Celimoth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands

A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Big Green Blob Egg
Here Thar Be Pirates Egg
Trifecta of Perfection Egg
Shadows of Nightmares Egg
What a Boo-tiful Egg
Platinum and Gold Egg
Whale on the Moon Egg
Dreaming Knight Egg
Tumbling Blocks Egg
World of Balance Egg

Big Green Blob Egg begins to shudder, though the movement is languid, slow- almost to the point of being unnoticeable. There is a sudden stirring of quicker activity, before the egg settles back into a motionless state.

Celimoth raises on her haunches with wings unfurled as she lets out a welcoming warble to the filling galleries and dragons perching all around. She rumbles, coming back down on all fours with wings tucked neatly at her side. Kadesh is sitting on her folding chair, nibbling on a fish head skewer with eyes drifting across the sands. A bucket of extras settled down at the small table between her and the next chair. "Alright, Celi. No more living out here after today. The ale is getting warm too fast." Hrmph.

The briefiest sign of movement, a little wiggle, and it seems that the sand is drifting away from the base of the Here Thar Be Pirates Egg, before the motion ceases, and all is still once more.

The candidates are ushered out onto the sands by an older, frazzled looking assistant weyrlingmaster with a big scraggly beard. "Bow now… bow! Now get in a semi circle all of you… no you can't have some water. No get in line! Whew…" Eventually he retreats back to the side of the sands, to help guide those who impress off of them later on.

Ilyse walks out onto the sands, looking around rather nervously. She doesn't forget to bow to both of the dragons, doing so with some idea of what she's doing. She walks across the hot sands to take her place alongside her fellow candidates.

Teimyrth is less welcoming than Celimoth, issuing a growl that seems to address everybody and nobody all at once. The bronze moves, as if agitated, while swirling eyes fixate on the gathering crowd. Ila'den, on the other hand, is hurrying over to sit beside Kadesh with an exhalation of air. "Faranth, this stuff catches me off guard every time." They weyrleader is a bit of a dishevealed mess, but /did/ manage to get himself dressed. "Alright, 'Desh?"

Chrystyne does spare a quick glance towards Celimoth and Kadesh as she steps onto the Sands. Dropping the curtesy bow towards them she joins the others with only a slash of worry crossing her expression. The littlest wiggle within the Pirates egg is missed completely.

Big Green Blob egg begins that languid shuddering again, slowly building up intensity until it seems to be quite violently jerking in the struggle to become free. It topples over sideways and goes silent and motionless once more, though now a crack has appeared along the white marks on the apex of the egg, jagged and uneven.

Daranyl rolls his eyes at the blathering assistant weyrlingmaster, hastily straightening his white robe as he minces across the sands alongside his sister. He pauses to sweep a bow to sire and dam, then moves around the egg, stopping near Dreaming Knight, which has been his notable favorite.

Ezrayl's shock of waist-length red hair stands out against the white of her robe. She, like the others, falls into line with the rest of the candidates after bowing to the dam and sire. Her expression is impassive at the moment, green eyes staring at the eggs while her mouth forms a perfect line. It's no surprise that she's positioned herself to be next to her brother. Perhaps the candidate on her other side is more surprising.

Raelii arrives with everyone else, wide-eyed and breathless, still smoothing down her short robe and running a hand over her mussed hair, not that it does much to restore order to the disarray of hastily changing. But she's here! Amazingly, hasn't missed the event, despite her disorganization.

Briari steps out into the sands after throwing her white robe and sandals on. Taking in a deep breath, she bows to the dam and sire on the sands, then steps in line next to Chrystyne as she wrings her hands together in and out. Her eyes move to the eggs, watching with a slow chew of her bottom lip.

Eryzan has apparently decided to stand next to Ezrayl after bowing. Perhaps it's simply to confuse everyone since their names are spelled so similarly. There are a few beads of sweat on the harper's brow already, but despite it all there is a nervous grin on his face as he looks around.

Aglaia joins the others on the sands with only a flicked look askance to study the stands. Her expression is a grim one, her mouth drawn taut and bloodless. Satisfied by whatever she sees in the stands, a faint smile emerges - but only just.

Firamar walks out with the rest of the candidates and then pauses to give a bow to the dam and sire of the clutch before joining the others in forming a semi-circle. He shifts a little nervously wondering who amongst the gathered candidates will find a partner.

Big Green Blob Egg shudders again - not languid, not slow this time. But a shudder of great effort, and suddenly there are cracks all across the shell and just a moment later, the eggshell shatters, scattering in every direction. A tangle of dull bronze limbs spills forth, wings and legs and neck all akimbo while the hatchling struggles to find his bearings.

Keldan makes his own way out amongst the throng of candidates. Disheveled mess? He may be one among many that is. There's a quick look around, and a bow when they're being instructed to. "Who the heck is asking for water /now/?" His head turns just a bit to try and look, brows arched high, before he goes back to looking the correct way, lining himself up along with the others.

Autumnal Adventuring Hero Bronze Hatchling
First glance at this small, lithe bronze calls to mind an autumn forest. All across his body, aged bark is dappled over by subtle leafy patches in much warmer hues- faded oranges, yellows, golds, reds. His wings are especially resplendent, with the mixture of colors blending and transitioning in a blur of colour. Along the curves of his belly, shadowed tones call to mind an autumn night, while his muzzle and the tips of his tail and wings are frosted with a dusting of snow, muting the effect of his colourful blanket.

Chrystyne catches sight now of a rocking egg. Actually it's more of shudders going across its shell until it shatters open to reveal the disheveled bronze. A sharp intake of breath escapes her. A nudge is given to Briari at her side. "I heard a bronze first is always good luck." she murmurs.

Trifecta of Perfection Egg might have moved. Its very possible that it maybe moved just a little tiny bit. Perhaps.

