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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

It's early evening and the dragonets are- well, doing what dragonets do. Eating. Sleeping. Demanding oilings. Or, in Valigath's case, lounging in her wallow with her paws resting on the edge - digits splayed, of course - so that Aglaia can clean them. "They're clean," the girl's saying with an audible huff while she works a cloth over the pale, pale talons. "And if you'd stop -crushing- the meat before eating it, you'd stay a lot cleaner, too." Whatever the answer is? It's painful enough to elicit a wince.

"No, Czaiath, you mos' certainly can' change cots." Czaiath's bright mind is still broadcasting loudly, but at least it's bright, and not the dark, fiery horror it became their first morning when D'nyl didn't have his food ready in time, « And why not? Don't you want the best for me? » D'nyl sighs, "Because it took long 'nuff with you eatin' so much ta get my stuff moved th' firs' time. 'N' I like this one." They've changed cots twice already since the hatching and it seems that the flustered bronze weyrling is finally putting his foot down on the matter even as he's rubbing oil in along the already notably growing young dragon's neckridges, turning towards Aglaia, as the nearest awake right now, he grumbles, "Why can' he jus' be happy with wha' he's got?" « I heard that. And is that oil organically sourced and ethically obtained? » That one just makes D'nyl pause and stare at the bronze, "Wha' th'….?"

Aluath is likewise on his couch, though he's lounging on his back, legs casually flopped akimbo with his neck hanging over the edge and his upside down head in Raelii's lap. The tiny blue is the picture of utter relaxation, his jaws are parted, eyes half-lidded while his lifemate busily works a string between each tooth. "You're drooling," Raelii says with a giggle before lifting her head to peer over at Aglaia in time to catch that wince. "What'd she-?" Say would be the final word to that question, but then D'nyl's grumbling distracts her. The look on his face - priceless! She bends over Aluath, rests her forehead on the tip of his muzzle, heedless of her hair tumbling over and into that still open maw and sniggers helplessly.

There's another grimace from Aglaia as Valigath raises her voice from uncomfortably loud 'inside voice' to uncomfortably loud 'outside voice', which means her siblings will - unfortunately - bear the brunt of her smoke-and-fire voice, coupled as it is with the shrieking of malfunctioning machinery. « These are ALL mine! » Her ring-marked wings span wide, covering the two nearest - and wholly unoccupied - cot and wallow combos. « ALL of these. And those as well! » Which, let's face it, includes any and all unclaimed cots. Because it's Valigath. Suddenly riled, she shifts to stand and practically prances in place, head swinging toward the food. « That is also mine. Bring it to me. I wish to destroy all of it. » Aglaia, for her part, is pinching the bridge of her nose with terrible force. In answer to Raelii, she offers, "She doesn't like being told 'no'. Or 'not now'. Or 'that makes no sense at all'." And to D'nyl? "I wish I knew. I really, really do."

« That's not fair! » Czaiath knocks D'nyl over in his haste, his dark, gold-spotted wings flaring out in obvious challenge to the gold as his mind goes suddenly black shot through with anger-wreathed purples and blues, his eyes whirling a rapid red-orange, « What if more come? They will need to sleep, too. You do not need all of them! » D'nyl, for his part, will just lay there on the ground, though he does roll to the side to stay out of the dragons' ways.

Aglaia is given a look of sympathy just before the laughing fit, though the grating reverberation of Valigath shared from Aluath to Raelii's mind brings that to a screeching halt. Now it's the teen who winces. "Great Faranth!" Now she understands. Aluath is not immune to the flare of conflict around him, though the only way he reacts is to fully open his eyes while the tip of his tail twitches once and his toes curl. In a ribbon of peach that curls to tickle the smoke and dark purples of the others, « You may have them; I only need one. But the meat you'll share, right? Because otherwise we'd starve. » Calm, pragmatic is he as he prods Raelii with the tip of his muzzle. Please, continue the flossing eh? Thus nudged, Raelii does as bidden but absently so, while keeping a fascinated eye on the other two. Four. Ahem. Please don't kill anyone?

« Who ever said it had to be fair? » Shrill, tittering laughter echoes in the shared mental space of dragons and Valigath -dances- in place, paws lifting and lowering with a terrible scraping of claws on stone. « Besides, » she adds with a mental gust of smoke and sparks, « how do you KNOW I do not need them? Hmm? If there are others, they will have plenty of places to sleep. » Aglaia can only give Raelii a nod and strained smile while she hastens to get the meat. Maybe, just maybe, if she feeds the machine, it'll stop being so loud! Aluath's words are regarded by Valigath with the draconic equivalent of narrowed eyes. « It is all mine! Every morsel! » "It is -not- and will you -please- try to eat normally? Without squishing it all over? You can't keep the meat with you anyway. All you can have is all you can eat - and then it'll just come back out again." And -how-.

