Maze Mastery

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

A bugle is heard from the training field, Irkevalath is the one calling out the Weyrlings today it seems, up and at them it is lesson time! At least that is the idea. Out in the field a maze has been set up, using all manner of things. Haybales, a wagon, tables, chairs, boxes, crates, a few steps made up from a few bits of wood. In all it doesn't look that bad. Sundari is standing next to the large blue that is waiting for the group to arrive; there is a new knot upon Sunny's shoulder to show she is indeed a AWLM. Perhaps people should be sacred?

As usual, it takes a force of will to drag Valigath out - even if Aglaia can't manage it physically, she's getting a little more adept at doing so mentally. The gold drags her tail and claws some distance behind Aglaia, plainly mimicking being in some kind of mortal distress to avoid whatever the lesson of the day is. The melodramatic weyrling dragon is contrasted by a grim-looking rider-to-be. She raises an eyebrow slightly at the curious maze, only to cant her head at something or another that Valigath says. Her expression sours a bit and she gives the gold a thump on the forearm.

Valigath can whine, whimper and crawl all she wants there will be a lesson today! Sundari grins a bit while looking amused at the few that appear and she offers a nod to Aglaia. "Hello Agalia.. You two ready for lessons?" This questioned with a curious tone. Irk warbles out a happy greeting to Aglaia seeming happy she is there even if /she/ isn't happy.

And she will. Oh, she will be every bit the martyr - just as she is with pretty much every lesson ever. There is no tittering greeting for the blue, either; just a miserable wail that cuts off abruptly at another solid thumping from Aggie. The human half, at least, offers up a tilted smile at Irk's greeting - it's not all that bad for her, it seems! - and she nods to Sundari with, "Well, one of us is. But she will be, if she wants her claws cleaned after we're done here." Cue another wail and a bit of childish foot-stamping. Harrumph!

Irk tilts his head at the 'wail' and seems confused for a few moments before a soft snort escapes him. « Honestly Stop that now. It is time for a lesson between you and yours. Listen and stay sharp! » This offered with a shake of his wings while he settles there upon the ground stretching out. Sundari chuckles a bit and even grins a moment. "No worries there Agalia." There is a slight pause before she clears her throat. "To start with, lesson time.. The lesson here is to trust your dragon will get you through the maze without a letting you the rider hit into something while they guide you through the maze."

As the lesson is explained, Aglaia's face falls - and, by contrast, Valigath suddenly seems -very- interested in the proceedings. « Kweeheehee! Oh, this shall be a fine game! Yours is a CUNNING one, big blue! » Boiling heat and roiling smoke merely underscore her glee at the whole thing. The gold prances in place, wings half-mantled, while Aggie looks at Sundari as if she's lost her mind. "So how- how, exactly, is this supposed to work? Is she going to tell me to go left or right or is she supposed to make images or…?"

Irkevalath warbles and looks amused at what Valigath says about his riders. « She is a good egg. » He offers with a purring croon escaping him. Sundari blinks and chuckles at her blue while pulling out a few strips of black cloth and waggles them about a bit. "Simple, you will tie this around your eyes and then your dragon will guide you through the maze with images, or words which ever you all wish to use." She moves to hand out the bits of cloth. "When ready, you can go on and start Aglaia."

"Well, drat." Aglaia takes her blindfold and ties it on, but it's clear the balance of power - and enthusiasm - has shifted dramatically. Valigath continues to prance in place, her steps surprisingly light despite her build and size. Once the weyrling is ready to go, she signals as much - mentally as well as with a physical lifting of her hand - and the gold settles in. She cranes her neck around to study the path to the maze - as well as the maze itself, before (presumably) sending along an image of what she sees. The weyrling rider follows the course as she 'sees' it - and with one hand sticking out, palm flat, just to be on the safe side.

"The goal is to get through it without hitting anything. With time you all will be able to do this faster. Some point there will even be a timed test." Sundari says with an amused tone. Just perhaps she is having a bit of a good time with this! Teaching It is funz. Irk watches from his spot, looking amused.