Perhaps there is life to be found, as cracks begin to spread across the surface of Here Thar Be Pirates Egg, spreading outwards and showing the weakness in this rounded shell.

Tumbling Blocks Egg wobbles slightly, or maybe it was a heat illusion.

Briari casts a quick, nervous smile to her best friend at her side. "He's a handsome bronze too, that one. I wonder who will be the lucky one." She lets her fingers unravel so that her hands can drift at her sides, gently rocking back and forth.

Firamar watches as the first hatchling makes its appearance a nod of appreciation at the youngling as he keeps an eye on it to avoid being trampled as it prepares to search for his partner.

It takes awhile for the Autumnal Adventuring Hero Bronze Hatchling to figure out where all of his limbs are and put them into some semblance of working order. He has to peer at his parents plaintively first, because all those white objects up ahead certainly do NOT look in body the way his own feels. But, drawn to them all the same, he collects himself, finds some dignity, draws up a breath, and heads towards the candidates with purposefully careful movement. Halfway, he stops short of tripping over some errant chunk of shell on the ground. Taking advantage of the moment to also carefully observe the various little groups of people, the little bronze finds his target. One of the youngest candidates, a brilliant but troublemaker of a StarCraft apprentice named William, jumps forward in surprise as the bronze begins moving forward again. B'lly as he'll now be known, is already laughing at his new best friend and lifemate as they embrace for the first time. "Keenth! You made it! Yeah, that sounds like the job for us! But I know you need to eat first! Then let's go!" And off they go… now perhaps simply to fill the hatchling's stomach… but into unknown adventures henceforth!

Ezrayl hasn't seen a hatching before, so the speed comes as a surprise. Not that one can see it on her face. The guard remains expressionless, but sweat is already beginning to appear on her brow. It's about now that she regrets having such a thick mane of hair. Eyes immediately travel to the first pairing and now, for just a brief second, her lips twitch upwards.

Ilyse is here, watching the eggs, and the dragonets as they appear in turn. "Oh, they're starting!" She offers softly, eyes following the bronze as he quickly finds his life mate.

And there is life! As Here Thar be Pirates Egg falls to shards, there is no sign of movement for a long moment. But then, there it is, a dark gleam, a twitch, and after a moment of hesitation the former occupant has begun to see what lays beyond the wreckage of its shell.

Firamar claps at the first impression being made, "Congratulations B'lly and Keenth!"

Shining in the Shadows Blue Hatchling
While not one of his metallic siblings, this long blue still has a particular sheen to his hide, near navy blue shifting towards dark, polished gunmetal, and yet lacking the saturation that many others may display. Long of body and lean of build, there is little of anything extra on his frame - little more than muscle visible in what should be the curves of his haunches or the lines of his shoulders. Night's darkness gathers upon his face, a dark mask that brushes over his nose, his eyeridges, his headknobs, casting the finer details into permanent shadow, the same deep hues slipping down his back, engulfing ridges as they go. It is only in his wings that details become clear, as a hint of brightness catches in the sails, cast aglow by some unseen light as they stretch between darkened spars - and it is in these details that something becomes obvious - his right wing sits slightly higher, slightly straighter than his left, and the sail seems larger, though perhaps it is merely an illusion of the light.

Trifecta of Perfection Egg seems to strain against itself. One side seems to bulge, then the other. It contorts itself into an odd shape that is looking less and less like an egg. Seams form along the bulges, the structure is failing at certain points and bits of egg crumble away.

Raelii catches bows on either side of her. Oops! She… forgot that! Hastily the candidate executes one with a nervous flicker of hazel eyes towards dam and sire. It won't do to tick off large creatures! Her gaze goes back to those eggs but her short size makes it difficult to get a clear view, so she edges forward, ducking under elbows here, weaseling forward there, finding herself near Ezrayl and Daranyl. There's no grimness about her, nope. First timer, she's full of wonder.

Shadows of Nightmares Egg begins to stir, a little twitch here, a little twitch there, as it struggles to awaken itself from the darkness.

Daranyl dares to reach over and squeeze Ez' fingers, though it's hard to say if it's to comfort her or draw comfort. His lips move, muttering quiet encouragements to himself as the eggs start to dance and then… a bronze, then a blue… he can't keep up.

Shining in the Shadows Blue Hatchling is on his feet after a moment, finding his balance with ease. Wings are carefully spread, and he is glancing over his shoulder to investigate his left wing with interest. With his head cocked to one side, he pauses, stretching his wings carefully, settling them against his back the best he can in their still damp state, turning to glance up at the bronze and gold standing watch over the sands, ignoring the candidates for the moment.

Chrystyne's attention shifts quickly away from the bronze towards the eggs that move. "It moved." she mouths excitedly as she looks right at both the perfection egg and the nightmares egg. "Ooh, look. A blue." she's all over the place trying to watch everything at once.

Daranyl nudges Ez lightly, watching the blue move, "Isn' he beau'ful? Dark 'n' ligh' all t'gether?"

Trifecta of Perfection Egg is starting to contort even more. Bits of egg crumble down to the sands below, until the whole outer shell splinters into pieces and falls away.

Firamar watches as the blue hatchling makes his appearance, then notices how many more eggs are moving, shaking and generally not sitting still…now where to put his attention…that is the question but the blue wins out for the moment.

Sword of Silent Courage Brown Hatchling
This average sized brown is built for strength instead of speed. Slightly larger than usual wings are affixed to broad shoulders, rippling with strong muscle. Stocky limbs end in white claws with a slight reddish hue to them. His paws are just a tad bigger than is required, making him anything but dainty on the ground. The rest of this dragon is covered in a dark deep chocolate, save the folds on the underside of his wings, which match the reddish white hue of his claws and spread out under him like lightning bolts. His head and snout is of average length and size, not thin and long but also not short and squished. His eyes sit back deep in his skull though, or at least appear to due to the enlarged eye ridges that shelter them. The eye ridges give way to head ridges, which continue down his neck and along his back to his tail. His tail starts out quite thick at the base, then tapers sharply to a thin point at the end.

