A Cure For All Ills

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

"No, SERIOUSLY!" comes Vossrik's voice as the sausage party makes its way from the taco tavern that is the candidate's barracks, meaning Xhanfyr is following in the Smith's emphatically gesturing wake. "Feathers flippin' everywhere, and then there's another friggin' tunnelsnake corpse underneath my pillow, only it's got a bow wrapped around it? Man, I do not even wanna know what they was doing in there while we were out and about. Or were you a part of that? In which case, my bad for leavin' you to the devices of our delightful dames."

Xhan sighs and glances to his friend, brown eyes lowered and looking rather crest fallen. "I just wish you could of told me that you and Leimna were a thing is all. I thought we were friends." he says softly, all slumpy shouldered and pathetic looking, you know, despite all the combat skills that could take out a moving target and renegade bloodline. He pays absolutely no attention to apologies for being abandoned to the pillow forts and bedless barracks, he was rather focused on other things. Like betrayal.

Drinks it is! J'en totally knows knows about betrayal AND where the bar is at Fort Weyr, because he used to live there of course and he would know where things are. This also means that V'nyk also knows where the bar is, because he was born at Fort Weyr. This is all very plausible and reasonable, and so they head in and take a seat at a big table in the back, even if the bronzerider has to drag the poor greenrider by the collar of his flight jacket. Still the personification of all things completely lacking any semblance of anything remotely close to resembling a shred of emotion, Jae drops himself into a chair and orders some beers, "Keep 'em comin'." he says coolly, sliding out of his jacket and setting it on the back of the chair. Tattoos, facial piercing, yes. Very inviting and friendly. Complete package deal this one. Golden eyes slide to the two boys, apparently also candidates, and the Half Moon Bay rider just sits back and watches, propping a foot up on the edge of the table.

V'nyk is the one who suggested drinks, and yet he's being hauled around by his jacket and rushing to make sure he doesn't go falling out of the thing. Yep, so much betrayal around here. He didn't even have to remember where the place was, what with J'en making all the headway in that department. "Okay okay /okay/." Once free the greenrider straightens himself up and tugs on his jacket rather dramatically, making sure it's not twisted..then simply takes it off. "I half thought you were going to pick me up and /carry/ me here." He finally does settle into a chair though a bit more politely than his counterpart, not seeming to mind the other's foot up on the table. He simply leans forward right onto his elbows, eyeing Jae once the alcohol is ordered. "I'm gonna have to ferry you back to the Weyr, aren't I? I mean, it's not like I /mind/ or anything, just don't go throwing glasses around. Or breaking them in your hand and slicing everything up so I have to /stitch/ you up before ferrying you back to the Weyr." There's a quick grin flicked, promptly resting his jaw in his hand while taking a look around, also looking at the candidates that have come in. There's a bit of a laugh for it, glancing back at the bronzerider. "Well now I somehow feel old, looking at candidates."

He wasn't focused on the fact that every female candidate inexplicably lost their clothes in the barracks? Not even a little? Leimna's disappointment is palpable; if the men didn't turn red then SHE DIDN'T PRANK HARD ENOUGH. Regardless, Leia is not here, she's somewhere out there, parading around like Th'ero and probably stealing somebody else's beard. Who is here is Risali, and she's tucked away in a corner by herself, looking as pathetic as crestfallen Xhan (arguably moreso, considering all those bruises on her face and her neck and the ruined knuckles of her back hand that clearly state: FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT) as she curls around her drink and - voices. Risali's eyes lift to the two candidates, curiosity piqued despite herself as she listens and then - them. Risali's jaw tightens and the drink in her fist gets slammed onto the table in a clatter of noise. The tiny harper is on her feet so fast the chair supporting her bottom doesn't stand a chance, and there's another hiss of, "You." AGAIN. "Can't you go ANYWHERE BUT HERE?" Listen, she can't actually shriek, you guys. Her larynx is bruised and so it comes out in breathy, sometimes unformed syllables that sound squeaky and pathetic and raw and too much emotion. Her drink is grabbed, and she's STORMING towards the two candidates, bumping shoulders with Vossrik which has her drink spilling down the front of both of them and this is not happening. "MOVE." she snaps in that unintimidatingly breathy squeak of a command. No apology though. Sorry not sorry.

