A Visit From Ista

Half Moon Bay Weyr - The Weyr of Leketh

The interior is almost what you would expect, considering the occupant. Everything is black leather, chrome and glass. Immediately upon entering the space opens up into a small living space which comfortably contains an enormous four cushioned couch, and two armchairs to match. There are two glass tables, one tall and thin situated between the chairs, and the other short and squat nestled in the middle of the setting complete with a blood red shaggy looking carpet beneath. Along the back wall is a fully stocked bar with a black stone slab counter and four tall chrome stools which seamlessly blends into a matching kitchen type area, with all cabinets for storage recessed to save on space. An island serves as both food prep and an intimate dining area with two more of those stools, a refrigerator tucked into a nook where it will not be in the way. To the right, a long row of bookshelves leading to a reading area, a strange looking machine set up on a desk across the way which occasionally makes a mechanical whirring sound, but the single chair pushed up against it says that it probably not as intimidating as it appears. The lighting in the main area is all recessed up into the ceiling, with a panel beside the entryway to control them.

To the left is complex bit of construction carved out of the very rock itself. On the bottom level is a private bathroom with latrine and a glass encased shower, as well as a workbench laid out with various tools of a computer crafter's trade, a single rolling stool the only place to perch. To access the upper level, one will have to climb. A set of stairs depicted by industrial steps affixed into stone lead up to a loft of sorts. A railing prevents accidental falls, and is just wide enough to support the low set king sized bed with its black and red bedding and two small nightstands on either side. Atop them are small electric lights which turn off and on with but a single touch. An upright piano has been tucked against the wall across from the stairs, the stool before it small enough to fit beneath, and a storage space for clothing is hidden behind a silky red curtain just there to the left. All and all it is maximizing space and convenience, but certainly lacks a warm and inviting vibe.

Mid-morning brings a quiet and empty ledge. J’en and Leketh had gone off to weyrling drills very early that morning and were not due to be back for quite some time to come. So, it might strike as odd when the sound of talons scraping against stone reverberates throughout the weyr, followed by a deep and rumbling growl and snort. Something large and nasty had arrived, and it’s heavy footfalls can almost be physically felt. “Why is this so fucking heavy?” says a voice that has the exact same accent and tone as Jae’s, but is decidedly gruffer and older. A younger sounding male voice soon follows that comment with a melodic laugh, “Dad, don’t try to carry it. Dad! Seriously. Whoa. Whoa…” A pause, “FUCK! Fuckfuckfuckfuck mah back…mah back. Fuck ya kid…” says the gruffer voice, because the younger one was laughing again.

Taeski had been painting again. Tucked away in his quiet little room, he had been spending most of his day working. His hair is clipped back and away from his face, and it at least serves to keep pain away from it. Not so with his actual face, as he’s managed to smudge a bit of red there along his cheek. The noise outside is enough to draw him out though, closing the bookcase behind him as he moves to investigate. Indeed there is a bit of wariness there really, lurking rather suspiciously near the kitchen counter. Kitchens have easily accessible weapons should he decide he needs one.

