press against her stomach as she watches, eyes wide as saucers. Can anyone read lips? She just mouthed the word 'wow'. Talk about front row seat to her first hatching!

Zsriston chuckles a bit. "Bronzes are lucky. If they come first. But I don't think blues are a bad omen or something. I think that's browns maybe." He shrugs a bit. "Been to a lot of hatchings now I guess. Helps if you've touched the eggs sometimes, too. Sometimes you can kinda tell." Not really, but Zsriston will boast about anything. "There's a brown, there."

Torian's eyes grow wide as the dragonetts soon emerge from their shells and get their legs.. watching each in turn hoping, wondering if one will stop before him. He remains quiet, uncertain if even the simplest sound could distrupt the hatching.

Fast And Furious Brown Hatchling does a quick check around, his looking stopping as his gaze lands on the white ribed candidates. Aha! He gives an enthusiastic trumpet, before he's off like a shot, headed right for the nearest group of candidates. He comes to a skidding stop infront of them, kicking up sand as he gets a closer look at them. He snorts, not lingering for long, before he's moving on down the line.

Kyrerin's eyes are following along with the green and brown, switching between the two of them as they make their trek closer and closer to those clad in white. "That brown one…" Is a little scary. But he doesn't dare breath those words, instead he offers Lyri a shaky smile and Zsriston gets a nod. "I'll keep that in mind if I ever have to stand again."

Meo goes to retrive N'gel, and Channith off the sands, and showing them where they can find the bowls of fresh meat to feed the blue with. She returns to the sands, and watches the green, and brown.

A'ven smiles to himself as things get a bit more chaotic on the sands. Candidates seem to be awake out there, now that their jitters have worn off. He says to Enka, "So far so good… no blood." "At least they seem to have their wits." He takes another sip of juice, wishing it was a full skin and not just a glass, but no matter.

Lyrifah leans back just a little as that brown goes..shooting by. There may even be slight step backward, just to make sure no toes get stepped on in the dragon's rush. "At least he's going../that/ way and not right for us?" That might be a bad sign, especially if the brakes on the young thing don't work all that well yet.

Relaxing River Egg shudders alarmingly, a furious patter-patter of movement over the sand, wavelets formed by the very action of its moving. There comes a loud crack then, and a splinter of river-blue shell begins to flake away, jagged lines forming across its surface.

Queen of the Bayou Green Hatchling moves toward the three who are talking in low voices. She seems to be focusing on the females, giving Kyrerin a very close look before moving on to the next face… back and forth, a tilt of the head and a long blink.

Zsriston steps back a bit from the Furious Brown hatchling. The brown isn't running towards him, bit it's just a reflex. "He's gonna bowl someone over! They really should let us wear leather or something to keep the mauling to a minimum. Though I guess it'd be hot." There's a nod to Kyre.

Fast And Furious Brown Hatchling is quick on his feet as he moves, like there's little time to waste in making his decision. But there were so many to choose from, and so far none of them felt right. He stopped at a clump of candidates, and snorted at them as they backed up. No, still not the one, where was he? He's swift in continuing with his search.

Souvani loses the green tint to her skin, only to be replaced with a paleness. She watches the brown move so fast.. and her hands once more shift from stomach to held behind her back.

Enka nods, wiggling the skin of juice at A'ven before she tosses it towards him. "I'm rather glad for that," she remarks. "No maulin', no blood, nobody gettin' all torn up. That's the way Hatchings oughta be. Nice and safe." Miraneith is still humming, although as her eggs begin to hatch, she's looking interest in the ones that are turning into dragonets and making their impressions. "That brown's pretty determined," the Weyrwoman remarks. "Wonder who's gettin' that green"

Kyrerin bobs his head, gulping down a lump that had been forming in his throat. "I know, if he comes this way again, well, I'm going to be running the other way." And then he's getting eyed by the green, and he just stares back, blinking a few times before rising his hand to wiggle a few fingers. "Hi?" Definitely an indecisive green apparently. "You want Lyri, he'd be a good rider." He points at the other candidate. Might as well help if she can't make up her mind. "And leather would be super hot. Although would make me feel a bit less nervous." Especially with the green so sharding close.