Vossrik makes a noise that sounds like it should come with about a gallon of spittle. "It's not EXACTLY like that, Xhan," he mutters on a long-suffering sigh. "Like, every time she comes near me, any time ANY girl comes near me, I kinda wanna jump out a window or puke or something half the time. Guess with her, though, it's a little less bad?" It's not exactly a declaration of lasting affections, but he's no Harper. "And she keeps stealing my OW! Dude!" He actually spins around once. "GEEZ you got some bony elbows, lady!"

The apprentice Beastcrafter gone candidate glances briefly, albeit dubiously, at Vossrik. He fidgets and quickly looks away, coloring slightly across his cheeks. "Rulayn's not bad." he says, still sounding very hurt that he had to hear about his buddy's love life from someone other than his buddy. He sighs though, willing from the way his head comes up and his opens, to forgive the smith if for no other reason than they were bros. "Voss, listen I…" And that's about when the woman at the back of the bar suddenly stands up and starts slamming and kicking things. Wide almond-shaped eyes focus in and all hint of color instantly vanishes from his face. "Wha…the…" he begins, following the focus of her gaze to the pair of riders there in the back. Neither of them looked familiar at all, but then again neither did the very angry lady. Course, then she's stomping over and yes, that would be her drink all down the front of his brand new tunic. Xhanfyr gasps and his arms fly up, literally hanging in the air. No, he wasn't moving, he was now in complete and utter statue mode.

J'en quickly loses interest in the boys and their drama, he had his own, in the form of Risali who was still very viably upset from what had just gone on out there in the bowl not very long ago at all. Then, beers arrive! What to do. What to doooooooooo. The bronzerider's lashes lower as he regards the outraged woman, and then merely picks up his beverage and puts it to his lips. He needing a drink, not to be screamed at. "Ya dun move fast enough." he says to V'ynk, drinking deeply from the mouth of his bottle and then swallowing it down. The older of the two riders shrugs one of his two tattooed shoulders at the implication that he would need to be ferried home. There is a very short snort, but he purposely makes no promises against that laundry list of potential offenses that the greenrider troubles himself with voicing. "Dun worry, I won't get so drunk I can't stick it to ya." Classy. Still, despite icy words and inappropriate references to hot boy on boy action given the current atmosphere, Jae does eventually let his attention drift to where Risali has gone and decorated one of the candidates over yonder. Lifting beer to lips again, eyes still fixed on Risali, "They look older than the both of us."

And then there was more yelling. V'nyk sits upright again. Had he noticed Risali there? Not at all! But then she's marching off and spilling drinks, and the greenrider winces just a little. Though at least he doesn't call after the angry girl. He simply settles back in his chair, picking up his own drink. "Doesn't look much different than you did half the time here. Battered and all. Something oddly..I dunno..similar there." Perhaps there's a bit of a meaningful look given to J'en, before his eyes roll. "Yeah, because /that's/ what I'm worried about." Still, there is a grin, and the greenrider simply sips at his drink. "Well /yeah/, but that's not the point. I mean..you know. Because we were in that position a few turns back. Candidates and all. So it's like…our past, but they're older, and it…well it makes sense in my head." Poor, poor candidates. This just can't stand. He sets his drink down again finally, calling out across the room. "Aw, come on now.. Don't run them over or anything! Weyr needs them like..intact and everything. Probably. If you wanna sit back down, can get you another drink and everything since yours is sorta..you know..everywhere?"

