Hunting Happens

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's midday at the fields and Cassara is about, dropping some stuff off for Nae or doing what are probably some baby related favors. The tall brownrider walks across the field thoughtfully, reflecting on her own weyrlinghood and how incredibly long ago it was. After a moment of reflectful sentimentality, she glances around the field for maybe a weyrling or two to pestr…

D'nyl settles straps across Czaiath's shoulders, muttering to himself about how if the bronze gets much bigger, he won't be able to mount anymore before grabbing the straps and hauling himself up into the saddle, settling carefully between the neckridges."

Irkevalath is slowly making his down from the sky, wings stretching out while he seems to be carrying four crates that are bundled together with cargo nets that are tied to his straps. Once the blue is settled a deep warble escapes him that is sent towards the few that are milling around. Sundari pulls her jacket off and tucks it into place upon the straps before she is sliding down to the ground and glances up to Irk. "Stay put for now." This said whiel she is moving off, a wave seen while she smiles to the few that are seen. "Hey!"

A strap-laced Valigath grudgingly makes her way from the barracks, disdain written clearly in her expression and stance for the offensive lengths of bland leather. Aglaia's chatting at her about something or another, but that conversation dies quickly enough as they approach the loose arrangement of other riders - weyrling and otherwise. Valigath offers a tittering greeting, while Aggie raises a hand and wiggles her fingers in lieu of a called greeting. The crates, see; that's worthy of much more notice.

There are others in the field of course. No straps confine Galgardioth as he lopes along, K'an right with him. If jogging is the thing to do, then they'll do it together! The teen slows to a halt at least, with the blue cavorting a few more feet before he pulls to a stop as well at the sight of others. /Others/.

Cassara catches a glance of a few of the weyrlings and throws D'nyl a wave… but then she sees Irk come down and raises and eyebrow at the crates. She heads over to the bluerider with a grin on her face. "Yo, Sunny… Whattya got there? Need a hand with any of this?"

"Hey, 'Glaia," D'nyl leans forward, patting Czaiath's neck fondly as the bronze starts to rumble, his gaze on Valigath, "Leave off, buddy. She won' hurcha. Hey Cass, Sunny, Kel." He straightens, starting to strap himself in as he's supposed to, then pauses, peering more closely at Sundari, "Is… tha' a new knot?"

"Hey Cassara, sure? Giving these guys a little hunting lesson." Sundari offers with an amused tone to the brown rider. Irkevalath lets out a warbling call towards the rest weyrlings that are around to get their attentions and drag them in. « Come on in little ones, lesson time! » Sunny glances over to D'nyl and grins a bit. "For now, yeah.. I get to teach you something. Scary huh?" This questioned with an amused tone while she waits for the rest to move on over.

Hurt? Never. But that won't stop Valigath from partially unfurling her wings to flash the 'eyes' on them at Czaiath before she settles again. "You keep that up," Aggie hisses to the gold, "and you definitely aren't getting the fancy straps you want so badly." She turns her attention to the mounted D'nyl and flashes him a grin. "Hey, D'nyl!" Her waving at him is arrested at two things: the arrival of K'an and Galgardioth - which causes her waving to be redirected - and the declaration of what the lesson of the day is going to be. Her face falls. "… oh no." « Oh yesss. » Valigath bounces in place, whirling eyes trained on the crates - and, when they're bid to get closer, she doesn't hesitate. Time to shove her nose in the middle of the whole thing!

"Oh, hunting?" Cassara grins a bit. Picked a good time to come by. She waits by the crates and watches the weyrlings. She watches Valigath and Czaiathand could already sense the tension there. When she noties Valigath take interest in the crates, Cassara stands in front of them with a scowl. Like that'd likely do anything.

Czaiath tilts his head at the crates, « Those don't look tasty. » He looks up at Irk, then back at the crate, « If grown dragons eat wooden boxes, I don't want to grow up. » D'nyl snorts, unhooks himself, and swings awkwardly down the large and only getting larger bronze' neck, "Wha's in th' boxes, then?"

