Baby. Food.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.

Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

"Stop eating! Faranth, you've had enough!" These are Aerza's words and they echo through the barracks as she thumps the top of Azminath's head lightly with a fist. "You're going to get a stomachache at this rate!" And apparently her warnings are falling on deaf ears because the blue, cloaked in the darkness of his hide, continues stuffing his face wildly with the meat before him. « Aw shut up Aerza, my stomach's not going to explode! » His words and mind are a fiery blaze that explode across the barracks, crackling and ripe with enthusiasm. Despite herself, Aerza can't help but laugh at it all.

Nae is doing her best to wrangle the hatchlings and their new lifemates, though things are as chaotic as ever. Aerza's words definitely get her attention. "Make sure nobody's eating too quickly or taking bites that are too large, okay? Nice and slow. I know they're all hungry, but do your best to keep them under control. Everybody doing okay?"

"Slow down! Slow down!" Chrystyne…now Trysta implores her young brawn charge. She grabs a chunk and holds it behind her back. "Not until you chew slowly!" is her admonishing words. "You could bite your tongue"

Raelii is sitting crosslegged on the floor feeding Aluath meat, one chunk at a time with the same giddy grin on her face that she wore walking off the sands. She watches him and him only, pretty much oblivious to the rest of the group. Pardon her, but the younger teen is pret-ty damn overwhelmed. And besotted. Sorry, Mur'dah, VERY belatedly, but she's finally found her first crush - a dude who has taken her heart. Every now and then she giggles and answers something, finally admitting, "No, I've never eaten raw meat." There's a very firm, « You should try it then! Because it is quite delicious. » A pause. « Don't you think so Azminath? » Oh, that's when Raelii snaps out of her semi-trance and looks around her. She is not alone! Hai?

« It's amazing! » The fires of Azminath's mind wash over Aluath's, oranges and reds dancing together to match his enthusiasm for the food before him. « Is yours as stingy about food as mine is? » The blue denounces his lifemate even as she begins playing tug of war with a piece of meat still in his mouth. "C'mon, give it up already…you heard the weyrlingmaster. You're doing everything she said not to." He's eating way too fast, way too much, and taking bites that are way too big for his lean frame. But there are no signs of slowing down from that gleaming blue.

Czaiath is already a daunting 4 meters long and his bright, golden mindvoice floods the room indiscriminately, « I think I need that bowl, D'nyl. The meat looks redder and tastier. » D'nyl shakes his head with a grumbling sigh, "Finish this one, firs', ya greedy lump." « But that one looks so much bet-mrph! » Daranyl shoves more meat on Czaiath, forcing him to chew, taking the moment to breath and move towards the couch nearest Ez, "Shoulda warned us they'd be greedy maws. He passes more to Czaiath, trying to keep the little bronze occupied.

"Will he ever stop wanting to eat?" Trysta asks with some dismay as she wrestles a larger bit of food from Marweroeth's maw. A quiet one he seems content to listen to the others with only an interjecting of soothing colors editing from him in pale yellows and pinks that wrap around each of his clutch sibs minds lightly.

"Yes." Nae quickly assures Trysta, just a hint of amusement on her face. "You'll be amazed at how quickly he'll go from wanting nothing but eating to wanting nothing but sleeping. Just as soon as he's done gorging."

The warmth of a summer day, albeit tinged with a meaty scent (thankfully a day not warm enough to bring ranicidity or vtols out) winds in a peachy ribbon back to Azminath - and all the others as well, « So I keep telling her. But no, the pace of feeding is acceptable. » That's probably because he's busy chattering and it's a mouth-too-full-for-brain or something. Raelii is eyed next by the tiny blue and given a snort. The weyrling sighs and… take a tiny nibble from a corner of the meat she's offering. "Alright? Tasted. There, now eat." The chunk is aimed into the maw before her as Raelii's glance takes in the others. D'nyl is chortled at. Yes. At. "Would it have stopped you, Crusty?"

"No kidding. Is he picky?" Aerza grins over to D'nyl and juts her chin over to the bronze, which is about all the leeway Azminath needs to win the piece of meet she and him had been arguing over just a second. The blue swallows it greedily before snatching up another piece. It seems that the darker blue is just a bundle of energy. Eating, talking, tail flicking…it's all happening at once right now. Azminath's swirling gaze moves to Czaiath now and there's a fanning of his flames with excitement, « Ours are rather gruff, aren't they? » Somehow this is amusing.

