Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Leketh comes to a gentle landing in the middle of the center bowl on bright and particular warm summer afternoon, his black straps etched in blood-red trim certainly standing out against his pale bronze hide. He could almost be mistaken for a small gold, but the dragon was all male and so was his rider. J'en swings his legs over and descends along his lifemate's side until he steps off onto solid ground. Golden eyes slide smoothly over the surrounding area, placing a hand against Leketh's side in order to adjust one of his heavy toed boots, before righting himself once more. The bronzerider comes around towards the front, with the bronze lowering his large head to softly wuffle at the much smaller human form and a silent exchange is made with a distant sort of look that all riders get when in communication with their lifemates, gently stroking a hand over one eyeridge. With no expression to speak of, Jae's action is still affectionate even if it merely appears as if he was purely going through the motions.

It's a late lunch for Rulayn, who is navigating herself away from the Caverns through the afternoon rush of folk returning to chores. She's been pinned with Infirmary duty today, and so there's been little pause all morning, with minor injuries from various Crafters taking up her time. But now, with a chance to return to the quieter Barracks, Rulayn opts for taking her break there instead. So, with hair in its usual knotted mess, and her workclothes adorned in stains, the dragonhealer trudges through the warm Bowl, enjoying the heat that the Fortian sun gives. It felt as if not only yesterday had the lake been covered in ice! The shadow overhead of a dragon coming in for landing is nothing new; nor is the color of the beast that lands. Bronze. Always bronze. Rulayn pauses briefly to examine the rider from a distance, but then continues on her leisurely walk to the northern portion once she fails to recognize him. Besides, Bronzeriders were always trouble!

J'en was paying absolutely no attention to anyone coming or going, seeminly and completely focused on Leketh's apparent need for a little tender loving care. The bronze wuffs and nudges against his rider firmer, blue facets whirling with insistence. Rulayn's brief pause and glance his direction is missed, and it's hardly surprising that she does not recognize him even standing to the side as he is. Not only had it been several turns since they last encounters one another, he was no longer a fourteen turn old boy. Jae had grown tall, just on the cusp of six feet but had not quite broken that particular seal. His shoulders had broadened, his hair was short all around save for the spiked crop at the very top, and he had filled out with some considerable muscle yet remained decidedly on the slender side rather then bulky. However, he still had those same oddly hued eyes, and that bit of metal there at the corner of his bottom lip, even if he had gained another tattoo which is visible there on the right side of his neck, looking like the branches of a tree. It also peeks out just there under the cuff of his right jacket sleeve. He still dressed head to toe in black, but his skin was lightly tanned from time spent out in the constant warm weather that Half Moon Bay provided. Many may have even paused to get a look at the young beautiful bronze, because he was stunning right now to his perfectly formed headknobs, though just as Rulayn is turning away, the bronzerider does happen to glance her direction. Instantly his chin tips upwards and lashes are lowered, following her progression towards the northern bowl but he doesn't call after her. Leketh though, well, he wasn't having any of that and he warbles after her loud enough to get most of the bowl occupant's attention which makes one of Jae's eyes twitch, "That really necessary?" he asks aloud, glancing at his lifemate without any other change in his demeanor. Leketh? He promptly plops himself down and makes himself look good, because he was all that and bag of crisps. J'en tsks softly inside his mouth.

Rulayn is almost out of range when the warbling sound causes her to glance back in the direction of the sunning Bronze. She's not the only one to look, however, since a trumpeting dragon is loud enough to draw looks from multiple people across the Bowl, no matter how briefly. Again, Rulayn squints at the rider. Nope, don't recognise-.. wait. That glisten of metal embedded in J'en's lip is vaguely familiar - but the person Roo once knew to look and dress that way was a smaller, paler boy. Could it be the same person, after all these Turns? One way to find out! Rulayn slowly pivots herself about and, with arms folded, begins walking back in the direction of Leketh, casting an appreciative eye over the pale bronze hide. Even if Rulayn could fault all Bronzers for being douchebags, she couldn't fault their dragons. Eventually, she pauses in front of the rider and, examining from head to toe, she speaks. "You're familiar." Hardly a greeting from the young woman, whom in the time since their last meeting had lost a considerable amount of weight. Her skin, however, was still pale and her hair? Still as messy as ever.

