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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Summer hangs hot and heavy over Half Moon Bay, the air fairly singing with the promise of a seasonal storm to come. It is perhaps the only reason R'hyn lingers in the weyr, as opposed to the usual touch-and-go supply runs he executes at the weyr - they might as well stay sheltered and dry for just one night, rather than be forced to take shelter by the storm mere hours into leaving, anyways. And so R'hyn lies low, tucked up into the rooftop gardens, perched on gnarled roots of one of the shadier trees in order to beat the heat. A pair of firelizards are sprawled across his legs, neither of them looking like terribly kind beasts, but with the promise of a good oiling and a treat in the form of food - properly cooked food that doesn't require hunting or a fire to be vaguely palatable - they are behaving for now, only hissing and chittering at each other in dull, angry tones while R'hyn quietly tells them to shut up before he makes them and otherwise mutters to himself like the crazy person he probably is at this point. Bless.

Sundari has been keeping to herself a lot lately, which is not like her though given what is going on in her life that isn't a real surprize most likely. The blueirder is moving in through the area quietly, even with a sleeping baby she can be quiet thank you very much. Said baby is sleeping in a basket, and Sunny only pauses as she hears the voice casting a slight gaze towards R'hyn and the lizards which she watches a few moments before her gaze drifts around a few times before she turns moving on closer to where he happens to be. "Hiding in the gardens?" Is questioned out of the blue, no hello, or attemping to get his attention. She looks a touch weary, tired even but in one piece at least.

R'hyn jumps the guilty jump of a person caught doing something they oughtn't be, sucking a breath and pulling hands away from his flits, hands going towards his hips - perhaps where weapons have been strapped quite recently, though they've been shed and stored somewhere safely, apparently, for there's nothing there to grab. It's perhaps this, or perhaps recognition of just who is addressing him that makes the weyrling lower his hands again, tight, wary expression easing, shoulders slumping even as the edges of his lips tweak up in a small smile. "Hey, Sunny." Only then do her words catch up to him, blue-grey eyes dulling as he nods quickly, hands going back to oiling a creepily-clicking blue. "Yeah. Trying to get some rest out of the heat. I hope it rains soon - this is miserable." Lips press, eyes lift, flicking from her to the basket and back before scanning their surroundings. Nobody too close. Good. "How's the baby doing?," he asks, though it is clearly not the question he started to ask - it's too casual, forced politeness replete with another twisty, tired smile.

Sundari lifts her freehand to push a bit of hair from her face before she moves a bit closer to here R'hyn is and takes over a seat near him without asking to join in. She slowly sets the basket dwn an little sleeping Sunara is tucked under a thin blanket just to keepthe sun off her. "She's good, growing like a weed honestly." This offers softly while she glances to her daughter watching her a moment before glaning to the bronzer slightly. "How are things going?" It has been a little while since they talked after all.

On any other day R'hyn might not mind Sundari's proximity - would likely welcome it - but as it is, the closer the bluerider gets, the more he fidgets, jostling firelizards to tuck travel-stained boots under himself, edging sleeves down to cover scratches and bruises that look nature-inflicted, the sort of scrapes that come with an active outdoorsy existence. Could there be plenty of reasons for his boots to be muddy and his arms to be scratched inside the weyr? Probably. But of all people, he would hate to lie to Sunny the most, a feeling that shows when the small smile pointed at the woman's basket full of daughter fades slowly, slowly into a pinched look of pain and sadness. "Not good, Sunny. Not good," he says, voice rough as he busies himself with oiling again. An honest answer. Too honest. He redirects them back to Sunara as fast as he can. "I'm glad she's well, though. Does she have her daddy's eyes and her momma's smile?" A beat, an attempted joke: "I hope she doesn't have her daddy's nose, though. That would be unfortunate." He's trying…?

Sundari hums a bit while lifting her head a touch, she caught a few things from the other and lifts a hand to scratch lightly at her neck before she is left peering t R'hyn watching him for a long moment. "Bit of both of course… Though my smile and nose at least." She offers with a soft murmur. There is a slight pause. "Where have you been ging off too?" He can try and do whatever he wants to cover up but she totally caught the uddy boots and the scratches and the like to go alng with it in the process. "I know you've been leaving the weyr." Irk has seen a certain bronze leave after all, he is a smarter blue then people give him credit for.