What a Boo-tiful Egg wiggles a little wiggle, wobbles a little wobble, then settles down on the sands once more.

Keldan lets out a breath as he shifts his stance. "Always so dang fast.." There's eggs popping open left and right, after all, and even a candidate already walking off the sands with a dragon. "Yeesh.." He brings a hand up to the back of his neck a moment, coming away sweaty from where it already gathers at his hairline. That gets rubbed on his robe just a bit then.

Briari gives a smile over to the new blue dragonet. "Aw, he's cute too." She confides to Chrystyne as she takes in another deep breath, eyes drifting about the sands to a particular set of eyes she fancied. "Oh, wow, a brown."

The fight continues, and Shadows of Nightmares Egg begins to shake, slightly at first and then more violently as the seconds pass, cracks beginning to spider outwards, showing the strain on the shell.

Ezrayl lets her brother catch those fingers and she gives his hand a slight squeeze. He can likely feel the tension in her hands, but the guard's gaze doesn't move in his direction. Her green eyes continue to stare at the moving eggs and the newly arrived blue before she nods to his question. "He is…dark, like the night." There, just small, but another upwards twitch of her lips.

Shining in the Shadows Blue Hatchling hesitates only another moment, before it seems that something drives him on, and he is stepping forth from the shelter of his egg shards, and towards the candidates that ring the sands. Steps are careful, each foot being placed with care, precise in his motions as he closes the distance towards those white robed things.

Perfectly plump and perfectly pink nestles comfortably in the heat of the hatching sands, not a rhyme or reason where this spherical form begins and ends. Softest hues completely engulf the shell, free of shimmers, shine or sparkle to adorn the unchanging flat tones of this imposing rotund figure. Rosy blushes erupt against the pure soft pink on either side of this egg, giving the illusion of vibrant heat rising from the warmth deep within while it slumbers in auspicious silence.

Daranyl's eyes move to the brown, taking him in, then back to the blue, aware of the motion towards the gathered candidates, but, inexorably, his gaze is brought back to his favorite egg, despite the pink on it.

//Platinum and Gold egg begins to move on the sands, vibrating with an energy that seems to say this little hatchling has waited long enough! It falls onto its side, making a small twist in the sand, and then goes still./

Chrystyne murmurs. "No greens yet." where are the greens! Since she was casting quick looks over to the Trifecta of Perfection egg she naturally sees the moment that the average sized brown makes his entrance. "He's a good color." is noted towards Briari. "I've always wondered what draws them to their right match."

Briari gives another amused grin to her friend. "Maybe it's the way we smell." She says in a joking manner, though she is holding her breath at times between each word.

What a Boo-tiful Egg erupts in a single dark crack around the circumference of this egg, threatening to separate only it vibrates and quiets once again.

Ezrayl's fingers tighten around her brother's for another brief second. "Is one of the blue's wings…a bit different?" Her words are nothing more than a quiet murmur to Daran, and her attention isn't fully focused on what she says. Instead there's a shift of her eyes to the blue again, then the brown, and back again.

Firamar keeps an eye on both hatchlings making sure not to be in the way of either of them and having enough space to move what ever direction he needed to say untrampled. He spares a glance around spotting where the others are in the half circle.

Ilyse holds her breath as the blue draws closer, eyes following each and every movement, rocking backwards half a step, nervously.

Sword of Silent Courage Brown Hatchling yawns and stretches out a bit, his paws digging at the sand. He seems to enjoy the feeling of sand between his claws, since he stands there digging a bit and looking pleased with himself. Soon though, he grows bored, and lumbers over toward the rows of candidates on his oversized paws.

Keldan takes a few slight steps to the side, shuffling on the sand just a bit to bring himself up next to Daranyl. There's a glance then at him, offering a quick grin before his elbow nudges. "Hey, keep an eye on what's roaming around. In case you gotta move, yeah?" Getting run over by little dragon feet…not so much fun. There's a faint laugh, more like a huff of breath really, before he takes back those few inches of space for himself.

Shining in the Shadows Blue Hatchling pauses, then, peering up at a young woman, before tilting his head to eye a hand - a hand that is taken by someone else. A nudge of his nose, and he attempts to separate her, and to claim her for his own.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Shining in the Shadows Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Finally, it seems that the nightmare has ended, and darkness has been banished, as the cracks win out over the continued existance of the Shadows of Nightmares Egg, and it falls to pieces on the floor, leaving behind a small blue who shakes his head, looking sleepily around him - what is this strange new world?

Stealing Back the Stars Blue Hatchling
Rich cobalt blue colors the hide of this small blue, brushing over his trim chest, twisting around to creep upwards along his ridges, trailing along his slim underside, the vibrant hue feathering downwards along each lean limb, mingling with slightly brighter azure hues near his ebony talons, and sweeping down his long tail, casting his hide with gorgeous brightness. Viridian tickles his throat, delicately dancing under his chin and sweeping upwards, only to be hidden behind a mask of cerulean which starts at his narrow muzzle and sweeps backwards, claiming eyeridges and headknobs alike, before it fades into the cobalt of his body. Persian blue ridges slip down his back, between the expanse of his large wings, where his true beauty lies, gathered upon each spar-crossed sail. Viridian, teal and cobalt fight for dominance, almost iridescent in their coloration, as the brighter dawn threaten, breaking up the darkness of night.