From the kitchen, one can still see through to the ledge, where very little of a dragon can be made out. It was maybe a little smaller than Leketh, but certainly darker in hue with at least one forelimb with coloring resembling a walk through flames. The toes and most of the paw were such a deep brown that they appeared almost black, but higher up the limb a blaze of color variations in golds, bronze and creams assembled completely by coincidence to look like fire rising. The hide beyond this, was undoubtedly bronze. Two figures move into view, one a little bit shorter than the other with short dark blond hair and dressed casually in a pair of khaki shorts and a short- sleeved vibrant purple shirt which had some kind of white floral pattern. The other had long golden blond hair ornately braided at the back of his head, wearing black riding leathers with only two bands of bronze around the upper arm of one sleeve. The younger was still laughing as he hauls a heavy looking case away from the older one who was half hunched over, holding his back. “Man, you sound like Jae.” the younger man comments, which sounded more teasing, than serious. “Shut up.” comes the retort, before it's followed by groan of pain. “Dun…don’t forget the rest of your shit, Ri. Malphath is already bitching about having to leave the weyr while there’s a glowing queen. I don’t want to have to come back.” The younger one tsks and sets the heavy case down, disappearing from view. “I didn’t forget. See! Backpack.” Again the younger comes into view, holding up a olive green canvas bag, giving it shake in view of his companion, who sighs. “I’m getting too old for this shit. Go already, I want to get out of here before your brother gets back.” The rider jerks his head towards the opening that leads into the weyr, but a second later, looks back inside with more interest. “Jaelyn say something about having company?” The younger one now looks over as well, taking a few steps forward, “Oh yeah. That’s why I’m here.” Now they look at each other, the older crossing his arms over his chest with a creak of well-worn leather, and says nothing. “What? Dad, he’s a big boy.” The older one sighs, heavily. “Whatever, go.” The younger one hands the backpack over to the older, and reclaims the heavy case, hauling it up and then towards the entrance. The older follows behind. As they both come inside, both pause to take a look around, the younger one whistling. “Nice digs, man.” The older one snorts, “You could have something like this too, not like your mother and I haven’t offered.” The younger one just laughs, and then sets the heavy case down by couch, instantly warm brown eyes fix on Taeski, “Hey! You must be Taeski. I’m Cenrie, Jae said you wanted a tattoo?” Right to the point and there was no denying the family resemblance, to each other or to J’en. The rider sets the backpack down on one of the armchairs, golden eyes flicking to the wary boy the second he hears that name and then to the young man he came with, murmuring something low, with another glance at Tae. Instantly, Cenrie straightens. “No way. For reals?” There’s a pause, and now they were both looking with the younger one shrugging. “I’m good.” The older, “I’ll stick around.” With that, he glances one last time at Taeski, looking the small delicate boy over head to toe, before his chin comes up and his lashes lower. No introduction, he just turns on his heel and heads out with Cenrie blinking and waving a hand. “Seriously Dad, go home. Jae can give me…a…ride…you’re not listening to me are you?” Sigh. The rider leans back against the dragon out there, arms crossed over his chest. “This is going to take hours and hours and HOURS!” Cenrie calls over, which is ignored, and the young man sighs again before giving Taeski a wide if not embarrassed grin, “So…hi.” he laughs awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Oh yes that wary look continues to be firmly planted on Taeski's face as all that talking continues outside. No, he's not going out there to politely greet them at the door. After all, he can hear the name 'Jae' at least being spoken about, so it's fairly safe to assume that whoever it is, they're in the right place. Though there's a slow dawning of just who it could be the more that's spoken. And then they enter! His gaze however is mostly for the older of the two, silvery grey eyes narrowed ever so slightly. It's a sharp look, assessing with a slow downward trail then up again, but it's the only acknowledgement given. Instead he turns on Cenrie, smoothly transitioning into a smile for him. "I am, and I do." The exchange at his name does get a raised brow, but the teen ignores it as he moves away from the kitchen area. "Thank you for coming all the way out here." There goes his eyes again though, trailing after the rider as he heads out to the ledge. Flat. Uninviting. Dangerous. Alas, there's nothing but another small smile for Cenrie again, not looking at all bothered by the sound of the timeframe ahead. He simply tilts his head a little to the side and peels the tunic he's wearing off and over his head. "Where should we do this?" He's ready.

“No problem!” Cenrie says, certainly not as standoffish as the rider that had brought him to Half Moon Bay, already slinging the backpack over his shoulder and the heavy case. He pauses though, head tilting to the side before he casts a look over his shoulder towards the rider and then returns his attention to Taeski. “Wherever you’re the most comfortable, long as it’s not too soft a surface.” He takes another glance around, only seeing the couch and then spots the be up on the loft. “You’re really going to want to lay down for this, and I’m going to need you flat.” The man out on the ledge is still there, arms still crossed, and eyes very focused on what is going on inside. “Maybe somewhere out of the way? Ugh, hold on…I don’t think I could concentrate with him boring a hole into the back of my head the whole time.” A pause and he raises the volume of his voice, “Dad. Go. Home. Jae will be back before I’m done.” He offers Taeski a wide grin, holding up a finger as he strains to listen. Sharp and grumbling curses can be heard, and there is some pacing before the rider concedes. “Fine. Just watch yerself!” The rider on the ledge hesitates a moment longer to glare intensely within the weyr before stomping off and soon the bronze is pushing off the ledge, leaving the space empty in his wake. “There. All better.” Cheerfully, Cenrie beams, grinning ear to ear before his brows lift upwards in unison. “So…you have a place like that?”

