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Western Weyr - Weyrbowl

Another very warm day is coming to an end, and most people are finishing their duties for the day. That includes Naeda, who is trudging in from the direction of the lagoon, wearing her usual wetsuit. She looks tired and frazzled as she often does after a day in the water.

Just because the day is coming to an end does not mean that Naris' duties are over. In fact she seems to have something to do for most hours that she is awake, taking her work in a sort of shift system rather than working for certain hours and being completely done afterwords. But the fact remains that at this moment it is one of her breaks. Perhaps it is out of some desire to get fresh air that she wanders out into the weyrbowl, Crawlie happily perched on her shoulder. She doesn't look very frazzled, her well collected look studiously maintained for the time being, but she does look a bit tired.

Ah, fantastic. The most awkward person for Naeda to be running across. Fortunately, the passage of a little time seems to have restored her normal social skills. She manages a smile and a wave to the tired assistant weyrwoman. "Hey, Naris." She calls out as she trudges near.

Naris does realize that interacting with Naeda could very well lead to some awkwardness at the moment, but luckily for her she is pretty good at pushing awkwardness aside. Or maybe it's just that she has trouble picking up the social cues that signify awkwardness at times. Either way, the assistant headwoman returns Naeda's smile with a shaky one of her own before responding, "hey, Naeda." There's a pause before she asks in a weary voice, "it should be obvious that you aren't supposed to let your green nest in the flour, right? It's not just me?" If one looks closely they might see little specks of white on her here and there, as if she had to wrestle a firelizard out of a certain ingredient.

Naeda looks a little alarmed by that question, blinking and peering at the various specks of white before looking back to Naris' face. "Oh dear. Yes. I should say so." She answers, worriedly. "… Should I steer clear of any baked goods at dinner tonight, then?"

Naris can't help the small smile of triumph that crosses her face at Naeda's confirmation. "I knew it," she can't help but trill, "I /told/ him that it was common sense to keep his pets out of the food. I swear to Faranth, I'll have him on mucking duty for a month." At the dolphineers question she frowns before shaking her head and responding, "no, the contaminated flour has been disposed of, it won't be used. But while we do have more we will be a little short, so there probably won't be as many baked goods tonight." This makes a look of annoyance flutter across her face. Idiots, causing trouble everywhere.

"Sounds like a rough day." Naeda says with obvious sympathy, rocking back and forth on her heels. "… There's been a lot of that going around lately, I suppose." There's hesitation, and she cants her head to one side. "… Any news from Liora? Is she doing any better?"

Naris nods in agreement to it being a rough day, but really she's been through worse. Things like drunken goldriders endangering politics and someone releasing tunnelsnakes into the tiki lounge, a firelizard in flour is /nothing/ compared to those. But then again those little events didn't result in a shortage of flour either. At Naeda's question she frowns slightly before shrugging and answering, "I'm not sure. I don't exactly have that much time to spend asking the healers, but from what I gathered it's hard to tell if she's getting better or not. She wasn't exactly the picture of perfect mental health even before recent events, you know."

"I know." Naeda says with a little saddened frown. "… I feel bad for her." She admits, scratching at the back of her neck. "I mean, sure, she can be mean and nasty. She acts big and tough and all that. But… I don't know. Maybe she's just that way because deep down, she feels sad and insecure about herself?"

This conversation is sure taking a turn for the miserable. Naris doesn't remark on that though, instead shrugging before admitting, "yeah, I feel kinda bad for her as well." There's a pause before she adds, "and actually… I don't think Liora acts that way completely because of her personality. I like to look at records when I can get my hand on them and… well… you know how Liora is a lord holder's daughter? It turns out there her parents were related. You know how incest can have negative effects among animals, right? I think that might have happened with her, messing with her head."

Naeda looks rather alarmed by this. "… Really? I thought they… I mean, I know a lot of the same families marry one another in the Holds, but I never would've thought…" She frowns, even more saddened than she already was. "… Poor Liora."

"Yeah," she murmurs, "it's rather… upsetting. There's a chance that she couldn't have lead a decent life anyway, goldrider or not. In fact I think that the fact that she has her dragon might help her a bit, as much as it causes endless trouble for the rest of us. I mean, I hear that being a dragonrider is great, like you're never really alone. That should help on at least some level, even if she is sick." Although Naris shrugs there is a slightly far-off look on her face, as if she is talking about some sort of great legend. This is when Crawlie chirps and nuzzles her cheek, causing her to chuckle before slowly running a hand over her pet.

Naeda looks increasingly depressed, although the chirping of the firelizard does a little to lift her mood as well, even if he isn't her pet. "… I just hope the healers will be able to get her what she needs. If that's really what's wrong with her, she can't be blamed."

Yeah, this conversation is definitely going down a depressing note. Depressing /and/ when she should probably get to doing things. Which probably means one thing, it's time for Naris to scoot. With a nod of her head Naris remarks, "yeah, but whatever happens will happen. Anyway, I need to get going, make sure the kitchen's haven't descended into chaos /again/. I'll see you around." With that she waves and heads off, Crawlie chirping a 'goodbye' at the crafter as she does.

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