A'ven nods. "She's been out a while. Ought to make her choice soon. She sure gave that group there a close look…"

Queen of the Bayou Green Hatchling snaps back around at Kyrerin's comment. Run the other way? Just try! A few more steps she's right back in front of Kyrerin.

Lyrifah does go a bit stiff when that green gets so close. Sure, she's looking at Kyrerin, but that doesn't mean that something /untoward/ couldn't happen. "What the..don't try and fob her off on me, Kyrer!" It's a bit of a harsh whisper, but he does take a few steps to the side, eyes a bit rounded.

Torian shuffles his feet, it is uncertain if it is due to the thin sandels on the hot sands, or the flurry of baby dragons as they flit by where he stands. His face is neutral, odd for such an event, and very odd for him.

Tree of Life Egg rocks suddenly, lashed into movement not by some unseen wind, but by the tempest force of life within the eggshell. It creaks and sways, moving back and forth for a moment or two, and then comes to a stop, a breath gained in respite.

Souvani turns her head to look wide eyed at Ori, then smiles! "Oh wow!" She says out loud, then laughs with joy! She catches sight of a rocking motion out of the corner of her eye, whips her head that way and spots the tree of life egg as it stops moving.

Torian turns his head at Souvani's voice, braking him of his tranced watching of the sands, he offers her a faint smile and nods.. as in unison to her motions he looks off toward the tree of life egg.

The Ominous Darkness egg sits there, like some sort of dark sentenal. Soon enough, however, it starts rocking, not as frantically as some of it's neighbors, but it's there, going back and forth, back and forth, slowly picking up the pace.

Kyrerin wasn't trying to necessarily escape the green, just perhaps find her a better suited mate. That's it. Definitely. He blinks a few times at the unfamiliar voice inside his head with a strange drawl that leaves him blinking several times more. "Maraeth." K'yr finally breaths her name, lifting his feet off the sand to give them a brief reprieve. "I'm not going to burn my feet, honest." He reaches down to touch her head before looks up at Lyri, face beaming with emotion before he heads off towards Meo.

Zsriston blinks as the green heads over for them. He peers at her. At least she seems to be attaching herself to Kyre and not to him. He'll just… sliiiide over this way a little. "Uh… Congrats there, Kyrerin! She's cute."

Meo moves out across the sands toward Kyrerin to meet him hald way. "Congrats Kyrerin, come with me, and we'll get Maraeth fed." She says with a grin, and leads the new paor off the sands.

Lyrifah is a bit..agape at his friend as he's hauled off by the young green. Or maybe he..hauled her off. Either way, there they go, and there does seem to be a large /gap/ there in the candidate line. He quickly moves to fill it, shuffling on over next to Zsriston with an uncertain grin. "And he didn't think one would want him..heh.."

Fast And Furious Brown Hatchling keeps looking, and looking. This was frustrating, it was taking too long! Where was the one he wanted. But then he spots him, yes that one over there. He zips off in his chosens direction. But before he can get there, he stumbled, and falls a couple of feet away. He's scrambles up to his feet, and croons as he approaches Torian. Come on, what are you waiting for?

A'ven's smile gets wider as he laughs and almost chokes on his juice. "Well there, just proves you can't avoid destiny."

Souvani gives a soft cry of alarm as the little brown stumbles, then lifts her hands to cover her mouth in joy as Ori seems to be the one that the baby wants. She holds her breath. Waiting.

Relaxing River Egg is a tempest now, bestirred into a furious storm of movement that indicates the hatchling's demand to free itself. Freedom is sought, the cracks and bits of shell that fall away almost appear to have been eroded by the river itself. And then, it shatters, the shell falling into bits around the blue hatchling within.

The Forgotten Sea Blue Hatchling
Awash in prismatic purity, the coloration of this small hatchling is none other than a pristine aquamarine shade that saturates his hide from the tippy tip of his little nose to the very end of his tail fork. He's a rather plump hatchling — surprisingly so after a long time spent within the shell, rounded at all angles of his limbs and body; tubby sides belling out on either side which gives him a somewhat lopsided appearance. His wings are certainly wide, broad like a child's inflatable raft that one might use in the shallows of the Weyr lagoon on a hot summer's day. Along his hide, little ruffles of white like foamy froth can be seen — tiny wavelets dancing across the oceanic expanse of dragonhide. Everything about him speaks of lazy comfort combined with mellow peacefulness.