"Watch yourself. As if you weren't the one with all the needles." Taeski at least manage to sound innocent enough, although there's no denying the look of relief when that rider finally makes a proper exit. He lets out a breath, some of the tension leaving him before he simply peers at Cenrie again curiously. Flat surface, but not too soft? There's a sigh though, before he finally does start moving, crooking a finger at the tattoo artist to follow. "My room should be fine." He heads to the bookshelf then, opening the way into his own personal space with different bits of art already decorating the walls. Sure, he hadn't been here long, but he tended to do a lot of work. "The bed isn't too springy, or the floor and rug isn’t a bad option either."

Cenrie shifts, uncomfortably, from one foot to the other as Taeski yells past him to the fleeing rider. He had nothing to add, so he waits for the dark haired boy to return his attention to him before his wavering smile grows broadly once more, his eyebrows curiously rising as a finger is crooked. “Ah, okay…” he says, nodding his head and doing as bidden. However, when the bookcase is touched and shifts out of the way, the young man is stunned. He stands there gaping as the artist’s wonderland is revealed, eyes growing wide. “Shards!” he exclaims, hauling the case within the now open space and taking a good long look around. Everything is inspected and admired, especially so of the artwork. “Hmm, dark undertones. I guess that makes sense.” he murmurs to himself, “You’re quite good, you know that right?” he asks, rhetorically, coming back over and pressing a button on the side of the heavy case, which ejects three legs and allows him to pull open the handles on top. Inside, a sleek black machine which he plugs into the room’s single light socket. He hums to himself, setting things up, some of which have to pulled out of the backpack he brought. Including inks and some rubber gloves. “You got an idea of what you want?” At this point he tests the tattoo gun, and it makes a few brief buzzing sounds as he presses down on a small pedal he’d set on the floor.

Taeski actually does look somewhat embarrassed for a moment, clearing his throat. "You are, too. I've seen your work." He lets Cenrie do his exploring though while tugging the sheets and blankets down from the bed, making the surface as unobstructed by lumps as possible. He does take one pillow though, situating it near where his head will be before nodding. "I know, yes." He doesn't need to get drunk and wake up with surprises! "A tree down my back, done in black and red." A common theme in the weyr, it would seem! But one that went well with the occupants.

“Kind of hard to miss my work with it’s canvas stomping around and cursing at people, “ Cenrie laughs, waiting for Taeski to settle before he moves the case with it’s peddle into place and makes himself comfortable as well. He listens, pulling out black and red ink where he can get at it and putting the rest away. “You suit him.” he says softly, a gloved hand caressing over pale skin as he leans over and examines his work surface, “Deep breath now. I don’t think I need to tell you how much this is going to hurt.” Having acquired an absorbent cloth, the needle starts to buzz and he applies it to Taeski’s back, right between his shoulder blade. It’s a sharp tiny stabbing pain, like a thousand papercuts at one concentrated on a very small spot.

Once settled, Taeski does wait for Cenrie to get himself comfortable for working. Though, the comment about suiting each other has him lifting his head in a bit of surprise, His arms curl around the pillow he got for himself though, resting his chin on it calmly. "..Thank you." His lips curl up just a little though at the warning about the pain, eyes simply fluttering closed. "Oh, I know." And really, he takes it rather well. There's an initial slight flinch when the pain actually begins, but other than that the teen doesn't make a sound about it. He simply rests his head on the pillow, quietly riding it out.