Fort Weyr. Why is Risali here? Well, it's a long story, but suffice to say that the harper's being escorted by a (currently absent) bronzerider of her own: a big burly man of FARANTH YOU ARE HUGE portions named L'or. Risali's hair is down, thick, black layers of curls that fall just below her shoulders but do nothing in the way of hiding the fact that she's clearly been beaten - and brutally. There's ugly bruising on her neck and face, a slightly-swollen eye with a cut just above it and a split on her lip. She looks wretched. Still, even with her wounds, the woman somehow commands the air around her with confidence and grace and - "You." It could have been a shriek, except that Risali's larynx is bruised and it comes out as some sort of breathy whisper that's not nearly as intimidating as she would like it to be - and it's aimed at J'en. You know what else is aimed at J'en? Her finger, when she SHOVES IT INTO THE BRONZER'S CHEST. "What are you doing here?" She wants to yell. She does, and normally she would be, except that, as we already went over, she can't. Cue her turning to Rulayn, a swirl of hair and rage and tiny-harper fury that fixes blue-grey with grey and holds for a moment bordering on infinity. Pause, and then, "Faranth, J'en. Are you luring another one?" So much bite, which curbs and gentles when she addresses Rulayn. "I'm going to murder him; I wouldn't recommend getting attached."

Leketh is much to large to bounce up and down in excitement, but all the energy to do so was clearly there in the rapid whirling of his facets. He bobs his neck and poses, trying desperately to make himself all the more appealing to the messy haired girl now with feet taking her back his direction. "She's human, y'know." J'en cooly reminds his lifemate who chuffs only before ignoring him, turning only when the greeting reaches his ears and letting golden eyes descend upon her from the vantage of the height he'd found in the last three turns. On the verge of seventeen, the bronzerider lets his gaze sweep over Rulayn's waiflike appearance, a single brow lifting upwards very minutely. "Ain't they feed ya?" he asks even if the flatly delivered words held a certain chill to indicate that he probably couldn't care less, finding her candidate knot there on her shoulder, but not offering any congratulations. He was older, taller, and more filled out…but that was still the pale boy from the living caverns; Jaelyn. There was no mistaking those golden eyes, no matter how chilly they may now be. He doesn't respond though to her accusation of being familiar, still looking down his nose at her past the thickness of his lashes. The seriousness with which he had addressed Roo turns ago, was now thickly encrusted with a notable layer of ice. Leketh, on the other hand, was loving the arrival of the pretty girl! He lowers his head down upon the long graceful expanse of his neck and lets his warm foul breath wash over her as he croons sweetly, because she was worth it! Just the faintest sensation of something sticky and pulsing can just be felt against the candidate's mind before golden eyes instantly flick from Rulayn to Leketh which ends it immediately. Of course, about a second later, Risali is descending upon him like the avenging angel of death. Again his gaze shifts, lazier this time, and it settles on the Ila'den spawn without so much as a single fuck to give. He remains exactly where his feet have rooted not even bothering to fend off that pointy little finger which she tries to stab through the leather of his flight jacket. "Not fuckin' yer cousin." he replies without missing a beat, chin still up and lashes still lowered, though his jaw does twitch as he clenches his teeth when his honorific is so casually dropped. "I ain't lurin' shit, she's a candidate." He does snort though when the raven-haired girl threatens him, but otherwise the icy exterior remains.

It takes a while, but the reply is all the cue Rulayn needs to realise who she's standing in front of. Well, he really hadn't changed on the inside, but he was certainly different to look at now, and that did earn him a long stare from Rulayn as her eyes scan him from head to toe. "You still like black." She notes dryly with a hint of a smile that is only made broader by the affections of the Bronze. And should his snout be in range? Have a pat, Leketh. Roo likes you too. What she doesn't appreciate, however, is the advancing woman now interrupting the conversation with her imposing presence. Rulayn, seemingly taken aback by Risali's appearance, blinks several times before looking back to J'en as a finger is thrust into his chest. A friend? Former lover? Roo wasn't going to ask. Nor was she inclined to get involved with this little domestic, but she still holds up her white knot for Risali to see. See that? Roo's a good girl. No flirting with Bronzers today. After further waiting for a gap in their conversation, the dragonhealer clears her throat to address J'en. "I still have your shirt, somewhere. Come by and pick it up sometime. We can catch up." And then she slooowly begins to turn away again so that she can carry on her merry way. She'll take her time though, because she does love some gossip.

