Shame? What's That?

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

D'nyl ducks under the ruffle, but doesn't bother to bat her hand away, "I don' wanna spoil him too much or he'll jus' get more unreasonable. 'N' 'tween him insistin' on th' best 'n' tha' everythin' be fair 'n' Valigath's always insistin' on havin' everythin' fer herself. They've nearly come ta blows a coupla times alrea'y."

Sundari grns a it. "Well then a gift for later." She has her oconnections! "It'll get better with time. There young and need to learn. They are basicly dragon babies." She says with a shrug of her shoulders. "Just.. think of them all being like Sarina?" Well that's an idea! "Irk would dig holes in the trianing yard trying to find the sea."

D'nyl snorts, giving his head a shake, "Tha's wha' Nae sai'. Tha' we've gotta keep 'em in line 'n' teach 'n' guide 'me, bu' 'M no'… I mean, I'm good with Li'l Bit, but she's no' as…" He makes a vague motion with one hand, hoping she'll understand his implication where his words fail him, "Suppose I shoul' jus' be glad he does more sleepin' than anythin' else righ' now, huh?"

It would seem that Valigath's clean enough and full enough and oiled enough to sleep - and, thus, Aglaia's free for the time being to get some fresh air and a little bit of distance from the domineering gold. She's looking rather more exhausted than some of the other weyrlings and, when she ventures closer to the sound of voices, it's purely by sound; her eyes are shut, the bridge of her nose is pinched betwen the fingers of a hand and she's breathing slowly through her nose and mouth.

Sundari nods while smiling a touch. "Nae is right, give them time you know?" This questioned with an amused tone. "Teach them, show them, and try to answer there questions." She chuckles a bit. "Yep, there come a time where they /won't/ sleep that much do enjoy this little break." While you can! Irk warbles out a it and looks over to Aglaia, whom he greets. Sunny looks over and grins. "Run away its a goldie!"

D'nyl snorts, giving Sundari a shove, too tired to pretend he doesn't feel, "I'll jus' be glad when we're no' shovellin' up affer 'em, hones'ly. Hey, 'Glaia. She finally lettin' ya res'?"

"… I just spent the last hour explaining to her why we can't have nice things." The deadpan utterance is a perfect match for Aggie's expression; if it's a joke, it's being told with the straightest face imaginable. "She'll probably sleep for another hour or two." She hopes. "But she never lets me rest, really. She dreams. A lot. Does Czaiath do that?" One shoulder lifts, drops, and she looks blearily at Sundari at her words, only to add, "No need to run. A brisk walk will work just as well at this point."

Sundari swattyswats out at D'nyl while grinning a bit. A soft laugh escapes her. "Yeah.. That an't much fun. I'm glad to some degree I got a blue." Not as big to be shoveling up after a point! "It happens. I can't recall all the sleepless night I had with Irk. I swear some lessons I can't even recall I was so sleep deprived."

D'nyl groans sympathetically, "Always. Usually jus' bigh'ness 'n' warmth, bu' sometimes words 'n' feelin's. It can be more overwhelmin' than when he's awake. Wai'… lessons? How 'n' cracked shells're we s'pposed ta learn somethin' when we can barely stan'?"

Aglaia stretches a little, sucking in a breath and letting it out sharply. There's a shallow, singular nod to D'nyl that ends with her brow pinching itself up. "Hers are… weird. Bright and chaotic and… weird." Her attention slides to Sundari, "Does Irkevalath dream, too?" A beat, then: "… oh, triple drat." Lessons. Her face falls a bit. "I almost forgot we'll have to do all that." She flicks a look to her fellow weyrling and offers a sympathetic smile that's strained at the edges. "Maybe we'll be getting more sleep by then. Maybe they'll stop dreaming a bit, too, because…" Seriously. Too much. She sucks her teeth and looks back to Sundari again to ask, "Which ones do you remember?"