The son of Cenlia and P’rel, Cenrie weathers the lack of conversation rather well, simply going about his work without much further chit chat. The way he works is slow and methodical, going back over some areas, while others he passes over quickly or not at all. He does warn when he’s going to work on an area where bone is closer to the surface, which intensifies the pain about ten times over. Every once in awhile he’ll wipe away any blood or extra ink that obscures his view, using that opportunity to admire the progress before he continues on. The hours literally crawl by, but very forty-five minutes or so Cenrie takes a break to stretch and drink from a bottle of water he brought, offering another to Taeski, “Just let me know when you need to pee.”

Even Taeski isn't exactly impervious to pain, and a long time of continuous work is going to make even him a bit wobbly. So he gratefully takes the water when it's given, nodding just slightly. "I will." Though the idea of getting up and moving around with his back already aching wasn't exactly ideal. He looks a bit tired though, dropping his head back down on the pillow to rub a bit of sweat away, then just relaxes again, nodding.

“We don’t have to do this all in one sitting.” Cenrie assures, taking a minute to really look at Taeski now that he had half an outline done, and three hours had passed. The boy was small, almost delicate, and while not painfully thin there wasn’t a whole lot of muscle either. Despite his words he sits back down beside him, and gets back to work. Unless Tae speaks up and tells him to stop, he’ll just keep going with the schedule. Working for forty-five minutes, and stopping for ten to stretch, hydrate or use the bathroom.

"I'd rather have it done." Taeski's voice is a murmur, but he looks rather determined about the whole thing. Breaks seem to at least be enough for him to gather himself again for the next round. It's not too long later that he does get up to go use the restroom, taking the time to rub cold water on his face as well. He makes his way back though without trying to look at any of the progress, settling down gingerly on his stomach again. At least the drone of the needle is something he can concentrate on, simply listening and zoning out somewhat.

Cenrie simply nods and keeps going, waiting patiently for Taeski to come back from the bathroom before getting back to it. It’s getting dark outside by the time that he sets the black aside and sets the needle up with red instead, and beginning anew. The color part only takes about an hour and half without interruption, and he returns to black to finish up the details. This is about when a dragon lands on the ledge, and heavily booted feet can be heard stomping right on in. “Ah, good timing.” he says to Taeski, chuckling, even as he continues to add some final touches. “The fuck?” comes Jae’s growl tinged voice, but Cenrie doesn’t budge an inch. “Ya said ya were comin’ tomorrow, Ri.” The blond man shrugs his shoulders, the buzzing of the needle not stopping despite the sudden need for conversation, “Talk to Dad about that. Oh wait, no you won’t.” This brings about a round of cursing better left unwritten, which only makes Cenrie laugh, lifting the needle and setting it aside. “All done.” J’en was already arms crossed, peering over at the completed work, while Cenrie stands and stretches himself out. For a guy who did tattoos, his tanned skin was oddly missing a single one. Visibly anyway. “Well fuck, that’s…” With the bronzer lost for words, his brother claps him on the shoulder and grins toothily. “My best work? Yep. You’re going to feed me right? You promised.” Jae can’t seem to keep his eyes off the finished product and distractedly nods, “Hmm.” Cenrie’s stomach growls as if to emphasize what needed to come next, but he was busy smoothing on a barrier cream that would keep the tattoo moist for the next couple of sevendays as it healed. “Think you can keep off your back for the next sevenday or so?” he asks Tae, but then narrow brown eyes at his brother. J’en balks, “It ain’t like I force him. He does what he wants!” Cenrie hmmhmm’s and stands again, pulling off his gloves and starting to pack up. “Go have a look Taeski, let me know what you think.” Not that he could change anything, even if he wanted to.

There's actually an irritable little growl that comes out of Taeski for all of the growling and stomping that happens when Jae returns. Hey, he hurts! Irritable..happens. But his eyes do open a bit to look at his weyrmate when the bronzerider finally peeks over Cenrie's shoulder. He's pale, definitely, but at least it was all done. The relief is rather obvious. Though he does endure that salve being rubbed over his back rather grudgingly, at least it starts to make things feel marginally better. His eyes roll however, slowly and carefully sitting upright on the bed again. "I can manage my sex life, thank you." Although it's pretty much a given that the teen isn't going to feel much like /anything/ for a little while. He gets up though, fingers briefly brushing Jae's arm as he moves past him to his own small bathroom, turning some to get as good a look as he can at the design. He looks pleased when he emerges again, lashes a bit low with fatigue, but he does smile at Cenrie. "It's perfect.. Thank you."