FORMER LOVER? Zero likely; Risali is more akin to a worst nightmare or a GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME WOMAN or any number of not nice, we don't like it acquaintance to the bronzerider - who casually drops the fact that he's currently not canoodling with her nephew wrapped in expected ice. "I don't sharding care where you stick your dick, J'en. You want to make nice with renegade mutts and get your throat slit, not my problem. You being here instead of out there when my Dad is still missing is a PROBLEM." She wants to yell, and she tries. Risali's voice squeaks and some letters never form, but where her voice fails, body language and posture save her: CHEST POKE CHEST POKE CHEST POKE, ARM THROWN TO THE SKY IN RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. And then, chest heaving, the harper turns back to Rulayn as she is taken aback and makes off-hand comments to J'en and - a flicker of recognition. Risali's brows furrow together and the tiny woman throws out a hand to very gentle grab Rulayn by the elbow. "What is your name?" but the question is asked of her softly, with none of the ire or frustration or furyfuryfury for J'en. The change in her is alarmingly quick. It doesn't stop her from SWINGING AN ELBOW BACK to nail J'en right in his flight-jacket ridden stomach. "And you stay. No shirt getting for you, pretty boy." Is it any wonder now why she's been beaten? No? Thought not.

Looking to Rulayn and letting Risali percolate after that little comment about Taeski he'd just dropped, J'en lets his eyes rest comfortably on her. He has nothing to say about his taste in clothing color, his midnight-hued leathers of the highest quality and best fit to accentuate everything that made him worthy of a second or even third glance. His Istan accent had persisted through his own candidacy and weyrlinghood and hadn't faded much despite all the time he'd spent in Half Moon Bay. The smile she offers, however faint, is not returned. Instead, Leketh gets all the loving as it should be! The bronze all but melts beneath the simple pat and momentary attention, giving her another nudge with youthful insistence. But, hey! Hey!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Where are you going pale messy haired thing! Come baaaaaaaaaaaack! Leketh mournfully croons now as Roo takes her leave of them, using his long neck to try and corral her in because he was in need of that sweet sweet loving! "Noted." says J'en, leaving the invitation where it hangs in the air with not a single indication that he had any intention of taking her up on it. Not with Risali there anyway, because even with Leketh trying to keep Ruylan from totting off, he still had the black-haired Ila'den spawn to deal with. Another round of jaw clenching for using his honorific, "Oh. Right. Both of yer cousins." he says without a change in expression. Indeed, his field of fucks was barren. That's right Risali, not only was he not searching for Ila'den, he'd also been canoodling with TWO renegades. "I'm sure R'hyn's got that covered." he replies even more dryly, the ice in his tone practically tangible. It might even come as a surprise that his breath wasn't puffed out white into the warm Fortian air with each syllable. Leketh pauses in his Rulayn corralling to affix slowly whirling eyes upon his lifemate, the muscles of his neck tensing and then relaxing once more before he goes back to keeping his prize to himself. Right then Risali was doing a fine job trying to stake him right through his unfeeling heart, so Jae was somewhat distracted from whatever had disrupted the bronze's business. Golden eyes follow line of arm to finger held aloft, but it drifts back down again without much else of a reaction, even if Risa was trying to call lightning bolts from the sky her indignation in order to attempt to smite him with her all her daughterly fury. For all that anger, J'en was chill. He doesn't even seem to care if poor Roo gets dragged into all the this personal nonsense, but he does successfully block Risali's attempt to knock the wind out of him with that elbow there, pushing it away with the momentum she'd used to deliver the deflected blow, even if it lands her right onto her shapely ass. "Candidate, means hands off." Calm, oh so very strangely and disturbingly calm.