Zsriston watches the brown zoom this way and that, before he comes to a stop in front of Torian. There's a bit of a sigh of relief as it seems to have found the candidate it was looking for. At least no one's been bowled over, yet.

Torian instinctivly takes a step forward as the brown does lose its footing and he reaches for it, fully willing to take whatever punishment is fit for his actions. At that very last moment before they touch it would be as if Torian himself lost all strength and falls to a knee in front of the brown as the eyes of the dragonette meet his. Then with a renewed energy, he pushes up off the sand with one large thrust of his legs and embraces the brown's head in his arms.. He looks over to Meo, and asks, "Where can we get some food, Locheth is hungry.. "

CRACK! Like the sharp sound of a breaking branch, a rather substantial portion of the Tree of Life Egg sheers away, propelled to the sand by the renewed rocking movement of the dragonet within.

Meo moves out to Torian's side, and grins. "Congrats Torian, I expect he is, come this way, and we can get Locheth some food." She says, and moves to lead the pair off the sands.

Souvani laughs happily! She even claps for Torian! Then a movement catches her eyes and she looks towards the river egg baby. She gasps, "Oh he's so beautiful." She wispers. Then that CRACK! makes her jump and she jerks her head that way, distracted.

The Forgotten Sea Blue Hatchling oozes free of his shell, a steady wash of egg fluids soaking the sand around him before he gives a little shake, and flutters his already-drying wings. Somewhere out there, is the person for him! He steps forwards, a smooth rolling motion like the rocking of the waves. There! He spots him. A skinny lad who looks like he was plucked right off a Seacrafter boat only a day or two ago. Rumbling determinedly, the blue marches right over to the boy, nearly plowing into a few white-clad bodies in the process like a rogue wave, but righting itself at the last moment and squeezing by. And then he plants himself down, crooning up at the boy. "Hurrikath?" , Haebor — now, H'bor — only peers at the dragon. "Oh, right, food right this way. And I promise, no swimming until an hour after we've eaten."

Zsriston blinks as the blue that had just broken free has found its lifemate already. There's a bit of a jump from Zsriston as the Tree of Life Egg finally cracks. He almost sends himself flying backwards. The Shipton boy peers around. No one saw that.

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg stirs, a faint sound like ancient creaking heard accompanied by a hollow moan as the eggshell grates against the sand beneath it. And then, the egg falls still, silent and waiting.

Lyrifah shakes his head faintly, eyes darting here and there as dragons seem to start finding their partners faster, and faster. There's a bit of a breath though, before he looks at Zsriston, though he speaks only once his eyes are back on the chaos again. "Is it always this quick?"

Tree of Life Egg can't hold on! The tremendous fury of the hatchling entrapped within is just too great. More shards fall with relentless precision, and at last, as if some great tree's roots have been washed clean, the egg topples sideways, splitting neatly in two and spilling out the green dragonet within onto the sands.

Spirit of the Savannah Green Hatchling
Like the lushness of the grasslands after the rain has come and gone, the hunter green hue that defines her hide is vividly bright — the fresh grassy green shade hinting of promise, new life and beauty in bloom. With a delicate head set on a long sloping neck with dainty little neck ridges that slims to gently muscled shoulders and slender sides to lithe haunches before giving way to a long whip-like tail, she embodies elegance and gracefulness. She is sleek, this verdant dragon, well-formed and aware of it, the knowing tilt of head held just so, from whence her dainty headknobs protrude, perfectly formed and proportionate to her head. Her wings are startlingly contrasting to the rest of her; shamrock green dappled with cool forest shadows, interspersed patterns like the sunlight shimmering through leaves onto a grassy verge below.

Souvani missed the impressing of that lovely blue. She'll pout over that later. Right now another hatchling has tumbled out of it's egg. She gasps as the little green comes out, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she looks around, seeking to see the next impression. She absently shifts from one foot to the other to ease the heat on the one.

Zsriston blinks at Lyri. "Uh… sometimes. It kinda gets crazy as they all start hatching but they haven't found lifemates yet so they're all running around at once and there's dragons from all directions and…. yeah." That's the end of that long-winded speech. Distracted by another dragon popping free of its shell.