"Over time it'll get easier, be second nature in a sense. Along with the thought that you won't remember live /without/ them being there." Sundari offers with a soft smile to the pair while she looks up to Irk. The blue rumbles out a soft agreement while he stays sitting rather proud like still. He knows how to falut it for certain. Sunny smiles to Aglaia. "Yeah he still dreams. I don't always pay attention to them now, save when I'm tired or sick then the link drops somewhat and his thoughts hit me harder. He dreams about.. strange things at times." She'll leave it at that. Irk is not a sane dragon a times, mood swings from roary to growly, to snuggly and friendly.. Totally ADD for a dragon! "No worries there teach you plenty of them and repeatedly. Like.. Strap making, hunting, flying, mating flights all that jazz."

"Sometimes, when I'm asleep when he is, it feels like he's tryin' ta tell me somethin', somethin' I need ta do. 'Shard ta put my finger on. Somethin' importan'. Maybe it'll come clearer when he's older." A deep breath rushes out as a tired sigh from D'nyl, "There're parts o' my life I don' thin' I coul' forget, not ever." A shudder runs through him, then another at the mention of mating flights, "I don'… tha' scares me more'n any o' th' rest o' it."

"I wish her dreams were like that." Aglaia shudders a little at the thought and, after a sidelong look to D'nyl, her gaze tracks back to Sundari while she speaks. Her smile manifests in lopsided fashion, both for the explanation - and, of course, at the blue's posturing. She reaches out with a hand to offer it to Irk, even while she seems to understand all too well what the bluerider's talking about. It's at the lessons bit that her nose wrinkles. And of those? It's the same that troubles D'nyl that elicits a thin shiver. "Ye-eah. The mating flights. That-" a flicked look is angled toward the barracks, where a certain, absolutely terrible gold slumbers. "… I'm pretty sure that will not end well for anyone."

Sundari is standing next to D'nyl talking to him and Aglaia, while Irkevalath is there being all primp and proper like. No laughing now. The blue lowers his nose to nuzzle and slurp out at that offered hand of Aglaia's. "The mating flight lesson isn't that bad. Just lessons on what to expect honestly." She ponders it a moment. "It was a interesting lesson though so I can understand how you lot might think about it." She waves a hand slightly. "You guys have a lot of time ahead of you. Just give them some time. Irk likes to give me thoughts all the time, not that I listen to them all." If she did her head would certainly explode.

"'S still hard ta sleep. 'S like there's a light on all th' time 'n', worse, it's judgin' me." D'nyl just keeps scratching at the back of his head. Maybe Czaiath's dreams are itchy, "'M no' sure if I'm more afrai' of him winnin' or losin' or if'n he manages to get his wings on Valigath." SHUDDER. The weyrlings both look like tired sacks of tired, but they're dragon free at the moment, a rare enough blessing, really.

And Aglaia, for her part, is trying to stretch the obvious exhaustion away. It is not effective. "Giggling. It's always… giggling." The non sequitur stumbles free and dies just like that, while she tries to latch onto Sundari's reassurances - and, of course, Irk's nose. A little. She rubs at the blue's nose and grins just a little for the licking, though she doesn't pull away at all. It's a small thing, but it's a comfort. "I hope that's all it takes," she finally concludes to the bluerider's assessment, only for D'nyl's words to send fresh horror into the mix. "Oh-goodness-no. She would kill him." And, yes, she sounds pretty serious about it.

You probably won't notice Ila'den first, but the enormous lumbering bronze that invades the field with a gait that one can only describe as awkward. Swirling eyes take in those who loiter in the field (because anybody that isn't his Ila'den and resides in the weyr is /clearly/ loitering - obviously), and the bronze lets loose a withering growl at the trio. It /could/ be a most unpleasant greeting, or it could be the first warning that innocent weyrlings (and that fantastic woman Sunny) are going to get before Teimyrth tests who dies prettier - /you/, or the herdbeasts. It's here that Ila'den emerges, to give Teimyrth's maw a non-too-gentle push with a husky laugh. "Knock it off, beast. You're going to scare them." But the bronze doesn't seem to heed his lifemate's warnings, and emits another growl of some sort of greet-warning before moving a small distance away. Without his knot, without his usual airs, the exhausted looking weyrleader is appearing at Sundari's side and pulling the bluerider into a sideways hug that ends with a kiss being pressed into the woman's hair. "Alright, Sunny?" he inquires, before letting her go. Grey eyes are on Aglaia and D'nyl now, before he offers them both a friendly enough smile. "Enjoying the dragons? Teimyrth wanted to come and see them, so you'll have to forgive his disappointment."