Platinum and Gold egg hasn't given up yet! Just when you thought this little hatchling wasn't going to come out, the egg starts to vibrate again, move violently this time. There's a wiggle and a wobble and another half-roll that results in an explosion of fissured cracks along every surface.

Daranyl looks back to the blue, his head tilting to the side, "I'm… no' sure, Ez. Diff'ren' like wha'? I can' see it. Woah, did he jus' impress?"

Whale on the Moon Egg begins to shift now, almost spinning slightly in its little wallow by the edge of the sands.

"'N' another blue, too."

Raelii claps her hands in front of her chest, just watching the newly-hatched dragonets and trying not to laugh at their awkward progress over the sands. Finally, she can't help it - to Daranyl, "Crusty, I keep picturing you caring for one of these." And it makes her giggle despite her resolve not to.

What a Boo-tiful Egg splits into two clean pieces, revealing the round rump of an egg wet hatchling. After some rolling from side to side, the dragonet is down on all fours, shedding it's egg top before making it's way waddling across the sands.

Chrystyne shifts her feet from side to side in the age old candidate shuffle upon the sands. Drawing in a deep breath after remembering blue isn't a good color on /her/, the once upon a time Istan guard watches the brown as he sits and enjoys the feel of the sands under his claws. Too easily though her attention moves to watch the blue and the impression.

Sword of Silent Courage Brown Hatchling walks up and down the rows examining the troops. Every once in a while, he gets up close to one of the candidates. Like hes daring them to move. Or make a sound.

Spooky Shy Green Hatchling
For a little one, this dragonet is rather plump down to her little baby arms to the tip of her really short and stubby tail. Olive tones engulf her hide, covering her rotund self where it blends to a softer sage on her belly. Under each eye is blushed in the same soft sage, giving her rather tiny eyes a slightly bigger appearance. The only thing seemingly normal on this ghastly creature is the size of her wide flowing wings in the same uniform olive.

Stealing Back the Stars Blue Hatchling is much slower to get to his feet than his clutch sibling, but get to his feet he does, and he is on his way, wingtips dragging in the sands as he trails them behind him, each step bringing him slowly closer to his old.

Ezrayl's hand is immediately freed from her brother's as the candidate finds herself staring into the eyes of the blue. Instead it moves to run across the tiny dragon's eyeridges and her expression seems to melt almost immediately. "Azminath…" And there it is, a smile that even her brother has rarely seen. There's a light in her face as she nods and immediately begins to glance around. "Of course, we'll get you some food…Aerza though? Really?" She'll have to get used to that!

Daranyl takes a step back as the blue nudges between him and Ez, his expression hard to read as it's clear who the blue has chosen. He coughs against his throat, then looks over at Ilyse, "I… wha'? Yeah, maybe? Th' dragons'll decide. Shards, Ez… he's beautiful…" He wants to reach for her, but it's like there's a barrier there now.

Kyra has been here all along, of course! Ahem. She's positioned herself somewhere between Chrystyne and Keldan, to be sure, and is currently doing her level best to pay attention and apparently try to get some air flowing down her robe by tugging at the front of it with her tongue poking out slightly. She watches the hatchlings with marked interest and some admiration, but doesn't seem overwhelmed, just full of speculative interest. If she weren't sweating on the Sands, she'd look almost like she was just there to watch. When Ezrayl Impresses, however, that changes quite a bit and her eyes go wide before she lets out an entirely too loud and unlady-like whooping sound of congratulations.

Platinum and Gold egg explodes, sending shards of gooey egg in every direction and revealing an egg-wet hatchling! There's no dignity or grace here. It seems like this little-one has landed snout-first.

Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Hatchling
Bulky but rather compact, this dragon is both larger than he might seem but rather elegantly put together. Deeply, rusty brown, his coloring pools in mahogany swirls that slide over bunched muscles and darken along the areas that show bony points. From the rounded angles forming his head, down to a shortened neck and broad shoulders that taper into the rest of his body, promising strength in every moment made. More slender than the rest of him, his haunches still carry bunched muscle and coiled energy just waiting for release, with that carried out into the flowing build of his tail, with its same dark rusty hues. Tipping his paws are smoked talons of blackened brown, the edges blunted although they remain near perfect crescents. Cut sharply, his wings are large enough for support, but indent severely on his trailing edges, with no spare sail being stretched between his 'spars. Ruddy colors collect there, lighter as they spread out from the dark wingspars until they approach near golden near the middle.

Aglaia goes briefly into gawker-mode when a blue finds Ezrayl. Then she's laughing, bright and happy, for the other girl. No words are given; none are needed. There's just the laughter that might go unnoticed in the chaos.

Whale on the Moon egg jolts suddenly to one side, a loud cracking sound ringing out through the air as it jumps. The impact nearly sends it toppling over as fissures begin to spiderweb over the shell's surface.

Dreaming Knight Egg does a little wiggle, then a little wobble, a shimmy and a shake before the egg slips back into slumber upon the warmth of the sands

Briari looks over as Ezrayl impresses and gives a loud cheer for her, though curiosity falls over to see Daranyl's reaction as well. She looks over to Chrystyne, giving her a nudge. "Wow."

Firamar watches are more hatchlings make their appearance, making the task of keeping an eye on each harder then pauses as Ezrayl impresses.."Way to go Ezrayl!" Fir claps his hand as the impression is made.

Spooky Shy Green Hatchling takes her time as she waddles all rollie-pollie like out on the sands. She approaches the first candidate, pausing to cover her face with her wings for a moment when the young man turns to peer at her. Something takes his attention away and she folds her wings, waddling down the line until the next set of eyes falls upon her olive hide. She covers her face once more with baby wings, waiting til the coast is clear before she nosebutts the poor Smith turned candidate Madrio. "It'sa M-mm-me?! M'rio? Booth?" The poor rotund land stutters for a moment before hugging his green Booth. "I'm hungry, too! Let's go!" Both newfound weyrlings make their way off the sands.