Oh, that does it! Czaiath bounds between Valigath and Aluath with a brassy klaxxon of a bugle, « You cannot have all the meat. We all need the food. We all need to eat! All the riders say it! Just because we are not hungry now doesn't mean that we won't be! » Red eyes lock on Valigath, his tail flicking wildly with little regard for what he might upend during his dominance display « You are selfish and should learn to share! » D'ny groans where he is, seated beside his wallow, "Czaiath! Jus' leave off! 'Glaia won' let her actually take everythin' 'n' you need ta be oiled!" There's a pleading note in his tone that was nearly unheard of prior to his impression that's now becoming all too common.

Valigath raises her physical voice - which isn't any more pleasant than her mental one - as she meets the challenge, even going so far as to rear up with wings spread. Lurid red eyes fix on Czaiath and she doesn't back down. And why would she? She's bigger, see. « You should learn to defend what is yours! That wallow is now mine! » Czaiath's, that is. Aglaia drops the bucket of meat on the ground and plants her hands at her hips. A vein is going spastic at her temple - and the headache she's suffering is probably (translation: definitely) insufferable. "Stop. Now. This? This here is YOUR meat. That? Is YOUR wallow. Eat now, or I'll personally start feeding it to Aluath and Czaiath." Which is enough. The mental protests are turned directly to the weyrling goldrider, even while the gold herself starts prying meat out of the bucket with her claws to start methodically squishing it on the ground. A long-suffering look of empathy is turned toward D'nyl and she tries a smile that's struggling to hold up. "… I really hope they aren't like this always."

Yukenth is comfortably sleeping after a good meal totally unaware of the argument going on around him until things get strident «Hey can't a fellow get some sleep around here?» He wiggles around until he finds just the right spot before starting to slowly go back to sleep. F'mar sighs as the commotion goes on around him then can't help laughing at Yukenth's statement, "I wonder if he's going to be like this after every meal…or if this is just what young dragons do?"

Czaiath rears up, his jaw working open in an obvious intent, then, just as suddenly as Aglaia manages to call Valigath to (some semblance of) order, D'nyl is right in front of his bronze, "YOU WON'!" GLOWER! He shoves the little bronze in his chest, "You gowan back ta yer wallow so I can finish oilin' ya, ya grea' brute. I'll no' have ya tryin' ta hur' yer siblin's. Tha's no' fair ta their riders, is it?" That does it and the bronze seems to wilt a little, waddling back to his wallow with his tail almost literally between his legs, one can almost imagine the string of apologies he's sending more quietly do his rider, who just shakes his head, then looks over at F'mar, "Dunno. Righ' now they're all like this, yeah?" He shifts to include Aglaia as well as he grabs a brush and more (likely organic) oil, "They're still kids, yeah? Maybe they'll grow out of it some."

F'mar shrugs his shoulders, "You're probably right and they'll grow out of it at some point" followed by a whispered "I hope…" as he looks at his lifemate sound asleep after a good meal and oiling. "I can see we're going to have our work cut out for us that's for sure!"

Muttered: "He is NOT taking your bloody wallow and you STOP that right now." Aglaia's stream of barely audible thought continues while the gold goes through the hideous motions of meat-crushing and eating. No apologies are given to Yukenth - though the fact that he doesn't get hit with a mental flaring of heat and smoke is probably as good as an apology. Valigath is fully in feeding mode, which, fortunately, means she's distracted by what is HERS. Only once things seem to be settled does the young woman slump onto her cot, cradle her face in her hands, and say, "They had better or, I swear, I'm going to find a way to turn those oiling paddles into dragon-butt whipping-paddles." Serious? Joking? Hard to tell. "I'm so sorry, I really am."

"Shards, yes we will." D'nyl slaps perhaps a bit harder than necessary as he lays on another handful of oil, but Czaiath just hums in delight while his lifemate sighs, "Me too, 'Glaia. I can' believe he did tha'." And he's acted out plenty as it is, "'M surprised Nae hasn' come runnin' ta tell us ta no' wake th' Weyr. Don' worry, Fir, all kids grow up, righ'? Yer th' harper, you'd know."

F'mar struggles mightly to not laugh, he really does "I umm ahhh well D'nyl some don't grow up ever, but I'm sure our bunch will grow up to be outstanding dragons, an example to all the young dragons…well that or they'll destroy the weyr." He pauses to look at Yukenth's sleeping form with a smile, "Hopefully we'll all survive this."