"There's always a reason for some such things to happen with 'em. Don't think too hard on the matter D'nyl." Sunny offers while giving him a smile. The comment on Czaiath possibly catching Valigath makes her pause a touch. "Well… That is possible." Sorry D'nyl! "Giggling.. Well that can't be to bad, right?" Irkevalath warbles out softly to Aglaia, he does like the attention it seems. The approaching bronze is noted and he lifts his head, while letting out a greeting warble towards him. What.. loitering? Not here! The warning growl doesn't even make the blue twitch, he would so protect them! Or perhaps not, maybe just Sunny? Though Teimyth is rather big.. and growly so perhaps his rider can run? OR at least out run one of the others near her if the large bronze thought about charging them or some such. Sunny peeks over at Teimyth not seeming worried and just grins at him all the while. "Hey Teimyth." Yes she knows your name, fear her.. Or something. Sunny also smiles to Ila'den about to greet him before she is hauled upwards and a half yelp of laughter escapes her while she gives the big lug of a Weyrleader a hug. "Good here! How are you Ila'den?" She's not seen him in a while after all, she even attempts to ruffle his hair a bit before getting let go. "No worries he'll get over it. This is D'nyl and Agliaia, my friends." A smile is sent to D'nyl. "This is Ila'den."

Not that bad? NOT THAT BAD? They'd merderlize eachother! D'nyl just groans, pauses, giving the newly arrived bronze a curious look, then groans again just before the dark and light bronze hatchling he's been stuck oiling and shovelling up after comes parading out of the barracks, then skids to a stop, his head tilting back… back… back to look up at Teimyrth. The mind that fills the space with no concern for propriety is bright and warm, curious and loud, very loud « Hello. You're very large. » His rider sucks in a breath, just waiting for the other boot to drop.

Fortunately, turns spent around her father's dragon seem to have done much to steel Aglaia's nerves against growly, cranky-seeming bronzes. All that noise is met with a tilted smile that's tired, but- hey, it's a smile and it's earnest enough. She continues to lavish Irkevalath with attention until the blue lifts his head, then she's moving away and rubbing her arms down. The riderly antics are observed with a furthering of that tipped smile of hers, though she doesn't immediately speak. Saluting - is that a thing? She can't remember, but she does it anyway for Ila'den's sake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir." There's a beat, then, "If he really wants to see her, I'm sure she'll be up and about in no time at all." The voice in her head tells her so. In fact, the voice in her head says, quite plainly, « SOON. » So what if Czaiath might well be privy to the roiling and raw heat that boils around that word? … and, probably, the other dragons, too, because Valigath is nothing if not loud.

Sunny's greeting to Tei? Met with a gentle nosing into her side - and a growl. Maybe he's just trying to skewer her with those obnoxiously large, jutting teeth? Hey! It's possible. This /is/ Teimyrth we're talking about. When Sunny muses up Ila's hair, the bronzerider makes a faux protest of noise, playfully swatting at her hands as if this will keep her away. "Oi, little bird, not the hair! What am I without my hair?" His brogue is thick today, a testament to the fact that he's probably running on very little sleep. One last gentle, playful push for Sunny, and then he's all eyes for Aglaia. Those brows arch, and the weyrleader shakes his head. "No, little one. No saluting. I don't like formalities. Ila, or Ila'den if you please, and I'm sure he'll be gald to see her." As for the baby dragon and his blatant desire to /die/? Teimyrth turns a curious whirling eye onto his little offspring, and then latches onto the baby's mind. If D'nyl is sharing, he better hope that the little guy is good at filtering out sensations, because nothing about Ila'den is /gentle/, or /nice/. The bronze's mind is ice, ripping and clawing at flesh and bone despite the off-kilter, cozy sent of a bonfire somewhere in those snowy woods. «And you are brave, little one. You will be strong.» Ila'den doesn't exchange words with D'nyl, more or less gives him a silently communicated look of amusement and approval, before he's reaching out to rub Tei's maw.