Power and Parapets Egg gives a tiny hop and a shiver all of a sudden as though it were startled into wakefulness. It shivers in place for a second before falling silent once more.

Lyrifah nods slowly, letting out a faintly sighed breath. "I guess, yeah. Still, I guess they can't all just wait and take it slow or anything. I wouldn't wanna wait to get outta /there/ anyway." Brows lift just a bit at the green popping out of an egg, and then shifts his gaze again to the other eggs still wobbling around.

Spirit of the Savannah Green Hatchling rises slowly, steadily and with a great deal of patience as she finds her feet beneath her, and flicks her wings out, unfurling them for a moment to allow them to begin to dry before she tucks them closely against her side, and gambols forwards with a cheery bound. White-clad shapes are before her, so fun! Somewhere amongst them, she'll find someone to play with.

A'ven catches Zsriston's comment and nods approvingly, remembering that he's been through this before. He blinks against the heat. "I'm really looking forward to the Feast… not very kind of them to choose now to Hatch, with everybody hungry…" He says this last in a low voice.

Zsriston breathes in a deep breath, looking around. Those greens. They're always so.. cute. He nods a bit to Lyri. "Mm. I guess not. They hear their brothers and sisters outside and they all just start popping free and running around."

Enka makes a face, pounting for a moment at the remaining eggs. "I hope they hurry up and get it over with. I didn't even get a chance to sit down and look at food muchless taste it. I caaaan'r wait for the big Feast," the weyrwoman pats Miraneith's shoulder softly. "Love ya, darlin' and you've got very pretty eggs and babies, but I'm dyin' for a decent herdbeast sandwich right now." The newest green is spotted. "Oh, lovely green."

Another long creak echos through the hatching cavern, Ghost Miner's Misery Egg scraping against the sand as the young dragon within seems intent to battle its way free of the confining shell. It's moving rapidly now, shuddering and jerking around before at last, a loud crack can be heard, a bit of gunmetal gray shell breaking off.

Lyrifah grins just a little at that, casting another brief look in Zsris' direction. "Well yeah, after being cramped up in there for so long? Surprised nobody's got cramps." Another crack from an egg has the boy jumping though. "They can't do it quietly, either."

Souvani is so caught up in watching the little hatchlings searching for thier mates she's forgotten to be nervous. She encourages the little green on, "Oh he's nice!" She says, pointing at Lyri.

The Ominous Darkness egg keeps rocking to and fro, to and fro, as the pace picks up, as the monster inside gets more aggrivated with still being trapped in this shell. Cracks are starting to form on the shell as it continues it's movements.

Spirit of the Savannah Green Hatchling skips along the sand, her tail flicking merrily as she traipses along, seeking out her special someone from amongst the assembled candidates. She twines around a tall girl's legs. Hmm. Nope, not her. Or him for that matter. Where oh where is her rider-to-be. Her paws slap against the ground, the green skidding to a stop, and extending her neck. Maybe over there. And so she begins to sidle towards a group of candidates with stealthy intent.

Zsriston nods to Lyri. "Yeah. Though I guess for a lot of it they're really tiny inside. It doesn't get all cramped until the end." Zsriston pulls at his fingers a bit and shifts his weight around in the sand.

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg continues the frenzied dance on the sands, jerking and tumbling about as the hatchling inside increases its efforts. Let it out! And then suddenly explodes with all the force of a mountain top getting blown off, the upper half of the shell suddenly spiraling upwards as the green within all but bounces free onto the sands, a little bit of shell stuck to her tail.

Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Hatchling
While the rich deep gleam of emerald-green decorates her flawless hide in even hue, the sharp angles and planes of her frame add polish to the facet of her being. No soft subtle curves here, not she — even her muzzle has an angled quality to it, trimmed and ridged as it slopes upwards to an angular head. Her cheeks, not curved in feminine softness are rather squared, while the neck ridges that trail down the long chiseled line of her neck are pointy and sharp-looking. Glittery deposits of malachite dust the rough edges of her cheeks, trailing up along towards her eyes, while tendrils of jade and aquamarine can be glimpsed gleaming along her shoulders and again on her flanks. Alluring veins of gold tempt and glimmer; interspersed in various locations across her body — such as the crested ridge of her neckridges or the steep angle of her tail. Her wings — narrow and as angled as the rest of her are polished to a gleaming emerald, scare as dark as the rest of her.