Keldan gives a slow half-grin when that blue attaches himself to Ezrayl, giving a faint nod. There's a quick look over at Kyra, who of course…has totally always been there. "That looked about a good fit, I think." She's not the only one sweating though. It's already begun to give a bit of a trickle down the side of the teenager's face. "One day, it'd be great if they didn't fry the candidates in all of this.."

Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Hatchling scrambles to his feet without much concern for dignity - let's be honest, he probably doesn't even know what that is yet. Curious eyes take in surroundings before they land on his mother. The hatchling strains his neck as if he's trying to get a better look and then those tiny feet shuffle him in the completely wrong direction. But this lady! This lady is /shiny/, and oh-so-pretty. There's a suave squawk, as if to say hello, but seconds later movement is catching his eye and the brown stills. Now he's turning back to look at the candidates. /Oh/ my. So many pretty ladies over there. Yes, he will head that way, thank you very much.

Daranyl is oblivious to the people who are studying him, just turning to look up at the sands. There's no one there for him, not really, but still he seeks comfort, finding, perhaps, one set of familiar eyes before he turns back to the chaos. Whether he likes it or not, his relationship with Ez has just changed forever.

Dreaming Knight Egg rolls from side to side, shifting about on the sands until it knocks into the shells around it. Whoops! The egg quiets and settles, another opportunity will present itself…

Chrystyne is all smiles as Ezrayl finds a life mate in the blue. "Excellent." she murmurs before looking back towards the other dragons on the sands still seeking. Immediately she looks to the newest brown on the Sands. An encouraging smile is cast quickly towards Kyra before flicking back to the pair of browns.

Stealing Back the Stars Blue Hatchling is drawing closer to the candidates with each and every step, and he pauses in front of a young man who is looking rather lost. A hesitation, and he shakes his head, showering a bit of sand here and there before he continues down the row.

Raelii doesn't even notice whether Daranyl answer her, she's too busy chortling at the chubby green. So taken with cuteness that she also misses Erazyl's impression. She turns to watch the green pass by and that's when she notes the other candidate walking off paired with a blue. "Sweet!" is all she says before returning her gaze to the chaos in front of her.

Daranyl's head jerks up when his egg moves. Gulp. He loses color in his face, going pale as he looks to his side, to Raelii, his expression pleading as he moves towards Dreaming Knight Egg, "Come one, li'l one. Don'… don' leave me alone…"

The splintery cracks across the shell of the Whale on the Moon Egg grow bigger and bigger until the entire egg seems to burst, little shards of shell flying out in all directions. Left standing there is a bronze hatchling trying to stretch out his little wings, as if trying to dramatically announce his arrival to the world.

An almost imperceptible shimmy shakes the Tumbling Blocks Egg, a forward and back motion that appears to give the colored squares their own momentum on the shell as the starts to move. Still, it is nothing too exacting, too exciting at this stage of the game and only the promise that more may appear.

Crystals in the Dark Bronze Hatchling
Large and powerful, this bronze is a study in contrasts, his hide a pool of light and dark, hues mingling together upon his form. Bright, rich copper flows along the long lines of his back, emphasizing his impressive size, the vibrant hues colors slipping down his sides and fading to a dusky, dark iron as it reaches his belly. Antique bronze manages to escape from the pool of shadows, creeping up his long neck, coloring his throat, his muzzle, his eyeridges, before it clashes with the cap of copper that is settled along his headknobs. The shadows of dark bronze cling to his strong, sturdy limbs, engulf his long, lean tail, the darkness dragging the bright copper into submission. Shadowy spars cross bronze sails, while flecks of gold linger, shining like crystals in the light.

Stealing Back the Stars Blue Hatchling is part of the chaos at this point, but after a moment, it seems that he has found his order. His forward motion is stopped, and he is staring up at a young woman who is paying attention to a chubby blue, and another new pairing, and not him! A nudge to her midsection, and it seems a choice has been made.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Stealing Back the Stars Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kyra goes out of her way not to eyeball the green, who seems rather against it on principle, giving her a chance to pass on by without being visually accosted. She even covers her eyes for a second, somewhat playfully, when it waddles by, then grins after it with a look to Keldan, "No kidding. I get that the eggs neat the heat of the Sands, but you'd think we could get a good wind flow going during the actual hatching day or something." Another poke of her tongue for the sake of exasperation, another flapping of her robe, and she lightly chucks her arm around her brother's shoulders, "At least it's been fun so far. Ezrayl got herself a nice blue - and hey, he's a beaut, too." Poor jaded Weyr-raised siblings. Fun suckers. That last comment is apparently for the bronze, by the way.

Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Hatchling wuffles as he passes by the /the ladies/. One unlucky candidate gets a nose right in her stomach, another gets a long, ponderous stare as if he can't quite decide what to do with her. Daranyl gets a long, considerate pause as well, but then the hatchling turns his head to the side and squawks again as he moves along the line. They are all more pretty than the last! But which one is the prettiest of them all?

As the dragonets continue to pair off quickly, Ilyse remains nervously out of the way - not really in the circle, but not really out of it it either, watching each as they wander by.

Chrystyne can't help but smirk. "What a squawk. Didn't know dragons could make that sound!" towards Kyra she gives a remark of agreement. "The heat is sort of dry out here."

Breath in, breath out. Daranyl isn't even aware of the newest arrival from the ever-changing egg, he just keeps urging his oddly effeminate egg, with its lighter tones.

World of Balance Egg begins to vibrate on the sands, rattling against the shell beside it until the grains around it's base begin to dislodge, giving room for this egg to tilt upon it's side before settling into stillness.