Sundari grins as she hears Ila and chuckles a bit. "Your a lot wihtout your hair Ila." She smiles to Teimyrth, she has /always/ greeted him! When does she not greet a dragon? The first one she met turns back she greeted and called him cute, yes she called a bronze cute. She goes so far to give Tei the faintest of pats to the maw even after that nosing to her side. While Irk is twitching a bit whileeyeing those large jutting teeth, hoping the bronze doesn't gut his rider right in front of him! Irk is rave… mostof the time. "How have you been Ila? You need to come see Sarina, I know she wants to met her uncle Ila'den." She looks over to Czaiath once he is there and smiles to him. "Hello Czaiath." Irk is even interested in the new little baby bronze and is warbling to him.

Czaiath rears back, wings flaring, but it's not fear in the little bronze but challenge. He won't be forced to bow! The waning light catches in the gold flecks in his wingsails, making him seem to glitter in the otherwise dark hide there. His brilliantly golden bright mind hits back at the filleting cold of his sire, building a barrier of light and warmth between them, which also seems to protect D'nyl since the weyrling only flinches once, scritching harder at the back of his head, though considering the look of confusion on his face, there may be another cause. Irk's greetings are passively processed, but it's Sundari that suddenly draws the little bronze' attention and he falls back to all four feet, tilting his head to look at her sideways, « I know you. » No compunctions there. For all Daran has tried, Czaiath still doesn't care who he talks to in the slightest, « You're in his dreams. » Cue rapid, bright red blushing on the part of the hunter turned weyrling.

"Of course," and the 'sir' that would follow is clipped cleanly off. Aglaia ducks her head, only to have her attention keenly arrested by the manifestation of a 'grinning' gold. Valigath positively prances out of the barracks, light-footed despite all the other signs that suggest otherwise. Her marked maw splits into a proper, draconic grin - and she tips her head up and up to stare at Teimyrth with rapidly-whirling eyes. There are no words, just a shrill sound between a giggle and a cackle - coupled with a distant, metallic grinding noise that pairs well with the blistering heat that is her psyche. Her marked wings unfurl, as if to lend another set of eyes to just -look- at the bigger bronze. Unblinkingly. "Just. Please. Down. Dial it down- no, that's the opposite of -down-, Valigath. Less of that." She lifts her head after a moment and says, "Sorry. She's… we're still working on that." But it doesn't help, in the end. Czaiath's sending is caught up on a twisted thermal and fed into the malfunctioning machine of her mind. Amusement echoes in the heated howl of her voice as she points out to her brother: « Oh, ho! That seems to have hit a button! Hit it again! What other colors do you think he might turn? What others live in his dreams? » "…" is the sound of Aggie clapping a palm to her face and covering it in sympathy.

"I can't wait to meet her, though I hope you got rid of Rorn's creepy stuffy" That thing still gives him spine-tingling chills every time he thinks about it. Teimyrth accept the attention graciously, because he is a gracious host, and if he ate everybody then he would have nobody let to be gracious to. Teimyrth was assuredly /not/ attempting to make Czaiath bow to him; in fact, the blizzard of flesh-rendering cold is what Ila'den has formed a tolerance to. It is /truly/ Teimyrth's mind. Still, the bronze dragon seems amused by the courage of the little bronze, though he doesn't flinch away from the show of defiance, nor does he try to squander it. Despite the madness that he shares with his rider, this dragon is an unusually doting sire. When Valigath appears, brilliant, and gold, and bold, the bronze looks even more proud of what he helped to make, and Ila'den /laughs/ at Aglaia's attempts to calm the little lady. "Aye, she's alright," he offers up. "Teimyrth likes the both of them just fine." And then? Ila'den is not as gracious as the others gathered. Teimyrth is sharing the communication of the smaller dragons, and Ila'den chokes while trying to keep a straight face. "D'nyl," he says, attempting seriousness (and failing miserably). Whatever he was about to say is lost when he looks at Sundari, and then he just can't seem to stop laughing.