Were the two squabbling dragons full grown, Raelii would be gawping and looking for a table to crawl under. As it is, they're babies and so-gosh-darn-cute in their tiny rage that she can't help but laugh. In the attempt to swallow her chortling she winds up gulping air and starts hiccuping. Of the meat, and with an air of pretended resignation, Aluath sighs, « Fine. You'll be the only dragon left alive on the entire planet. You'll get lonely, and when you do? Don't come crying to me. » Though he perks hopefully when Aglaia promises to feed him Valigath's meat, and shoots his gold sibling a surreptitiously smug look. It's not peeled grapes, but at least he won't starve? Raelii's face is getting red from holding her breath. Trying not to laugh? Hiccup? Both. She keeps to her task. Busy-busy.

Valigath spans her wings out as if to partially shield her bucket o' squishable meatstuffs from the others. Just in case, see. This is HERS. Even if, honestly, she's just making a bloody mess on the floor before eating it. At one point, she thrusts her blood-coated paw out at Aglaia, who turns it down with a glower. "You finish eating and then I'll wash you up. I'm not going to do it like last time." Protest is a rattling hiss from the gold and a mantling of her wings, but the moment passes. "I'm pretty sure," is angled to F'mar, "that if she can't have it - she'll destroy it. No matter what 'it' is." And then it's to D'nyl with a low, sharp laugh and a slight shake of her head. "S'okay. They're- I think it's all okay now." Until Aluath speaks and that's when the blistering mental heat roils forth again. « Then it will ALL be MINE and that is as it should be! » Kweeheehee! « I will be able to do what I like! » It wouldn't be as funny if she weren't dead serious.

D'nyl snorts at something more quiet that Czaiath says and gives the bronze a thump before adding more oil, "I thin' they all need a shardin' timeou'. Bu' then they'd jus' destroy somethin' else." Angry bronze and gold seem to have gone back to (mostly) only haranguing their riders (for now). Though Czaiath does opine in a mental stage-whisper to Aluath, « I wouldn't want to be her friend anyway. » So. There. Daran just rolls his eyes, trying to work oil into that awkward crevasse between the bronze's foreleg and body, "Be nice, Czaiath. She's yer sis'er, yeah?"

F'mar pictures crossbows at 30 yards, exactly who would be holding them he's not quite sure at this moment "We all need to get along, and when we're done training the we can worry bout who will take over the weyr…or bunk or something." He is so glad that Yukenth is content to eat and sleep for now and hopes that he will keep his relaxed attitude throughout his weyrlinghood.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Nae booms out as she rushes into the barracks, a little late to be breaking up this particular kerfuffle. She has a deep frown on her face, brow knit in annoyance. "Someone want to explain to me what's going on here?"

"Do they make corners big enough for dragons?" That's what Aggie wants to know. Then, in a queer, simultaneous event, Valigath's eyes flash yellow-orange and one of Aglaia's shoulders lurches up a little. "Are you kidding? Seriously. You can't be growing -that- fast." Evidently she is, though, for there's an odd, discolored patch on the gold's corresponding shoulder. The girl hastens to get oil to take care of this new problem, even while another is developing: the meat bucket is empty. Oh. Right. And also, there's a Weyrlingmaster. "Great," was supposed to just be a thought, but nope. "I- no. I mean. There was something, but it's fine. Vali-" is not a name to be shortened, as it turns out and Aglaia scrambles to finish with a wince, "Valigath was being greedy in the worst way and voices were raised."

Nope not him he's got enough sense left in him to keep quiet and just watch the unfolding drama. Firamar is extremely happy that Yukenth is still asleep with nothing seeming to be able to wake him short of a cave in.

D'nyl makes a vague motion to his bronze, adding on to Aglaia's explanation, "'N' Czaiath took offense 'n' tried ta defen' th' world." The bronze grumbles and receives a clout for his insolence, "Shut it, Czaiath. We managed ta resolve it withou' bloodshed." Barely, but he wont' admit that unless he's called out on it. "'N' how're you 'n' yer Kaiath, ma'am?" Ooooh, someone's sucking up.

Nae arches her eyebrow and taps her foot, clearly not pleased with the explanations she receives. D'nyl's attempt to butter her up is ignored entirely. "Aglaia. D'nyl. Listen closely." She begins. "Your lifemates have given you certain responsibilities. Aglaia, one day you'll be a weyrwoman. D'nyl, you could very easily end up as weyrleader if Czaiath proves an able chaser. That means you both need to learn leadership. This is your first test." She glances to the dragons before looking back to the weyrlings. "When they grow and mature, your lifemates will be able and equal partners. But right now, they're basically big, impressionable children. It's your responsibility to guide them, to teach them how to properly behave. You basically have to be a parent to them. When they get out of control, you need to gently but firmly guide them back. You can't count on them to control themselves at this age. Do you both understand?"