Rulayn does pause as the hand reaches for her and Rulayn glances over her shoulder at the bruised woman, again eyeing her exterior. If she had been severely beaten (and by J'en!?) then maybe Roo was re-considering approaching the lad. Then again, she didn't recall him ever being violent in bed. On the contrary.. But, that's another story for another time, as the young woman turns to face Risali. "Rulayn. Dragonhealer, but currently Candidate for Fort." And again she gestures to the white knot, straightening up to look a bit more.. proper. Although to stop herself from looking awkward, the girl clears her throat and reaches up to rub at the back of her neck. "Is your father missing? I'm sorry to hear that." And as if Risali hadn't been a good enough reason to hang around, there's suddenly a crooning Bronze and Roo is melting all over that darling sweetheart. With a mere glance in J'en's direction, Roo immediately turns herself over to the Bronze and approaches his large head, reaching out to smother in all the affection befitting of a puppy. "What's his name?" She asks, hands caressing the pale-coloured muzzle. She's still not going to get involved with talks of renegades and cousins for the most part, but she's still going to be a nosy little shit and eavesdrop.

Both of her cousins? Notice Risali's grey eyes do not soften at the mention of R'hyn, either, but rather go stormy grey. "I. Do. Not. Care." Can she emphasize enough that whoever he and her father decide to play non-canon Twister with doesn't matter? "You and Daddy can pick up and take home and feed whatever strays you want. But surprise, surprise on landing both of them. I would say congratulations, but you all deserve each other: fucking useless." ICE COLD. But Rulayn has her attention and the name is familiar, so familiar, but Risali can't place why. She's elbowing J'en, and getting knocked on her ass (though because of her own momentum and zealousness to abuse the bronzerider, notably not because he's the one that marred her face and her throat and places that one cannot see because they are clothed - which he's not), and the fleeting thought of where is dispersed when her knees and her hands catch her, skinning her palms upon contact though not so terribly as to require a healer. "YOU." It's a breathy squeak, so very, very pathetic when she aims for fierce. "You are not a man. You don't deserve that dragon." VENOM, SPIT. She's all heaving chest that takes a minute, a second, perhaps too long to look away from J'en and instead turn grey eyes back onto Rulayn and Leketh. One, two, three, and she breathes, "Ila'den." Up Risa gets, pushing back to her feet with a glower at J'en that's half embarrassment, half I'm-Going-To-MURDER-YOU-when-no-one's-looking. "And thank you." The last is said much more softly than her look for J'en would suggest is possible, aimed at Rulayn as she edges towards the girl. And then another biting, "And 'candidate' has stopped you before?" A sneer. She doesn't know, she's just taking shots in the dark because CLEARLY J'en's moral compass is crooked and in need of fixing. "You really shouldn't bother with him. Burn his shirt and then send him the ashes."

Was J'en even capable of hitting a woman? He certainly hadn't tried to add a bit more color to Risali's face even with her assaulting him in front of witnesses. The bronzerider was still standing there with his arms at his sides, his hands relaxed, although he didn't seem to like that she was using his dragonrider name so flippantly for anyone observant enough to notice. He loses whatever small inkling of interest he might of had when Rulayn and Risali exchange pleasantries and start talking about Ila'den, as if he was some dusty old tome they'd dug out of an ancient library that fully detailed weather patterns from two hundred turns ago. Golden eyes wander off elsewhere, lips moistened and attention wavered. As for the bronze? Oh, he's in porcine heaven! He croons so soft and sweet as Rulayn lavishes him with attention that she might very well be left with cavities as a result. "Leketh." J'en answers Roo, turning towards the satchel bags attached to his lifemate's straps, pulling them open and starting to unload…supplies? That's what it looks like anyway. Small packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with simple twine, "Ya gunna take this shit, or what?" The bronzerider levels his cooled gaze upon a group of very nervous looking people that had been hovering nearby for sometime now, wearing Archipelago's patch on their leather clad shoulders. That's right, he was helping to find Ila'den after all, just in his own way. He was making sure that the search and rescue riders had food in their bellies and the energy to keep right on looking without depleting the stores of other weyrs. The riders edge in cautiously, least they get sucked into the mighty battle between fire and ice, and are quick to get the hell out while they still can. Though, as Risali replies to him, something she says causes his till then utterly relaxed shoulders to stiffen completely. His head whips around and the ice is blown away by a sudden burst of firey anger. "What didja just say?" he asks through clenched teeth, "Ila'den…is what…with R'hyn?" Oh, ho ho ho. No. That is not a good look he bares down on her at all, even if what her father does with his joystick in fun town had absolutely nothing to do with her at all. If it were possible to set the woman ablaze with pure thought or a single glance, the poor grief stricken daughter of his weyr's former Weyrleader would be the one being sent home in a baggy. Leketh stiffen in alarm, retracting himself from Rulayn completely and immediately gives his full and undivided attention to J'en who doesn't wait for the answer to his burning question. Instead, his expression shifts from untempered inferno to surprise, confusion and genuine hurt before finally it all merely cools and vanishes beneath an even thicker layer of cold. "I hope yer father rots in whatever hell he's found himself in." he tosses Risali's way with all the enthusiasm of reading the wine list at the Tiki Lounge aloud. He was done. With all of it. Regardless of what he says, he still goes back to unloading packages until every last one was pulled free and then carried off, ignoring Leketh's pathetic sounding keening. At least he was being quiet about it. He ignores the rest of what was being spouted, closing all the satchels the had undone, back up again.