R'hyn keeps busy while he is studied, fingers massaging a last bit of oil onto the tail of his 'kekekeke'ing blue before he picks the oozy creature up and deposits him onto the root beside him and starts up on Zula, trying hard not to wince under the scrutiny. He chuckles for the reassurance that Sunara has her mother's nose, but the noise is short-lived, draining away quickly into the silence. This time he does wince, the look in his eyes clear as he lifts them up to look at Sunny: please don't. Please don't ask him. But then she says she knows he's been leaving, and the bronzeling exhales hard and loud, looking out into the middle distance. "Where do you think I've been going?" Sass is softened by the look he points back in her direction, shoulders down, expression open and dismal as he looks her over, head shaking. "They weren't letting us fly. I couldn't take it anymore. I won't stand by while they— while they're—" He can't finish the sentence, so he gives up, moodily returning to his work. "I can't do nothing."

Sundari of course was going to stare him down, come on it is just going to happen! A soft breath heard and she looks out towards the forest, her gaze watching the sky and her hand lifts to slowly rub at her eyes a few moments. "I figured as much." Is all she can say to him when the answer is given. There is a long moment before she glances to her wrists and the scars that rest there. "Sarina was taken when she was a baby, Darryl was just born. I was left a note saying I had to go alone if I ever wanted to see her again. I went an was kept there for months it felt like." Her gaze lifts to R'hyn watching him sligtly. "The reason I'm telling you this, if they have Ila'den and your going out on your own your in danger as well R'hyn. The beat the crap out of me, I know they are doing worse to Ila'den… They would do the same to you." She let's this sink in. "Please don't go out again, especially alone. If you must go, go with D'ryl."

Secrets guessed at, with little left to hide, there's nothing keeping R'hyn on his root anymore. He carefully sets Zula aside, using a cloth to clean his hands of oil before he makes his way over to drop down heavily next to the smaller woman. There's a low noise of acknowledgment for her being right, gaze eventually wandering over to follow hers towards scarred wrists. Lips press together hard for Sundari's story, expression turning dark and brooding, but he keeps himself in check, holds his peace and listens until she's done. Only then does he exhale, measured, slow, before he lifts his eyes to meet hers. "I'm sorry, Sunny." And if she'll have it, he'll curl his fingers around one of those scarred wrists, squeezing gently before he retreats. "I can't-" A beat, a careful choosing of words, "literally can't imagine what that was like, how that must have felt, what you must've-" His head shakes, slowly at first, then with increasing quickness, some slight hysteria making the motion repeat and repeat before he finally stops. "Even now. But it doesn't matter what happens to me. As long as they're out there…" He'll keep looking. "I won't risk getting D'nyl into trouble like that." He sighs, one hand skimming back through his hair. "But if it makes you feel any better, I'm not going alone."

Sundari is left quiet for a few long moments, a few memories rolling through her mind and she can't help but tense up at the touch to her wrist until she blinks and glances to him listening. "R'hyn." Is offered softly as she catches the movement of his head there. "I only told you this to try and show you what your up against, there not good people." Her family… But she doesn't tell him that part as it has to be more then her family involved in this with Ila'den and his dragon being held against his will as well. "It does matter what happenes to you. If something happens to you out there because of this I promise you I will only blame myself for it." A soft breath is heard. "D'nyl… Put's himself in trouble everytime he leaves and I can not go with him and watch his back." Which bothers her greatly. As for the answer she looks to him slightly. "Who is going with you?"

"Sunny," R'hyn replies, voice equally soft, eyes layered with pain and muted sadness and understanding. "I know." He doesn't know everything, granted - especially not her story, the story of her family, but he knows enough. "I'm not doing this for grandeur or glory. I'm doing it because it's right, because I-. Because if it was anybody else he would - did - do it for them. We're not going to confront anybody ourselves - if we find anything, it will be reported - but maybe… Maybe we'll find something on the ground that the dragons can't from the sky." It's said dully, rote words keeping only the smallest embers of hope alive, but it's something. There's a small, self-deprecating smile for Sundari's insistence that she'll blame herself. R'hyn leans in to gently nudge one shoulder against hers, head shaking. "That's not fair to you, to blame yourself for my terrible life choices. You're needed here." Even if that might suck more than the alternative. His shoulders drop for her worries for D'nyl, however, lips twisting off to one side in a small grimace. "I would offer to go with him, Sunny, I really would, but we're still technically grounded and I- I can't drag him down with me. You understand that, right?" But apparently he's fine dragging down whomever his mystery companion is? Yes, yes he is, though perhaps not just yet; his face twists into something vaguely sour when she asks who he's leaving with, lips pressing together and eyes going flinty even though he tries to smile. "Someone who knows the terrain."