"Hunting indeed!" Sundari offers while glancing to Irk and waving the blue a bit closer it seems. "Indeed it is time for hunting lesson, time to get them to learn how to hunt so it can take some pressure off you lot with the cutting of their food." At the questions there is a slight pause and she looks a bit amused. "Sheep!" Yes little cute sheeps will be the first hunting meal for this lot it seems. "Now, it may be a little crazy when the sheep are running a muck, but hopefully no one will get hurt." She says while moving over to Irk and goes about undoing one of the cargo nets for one of the crates. "Make sure the straps are off if you have them on, and you all move over here next to me and Irk once the sheep are running around. Just let them go for it." Sounds be amusing.. right? She will waits for the weyrlings and Cassara to move on over to her before opening one of the crates which has three good sized sheep within the crate, they are just standing there chewing on a bit of hay and looking confused.

She is not to be thwarted! Valigath huffs audibly and tilts her head this way and that, attempting to look beyond or past Cassara. Aglaia pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs, though her efforts at mentally reining the gold in are mostly ineffective. « Oh ho! Only one way to find out! DESTROY IT. » Not that she's in any position to do so. Once the contents of the crates are revealed, the weyrling dragon lifts her voice with delight - which is only slightly less unsettling than her usual sounds. "Whoa, no. No. You get over here so I can get those straps off." Of course, Valigath is torn between going full-stompzilla or having the awful straps removed - it just takes a bit more mental yanking to get the gold to grudgingly step aside so the latter can be accomplished. "Hold- stop! Hold STILL. You aren't helping and, by all that's good in the world, if you just go crushing the life out of those ovines and not eating them…" The rest of the threat goes unvoiced. For now.

Cassara tries her best to block Valigath. She lets out a relieved sigh when Sunny takes control of the situation. Cassara jumps onto the top of the opened crate and sits on top of it, watching the weyrlings curiously. Sensing there might be some chaos, Golth stirs in the background. The often slumbering, bullish brown stomps his way over by Cassara, silently watching.

Czaiath moves lightly over to where Sundari indicates, rumbling a draconic laugh at Valigath's displeasure while he waits patiently for D'nyl to loose his straps. "Wha' d'ya think, Czaiath? Ya gonna catch one?" Czaiath rumbles without concern, « Of course. And then I will light it on fire. » There's a pause, then D'nyl blinks, "Wai'… wha'?"

Sundari goes about pushing the sheep around, they are not use to people though and buck and kick about before she just grabs one and yanks it out by a leg and shoves it out away from the crate. "Shards.." Is grumbled out as she brushes her hands and eyes the next two that are staring at her with a rather dull expression across her face.

Cassara drops bak down to help Sunny, lending her muscle to the sheep-pushing operation. "Poor little buggers have no idea what's gonna happen." she chuckles and starts trying to pull the other two out. "Come on you two, the less strugglin' the better—"

Removing Valigath's straps? More complicated than it looks. She's not helping at all in the whole process; as each ovine is forced out of its crate, she bounces more and more in place, tail whipping this way and that. « Yes. YES. Run free, pitiful morsels! » "You are NOT helping. Stop fidgeting!" Aglaia wrestles with the last bit of strapwork, jaw clenched and teeth gritted, only to regret releasing that length of leather. It means Valigath is free to terrorize the ovines - mostly by making a bellowing leap toward them. She won't come close to hitting anyone or anything, but the noise and motion might (dubiously) help?

It's daytime and Sundari has invaded the the Training fields with her shiny new AWLM knot and boxes of ovines. Run, ovines, run! Valigath is trying to terrify them, but Czaiath lings on the edge, watchingteh way the fluffy beasts run, his eyes whirling with hunger now. D'nyl sighs and glances at Sundari, "Migh' as well let Valigath go firs', yeah?"

Sundari chuckles a bit and nods while grinning to Cass. "Well that is true, don't mind them being all stubborn." She just doesn't want to get slammed by one of them. So far one of the sheep is running around, bealting out and trying to escape the sudden leaping golden dragon that is bellowing. "Might be best.. Let Valigath go first and then once she catches one we're go from there." It would be a bad idea if they all went crazy right?

Right, so Raelii and Aluath have been here the whole time, somewhere in the group. Raelli? She's been listening to whatever the AWLM has said prior to allowing those poor sheep out of their crates. Aluath? Well, he's pret-ty disracted by his stomach, the scents and sounds coming from those crates and now Valigath. He quivers, digs his claws into the ground, but the hand Raelii places on his shoulder keeps him still - for now.