« That is a boring goal, » Valigath declares - and, in so doing, loses enough of the image that Aglaia ends up touching a wagon. Thank goodness for that outstretched hand! "Seriously? Valigath, c'mon!" She tilts her head to 'look' at her despite the blindfold. The gold huffs irritably and tosses her head to emulate rolling her eyes. The image is firmed up again and the weyrling's progress continues - past a pile of hay bales and just beyond a couple of chairs before the gold has to move and shift her focus again. It's slow going, naturally, and Aglaia calls out dubiously, "How fast are we going to have to do this?"

« The goal is to work with on eanother, and strengthen the bond between you both. This helps comes times of flights and other such needs. » Irk offers with a soft croon heard. Sundari watches, moving along now and then to offer pointers. "Don't worry about that right now. Just need to work on asking questions from your dragon and going from there to get through it first."

There's an audible huff from Valigath, though her answer is merely a heated « We are a very strong pair. She is a very quick learner! » The maze continues to be tracked by the dragon-half, while Aglaia likewise continues through it, proceeding slowly and with periodic stops where an image is broken or fractured slightly with some creative embellishment by the projector. She swears under her breath in various flavors of 'drat', but she presses on after 'fixing' the images by clearing out the erroneous imagery or otherwise clearing the mental board, just so. It takes a while, but she's soon nearing the end with a severe expression of concentration still on her face.

Irkevalath is quiet while he watches from his spot. « There is nothing to deny that you are both a strong pair. Though with time and training, you will be better then you are now. With time think of what you could do? With time anything is possible. » Sundari smirks a touch as she 'hears' Irk and continues to watch to see how Aglaia does. A warm smile seen and she nods a few times. "Good job." Is said before the weyrling is near the end."

« We will rule the world. » Valigath's confidence is a dangerous thing, searing and full of sparks. Even her voice, naturally shrill as it is, has dropped to a near-purr. She emits an audible hiss of satisfaction - though, from the 'outside' it would seem she's doing so just because Aglaia's made it out in one piece. "Oof. Not too bad, eh?" That's called in the direction she last heard Sundari in, while her head swings this way and that until her draconic half fixes her whirling gaze on the bluerider. Aggie's able to pick her out a moment later without taking the blindfold off - and she raises a hand to wave at her.

Irkevalath looks amused at that and rumbles a bit even. « That we can do any night. We need good snacks for said thoughts thought. » The blue croons out t the idea. "No, not to bad at all." Sundari says while grinning and nods while she waves back to the other. "Now.. again, but take it from a different starting point." This said while she hops up onto a hay bale to sit down.

« No, not ANY night. » The mental cackle starts up again, a shrill « Kweeheehee! » that fades only when Valigath's being directed to focus on something else. She moves again, holding an image for Aglaia to follow - and only with one or two little 'disruptions' along the way. Dangerous treasures, really, but they're easily spotted and dismissed by the weyrling rider. "Over here?" She waits until the go ahead is given and does so, moving with the same lack of speed as before. Hand out, of course, and eyes probably squinched shut despite the blindfold. Shuffle, shuffle.

« Then what night would you pick, one with good light by the moon? Or perhaps a good breeze from the ocean? » Irkevalath questions curious it seems about the gold before him. Sundari nods slightly and smiles to Aglaia. "Yep, think of it like a giant puzzle. How many ways can you tackle it like with a puzzle?" It's an idea!

"Oh, no. No, that's- Valigath! Stop!" Puzzle? Of course the weyrling dragon would take things and twist them; no sooner than that 'suggestion' is given than Valigath's flipping the image upside down and tilting it, which forces Aggie to stop and re-orient herself. Cautious movement continues, but with considerably more difficulty than before. As for Irk's questioning? « Oh, no. Don't be silly, big blue! It does not matter how the moons wax and wane; there must be SMOKE and FIRE! » Her enthusiasm is such that her maw splits into a terrible grin and she starts prancing again. « But, oh ho! You think you're so clever. I'll not tell YOU my plans. » Kwee…

Sundari curiously watches Aglaia pondering it seems. "What is she showing you?" This questioned with a glance sent to Irk and she waves a bit for him to try and help more. « Remember to get to those plans of yours that you and your rider must be at one, same mind and able to think between one another easily. She needs to trust you, and thus you will come to trust her. » STILL he wishes to know this PLANS of mastery! « Perhaps Your fill be in on the plans at some point? Never know I could help! »