A'ven comments, "That green sure is taking her time… I like that. Important decisions should be made carefully."

Lyrifah blinks just a little bit. Was there /pointing/ at him? He turns a look onto Souvani with a slight frown. "Geez, is everyone gonna try and shove a dragon off on me?" There's a slight sniff, though he does eye the green that's parading about with a certain measure of..wonder. It can't really be helped. But then there's more breaking, and another green spewing out onto the sands. "They just keep comin'.."

Enka chuckles. "Shells yeah, she's lookin' 'em over really carefully. Gotta check and make sure she's got the perfect one or somethin'." Enka can only grin, reaching down to rub at her stomach. "And here I'm sittin' wonderin' when I'm goin' to get a bite to eat." She does reach out a hand, wiggling her fingers at A'ven. "Got any of that juice left. Drinkin' that might help the growlin'." Yeah, that's not Miraneith making that sound.

Souvani goes wide eyed at the beauty of the newst green on the sands. Sure, her sisters and brothers were absolutely lovely, but she's something else. Wow. She bounces a little on her toes and points towards Zsris. Him. Pick him. He's nice! She's so excited for her fellow candidates!

Zsriston laughs at Lyri. "Too bad it doesn't work like that. Otherwise I would have impressed already." And there's… another green! Lots of those. No, don't pick him. No greens! Well, okay maybe a green. If it's the right green.

Spirit of the Savannah Green Hatchling skids to a halt again, the movement of a pointing arm catching her attention and drawing her vision towards a tumbled riot of curly hair. It's a brief glance towards the person that is being pointed at, but her gaze strays back to the girl, and she saunters forwards then. Her choice is made — she'll take the excited female.

Souvani blinks as something brushes her leg. She looks down, still pointing at Zsris and tilts her head. For a moment she looks utterly stunned, then breaks into a bright smile, the brightest yet. She laughs, "You.. are going.. to LOVE it." She tells the little green, emphasizing the words by drawing them out a bit. She finally lowers her arm and kneels to touch the little green's head. There is wonder in the movement.

Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Hatchling rumbles softly as she stands, a rattling little shake given to stretch her muscles and ease out any cramps that might be found. With that satisfied, she too is bounding forwards with an air of eager anticipation. Her clutchsister's choice is noted. What fun that must be, finding a friend amongst those white-robed Candidates. And now it's her turn.

Zsriston has to laugh as Souvani's plan backfires and the green impresses to her instead. Hah! There's some snickering from him. The candidate pool was shrinking, but so was the number of dragons left wandering about.

Souvani looks up and announces, "Zurith is hungry?" Okay, it's more of a question, seeking guidance.

Cracks continue to form on the Ominous Darkness egg, some of them falling to the ground, before the hatchling inside manages to push his way out, with a low snort, and a growl, as he peers around.

Lyrifah rolls his eyes slightly, waving his arm. "See what happens? Try and redirect something and you get it yourself.." He keeps himself settled next to Zsriston though, still looking a tiny bit nervous about the remaining dragon..and eggs still there. His feet shift though, sweaty palms getting rubbed against his robe.

Just Desserts Blue Hatchling
Lithe, and fraile is this blue. Despite his large size, he looks bony, and thin. His hides color doesn't help much, as it's a very pale sky blue, to the point of almost being white. The color darkens to a normal blue coloring as it goes across his wing sails, and down around his talons, and at the tip of his tail.

Meo moves out toward Souvani, and the newly impressed green. "This way Souvani, we'll get Zurith some food." She tells the girl, and goees to lead the pair off the sands.

Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg rocks back and forth, burying itself a little deeper into the sand.

Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Hatchling scampers, her paws flying over the ground in joyful little bounds as the green makes her way around the candidates, looping and darting by a few of them to peer up at their faces and then give a little snort. That's not the one. She's making her way towards a pair of boys now, giving them a closer look.

Blue Horizons Egg gives a sudden jerk, a little movement to show that there is indeed life within. In fact, the dolphin-like shapes upon the shell seem a little more animated now, the egg giving a brisk shiver before it ceases its movement.