Cassara nods to Sunny, keeping a grip on the two she drags out. "… Seems like a very.. prudant idea." She grins and watches the gold bound around… Golth stirs a bit in irratation at Valigath's ruckus.

« Yesss. Runrunrun! » At least one of the ovines is running wildly - and that makes Valigath quite happy indeed. The gold chases after it, in a manner of speaking; she snaps and nips at it from this direction and that, clearly intending on making it run as much as it possibly can. This might continue for some time, too- but Aglaia, as usual, has to ruin her fun. "Just kill it already so the others can get theirs!" This, along with the fists on hips posture, seems to do the trick. With an irritable harrumph, the chase ends nearly as quickly as it'd begun and Valigath drops a paw on the ovine and pushes it down. Her other paw is soon added and, between the two, she shifts her weight forward to *crush* the poor thing in a death that's quick - but not especially clean. "… seriously?"

Czaiath and D'nyl sigh in unison as Valigath is, well, Valigathy. The rider part of the pair at least offers Raelii a quick salute before passing Aglaia a sympathetic glance, "Once we can, I'm buyin' ya th' bigges' drink I can." D'nyl gives Czaiath a thump on his shoulder, then looks over at Aluath's obvious excitement. He catches Raelii's eye, then motions for her to precede him, "Go on."

Sundari has gotten a hold of the forth animal from the crate, holding onto it while she watches Valigath take down the one and there is a slight shake of her head. "Suppose… That is one way to do it.." She clears her throat a bit. "Don't let her eat it to fast Aglaia!" This is called out to the girl, but her gaze turns to the others. "Make sure they don't just inhale it, just need to take it like normal." Only difference is the weyrlings arn't cutting the food up it seems! Once it is Czaiath is let go she shoves the sheep out that she was holding onto to it and it takes off running!

Aluath is ready! Mind not the dripping from his jaws, the smaller dragon can't help but salivate as Valigath brings down her prey. Raelii flashes D'nyl a smile while elbowing her blue lifemate to break his fixation, but glances towards Sundari for her okay all the same. "Tha-" is all she gets out before Aluath is off after that released ovine. The two take a zig-zag course across the field, dragon scrabbling after the nimble creature. Graceful he isn't, but determined, oh yes! He lunges, grabs, fumbles and then both paws bobble the critter before they both tumble-roll into a cloud of dust. « I'm okay! » comes a ribbon of assurance to the others as he raises the limp carcass where he lies sprawled on his back. He happily rips into the beast and… yeah, bad idea. Blood and entrails follow the laws of gravity and splatter his muzzle and chest. He… doesn't care.

Cassara holds on to the last sheep as well, who seems… less than thrilled by all this. She watches Aluath bound around ungracefully, grimacing a bit once the beast gets ripped up. "… Lovely." She chuckles to her self.

Valigath makes a hideous show of eating her meal, of course, while Aglaia has to force herself to watch. Consider it penance for letting it go -that- far. D'nyl's words pull her attention away briefly and she tilts a smile his way. "I don't know if that'll help or not," she admits, "but it sounds really, really good right now." Her gaze swings to Sundari and she nods, only to call out to Valigath, "You heard her! Don't eat that so fast! It's not as if you're going to starve." « Crunchcrunchcrunch, » is sing-song-spoken by the feasting beast, followed by a shrill giggle of delight. Her feasting is briefly halted when she spots Aluath tumbling head over tailforks over there, only for her to cackle, « Oh ho! Now you've done it - you've FALLEN for your prey! »

Czaiath's tail flicks in obvious desire, but he waits until Aluath has made his kill to bound towards the remaining ovines, bugling gleefully as he watches them scatter. Valigath is tacitly ignored as the bronze, well, sports amidst the ovines. Scorch catching them, it's like the ultimate fuzzy white game of tag.

Sundari nods as she watches and smiles as Aluath is able to take down that ovine with an interesting move. "Never said this would be clean lesson!" Irkevalath warbles out softly. « chompchompchomp, snapsnapsnap, so cunning, so sweet, so crunchy like sunned meat! » Sunny pauses and sends a faint glance towards Irk eyeing him a few moments. "Now not Irk.." Is murmured out faintly.