Sundari smiles as she watches how Czaiath and Tei act with one another. "That's cute.." Though there is a pause and she blinks a moment while the little bronze's attention is on her and the words that hit her. She glances to D'nyl watching him a few moments, and she soon smiles to him. "Does he now?" Oh she could say something else but doesn't want to go breaking any young dragon's minds. She blinks as Ila starts laughing and is eyeing him now. "What.. Why you laughing /about/ that? He can dream about me if he wants. Don't you dream about me Ila dear?" This questioned curiously. "I'm sure S'rorn has it hidden elsewhere anyway." Not that she gets to see S'rorn that much as his all busy mind you. Though she does look back to D'nyl who is so getting a wink. Well his already blushing so why not see if she can help make him change colors.

« Loyth's, too. » Shame, thy name is most certainly not Czaiath. D'nyl groans, burying his face in his hands, "Jus' shut up, Czai!" « Why? You dream of Azminath's, too. But it's different. And people I don't understand. People who hurt you. » "SHUT UP, CZAI!" His jaw clenches, straightening suddenly, "Jus' leave it, alrigh'?" « But… why? It makes everyone else happy. Why does it make you mad? » The tone is so wistfully innocent and warm that D'nyl can't help coughing out a laugh, "It's personal, Czaiath. Some things you shouldn't tell everyone about." « Like your dreams? » "Exactly." The bronze tilts his head the other way, then steps forward to nose at Sundari, « She is healthy. » He twists his neck around to peer at Valigath, « Don't you think she's healthy? » Valigath may not be the right one to ask.

The elder bronze's pride is only reflected by the youngling gold, who puffs herself up and proceeds to dance around again - mostly because she can, but hey. Valigath is both loud and flamboyant - and she's shameless in all of it. Aglaia, for her part, can't help but apologize anyway: "I- thank you, but still. She's just so- so loud. But- um. I'm glad he likes them - I mean, he made them. Partially." The babbling cuts off right around the time that Ila'den bursts into laughter and it's Aggie's turn to go red, though goodness only knows why. The conversation of creepy stuffies and the like goes right over her head - and is simply stored in Valigath's. For now. « Good, » she states to her bronzen brother. « Yours had better not dream of MINE. » Because calling Valigath merely possessive would be a terrible understatement. « She is MINE. But yours can have those! » So imperious! She starts to prance around Czaiath now, her thoughts a bubbling mess of smoke and fire and something viscous. As attentions turn to Sundari, she scarcely looks before answering, « Does that even matter, brother-mine? WE need to be healthy. OURS need to be healthy. » And to Faranth with the rest! « Yours is not fun to play with any more. Why doesn't he want to play? Push the button again! » And Aglaia has no idea what's happening any more. Clearly.

Sundari lifts her hands slightly while looking to D'nyl. "Hey.. It's alright, calm down and just talk to him." This said with a soft tone to the once hunter, especially when Czaiath brings up the part about people hurt D'nyl. A slight frown is seen for a moment, a glance sent to her scared up arm and hand before she glances back to D'nyl. "See.. Better yeah?" Then she is getting nose and she smiles to Czaiath whom gets a soft petting across the nose and maw. "You ever had a fish before?" Yes she is bringing up fish! Fish save minds.. Or something. Irkevalath takes that cue and moves forward, there is a ruffle of his large wings. « Fish are great, fish are grand! They go crunchsnappop in ones maw! Have you all had fish yet? » The question is sent to both bronze and gold dragonets while his eyes swirl about with a few colors. Sundari smirks and sends a look towards Valigath before she shakes her head a touch. "I should get going. Sarina should be up by now." She glance to D'nyl and winks to him once more. "Happy dreaming." She says with an amused tone before she is starting to slip off, Irk will stay to talk about fish for a bit before he will wander off to get fish for the young dragons.

