The Trouble With Trundlebugs

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Czaiath is focused now on his task of stretching and flexing while D'nyl is standing to the side talking to Sundari, "Tha's fair. He'll prolly end up as big as M'gaal's bronze knowin' my luck. 'N' I always 'ppreciate yer help."

Sundari chuckles a bit and smiles to D'nyl. "Sok.. Nothing wrong with them being big, other then the fact that you have more dragon to wash and oil, and of course the straps are an issue as well." She points out while nodding as she watches D'nyl a moment, as if she wants to ask him something but her gaze turns back to Czaiath. "No problem. Glad I can help."

"Yeah. He's alrea'y so big, I dunno wha' I'll do when he gets bigger. Dunno how folks keep 'em bathed 'n' oiled, big as they get." He meets her gaze when she's looking at him, one brow arching up in silent question before following her gaze to Czaiath, "I don' min' workin' with leather, jus' havin' ta do the same thing over 'n' over."

It's Valigath that precedes her inarguably better half; the gold is prancing brightly along, as is her tendency, leaving Aglaia to lope along after her in a desperate attempt to keep up. Fed, clean, oiled, and well-rested, it's time for stretching - at least for the draconic portion of the weyrling pair. Aggie raises a hand in greeting to Sundari and D'nyl when she spots them, while the gold issues a strange vocalization - something akin to a titter, save that it's coming from a dragon's throat. Her unsettling wings flare widely and are held, just so, to make sure a thorough stretch works through those joints.

Sundari smiles and glances over to D'nyl once more. "That's where you get friends, and weyrbrats to help." This said with an amused tone at the idea of such things. There is a slight pause and she even looks as if she is about to say something before there is an approach of another, the vocalization is caught and she looks over to Valigath, a smile is seen and she chuckles a bit. "At least you don't have a gold to worry about?" This questioned with an amused tone. "Hey Aglaia." Irk lets out a warble of greeting to the new pair that are out on the field.

Czaiath looks over at Valigath as she arrives, flaring his wings into a wide stretch, « What does that noise mean? » D'nyl raises a hand in greeting to Aglaia. Their dragons may constantly disagree, but he feels some cameraderie for their mutual struggle, "'Snot righ' fer a rider ta constan'ly put on others ta help. I mean, they've duties of their own, yeah?" He smirks slightly, then sighs, "Naw, I don' have a gol' ta worry abou', jus' a prima donna bronze who wants ta pick figh's with her."

"Hey Sundari, D'nyl," and of course the blue gets a wave from Aggie - and another titter from Valigath. The weyrling's wings fold in and flare again, setting a rhythm that definitely doesn't match the rise and fall of her feet in an impatient dance of sorts. Her tail snaps behind her in a further gesture of impatience, leaving Aglaia to find some safe vantage point that will protect her from flaring, dancing, and whipping. Eesh. Czaiath's questioning is met with a mental equivalent of that audible 'giggle' « Kweeheehee! » and a very obvious gaping of her maw into a draconic grin.

Irkevalath is content to just settle back and watch the pair of young dragons before him. A soft rumble escaping him while his head settles upon a forepaw, someone is thinking about a nap it seems. At least for the moment. "Asking is one that, doesn't mean anyone has to help." She points. "I would help Zi'on with Suldith just cause I suppose." A grin is seen at the bit on Czaiath being a prima donna. "That'll change when he gets older." She smiles to Aglaia. "How goes it Aglaia?"

Czaiath snorts darkly at Valigath, pointedly stretch (in his mind) better than her, flaring his wings a little wider, moving a little faster. D'nyl shakes his head at dragon antics, glancing at Aglaia, "Is she always tryin' ta destroy everythin'?" He glances at Czaiath again, then back to Sundari, "Tha' mean you'll help me with Czaiath when he gets big, too?"

"It's been… better," Aglaia says with a mild grimace. "But it's also been far, far worse." Which means… good? Hard to say, really, since she still looks exhausted. At least she's still alive and moving, though! That's a good thing. Valigath, for her part, starts to prance in a circle, wings continuing to furl and unfurl with that continued, strange rhythm of hers. And, of course, when she happens to face Czaiath, she gapes her maw into a grin again, splitting the glasgow grin that decorates her mouth into something truly terrible. Aggie turns to face D'nyl with another mild grimace. "All the time. And I don't know why. Sometimes it's because it's really not hers; sometimes she just doesn't like the look of it. I don't- it's just… she's crazy."