Just Desserts Blue Hatchling growls as he peers about, at the world he finds himself in, before he spots the line of candidates. He snorts, and quickly heads for the nearest group of candidates, butting his head into the chest of a mine craft apprentice. "Kastelath! No, wait, we can do that, after we get something to eat." The boy tells the blue, before the pair are led off the sands.

Zsriston snerks a bit. "Someone ought to have told her not to wave her arms around like a wherry, I guess." Then there's another green trampling over to them, and sticking her face in his face. He peers at her a bit. "Hi." He looks around then. Maybe if he doesn't make eye-contact…

Lyrifah snickers a little bit, though his own arm drops all the same. "Guess it's best not to make like a floundering fish, huh?" Still grinning, he does look a little surprised when the other green comes to peer at them, brows lifting just a little bit. "Er.."

Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Hatchling cranes her neck up, eyes searching the face of the first of the two boys. Why, hello yourself. She gives a dainty little sniff, and patter-patters her paws on the ground for a moment. What, does he not want to look at her? Well, fine. She'll find someone else to play with. Time is taken then to scrutinize the second boy. There's something about him … WHY YES! He is what she's looking for. So sparkly and perfect.

Spidery cracks trace their way over the shell of Power and Parapets Egg as it starts to shiver again. It trembles and rocks, as though some massive earthquake were causing it to shake in place. With one final shudder it falls still again to bide its time.

Zsriston peers back over at the green. Is it gone? Oh nos! It's attached itself to Lyri. Zsriston lets out a chortle. "Hah, congrats." Too sparkly, too sparkly! He rubs his hand over the fuzz he calls hair a few times. Yep… another one finds a lifemate and here stands Zsriston.

Lyrifah stands there a moment. And really, that's all he can manage until he reaches to touch at the green so happily prancing around in front of him. "Wh..what? L'ri? Oh, um.. Well I don't think I am but we'll.. Hah, yeah, it's just over here, we'll get food and everything, Dumarath and—/wow/, okay even I can feel that, let's get something to eat." A bit dazed, he does continue to move, heading over a bit in the direction that the others also trekked.

Meo jogs over to Lyrifah. "This way, and we'll get her some food." She grins, and leads the pair off the sands.

Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg sprouts a talon as the dragonette inside cracks its shell by its own efforts.

Power and Parapets Egg can't handle it anymore. It gives one almighty tremble and then falls over, its shell breaking into tiny pieces that litter the sands. Sitting amidst the wreckage is a huge mass of brown hatchling. Tentatively, the Gentle Giant Brown Hatchling lifts his massive head to peer towards the white-robed candidates.

Gentle Giant Brown Hatchling
Huge and thickly built, this brown hatchling seems almost too big to belong. Dark mahogany spreads over his powerfully built shoulders and back, melting into a deep klah brown that engulfs his massive tail. Pale cocoa skims over his wings, though the thin and delicate membranes seem almost too frail to hold his giant frame. Blocky and harshly cut, his head is just as big as the rest of him with well-defined eyeridges and short headknobs. Despite his brutish appearance, there's a softness in his expression and lumbering gait that make him seem less intimidating than his features would suggest.

Blue Horizons Egg seems renewed now, the jerking and quivering beginning again, only this time with more enthusiasm and energy and it's not more than a second or two later that a crack is heard, and a rather broad forepaw emerges from the egg itself.

Zsriston blinks as another brown dragon springs free of its shell. "A lot of browns. I wouldn't have guessed that really." And no shineys. That was a little disappointing. Were there any eggs left? it was hard to tell with all the mix of broken shell on the sands.

Gentle Giant Brown Hatchling takes a little while to get to his feet - there's just so much of him to account for that he gets tangled in his limbs several times before staggering upright. Once going, though, he's like a slowly lumbering block of solid brown bulk. He shambles along the line of candidates, peering intently at each face before moving on. Slow he might be in gait, but he's fast in finding his chosen. He plops down in front of a short teenage girl with shockingly bright blonde hair that's one of the Weyr guards, Aladora, who jumps at first but soon breaks into a wide grin, "Agridhath! No, no, you didn't scare me. I'm your Dora - I'd never be scared of you!" Impulsively she embraces the brown's huge head and, tears in her eyes, Aladora, now Dora, heads off of the sands with her new behemoth of a lifemate.