Look who's here! « TIME TO PARTY! » Because that's what this is, right? The blue makes his presence known with a cyclone of flames that crackle with the excitement of his mind. Unlike Azminath, Aerza is relatively…well, to be frank she's groaning and then proceeding to punch the blue's leg. "Quit being so loud…you're going to burst someone's head open like that." Grumble grumble grumble. The blue pair takes a quick glance around at the group and…well, they're not quite sure /what/ is happening, but at least Azminath doesn't just jump into things…yet.

Aluath is unmindful of Raelii's facepalm, thoroughly enjoying his prize. « Love never tasted so sweet! » he half-mumbles to Valigath, his mental ribbon blood (and let's be honest) drool saturated. He'd gleefully join in Czaiath's game, but he's quite preoccupied, though he trills aviansong approval for the sound-effect songs of the others. « MUCH better than handcut meat, » is his take on this hunting business. Thankfully he didn't snap a wing in that tackle-roll, is likely what Raelii is thinking, though she does wave briefly to Aerza. It's a fine afternoon with crated sheep to be let loose for each young dragon, several yet to go in turn.

Golth huffs and shifts in annoyance at the blue's screams for… party time. The young dragons in general seemed to be… grating to the older brown. Cassara just rolls her eyes, likely at the Brown complaining to her. "… This is certainly a fun job. I'm a little jealous of Nae now." She says with a grin toward Sundari.

Valigath eats slowly - for her. She's never a patient sort when it comes to eating and for good reason: « My CLAWS. There is blood on my CLAWS, Aglaia! » "And you have some on the rest of you, too. Finish- oh, no. You finish that first and then I'll wash you down." The dragon-half huffs irritably and flexes her paws, displaying just how gross they are now. "Look, you did that to yourself. Don't look at me." Valigath's attention swings toward the eruption of mental fire from Azminath and she meets heat with heat, a blistering wash of smoke and sparks and fire flung back at her brother with some sense of pleasure. « It is time for feeding! There might be one left, if you are quick enough! » Which is probably a warning that if he doesn't get his move on, she'll be up and after another! Just don't mind Aglaia; she's now mostly focused on keeping the gold more or less in check - which requires more concentration than it probably should.

Czaiath skids in place, his tail end swinging around and up as he focuses on his sister, « It is always time for feeding. I thought you wanted me to have more fun. » His jaw drops in a big draconic grin, raising one paw in what might be considered a rude gesture were he human, then pounces on a passing ovine, scooping it up, still squirming and lowing madly, and licks its face. « Mmmm… tasty… »

Sundari glances up as another appears and she smiles to Aerza nodding to her. "Hello Aerza! Hunting lesson for the lot. Just a moment and Azminath will have his turn as well." She offers with a happy tone. Irkevalath warbles out and his wings flutter a bit as his sides while his tail slowly sways. « Partyparty! Party hardy! Party ovine's! Party… entrails..? » The older blue ponders this for a few moments and Sunny is left sighing and glancing to Cass. "Sometimes I wonder how we graduated." There is a bit of a grin and she points to that new knot at her shoulder. "I'm going to help them this time around. Up until this lot graduates at least."

« FOOD! » Azminath's flames spiral higher and higher, their intensity rising to meet his sister's challenge. The blue is about to go charging in, but luckily stops himself when Sundari says that it isn't quite his turn yet. Not that it'll stop him from hanging out with Irk. The gleaming metallic-like blue unfurls his wings and starts bobbing his head from side to side in some sort of dance. « Beat the crap out of them ovines! Beat their guts and eat them! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! » Aerza groans a little bit before glancing over to Sundari and offering a faint grin. "Good luck with…with, well us."

Those flames are met evenly enough; Azminath may well find his match in the fiery Valigath - at least as minds go! She finishes her meal completely and rounds on Aglaia, her demands being conveyed mind to mind - but with residual heat boiling over for the others to experience. For her part, the weyrling rider grimaces and motions toward the barracks, her mood rapidly shifting from grim to something else entirely. "Have fun," is generally offered, while Valigath leads the way back to the barracks. Of course, it's not without a snide, « You're late to the party, brother-mine! Spend more time EATING your prey instead of KISSING it! » Those are her last words to Czaiath before she's off, venturing into the land of bathing and oiling and evil plotting. "Thanks for the lesson! Sorry, she's just- you know. Her."

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