L'or needs a drink. Beer is good and people are crazy. Xanadu is nuts and hopefully Fort is a bastion of good sense in an ocean of he doesn't even know. He's been busy working and a thirst has been built up and all of that. Why else do people come to a get a drink? So he looms in the doorway; letting his eyes acclimate as he wanders towards the bar.

SHARP ELBOWS? Risali counts backwards from ten: ten, nine, eight - "Please move." At least she didn't scream again (attempt, anyway, for all the good it does her), and grey eyes flicker over Xhan's newly alcohol christened tunic and it happens. The hairs on the back of Risali's neck rise like she's being watched by a bronzerider from Half Moon (she is) and V'nyk speaks and draws her attention and - "Stop looking at me, you bastard." It's spat with so much venom that falls so horrendously short of it's mark that it's pathetic. "And you," a finger to V'nyk, even if the greenrider is being polite, "keep your focus on him." FINGER JAB AT JAE. And are those tears? THOSE ARE TEARS. Risali doesn't cry, but fury is just as good of a reason to send her tear ducts into overdrive and those are definitely tears. Plus somebody went and put thoughts of her father being dead into her head. She can't shake it, that's what the alcohol was for, and now she can't shake J'en. Bristly harper girl steps to one side around Vossrik and Xhan (who still hasn't got an apology and never will, SORRY) and then - L'or. One, two three, and there's a strangled sound at the sight of the giant towering in the doorway because fury turns into something that sits in her throat and makes scraped up hands shake. "L'or," it's a breathy whisper for the bronzerider - not that she can manage much more - and then she's beelining for him and HEADTHUNK-ing right into his chest. Hands clutch at his tunic and there's a miserable sob of, "I want to go." Maybe not necessarily away from Fort, but away from here. TOO MUCH EMOTION. GET HER OUT. RECON MISSION: GO.

Yeah, because Fort's a totally sane place, what with Xhanfyr's Kermit-arms and Vossrik's pirouetting away from Risali's shove. "Friggin' ow, and whassis gotta bit to do with Roo, anyway?" Reaching into one of his pockets, he pulls out a handkerchief and dabs at the few stains that blossom on his shirt from being within Xhan's splash zone. "So, uh, sirs? I don't suppose y'know what THAT was all about, with the, um, tiny lady?" He juts his chin towards the retreating Harper, pairing it with an arched brow that matches like white wine and chicken.

L'or grabs up a mug from the bar; it's a big one to match a big hand and the big gulps that accompany it being tipped right back have his eyes closed. So when Risali headthunks into him in mid-swallow there is a horrible spluttering sound of a man choking. A nasty wretching sound as he involuntarily lowers the mug far too fast and /all/ of the remaining beer swills out and probably right into Risali's hair and all down the front of his body. "What the f…" He starts; his eyes blazing with I-Am-Going-To-Kill-You only to hear sobbing. Sobbing. "Yes." He says, bluntly, with no emotion like someone who is about to flail. "Yes. Let's go. Let us go. Go. To the exit. Exit. Go. Walk." Before he loses his shit and kills her instead of hugs her, which is what he's doing at least. At least she smells like beer.

Xhanfyr is busy, yo. Busy dripping and being in SHOCK. He can only stand there, scarecrow style, and stare at his now completely runied tunic. The please from the angry lady does at least get his feet shuffling, making a space for her to get past him to the very OMG large bronzerider who is just suddenly right there. Blink. Blink. "Whoa…big…" is muttered, and soon he's skeedaling the way of the his friend who was headed towards the riders in the back. He totally missed the thing about Roo in all that, so it is forgotten as he nearly collides with Vossrik. Hand to his back, he stops himself from sending the guy flying into the table. "Sorry." He then proceeds to stare at both of the strange men, each in turn. Men? No. They seemed…younger? Oy, it makes his head hurt. Okay, the riders from not here. The gold eyed one? Scary, big fat nopes there. The curly haired one? B-L-U-S-H mode engaged and now he'll just stare at V'nyk awkwardly before dropping his eyes away. Fidgit.