D'nyl shoves a larger bit at Czaiath, forcing him to work to chew and earning his rider a moment's respite to address his sister, "A bit, yeah." « Not picky! I just deserve the best! » Again, that loud, bright mindvoice floods the room around him with no concern for others. D'nyl rolls his eyes and offers Czaiath another handful of meat gobbets. "He tried to force me to take the couch near the door, too. Insisted I should oust M'rio." « It's the best." The bronze tilts his head to the side, peering at Azminath, « Mine is sad. And happy. He is confusing. » D'nyl adds to Raelii, "No, probably not."

Trysta offers caresses and murmurs of lovings to her brown in between trying to encourage him to eat a little slower. "Um…no…I'm not hungry. Or too hungry for this. It's raw after all." is also heard from her. "Where will we sleep?" the thought occurs to her after a bit of quiet feeding of Marwe. «My Trysta is just right for myself. » he adds to the general clammer of conversation,

To Trysta, "It wasn't… too bad," Raelii asides of the raw meat. Hopefully she won't get sick? "Like rare steak minus the… er, browning." Heh. And then there's a hasty, "No, Aluath, I'll save my appetite for the feast. This is yours." And she keeps that meat going from bowl to dragon, rather than sharing it. There's a snicker again (poor D'nyl!). She thought as much, but no further smart remarks come from the teen focuses as she on the blue in from of her. "When do they…stop?" This is asked of Nae.

"I bet you do…" Aerza can't help but be amused by her brother's bronze. It seems that the sibling's dragons are both willing to flood everyone with conversation. The blue reaches over to thump D'nyl's back with his tail upon the sadness report from Czaiath. « Sad? You haven't see our full greatness yet, cheer up! » The flames of Azminath's mind flicker, sparking as there is deep laughter. It's narcissistic really and deep. HA HA HA HA HA! The blue's teeth flash, as if grinning, an expression that isn't mirrored in Aerza's face. No, she's too busy wrinkling her brow over at D'nyl. "Hey…you alright?"

"When they get full." Nae answers Raelii, distracted by one of the blues that seems to be gobbling down very quickly. "Then as soon as they're hungry, they'll start right up again. They eat quite a lot while they're young and growing. It's perfectly normal."

D'nyl shrugs at Ez, for she'll always be Ez to him, "Jus' thinkin', I guess. 'N' my hea' hur's from his talkin'." He gives Czaiath a good-natured rub to show no hard feelings on the matter. He tries to offer Czaiath more meat, then stumbles forward at the unexpected tail-thump, causing Czaiath to jerk after the missed meat and then roll into Azminath's side with an audible, « Aaaaagh! »

Finally slowing his chewing down, Marweroeth is approaching the 'full' meter. Abruptly his head swivels away from the last morsel offered by Trysta to let his attention wander the others as they eat. « You are getting enough to eat? » is projected with concern to all. Trysta too copies her life mate's look around as she rubs her messy hands absently on her candidates robes. "It's all unreal." she murmurs more to herself than anyone else around her. Her gaze lingers in the pair of dragons bonded to one set of the siblings within this weyrling class. A gasp escapes her as the bronze rolls into the blue. "Are they okay?" Marie ambles forward a pace or two to try to help, his tail jerking from side to side.

After Nae answers, "Hear that?" Raelii says pertly to Aluath, "If you get fat, it's YOUR fault, not mine." The tiny blue nudges her and opens his mouth again, a hint if there ever was one. Raelii rolls her eyes and tosses the last piece into his mouth. The bright voice of Czaiath and Azminath's replies wash over Raelii like so much background noise (still overwhelmed here!), but it's likely being stored up by Aluath for later contemplation and questioning. He cocks his head curiously at the rolling pair and, without taking his eyes off them flicks out a tongue to lick the juices from the bowl Raelii is holding. « I am full. » A pause, then a burp. « Wait… may have room for a few bites now. »

There's a hearty laugh from Azminath when Czaiath bumps into him, but he utilizes all the confusion. Since his own food has run out, the blue cranes his neck out and stretches his lean frame to snatch the meat from Daranyl's hands. This of course results in a less than pleased Aerza. "Azminath!" Does the blue care that he's now rolling on the ground with the bronze? Apparently not. Instead, he shoots a draconic grin to Mar from around a mouthful of food in reply, « Not nearly, mine is stingy. » Nevermind that he's had more than enough to eat. Aerza groans, running a hand over her face before reaching down to thump Az between the head knobs with a fist again (lightly). "He's just a dolt." And there it is, that flaming laughter from him once more. HA HA HA HA HA!