A'ven casts an experienced eye over the sands, "I still think there might be one or two out there yet…lots of shells, but I don't think we're quite through…" He shifts his weight.

Zsriston gives a wave to Dora as she heads off with the latest brown hatchling. He'd seen her around the barracks at night, but hadn't really talked to her much. "Hm… I wonder if they'll have anything good to eat at the feast? I could go for some pie…"

Enka lets out a whistle at the sight of that really really big brown. "He's huge. Reminds me of Mir's second clutch. Absolute giants for hatchlings." the goldrider rubs her hands together for a moment as she glances over at Zsriston, and then notices the brown's impression. "He's fast pickin' who he wants. Pie," See, she's distracted by the thought of food already. "I'm wantin' some pie. And some herdbeast." There's another gurgling growl. "So hungry. Mir, tell 'em to hurry up and hatch so we can go eat."

The crack around the forepaw sticking out of the Blue Horizons Egg widens as the occupant within shudders and shakes about, the egg wobbling about furiously, as another crack appears, and the brown hatchling within dives out, spilling onto the sands with an indignant sound that uncannily sounds like a disgruntled bark.

Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Hatchling
From the way his brown hide, a fairly non-descript mahogany hue, is overlain with skeins of sienna and sorrel, there lies an impression of a curious furriness to his skin — but only the illusion of course. He's fairly blocky, a stout big brown with an impressively curved chest, a rather squat and powerful neck, and a broad head that narrows from a wide forehead down to a pointy little muzzle. His headknobs, rather tiny on such a big head, seem to point backwards just a little. From that impressive rounded chest and muscular shoulders, he only seems to widen — stout ribs and sides that move back to muscular haunches. His wings, are surprisingly in contrast to the rest of him, rather narrow while his overlarge paws are splayed out, almost like flippers.

Some sand falls into the hole left by the inquisitive talon and with a sudden shiver the sneeze the shell of the Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg is shattered into slivers and a dragonette tumbles free!

Making It Up As I Go Bronze Hatchling
Dark bronze hues have almost lost their metallic gleam, the mottled metal of raw bronze and aged copper conspire to drape this hatchling in subtle and shifting shadows. Rounded features, rounded body, plump little legs and a long, whip-like tail come together with smooth, curved lines to craft his frame. Much smaller than most bronzes, and yet unmistakably marked as one by the intensity of his gaze, his round, deeply set, and expressive eyes rest beneath gently curving sculpted eyeridges. These features combine to make his gaze softer and more approachable than many of his kind, yet wildness remains. Those same eyes carry the indefinable stamp of the first unpaired dragonettes. A distant gleam of that harsh and dangerous predatory past lurks just behind his disarming gaze. His headknobs, not surprisingly, are wide and rounded as well, curving soothly at the tips. Exquisitely proportioned wings hold the legacy of his true color, though, with golden bronze threads woven into the night's cloak of his wing's impressive expanse. His talons are blunt and stocky, and as dark as the rest of him. The overall effect of his features leave the distinct impression of a sleek sheen of softness brought about by a lack of harsh angles. No doubt this will serve him well in the air and grant him remarkable maneuverability.

Zsriston catches a bit of Enka's speech about food. All this talk of feeding is making him hungry! And he'd just eaten not so long ago. He does raise a brow at Enka though. "Didn't you eat? Or are you pregnant again?" He doesn't listen for her answer though, as another new dragon is popping his way out. "Hey! Finally a bronze. It's got to be some sort of bad luck if there's -no- bronzes, right?"

Making It Up As I Go Bronze Hatchling peeks around a bit of shell. Cautious. Oh good. The sands are nearly empty. Slowly he makes his way across the sands to the little knot of robes that remain. Most of them aren't paying attention. He's got a chance to be sneaky. Slink. Slink. Stumble. Slink.

Zsriston peers around. The sands are nearly empty. All those eggshells. "Someone should do something with all those shells. Like… make plant holders or something. That would be fun." Though most of the fragments are sort of awkwardly shaped. There weren't any other dragon zooming about, so Zsriston relaxes a bit.