Valigath couldn't care less; she's too busy staring at her blood-soiled paws and making a faint sound of protest for that and the itchy spot. There's nothing to be done for it now, though; Nae's speaking and Aglaia's doing her best to listen despite the other set of protests that must be rattling around in her head. The oil bucket and cloth and everything else are just held for the moment and, at the end, she offers a stiff nod of understanding. "Of course, Weyrlingmaster. I'd like to think we did okay," which is to say it could have gone much better, but… no ichor was shed, right? "But, um. I'll - we'll," she glances to Valigath to include her in this, "do better. I'm sorry."

Yup silence was definitely the best move on his part and on his lifemates part, Firamar is content that Yukenth's only protest was being woken up while trying to sleep and doesn't envy either Aglaia or D'nyl.

Responsible parenting…clearly Aerza is not one. The red-haired lass enters the barracks with Azminath's tail slung over one shoulder and the blue himself flopped down on the floor as she drags him behind her. "No. More. Caverns. Food." It's rather comical really, a stark contrast with the tension-filled barracks they are entering. « Did you guys FIGHT? Let me join in! » The burst of flames erupting from Azminath's mind can only be described as enthusiastic. It isn't fair that he didn't get to be in on the brawl. "Shut up, Min…" Aerza hisses this over her shoulder and gives the blue's tail a flick before glancing around.

A warm ribbon of summer's breath, less flippant and more wistful, curls outwards from the prone Aluath as he whispers back in reply to Czaiath, « I just want to be alive. » He's lying belly-up but doesn't want to actually go belly-up, see? "She can't starve you," chokes Raelii, still trying to master the hiccup-laughs. She has no idea what F'mar's picturing over there, but she does nod to his voiced opinion. Nae's arrival causes her to jump slightly and suddenly she's having MUCH better luck controlling her mirth. She? Is flossing her dragon's teeth. The tiny blue's head is cradled in her lap while the rest of him lolls lazily on his back in his couch. For once the chaos isn't her doing. She continues, but listens to the lecture while sending sidelong glances to the pair under the gun. Not a peep from her!

D'nyl takes a breath and lets it out, his jaw clenching a bit, "See, Czaiath? You've gotta be good fer my sake." Yeah… that's not what Nae said. Czaiath rumbles, making sure everyone hears him when he opines, « No. She said you should be knider when you don't like what I'm doing. » Ez' arrival is fortuitous in drawing attention, or, really, laughter, D'nyl pointing one oily hand at his sister, "Wha' th' shards happened ta him?"

Nae narrows her eyes a little more at Aglaia. "As I understand it, your lifemate's greed and bullying nearly provoked a fight. We must have different ideas of what it is to 'do okay'. You're going to be responsible for all the people of this weyr. You have to push yourself to achieve the very best." There's a brief warning glance towards Aerza and Azminath, but soon she's back to glaring at the two subjects of her scolding. "… I want you two up an hour earlier than usual before lessons tomorrow. You'll be running laps. Not walking, running. Disciplined bodies lead to disciplined minds." There's just a hint of a grin on her face for a fleeting moment.

A loud rumble sounds from Yukenth's direction as some undigested bit of herdbeast is registering its complaint at being chewed and eaten. A twitch is all that comes Yukenth ward as he continues to sleep the sleep of the satiated.

"Nothing happened to him…he didn't want to leave the caverns so I made him." By force. Clearly. Not that Azminath protests being dragged around. In fact, the gleaming blue looks like he's rather enjoying himself as the pair move towards their cot. His eyes are lidded over and his maw is parted in a draconic grin while Aerza strains against his weight. The red-haired lass will dip her head at the warning glance from Nae, she's not butting into that conversation. Azminath on the other hand… « Did she steal some of your food too, Czaiath? » This one doesn't seem to have a filter, and it results in a quiet groan from the former guard.

"I meant that we did okay after things started. It didn't escalate, even if it -could- have," is the only clarification Aglaia offers. Her posture's gone stiff, of course, and her expression's grim - but whether for what Nae's saying or some other unhearable thing it's hard to say. Once the decree is made, she gives a shallow nod of acknowledgment. "Of course. Thank you, Weyrlingmaster." And, with that presumed dismissal - or perhaps out of an unbearable urgency - she moves to quickly apply oil to the itchy portion of Valigath's hide. And for those who can feel her, the gold is -seething-. Seething - but wordless. For once. Maybe she's just too appalled at the state of her paws, which is the next thing on Aggie's 'to do' list.