"She's hurtin' cause her dad's missin'," J'en says with a chilly and even tone from behind his beer, golden eyes sliding off of Risali now to take in L'or who'd just walked in, before returning to her. No interest sadly in the new muscle mountain, perhaps believing he was better off with the greenrider and pretty delicate boys of his type from now on. "If she wants to lash out at meh, so be it. At least I can take it." Actions might speak louder than words, but whatever the bronzerider from Half Moon had going on, it had nothing to do with Risali. "Meh. I was beatin' up bullies and mouthin' off at sailors, I dun think either of those thin's is what caused that." Again, a shrug, this time for having no fucks for what V'nyk is worried about; because that would be J'en himself. He doesn't wither under Risali's suddden and very angry attention on him, but neither does he continue to rub her face in her misery either. About the only apology she gets from the icy bronzerider is the lowering of his lashes and the aversion of his gaze. No shameful expression though, no expression at all. He weathers Risali's continued ire, letting his attention leave her completely once she's head first in redbeard the beer grabber over there. He lets his golden gaze focus on the two candidate instead, chin tipping upwards. "Her father is missin'…kidnapped by renegades." he explains, with about as much interest as one would read the nutritional information off of a soup label, even if it was rather on the frosty side. "She thinks I should care as much as she does whether the fuckwad is found or not." No change in tone or flatness of vocalization, it put down as pure stone cold fact. Because, reasons. He spots the look given V'nyk by Xhanfyr, and takes another sip of beer. "Got yerself an admirer there, Ryk." He takes a good long, discomfort inducing look at Beastcrafter, before he snorts and takes another sip of his drink. "All petals still in tact." Jae had the uncanny ability to detect virgins like a bloodhound to a fox trail, and as his cold gaze drifts back to Vossrik, he snorts again. "This one too."

"Eeesh, oh jeez. Let her know I'm sorry. Like a lot sorry, sir." Vossrik exchanges a Look with Xhanfyr, though there's a quick smile as he notices the expression on his Super Pal's face. Losing the grin so as to adopt an appropriately somber expression, he drawls out, "Sssso. Anyone need anything while I'm up? I mean, long as we ain't gotta peel tubers or nothing because look at this!" His hand is raised, knuckles preferred to show a big ole chunk taken out of one. "That stuff's dangerous, man!"

At the very least, Risali would be able to get away from..things? Some things, at least. Not herself, or the fact that Ila'den was missing. V'nyk manages a faint frown though when she starts to /cry/ of all things, lips pressing together. "Well, at least she's taken care of…I think. I mean, she /asked/ that mountain to take her somewhere, so I guess that's fine." There's a sip taken of his drink then, before J'en draws his attention back to the candidates. "Hrm?" There's a bit of rapid blinking before the corners of his mouth turn back up again, and fingers quite promptly wave a bit at Xhan for all of his blushing looks. Oh yes, super bright /beaming/ for that one. "/Hey!/" Oh yes, there will be a raised voice for /attention/ when that candidate looks elsewhere. "Hey..uhm..you! You should totally take off your shirt! You know, because it's wet and all. And with alcohol, and they might not like it much if you go back to the barracks reeking of the stuff!" See? He's /helpful/. Though there's a vague bit of lashes being lowered and a grin that just grows on the greenrider's face. There's a glance back at J'en then for talk of their /petals/, before he simply shakes his head. "Well nothing at all wrong with that, now is there?" Still, he does get up, hooking his fingers into his jacket to take it with him. Though he does in fact turn to J'en, promptly tugging his jaw up to meet with lips that drop right down onto the bronzerider's. There's a quick smirk given then, downing the rest of his drink before the rider heads around the table, arms sliding into his jacket as he passes the candidates. "You two have fun, now!" Oh yes, Xhan gets a little wink from the greenrider as he walks on out, humming.