J’en shoots his brother a dark look, to which the older son of P’rel shrugs. “Now it’s guaranteed.” The bronzer’s look turns violent, drawing in a sharp breath through his nostrils and jaw tightening. Of course, this is about the time that Taeski drifts by him and he feels that soft brush of fingers against his arm, having hung his jacket at the door as usual, which meant he was down to riding pants and tank top. The weyrling exhales, calming noticeably. This brings a softer smile to Cenrie’s lips, leaning over and murmuring in a conspiring tone. “You really do suit one another.” J’en snorts, heavy footfalls carrying him out of Tae’s room. “Yer an asshole.” Cenrie laughs, “Aww, I love you too little brother.” The blond turns to the emerging and exhausted boy when he reappears, offering him a wider grin again. “Glad I could help! Though…” he pauses, and points at the bed. “You should lay down and rest. I’ll have Jae bring you something later.” From the kitchen, amongst the sounds of cooking being started, J’en can be heard cursing, “This is mah weyr ya know!” Cenrie laughs, winking, before he heads out into and after the swearing weyrling, “Take off your shirt! I want to see!” Jae drops something metallic to the floor, and there is a thump after some grunting and struggling. “Git yer hands off meh! Ya perv!” This is followed by a growl, and then laughter.

Taeski is so not staying in his room for all of this. He might be tired, and hurting, but there are /things/ happening. So he trudges out a moment later, still carrying his pillow. He's keeping that, thank you. Quietly, he makes his way to the couch, stretching out on his stomach there so he can watch the set of brothers. There's a faint smile for the interaction though, simply following them with his eyes all the while. "He just spent hours feeling up my naked torso, you can handle showing him yours." There's a pause, and then a faint tired smirk. "Just don't get drunk."

When Taeski reappears, Cenrie has J’en pinned between himself and the junction of where the fridge meets the wall having managed to get his tanktop partially off. Both freeze while the boy putters by and lays down, unmoving until he speaks. “…fine.” Jae growls, shoving the blond man off him and pulling his shirt up and over his head. Cenrie all but claps for joy and pulls his begrudging sibling directly beneath one of the overhead lights. J’en just stands there, arms partially out as Cenrie focuses his naked fingers to gently brush over the sevenday old tattoo. It was scabbing up nicely. The weyrling’s lashes lower, breath hitching on his lips before his jaw tightens to cease any further sound. Goosebumps erupt all over his body in thousands of raised areas which the blond ignores. “Still hypersensitive to light touches I see.” he says, to which Jae only lowers his lashes, looking down and away. Cenrie keeps going, flickering brown eyes over towards Taeski where he lays on the couch observing. “Did he tell you?” With that simple question asked, J’en stiffens, golden eyes coming up and he glares at his brother. “Shut. Up.” Cenrie glides a hand down Jae’s back along the curve of his spine, which makes the weyrling’s back arch into the touch and pulls some sort of soft sound out of him, which he immediately swallows down, “He was trained to react that way, to crave it, to beg for it.” J’en growls and starts to move away, but Cenrie slides an arm around his waist and pulls him back against his chest, “The guy who did it, isn’t breathing anymore.” There is that sunny smile, “So be good to him okay?” J’en shoves himself free and grabs a handful of the guy’s shirt, pulling him close. “Cenrie…” he hisses, which makes the blond chuckle. “Just thought he should know why I’m never going to be a dragonrider.” J’en gives his older brother a shake, shirt gripped tighter. “ I love you?” Cenrie didn’t look the least bit scared, in fact he was enjoying himself now that he’d gotten all the business done with.