Crystals in the Dark Bronze Hatchling wiggles and shakes to cast off a few little flecks of eggshell from himself before clawing fully free of his wallow. His gaze sweeps over the line of candidates, pausing to take them all in before starting his approach, lumbering over across the sands.

Delicate lines start to delineate between the different colors on the Tumbling Blocks Egg, marking sections where cracks have begun to form. The start to widen, leaving the egg held together more by past memories than any cohesiveness that remains now.

Firamar stares at the newly hatched bronze, wondering who will be fortunate enough to have him for a partner, not forgetting the rest of the hatchlings on the sands knowing that one moment of inattention could result in accidentally getting trampled as a hatchling rushes to get to their lifemates.

Sword of Silent Courage Brown Hatchling continues his inspection of the ranks. No too womanly. Not womanly enough? Too short. Too tall. Way too short. Too thin. Hm How about this muscular guy? Yes.. he will do…

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Sword of Silent Courage Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dreaming Knight Egg rumbles before breaking away in clean halves, revealing… an upside down hatching with it's little baby rump in the air. The dragonet shakes itself off, fluttering little wings and opening it's maw wide in a yawn.

Abated Vengeance Blue Hatchling
This blue gives the impression of being young, no matter his age, due to his body's lanky and elongated frame. He has a square, short torso, though his hindlegs make up for it, even the digits on his paws seemingly longer than ordinary. The lower portion of his limbs, just past their first joint, are thickly muscled, accounting for his ability to move with alacrity. That speed adds to the impression his hide gives of a roiling storm prepared to break. Over spiny headknobs and down along his graceful neck, his hide is a glistening pale blue-grey, with touches of slate here and there that add a certain dramatic flair to his otherwise somewhat rounded features and blunt muzzle, specifically two marks under his eyes that give the impression of greater size. That pale shade deepens as it flows down his spine, exploding outwards across his back to send shards of color over his wings, disrupting the pearlescent lapis lazuli of the sails, so beautifully marbled in color if not for those jagged, stretching lines of darkness. The tips of his wingspars, his tailspade, and his right forepaw all shine with a very distinctive shade of blue-tinted steel. His left forepaw, however, shows an odd crackling pattern of scarring, dappled ultramarine and grey, and the claws on that side look to be blunted and borderline useless, suggesting he was cramped in his egg as he grew. This defect pairs with a scar that lances across his throat, a sudden puckered span of skin that looks darker than the pale blue-grey around it. Fortunately, his overlong forward digits should make up for his nearly lacking left claws.

Keldan shakes his head just a little, mouth curved into a slight grin still. "Beaut? He looks like he's gonna have tree trunks for legs when he gets bigger. He's already huge. Not fat. Not that sort of huge." Another shift of his feet is given, trying to abate some of the heat seeping through the bottom of his sandals.

Raelii oofs! A glare is first sent sidelong to Daranyl because if anyone would poke her in the stomach, it'd be him! Only…not. Because he's busy pleading at an unhatched egg. Her gaze drops to the tiny blue before her and she blinks dumbly for a few beats. Finding her voice, finally, "Aluath." A bemused grin follows, then a giggle follows. I'm hungry too. Let's go." Where? She, uh, forgot, but she'll eventually get them there. And off she goes with a steadying hand on the head bobbing beside her.

Crystals in the Dark Bronze Hatchling now marches forward to assess the candidates, sweeping right past the girls to start his inspection of the males. He leans in close to each in turn, spending a moment sizing up a short, dark haired lad before abruptly turning away with a dismissive whuffle.

Daranyl takes a step back as his egg hatches a blue. A blue sitting on his head. Now what should he do?

Kyra is the very picture of politesse and pleasantness as she reaches past Keldan to give Daranyl a whack on the shoulder, "Hey, don't burn holes into just the egg you like and ignore everything else - and that face. Jeez." Chastized on the Sands! Burn. She shifts on her feet just like Keldan only to flash a grin at Chrystyne, "I think it was a sound more dragons should make. Quite manly, yeah?"

World of Balance Egg jerks, a violent crack erupting across the center of this egg, sending small lines of fractures throughout it's vibrant surface before the force within settles once more.

Firamar stops dead still as if he'd been slugged across the head with a large stick then without pause he wraps his arm around Yukenth's neck…"Yes lets go…it is time to eat…" He looks around "Hey is there some food I need some food for Yukenth!"

Aglaia shakes her head just a little with wry amusement when it appears Firamar's Impressed. She grins a bit and adds her congratulations to the others, but it's not long before she's right back to assessing what yet remains.

Nervously, Ilyse shifts back and forth on the sands, watching and waiting. She tries, in vain, to keep an eye on her friends as the chaos continues, to see if they impress, and any baby dragons that might be headed towards her.

Chrystyne runs one hand through her spiky and now slightly sweaty hair. Smoothing down her robe nervously with the same icky hand she draws in breath after breath of hot air. "Alright there?" she'll murmur to the very quiet Briari. "Oh yeah, very um…manly." agrees Chrystyne towards Kyra.

Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Hatchling isn't the most graceful hatchling on the sands, but he tries. Despite the fact that he's distracted by the fairer sex, he finds himself politely pausing in his quest to let siblings pass him by, to watch lifemates find one another, and the steal some glances at whatever deliciousness the others are being allowed to partake in. It's the reason why he /almost/ passes her by - but only almost. The hatchling makes a very sudden stop before slowly turning his head and then guiding his entire body back around. There's a wuffle of noise as he finds the most perfect specimen sitting on the sands. /She/ is his one and only, and /this/ must be love!

Briari gives another cheer for Firamar as he impresses, then gives an excited grin over to Chrystyne. ".. Yeah. I'm alright"

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Shattering neatly, the Tumbling Blocks Egg litters the sands with brightly colored shards. They form a ragged circle around the now exposed pale blue hatchling that was hidden within, now having lost its former home. He sits there, taking a moment to compose himself. Waiting until he is fully ready to take up the challenge now presented before him.