Enka's getting hungrier by the moment as she lists the meal she'd like to have at the Hatching Feast. "And mashed tubers, and tuber fries." the goldrider's started ticking things off on her fingers. "With steamed greens." At this rate, the weyrwoman's going to have everyone within hearing distance salivating over her ideal meal. "Didn't eat," she wags a finger at Zsriston. "Was takin' care of the twins. Headed down for a meal and then the hummin' started." She gives her candidate-assistant a look akin to … well, it's not horror. "No, I aint." That's a rather vehement protest. "Aint goin' to have another kid till the boys are at least a turn old." And then, she spots the brown, and the bronze. "Well, I was kinda worryin' that Mir's clutch was goin' to end up all green, blue and brown. Not that there's anythin' wrong with that, but …" The horrors. The bloomin' 'orrors.

Glyith rumbles low in his throat as another Bronze makes the scene.

A'ven watches the bronze, "He's… almost scared." "Maybe he's just trying to be sneaky… at any rate… he's hungry too, so that works to our advantage." He winks.

Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Hatchling waddles forwards awkwardly, letting out another barking sound before he flip-flops his tail back and forth. He's got to choose, oh he's got to choose. But it's so hard to choose. Flopping onto his backside, the brown tilts his head back, scratching under his jaw at a bit of eggshell stuck to his throat. And then, he pops back up, catching sight of one of the Dolphincrafters searched for this clutch. Emitting a croaking bark, he paddles forward over the sand on his overlarge paws. "Hang on Zaloth," his chosen one scolds him. "We'll get you some food." Clydeseymour (that candidate with the really long name) can now shorten his name to C'lyde as he walks his new-found lifemate over to the food bowls.

Zsriston hopes that Enka gets her way with the hatching feast. She was weyrwoman, after all. "They ain't a turn yet?" Zsriston didn't know. He couldn't keep track of things like that. Not with 30+ siblings." Zsriston has lost sight of any dragons. Were there any left? There must be or they'd be shoved back off the sands. Oh, there's a brown impressing. Now was it time to be shoved off?

Making It Up As I Go Bronze Hatchling stops stock still for a moment. Has he been noticed? He hunches down closer to the ground, both to improve his stability and to remain unnoticed for just another minute. Then, he sees someone, and for a moment forgets to be sneaky and pokes his head up curiously. A warble. Who's that? He inches closer.

Meo is still there, just waiting…

Enka snorts. "No they aint. They're barely seven months old now," the goldrider seems ready to wiggle off Miraneith's forearm now, the queen having since fallen silent as the last of her eggs broke shell. They've Impressed, they're their riders' problems now. Not for her to deal with anyway.

Zsriston stretches out a bit and yawns. "That's closer to one turn than to uh.. no turns. Birth." Yeah, that. Zsriston finally catches sight of the last dragon left. Then he looks around. No one to hide behind. He'll just… stand there.

Making It Up As I Go Bronze Hatchling lumbers forward at full speed, looking suddenly somewhat dangerous, almost predatory. Candidates scurry out of the way on sheer instinct. Then, in a remarkable show of agility, he stops again, extending his muzzle…

Zsriston blinks for a moment as the bronze hatchling moves up to him. Nah. It's just examining him like the other before right? Right. Or, maybe. It won't go away. Then there's a different look that washes over the teen's face and he blinks a bit more. "I er… right. Hello, Suldith. Food, yes!" Were they talking about something before? "Someone's got to have some around here for us…" The Shipton lad reaches over to touch the end of Suldith's muzzle with a smile. Chow time!

Meo heads toward Zi'on, and the bronze. "This way, this way, we'll get that big fellow some food." She says with a grin, and leads the pair off the sands.

Enka gives Miraneith a pat, the queen suddenly making a leap upwards to make her departure through the sky exit. She's free, free at last. The night is hers to wander once more. "Oh good show, Zsriston, guess I've gone and lost my assistant now." Her tummy grumbles again. "Guess if Mir's takin' off, I'd better go get some food." The goldrider nods her head slightly towards A'ven. "Fine clutch of weyrlings we've got."

A'ven nods. "I'm very pleased… empty sands just about! They're a fine group."
A'ven tosses over the juice skin, "Have the rest.. lets celebrate."

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