Sundari smiles to D'nly and nods while giving his arm a soft squeeze. "Course I'll help you. Can't say no to Czaiath." This said with a wink. Her gaze turns over o Aglaia and Galigath whom she is watching for a few moments, pondering it seems. "She… Is a different one." This said with an amused tone. A faint snort escapes Irkevalath but that is all he thinks on the matter.

"Tha's appreciated. Czaiath! Stop messin' with her, it'll jus' make it worse." The bronze snorts and moves a little away from the gold while D'nyl mutters, "Faranth help us all when she rises th' firs' time." He glances at the snorting blue, then back to Sundari, "Wha's he thinkin'?"

In the end, it's trundlebugs that break the gold's concentration. A string of them catch Valigath's eye and her wings snap shut. She hunkers down to a near crawl, muzzle practically on the ground, while she tracks after them on the ground. Aglaia just pinches the bridge of her nose and heaves a long-suffering sigh. "I guess that's one way to describe her," is angled to Sundari with just a twist of dry amusement. "And- drat. That really is the last thing I want to think about. Her flying. Her being able to get in the air at all, for that matter." Because that is not something that will end well for anyone at all. « Oh, LOOK at the lovely little things, » Valigath mentally cackles on a ripple of fire and smoke.

« Becareful with them trundlebugs. They can crawl up your nose if your not careful. » Irk offers with an amused like tone while his eyes swirl open. Sunny chuckles softly. "She's young, there all young." She points out while offering a soft smile to the pair. The question from D'nyl makes her smirk a it. "He was just agreeing that she is.. different.. then most golds he knows." For a blue Irk does know a few actually, his been known to chat them up at times when his feeling rather talktive.

Czaiath moves further from Valigath. He's already had his run-in with trundlebugs and has no desire to repeat the experience. D'nyl scratches at his head thoughtfully, "'Sgonna happen some day. Hopefully she'll've mellowed by then." A small smirk appears, "Well, at leas' Irk agrees."

« All the better reason to DESTROY them! » A mental eruption of delighted fire and blistering smoke ensues as Valigath springs into action. Which- well. It's really not as effective as one might think, all things considered. She pounces and they scatter, leaving her to rampage about with a bit of bellowing that transcends both thought and sound. Aglaia utters a "Dratty-drat!" under her breath and sinks into calming mode, but it'll take about a minute for the thwarted gold to settle down. Only after that does she dare to ask, if in a strained voice, "Just- what are other golds like? I only know one, kind of, and she's nothing like -her-."

Sundari shakes her head slightly while shew atches as Valigath goes about trying to trample the trundlebugs. "This.. Is a bit amusing I have to admit." She offers with a slight grin seen. A glance is sent to Aglaia and she smiles. "Well, Irk's mother likes to sleep during the day and wander through the weyr at night. I.. never really met Isis's gold before, barely met Irk's mother. He says they are all different, like a song on the wind. So Valigath is in her own right just another song that is fluttering across a breeze. Though her song is more across a storm filled sea most of the time." Irk warbles out seeming to agree with her his rider says.

D'nyl immediately pinches his nose when trundlebugs come under assault, "Shard it all! 'M sure she's jus' th' way she's mean' ta be, jus' like Czaiath is. She's jus'… unique." Just like Czaiath is. "It'll get better."

"Or we'll just smell like trundlebugs forever and for eternity," Aglaia points out to D'nyl, even while she's pinching her nose. Valigath stiffly walks away from the site of her failed destruction and starts up the dancing wing-flares as if that's all she planned on doing anyway. "Ah- that's… huh. That's pretty beautiful, Irk," she admits, with a nod to the blue and to Sundari for translating, as it were. "It's weird, though. How different they can all be, even when they have the same parents. Kind of like human kids, I guess, but…" she trails off and rubs at the back of her neck for a moment or two.

Sundari coughs a touch and waves a hand before her, as if that would help with trundlebugs.. Not. "Irkevalath has his moments." She says with an amused tone while looking towards her dargon with a smile seen. Irk sits up a bit more looking a touch proud even while a faint croon escapes him. "There just like people, everyone is different none of us are the same." A faint nod is seen while she glances to the two near her. "Give them time. There like kids, they have to grow up."

D'nyl sucks in a breath through his mouth, trying to hold it while the stench wafts over the fields, his eyes watering slightly from the stench. He lets out a rushed breath, babbling out, "P'rhaps, bu' even kids'll only make tha' mistake once. I can help, yeah?" Gasp in a breath and hold it again. Czaiath seems unphased by the stench, though he does trot near the riders, head tilting slightly, « What troubles you? »

"… I wouldn't trust her to think it was a mistake." Aglaia keeps her nose pinched and does, at least, nod to Sundari with a tilted smile. "I'm sure it'll get better. It just feels… well. Terrible for now." Time and all that; it's simultaneously flying and not moving at all! Valigath, for her part, turns her attentions to Czaiath. « It must be something in the air! Maybe you should help them with your wings and fan the GOOD air to them? Over there! » Which, conveniently, is where the largest concentration of the trundlebug stink is.