A Silver Blue Wraith Hatchling
Extremely lithe and sleek, this blue dragon has an extremely pale blue hide, more the color of fine crystallized ice than a proper shade. From his finely crafted head with its angled features, down to his narrowed shoulders and tempered forearms, that icy hue is only faintly speckled with darker motes of powdery blue. Splendid curves form, creating the arches of his ridges as they march along, following the length of his back to the sinuous whipping end of his tail. His build stays slender, from those slender shoulders and back through to rounded haunches wiry with muscle, clearly defined and delineated against the strong boning of his legs and elegantly wrought paws. Tipped talons of nearly glinting aquamarine adorn his feet, wickedly sharp and more than the mere half crescents most dragons display, curving round past neat semi circles and ending in dangerous points. Frothy wingsails of that same crystalline blue are stretched between darker limned wingspars, leaving the sails looking barely more substantial than cloud vapor as they move from his leading edges to his ailerons.

Abated Vengeance Blue Hatchling shakes himself off with wings and tail until a comfortable amount of egg mess is off of of him. Then he raises his head proudly as he seems to glide across the sands. There's a lot going on, but those white things! Let's see how much trouble those white things are going to be.

Daranyl looks up and around suddenly, more blues, Chrystyne just impressed, didn't she? What's going on? "Congrats… wai'.. .where'd ev'rybody go?" Dragonets are pairing faster than he can follow.

Chrystyne seems uncertain if she believes Briari or not but before she can form a thought or anything her attention is completely torn away from Briari next to her and towards the hatchling who makes a sudden stop and a slow turn towards…her. "Oh my!" she says weakly as she locks eyes with the Mercenary brown. "Here I am, Marweroeth!" say that three times fast! "I'm your Trysta. Forever!" she declares. "His name is Marweroeth!" is announced for all.

Keldan takes another glance toward his sister quickly as the sands become a near frenzy of itty bitty dragon activity. "Who the heck cleans up all the mess out here, anyway? I never..you know..see anyone doing it." There's enough shell laying about to be confetti! Keeping an eye on each of the roaming dragons seems to be getting difficult though, and the boy's gaze darts back and forth. From one, to the next..and then another. "Why can't /they/ sit still and we go roaming about instead?"

Briari steps off to the side as the brown lumbers towards her best friend. With a wide grin, she gives a hard round of applause for Chrystyne. "Congrats! I told you!" She whistles between her lips.

World of Balance Egg explodes from the force of eggwet wings being flung open, casting aside large bits and pieces of the shell that once held it captive. The young dragonet raises it's head, and with eyes whirling red, it bellows to the shapes and sounds surrounding it.

Ethereal Tyrant Gold Hatchling
Forged in nightmares, a beautiful and haunting form composes this vivid dragonet from her narrowly tapered snout and high poised head knobs down to her fatal talons gleaming milky white in the light. Molten copper pools beneath each eye ridge and around large orbs, those same brilliant hues extend from the edges of her wide jaws curled upwards in a sinister glasgow grin and down tall neck ridges. Masculine is her form - muscles twist under a hide of burnished gold on broad shoulders and powerful hind quarters where they thin out at the end of a long whip-like tail. Monstrous wings unfurled take on a life of their own, flickers of gold and flame kiss the tips of wing-spars, the ivory sails bearing a single mottled ring extending across spars of patinated copper. An warning eye sits on each wing, watching with their expressionless gaze all caught in their wake.

A Silver Blue Wraith Hatchling has now taken the steps to be sure he is free of egg glop and spatter, although nothing so undignified as shaking occurred. With a measured gait he moves, slinking along the sands toward the line of candidates.

Crystals in the Dark Bronze Hatchling is nearing the end of his search now. So many candidates have been assessed and found wanting. But what he is looking for is still here. Somewhere. He knows they must be. Then… wait! There he is! The hatchling locks eyes on a particular candidate, practically charging forward with sudden purpose.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Crystals in the Dark Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Abated Vengeance Blue Hatchling peers around him, stopping at one group of candidates but as soon as he notices there's a girl there, he hisses and backs up quickly. Nope. NOPE! He backpedals for a moment, then continues on the line of candidates. The blue puffs up in agitation then slowly deflates. His is still out there! Has to be!

Ethereal Tyrant Gold Hatchling tilts her head from left to right before sweeping the fragments of her clutchmates eggs all around her in a defiant display. She lowers her chin to the ground, sniffing the sands while that tail still flickers in agitation. Then, she rises on haunches, throwing open her wings as she lets out a shrill hiss to the masses.

Kyra drops her arm from Keldan's shoulders if only to shake out her robe some more, shrugging at him as she points out, "Ever tried to keep a bunch of babies standing still? Good luck." She is startled by Chrystyne's Impression so nearby only to clap her hands once, eyes a bit round. Congratulations? Eesh. Despite her warning to Daranyl, she is quick to eyeball the blue that fell out of her own favorite egg with curious scrutiny, blinking when 'the gold' falls out of the other, "Oh, hey, there she is." That's… probably not the most fanfare applied to a gold hatchling before, "…and she's grumpy."

A Silver Blue Wraith Hatchling is careful, methodical in his precision to looking over those he is presented with. Each candidate considered before rejection as he moves along until it seems he may not find what he is searching for. Still, he is not panicked or frightened, just moving with a sort of grim determination.

Trysta calls to Marweroeth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Ilyse blinks as the last of the eggs is hatched, and Ilyse is leaning forward, watching the pair of blues with curiosity, eyes darting to the gold briefly in turn. "Oh, wow.."