Sundari pauses slightly and glances to him a bit as his words seem to pullher out of a moment of thought. "I know. I never thought you was doing it for grandeur or glory. Your doing it because of who you are. I just don't want to see you get hurt is all." This said with a soft tone and she smirks a bit at the shoulder touch and is soon shrugging. "Hey… I carry a lot of weight on these shoulders, an if I feel like carrying the blame of something I will so how's that?" She half questions with a faintly teasing tone and soft breath heard. Her hand lifts and she rubs at her eyes a moment. "Well… I'm bettng you all won't be grounded to much longer, then I can't say nor do anything how's that?" She maynot be acting WLM at the moment but someone still seems to talk to her it seems. As no name is given for who she just watches the other a few long moments, worry clearly seen none the less as a soft breath escapes her. "I see…" Seems she isn't thrilled about this idea.

R'hyn huffs out a laugh for her words, but it's a quiet, distant thing, a ghost of his usual amusement. He's silent a long moment, enduring her smirks and teasing tones, his head dropping to stare at his own hands, clasped in front of him. "You know, I never thought that in coming here, I'd wind up with so many people that care about me, that give a shit if I live or die. I didn't have a great childhood," he admits, voice hard but quiet. "My family fell apart, and I went from foster to foster, the last of which-" A beat, a heaved breath, a slow weighing of words. "My foster father was not a nice man," R'hyn says at last, gaze finally lifting to peer towards Sundari. "So trust me when I say that it means the world to me that you care that much, but I'll walk into danger time and time again if it means keeping someone from feeling like I did." There is, at least, a flicker of interest in his eyes for the notion that they might be released soon, along with a flicker of worry. "Really? That will either be good news, or terrible news," he says, trying to make it a joke, even as she stares his way for his noncommittal answer. "I'm sorry, Sunny." And he is. He hates giving her half-truths. "Suffice to say, I trust them and their motives enough to watch my back."

Sundari looks a touch confused while she eyes R'hyn before he goes on explaining, a soft ah escapes her and she poners a moment it seems before a slight frown is seen and she glances to Sunara while the girl sleeps. Her hand lowers into the basket lightly resting upon ther babies hand. "Funny how this place changes so much in someone, so much for so many different people too. I'm sorry about your past, but I'm glad you are here R'hyn." She'll glance back to him, a soft smile seen. "Your rather easy to be friends with honestly. After everything that happened I wasn't that eager for a long time to be friendly to people so to speak." Well that is one way to put it. "Why would it be terrible? Means you all get to graduate and don't have to do lessns no more." A slight nod is seen. "Just becareful then… Both of you. If you make me come find you I'l going to be rather upset to put it lightly."

R'hyn is quiet for a long moment, chin propping onto his hand, which rests on his knee in turn, gaze distant until Sundari moves. Only then do blue-grey eyes flick to watch her reach out and touch Sunara, a small smile tilting up the corner of his lips. "Thank you, Sunny. I'm glad you're here, too." He puffs out a quiet little laugh when she says he's easy to be friends with, hand going to his hair to fluff at it awkwardly, but his gaze is quick to turn back to her at least, nodding with simple sympathy. "Understandable," he breathes, leaning towards her again, this time letting his shoulder rest against hers without leaving, if she'll let him. "Though I'm glad you did. It would be a sad life, if I didn't have you as a friend." And then, before things can get too mushy-friend-goopy, he frowns, eyes rolling skywards. "Because A'xar is a flaming hothead and I fear what the weyr will be like when he's unleashed upon the world." A sigh. "But regardless, we'll be as careful as we may. I'll try not to get into enough trouble to make you come and get me - I know how scary you get when you're angry," he says, trying at joking again even as he rises to his feet, brushing at pant legs before realizing how hopeless that is. "Anyways, I should probably get moving. I'd like to bathe with real sandsoap and a washcloth for once," he says as though it's the most desirable thing in the world, even as he fetches up his oil, cloth, and dozing firelizards. "We leave when the storm breaks. Thank you for everything, Sunny. Take care. I'll send a note now and then so you know I'm okay." And then he's off before he can talk himself into staying, trotting towards the steps and the bowl beyond.

Sundari would rather notthink about where she would be if she was not here, it would be a scary place for her she has to figure. Though her thoughts do not linger long on what could have been. "I am glad we are all here. Though a few more then others." This said with an amused tone a soft smile to R'hyn. As for that shoulder touch she let's it stay while her fingers lightly rest upon the sleeping girl and her eyes close as her thoughts wander. "Yeah well, doesn't mean I still can't put A'xar in his place." She does't have to be nice if she doesn't want to be! A soft hum is head and a eye half opens to send a faint glance to him. "You better believe it. An not being pregnant means I'll take you all down a few notces easily." She may or may not be joking! "Maybe sure to take numbweeding for cuts and stuff, and keep them clean if you run into something. Watch out for felines they are out there and are nasty things and don't care about how tall or big you are." She has the scars from them as well. "You had better…" She pauses slightly to watch him. "Just becareful R'hyn, an thank you." She'll let him go not expecting a answer too.

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