"Leketh." Rulayn repeats softly, staring up into those big whirling eyes. "Nice to meet you, Leketh. I'm Rulayn." As if the dragon hadn't already heard her name, but hey! Dragon are people too! And this dragon is getting all the loving affection that the dragonhealer can muster. A pat here, a scratch above an eyeridge there.. That is, until something causes the dragon's head to shift. Almost stumbling as Leketh pulls his head from her reach, Roo pauses with a confused look before realizing that the reason was the conversation she'd been privy to listening to. And quite so easily forgotten, with a dragon in her face. But wait, Ila'den? Roo knows that name! Spinning about, her mouth hangs for a moment with a question on her tongue. "Ila'den? Big guy with lots of scars? Likes art?" And she quickly shuts up at the steaming abuse coming from J'en. She thought the old man had been a bit weird, but not enough to warrant a death sentence! Arms drop and the girl watches the unloading proceed ahead, mouth quickly twisting into a confused frown.
This drama was perhaps too much for a simple Candidate. She didn't even know who these people were, really. Time to go for lunch?

And why, of all dragons, is Lychenth around here? Taking a well-deserved rest from being a search and rescue dragon! Even they need to rest a while, and since V'nyk has family in Fort, why not go there? Perfectly simple. The green has been a bit of a ways across the bowl and relaxing, although the rather obvious /tension/ has gotten her attention. There's a small rumble at Leketh once she slinks her way closer, although she seems reluctant to get /too/ close to the boiling pot that is J'en. Perhaps he might explode. Her rider, however, appears not a minute later at a bit of a sprint. In fact he doesn't stop until he very nearly careens right into J'en, mouth open to speak…and then he abruptly simply doubles over instead, hands on his knees as he sucks in much needed breath. Maybe coming in at a full tilt charge wasn't a good idea. There's a hand briefly waved as he takes in gulps of air, letting his fist weakly thump the bronzerider in the arm. "Jae…hey… Hey Jae. Can't breathe..wait a sec.." Yep, don't mind him. He stays that way, heaving, until he can finally manage to get himself upright again, one hand shoving brown hair from his face. There's a bit of a worried look there, but he quite promptly inches himself right into J'en's space, peering at the taller rider. "Well you look about ready to pop. Not in the pregnant way, either. Your like..whole face. Kaboom. Let's not do that. That's..yeah, that's just never good. Look, I think we should get a drink if things are all done here, do a little /breathing/ and less..vessel popping in the forehead region. That sounds good, right? Right?" He looks then around, gaze landing on Risali with wide-eyes. Doesn't it sound awesome? Yes?