"She's… well. Flipped it. And twisted it. It's all weird." Aggie seems to be managing decently enough, despite the stops and starts. But then there's a little too much going on and she stops completely, her head swinging one way and the other with confusion. "Which… Valigath, c'mon. Focus. Please?" The gold doesn't seem to be listening - or, if she is, she's not responding right away. It takes a few long seconds before things are set to rights again, seconds that are filled with her chattering away at Irkevalath. « Oh ho, she will know. When it is time - not a moment before! » She titters mentally and dances a little, wings fluttering. « There is much time yet, yesss. Much time. » And much as she'd like to look at 'big blue', she's focused enough on her work that she doesn't. Instead: « We shall see, yes. Yes, we shall! Yours is cunning and so are you - we could always use that cunning on OUR side! »

Sundari covers her eyes a few moments as she hears Irk, a faint sigh escaping her. "Irk.. That isn't helping." She grumbles out a bit. Sunny looks back to Aggie. "Try to get her attention, anything to make it back on you. Irk is just being a distraction that you might have to deal with out of the blue." Perhaps the blue is good for some things? « We are cunning, we are sweet, we taste crunchy just like sunned meat! » Irk is off singing a little tune while his head is bouncing along to the notes that are dancing in his mind. Sunny is left speechless now and isn't sure what to do or say it seems.

"Valigath! Your claws!" It's a desperate gamble, but it works; some connection is quickly made and Valigath utters a distressed sound. The images right themselves and straighten out, leaving Aggie to heave a sigh of relief before she starts to move on - if a bit more quickly than before. The little song of Irk's is met with a shrill mental giggling from Valigath, of course; she sings along in her broken way - and, of course, she dances, tail whipping and all. Fortunately, there isn't much more left to go!

"Shards Irkevalath.." Sundari grumbles while she slowly stands and eyes her dragon whom she is /stalking/ towards as he continues that song. « We go snapsnapsnap, crunhcrunchcrunch! We are cunning, we are sweet, we taste crunchy just liked sunned meat! » Sunny swats out at the blues chest and Irk pauses from the song, a soft croon escaping him. He likes that song. Sunny glances over to Aglaia as she is getting close to the end of the course once more. "Nearly there." She calls out."

« Crunchcrunchcrunch, snapsnapsnap, destroydestroyDESTROY! » Yes, it's all in the wrong order and, yes, Valigath improvised that last - paired nicely with a vigorous stomping of her feet, no less! - but, hey, at least she's enjoying this part of the lesson. And then there's Aglaia, who hastens to the end and quickly tears off the blindfold, lest she get dizzy from the bouncing and jostling of the 'live' mental image she's getting. "Oh, sweet goodness," she blurts out. "Oh, no. Nope. We are definitely going to have to work on that part of things."

« Exterminate! » Irk cries out before Sunny is elbowing him once more. "Bloody hell that is enough now." If this continues they may find themselves back in lessons at this rate. Sundari sighs a touch and then looks over to Aglaia and Valigath with a smile and nod soon seen."Your welcome to work at it whenever you like. The maze will stay up at this side of the training yard. You did good, both of you." Sunny says while smiling.

« EXTERMINATE! » is enthusiastically echoed by the gold, who terminates her dance with a final, thunderous stomping of feet. Aglaia winces and hisses out a warning of her own, though it seems to fall on deaf headknobs. Alas. Of course, when Valigath realizes just how filthy her paws and claws are, she immediately wheels and heads toward the barracks, leaving the human half to sort things out. "I- thank you, Sundari. We'll definitely be out here later to get that down." She offers a tilted smile and, soon, starts after Valigath with, "She's demanding oil and a cleaning - but we'll be back out soon!" Or so she hopes!

Sundari nods slightly while she looks to the pair, a slight glance is sent to Irk and then back to Aglaia. "It'll take time, but things will work out. Have a good afternoon, and any question or things your unsure of be sure to ask us." This said with a smile.

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