Sundari shakes her head slightly while she pulls her shirt up a bit so the collar rest over her nose in some attempt to help with the smell. It is already lingering in her mind and making her gag a bit and then cough. "Shards and shells.. She stomp them all..?" Irk shifts slowly, stretching and is up moving towards where the trundblebug stank is and instead of using his wings he goes about digging a hole and the dirt is dumped over the trundlebugs to try andhelp with the stench. Sunny peeks up to Czaiath as he is there with that quesntioning look and she tries to figure out a answer. "Can't you smell it.. Its.. like.. a bag of old fish just got dumped out on a sunny day."

Czaiath's mindvoice crackles with adolescent rage at Valigath, « I'm not stupid. You're the one that made the stench, you fix it. » D'nyl just sighs more as Czaiath explains, « I smell it, but it does not trouble me. It troubles you, though, which troubles me. » He shoots a dirty look at Valigat and D'nyl just squeezes his eyes shut, "Tha' smell won' be gone b'fore th' nex' lessons, neither. Shards."

There are a few casualties - but most seem to have survived her 'attack' as it were. It's still enough to be disgusting and Aggie's taking great pains to breathe through her mouth. "… she's demanding a flamethrower to finish the job," the weyrling blurts out - and both her expression and tone are exquisitely deadpan. And then there's Valigath, with her horrible mental giggle. She prances again, wings tucking into her sides. « Oh ho! And here I thought you always wanted the best for yours. Surely he deserves the BEST air. I suppose I could do it, but I have the most terrible itch between my wings, you see? » "You do not." And it continues.

Irk is actually helping some with the smell by burring them bugs, it helps… a bit but not fully. Still smells like someone killed a skunk really. Sundari coughs a bit more before waving a hand in front of her face as if that will help. "Bloody hell my nose hairs feel like there burned with it.."

D'nyl gasps out another breath as Czaiath bugles at Valigath, « I will NOT clean up your messes! » D'nyl darts forward, despite the smell, and thumps Czaiath on the chest, "Leave it, Caiath! Stop fightin' with her or I'll hafta run more laps Jus' relax." He looks at Aglaia for support, then mutters, "If'n she coul' operate one, I'd be truly afeared."

"The world is lucky that she can't chew firestone, that's all I'll say." Aglaia cuts a look at the gold that's now trying to sneak her way out and hisses, "You. Get. Over. Here." Pointing ensues and Valigath hesitantly looks back over at the mess - such that it is. She does scoff at Czaiath a bit, little more than a belch of sulfur in that shared space between minds, but she ultimately stalks over to start flapping half-heartedly at the air to try to fan the lingering stink away. « You are no fun at all, brother-mine. NO fun. I'm not going to try to play with you ever again, » is a declaration she'll forget in a few days, but still. "Thank you," is also tossed to Irk for his burying efforts; they are appreciated!

Sundari shakes her head slightly and laughs a touch. "I'm happy she can't chew firestone either in all hoensty." This said with an amused tone at the htought of the gold getting a hold of it. A soft breath escapes her while she watches the two before glancing to Czaiath. "That's enough, go on and leave her be." This said to his rumblings towards her. Irk is soon shifting, wings unfurling a bit. « Who wants to see if they can stretch there wings as high and mine? » He sends to the gold and bronze. Thankfully Irk is just a blue even if he is big!

Czaiath snarls at Valigath and D'nyl thumps his chest again, "No' here. Ye'll get us both in trouble." Czaiath wants a solid barfight, but D'nyl is just having none of it. They can do that midsky when blood quickens. Not that D'nyl's thinking of that, either. "I'm jus' hopin' they don' get inta it once we star' teachin' th' boys ta chew."

All that snarling and spite seems to inspire Valigath into dancing mode again. She titters her amusement at the whole affair, eyes alight with twisted glee, and then she's on the move again! Back toward the barracks, as it turns out; the itch that wasn't an itch before is now a very real itch that Aglaia's trying to scratch on her own back. « Not this time, big blue! » And he is. For now. « But NEXT time, I'll beat you! » "Sorry, drat- The itching is insane!" Aggie flails a little, then huffs a bit as she manages to temporarily divorce the itching from herself. "She'll just have to make do with me having a flamethrower," which won't do, but a girl can hope. "See you later? Take care!" And she's off, racing after the quickly moving dragon!

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