Though he's quite content to watch and not move, Taeski's own eyes narrow a bit after a moment, gaze hardening. "Hands off if you want to keep them." His words are nearly hissed, hands pushing himself up from the couch again. His back might protest all the moving around, but he stands up anyway, leveling the cold metallic fury of his eyes on Cenrie. The teen prowls around the low table, slowly making his way toward the kitchen and the brothers. He makes it to the edge of the counter, lifting one hand to grip tightly at it as Cenrie keeps right on talking. Some form of twisted brotherly concern? It would seem Taeski could care less. "I'll never be one either, so fuck off with your bullshit." It's quick, sharp, and harsh, looking for all the world like he might suddenly crawl right over the counter to get to the older of the siblings.

Cenrie was totally hands off now, promise. “Healed up nice bro!” he says, now all smiles and rainbows. Brown eyes dart between both of the dark-haired teenagers, but most especially on J’en when Taeski drops his bomb. He does not look the least bit surprised, “Whoa. You knew?” Eyes widen, “Dude, Dad is going to flip out.” J’en snorts and releases his hold of the brightly colored shirt, “Fuck P’rel.” The weyrling steps away then, pausing to drop a kiss to Tae’s lips on his way back into the kitchen, “I’m fine. He’s incredibly stupid, but he’s only tryin’ to protect meh the only way he knows how.” he murmurs, kissing him again before he’s off to pick up what had been dropped and get back to cooking. Cenrie’s gaze darts to the newly tattooed boy, “Jae…” he says, and a single hard look buttons his lips right quick. The blonde sighs defeatedly, giving Taeski a serious expression for once. “Welcome to the family I guess.” he breathes, glancing back over at J’en, “Renegade leader’s son. You really want to make sure Dad wants nothing to do with you.” J’en slams down a pot, “Yeah. I do. I went out and searched Pern the second I got the chance and tracked down the biggest baddest renegade descendent I could find and brought him back here to live with meh cause I give a fuck what P’rel thinks.” Cenrie holds up his hands, defensively. “I love ya Ri, but ya need to shut the fuck up.” This is said softer, quieter and finished with a sigh. Cenrie pauses a minute, before he steps over to his sibling and ruffles his hair. “Consider me shut the fuck up.” The blonde looks to Taeski again, apologies to the core of his being. “Sorry, man. I…he’s my only brother…” A pause, “That we know of. Dad does get around.” J’en snorts.

The moment people start talking about P'rel freaking out, Taeski's eyes roll. Really? There are so little fucks for him to give. Though he does lean into that brief kiss. With that moment of tenseness over with, the tiredness is quickly seeping back in. There's a non-committal snort at the welcome though, as he moves back over to the couch. Carefully, he settles down again, resting his head on the pillow with a sigh. "Your brother, my weyrmate." That's all he has to say on the matter, however possessively. However, it really doesn't take the teen long. So long as there's no more yelling or loud banging around, Taeski starts to doze into some much needed sleep right there on the couch.

J’en goes back to cooking, the payment for Cenrie giving Taeski that tattoo apparently. Golden eyes flick over to the boy as he possessively comments, having nothing to add to that. Cenrie slides into the stool across the island and only once the freshly tattooed former renegade is passed out does he dare speak up again, “Are you insane?! Dad hates renegades. Faranth. He used to go out with Uncle I’srie and KILL them.” he whispers across the short distance between them.” Jae would've thrown that knife down, but someone was sleeping over there. He gives his brother a long look, and then goes back to chopping the vegetables before him. “He touches a hair on Tae’s head and…I’ll…” he mutters back, chop chop chopping. “You’ll what? You’ll kill Dad?” Cenrie asks, but J’en doesn’t answer, seemingly focused on the task at hand. It was possible he just didn’t want to say it out loud. “Jaelyn…” Cenrie breathes his name, burying his face in his hands, sliding them a moment later through his hair. “Shells.” The blonde glances over his shoulder at the small sleeping form just over yonder, brown eyes sliding back to his brother. “I hope he’s worth it man, I really do.” There's a pause in the response that follows except for that quiet chopping, finally J’en replies strong at first and then at more of a whisper, “Jus'…leave it Cen….” By the time that Taeski wakes up, the kitchen is spotless and he is alone, a note on the counter reads that Jae had taken Cenrie back home and would return first thing in the morning.

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