F'mar is searching for food to feed his new lifemate, following the weyrling staff to where the food is located. Making sure to keep an eye on Yukenth so the doesn't eat too fast. "I know you're hungry but don't rush eating there is more than enough there for you so slow down.." He barely notices the others still left on the sand or the hatchlings except for the gold whose is given a momentary examination before his attention is returned to Yukenth.

Daranyl's head jerks up as the last egg hatches and he takes an automatic step-step back from the angry gold, almost oblivious in that sudden moment of shock., then he reaches up, grasping his head and slips to one knee, his eyes locked on the little bronze, "Loud… too loud… Who's yellin'? Shar-" He stiffens suddenly, as if scored, then leans forward, his hand vibrating nervously, to touch the bronze nose before him, "Wha'? Czaiath? Food? Keep yer voice down, m'head's spinnin'." He gives it an indicative shake, "D'nyl? Is tha'… okay. Le's getcha some food." He straightens carefully on the hot sands, reaching to stroke down the bronze' neck as he seeks the source of dragony sustenance.

Aglaia blinks a bit when she realizes just what's happened - and, in a risky move, she looks over at Daranyl with a sudden and lopsided smile. "I knew it. I just -knew- it." And, lower, more for herself, she muses, "And I'll bet he is fearless."

Keldan snorts quietly. "You're not exactly always pleasant /roses/ when you wake up, either . And you're not in a cramped egg for it all." There's a quick look at that gold though, lifting his head and nodding ever so slightly along with it. "But..yeah. Cranky I think..might be a bit understating it." There's a slight look of surprise as Daranyl is nearly /charged/ by that bronze. "See, I told him to look out for—oh. Well that's fine then. At least he's not trampled."

Abated Vengeance Blue Hatchling carefully tiptoes across the sands, his tail curled up behind him just in case someone decides to get touchy feely. You no touchy feely, white things! That one and that one, too! The blue hatchling rumbles, swinging his head from side to side before he pauses. There. That's the one! The blue hatchling quickly closes in on his chosen and gently bumps his nose on his candidate's stomach. Mine.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Abated Vengeance Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ethereal Tyrant Gold Hatchling kneads the sand beneath milky talons, then rumbles with irritation as she prances across the sands. Her long tail sashays from side to side while she moves. All these weak and pathetic white things but only one worthy of her attention. Who? Yes… Down the line she ventures.

A Silver Blue Wraith Hatchling has apparently found what he is looking for, coming to a stop in front of slight young lady. As he moves to tilt his head up into hazel eyes, he accidentally brushes against her legs for a moment, leaving no doubt of his choice in the matter today.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Silver Blue Wraith Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Keldan can't truly pay attention to everything at once, and apparently there has been some stealthy sneaking while he was looking elsewhere. The sudden nudge into his stomach has him blinking and looking down in a bit of a rush. Oh good. His guts are still where they should be! Just with the added accessory of a dragon's /face/. "Galgardioth..huh? Well that's a mouthful, isn't it? Kay, kay..we're going." There's a slow move away, inching sideways with a quick flash of a grin at his sister. After all, there's another blue /just/ there. But he's ushering his own off and in the direction of more important things. Like food.

Aglaia grins lopsidedly when Keldan's found out by that hatchling. "I always had a feeling about him," is muttered to whoever's next to her. But then it's right back to egg-watching mode, with just a bit of anxious shifting.

Ethereal Tyrant Gold Hatchling nearly knocks over a pair of candidates not paying attention, it's their fault for being in her way! She warbles as she shakes her head, wings flickering in frustration til THERE! YOU! The gold hatchling stalks directly to her chosen and pushes her snout into her white robe possessively.

Kyra is apparently part of a set, it seems, her attention distracted by Keldan as he gets bumped by one blue only to feel something against her leg and, well, uh, hello. She blinks down at the lithe, sharp-looking blue in front of her, uncertainly touching him on the nose, then the forehead before she says, "Oh. Yeah. Here. This way, come on." She tucks a finger around one of his headknobs and, looking fairly stunned, heads to follow her brother.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ethereal Tyrant Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

As the last of the dragonets finds her lifemates, Ilyse shuffles from foot to foot, glancing down at the sands, then up at the Weyrleaders with a soft sigh.

Aglaia is in the middle of a fresh round of mentally noting this or that or this other thing when everything is interrupted by the physical - and mental - intrusion of another. Her eyes gloss over, her mouth parts, and nothing escapes her for a long time. Finally, in a small voice, she murmurs, "Let's- let's get you food, Valigath." She'll be quick to make her way to where the Weyrlingmasters direct her, even if her brow is burdened by troubled furrows.

Briari glances quickly back and forth as both siblings impress at the same time. "Congrats, Kyra!" She calls over to her other best friend, clapping loudly, and as the gold finds her lifemate, she gives a quick, guarded smile. Wringing her hands together again, she takes in a deep breath to calm her nerves, then gives another bow to the dam and sire once again. One hand reaches up to rub at her shoulder gently before she waits for the excitement to die down and make her way back off the sands. A soft hum slips past her lips as she gives her arms a bit of a sway. Her shoulder bumps into Ilyse's, giving her a grin. "First round is on me."

When all is said and done, (and the bucket of fish heads are gone), Kadesh rises to her feet. She moves out onto the sands, peering down at the shards and shells left in the hatchings wake before turning to the crowd. "I would like to welcome our new weyrlings to Half Moon Bay Weyr. Take this time to settle down, eat and rest with your lifemates as you'll have busy days and nights ahead. A dinner is laid out on the beaches for the residents to enjoy in celebration. For those of you that didn't find your lifemates out on the sands today, don't worry. One day they'll shell, and come looking and they will find out. Keep your chins up. You're welcome to remain residents here within our humble weyr or arrange transport to your homes if you choose." With this, Kadesh bows and moves back into the shadows. There might be one ale left up here.

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