D'nyl takes a slow breath, trying to force himself not to go absolutely barmy. Sunny's words do help, though and he finally gives a mute nod, moving to rub the bronze' eyeridges until the whole thing is forgotten for a moment, eyelids closing one by one as he starts to humm, though he does murmur back « No. I haven't had a fish. » D'nyl nods to Sundari's exit, "Give Li'l Bit a kiss fer me, Sunny." He's unashamed of his affection for the baby, though he shoots an odd look towards Ila'den, before glancing at Aglaia, "Why do I have th' feelin' she's goin' to try ta keep makin' me change colors?" Czaiath's mind is hazy with pleasure when it reaches back to Valigoth, « Yours will make her own decisions. Mine does not dream of her. » D'nyl just… doesn't touch whether or not he's interested in Aglaia, there's no right answer to that question, but Czaiath goes on, « I do not like making him feel like that. It was not good. »

« But do they go *pop* when you squish them on the ground? » That's what Valigath wants - nay, -needs- - to know. She'll find out in short order should the blue return with the fish - or, more likely, she'll just forget in favor of more pressing matters. "Take care," is the human contribution to Sundari's departure, with Aglaia glancing sidelong at D'nyl. "Because that's what she does. Push and push and push until something breaks - or turns funny colors." And the whole topic of interest or disinterest is, fortunately, one that she's not about to venture into. On the upside, she's about as disinterested in the whole topic as she can be and ignoring it seems to be enough to steer her dubious half away from it. « Mine does not need to make decisions, » is purred - if the sound of rusted chains rubbing together qualifies. Her dancing continues until she realizes how mucked up her talons are and that's more than enough to shift her cracked mental gears directly to: « AHEM. There is dirt on my feet! » "Okay, okay, we'll go take care of that…" « And I'm hungry! » "… and that, too." « And you, » is abruptly shot to Czaiath, « don't know what -fun- is, do you? You have to make them squirm a little! Then they make the -best- noises! » Kweeheehee!

DID YOU MISS ME? DID YOU? DID YOU? Good. BECAUSE ILA'DEN'S BACK, BABY, and in just enough time to catch that glance from D'nyl. The weyrleader stopped laughing quite some time ago, but seems to be a bit slow in catching up with the latest conversation. Sunny is waved off, and D'nyl gets a rather mischievous smile from the bronzerider before he turns his attention back onto Aglaia. "Alright?" he asks, voice husky with remnants of amusement. "I wasn't laughing at you, little one, promise, and she isn't too loud. She's /perfect/." Teimyrth seems to echo the sentiments of his rider with an uncharacteristically soft croon from behind the weyrleader. He quiets for the exchange between weyrlings, and then gives Teimyrth a gentle push as if to turn him in the other direction. "Aglaia, D'nyl, it was a pleasure. Enjoy them - they grow fast. Come along, Teimyrth. We've got a weyr to terrorize and not enough hours in the day to do it." The bronze rumbles, and the pair turn, Ila'den offering up a rather informal wave from over his shoulder. Ta-ta, you two!

« I have fun wrestling with Azminath. I have fun teasing, but I do not like to hurt. That is your prerogative. » D'nyl rubs Czaiath a little more before nodding to Ila'den, "A pleasure again. I… I know yer busy, but coul' we talk sometime when Czaiath's sleepin'… abou'… stuff…" That was descriptive, D'nyl. The weyrling gives his bronze a thump, "Le's getcha soem food 'n' oild up."

« Hurt? Never. But even YOURS will let you itch for a while before he oils you, » is Valigath's parting shot before she's prancing toward the barracks, with an oblivious Aglaia in tow. Time for cleaning, feeding, a second cleaning and an oiling before slumber (again)… or so she hopes.

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