Another Visit to Monaco Bay Weyr

Winter - Month 8 of Turn 2715
Monaco Bay Weyr - Infirmary

A long series of caves, each well lit with electric lights and featuring walls and floors laborously chipped smooth. A triage cavern/waiting room serves as the nexus between the doorway to the lower caverns and the tunnel leading to the infirmary weyr and is furnished with a soft rug, comfortable chairs, and a bookshelf with books to read while waiting. To the one side of this central area is an emergency surgery cave: steel-topped cabinets on wheels situated around a central table, with a sink and storage cabinet. To the other side, narrow man-made hallway links the healer's office, a small staff conference room, an examination cave, another surgery room, a storage cave, and several caves set aside for those patients who need to stay in the infirmary for an extended period of time.

The major doorway that leads out into the clearing beyond is a heavy one that rivals the sturdiness of the one guarding the Commons Cavern's main entrance. Put in to hold out the foulest weather, it generally stands open except in the worst of storms, a small bell on its far side allowing for letting in of stragglers who were too late to be let in the main doors.

Having spent the morning in tasks completely unsuited for her, hunting and fishing, she has cleaned up and heading into the infirmary for some afternoon studies. She is seated at one of the exam tables and looks to be putting at least some of her work from this morning to good use as she looks to be practicing suturing on a porcine foot. Her focus set to the task of placing neat sutures in place.

Afternoon in Monaco Bay Weyr is what time in Half Moon Bay? Who knows. But S'van looks awake and alert enough that he's obviously been up for a while. Heavy, booted steps and purposeful strides, he's not at all timid in his approach of the healer-turned-candidate currently sewing away at dismembered porcine feet. "Why am I not at all surprised to find you here?" is what he's chosen to provide as a greeting. But there's a grin to go along with it. Arms hit table, and he leans over in a semi-slouch, leaning away happily as if he's meant to be here. One finger points unnecessarily toward the dead-thing on her table when he asks, "Pretty sure it's too late to reattach that sucker."

The voice draws her attention up as she holds out instruments away from the task before her. Kelani can't help but grin at S'van. "Because you know me too well?" she responds and rests hands on the table. "Well I spent the morning attempting to kill it, least I can do is make some use out of it." Attempting. "Luckily there were better hunters than I in the group. I think I will stick to saving lives." She says and lifts hands to start stitching again, "How are things back at Half moon?"

"Too true. Though is it really that much of a stretch to assume a Healer would be in the infirmary?" he wonders cheerfully. "Kinda go hand in hand. I'm just glad this is the first place I checked. Monaco is weirdly huge." Or just unfamiliar, but whatever. One foot snakes out, and he hooks his ankle around a chair so that he can drag it toward him. Seated, that leaning-over laziness remains though he keeps elbows and hands away from her task. "Attempting?" and an eyebrow arches, grey eyes going from Kelani to foot, to Kelani again. "Please don't tell me there's now a three-legged porcine wandering around…" Half Moon inquiries get a shrug, but an honest, "They're good. It's summer, so a lot of fishing people out of the water when they get a bit over confident in their swimming."

"Oh no, he's dead. Throwing weapons is perhaps not my forte. Someone else made the kill. The anatomy lesson I gave afterward…not much appreciated by the others afterward. I think they let me have the foot to shut me up. We use them for practice at the hall, similar enough anatomy." Kelani responds as she finishes up the line of neat little sutures and sets down the instruments to inspect her work. "It is..I think it might have the same population, it is just all spread out in the jungle and then add the terraces and suspended walkways…I still get lost sometimes."

There are a range of expressions that pass over S'van's face as Kelani recounts her foray into hunting. From mild surprise that she 'threw weapons', to that classic 'ah' of understanding for someone else making the kill, followed but amusement and outright laughter at the anatomy lesson. "Oh man… I wish I had been there for that. Course, I'm pretty well versed on porcine anatomy," given his previous occupation as a butcher. "But it sounds like you had an… uh. Educational morning?" Highly amused, is he. He leans over just slightly, curiosity apparent as he follows along as she makes her stitches. "It's definitely not your traditional mountain Weyr. And I haven't seen much of it; just the caverns and the beach. Well… saw a bit more from the sky but that's different." Shrug. "Not surprised you get lost though… Jungles are tricky."

"I just never learned to hunt. I mean Riohra tried to give me some lessons and I was getting ok with target archery.." Kelani says before shrugging, "I just can't bring myself to point it an animal, luckily there are hunters for that. At least I got marked off for the lesson by helping with the butchering part." She continues as she removes gloves and sets them aside. "Will I have to learn this if I impress? Or was the meat provided by hunters for you?"

"You don't really need too," learn how to hunt, "Unless you're considering a career change. I never understood why they make people hunt in candidacy," continues S'van with a frown. "Seemed unnecessary. Now, assisting with the cleaning and butchering… OK, I get that. But actually sending candidates out hunting?" Yeah. He doesn't get it. "I can fish. And Tanit taught me how to dive for oysters, but I'm terrible at actual hunting. I was a butcher, but everything I killed was corralled first; knife to the throat, quick and clean." A little shift in his chair, and he sits a bit more upright. "You don't have to hunt as a weyrling," is the direct answer. "The meat is provided. You hafta hack it up yourself, but you don't have to kill things. And soon enough the dragons are big enough to actually hunt their own food."

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