If Risali was an anime character, her hair would be defying gravity to float around her and some kind of awesome looking chi would surround her and she'd SAILOR FUCKING MOON transform - but she's not. Instead, she just bristles, grey eyes going from the bronzerider, to the Archipelago crew to - defeat. Her shoulders sag, because she's intelligent enough to know that she's wrong even if she's lacking in the - NOPE NOPE NOPE. SCRATCH THAT. Just when the woman might have offered up some begrudging apologies, she realizes only too late that J'en meant R'hyn was handling looking for her father not… you know… handling her father and then her mouth clamps abruptly shut. And then she bites her lip. And then she EXPLODES. "You're doing the horizontal tango with my cousins — both of my rene-fucking-gade cousins — and you -" Risali chokes, be it on disbelief, or the tears in her eyes, or the INDIGNATION OF ALL HER MOST RIGHTEOUS FURY. "Who do you think you are?" A gasping breath around a sob, and even V'nyk's sudden appearance doesn't stop the woman from stepping forward. "I was right. You aren't a man. You don't deserve that dragon, or that knot, or -" Grey eyes are on V'nyk, but she can't really see him - not now. Now she just wants L'or to come back for her, because what she ran away from at Xanadu seems less suffocating that facing down one of Half Moon Bay's dragonriders. "OR HER." She goes for a shriek, she gets that odd, pitchy, breathy squeak that doesn't sound like much in the way of intimidation. And then she's turning to Rulayn, swiping at her own tears as if they are more nuisance than something to be acknowledges, and she links arms with the girl like they are best friends. "Yes," she breathes suddenly, a delay to the question Roo asked before. "And he's a stupid, missing idiot but Faranth help me he is my father and I miss him and please get me away from here." Which is why she's dragging her off in some direction, but she's not sure which. She's not really accustomed to Fort's layout. "Maybe we can find Uncle Th'ero." It's miserably said - or a woman who looks like him. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FORT WEYR? LEIMNA, THAT'S WHAT.

Poor Rulayn, caught in the middle of elseweyr happenings and likely to forever question her life choices. Leketh redirects his worried concern for his lifemate to Lychenth as she slinks over to see what was going on this side of the bowl. Many things are probably exchanged, including the story thus far, which is likely the reason that V'nyk hurries over so quickly. While the bronzerider was not appearing as if he was about to behead anyone, it's possible that the greenrider knew something that no one else did. Gold-colored eyes slide towards the young search and resue rider, containing less warmth than a penguin on an iceberg. "Here." he says, flat and icy, handing the breathless Ryk a small brown wrapped package wrapped with twine. His rations brought from Half Moon Bay directly to fuel his efforts in finding Ila'den and the missing children. He simply stands there, cool, calm and collected as the other rider from his weyr tries to deescalate the situation, which doesn't seem to even be necessary from the looks of it. Ah, but looks were deceiving if Leketh's continued muted keens had anything to say about it. Still, not a shred of humanity or feeling is betrayed even as Risali loses her shit over there. He merely turns and looks at her long and lacking any outward sign that he was anything more than deep arctic salvage vehicle. "Yes." he replies, simple and clean like. "Your, renegade cousins, who I never see because they are both too fuckin' busy lookin' for your backstabbin' asshat of a father and their lost kin." Even with the language tucked in there to rather well clarify that even if he seems to be the epitome of calm, there was a lot more going on than he was letting the girl see. "I have a duty to mah weyr," He points to his Transport and Delivery patch there on his jacket, "…and I'm gunna fuckin' do it Risali. I mighta lost all respect fer yer old man, but that dun mean I dun want 'im back where he belongs." A pause, "Even if that means 'is dick up the asshole he stole from meh." All very, very, very, calm. This, should concern someone. Someone, other than Leketh.
That said, he watches her drag herself off and then turns back to V'nyk, just as smooth as the metaphorical ice he had in every look and word. "Did ya say something about drinks?"

V'nyk arrived in time for /shrieking/. Indeed, the greenrider looks positively surprised by it all, staring in a bit of wide-eyed stillness as Risali is the one that does the exploding. And true to form, he really only seems to pick out oddities to respond to, glancing quickly at J'en during it all. "Technically you weyrmated one of them so I think that counts as more than know..fucking him." He does at least seem to pick up on the fact that Ila'den is mentioned..and father. He's not a total idiot, after all. His mouth opens in a little bit of an 'o' before a hand covers it, lest he say something /else/ to all of that. But alas, he's having a package shoved at him, and the greenrider takes it with a rather out of place burst of a grin for Jae. Sudden present is /sudden/. And it's a sudden present of /food/. Maybe. His expression falters somewhat though at the /true/ revelation of what's bothering his fellow rider, tongue briefly wetting his lips. But thankfully the situation itself seems to be ending with Risali marching away with Rulayn in tow, and the greenrider lifts himself up on his toes briefly. "Uhm..we'll keep looking and all! Not giving up or nothing!" Awkward? So awkward. He shifts on his feet then, finally giving a slow nod at J'en. "Drinks? Yeah, we're totally getting a drink. C'mon."

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