Raelii lifts her head to stare at Aerza. "You took him in the caverns?" Or he went in despite her, but no, Raelii doesn't think to re-phrase that. There just might be a wee bit of admiration in her hazel eyes, but she is all proper decorum when her gaze shifts back to Nae to listen. Aluath remains on his back, relaxed while his teeth are cleaned, but oh, he's sensing the roiling from Valigath. He's keeping a wary eye on her.

D'nylmoves down along Czaiath's spine, working the oil in as best he can, but it never really seems to be enough, there's always more itches for the tired weyrling to scratch. Nae's words earn a resigned snort, "Yeah yeah. M'body's fit 'nuff, 's his sense o' propriety I'm havin' trouble controllin'. Bu' I'll run yer laps." Czaiath snorts, twining his neck around to look more closely at Azminath, « She tried to steal from Aluath. I told her that was unfair. The discussion got… heated. » D'nyl just shakes his head, then suddenly flushes when Czaiath turns his attention on Nae, « Why does he feel funny when he sees you? ??

Nae uncrosses her arms, relaxing a little. "Well then. I hope that lesson sticks. I'll leave you to your oiling. Get plenty of sleep tonight, everyone. These two aren't the only ones who'll have exercises in the morning. Candidacy was just a warm up!" With that ominous message, she turns to depart.

"He likes the food. He's still small enough to fit at least…and he doesn't make too much of a mess." Aerza finally drops Azminath's tail and drops onto their couch before letting out a loud huff. She shoots a tiny grin in Raelii's direction before glancing down at the metallic blue who has finally rolled onto his legs and is glancing between the bronze and gold. « I stole your food yesterday and you didn't get angry! BWUAHAHAHAHAHA! » There's that signature laugh from the the blue, who seems to think all of this is just one big laugh.

« I did NOT, » and, oh, but there's that blast of smoke and fire again, « steal from Aluath! » Valigath's head snaps up and swivels around, red-orange eyes fixated on Czaiath. « Or is your memory -that- short? » Which is precisely as far as it gets, when Aglaia steps in mentally, if not physically; let's face it, nearly seven meters of dragon is too much dragon for unathletic her to try to wrestle into submission. Her tone is measured, if forced through clenched teeth. "This ends now, Valigath. Let it go. And I don't care if -he- doesn't, -you- need to. Understand? Now sit there and get your paws there and I'll clean you up." And that's exactly what will transpire, though not without further grumbling - purely for the girl - being involved.

Cue a wince followed by a glare from Raelii when D'nyl drags Aluath into it! "He was finished eating," she says to Nae quickly. Clearly so, because he was having his teeth flossed! Yep, the tiny blue would have lain there on his back and allowed his big sis to declare all of his stuff hers. Aaaand her thoughts are made crystal clear when the sunlight that is Aluath pierces through the smoke and clarifies with, « I would not curl up and die, I'd get Azminath to help me sneak food. » A beat. « Maybe from the caverns. Valigath can't own that too. » He tilts his head to direct one eye up and pins it on Raelii questioningly to confirm that. Raelii is suddenly having trouble breathing - again. She shrugs helplessly, shoots Aerza a crooked grin in return and silently returns to her task while convulsing in silent laughter. When that's done, she'll be putting him to bed. And trying not to continue cackling, of course.

Valigath can own everything. If Czaiath doesn't stop her. The draconic exchange just makes D'nyl groan, "Don' encourage 'em!" Czaiath starts to speak, that bright light encompassing everyone before D'ny snaps out, "Donchu dare. Leave it. Y'all'll have plen'y o' time ta figh'. Now ya nee' ta sit still so I can oil ya 'fore ya sleep." « I'm not tired! » "Yes ya are. I know these things. 'N' le's jus' keep them out o' th' caverns 'fore we end up doin' laps all nigh', too."

"He doesn't bother the other people in the caverns." Except Eryzan. "I'm sure he'll learn his lesson when he gets punished. I take more issue with him never wanting to come back." Aerza shoots a little glare towards Azminath, who still doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Oh yes, they'll be going to the caverns again. The metallic blue drapes himself across his lifemate's lap before responding to Aluath with a burst of enthusiasm. « I'll show you the good things they have in the caverns…stay away from the stew. » And with that, his eyes are lidding over…not to sleep, but to enjoy the scritches from Aerza who is also falling silent.

D'nyl finishes rubbing the oil in just in time as Czaiath gives a huge yawn and settles down, his rider, smartly, curling up beside him a moment later, "See ya fer laps in th' mornin', Ez."

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