Czaiath bugles in surprise as Azminath steals some of his meat, a deep, rolling noise of brass and a burst of mental light that accompanies it as he gets up on top, pressing one paw onto the smaller blue while he raises the other. Who's the master? D'nyl just tosses some meat at the bronze, who opens his mouth to catch it, waiting for the blue's response. D'nyl nods to Raelii, "Oh, they're fine. The scamps."

Trysta yawns suddenly before looking surprised at that. Clearly she wasn't tired before but now… she's confused until she sees Marweroeth is noticed sleeping sprawled out in the middle of the floor. "Oh." surprise?!

Raelii facepalms at Aluath, too tired and dazed to realize her hand is covered with meat juice. Oops. She sniggers, swipes at her face with the sleeve of her robe and pushes herself to her feet to make her way to where the meat is kept. "You may have three more," she tells Aluath. "That's all that burp was worth. And you're going to sleep after that." Because she is going to that feast. Those bites are used to lure the tiny blue to where the couches are, fed to him as he ambles about sniffing at first one then the other couch, finally chooses a bed. He heaves and wriggles, grunting annoyance at his failure, then with Raelii's help and heave under his butt, tumbles into one far too large for his tiny self. Raelii settles beside him…just to get him to drift off. At least that's the plan.

Master? There isn't a hint of remorse in Azminath's swirling eyes when Czaiath plants a paw on his chest. Instead, the blue butts his head against the bronze's, chewing defiantly while he does so. "Who do they remind you of right now?" Aerza can't help but shoot a grin in her brother's direction, though her attention soon shifts to the other dragons as they begin to fall asleep. "Maybe you two should take a page from their book, hm?" The guard is quite suddenly looking over the bronze-blue brothers, though Azminath doesn't seem like he's in any mood to snooze. His tongue snakes out, licking his maw before there's a fiery flare of the dragon's mind. « Let's go explore! » Yes, now. Right now!

Czaiath stumbles back, shaking his head rapidly back and forth while Daran just chuckles at them, "Oh, they're bringin' back memories, alrigh'. Come on, you." « But I'm not done! I have to win! » The bronze' words are accentuated by a sudden huge yawn enough to rattle the rafters. "No you don'. Ye've go' turns lef' ta work it ou'. Inta bed wit' ya." D'ny gives a shove, but the bronze doesn't really need to be told twice as he pads into the couch, which has a lot of growing to do to fill, and works on curling up to sleep.

Azminath rolls to his feet as Aerza resorts to simply shaking her head. "No exploring today…maybe tomorrow." Honestly, it looks like the former guard has aged several turns in the past couple of hours. Unfortunately for her, the blue is trying to make a beeline to the door which results in the red-haired lass wrestling him down and dragging him to couch by his tail. Then, just as they've finally gotten themselves settled, « Aerza….my stomach HURTS! » There it is, the beginning of a long night of complaining and whining. "I /told/ you to stop eating, dammit!" Hopefully they'll get some sleep despite the stomach pain.

Having managed to rouse Marweroeth somewhat to lurch sleepily to a couch, Trystya drags covers from a nearby cot to settle down next to the spicy scented brown. "Alright, i'll lay with you for a minute or two."

Somewhere in there, Raelii drifts off. Also somewhere in there a blue tail twines about her waist and one ankle to tighten firmly. His! The two sleep deeply, tangled together, oblivious to noise, lights, grumbling, whining, snoring until something more urgent - likely Aluath's need to relieve himself - awakens them both towards dawn. Now won't THAT be just awesome?

D'nyl doesn't even think about it, he just settles in beside Czaiath, feeling more comfortable on the ground beside the dragon than he would in a cot. The fact that he'll be shovelling the result of this feeding into a bin by tomorrow hasn't registered yet, poor boy. When Azminath starts to whine, Czaiath likely only makes it worse, telling him to be quiet, then trying to silence him. This may be a long night for everyone involved.

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