Oh! Xhanfyr was uncomfortable alright and getting the stare down by quite possibly the most intimidating rider he'd ever had the misfortune to have run into to date wasn't helping things any. He curls in on himself a bit, tucking his scrawny little body up behind Vossrik's much more filled out and pointedly not looking that way again. Nope. Nope. Nope. It wasn't helping that he was apparently being called out for his inexperience, almost lifting his head, almost peering at J'en, almost asking how the flying proddy rider pants he could possibly know that. But he doesn't, because he lacks any sort of confidence at all that he could do or say anything to the bronzerider and not end up as the spot on the bar floor formally known as Xhan. He only grows redder and hotter, with all the looking and the pretty greenrider finger wriggling. It's no small wonder that the Beastcrafter doesn't just faint dead to the floor right there. Did he just turn purple? Yes, yes he did and he moves even closer to Vossrik. There is very rapid and very purposeful shake of his head at being told to undress and he might as well melt into poor Voss, because he's pushed himself up very close against the poor guy in his attempt to just disappear as if this never happened. Ever. EVER. He remains thus, only till there is silence and only then does he peek up and over his bro's shoulder there, just in time to see the very pretty greenrider, KISS the very scary bronzerider. ON. THE. LIPS. There is a soft gasp and Xhan just buries his face in the middle of Vossrik's back. Stick a fork in him. He is D-O-N-E!

There's yet another snort from the iced over bronzerider there, "She ain't talkin' to meh kid, so yer own yer own." It totally didn't matter if Vossrik was older than he was, by several turns, he was still just a candidate. Guzzling down the rest of the beer in his hand, magically the empty one is taken, and replaced with a fresh one. His oddly colored eyes follow the ass end of that bar wench, wrapping his lips around the freshly arrived beverage, tongue toying with the lip before he glances the way of Xhanfyr again. A brow quirks at all the blushing and the hiding and he all but rolls his eyes upwards at the ceiling. Jae is unimpressed and clearly not as interested. Sure, he liked him a pretty boy now and again, but that was just ridiculous and over the top. And then he's got a gross potato peeled fist being thrust in his face, causing the bronzerider's lashes to lower. Oh, he'd seen all the looks and things before V'nyk got spotted, but V'nyk was totally his. At least while he was around. He levels his gaze with the smithcrafter and lowers his drink to the table, reaching out and grabbing the poor guy by the front of his tunic. Why? To plant a nice big hot kiss to dem lips, that's why. It's decidedly chaste, but there it is, and J'en lets him go all at once…just in time to be tugged by V'nyk and smooched again. That one though, is wholly and utterly returned with tongue and everything before it ends and he shoving himself to his feet. "Look meh up when yer all growed up, kid." is passed onto poor Voss, snagging his riding jacket from the back of his chair and jogging to catch up to V'nyk. What's he do once he gets there? He plucks the smaller boy up off the ground, tosses him over his shoulder, slaps him on the ass and heads out. Probably to get his groove on.

And oh how much V'nyk laughs all the way out, dangling there. What else can he do while being carted around?

Vossrik emits a string of punctuation noises that primarily consist of interrobangs as he is once again besmooched by a total stranger. J'en's departure is made note of with a series of three point ellipses that draw the silence out until, gobsmacked, Voss finally turns back to Xhanfyr. "Do I got, like, a magnet in my face or something, dude? 'Cause I am not sure why that's gotta keep happenin' to me," he half-whines, holding the tips of his fingers to his recently bussed lips. "I mean, you've seen this. It's gotten to the point where I gotta wear trunks in the ding-dang baths in case someone sits on my lap. Gotta check under my pillow at night for braids of hair. Gotta check my beard in the morning to make sure it hasn't been stolen and used in an elaborate Weyrleader costume. Just please, tell me this happens to you, even a little? 'Cause I'm 'bout to give up and run screamin' into the trees and t'chit."

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